WIR 03/2019 [EN]

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The Customer Magazine of the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group Issue 3/2019 44th Year/No. 209

Off to the glacier


A 3S lift to the Kitzsteinhorn

Trend toward



Experiencing the mountains

365 days a year

Unrivaled safety


Rope position monitoring system

RPD Nexo

32-TGD 3K K-onnection, Kaprun Salzburg (AUT)

© Kitzsteinhorn

2 Contents

© Kitzsteinhorn



Taking advantage of the summer season

Ropeways play a major role in enabling people to experience mountains

and regions throughout the year.

3K K-onnection on the Kitzsteinhorn

Salzburg’s fi rst ultramodern tricable gondola lift,

the 3K K-onnection, is the centerpiece of the link

between Kaprun and the Kitzsteinhorn.



D-Line double act

Since November 2019, two new D-Line chairlifts with

fi rst-class comfort have been bringing passengers to the slopes

in Ischgl and Samnaun.

Doppelmayr Canada

For almost 60 years, the North American subsidiary has been

an important partner: as a production facility, for innovations

and for world records.



A new era

“With my new role on the board and the appointment

of new executive directors, it’s a

logical step to hand over the WIR editorial to

Thomas and István as part of this change.”

Michael Doppelmayr, Chairman of the Board

of Directors, Doppelmayr Holding SE

From left to right: Hanno Ulmer, Thomas Pichler, István Szalai and Michael Doppelmayr.

It’s exactly 15 years and 46 issues since our WIR customer magazine underwent a comprehensive

makeover in terms of design and layout. Throughout this period, Michael Doppelmayr

has used the editorial to provide readers with a foretaste of items covered in each magazine

and current topics of interest for the company.

“One of our key concerns was to entrust

management of the Group to someone who

knows and will continue to uphold the values

we have established. In Thomas Pichler and

István Szalai we have found worthy successors

and know we are passing the baton into

safe hands.”

Hanno Ulmer, Deputy Chairman of the Board

of Directors, Doppelmayr Holding SE

This is now the fi rst issue of WIR to be published since the change in management at Doppelmayr

Holding SE. A new top management also means a change for the WIR editorial.

After almost 25 years together at the head of the Doppelmayr Group, Hanno Ulmer and

Michael Doppelmayr are to take on non-executive roles on the board of Doppelmayr Holding SE.

At the end of September 2019, they handed over the reins as executive directors of Doppelmayr

Holding SE to Thomas Pichler and István Szalai, who will in future will be commenting on the

latest developments in the editorial for WIR readers.

“Today, we are already seeing ropeways

gaining popularity worldwide as an effi cient

and attractive mobility solution. WIR Magazine

provides us with a platform for reporting

to our readers on projects and developments

that our employees are involved with on a

day-to-day basis.”

Thomas Pichler, Executive Director,

Doppelmayr Holding SE

“The future holds a lot of exciting new topics

for our Group. Tackling these together with

our employees and the companies belonging

to the Group, and also being able to

report on them in WIR Magazine will be a

fantastic challenge.”

István Szalai, Executive Director,

Doppelmayr Holding SE

4 Facts & Figures

Record year for the Stoos funicular

In its first complete business year since reopening,

the Stoos funicular has posted a true

record performance. From May 2018 through

April 2019, more passengers were carried than

ever before. The Stoosbahnen Group profited



from the innovative funicular as a visitor magnet

above all for summer tourism. Visitor numbers

more than doubled in the warmer months of

the year in comparison with the previous year.

Due to the fact that the Stoos funicular was

opened in 2017, the winter was already a

strong season the previous year and remained

so in 2018/19. The world’s steepest funicular

railway is a feat of engineering that is extremely

popular with guests and offers a sensational

ride experience.


increase in passengers

carried over

previous year


increase in passenger

revenues over

previous year

Total revenues

14.7 million


• First-time visitors in summer: 298,442 (+113%)

• First-time visitors in winter: 260,806 (+1%)

• Headcount: 142, of which 62 full time

(+12 over previous year)

Swiss record in rope transport

The impressive transport

operation can be viewed

on this video

The rope manufacturer FATZER AG – whose

products include ropes for ropeway installations

– is well-known for its logistical feats. The

Dimensions per rope:

• 6,940 meters long

• 132 tons in weight

Total truck convoy per rope:

• 65 meters long

• 212 tons in weight

• 1,580 PS

If the 153 individual wires of two of the fullylocked

track ropes were laid end to end, it

would be possible to encircle Switzerland’s

national border.

transport operation required for the track ropes

of the new tricable gondola lift Grindelwald

Grund – Eigergletscher nonetheless put all

others in the shade. Each of the four track

ropes has dimensions that are unprecedented

for a Swiss ropeway. In August 2019, three of

these heavy transports were performed; the

fourth and last track rope was brought to

Grindelwald in early November. In each case,

a specular 132 tons of rope was maneuvered

along winding, narrow mountain roads and

over bridges that are only designed to take

72 tons. The solution after three years of planning

involved splitting the net load onto three

trucks, costly conversion measures on the

vehicles and a lot of time.


WIR issue 208

The last WIR Magazine – issue 208 – contained

an error on page 17. The featured

reversible aerial tramway Salins-Cungieri-

Cuolm da Vi is a project commissioned by

Bergbahnen Disentis AG. SEMLORE was

stated in error. We apologize for this mistake.

Facts & Figures


Record sales revenues in

the 2018/2019 business year

Latin America

Rest of World





development worldwide

up to 2018/2019








Consolidated Revenues

by Region 2018/2019





1,544 AUT









USA, Canada




+ 10.5 %

Revenue Development








Doppelmayr Holding SE again posted an increase

in revenues in the last fi scal, up 10.5 percent

at 935 million euros. This was attributable

to the high level of investment on the part of

customers in the winter sector, major projects

in material transport and the dedication of over

3,000 employees worldwide.

Urban solutions

Urban ropeways in Latin America were another

contributing factor to the excellent results. La

Paz (Bolivia) saw the completion of the tenth

line in the world’s biggest urban ropeway

network, and Bogotá (Colombia) also recently

acquired a sustainable aerial ropeway solution

to supplement the city’s passenger transport

amenities. Work is already going ahead on the

next urban ropeway solution in Mexico City

(report on page 22).

Digital future

In addition, the Group demonstrated its leading

position with regard to technology and innovation

with new products and digital developments

in fiscal 2018/2019. The new cabin

models ATRIA for tricable gondola lifts and

OMEGA V for monocable gondola lifts point

the way in terms of comfort and technology.

