Magdalene College Annual Campaign Report 2019


The Annual Campaign Report details the progress of the Colleges Future Foundations Campaign and allows us to acknowledge and thank those responsible for making it all possible.

The Third Annual

Campaign Report

Autumn 2019

The Annual Campaign Report 1

The Annual Campaign Report


November 2019

A letter from the Master. ..........................3

Giving to the College ..............................4

College Investments. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

Annual List of Donors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7–17

The Impact of the Campaign. .................18–21

The Impact of the Campaign – The New Library...20

Supporting Future Foundations. ................... 22

Forthcoming Events. ............................. 23


From the master

More than 2000 alumni have made a gift to the Campaign;

and nothing could speak more eloquently of the loyalty and

generosity of our Members.

As of today (the middle of November), we have

raised over £23m; and, as I said last year, one of

the most gratifying things is that this comes from

such a wide range of supporters. More than 2,000 alumni

have made a gift to the Campaign, and nothing could

speak more eloquently of the loyalty and generosity of our

Members. We continue to have one of the highest rates of

alumni support of any Oxbridge college, and the enthusiasm

shown at all our reunion events, in the UK and worldwide,

is immensely heartening. As before, the work of the

Campaign Board has been wonderful, and the Development

Director and her team set a standard of imagination and

commitment that would be the envy of any institution.

The new Library building is on schedule so far, and – fingers

crossed for not too wet a winter! – should be completed

in good time for our official opening next September. Our

expectations of the building’s quality have certainly been

met, and those who have seen what there is to see on site

are all agreed that the scale and style are just what we had

hoped. As noted last time, we are beginning now to look

at the next phase – the repurposing of the former College

Library space in the Pepys Building and the consequent work

to bring the fabric of the whole building up to contemporary

standards. Inevitably, there have been quite a lot of repairs

over the years that have been done in a somewhat ad hoc

way, and we need now to tidy things up and equip this

great, iconic structure for the next few centuries.

Our work to raise funds for bursaries has also borne

impressive fruit this year. We continue to do well in our

admissions of students from ‘non-traditional’ backgrounds,

those who may be the first generation of their families

to go into higher education, young people from minority

groups and so on. The message is clearly getting out there

that Magdalene not only offers a welcome to able students

of all backgrounds, but will do everything to make their

studies here practically possible in terms of direct support.

Our outreach and admissions teams have once again

worked hard and effectively to achieve this, and we are all

in their debt.

This will, sadly, be my last letter as Master – and I am very

pleased indeed that Sir Christopher Greenwood, one of

our most distinguished alumni, will be replacing me next

autumn. But this is an opportunity for me to say what a

real privilege and pleasure it has been to be part of the

Magdalene family during these active and exciting years,

during which the College has really stretched its wings –

thanks to the hard work of so many in and beyond the

Governing Body, and thanks not least to those students

who have given their own time and energy in outreach

events, in the telephone campaign and simply in welcoming

newcomers to the College. If they believe this community

is worth so much work and faithfulness, we are doing

what we most want to do – motivating our members

to make a positive difference in society, creating a lively

family of conversation and learning, building lifelong habits

and commitments that will keep our society questioning

and intelligent. Jane and I will miss Magdalene sorely, but

we’ll look back on these years as a time of fulfilment and

friendship. Thank you all for this, and for so much more.

Rowan Williams, Master

The Annual Campaign Report 3

Giving to the College

The third year of the Campaign has continued with a prodigious level of support

and generosity which has resulted in, yet again, an incredible total of £5,135,000

in gifts received in cash and pledges during the financial year 2018–19.

As we reach the halfway point of the Future

Foundations Campaign we are humbled by the

overwhelming response we have received from

our Members and Friends; thank you! The support from

the Magdalene community around the world is bringing us

towards the combined goals of the Campaign and is already

making a tangible difference to both our students and the

College itself.

The new Library building

We were delighted that the three generations of the Cripps

family were present at a small groundbreaking ceremony in

September 2018. The new Library building is progressing

rapidly and we are really beginning to get a sense of how

impressive it will be when it is completed. The light and airy

building will offer much needed facilities for study, archival

storage and research, doubling the number of student work

spaces, books, and providing several more seminar rooms. The

new ‘Robert Cripps’ Art Gallery will be on the ground floor

with several floor to ceiling double doors opening directly

onto the Fellows’ Garden. All in all, the new Library building

will make a wonderful new addition to the College estate.

Support for students

The College’s commitment to needs-blind education, the

belief that no student able to study at Magdalene should be

deterred by financial reasons, has been generously

and consistently supported by our Members. The

Magdalene Enhanced Bursary scheme which provides a

generous additional top up to the Cambridge Bursary

Scheme is now in its seventh year of operation thanks

to your donations. This scheme ensures that every

undergraduate at Magdalene is not only able to meet the

day-to-day living costs but also able to participate fully in

the ‘Cambridge’ experience.

Phase II

The building work for the new Library building is due to

be completed next June. The College Library, currently

located on the ground floor of the Pepys Building, will

move into its new home over the summer and we all

look forward to the opening of the new building in

September 2020. We will then look to the second part

of the Future Foundations Campaign, Phase II, which will

focus on the restoration and reconfiguration of the iconic

Pepys Building. This important project will not only focus

on a careful and sympathetic restoration of an important

heritage building but also enable the College to make the

building and its treasures much more accessible. We are

looking to create much needed additional public rooms,

space for visitors and exhibits, and dedicated area for

researchers which is currently lacking.

Members: 31.5%

Friends: 3.4%

Legacies: 13.3%

Income by

Source of


Companies: 2.7%

Trusts and

Foundations: 49.1%

’20s 1










Number of donors by matriculation

decade to the New Library









Participation rates







Rest of Europe





Hong Kong



Rest of the World


The Annual Campaign Report 5

College Investments

The ongoing support of our Members, Friends and the Fellowship is particularly welcome

and appreciated during these trying economic times. Over the course of 2018–19, donations

to the College totalled £5,135,000, including pledges, another excellent year for the

Campaign and the College is immensely grateful to its Members and supporters.

The College manages its investments in securities

and property to produce the highest return,

providing an income stream to support the College

in its teaching and research activities. Through careful

investment the intention is to ensure that the income runs

in tandem with the College’s spending needs, without too

much of a fluctuation on an annual basis. As of June 2019

the endowment market value stood at £83m with two

distinct portfolios comprising property holdings (52%) and

securities (48%). Whilst the majority of the property held

is in Cambridge and adjacent to the College, agricultural

land in Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire also makes up

an amount of the property holdings. The commercial

property within Cambridge provides an essential stream

of income into the College alongside being a strategic

asset, enabling the College to have close control of the

immediate neighbourhood and offering the opportunity

for re-development should the College’s needs alter. The

securities portfolio is invested globally in order to benefit

from the maximum number of investment opportunities.

The College has a long term investment horizon and

‘draws down’ 3.75% of the portfolio’s value each year to

provide for the College’s costs.

Over the long term the College is aiming to hold a one

third property and two-thirds securities portfolio mix in

order to ensure that it is diverse with its investments. We

are conscious of the importance of investing responsibly,

using the United Nations Global Compact principles to

guide our policy, thereby asking investment managers to

ensure that they abide by this global investment code.

During the financial year we migrated the majority of

the College’s global equities to a newly established

Responsible Equity fund. The College is a seed investor

of this fund which excludes sectors with any meaningful

activities in tobacco, pornography, gambling, armaments

and tar sands as well as actively engaging with corporates

on a range of ethical issues. Looking ahead we will

continue to work with our principal fund manager on

responsible investment matters.

Income Trends over Time





Rents and Catering


Investment Income


0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

A copy of the full College accounts is available at

The College is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and continues to develop a shared understanding and agreement for activities concerning

alumni, be it communications, attendance of events and use of data.


