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Home Grown Retreat in Wilmington



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Modern Springfield home designed with family in mind



Cropping up between the corn and soybeans is a fun family retreat in Wilmington.

Turn to page 20 to see more of this impressive outdoor living space.

Photo by Daniel Feldkamp










Refreshing back yard is tucked

amid thriving Wilmington farm


Centerville homeowners put outdoor living

at the top of their house-hunting wish list



This lustrous alloy makes a return

to the interior design spotlight





New appliances cater to the cook in all of us



Enjoy design tips, before and afters, recipes and more


Great home design discoveries we just had to share


Two different spaces share a common design thread





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fresh finds

Great discoveries we just had to share










1 Eden Queen rug by MOOOI 2 Meltdown floor lamp by Johan Lindstén for Cappellini 3 Dandelion pendant light by LZF 4 Fleure sofa by

Stuart Scott 5 Resting Bear stool, ottoman or backrest by Front for Vitra 6 Coin cocktail table by Dmitry Kozinenko for Roche Bobois

7 Riley Etagere by Arteriors 8 Polaris Celestial wallpaper, Perseid collection by Flat Vernacular 9 Graffetta console table by Glassisimo


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Home Growᄤ


Refreshing outdoor living space is tucked

amid thriving Wilmington farm

BY LEE RHODES | Photos by Daniel Feldkamp


housetrends greater miami valley 21



Silos ascend like sentinels around Steve and Karan

Keiters’ land, a working farm that produces everything

from soybeans to maple syrup on 2,300 picturesque

acres in Wilmington. The surrounding barns and cattle

serve as a pastoral backdrop for the family home, but

the rustic farmhouse charm doesn’t preclude currentday


Embracing its surroundings

In fact, the family has been updating and remodeling the

home since 1998, and more recently, they decided it was

time to tackle the back yard. White pine trees along a fence

line originally served as the back yard’s primary inhabitants,

blocking the view of the area’s gorgeous sunsets. Today, the

pine trees are gone and in their place is a lush getaway, complete

with a pool, pool house, pavilion, fire pit, built-in grill

area and multiple seating and entertaining spaces. The finished

project illustrates a strong connection between inside

and out. For instance, the stone on the exterior of the house

is a theme throughout the back yard and exemplifies the concept

of an outdoor “room”—albeit an extremely spacious one.

“One of the elements of this home I like the most is the

combined functionality and aesthetics of the living spaces we

created,” says hardscape installer Vance Plumert of Pavers by

Design. ➻



1 The field pavers are a mix of sizes from within Techo-Bloc’s Blu 60 slate collection, while the borders and accent banding are

classic pavers in two complementary hues. 2 A new walkway made of brick pavers leads to the new portico and front entry door

to the farmhouse. 3 The outdoor living space, which includes a pool, pool house and raised sitting area, sits in the middle of a 2,300-acre

working farm.

housetrends greater miami valley 23



Part of those living spaces includes a platform that rises

between the pool and the soybean field, creating additional

usable outdoor space, complete with inviting chaise lounge

chairs shaded by bright blue umbrellas. James Teske, the

landscape architect on the project, helped create the platform,

which prevents soil from blowing in off the field. The change

in levels adds visual interest and both the homeowners and

Plumert have commented on the pleasing symmetry of this

space. It’s a departure from today’s popular free-flowing

patios, but pleasing in its own right, with clean, classic lines.

“We like things with order to them,” says Steve. “There

are also arches throughout the whole home that carry on

throughout the back yard.”

One of these arches is in the form of the mahogany door,

which the family affectionally refers to as the “Hobbit door”,

leading to the pool. It serves as a whimsical invitation to

splash about or just dangle your feet in. The pool features

Laminar jets that create lighted arcs of water, a nice complement

to the pool’s interior lighting. ➻

4 A platform was built to separate the pool from the soybean

field, offering the perfect place to relax and take in some sun on

the colorful chaise lounges. 5 A mahogany door, which the homeowners

refer to as the “Hobbit door,” leads to the new outdoor

living space and pool. 6 The grill station, as well as the walls and

pillars, are part of Techo-Bloc’s Creta architectural series of wall




housetrends greater miami valley 25


Making a statement

As a trend, pool lighting and other exterior lighting are excellent ways to create

a statement and illuminate the outdoors. “Probably the least expensive option

with the greatest reward is the addition of low-voltage lighting, which is even

pretty to see looking outside on a cold, snowy, January evening,” explains

Plumert. As far as pool trends, homeowners are opting for waterfall features

along the swimming pool edge or a separate waterfall cascading into a basin

filled with decorative rocks. Both create soothing sounds.