Flexible styling options and digital features are

visionary for ropeway operators and passengers

alike – entirely in line with the SMART

Ropeway strategy, the digital future envisaged

by Doppelmayr/Garaventa.

Check out the

SMART Ropeway

video here:


Year-Round Tourism

365 days on the mountain

– the trend toward

year-round tourism

Classic winter destinations are increasingly creating offers for the warmer months

of the year. The trend toward year-round tourism is clearly noticeable. Experiences

of the natural surroundings and on the mountain – outdoor activities like hiking,

climbing and testing your skills in bike parks – are growing in popularity. As a

comfortable, resource-efficient means of transport to these areas, ropeways fulfill

an important function when it comes to enabling visitors to experience mountains

and regions all year round.

Year-Round Tourism 7


or many years, the winter season was

the main sales driver for Alpine tourist

destinations. Today, a large number of

regions are also increasingly relying on attractive

offers for their guests in the summer. Yearround

tourism are the magic words. Ropeway

operators and tourist regions have recognized

this potential. Today’s guests want to actively

enjoy nature – both in the winter and in the

warmer months. The fun element plays a decisive

role here. The possibilities are no longer

limited to skiing and hiking; countless new offers

have been created for families and adventure

seekers. The spectrum of activities is

huge: from the forest slide park to bike parks,

via ferratas and zip lines or summer toboggan

runs – they all need to be reached quickly and

comfortably. This is where ropeways have a

central role to play as a means of transport.

Creating mountain experiences

Creative ideas for staging alpine experiences

are in demand today – and the ride up the

mountain is already a part of it. The hospitality


Year-Round Tourism

industry has long since made the switch to

year-round tourism and places the emphasis

on sustainability. Having the opportunity to

enjoy regional dishes in an authentic environment

is growing in popularity. The fact that

ropeways themselves are increasingly being

regarded as points of interest and developing

into visitor magnets is borne out by many examples

that Doppelmayr/Garaventa has completed

over the years. The Stoos funicular in

Switzerland – which is the steepest funicular

railway in the world and an engineering masterpiece

– has attracted countless visitors to the

region since 2017. Interest in the spectacular

trip up to the vacation destination Stoos at

1,300 meters is enormous. In the second summer

following its opening, visitor numbers had

already more than doubled. The ride on the

Grande Motte reversible aerial tramway to the

French commune of Tignes in the heart of the

Alps is also an absolute highlight for passengers.

The tram, which was built by Doppelmayr/

Garaventa as part of a complete rebuild in

winter 2018, boasts a special feature. The

cabins are fitted with an open-air roof deck, a

viewing terrace. Visitors can enjoy a trip to the

glacier on the “cabriolet tram” (derived from

the French word for leaping into the air).

Sustainability as key factor

Experts see sustainability as a key topic – particularly

for the positive development of summer

tourism. Today’s guest increasingly takes

this aspect into account when selecting a travel

destination. According to a survey by

Austria’s environment agency, summer vacations

in the country’s mountains rank among

the most climate-friendly forms of travel. “The

resource-efficient operation of ropeways and

the high utilization of renewable energy are

major contributing factors here,” says Hannes

Parth, deputy chairman of the Austrian Cable

Car Trade Association. 1 The use of ropeways

to access the mountains is a gentle form of

tourism development.

Travel for all

The innovations and developments in ropeway


Cf. https://www.wko.at/Content.Node/kampagnen/Sommerbergbahnen/optimistische-aussichten-fuer-sommerurlaub-in-oesterreich.html, 10/23/2019, 12:50 hrs.

Year-Round Tourism


technology give today’s passengers extremely

wide and highly comfortable mobility. Thanks

to Doppelmayr/Garaventa’s integrative approach

– maximum accessibility – barrier-free

design is now a standard feature of ropeways.

Today, people with limited mobility, such as

seniors or families with baby strollers, have no

obstacles to face when it comes to enjoying

the mountain experience. Spacious cabins,

level access and wide cabin doors make the

ride easy for everybody. At the same time,

systems developed by Doppelmayr/Garaventa

for carrying sports equipment like the Bike

Clip open up entirely new perspectives for

mountain sports enthusiasts. In the German

resort of Willingen, for example, mountain bikers

can find everything their hearts desire. The

Köhlerhagen K1 chairlift is fitted with Bike

Clips, ensuring a fast and effortless uphill trip

for bikers. With a few simple hand movements,

the bike is attached to the Bike Clip and removed

at the top station.

The company Input also makes a significant

contribution toward the goal of the “mountain

experience for all”. For the past two decades,

the Doppelmayr subsidiary has been developing

individual, nature-themed year-round attractions

for tourist destinations. As a pioneer in this

sector, Input has implemented such concepts

as the “Adventure Mountain Hochjoch” for the

Silvretta Montafon ski area in Vorarlberg, which

is geared to the summer months. An interactive

playground designed to promote motor skills

enables children to learn elements of mountaineering

such as balance, walking on unsteady

ground and climbing (report on page 16).

Ropeways are an important lever for yearround

tourism and a driver for its success. They

are ecologically and economically adapted in

line with the needs of the tourist regions. They

represent more than merely a means of uphill

transport as they open up greater freedom by

providing barrier-free access and are themselves

part of the experience.

10 Interview

A new dimension in comfort

WIR spoke with Norbert Karlsböck, CEO, Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG and

Günther Brennsteiner, Technical Director, Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG.

WIR. The K-ONNECTION has been a

dream for generations and now it has finally

become a reality. What is the significance of

the project for the Kitzsteinhorn region and

Gletscherbahnen Kaprun?

Norbert Karlsböck: With the new

K-ONNECTION, we are bringing together

what belongs together. It links up the center

of Kaprun, the Maiskogel family mountain and

the snow-sure glacier ski area to form one

fascinating unit. Since the development of

Austria’s first glacier ski area on the Kitzsteinhorn

in 1965, this has been our biggest

project and a momentous step for Gletscherbahnen

Kaprun AG and the entire Zell am See-

Kaprun region.

WIR. The Kitzsteinhorn attracts visitors all

year round. What role does the new link play

in terms of the offer for guests?

Norbert Karlsböck: Since November 30,

2019, Salzburg’s first tricable gondola lift, the

3K K-onnection, has linked up two Kaprun ski

mountains. This means that, for the first time,

we can now offer our guests an entirely new

dimension in comfort with a ski-in, ski-out option

for the glacier. From the center of the village

up to the TOP OF SALZBURG at 3,029

meters with up to six lifts, the 3K K-onnection

has not only created the longest ropeway axis

in the Eastern Alps but at 2,261 meters also

climbs the greatest vertical rise.