Magdalene College LIST OF DONORS

For Gifts Received in the Period from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019

The Master, Fellows and Scholars of Magdalene College wish to thank and honour those

who have generously made donations to the College and to those who have notified us

that they have included the College in their will.

* Indicates that the donor is a Fellow / B Indicates Buckingham Society Membership / † Indicates that the donor is deceased


Mr John Y Smart †


The Reverend Colin H

MacGregor B


Mr Braham J Myers MBE B


Mr John Smalley

The Reverend Dr H John

M Turner B


Dr Maitland Bradfield

Mr Robert C Cotton, MBE

Mr John G W James †

Mr Robert F MacLeod

Mr John J Saxby


Mr Kenneth H Arbuckle B

Dr Edgar J Feuchtwanger

Professor Sir Malcolm K Sykes B


The Reverend

Mac Farmborough MBE B

Mr Ian S Mant B

Mr Max Phillips


Professor William Tordoff B


Emeritus Professor

John R G Jenkins B

Mr John P Morgan

Mr David W G Sawyer B

Dr John D Walsh B

Mr Sandy White B†


Mr Derek E Ayres B

Mr John K Buckenham B

Mr Nigel H Carruthers B

Mr John E Goldsworthy B†

Mr Philip P Harris B

Mr Ronald J Jenkinson

Mr Peter M H Robinson B

Mr Alec Samuels B

Lieutenant Commander

R Y C Sharp

Dr Geoffrey A Shippey B


Mr David L Gardiner

Mr Richard D Hewlett B†

Mr Brian W Hungerford

Dr Michael C Johnson

Mr Henry R L Lumley*

Mr Barry Stewart OBE L.V.O. B


Mr John H Allsopp B†

Mr Colin V G Basford B

Sir Colin Corness* B

Mr Kenneth J Dean

Mr Thomas J G Edmondes †

Dr Ian M Jessiman B

Professor Hans J Käsmann

Dr Michael Taggart

Sir Michael J Turner B†

Mr Nigel Ventham

Dr Michael L N Willoughby


Mr Maurice J R Armytage B†

Mr Michael W Chester B

Mr Alan M Cockburn

Emeritus Professor

Joel E Gordon

Mr Joseph Grimberg B

Mr David M Horder

Mr John A Ingram

Mr Christopher J James

The Reverend J R Pilkington †

Mr Christopher B Sykes

Mr Richard Tobey

Mr Steuart A Webb-Johnson

Mr John W Wilson B


Mr Nick Bennett

Mr Iain H Blair B

Mr John L Dobson

Mr Michael J Fenwick

Dr Thomas F Hering

Professor John D Hudson B

Dr John P James

Mr Roger Jewison B

Major Dennis F Morgan

Mr Robert B Parker

Mr Alan H Pattillo B

Mr Jeremy G Pilcher

Mr Morley D Tidy

Mr Christopher J F Trott B

Sir John B Ure KCMG LVO B

Mr John Vallins OBE


Mr Robert W Barber B

Mr Nicholas H Baring CBE

Mr Richard P Benthall

Mr Jeremy J G Brown B

Mr Andrew E Buxton B

Mr Ian O Dowding

Dr John E Elsom

Professor Peter J Grubb* B

Mr Michael J Hallett B

Mr Godfrey Meynell MBE

Mr Bill Norton

Mr Victor N Petty

Mr Kit Pumphrey

Dr Richard H Seebohm B

Mr Patrick H D Toosey B

The Reverend Canon

David Yerburgh


Mr Oliver G D Acland

Dr R David Blacklidge

Mr Simon M Bolitho B

Mr Patrick U A H Browne

Mr John K B Burke

Professor Keith M


The Reverend R J Dixon †

Mr Bamber

Gascoigne CBE* B

Mr Simon K Haviland

The Reverend R D Jenkins

Mr James E A Knowles

Mr Richard J Phillips B

Mr E James W White B

Mr John R White B

104 students graduated

in the academic year

2018–19, 47 of whom

(45%) made gifts.