Swimmers at Steve and Karan’s pool can dry off in the adjacent pool house,

which has its own unique lighting that soars within the cathedral ceiling.

Furnishings and a brightly colored rug from Frontgate create an inviting gathering

spot, whereas the pool house’s granite countertops mimic the counters

surrounding the outdoor grill.

The entire project features a mix of architectural pavers from Techo-Bloc and

Pine Hall brick pavers. Plumert explains that as pavers grow in popularity, the

trend toward larger sizes and more linear pavers is increasing. Some slabs are so

heavy that they require vacuum lifters to install, though the end result is worth

it. Surface textures that range from the natural slate look to a slightly pitted

travertine are also en vogue. “The manufacturing technology in color blends

has been an exciting evolution in what can be offered,” he adds.


7 The façade of the new pool house features the same stone and siding in order to

complement the architecture of the existing house. 8 The interior of the pool house

features a beach-inspired vibe with splashes of blue, white and coral. Wood accents,

such as the driftwood coffee table and candelabra chandelier, add a natural element

to the room.


A Peek Inside

Stained glass window reflects couple’s

desire to keep treasured pieces

While the Keiters’ outdoor living space is truly a slice of paradise, the interior of the

farmhouse also has plenty of wow factor. The dining room’s gorgeous stained glass

window, for instance, was originally created in the 1800s for a Connecticut church.

When the church was torn down, the stained glass ended up in a bar. From there, it

went to an antique dealer in Ohio and was slated to go to Finland when Karan stumbled

across it on eBay and snatched it up. The couple custom built the dining room

wall to fit the stained glass, which has become a treasured addition in their home.

RIGHT The navy blue chairs complement the color scheme depicted

in the stained glass window adorning the formal dining room.

A space for family

For homeowners who are interested in creating an outdoor living space, Plumert recommends

engaging a professional to create the plan and drawings. Then establish a budget,

search online and work with the professional to incorporate your ideas. For the Keiters,

their ideas translated into something Plumert describes as Norman Rockwell-esque. “The

entire family works on the farm together. One time, I saw them eating lunch under a big

maple tree with a swing hanging from it in the yard. It was just like a Norman Rockwell


Teske raves about the Keiters and their outdoor living room as well, “The interior space

of that pavilion is one of the coolest places you’d ever want to sit,” he says. “And the entire

space is so much more than just a pool area—it’s true outdoor living at its finest.”

Editor’s Note: The Keiters operate an Airbnb out of their home. S&K Getaway features an inviting

studio and a one-bedroom suite on the property that are perfect for anyone wanting a retreat in the

country. Guests have full access to the outdoor living area. For more information, go to housetrends.

com and search: Home grown retreat


Landscape architect

James Teske; Pool Watermark

Pools; Landscaping McCarty

Gardens; Hardscapes Pavers

by Design; Architect Childress

& Cunningham Architects;

Contractor DeBold Builders;

Interior and exterior decorating

Karan Keiter; Roof Skyline

Roofing; Pool house stonework

Rocky Morris; Furnishings

and umbrellas Frontgate;

Grill Lynx; Windows Andersen;