WIR. The opening of the tricable gondola

lift marks a milestone in the development of

the region. What can guests look forward to in

the future? Are there any plans already on the


Norbert Karlsböck: The impressive

4.3-kilometer ride on the 3K K-onnection offers

a stunning panorama stretching from the

Großglockner in the south to the Zellersee

and the Watzmann in the north. Even in the

winter, national park rangers provide a weekly

guided tour to experience nature in four

climate zones, from the valley to the perpetual

ice, in the two specially designed and

equipped Explorer cabins. The new ropeway

axis provides a series of additional offers that

will strengthen our position as a top yearround

Alpine destination in the future.

WIR. The 3K K-onnection is the first tricable

gondola lift in Salzburg. What are the

technical benefits of using this system on the


Günther Brennsteiner: The 3K K-onnection

is used to cross steep terrain and link two ski

areas. It was only possible to accomplish the

large rope spans with the 3S system. The high

travel speed of 8 m/s and the transport capacity

of 2,700 PPH make it possible to provide

a fast, nine-minute connection between the

two mountains.

One particular technical advantage is the

enormous stability of the installation. The tworope

“track” along which the cabins run and

the central haul rope, along with the high selfweight

of the cabins themselves, ensure that

availability remains stable, even in high winds.

The new connection means that we now have

a second ropeway providing access to the

glacier ski area in addition to the existing

Gletscherjet line.

WIR. The groundbreaking ceremony for the

tricable gondola lift was in April 2018. What was

your experience of the implementation phase?

Were there any special challenges?

Günther Brennsteiner: The planning, the

complex structural engineering, the special

types of construction required and the site

management all created a level of complexity

and uniqueness that meant constant challenges

for all the planners, site managers, contractors

and the Kitzsteinhorn team. Installing the

ropeway equipment in the stations and on the

five towers with heights up to 94 meters

was particularly demanding. The most striking

challenges were certainly the rope transports

and the rope installation work up to the splicing

of the haul rope. It took five special transports

from Romanshorn/Switzerland up to the Maiskogel

in Kaprun to deliver the five ropes, each

weighing around 110 tons. As far as that was

concerned, we really have to express our thanks

and appreciation for the constructive collaboration

of the entire Doppelmayr, Garaventa

and CWA team, all the planners and contractors

involved with the construction and all their


WIR. The ATRIA cabin makes the 3K K-onnection

one of the most cutting-edge ropeway

installations of this season. What are the benefits

of the technical equipment incorporated

in the installation in daily operations, both for

the ropeway crew and for the guests?

Günther Brennsteiner: The new control

system Doppelmayr Connect gives our team

a high level of user friendliness, which is ultimately

aimed at achieving availability with as

few restrictions as possible. With the new

ATRIA cabins, we’re offering our guests an

absolute ride sensation as well as unprecedented

comfort and first-class design. All 32

cabins have Wi-Fi access.

WIR. Many thanks for the interview.

© Kitzsteinhorn

The tricable gondola to a glacier paradise

32-TGD 3K K-onnection | Kaprun, Salzburg (AUT)

Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG

4,310 m 405 m 2,711 PPH 8.0 m/s 9.0 min 32 32-passenger ATRIA cabins 11/2019

The centerpiece of the link between Kaprun

the Kitzsteinhorn, already dreamed of by several

generations, is a topfl ight tricable gondola

lift from Doppelmayr/Garaventa.

Skiing enjoyment without limits awaits visitors

to the Kitzsteinhorn in Austria’s Kaprun region.

Since the 2019/2020 winter season, a ski-in,

ski-out option has been available for the glacier.

The reason for this is the new ropeway

connection from the center of Kaprun to the

Kitzsteinhorn glacier ski area via the family ski

resort Maiskogel. A new tricable gondola lift

from Doppelmayr/Garaventa is the centerpiece

of this link that goes under the name of

K-ONNECTION. Salzburg’s first 3S lift is 4.3

kilometers long and offers unprecedented

comfort during the nine-minute trip. This is the

first installation worldwide to incorporate the

very latest 3S cabin – the ATRIA.

Modularity, which was a major focus during

the development of this cabin, enables individual

styling and flexible seating concepts. As a

result, the 3K K-onnection is equipped with

two very special carriers. Thanks to their styling

options and generously sized panorama

windows, the two Explorer cabins provide the

opportunity for a unique experience of the impressive

landscape in the Hohe Tauern national

park. Guests enjoy Wi-Fi access throughout

the trip.

Drive technology for maximum availability

Top availability was an essential criterion when

developing the drive concept. The drive system

of the new 3S installation on the Kitzsteinhorn

therefore comprises two connected Doppelmayr

Sector Drives (DSD). As well as meeting this

specific requirement, the system is also part of

the recovery concept, which ensures that the

cabins can always be returned to the station in

a rescue scenario.

New developments for the ropeway crew

The 3K K-onnection sets benchmarks in comfort

not only for the guests but also for the

ropeway crew. The lift is equipped with the

Doppelmayr Connect control system and features

a completely new station concept for

tricable gondola lifts, which more than satisfi es

modern operating requirements. The accessibility

and maintenance friendliness of the 3S

assemblies and components have been signifi -

cantly enhanced. That simplifi es maintenance

work for the ropeway crew and increases the

service life of the ropeway.

Doppelmayr/Garaventa is setting new benchmarks

for tricable gondola lifts with the 3K


View the Kitzsteinhorn

video here:

If you would like to fi nd out more about the

Hohe Tauern national park and the impressive

peaks around the Kitzsteinhorn, an EXPLORER

TOUR is highly recommended. Every Tuesday

from December 31, 2019 through April 14,

2020, national park rangers accompany the

participants on a two-hour tour through four

climate zones in two specially equipped Explorer

cabins. They explain the world of stunning

peaks, natural winter phenomena and the

fascinating world of the high mountains of the

adjacent Hohe Tauern national park.

Always on track

The RPD Nexo System is a further development of the Doppelmayr/Garaventa

rope position monitoring system. It detects a deviation of the rope from the sheave

groove at an early stage and is totally reliable, even under the most adverse weather

conditions. This latest innovation brings a host of benefits in daily operations and

ensures maximum availability of the ropeway installation.


n 1999, Doppelmayr brought a fail-safe

system onto the market, which monitors

the position of the haul rope directly on

the sheave assemblies and therefore significantly

reduces the risk of deropement. To

this day, the Rope Position Detection (RPD)

system remains the unrivaled safety standard

for ropeways.