The Annual Campaign Report 7


Mr Robert F Allen †

Dr Mark H Ball

Mr Philip H Burns

Mr Wilfrid M Caldwell

Mr John A C Cann B†

Mr Arnold J Clift

Dr Michael G F Crowe B

Mr Michael J L Hardy

Captain Anthony D Hignett B

Mr Timothy E B Hill B

Mr David J Leonard

Mr Ian H McCorquodale B

Mr John M Owen

Mr Christopher H Peeler

Mr Arnold J Shone B

Mr Anthony M H Simpson

Mr Dursley Stott OBE B

Mr Francis A B Valentine B

Mr Michael D Webb

Dr Barrie Whittaker B


Mr Malcolm D Barton

Mr Edward L Bell B

Mr Terence J Bond

Mr John R Crampton

Mr Hugh W Cross

Mr Brian P Davis B

Mr Michael F Godsal

Mr Hugh Hollinghurst

Captain Charles C B James B

Mr Richard C G Jenyns

Mr John M Leach

Mr Jeremy G A Lyon

Dr Jeremy S Metters

Mr Denis J H Murphy* B

Mr Martin E Payne

Mr David L Pope

Dr Peter E Reynolds* B

Sir Michael K Ridley KCVO B

Mr Richard S G Sale

Mr Michael K Scott B

Mr Anthony W A Spiegelberg


Mr John R Stevens B


Mr Tim K Agerbak


Nick G P Ansell CB, OBE

Dr Angus Armstrong

The Reverend J R P Barker B

Professor Charles G D Brook B

Mr Philip E Carne MBE B

Mr Jim Crossley

Mr Derek W Curtis

Mr David S Fletcher

Mr Colin E Funk

Mr Gordon S Guild MBE

Mr Maxwell G Hebditch CBE

Mr Michael J Knight B

Mr Hugh T MacDermot B

Mr Richard A M Purver B

Mr Peter P Salinson

Professor Heinz F G Schade

Mr John L Skinner B

Professor Neil M Stratford

Mr Robin A F Wight

Mr Robert S Winter

Mr Brian G Woodrow



Dr Julian D Blake

Mr Thomas S Blower

Mr John A S Bristol

Mr Ian Bruce

Mr Graham H Butler

Mr Timothy W H Capon

The Honourable

Sir John Chadwick

Sir James A Cropper KCVO

Mr Christopher J Davison

Mr Martin H T Gairdner

Mr Anthony Goodfellow KStJ

Mr Peter E Hawley

The Right Honourable

the Lord Hothfield

The Right Honourable

Lord Igor Judge PC QC*

Professor David R Jowitt

Mr Edward B Lynch

Mr Richard C M Pumphrey

Mr Edward R Raikes

Mr Oliver F Walker

Dr James M Waller B

The Very Reverend

Michael Yorke †


Mr Giles H T Andrews

Mr Peter C Baker B

Mr Francis Bennett

Dr Piers G R Brendon

Mr Jonathan H M Dudley

Mr Bob Eagle B

Lieutenant-General Sir Robert

J Hayman-Joyce KCB, CBE, DL

Sir Mark S R Heathcote


Mr David G Hemming B

Mr Peter Hunt B

Mr David J Hutton-Squire

Dr Ronald Hyam* B

Mr Clifford W Jolly

Dr Victor E Knight

Mr Peter J Maydon

Mr Michael C Newell

Mr David J Polgreen

Mr H J Campbell Pulley B

Mr Kenneth L Saxby

Professor Robin Spence*

Mr Peter J L Wright



Mr Martin de S

Brackenbury B

Mr Ian J Burton B

Sir David C Clarke

Dr Tony Colman

Mr Clive W Crawford B

Mr Ian B Crockett

Mr John H Davidson B

Mr Robert E Davies B†

Mr Donald M Green

Mr John W Hackman

Dr Victor R Holland

Mr Alan F Nafzger

Mr John P D Pattrick

Mr Peter F C Roden B

Mr Dermot S H Sparrow

Mr David R Steeds

Professor Roger E Thomas

Mr Philip M Vignoles B†

Mr Charles H Vignoles B

Mr Piers E Wilson


Sir William A Blackburne

Mr Peter I A Brodie B

The Reverend John Cole

Mr Alastair P Colquhoun

Mr Patrick Eagar

Mr Colin G C Grant

Mr Robert A Heppenstall B

Dr Peter J Lewis B

Mr Brian N Lock

Mr Lawrie Lowe

Mr Robert Mercer

Sir Brian W Pomeroy CBE

Mr Oliver H Russell

Mr Jonathan B S Sams

Mr Ian L Schmiegelow

Dr Andrew F Sheer

Mr Anton B Shellim

Mr Nigel Slater B

Mr Christopher B Tetlow

Mr Michael G Wadham B


Mr Richard D Bell

Mr Michael R Binyon OBE

Mr Jock Birney B

Mr Ridley M Burnett B

Mr Anthony H Corin

Mr Alan K Cox

Dr Thomas A Cummins

Mr Timothy R Eustace

Mr Patrick W L Findlater

His Honourable

Jeremy D Griggs

Dr Geoffrey H Harper

Mr Andrew P G Holmes B

Mr Timothy C Jones

Dr Frank A Kirk B

Dr Jeremy C Lade

Mr Andrew P Lewis

Sir Peter C Norriss KBE CB

Mr Michael Osborne

Mr Ross S Peters B

Mr Charles F Robinson

Mr Henry J Roche

Mr John F R Saunders

Mr John C F Simpson CBE*

Dr John Tyrrell

Mr Andrew W Walker

Mr Anthony D P Wells-Cole

Mr Anthony M Whittome


Mr Charles A Casement

Mr Graham D Eves

Dr David S Forman*

Professor Richard Francis

Mr Peter H Frank

Mr Christopher J F Gethin

Mr Peter L Graham B

Mr Howard E Green B

Mr Christopher R C Jacques

Mr Christopher J McCullough

Mr Paul W Mitchell

Mr Charles S P Monck

Dr John B Murray

Mr Alistair C Pirie

Mr Timothy J Price

Mr Mark H Wadsworth

Professor Alan Werritty

Mr Giles E F Wright


Mr Allan M Barber MBA

Dr Andrew R Bean

Mr Robert H Blackadder

Mr David J J S Blackie

Mr Bruce G D Blair QC B

Mr Peter H Davidson

Mr Michael J Davis

Dr Michael Edwardes-Ker B

Mr Martin H Flash B

Dr Steve Gregory

Mr Sheena B Hebbar

Emeritus Professor

David R Hemsley

Dr Ian C Lovecy

Dr Duncan L D Mitchell

Mr David C Moss

Mr Giles M Ridley

Dr Kevin O Thompson

Sir Stephen H Waley-Cohen Bt

Dr Keith N Williams

Mr Henry L Wilson


Professor William R Allen CBE

Dr Michael D Beary

Sir Michael C S J Birt

The Reverend

John-Henry Bowden

Mr Julian Cazalet

Colonel Robert Crichton

Lord Flight

Mr Peter R L Friedmann

Mr John B Hardwick

Mr Christopher J P Joubert

Mr Robert A Leivers

Mr Timothy D Llewellyn OBE B

Mr Ian Marshall

Mr Herbert H Maxwell

Mr Roger A Mills

Commander Graham D Pay B

Mr Martin E Pettman

Mr Godfrey S Room

Mr John A Scholfield

Mr Max Skjöldebrand

Dr Robert C Solomon

Mr Paul E Stibbard

Distinguished Professor

Gary F Waller

Mr Michael Warne

Mr Alan P Wright B

Professor George S Yip


Mr John P Battersby B

Sir Nicholas Blake

Magdalene Members

live in


different countries


Professor Roger D Blandford

Mr Edward Bolton

Professor David C Brydges

The Honourable

Mr Justice Burrell

Mr Roger P Cheever

Professor Allan F Colver

Mr Richard J Coward

Dr Julian Dacie

Mr Keith W Faulkner

Mr Jeremy B Greenhalgh B

Dr Geoffrey C Hawtin OBE B

Dr William J Jordan B

Mr Richard H J Kerr-Wilson

Mr Roderick A McFarlane

Mr Paul McNamara B

Mr Nigel H Morley-Smith

Mr Peter J Munday †

Mr Edward J Pybus

Mr William I Walkden

Professor Michael D Wheeler


Mr Julian N R Amey

Sir Paul J J Britton CB CVO

Dr Michael Brooke B

Mr David W Brown

Mr Michael E A Carpenter

Dr Richard D Colman