Siding Hardie Board; Stone

Snyder Brick & Block; Shutters

Timberlane; Lighting Bevolo

8 The renovation includes the new covered outdoor kitchen and sitting area, patio and rectangular swimming pool.



housetrends greater miami valley 27


projectSP TLIGHT



Modern Springfield home designed with family in mind

BY ALLY REUTHER | Photos by Kelly Settle/Kelly Ann Photography

As guests pull up to the angled carport that hangs just over the front entry they’re greeted by all

the trappings of a home crafted with care. Gorgeous stonework highlights the decidedly modern

exterior of the sprawling Springfield abode, an exterior that is liberally punctuated with crisp,

clean windows. F Stepping through the front door, a solid beauty that rotates on a pivot, it’s easy

to see the home—thoughtfully designed by Sheri Scott of Springhouse Architects—is everything

the owners dreamed it would be. ➻

housetrends greater miami valley 31

Working the angles

The airy, open concept design allows the owners to easily migrate from room to room,

as the spaces naturally flow into one another. “We really designed it for the way they

live,” says Scott, who spent time at the owners’ previous home to get a feel for their

lifestyle before they began the design process. That lifestyle includes frequent gatherings

of family and friends, as well as a need for a variety of open entertaining spaces.

The great room is all sharp angles with a striking ceiling and linear fireplace. The

nearby staircase plays off that theme as well; the floating steps—not quite touching the

wall—jut into the air, connected by sleek panes of glass and a minimalistic banister. A

focal wall that extends up the side of the staircase is covered in wavy, textured panel and

stretches from the lower level up to the second floor. “I wanted the wall to be the focal

point,” admits the owner. “I get to see this every day and enjoy seeing it.”


Room for a crowd

Just across the way, the rounded design of the

dining area helps to bring balance to the space. In

addition to the glamorous chandelier dangling overhead,

a gently curving wall of windows illuminates

the area, affording those seated at the large circular

table—a piece of furniture that sees use almost

nightly—a generous view of the surrounding landscape.

“I wanted the dining room to be a part of the

entertaining area,” says the wife. “I wanted it to be

for every day use, not just twice a year.” ➻


features a mixture of stone and wood

on the façade, which also includes a

pivoting entry door and an angled

carport that complements the clean

lines of the architecture.

ABOVE The open concept design allows

the kitchen to share the same space with

the elegant great room, which continues

the clean white and gray aesthetic, but

with a slight pop of color.

RIGHT The round architecture of the

dining room is the perfect location for

the stunning chandelier and a beautiful

circular table with seating for eight.

housetrends greater miami valley 33

ABOVE The custom-designed island combines food preparation

with a kitchen table that is perfect for a quick breakfast or lunch.

BELOW The unique hexagon tile backsplash in the secondary

kitchen juxtaposes the minimalistic design of the main kitchen.

Two is better than one

The kitchen is another area that sees regular traffic, so much

so, in fact, the owners decided to incorporate two separate

culinary spaces into the design. The main kitchen boasts a

minimalistic aesthetic, with an extra long island that incorporates

a prep area and connected eating area. “We just kept

everything very clean,” says Scott. A secondary cooking space,

cleverly hidden behind a set of custom frosted glass doors,

features all the accoutrements of the main kitchen, but also

boasts a gorgeous pot filler and gas range.

Picture perfect

A mere idea that took form in 2015, the owners are glad they

selected Scott and her team to transform their wish list into

a tangible project that wrapped up in December of 2018. “By

working with clients and guiding them through the entire

project, we are able to make sure it gets done the way we

designed it together,” Scott says.

In the end, the owners couldn’t be happier with their

new home that reflects the personalities of each family


RESOURCES Architect Sheri Scott, Springhouse Architects; Landscape designer Dwight Goodin, Siebenthaler’s;

Interior design Lindsey Engler, Springhouse Architects; Lighting Switch Lighting & Design; Flooring Florida Tile; Floorco Flooring;

Window treatments Blinded by Aerolux; Windows Andersen; Fireplace Dayton Fireplace Systems; Front entry door Pivot

Door Company; Kitchen cabinetry Don Justice Cabinet Makers; Quartz countertops Dark Star Marble & Granite; Kitchen

backsplash Florida Tile; Sinks and faucets Centerville Winsupply; Appliances Bosch dishwasher; Miele induction cooktop; Sub-

Zero refrigerator; Wolf oven and steam oven, Appliance Gallery; Audio/video Hanson Audio Video


Culinary art starts with the first course. Culinary culture sooner than that.

The difference is Gaggenau.