In 2019, Doppelmayr/Garaventa launched a

completely new development: the RPD Nexo

system. The company’s 20-year experience

of daily use worldwide is reflected in the

development of the next generation for rope

position monitoring. The result is an innovative

product that considerably simplifies the daily

work routine for ropeway operating personnel.

“Comprehensive diagnostic functions plus

very straightforward accessibility and maintenance

are the hallmarks of the new system.

Above all, however, it is more resilient to environmental

influences of all kinds,” stresses

Daniel Pfeifer, head of electrical engineering

at Doppelmayr/Garaventa. The RPD Nexo system

can withstand humidity, rain, ice, snow

and hail. It is equally impervious to lightning

strikes in the proximity of the installation, to

shock and vibrations, rope grease or lubricants.

Ambient temperatures of between -40 °C

and +50 °C are no problem. The system is

suitable for universal use: one sensor for all

rope sheaves, sheave assembly types and

rope diameters. It can also be retrofitted to

existing ropeway installations.

Diagnostic functions using

Doppelmayr Connect

The RPD Nexo System works with noncontact

sensors and a fail-safe bus system

from tower to tower. Any deviation of the rope –

as a result of wind, tracking errors or worn parts

– is immediately identified by the sensor. The

Technology & Innovation



Early detection of a rope deviation

Resilient to environmental

infl uences of all kinds

Automatic slowing or stopping of

the ropeway

Increased availability of the ropeway

Lightens the workload for ropeway personnel

Ambient temperatures

between -40 °C and +50 °C

Humidity, rain, snow, ice, hail

Shock and vibrations

Lightning strikes in the vicinity

of the ropeway or tower, or into

the haul rope

UV radiation from the sun

Chemically active substances such

as rope grease or lubricants

View the RPD Nexo

system video here:

ropeway is then automatically slowed down

or stopped – depending on the severity of the

rope deviation.

Reports from the system can be viewed

on the display of the Doppelmayr Connect

control system in the control room. Error

sources are pinpointed by showing the affected

tower and sensor numbers. Sensors are

quickly and simply replaced when necessary –

thanks also to the well-conceived and reliable

plug connectors. In addition to the automatic

diagnostic functions on the ropeway control

system, a diagnostic device can be connected

directly to each terminal box in the area of the

tower base or the tower yoke.

SMART Ropeway

Overall, use of the RPD Nexo system brings

many benefi ts for the day-to-day running of

a ropeway installation. “It guarantees absolute

operational efficiency and top availability for

ropeway operators and maximum safety for

passengers,” says Daniel Pfeifer. This innovation

marks another step in the direction of

increasing digitalization in the ropeway industry

– entirely in line with the SMART Ropeway


The RPD Nexo system ensures greater

efficiency in daily operations for our new

6-seater chairlift Lumberjack Shuttle. It’s

absolutely reliable and its high resilience

sets the system apart.

Maintaining the system is

also entirely straightforward.

Ferdinand Huttegger,

Operations Manager,


GmbH & Co KG

14 International Projects

The fastest chairlift in Ischgl-Samnaun

6-CLD-B Velilleck F1 | Ischgl, Tyrol (AUT)

Silvrettaseilbahn AG

1,948 m 572 m 2,400 PPH 6.0 m/s 5.9 min 79 6-seater chairs 12/2019 D-Line

The new Velilleck lift in the Silvretta Arena

brings guests up to the Pardatschgrat in comfort

and in record time.

The design of the new 6-seater chairlift “Velilleck

F1” provides a perfect fit with Ischgl’s

corporate identity. From the stations and chairs

to the bullwheels, the installation features a

striking black-and-red fi nish – as in the case of

the Palinkopf and Gampen lifts. In addition to

its attractive design, the Velilleck lift stands out

for its comfort and low-noise operation – the

typical hallmarks of a D-Line installation. Ergonomically

shaped individual seats along with

bubbles and seat heating make the six-minute

trip from the bottom station at 2,048 m up to the

top station on the Pardatschgrat at 2,620 m a

particularly enjoyable experience. In addition,

the locking system ensures a high degree of

safety as the restraining bars remain locked

during the trip. The backs of the chairs feature

examples of local fl ora.

The Velilleck lift has a good reason for including

“F1” in its name, alluding to Formula 1:

With a speed of 6 m/s, it is currently the fastest

chairlift in the entire ski area.

Special design features

The high mountain location and its geology

called for a series of technical refinements.

The foundation of the top station, for example,

can be vertically adjusted to compensate for

ground movement. The Doppelmayr engineers

also designed some of the towers to allow for

angular adjustment – in the event that the

tower foundations develop a minor tilt over the

years. All in all, the 6-seater Velilleck F1 chairlift

boasts a number of features that make the

installation unique worldwide.

The fourth D-Line generation chairlift in the

Silvretta Arena Ischgl-Samnaun went into service

on schedule for the start of the 2019/20

winter season. Top passenger comfort and

quiet operation make the Velilleck lift a fi rstclass

installation both for our guests and

for our team. We would like to express our

thanks for the excellent

cooperation and are

looking forward to more

exciting projects in the

future. DI (FH) Markus

Walser, Board Member,

Silvrettaseilbahn AG

International Projects


Switzerland’s first 8-seater D-Line chairlift

8-CLD-B Visnitz N2 | Samnaun, Graubünden (CHE)

Bergbahnen Samnaun AG

1,208 m 372 m 3,500 PPH 5.0 m/s 4.5 min 67 8-seater chairs 12/2019 D-Line

As from this winter, visitors to Samnaun get

to enjoy an impressive new ropeway from


The new D-Line 8-seater chairlift “Visnitz N2”

acts as a feeder to the Alp Bella sector of the ski

area in Samnaun. With a capacity of 3,500 passengers

an hour, it impressively fulfi lls its purpose,

which is to carry as many winter sports

enthusiasts as possible from the Alp Trida at

2,261 m up to just below the Visnitzkopf at

2,633 m within a short time. This installation

replaces a quad chairlift that had carried some

24 million guests since it first opened in 1994.

With the new 8-seater chairlift, it is possible to

carry around 900 more passengers on an

hourly basis. Some of the lift’s 13 tubular towers

have been equipped with what is known as

a sliding foundation. In the event of geological

changes in the ground, metal rails incorporated

in the concrete allow the towers to be shifted by

several centimeters.

Comfort and individual design

The Visnitz lift features a black-and-blue finish

in keeping with the corporate design of Bergbahnen

Samnaun. The chairs offer maximum

comfort with an individual seat width of

520 mm. Equipment features include seat

heating, bubbles and a locking system that

keeps the restraining bars locked during the

trip. The mesh banners on the backs of the

chairs tell the story of the village and ski resort

Samnaun in striking images. Each chair is

unique. This makes the Visnitz lift a very good

example of the customizing options that are

available with the D-Line ropeway generation

from Doppelmayr/Garaventa.