Dr Adrian J Crisp B

Dr Robin N Goodchild

Mr Christopher J Hamer B

Mr David J Hetherington

Mr Martin J Hooker

Mr Peter A H Hyams

Dr Jonathan M Kertzer

Father Stephen Lambert B

Mr Archie Leslie B

Mr Thomas A


Mr Patrick J E Mocatta

Mr John G Pettit

The Annual Campaign Report 9

Mr Steven G Rae

Mr Michael Read

Mr Stephen J Richards

The Right Honourable the

Lord Ryder of Wensum


Mr John H Sarginson

Dr David A Smith

Mr Sheridan Swallow B

Mr Nicholas W Williams B

Dr Mark Wilson

Mr Perran Ziar


Mr Gordon D Arthur

Mr Chris Babbs

Professor Charles

A M de Bartolome

Dr John A Canti

Dr Harvey Chalmers

Mr Chris I von Christierson* B

Dr Frank R Crantz MD

Mr Peter C Fletcher

Mr Philip W George

Mr Christopher

G C Goodhart

Mr David L Gresham

Mr Alastair R Handcock

Mr Jeremy F Helm

Mr Charles P Helmore B

Dr Robin R Jacobson

Mr Charles A Kaye

Mr David C Kingham

Mr Timothy A Lebus B

Mr Michael E P Lloyd

Mr Rod Marlow

Mr Richard P Parry

Mr Robert A Petty

Mr Thomas J P Ramsden

Mr Richard J Rusbridger

Mr Ananda Sumanadasa

Dr Martyn H B Thomas

Mr Robert I W Upton

Mr Martyn J Waring

Dr Andrew J Watts

Mr Oliver A R Weiss


Dr David W Abecassis B

Dr James B Anderson

Mr Richard D Balme

Mr Freeland Barbour

Mr Mark A Bingley

Mr Jonathan B S Burrell

Mr Michael L Dineen

Dr Nicholas R Dunn

Professor Paul K Edwards

Mr Michael J Estorick

Mr David A Grace

Mr Roger D Hancock

Mr Jeremy M Harding

Mr Terry Hitchcock B

Mr William Holmes

Professor Lawrence M Joseph

Professor Ian H Kunkler B

Mr James A C Lane

Mr Alaisdhair J W MacPhie

Mr John W Marrin QC

Mr Hugo Page QC B

Mr Ian J Prowse B

Mr Geoffrey D Roome B

Mr James Roundell

Professor David E Simpson

Dr Robert J Stockley

Dr Jonathan P Stoye

Mr Philip R Taylor

Mr Richard J R Tomkin B

Mr Neil R Watts B


Mr Charles V Arthur

Mr Simon P Blackmore

The Honourable

David Brigstocke

Mr Anthony R E Brown

Dr Konrad J W Bund

Mr Timothy P B Charge

Mr Giles R M Elliott B

Dr Patrick J Ford

Mr Richard P J Foster

Dr Laurence R Harris

The Honourable

Mr Thomas A Hewlett

Mr Peter G R Howarth

Dr Eric A Huxter

Mr Henry A Jones

Mr Allan W MacKenzie

Mr Rupert Marlow

Mr Peregrine T E Massey B

Dr Richard G Menzies

Mr Max P C Nielsen B

Dr Rory O’Donnell* B

Mr John P H S Scott

His Honour Judge R J Simpkiss

Mr Malcolm J Singer

Mr Eamonn S Vincent

Mr Mark L Walker

Dr David R Williams

Dr Harry Yoxall


Mr Keith N Atkey

The Reverend Tim Barnard

Dr Peter S Baxter

Professor Michael A


Mr Justin J C Coldwell

The Honourable

Andrew Colville

Professor David K C Cooper* B

Mr Timothy Culham

Professor Neil Dalton

Mr Richard M Griffiths

Mr Ethan Hack

Mr David Hardie B

Mr Paul Harrison

Mr Richard T Hudson

Dr Nicholas J Hurd

Mr Nicholas P Kaye

Dr Charles G


Mr Donald I N McKenzie B

Graduands’ Garden Party


Mr Timothy C Monckton B

Mr David J Newman

Mr Frank Nicholson

Mr George E Ramsden †

Mr Clive E H Renton

Dr Nigel J Robson

Mr David R Roodyn B

Mr George R Sandars

Mr Peter E Sydney-Smith

Mr Edward D Towne B

Mr Charles D Whitham †

Mr Michael Wickstead B

Mr Richard D Wintour


Professor Peter Adler

Mr Simon P Cavanagh

Mr Geoffrey I A Chapman

Dr Simon J Davis

Baron Michael E D de Styrcea B

Mr Nicholas D J Eyre

Mr Simon J L Fox

Sir Chris Greenwood


Mr Mark W Hankin B

Mr David J M Hay

Mr Ian D Hutchinson

Dr Mark Kingston B

Mr Richard P Little

Mr Mike McCready

Professor Vincent J

Mifsud OBE TD

Mr John M Miles

Mr Robert B C Ogilvie

Mr Michael D P Parker B

Professor Richard B Peiser

Dr Keith W Ray

Mr Brian A Rivett

Mr Alan C Rusbridger

Mr Jonathan D Shanklin

The Venerable Christopher

J Skilton

Mr Martin R Taylor

Mr Rhoderick P G Voremberg

Mr Stephen M Willis


Mr Stephen G G Aiano

Mr Mark W Allsup

Mr Hugh G Arthur B

Mr Peter Bennett-Jones CBE B

Mr Peter D Bruce

Mr Jeremy D Cotton DL

Mr Mark Crawshay-Williams

Mr Leo Fraser-MacKenzie

Mr Peter J Fudakowski B

Mr John P A Goddard

Mr Julian A Harris

Mr Anthony G Harvey

Mr Bryce L Holland Jr.

The Reverend I Howarth

Mr Stevenson S Kaminer

Mr Oliver R C Larminie

Professor Richard M Levenson

Mr William J Maunder-Taylor

Mr Colin W D McLean

Mr Timothy J Moon

Dr Andy Newman B

Mr Mario V Pampanini B

Mr Luis F Parajon

Mr Andrew M Sheaf B

Mr Paul J Sillis

Mr Richard G Smith

Mr Ben Staveley B

Mr David H Shaw Stewart

Mr Peter R Styles

Mr Boon Seng Tan

Mr Charlie Temple-Richards

Mr Edward D B Way

Dr Charles P Wood


Mr Kimball Bailey B

Professor Jonathan L Brown

Mr John A C Dalrymple

Mr Robert D M Davies

Lord Fitzroy

Dr Anthony J M Garrett

Mr Julian A Gizzi B

Mr Christopher H A

Goodwin B

Mr William M C Grant B

Mr Duncan J S Hill

Mr Matthew G N Kirkbride

Mr Iain A D Low

Mr Stephen W Lowe B

Mr Simon A Mackintosh

Brigadier Andrew C

Mantell OBE

Mr Rupert H Orchard

Mr Christopher C Robinson

Mr William H Salomon

Mr David R Simpson

Mr Christopher J Steane

Mr Christopher J Sugden

Mr Mark J Turvey


Mr Charles J Batten

Mr Richard C M Butler

Professor Nelson K Chen

Mr Joe Darrell

Mr Guy B Davison

Mr Edward M Douglas

Mr George R N Ellis

Mr Thomas R Faire

Mr Matthew K Fosh

Mr Andrew J Hutton

Mr Richard J Miles

Mr Robert Palache

The Reverend

Graham D Phillips

Mr William A G Ramsay

Mr Charles C H Rickett

Mr Tim Rowntree

Mr Martin A F Shenfield B

Mr Christopher P Thorpe

Mr James D Wellesley Wesley B


Mr Philip L G Allen

The Right Reverend

the Bishop of Bedford

Mr Manu Bhaskaran

Mr Robert A Bing

Mr Christopher H Bowen

Mr Geoffrey J Craddock B

Mr Edward Fenton

Dr Anthony J Flinn

Mr James M M Graham

Mr Mark P Hammond

Captain James G Hurst

Mr Timothy J Jackson

Mr David C F Jones DL B

Mr Dave Madden

Mr Francis J McIvor B

Dr Ardal K Powell

Mr Alexander T M Shiel

Mr Robert M Wise

New Donors

151 donors made a gift

for the first time in the

last financial year.

First time donors supporting students may well

qualify for their gifts to be matched under the

University’s Harding Challenge Fund. Please

see the College’s website for more details.