The ambitious kitchen is a place of exacting demands in

terms of equipment, ingredients and techniques. The Vario

cooktops 400 series has been meeting these demands from

the beginning – with appliances developed to meet any

challenge. Made from solid stainless steel, the appliances

can feature a visible edge for a conscious design statement

or be flush-fitted. Whatever combination you choose, you

can look forward to exceptional freedom – for decades to come.

For more information, please visit


Fairfield Showroom

9190 Seward Road

Fairfield, Ohio 45014

Dayton Showroom

2040 S. Alex Road

Dayton, Ohio 45449

Columbus Showroom

530 Lakeview Plaza Blvd.

Worthington, Ohio 43085


©2018 Wood-Mode, Inc.

Design by Tradewind Designs, Inc.

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beginnings. Find more modern lifestyles at

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Builder Mark Heinauer, Barrington Homes, Inc.

Photo by Craig Thompson

See this Pittsburgh home at,

search: Black is the new white

Contractor Greater Dayton Building & Remodeling;

Interior designer Alison Davis Interiors;

Cabinetry Garber Woodworking

Photo by Caroline Morgan

See this Dayton home at,

search: Sunny side



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Vi si t the Worly 41



House Around

the Corner

Centerville homeowners put outdoor living

at top of their house-hunting wish list

BY SARAH J. DILLS | Photos by Daniel Feldkamp


housetrends greater miami valley 45




When a Colorado couple’s mothers both became ill, it was a

wake-up call that the husband and wife wanted to move their

growing family back to the Midwest. “I’m from Minnesota,

which is way too dark in the winters, and my husband’s from

Cincinnati,” the wife explains. “Luckily, my husband found a job

in Dayton. F “We came in town from Denver and had about

four hours to look at houses, so we had to buy quickly,” she

adds. “Luckily, we picked a great neighborhood.”

1 The pool is the focal point of the outdoor

living space behind the home, which also

includes a covered kitchen and dining area.

2 A mixture of pavers establishes a visual line

between the pool area and outdoor living

space and kitchen.

3 In addition to the slide and water features,

the pool includes an automatic cover and the

homeowners made sure to fence in the entire

yard for safety.

4 A small waterfall flows from the natural rock

retaining wall.

5 Laminar jets create soothing background

noise in the back yard.



Seven-year itch

Some things have changed for the family since they moved to

Centerville in 2010, like their need for more space after the addition

of two younger brothers for their oldest son. But some things have

stayed the same, like their love of their location.

“Our family grew and we started to feel cramped,” the wife explains.

“And my husband was envisioning a pool in our future, but we loved

our neighborhood. I heard through the grapevine that this house in

the neighborhood was coming on the market and it was perfect for us

because of the large, flat back yard. My husband didn’t even need to

look inside.”

Interior reflection

The homeowners still have some areas they want to remodel in

the interior of their home, but they are very outdoorsy people, so

the outdoor living space was at the top of their list. The wife loves

Housetrends and found The Site Group in its pages.

“Dave just understood our priorities,” the wife says of Dave

Swearingen, landscape architect with The Site Group. “He heard

everything we wanted and incorporated it into his design. He even

looked around inside our house and asked us to point out items that

reflected our tastes and personalities,” she adds.

Swearingen, who started The Site Group in 1995, loves working

one-on-one with his clients and getting to know their families and

lifestyles. “The interiors of our homes say a lot about our personal

style. I like getting to look at whether or not my clients are modern or

more traditional. If I see clean lines, I try to incorporate that into the

exterior design. If I see overstuffed chairs, I try to make the design

more about comfort.” ➻

housetrends greater miami valley 47

Functional fun

For this family of growing boys, the

back yard was all about practicality.

The space needed to function for three

young boys, grandparents who visit

often and parents who love to cook.

The pool is set off to the side of

the back yard, leaving an open grassy

area for ballgames and tag. The pool,

installed by Buckeye Pools, is low

maintenance. Because the children

are still young, safety was a top priority.

“Sightlines are very important

when deciding the layout of the outdoor

space,” Swearingen explains. “We

wanted to make sure the parents could

see the pool from the outdoor kitchen.”

The pool also includes an automatic

cover and the entire yard is fenced.