Thanks to the outstanding collaboration

with Garaventa, we have succeeded in

creating a lift installation that impresses

with technological innovations and a visual

design that harmonizes perfectly with our ski

area. The 8-seater chairlift has enabled us to

increase our hourly capacity by a striking

900 passengers, which benefi ts our guests

in terms of comfort. Mario Jenal, Executive

Director, Bergbahnen Samnaun AG

© Silvretta Montafon_Stefan Kothner

New boost for Silvretta Montafon

The Doppelmayr subsidiary Input developed

a concept for the Hochjoch area of Silvretta

Montafon in Vorarlberg to enhance its

attractiveness for summer guests.

Montafon in Vorarlberg is well-known for winter

sports and enjoys great popularity among

local visitors as well as guests from around the

world. The Silvretta Montafon ski area offers

spectacular downhill runs and freeride possibilities.

The goal of Silvretta Montafon is to

make the resort with its magnificent mountain

scenery, up to now purely a winter destination,

more attractive for summer tourists and families

by creating additional offers for the warmer

months of the year.

Authentic and relevant to the region

Opened in summer 2019, the Adventure Mountain

Hochjoch immediately next to the top

station of the Hochjoch tramway is a step in

that direction. Input designed a sustainable,

nature-themed world of experience that relates

to the Montafon region. “The concept is entirely

in tune with Montafon and its stunning mountain

landscape – authentic and honest. There

is a common theme throughout. The new offer

is also perfectly embedded in the existing

infrastructure,” says Input’s managing director

Hannes Triebnik.

The concept features a large number of interactive

stations where children can try things

out and enjoy new experiences. In the motor

skills playground, the youngsters can put their

sense of balance to the test. The bridge

between the climbing rocks gives them their

first experience of thrilling heights. Rocking

stones mimic the kind of unsteady ground you

might encounter when hiking. The stations on

the forces of nature trail teach children about

mountain features in a way that is both fun and

helps them to remember what they have

learned. The one-hour trail is also based on

a very interactive concept. The lake biotope

offers various features to while away the hours

and play. Youngsters can shoot water fountains

into the sky, propel rafts using wave

pumps and enter new sensory worlds on the

barefoot path.

Popular with guests

All in all, an exciting world of experience has

been created with a high fun factor. Martin

Oberhammer, managing director of Silvretta

Montafon, sums up the positive results after

the first summer: “The Adventure Mountain

Hochjoch has been very well received by our

guests and we get a lot of positive feedback.”

Summer tourism on the Hochjoch has received

a fresh boost as a result. As Silvretta Montafon

expands offers of this kind, it will come ever

closer to its goal of becoming a year-round

destination for the mountain experience – and

impress its guests at the same time.

International Projects


With high-speed to the top

6/8-CGD Express du Village | Bromont, Québec (CAN)

Bromont, montagne d’expériences

1,283 m 357 m 3,220 PPH 5.0 m/s 4.4 min 18 8-passenger cabins

72 6-passenger chairs 12/2018

In Bromont, Canada, a new ropeway was

built with a lot of passion and effort – to

achieve the best mountain experience for

the guests.

Almost 54 years after the first chairlift was built

in Bromont, Canada, a new era of speed and

comfort has come to the area. The combination

lift “Express du Villa ge” is a 4-seasons

installation that brings skiers to the ski slopes

and offers a comfortable trip to the new lodge

on the mountaintop all year round. The passengers

can choose from 6-seater chairs and

8-seater gondolas – so everyone has the

best ride.

The guests at Bromont enjoy the new improvements

in the resort: optimized slopes, the new

mountaintop lodge, a new customer service

center and of course the new ropeway. The

skiing park in winter, the aqua park in summer

and some action with mountain bikes make

Bromont an attractive destination, only an hour

drive away from Montréal.

Take a look at how this

installation came to life:

The new combination lift is a great addition

to our resort. We are proud of the work that

was accomplished with the Doppelmayr

team. The results are great for

our mountain and our

guests are enjoying the

ride. Benjamin Désourdy,

Directeur, Développement

et projets montagne,

at Bromont, montagne


Challenge accepted

High-speed does not only apply to the short

travel time for the passengers but also to the

construction phase. There were not even ten

months between signing the contract and

opening the new combination lift – regardless

of the challenging weather conditions. Winter

arrived very early; it was wet, foggy and windy.

The weather could change within minutes. The

whole crew of committed and hardworking

people was the key factor in successfully

finishing the ropeway for the winter season


Biel-Magglingen funicular means

lower running costs

120-FUL Funicular Biel-Magglingen | Biel, Canton Bern, Switzerland (CHE)

Verkehrsbetriebe Biel

1,693 m 442 m 1,050 PPHPD 2 120-passenger cars 08/2019

The fully rebuilt funicular railway brings

passengers to Magglingen with an integrated

energy storage system, increases availability

and reduces running costs.

In less than five months, between April and

August 2019, the Biel-Magglingen funicular

underwent a complete rebuild. The energy

storage system used here for the first time

is a pilot project of Frey AG Stans – an innovation

that came about as the result of a

collaboration with the University of Lucerne.

The objective of reducing the power costs

and better utilizing the recovered energy was

accomplished jointly. The energy produced

with a generator can now be stored, making it

available when required. This significantly reduces

the expenditure on energy – as part of

the running costs – because it means that the

funicular draws less power from the mains in

normal operation. In spring 2020, the system

is set to become even more efficient through

the use of an integrated electrical emergency

drive motor. Even in the event of a power

outage, the funicular will then be able to draw

on stored energy, enabling the cars to be

returned to the stations in an emergency

and dispensing with the need to use a diesel

engine. As from next year, a photovoltaic installation

on the roof of the drive station, which is

directly integrated into the energy storage and

management system, will also be contributing

to lower energy consumption.

Garaventa AG was awarded the contract to replace

the funicular's ropeway technology. They

replaced the entire electrical equipment, the

hydraulic systems for service and rail brakes

and the rope drive as well as the haul rope

and the rope sheaves. The complete overhaul

of the car superstructures was performed by

CWA Constructions SA.

"Thanks to the vast experience of Garaventa

and their partners, we now have an ultramodern,

reliable and above all sustainable

funicular," says a well pleased Andreas

Kambli, technical director of the operating


International Projects


In harmony with nature and tradition

8-MGD Manzherok Lift 1 | Manzherok, Altai Republic (RUS)

Manzherok LLC

2,516 m 636 m 2,400 PPH 6.0 m/s 8.5 min 82 8-passenger cabins 09/2019

The gondola lift in the Russian village of

Manzherok is aimed at boosting tourism in

the region.