Mr Jonathan D Byrne

Mr William W Darley

Dr Claude E Evans B

Mr Robert L Fenner

Dr Martin D Giles

Mr David E Gill

Mr Adrian J Hogarth

Mr Alan J Hunter

Professor Neil L Kent B

Mr Winston K W Leong

Mr Adrian N V Maconick

Mr Andrew G W Ritchie QC*

Mr Simon P Robert-Tissot

Mr Alistair G Schaff QC

Professor Colin G Steward

The Reverend Charles E Sugden

Mr William G H Thatcher

Dr William F Thom

Mr Henry W Tuck B

Mr David A Watson


Mr Justin Barnard B

Dr Paul C Blake

The Reverend G W Dobbie

Mr Andrew J Edwards

Mr Michael S Furniss

Mr Martin G S Gibson B

Mr Julian E Gorst B

Mr John D Grossart

Mr Linton J Guise B

Mr Michael S Haken

The Reverend

Geoffrey M S J Hoare

Captain James W Johnsen B

The Reverend M A Langham

The Annual Campaign Report 11

Mr Lincoln K K Leong

Mr James D Miller

Mr Tom Milroy

The Honourable

Anthony Monckton

Mr Andrew B Robertson

Mr Michael H Rutledge

The Reverend P J Seddon

Mr Tim Thomas

Mr Christopher J Vermont

Mr Thomas M Walker

Mr Matthew Williams


The Reverend David Busk

Group Captain

Keith Chapman

Mr Denis H Clough

Mr Richard J Coleman B

Mr Lucian H Comoy B

Mr James H Counsell QC

Mr Robert G Davy

Mr Guy C B Hindley

Professor Michael D Hughes

Mr Ian C Kroch

Mr Brian Lancaster

Mr Alastair D K Marshall

The Reverend Dr S A M’Caw

Mr Timothy J McCarron B

Dr Stephen J O’Connor B

Professor Donald M Peebles

Mr Ross G Reason B

Mr Gregory W D Saunders B

The Reverend

Christopher G Spencer

Mr John K Spry B

Mr Patrick Stoner

Mr David F Weatherup B

Mr Philip M Whalley


Mr Mark B Abbott B

Mr Mark P Ansell

Mr Edward A P Benthall B

Mr David W Clayton

Mr Rajen K Dodhia

Mr Jeremy M O Evans

Professor Andrew J Fleming

Mr Lincoln E Frank

Mr Thomas B Holliday

Mr Stephen E H Howard

Dr Anthony J Hudson

Mr Andrew J H Lownie

Mr Oliver J Nicholson

Mr Tim Orchard B

Mr Neale A Powell-Cook

Mr Joseph Smouha QC

Mr Guy N B Varney

Professor Andrew T S Wee

Mr Richard C Williams

Mr Jeremy Withers Green B

Mr James W Woodthorpe


Mr John S Bourdeaux

Mr Robert Chartener* B

Mr Charlie Crole

Mr Alexander F C Darwall

Mr Simon W D Feather

Mr Nigel R Hill B

Mr Chris R Hoyle B

Mr John C Jelley

Mr Anthony G King

Dr Charles J Knight B

Mr Martin Li

Mr Jonathan E Lowe

Dr Paul R Nailor

Dr S Tiong Ong

Dr James D Walker

Mr Graham R Walker B

Mr William J R Wilson

Mr David I Wilson

Mr David H Yeo


Mr Mark R Adamson B

Mr John Auchincloss

Mr Ian P Benton

Mr David G Bloom

Dr Simon K H K H Chan

Dr Jitander S Dudee

Mr Andrew O Fischer

Mr Rory Graham B

Mr Nigel D Hierons

Mr David R Jennings B

Mr Rob Lambert

Dr Christopher J Pieroni

Mr George W Pothecary

Mr Rupert J Preston-Bell

Mr Peter J Pursglove B

Mr Philip C Richardson

Dr Keith M Slevin

Mr Julian G Smyth-Osbourne

Mr Gordon D Sombrowski B

The Reverend

Dr James N Tebbutt

Mr Jonathan L Venn


Dr Christopher H J Bourne

Swinton Hunter MA VetMB,


Mr Richard G Deverell

Mr Paramjit S Gill

Mr Gavin Hastings OBE

Mr Hans-Ulrich M Hoefle

Mr Paul L Jackson

Dr Alex Lin

Mr Malcolm L Pearce B

Mr Lawrence P Rao

Mr Peter J Soer

Mr Ashley Summerfield

Mr Robert I Wainwright

Mr Martin N Woodcock


Mr David E Abberton

Mr Dominic E M Armstrong

Dr Donald F Bur

Dr Marcus Burnham

Mr Ian T Cooper

Mr Andrew C Cross

Mr Paul Drohan B

Dr Hugo E R Ford

Mr Andrew Galloway

Mr Mark J Grainger

Dr Lee J Hartley

Mr Robin M Knowles

Dr Jeffery D Lewins* B†

Mr Aidan P Maguire

Mr Cyrus D Mehta

Dr Charles W R D Moseley B

Mr Gavin M J Pomeroy

Mr Oliver H Rowe

The Reverend A J B Symes

Major-General Robert J

Thomson CBE DSO

Mr Patrick J C Townsend

Mr Mark R Wakeford

Mr James H Woodrow


His Honour Judge Ambrose

Mr Nicholas A Beeson

Mr Jonathan A S Blair

Mr Jeremy C Burrows

Mr Erik H Castenskiold

Mr James P H Entwisle

Mr Tim Gibbons

Dr David J Grainger*

Mr Richard J Hodges

Mr Mark C Howard

Mr Alexander S Justham

Mr Richard O Lucas

Mr Bruce G A Middleton

Mr Richard J Price

Mr Jonathan P Ridgeon

Mr Julian D Rippon


Mr Edward S Sherlock

Dr Julian A S Thompson

Mr Simon J Thompson

Mr Giles P D Toosey

Mr Paul R Treadaway


Mr Paul Bowtell

Mr William S G A Cazalet

Dr Timothy J Child

Mr Alexander J Clarke

Dr Peter A Cunich*

Mr Rory Delaney Esq.