The homeowners knew they wanted

a fun feature in their pool, but due to

their sons’ ages, they vetoed a diving

board. “We decided to install a slide

and Buckeye advised us to choose

carefully. They guided us to a slide

that could accommodate adults,” the

wife explains. “Watching the grandparents

go down the slide makes the

kids giggle.”



Grilling in the garden

“My husband would happily stand in

the rain or snow to grill, but I hated

watching him out in the elements, so

a covered kitchen area was at the top

of my wish list,” the wife says. “Plus, I

wanted to eliminate the wet footprints

in and out of the house.”

Unfortunately, due to building codes,

the roof couldn’t extend over the grill.

“Dave designed the outdoor kitchen so

the grill is not covered, but my husband

is where he stands behind the grill.”

“The husband likes to cook outside

so much that we temporarily moved

his grill during construction so he

could continue to use it,” Swearingen

says. “It’s his form of relaxation and

we didn’t want to take that away for

eight weeks.”


6 Guests can grab a drink or snack

at the bar area while mingling with

the cook manning the grill.

7 The covered outdoor kitchen also

includes a cozy sitting area and gas


8 The lush garden features raised

beds made of Corten steel, which

will develop a rustic patina over time.

9 Dill, as well as a wide variety

of herbs and strawberries can

be found in the garden.


A few steps from the outdoor kitchen is the family’s garden. “It was my idea,

but my husband has taken over the responsibility and is teaching our oldest how

to garden,” the wife explains. “I like being able to grab fresh herbs and vegetables.”

Swearingen says the homeowners were willing to try something unique with

their garden, so he used Corten steel to build the raised beds in the space. “The

steel rusts to a certain point and then stops rusting. This gives a great finish while

protecting the plants,” Swearingen explains.

“It looks really striking against the lush green,” the wife describes. “The halfmoon

area is filled with strawberries, and the kids will jump out of the pool, grab a

handful and jump back in.”

Summer staycation

“We spend all of our time outside in the summer,” the wife explains. “We put a TV

in the outdoor kitchen so we can watch baseball. There are great spots to sit and

read a book. The kids love curling up on the couch to take a nap between swims.

“I think the pool is my favorite part of the space because it brings all my kids

together where they don’t fight. It’s a place where my three-year-old can keep up

with his big brothers.”

RESOURCES Landscape architect Dave Swearingen, The Site Group;

Pool Chris Durbin, Buckeye Pools; Landscaping and hardscapes The Site Group;

Hardscape supplier JB Pavers

housetrends greater miami valley 49

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professional design

service in the

greater Dayton area!


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Custom Outdoor Structures




This lustrous alloy makes a return to the interior design spotlight


Step aside, stainless steel—brass is back. Just like fashion trends (Ahem: tie-dye, feathers and choker necklaces),

interior design trends inevitably come back around. But if you’re picturing the gaudy brass of the 1980s, think

again. Today’s brass represents luxury without showiness, warmth without pretension. ➻


housetrends greater miami valley 53

Luxuriously understated

“Brass may have the reputation of looking dated; however, we

believe brass is a time-honored finish,” explains Erin Tober,

showroom manager at Ferguson in Warrensville Heights,

Ohio. “Today’s brass is much more understated and luxurious

than its predecessor and it’s made with high-quality metals.

Homeowners are embracing today’s brass, which is muted,

warm and becomes more beautiful with age.”

But designers acknowledge that it can be challenging to

incorporate brass in a way that looks contemporary and not

dated. Then there’s the issue of embracing the brass trend

without breaking the bank. One relatively inexpensive way to

freshen up your space is to treat brass as an accessory, sprinkling

it throughout different rooms. Brass drawer pulls and

cabinet knobs, as well as brass finials and fixtures, are good

starting places. “The inclusion of a brass faucet, hardware

or light adds a layer of radiance and hue to spaces that have

become traditionally monochromatic over the past few years,”

says Tober. “In fact, lighting is our favorite way to adopt the

trend. Whether it’s a chandelier or wall sconces, a light fixture

in brass elegantly demonstrates the warmth of the finish and

becomes your room’s statement piece.” 2


Selecting the perfect combination

It’s also important to select the right brass finish. Avoid

pieces with a shiny lacquer finish or with yellow undertones.

