A Guide to Make Your Fez City Tour a Prosperous Travel Experience


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Morocco is well known for its historic imperial cities. Fez is the oldest and

the most impressive one among. The old town or medina is classified as a

UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the oldest university in the

world. It has earned itself a reputation as Morocco’s capital on several

different occasions, an important center of trade and learning. It is also

famed for its myriad medieval streets; a wonderland of vibrant color,

sound, scent, and much more awaits vacationers from around the world.


How to Get There

You have several options to get to Fez. You can use train travel as it is reliable and safe in

Morocco, and the stations are well connected to many of the country’s biggest cities, including

Tangier, Marrakesh, Casablanca, and Rabat. Alternatively, you can use long-distance bus

companies that offer a cheaper way to travel between Morocco’s leading destinations. The city

also has Fès–Saïs Airport (FEZ) facilitates you arrive by air. The best way to explore Fez after your

arrival is on foot as no vehicles are permitted to move within the medina. However, you can

employ the services of a petit-taxi(the small red cars) to move from one place to another.


Chaouwara Tanneries: The oldest and largest of the traditional tanneries in Fez’s is the

Chaouwara Tannery. It is Fez. It is famous for its classic leather production methods since

medieval times. Here, skins are cured in vast vats filled with archaic ingredients (including

cow urine, quicklime. turmeric, poppy, mint, and indigo, and pigeon feces), and then laid out

to dry in the sunshine. The smell of ammonia and rawhide can be overwhelming, but the

sight of the multi-colored vats filled with dye in the central courtyard should not be missed.

Have a glimpse of the colorful leather shops built into the surrounding walls for a bird’s-eye

view of the action in the morning. The rainbow colors of the traditional dye vats are worth

capturing some memorable photos in the morning.


Borj Nord is a fortress built in 1582 as part of the walled fortifications boasts an essential

point of attraction that depicts the splendid city views. It also homes to a unique museum

that includes an extensive collection of some of the fascinating weapons used in past wars. It

gives an essential insight into Morocco’s military history as well. There are over 5,000

weapons on display, spanning a range of periods. It includes everything from jewelencrusted

daggers to the 12-ton cannon used in the 16th-century Battle of the Three Kings.


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