Mr Robbie Feather

Mr Ian D Ferguson

Mr Dominic M Gwillim-David

Mr Russell Heap

Dr Peter F Hill

Dr Jane Hughes*

Dr Richard J Lingard

Mr Martin D MacConnol

Mr Alexander J McLachlan

Mr David W Moore

Mr Mark D Moorman B

Mr Rupert V P Reece

Mr Timothy C D Shanagher

Mr George Shippam

Mr David C B Soanes

Mr James R Stevenson


Mrs Laura C Bayntun-Coward

Mrs Claire D Casimir-Lambert

Mrs Laleh A Dubash

Mr Stewart J Fenton

Mrs Clare J Harvey

Dr Simon J Hickman

Professor Frederick M Hocker*

Professor Rachel P Horn

Dr Philip T Irwin

Mr David T Jeffrey

Dr Philip S Jones B

Mr Jonathan L Midgley

Professor Russell A R Napier

Mr Suhail A Nathani

Dr Gary J Nicholls B

Professor Paul D Paton B

Mr Viv Smetham

Professor Sarah M

Springman CBE* B

Mr David B Sullivan


Mr Paul R Allen

Mr Oliver T Allmand-Smith

Mr Peter D Allwright

Mr Jonathan P Arscott B

Mr Ian E Beaton

Mr James G A Brocklebank

Mr Daniel P Burns

Mr Stuart A Burns

Mr Peter A L Causton B

Mr Mike Elliff

Professor Tim Harper* B

Ms Shani L Hinton

Air Vice Marshal

David A Hobart B

Mr James R Howells QC

Mrs Zoë Y Howells

Mr Richard W Ireland

Mr Simon W Johnson

Mrs Miriam G Langdon

Dr Sheena L McKendrick

Mr Thomas P Miller

Mrs Louise J Moelwyn-Hughes

Mr Thomas T Y Ng

Mr Robin R Ogle

Miss Sasha Orr

Mr Richard T O Osmond

Mr Nicholas S Parker

Mrs Fiona M Severs

Mrs Katherine M Soanes

Ms Susu K Stinton

Mr Martin B Storey

Mr Robert A Sumroy

Ms Jeanette P Thompson

Mr William M Faure Walker


Mr Alastair D G Adam

Mrs Suzanne C Allen

Mr Stuart D Barr B

Ms Naomi A Carry

The Reverend

Matthew P R Dietz

Ms Suzanna L Jemsby

Dr M L Taya Kitiyakara

Mr Jay Marathe

Mrs Justine R McCool

Mr David W McLachlan-Karr

Mrs Miranda R Morad

Mr James A Mullan

Mr Alagappan Murugappan

Mr Richard L Pile

Mr Owen C W Price B

Mr Sean D Ramsden

Professor James R

Raven FBA* B

Mr Max Rumney B

Dr Christopher J P Shell

Mr Bob Skelton* B

Dr Hilary A Snaith

Mr Jonathan F Williams


Mrs Catherine J Baker QC

Mr Graham F Camm

Mrs Diana Coatney B

Mrs Deborah L Cornelius

Dr Mary-Anne Cotton

Colonel Marcus H Evans

Mr Gary R Griffiths

Mr Paul A Horton

Ms Azra Y I Jafferjee

Dr Markus H Kaum

Mr Oliver J F Lewis

Mrs Debra L Lewis

Miss Alex Ranson

Dr Brian G Romanchuk

Mr Constantinos Stephanou

Mr Sudhanshu Swaroop QC

Mr Richard M Walters


Mr Dean J Atkins

Professor Matthew P J Baker

Miss Victoria S D Barber

Ms Elizabeth A Chubb

Mr Nick Clark

Mr John P C Dixon

Ms Claire R J Gourley

Mr Robin C J Hartley

Mr Martin N Haycock

Mrs Amy E M Lim

Dr Michael Lord

Dr Gregory F Maggio

Dr Opher N Mansour

Mr Marshal K McReal B

Mr Ian J Metcalfe

Mrs Dominique S Metcalfe

Mr Ross T Phillips

Mr Peter A E Quantrill

Dr Stefan Schmitz

Mr Amarjit J Singh

Mr Michael Small

Mr Alexis G Stirling

Mr Shawn N Sullivan

The Reverend P J Taylor

Mrs Rachel Walters

Mrs Rachel E Wright

Miss Amy Yau


Mrs Rachael H Bradford

Dr Andrew J Brent

Mrs Claire A Byers

Mr Andrew M Carpenter

Mr Yoon H Chong

The Annual Campaign Report 13

Mr Oliver W R Clayton

Mr Sebastian J Dawson-Bowling

Dr Saeed Hamid-Khani

Mr John J Hammill

Mr Noam D Handler

Major-General D J M Jenkins


Dr Günter M Klatt

Ms Froniga R Lambert

Ms Jessica Lumley

Ms Wendy J Meharg

Mr Robert C Schmults

Mr Pete Staves

Mr Matthew Sturman, OBE B

Dr Robert I Trezona


Mrs Lindsey A Bateman

Mr Daniel Bayfield QC

Miss Fiona C M Dixon B

Mr Richard F Edge

Mrs Jennie C Hartley

Mr Ralph R Jainz

Dr Neil G Jones*

Mr Richard H Khaldi

Mr Dominic J Lee B

Mrs Deborah C Lee

Dr Angus M Muir

Mr Allan J Mulholland

Mr Brian N O’Donovan

Dr Patrick D O’Sullivan

Mr Paulo Silva

Mrs Sarah H Stevens-Cox

Professor Helen H Vendler*

Ms Alexandra J L Wren

Mrs Karen A H Young


Dr Anna V Ahnert

Mr Peter D Coffman

Mr Carlos J Lopez Conlon

Miss Julie A Flower

Mr Anthony J Gerrard

Dr Seo K Goh

Mrs Pei-Theng Goh

Professor Sir John Gurdon*

Dr Alexander F Jeans

Mr Andrew B Kingston

Dr Anne C F Lynch

Dr Richard O S McMillan B

Mr Christopher J Mellor

Mrs Catherine J Mulholland

Ms Mary Napier B

Mr Patrick A Nolan

Dr Rowan O’Neill

Mr Adebayo Osolake

Mr Martin P Shore

Mr Christopher J Warenius

Ms Barbara Yu


The Honourable

Donna M Barnes

Mr Martin Dean

Mr Charles E Fletcher

Dr Gili Greenberg

Dr Iacovos Kareklas

Dr Ping C Koh

Mr David A P Lloyd

Mrs Harriet T Lunney

Mr Christopher A Macbeth

Ms Vikki Madias

Mr Adam K A Mortara B

Mr William G Mulholland

Mrs Rhoda M Mulholland

Mr Qasim H T Nawaz

Ms Annemarie C Pallister

Mr Jonathan F Riley

Dr Amanda C J Treadaway


Mr George Bevis

Mrs Louisa J Boyle

Mr Patrice Clausse

Miss Jessica C Delaney

Mr Rick Limentani

Mrs Pat Marsh*

Mrs Anna Milan

Mrs Jennifer Ngai

Ms Joy A Onikoyi

Dr C C Augur Pearce

Dr Claire P Pritchard

Dr Thomas A J Pritchard

Mrs Aude Valluy-Fitzsimons*

Mr Russell Yeadon


Dr Peter J Abbott

Mrs Agapi Fylaktou B

Mrs Charlotte J Hall

Mr Matthew J T Hoggarth

Mrs Naomi A L M Ladenburg

Mr David A M Lewis

Mr Peter P G MacDonald

Major Ashley Morrell B

Ms Jillian L Raw

Dr Mairi Ryan

Mr Nicholas P T Seddon MBE

Dr Roohi Singh

The Reverend

Dr Andrew E Starkie

Ms Katharine Vigus

Mrs Cerian O S Walsh

Chevalier Dr Rafael H M

de Weryha-Wysoczanski-



Mr Russell E Balkind

Miss Amy K Butler

Mr James M Cork

Miss Lisa Duffin B

Mr Barnaby M Golder

Mr Brendan M Goss

Mr Christopher D Laws

Dr Alan W L Leung

Professor Chris J Lintott

Dr Richard C S H Mason

Mrs Kate Mayne

Dr Tara E Stewart

Mr Luke Webster


Mr Raihan Akhtar

Ms Clemency M G Burton-Hill

Dr Stephanie M Coughlin

Mr Thomas P Cropper

Mr Edward J D Cross B

Miss Sarah E Frith

Mr Edward C Jones

Mr Timothy T C Lee

Dr Donal R McAuliffe

The Reverend Professor

John L Morgan* B

Ms Frances J Munnelly

Mr Thomas E Page

Mrs Catherine M D Plant

Mrs Hannah L Ross B

Mr Alexander P Schultz B

Miss Sarah J Winward

Dr Zhong-Ming Zhang


Mr Joseph M D Ballard

Dr Jenny M Bosten

Mr Matthew L Broadstock

Mr Carlos Ardid Candel

3,035 donations

have been received

in the last

financial year.