Matte and/or muted tones are versatile enough to invite life

into a room without being overpowering. It’s always useful

to fully think through pairings and color schemes, but brass

is the new black—it goes with anything, whether on a color

wheel or part of another metal family, including satin or

brushed nickel, stainless steel or oil-rubbed bronze.

1 The bold pattern of the backsplash tile paired up with brass

accent pieces establish an eclectic design in this Cincinnati bathroom

built by Frazier Homes.

Photo by Connie Kimsey

2 This bedroom in a Cincinnati home built by Justin Doyle Homes,

features a brass chandelier that draws eyes up to the ceiling and

then automatically over to the mural on the wall behind the bed.

Photo by Connie Kimsey

3 Brass fixtures, such as the pendant lights and kitchen faucet,

complement the crisp white cabinetry and countertop in this

Cincinnati home built by High Pointe Custom Homes.

Photo by Greg Grupenhof


Mixing metals is not a new concept and it’s one

that can add depth and dimension to any space. To

confidently begin mixing finishes, Tober suggests

pairing today’s natural brass with a metallic that is

finished similarly, with warm and muted undertones,

to maintain a consistent motif. “If you’re introducing

brass to your kitchen or bath, think of brass as an

accent color,” says Tober. “Let your original finish be

the theme and let brass be the pop of color.” ➻

4 The brass light fixture pops against the dark

gray built-ins in this Cincinnati home office built

by Wieland Builders.

Photo by Connie K msey

5 This elegant master bathroom in a Cincinnati home

built by Sterling Homes features a black and white color

scheme complemented by a series of brass elements

including the chandelier, cabinet hardware, faucets

and showerheads.

Photo by Daniel Feldkamp


housetrends greater miami valley 55

And speaking of colors, “Try combining

today’s warmer brass with the smoldering

hues of gray, graphite or matte

black,” says Tober. As an example, in

the kitchen, you can pair a matte black

pull-down faucet and cabinet hardware

with brass light fixtures. Brass also hits

a graceful note in an all-white kitchen,

a look that’s currently trending.

If brass is incorporated properly, it

will add a touch of elegance that will

never go out of style. And just like the

old song says, everything old is new





6 The round brass coffee table positioned in the middle of this cozy Tampa

sitting room serves as a bright focal point against the soft blush and gray color


Photo by Amaris Granado

7 Touches of brass seen in the oversized cabinet hardware, table lamp and

wall mirror add glamour to the farmhouse-inspired look of this Cincinnati

home built by Frazier Homes.

Photo by Connie K msey

8 A white kitchen, like this one in Tampa, is the perfect backdrop for brass

accents, as seen in the tile backsplash that is carried up to the ceiling.

Photo by Joe Traina

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A Place For Connection

In our continuing look at trends in patios and entertaining

areas, this issue will look at another popular trend: a place to


Call it intimacy or group therapy if you’d like—we all desire a

place where we can relax, connect with friends and family and

be ourselves. In today’s “always available” society, we too often

find ourselves having rushed snippets of conversation. Having

a place to unwind and fulfill our human need for friendship

and support can have a positive recharging effect on our mental


So what does that have to do with a patio? The trend that we

are noticing is that people want to have these moments at

home. Sure, the local coffee shop has its appeal, but we feel

most relaxed and energized when we are in our own familiar

environment. Everyone has “those events”—the office party,

graduation celebration or wedding reception—events that need

a lot of open space. But consumers are also looking for a space

that can feel intimate with a good book or just a few friends.

One must for these spaces is comfort: comfortable furniture,

sun protection in the summer and privacy from the outside

world. In addition to that, many desire a space that speaks to

their personality—whether it is a setup for outdoor cooking,

garden beds to nurture your green thumb or simply a place

to watch sports on TV. Features like fireplaces and other heat

sources stretch the uses of these spaces longer into the cool


Does one size fit all? Not at all. We are all unique and interested

in different things. Does your outdoor entertaining space

reflect your personality? Is it a place that you are drawn to, that

you can’t wait to come home to, that you steal away into every

moment possible? Whether you get that restorative energy

from curling up with a book or the laughter of friends, a place

to get away and revive is definitely a trend that is sweeping the

patio world.