The Manzherok recreation area has benefited

from a new 8-passenger gondola lift from

Doppelmayr since September 2019. The lift

operates all year round and is primarily intended

as a new attraction for winter guests. The

trip on the gondola lift up to Mount Malaya

Sinyuha at 1,020 meters takes just eight and

one-half minutes. For passengers using the

chairlift that runs parallel to it, the journey

takes thirty minutes. The new lift has an intermediate

station, which is designed for loading

for the uphill trip and is therefore perfect for

skiers using the adjacent slope. The customer,

Manzherok LLC, attaches great importance to

sustainable use of the area. Construction of

the ropeway installation was therefore conditional

on a caring approach to nature.

Booming tourist area

The Manzherok recreation area has huge potential

for tourism. It lies just 45 kilometers

from Gorno-Altaisk, the capital of Altai Republic

(Russia), and is very popular with both summer

and winter guests thanks to its location in proximity

to Lake Manzherok and Mount Malaya

Sinyuha. Skiers and snowboarders can look

forward to some 60 kilometers of trails for all

levels of ability. Manzherok is also home to the

biggest bike park beyond the Urals, with seven

downhill trails and a total length of 11 kilometers.

There is something for everyone, whether

you are a beginner or a proficient biker. Completion

of the gondola lift marks a first step in

a tourism development plan for the region,

with many more envisaged for the future to

ensure local value creation, jobs and additional


Check out the video for

impressions of Manzherok

and the construction of the

new gondola lift:

The modern ropeway has entirely fulfilled all

our expectations. In particular, the convennient

operation by tablet makes operating

and maintaining the lift installation easier

for our personnel, and the latest control and

monitoring systems enhance safety. For

the passengers too, the ropeway offers top

comfort irrespective of the weather conditions,

which can vary in our Siberian climate.

Wind, rain, snow and

even frost will now definitely

not keep outdoor

enthusiasts away!

Ivan Morozov, Chairman

of the Board, GLK

Manzherok, AO

© Hofer Wolfgang

First D-Line for South Korea

10-MGD Cheongpung Cable Car | Jecheon, South Korea (KOR)

Cheongpung Ropeway Co., Ltd

2,274 m 357 m 1,500 PPH 5.0 m/s 8.7 min 43 10-passenger cabins 03/2019 D-Line

The Cheongpung Cable Car gondola lift

uses cutting-edge ropeway technology to

bring visitors to the Cheongpung region up

to Bibong Mountain.

The South Korean city Jecheon lies in the north

of the province Chungcheongbuck-do and attracts

large numbers of tourists all year round

with its surrounding mountains and lakes as

well as its many points of interest. Since March

2019, the gondola lift Cheongpung Cable Car

from Doppelmayr/Garaventa – South Korea’s

first D-Line – has provided visitors with an

easier means of accessing Bibong Mountain

at Cheongpung Lake.

Bottom station as the heart of the installation

The new lift can carry up to 1,500 visitors an

hour up the mountain and the ride takes less

than nine minutes. The breathtaking views,

comfortable cabins and low-noise operation

make the trip a first-class experience. The bot-

tom station is located directly at the popular

Cheongpung Lake and is therefore quick and

easy to reach for guests. The bottom station

accommodates the drive, the parking system

for 43 cabins and several shops. The intelligent

layout concept also enables simple and

time-saving maintenance of the installation.

The impressive ride on the ropeway passes

over several tubular towers – the tallest of

which is around 45 meters high – on its way to

the top station at an elevation of 513 meters.

Once at the top, guests can enjoy the restaurant

and a large viewing platform. Numerous hiking

trails invite them to discover the mountain landscape

around Bibong Mountain.

Completion of the first Doppelmayr D-Line

in South Korea represents a milestone for

us. We can now carry all our guests

in comfort to Bibong

Mountain. Thanks to the

new ropeway, the region

has yet another attraction

to boost its appeal.

Young Rok Oh,

CEO, Cheongpung

Ropeway Co., Ltd.

International Projects


Biking and skiing with one chairlift

8-CLD-B Köhlerhagen K1 | Willingen (GER)

Liftgemeinschaft Köhlerhagen GmbH & Co. KG

1,442 m 263 m 3,000 PPH 1,200 PPH 6.0 m/s 4.8 min

60 8-seater chairs 39 8-seater chairs 12/2018

The Köhlerhagen K1 chairlift in Willingen

wows winter sports enthusiasts and mountain

bikers in equal measure.

The first D-Line 8-seater chairlift in Germany

and the longest ski lift in the state of Hessen –

that’s the Köhlerhagen K1. The World Cup

venue Willingen saw the completion of one of

the country’s most cutting-edge ropeways in

time for the 2018/19 winter season.

Seat heating and bubbles in the winter

Winter guests get to enjoy the luxury of the individual

black-and-red comfort seats with seat

heating and bubbles to protect them against

the cold and the snow. The new ropeway

replaces two surface lifts and is part of the

resort’s expansion in skiing amenities. The

Köhlerhagen ski trail has been extended – the

1,600-meter run now leads straight from the

top station in close proximity to the summit

cross on the Ettelsberg down to the bottom

station of the new chairlift.

Bike transport with Bike Clips in the summer

In the summer season, the Köhlerhagen K1 is

transformed into a biker lift. During the warmer

months of the year, the Ettelsberg becomes a

paradise for mountain bikers, with its freeride

and downhill trail. Thanks to the Bike Clips developed

by Doppelmayr, taking a bike along

on the uphill ride is particularly easy. Guests

simply attach their bikes to the Bike Clips on

one chair and take up their seats on the next.

In the top station, the bikes are released from

the Bike Clip with a simple hand movement,

and the downhill fun can begin. Up to five

bikes can be carried per chair. A demo assembly

is provided in front of the bottom station

where bikers can try out the innovative system

for themselves.

No conversion work is required on the lift

between the summer and winter seasons.

Separate chair assemblies are available for

both applications. That makes the switch from

one season to the next and year-round use

very straightforward for the operators. When

developing this solution, Doppelmayr worked

closely with Liftgemeinschaft Köhlerhagen to

provide a custom solution for Willingen and to

optimize the Bike Clip product. The result is a

high-performance chairlift that sets an important

trend for year-round tourism in the sector.

Watch the Köhlerhagen K1

in operation here:

Our fi rst year of operation with the new chairlift

has shown very positive results. Availability

was absolutely top notch

in both the winter and

summer seasons, and the

response from our guests

has been very enthusiastic.