Mr Matthew R Coldrick

Ms Julie H Cooke

Dr Edward J Costar

Mrs Catriona Daley

Mr Nicholas F B Daley

Mrs Emma S Fulton

Dr Stefan Halper* B

Mr Wayne A Hanson-Prince

Miss Elizabeth A M Hartnett

Miss Emma Khoo

Ms Charlotte M Morley

Mr James R H Morton

Dr Henry A Nash

Dr Hubert Pham

Dr Andrew S Robertson

Dr Kirsten A Schuetz

Ms Samantha D Strauss

Dr Cornelia J F Thomas

Mrs Mala Thurston

Mrs Victoria C Tibbitts

Miss Tara N Walsh


Mr Matthew J Appleton

Mr Christopher M Ashford

Mr Graeme A Bartlett

Mr Michael W H Conway

Miss Gemma L Donaldson

Mr Thomas Gallard

Dr James S A Glover

Mrs Hannah C James

Mr Jonathan Hellyer Jones*

Mr Peter C Keen

Dr Tahir I Khokhar

Mr Michal Koblas

Dr Daniel K K Lin

Dr Nuno M O Martins

Miss Jennifer C Meech

Dr Andrew C Morley-Smith

Ms Rachel A Reid

Mr Duncan Robinson CBE*

Mrs Emily H W Scott

Mrs Tanne M Shorter

Mr Peter O Smith

Mr Niall C Taylor

Dr Thomas Wilkinson

Ms Claire Tomalin

Dr Anna Wade

Mrs Catherine A Young


Mrs Carly A Carter

Dr Rachel Clifton

Professor Helen Cooper*

Dr Francesca Fulminante

Ms Kate L Grimes

Mr Edward C Gunn

Dr Ross A Hartley

Dr Natasha C Y Ip

Dr Fred Ludlow

Mr Tom Pope

Mr Henry R K Skeoch

Dr Anitha Thillaisundaram


Dr Jeremy Appleyard

Miss Megan J Boot

Ms Sophia Burton

Mr Matthew J S Byford

Mr James W Cherry

Miss Karen Chiu

Mr Robert Cripps*

Miss Amy Gunning

Dr Bertram Kloss

Miss Hannah E Latham

Mr Paul R M Magee

Mr Daniel L Master

Mr Tristan T Matthews

Ms Silke C Mentchen*

Dr William A E Parker

Dr Victoria L Parker

Mr Jai N Patel

Mr Andrew E Pay

Miss Emily V Penn

The Reverend

Mr Michael T E Robinson

HRH Sultan Dr Nazrin Shah*

Mr Liam P Townson

Mr Eric S Yang


Dr Oliver S Caplin

Mrs Jo Dickson

Miss Faye C A Dorey

Dr Jason P Hafler

Dr Bjarki Holm

Dr Miranda C J Malins

Mr Alistair Mills

Mrs Lara Russell-Jones

Mr Frederick C Spaven

Mr Benjamin T Tucker

Mr Peter D Wickham

Dr Tom Wilson

Miss Xiaomin Zhu


Mr Tom Bramall

Miss Julia M Collins

Dr Oliver R Darbyshire

Mrs Catriona Darbyshire

Mr Richard A Fellows B

Mr Graham J Forrest

Miss Jessica L Fuller

Dr Tom A Gibson

Mr Luke J Howard

Mr Ali A Jaffer

Miss Charlotte Jago

Miss Chao Liu

Mrs Suzanna E Lovell

Mrs Amy L O’Brien

Mr Derek O’Brien

Mr Peter P O’Brien

Miss Emily Partridge

Mr Tobi Pearce

Dr Dace Ruklisa

Miss Günel Salih

Mr Matthew E Schabas

Dr Lauri M O Tähtinen

Ms Giverny Tattersfield

Dr Henry J Walton

Dr Mike Zhong


Mrs Cara L T Cooper B

Dr Ewan Gage

Dr Loyd D G

Grossman CBE FSA

Mr Alexander J Küng

Mr Sebastian J Lomas

Mrs Cecile C McKinnon

Dr Kathleen O’Neill

Mr David A Shone

Mr James R Syrett

Miss Helen M Thorpe

Dr Daniel Trocmé-Latter B


Dr Gareth Atkins*

Mr Steven R J Clarke

Dr Hannah M Critchlow*

Dr Robyn H Inglis

Miss Anna K Roberts

Dr Dorothée L Schuessler

Miss Emma J Sheard

The Annual Campaign Report 15


Mr Richard Alam

Ms Ntombikayise Banda

Ms Millie Benson

Dr Cecilia Brassett*

Dr Stuart Breakey

Miss Sarah Chadwick

Mr Christopher Chen

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Dr Molly Dorkin

Professor John Hirsh*

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Dr Emily Parsloe

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Dr Oliver Sanders

Ms Lucy Urwin


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Mr Michael Black

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Mr Oliver Holmes

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Ms Joy Montgomery

Mr Anton Ozornin

Mr Giles Pitts

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Dr Alexander Taylor

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Mr Fred Bromley

Dr Jonny Brown

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Mr Samuel Clinton-Davis

Mr Jack Collier

Miss Olivia C Dalseme-Stubbs

Mr Aidan H Irwin-Singer

Miss Sichu Jiang

Mr Alexander McKinnon

Miss Rosalind Peters

Miss Annie Raff

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Mr Tyson Ruengsuksilp

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Ms Alice S Taylor

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Ms Ali Whiting


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Ms Julia A Sherman

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Miss Laura Kerridge

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Miss Dragana Nikolic

Dr Rowan Williams*


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Miss Lavinia G D Lavizani

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Ms Daphne Martschenko

Miss Leah F Parry

Miss Isabella G Peters

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Miss Anna L H Prescott

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Miss Eimear


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Mr Charles Zhou


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Mr Edward R D Brown

Miss Maria A Cieslak

Mr Louis Elton

Miss Eve A L Hodgson

Miss Jemima A C Holt

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Mr See H H Lau

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Miss Caitlin E Levins

Miss Beatrice A B McCartney

Miss Nia Milenova

Mr Jonathan L Mortlock

Mr Giri Nandakumar

Mr Shaan Patel

Miss Jess A Payne

Mr Matt Rowlands

Miss Eliza C Le Roy-Lewis

Mr Santhosh Saravanavel

Dr Jennifer J Wiseman*

Miss Georgina L E



Mr Nathaniel R F Bernstein

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Mr Tristan Byrne

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Mr Andre F Nieuwoudt

Mr Sharad Pandian

Mrs Amy Tennent*

Miss Keren B Turton

Professor Shixuan Xu*

Mr Cyrus Yazdanpanah


Mr David Fyfe

Professor Harriet Ritvo*

Professor Eva-Maria Thüne*



Ms Melanie Abbott

Mr Nick Adams

Mrs Victoria Amey

Arcadia Fund

John, Sue Barrand & family

Mr Andrew Biglowe

Mr Anthony Black

Ms Elizabeth Blase

Mr Luke Blase

Dr Christopher Bolton

Ms Moira Boughtwood

Mr Kevin Bradshaw

Mr John Braybrook

Dr Paul T T Brettell

The Bridges Family

Mrs Lorna Brown B

Val A Browning Foundation

Mrs Kate Chartener

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Mrs Gina Coleman

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Cripps Foundation

Dean Brothers

Dr Ulrich Desselberger

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Hancock Foundation

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Worshipful Company

of Marketors

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Mocatta Charitable Trust

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Norton Rose Fulbright

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Mrs Frances A Phillips B

Miss Sophie Polisena

Mrs Lucy Poole

Professor Paul Raithby

The Edward Ramsden

Charitable Trust

Mr Joe Raywood

Dr Jackie Reddington

Mrs Deborah Regal

Mrs Carol A Richards

Mrs Lisa Robinson

Mr Rodney Roby

Mr Sam W Roby

Mr Tom Rogers


Mrs Samantha Sanders

Mr Mark Shelton

Dr Thomas Smith

Standard Bank

Miss Ellis L R Stratton

Mr Chris Thompson

Mr Matthew Thompson

Trinity Episcopal Church

Mrs Lucy Vignoles B†

The Village Surgery, Formby

Dr Alan J Walton B

Dr Alicia K Weisberg-Roberts

Mr Rupert Wilkey B

Dr Lui Che Woo

Mrs Sarah Woodrow

Mrs Jane Ziar

Whilst we do our very best

to ensure that these lists are

accurate we apologise if a

name has been omitted.

RxCelerator, the new Women’s VIII, purchased thanks to the generosity of David Grainger (1986) and named in honour of the club’s

new sponsors, RxCelerate.

The Annual Campaign Report 17

The Impact of the Campaign

We are delighted to report that the impact of the Future Foundations Campaign is already

being felt just two and half years in. Thanks to your donations we have not only started

work on the new Library building but are already planning the official opening.

Due to your continued generosity and engagement

we keep growing the numbers of bursary

recipients at Magdalene and we have spent more

money on the ongoing maintenance and improvement of

our historic estate. We have funded additional summer

research bursaries open to all undergraduates who need

funding to undertake additional research during the long

vacation, wish to travel in support of their studies or

volunteer with charitable organisations both at home and

abroad. We fund an increasing number of medical electives

and are able to help a number of our PhD students with

funding to cover their maintenance costs for a few months

whilst they complete writing up their research as their

funding often comes to an end after three years. The

College’s Student Hardship Fund, available for applications

from students who encounter financial difficulties because

of sudden changes in their circumstances, has grown since

the inception of the Campaign and we are able to do more

because of your help and support.

The Campaign has already made a significant difference to our students. Here some of our students and

Members share their views on how the Campaign has affected them:

James, 2015

Thinking back over my time at Magdalene, the

overwhelming feeling I have is that of gratitude. The people

I have met, the opportunities which have been available to

me, the teaching and guidance I have been given and the

experiences I have had have been life changing, in the most

literal sense of the phrase. My time here has easily been the

best of my life so far, and I could not be happier with how

my university experience has been. I am so thankful to you

for your support – it is a huge part of the reason why I have

been able to enjoy the past four years so much, and I will

always be grateful for the contribution you have made to

my time at Magdalene.

Matthew, 2016

The backing you have provided has allowed me to

become involved in Cambridge life on both a College

and University level. Membership of the University Law

Society has allowed me to become both more involved

with others studying law as well as allowing me to become

more involved with the society itself, for example through

obtaining a senior position on the University Mooting

Committee. Attendance to this year’s Magdalene May Ball

would also have been a very unlikely prospect without the

support you have provided and missing the biggest college

event of the year would have been severely disheartening.

The Ball marked the perfect end to a delightful three years

at Magdalene, it was honestly a night I will not forget for

years to come.

Current 2nd Year Student

There are many reasons as to why I am so thankful to

have received the bursary; it has allowed me to enjoy

my time at Cambridge so far to its fullest extent and, to


be entirely honest, I would not be able to attend

Cambridge without it. The bursary has enabled me

to engage with my studies at the same level as my

peers; when I first arrived at Cambridge in Michaelmas

I had a very old and slow laptop that wasn’t efficient

to take to lectures, and so I attempted to take notes

by hand in my first lectures but couldn’t keep up

with everyone else typing. Thanks to the bursary I

was able to buy a new laptop for my work which

has been invaluable over the past year; I honestly

don’t see how I would have done all of my work

without it and so, to this end, the assistance that

the bursary has offered has been immeasurable.