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of the


New appliances cater to the cook in all of us

Barista at home

If Starbucks is your home away

from home, then the Gaggenau

400 series fully automatic coffee

machine should be at the

top of your wish list. With the

ability to brew everything from

a simple cup of coffee to a custom

espresso or cappuccino,

this built-in machine is for the

connoisseur in all of us. The

machine can monitor coffee

bean, water and milk levels and

hold up to eight personalized

drink configurations.


Refrigerator revolution

Bosch has completely transformed its refrigeration portfolio with the

launch of its freestanding French Door Bottom Mount refrigerator collection.

The new freestanding refrigerator offers the look of a built-in unit

thanks to the 24-inch deep counter depth design, while the length of the

door extends fully to the ground, offering seamless integration into the

kitchen. Stainless steel details, both inside and outside, paired up with a

plethora of cutting edge technological advances to keep your food fresher

for longer periods of time, make this a powerhouse appliance.

Next generation dishwashing

Next to folding laundry, washing dishes might be the most hated chore in the

house. But thanks to the new Cove dishwasher, the newest brand from Sub-Zero

and Wolf, washing dishes might not be the bane of your existence. The new dishwasher

offers 43 jets, three spray arms and more than 200 cycle options that all

work together in virtual silence. The sleek stainless look blends in perfectly with

its surroundings, although you can also disguise it behind a cabinet panel for a

seamless design.

Thinking green

The Big Chill wants you to

think beyond stainless steel

and matte black. The appliance

manufacturer’s Retro collection

comes in more than 200 custom

colors, including this year’s

newest introduction—Moss

Green. The nature-inspired hue

is versatile enough to work in

any kitchen design and is the

perfect solution for those of

you wanting to add a little personality

to your space.

Fire up the grill

Grilling season is almost upon us and Kalamazoo

has outdoor kitchens on the mind. Its new Arcadia

Cabinetry Series is the perfect accompaniment for

the ultimate grilling area. The new line features more

options and colors in cabinet drawers, as well as 12-inch

pullout racks to house grilling tools and 36-inch double

door base cabinets for storing cookware and serving

platters. The Arcadia line is also the perfect base for a

Kalamazoo Gaucho Grill with a 30-inch spoked wheel

for the ultimate in wood-fired grilling.

Don’t forget your glasses

The perfect addition to a wet bar or game room,

Thermador’s Glass Care Center is a dishwasher designed

specifically for glassware. The tine-less rubber racks allow

for plenty of space for glassware of various shapes and

sizes. With a load capacity of up to 26 large wine glasses,

you no longer have to worry about having enough clean

glassware for large parties. ➻

housetrends greater miami valley 63

Preserving quality

and taste

Miele wants to help you avoid

food waste. The new Vacuum-

Sealing Drawer is perfect for

the busy cook who plans out

family meals and is looking

for ways to keep food fresh

for longer periods of time. The

sleek built-in drawer eliminates

the need for a bulky countertop

vacuum sealer and allows

cooks to easily seal fresh food,

portion out cooked meals for

later consumption, and even

seal marinades and liquids, like

soup, with ease.

One stop shop

Sub-Zero is serious

about keeping your

favorite drinks fully

stocked and fresh.

Its new 30-inch integrated

beverage center

features a wine

storage unit that preserves

up to 86 bottles

of wine in one

convenient location.

Down below, refrigerator

and freezer

drawers offer the

perfect locations for

cheeses or craft beers

and an assortment

of frozen desserts,

snacks and ice.

Cooking for a crowd

Thermador’s new 48-inch gas Pro Grand range

with griddle takes cooking for large crowds to

a whole new level. Boasting six burners, plus a

griddle, and both a large and smaller oven that

do everything from convection baking to broiling,

you can prepare an entire meal, from hors

d’oeuvres to dessert, all at the same time. And

for you tech-savvy cooks—you have the ability to

operate this range via the Thermador Connected

Experience by Home Connect. The app allows

you to turn on the appliance, monitor cooking

and even find digital recipes all from your smart

phone or tablet.







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