Jörg Wilke, Managing

Director, Liftgemeinschaft



News from Around the World

Ropeway mobility for Mexico City

Doppelmayr/Garaventa is to build the first

urban ropeway project featuring the D-Line

ropeway generation in Mexico.

Public transport is a challenge in Mexico City.

Buses, subways and other modes of transport

in the country’s biggest city are used by almost

800 million people a year and up to 5.5 million

on peak days. From 2021, a new mode of

transit will become part of that mix, which literally

towers above all others and will boost

the infrastructure on an entirely new level.

A high-performance ropeway solution from

Doppelmayr/Garaventa will connect the northern

district of Cuautepec to Indios Verde,

one of the city’s major transport hubs. In future,

passengers can look forward to cutting

around 40 minutes from their journey time

while enjoying a quiet, comfortable ride on a

reliable and emission-free ropeway system.

This will be the first D-Line to be used as a

means of urban transport.

The offi cial groundbreaking ceremony for this

ambitious large-scale project was held in

mid-September 2019. Within just 18 months,

the modern OMEGA V cabins will be gliding

above the city for the first time. The ropeway

line will include six stations and is to be fully

integrated into the existing public transport

network. The new transport level in the sky

will offer an attractive alternative to conventional

modes of transport over a total length

of 9.22 kilometers.

News from Around the World


Revival of traditional Zagreb route

What remained a pipe dream for over a

decade is about to become reality: the new

gondola lift up to Sljeme, Zagreb’s local


The Croatian capital, Zagreb, is planning a

ropeway from the outskirts of the city up to the

local mountain Sljeme. The project will breathe

new life into a traditional route. There used to

be an installation in the upper section of the

line but it stopped operating over ten years

ago. The idea of building a new lift in the old

location goes back roughly 15 years but is now

finally beginning to take on concrete form. The

installation will be a five-kilometer-long, detachable

10-passenger gondola lift with a total

of four stations and through operation. The first

intermediate station will be used to angle the

route while the second is to house an underground

vault drive that will propel the two rope

loops via a twin-groove bullwheel.

© Arhitektura u bijelom

By street car to the gondola lift

The new ropeway will link up with the public

transport network. The bottom station will be

located next to a street car station, which will

also be modernized as part of the project.

Year-round operation is planned, with the lift

serving day trippers in the summer and also

acting as a feeder to the ski area on Mount

Sljeme in the winter.

This video provides a fi rst

glimpse of the project:

Lünersee tramway to be completely rebuilt

The upgrade of Vorarlberg’s long-established

tram to state of the art is already well


The Lünersee (Lüner Lake) is regarded as one

of the most picturesque spots in the Vorarlberg

Alps and ranks as a popular destination

for hikers. It can be reached by a ride on the

Lünerseebahn, a single-track reversible aerial

tramway. The installation was originally built in

1959 for the purposes of material transport,

but already began to show its potential as a

passenger tram for summer tourism in the

1960s. The Lünersee tram, which is owned by

the power company illwerke vkw AG, is now

to be thoroughly modernized in line with the

state of the art. This will include replacement

of the ropeway technology and an increase in

load capacity. In future, a new cabin will provide

space for 65 passengers, instead of the

previous 47. The rebuild being carried out by

Doppelmayr/Garaventa also involves a reduction

from two towers to one.

The old tramway has already been completely

dismantled and work on the new installation

is going ahead at full steam. In fall 2019,

Doppelmayr/Garaventa had already installed

the steelwork and rope saddle in the entrance

hall of the upper terminal and erected the

tower. The next step will be to fit the new drive.

The refurbishment work on the lower terminal

is due to begin in the spring. The opening is

planned for July 2020.

In 2019, the Lünersee in Vorarlberg was

voted the most picturesque spot in

Austria in the ORF TV program “9 places

– 9 treasures – that’s how beautiful

Austria is”.

Doppelmayr Canada

The North American subsidiary is not only a production location of the

Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group, but also a historic element in the creation of

innovations and world records in Canada.

Canada has been an important market

in the history of the Doppelmayr/Garaventa

Group. Not only was one of the ground stones

for the global market leadership laid here, the

subsidiary is also one out of seven countries

with a production facility that manufactures

ropeway parts for international projects.

1953 marked an important milestone in the history

of Doppelmayr. Back then, the first ski lifts

were sold overseas. They were installed in the

very same year in the Canadian ski resorts at

Mont Gabriel and Mont Plante. This was the

beginning of the international market presence

of Doppelmayr. To pursue business in

Canada, Doppelmayr installed a local agency

in the western part of the country in the early

60s. The head office and production facility

of Doppelmayr Canada were established in

Staint-Jérôme, province of Québec, in 1978.

Since then, the building has grown to nearly

five times its size, reaching about 5,200 m²

on total premises of around 80,000 m² – departments

of engineering, production (mechanical,

welding, machining, assembly, etc.),

quality assurance, customer service, sales,

installation start-up, human resources and

finance have been installed over the years.

Today, Doppelmayr Canada has approximatively

130 employees across Canada in the

provinces of Québec, Ontario and British

Columbia. Their field of expertise is detachable

lifts as well as pulsed gondolas. Since

Canada has two official languages, French

and English, all administration, service and

sales teams are fully bilingual. In close col-

Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group


Back in the days, the neighbor

of the Doppelmayr Canada

building was an outdoor drivein

movie theater (Ciné-Parc).

Due to the expansion of the

company, this area was

acquired and is now also part

of the Doppelmayr subsidiary.

laboration with Doppelmayr USA, they service

all North America.

International collaboration

Being part of the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group,

Doppelmayr Canada has contributed to several

international projects and assisted not only

in the production but also in the development

of new products. This involvement includes for

instance the fi rst R&D of the RopeCon ® system

– then known as Aerobande – or manufacturing

parts for Cable Liners in Las Vegas, Toronto,

Oakland and Mexico City as well as for ropeway

projects in South Korea, China and Spain.

World firsts and world records

Mont-Orignal, located in the heart of the

Appalachians and only an hour away from

Québec City, installed the world’s first detachable

6-seater chairlift. The whole idea was born

at a local trade show, where Doppelmayr presented

a new type of chair that had never been

built before: It was two 4-seater chairs that had

been cut and welded together. The customer

was impressed by this product and was the

first to install a detachable 6-seater chairlift.