Current 3rd Year Student

The bursary has helped me ten-fold by aiding me in my

purchase of a small 3D printer and my own soldering

station and electronics kits (breadboards, Arduino etc.)

which I used to complete some electronic projects

over the summer which enabled me to become more

competent with a range of electronics. Further to this,

I also wanted to broaden my knowledge on coding,

thus the bursary has facilitated me to enrol myself

on certain online courses in coding languages and in

coding behind games. Hopefully, this will put me in a

good position for an internship next year.

Katie, 2018

This year at Magdalene has been a fantastic and formative

experience; one which I am sure will stay with me for many

years to come. Without the generosity of the bursary that

I have received, I certainly would have struggled financially

throughout the year, as my family are unable to fund any

part of university life. I am exceedingly grateful for the help

that I have received this year, the bursary has helped me

enjoy and get the best out of my first year in Cambridge.

From our donors:

Alex Schultz, 2000

Magdalene looked after me really well, I made lifelong

friends and I still feel welcome and at home whenever

I return. I was eligible for a bursary to attend and it

made a huge difference. Now I have been lucky enough

to earn enough resources to give that opportunity to

other people and so I’m happy and excited to do so.

Cornelia Thomas, 2001

Studying at Magdalene was a wonderful experience

and I would like any capable student to have the

opportunity to experience life at Magdalene regardless

of their financial circumstances.

One of the goals of the Future Foundations

campaign is to be able to provide more financial support

to our students and we are dedicated to raising funds to

support every undergraduate in need of help.

The Magdalene undergraduate bursary scheme was

introduced by the College in 2012 and operates in

conjunction with the Cambridge Bursary Scheme. This

enables us to ensure that every eligible undergraduate

student can receive up to £5,000 per year to top up their

student loan, thereby covering their day-to-day expenses

at Cambridge. The enhanced bursary, for those students

who receive the maximum award from the Cambridge

Bursary Scheme, was awarded to 43 undergraduates, with

a further 24 first year undergraduates assisted through an

additional pilot scheme run in conjunction with a number

of other Colleges.

The Annual Campaign Report 19

The New Library Building

When the College decided to embark on a fundraising campaign to raise money to provide

the best possible facilities to enable our students to achieve their full potential during

their time at Magdalene, it quickly became clear that we needed a new library.

Many of our students

felt that our library

provision was

insufficient for their needs. Indeed,

the library was one Cambridge’s

smallest library collections and

the amount of study spaces were

in short supply. The New Library

Building, a state-of-the-art facility,

will provide significantly more

distraction free work spaces in a light

and airy building, with ample space

for the library’s collection to grow.

The new library is growing at a

remarkable rate and – dry weather

permitting – we aim to have the

building water tight by Christmas.

The building work is due to finish

in June next year and the internal

finishes will be done over the summer

with the move of the existing College

Library anticipated in August 2020.

We plan to open it officially on 26

September 2020 just before the

freshers arrive for Michaelmas term.

Hundreds of Magdalene Members

have contributed to the new building,

two of whom have shared their

motivation for making a gift:

Giles Andrews, 1960

A new library was urgently needed

particularly with the rise of the

College up the University academic

league table! The previous facility was

very limited, and a newly spacious

Pepys Library can bring great benefits

in its own right.

Andrew Fischer, 1983

Going to Magdalene was a lifechanging

experience for me. The

academics, sporting, social and

other opportunities that the College

provided to me were extraordinary.

On one extreme, in tutorials there

was no place to hide (two students to

one tutor) and on the other, the rugby

and rowing were challenging and great

fun. On another dimension, I was

able to take my future wife to a fully

candle-lit Hall. It has been a joy to be

able to give something back, especially

for a fabulous building that the College

has always desperately needed.

Please see across the page for how you

can ensure your invitation to the grand

opening of the New College Library.


Donations to support

Future Foundations can be made until

the end of the Campaign in 2022.

All those who give over £1,000 in

total (including Gift Aid) during

the Campaign will be included on

the Wall of Benefactors in the new

Library Building. Please sign up to

support the Campaign by March

2020 in order to secure your place

on the Wall of Benefactors, see

page 22 for further details on how

to support Future Foundations.

A Lasting Legacy – The Buckingham Society

We are truly grateful to those of our

Members and Friends who choose to include Magdalene

in their will. Indeed, we have been fortunate enough

to receive almost £2.7 million in bequests in the last

three years alone including a large bequest which has

contributed to the new building. Many Members have

chosen to secure the future of the College by making

arrangements to leave a legacy during the Future

Foundations Campaign, which is appreciated.

The Buckingham Society was established to thank those

Members and Friends who have included Magdalene in

their will. The annual luncheon is always held on the first

Saturday of June and the next one will be on 6 June 2020.

The Annual Campaign Report 21

Supporting Future Foundations

Every gift, large and small, will make a difference to the success of the Future

Foundations Campaign. There are many ways you can support the College,

details of which can be found online at

UK Taxpayers

If you are a UK taxpayer, every £1000 you donate through Gift Aid is worth £1250 to Magdalene, the difference is

paid by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) at no extra cost to you.

If you pay tax at the higher or additional rate you can claim the difference between the rate you pay and the basic

rate on your donation, either by filing a self-assessment tax return or by asking HMRC to amend your tax code.

For example:

Net Donation to


Gift Aid Amount

Cost to the


(after tax reclaim)

What the

College Receives

Standard Rate Taxpayer £1000 £1250 £1000 £1250

Higher Rate Taxpayer (40%) £1000 £1250 £750 £1250

Highest Rate Taxpayer (45%) £1000 £1250 £687.50 £1250

US Taxpayers

US taxpayers can make tax efficient gifts via The Magdalene

College Foundation (MCF) which is a 501(c)3 organisation.

The Alumni and Development Office is the administrative

office of the MCF.

Gifts made by US taxpayers to the MCF are tax-deductible

to the extent allowed by law and a tax receipt in a form

acceptable to the Internal Revenue Service will be issued

for every donation received.

Cheques are to be made payable to ‘The Magdalene

College Foundation’, and sent to: The Magdalene College

Foundation c/o Goulet, Salvidio & Associates, PC,

324 Grove Street, Worcester, MA 01605

Canadian Taxpayers

The University of Cambridge will issue donation receipts

that are accepted by the Canada Revenue Agency for tax

purposes on behalf of Magdalene.

Cheques are to be made payable to ‘Magdalene College

Cambridge’, and sent to: Alumni & Development Office,

Magdalene College, Cambridge, CB3 0AG

If you would like more information or to discuss your gift in confidence please contact the Development Office

by telephone +44 (0)1223 764410 or by email

Alternatively, please complete and return the slip below and someone will be in contact with you.



(if relevant)

Please contact me at the following telephone number/address:


Forthcoming Events

18 January 2020

Medical Society Dinner

28 January 2020

Magdalene in London (MiL)

event at Mercers’ Hall

24 February 2020

Magdalene Dinner in Washington DC

25 February 2020

Magdalene Dinner in Boston

6 March 2020

Magdalene event in Amsterdam

19 March 2020

Magdalene Drinks in Hong Kong

3 April 2020

Reunion Dinner (1960–1963)

18 April 2020

Edinburgh Dinner

25 April 2020

History Dinner

2 May 2020

Reunion Lunch (up to 1957)

16 May 2020

MA Day for 2013 Matriculands

6 June 2020

Buckingham Society Lunch

3 July 2020

Farewell Dinner for Lord and

Lady Williams at Mercers’ Hall

18 September 2020

Reunion Dinner 1964–1967

25 September 2020

Reunion Dinner 1968–1971

26 September 2020

Grand Opening of the new Library

The Annual Campaign Report 23

Magdalene College Alumni & Development Office, T: 01223 332104 E:


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