Also impressive is the 3S gondola lift that was

built for the Olympic Games in 2010 at Whistler

Blackcomb. It crosses the Fitzsimmons Valley

and links the two ski mountains of Whistler and

Blackcomb. Thanks to this convenient connection,

guests can now enjoy both mountains

in one day. With an overall length of 4.4 km,

the rope span of 3,024 m and a maximum

height above ground of 436 m, at the time, the

Peak 2 Peak broke all the records for an aerial

ropeway of its kind.

Change of governance

Following a long and distinguished 31-year career

as chief executive officer at Doppelmayr

Canada, André Lamoureux retired on October

25. Luc Guy, formerly sales and installation

manager, succeeded him as CEO of Doppelmayr

Canada. With over 20 years of experience within

the company, Luc Guy has held several positions

in engineering, sales and lift installation.

Doppelmayr Canada has a very dedicated

team. Our experience, skills and knowhow

will ensure continuity of operations,

continued collaboration

and personalized service

to all customers, as well

as consistent delivery of

high-quality products.

Luc Guy, CEO,

Doppelmayr Canada Ltd.

Doppelmayr Canada Ltd.

Foundation: 1978

Location: St- Jérôme, Province of Québec

Headcount: 130 employees

Main market: Canada (the only ropeway

manufacturer that produces locally)

Activities: Project engineering, sales,

production, assembly, start-up, customer

support, training

Passing on the baton: André Lamoureux (left)

with his successor as CEO, Luc Guy


Customer Support

© Skyline Rotorua

Check out a video of

a visit to Skyline Rotorua:

© Skyline Rotorua

Customer support and

service work in New Zealand

8-MGD Skyline Gondola | Rotorua, New Zealand (NZL)

Skyline Enterprises Ltd.

873 m 179 m 2,000 PPH 5.0 m/s 2005

Rotorua, New Zealand, is a popular destination

for tourists and locals alike. A key

attraction for this region is the Skyline

Gondola taking guests up to a renowned

restaurant and extensive recreational facilities

overlooking Lake Rotorua. Along with

being the birthplace of the skyline luge,

the area also plays host to the international

Crankworx mountain bike event each year.

For a 365-day-a-year operation like Skyline

Rotorua, limiting operational downtime is a

priority. This year, a Doppelmayr/Garaventa

service team completed a significant maintenance

works project ensuring reliable operation

for this ropeway into the future. This was

the first shutdown of the installation longer

than a day since the lift was commissioned.

An award-winning tourism operation, Skyline

Rotorua offers a broad range of recreational

experiences all serviced by the 8-seater gondola

from Doppelmayr/Garaventa. The scenic

gondola ride provides breathtaking views over

the lake before delivering guests to the top

station and restaurant where there are many

other activities on offer. For the adventurous,

there is luging, mountain biking, zip lines and

the Skyswing. For those looking for more relaxed

options, there are nature trails, shopping,

wine tasting and dining. The Gondola is

open every day of the year, operating around

5,500 hours annually.

Maintenance completed ahead of schedule

Following the order for the new equipment in

early 2019, Doppelmayr New Zealand began

the task of planning and organization for this

significant maintenance project. In August

this year, site work commenced. An experienced

local team supported by experts from

the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group worked

tirelessly to complete the significant scope

of work in the limited time period available.

Tasks completed during this work included

a motor and gearbox exchange, frequency

converter upgrade, load testing and commissioning,

bullwheel bearing replacement and

hydraulic system servicing. Following this,

a shortening splice was carried out on the

haul rope. The work program was completed

in only 10 days and the lift returned back to

operation a day ahead of schedule. A great

result for all involved.

As with any shutdown maintenance of this

nature, key factors to a successful outcome

are having the right experience, skills, tools

and technical resources planned and available

ensuring maximum work efficiency. This

is something the Doppelmayr New Zealand

team take seriously and are proud to be able

offer their customers a high level of support

and service.

Doppelmayr and our engineers have

completed all the programmed work safely,

successfully and ahead of schedule which is

absolutely outstanding. Well done to everyone

involved in this challenging project.

Andrew Jensen,

General Manager, Skyline Rotorua


Eyes open!

Send us a photo of an original location for

our Doppelmayr/Garaventa calendar and win a

prize 1 . The most original entries will be rewarded

– a brand-new Doppelmayr bag set awaits you.

We shall be publishing the most creative contributions

in the next issues of WIR.

Model ropeways from Jägerndorfer

Together with his team, Klaus Jägerndorfer

develops and sells model ropeways – the Jägerndorfer

Collection. These are exact replicas

of original Doppelmayr/Garaventa installations,

which enjoy great popularity. The mini

ropeways can actually be operated. Even the

bubbles, restraining bars and grips work like

their larger counterparts. The new OMEGA V

cabin for the D-Line ropeway generation is

already available as a model. The D-Line chairs

are about to follow. As usual, Jägerndorfer

has attached a great deal of importance to

details – even the logos and the images on

the mesh banners are replicas of the originals

and can be replaced. While previous products

were made entirely of plastic, in the case of

the D-Line models, frames, swivel bearings,

hangers and grips are made of metal. The new

models have been available since the end of

October 2019. Fans of the ATRIA 3S cabin will

also be pleased to know that work on the replicas

is already well underway.

The entire collection is

included in the new winter

catalog 2019/2020:


Take a photo of the calendar in the

place where you have put or found it


Describe briefl y where you hung up or

discovered the calendar (city, country,

precise location)


Send everything along with your contact

details to wir@doppelmayr.com

INTERALPIN exhibition

stand wins awards

The Doppelmayr/Garaventa stand was an

eye-catcher at the INTERALPIN 2019 show

thanks to its exceptional design and revealed

a host of special features on closer

inspection. In the “Motion Cube”, for example,

visitors were able to take a virtual ride

on an aerial ropeway, passing over cities,

points of interest and mountain peaks. Many

interactive exhibits invited onlookers to

touch and try out the objects for themselves.

The company can now join the agency

MOJA Design and exhibition stand designers

mac in taking pride at two awards plus

a nomination for various renowned awards.

The German Design Award presented the

exhibition stand first place in the category

“Excellent Architecture”. It was also honored

with the German Designer Club Award Gute

Gestaltung 2019 (good design) in the category

“Spaces”. In the case of the Austrian

Event Award, the jury will not be making

its decision following nomination of the

stand in the category “Exhibitions/Events”

until after we go to press.






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Vertical rise

Number of towers



Trip time




Max. inclination

Summer operation

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Service & Applications

Mobility & Experience

Advanced Connectivity

Mobility & Experience

Thanks to the SMART Ropeway strategy, a trip on a ropeway is

already a fascinating interactive experience today. In the future,

on-board comfort and mobility are set to move to a new level as

digital offers continue to enhance that experience.

Relations & Reliability

Technology & Innovation



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