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50 years of


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Dental students changeyounglives

By Linda Clarke

Two young Ashburton women

have been helping change

lives and the dental hygiene

habits of hundreds of povertystricken

children in


Ruby Wills and Albertene

Hefford, both 22, have just

completed the fourth of five

years training at Otago

University to become dentists.

They put their skills to work

recently by volunteering to

treat youngsters in

Cambodia’s capital city,

Phnom Penh, where dental

care is not free for children.

The work was

heartbreaking and took an

emotional toll on the women,

but they say that the volunteer

dental programme is slowly

changing the habits of young


Ruby, who is also president

of the New Zealand Dental

Students Association, said the

mobile clinic was set up in a

school hall and equipment was

basic, with electric drills run

from generators.

Around 200 children,

mostly between the ages of six

and 12, were treated in the

week­long clinic.

She said many presented

with serious decay and she was

one of five volunteer dentists

from Otago treating, filling or

extracting teeth. Some

children had teeth that had

decayed down to the root

stump, which would have been

very painful.

Cambodian dental students

assisted in the clinic, often

interpreting for the Kiwis.

The volunteer work was

organised by One2One, which

offers health programmes in

developing countries.

Ruby and Albertene, who

both went to Ashburton

College, saved at least $2000

each over the past two years so

they could be part of the

volunteer team.

In exchange, they had alifechanging

experience, working

seven hours aday, in 30

degree heat, wearing masks

and gloves.

In Cambodia, alocal dentist

first screened the children

who then proceeded down a

treatment line with notes

about recommended work,

which ranged from fluoride

treatments and sealant for

permanent teeth to basic

fillings and extractions.

Ruby said poor oral

hygiene, alot of sugary food

and alack of education

resulted in some heartbreaking

situations, but the

children were brave.

All were sent away with a

toothbrush, toothpaste and

instructions on how to clean

their teeth.

Apositive was that some

children who had been treated

at an earlier clinic showed

improved oral health, she said.

‘‘You could see

improvement and could tell

some had avoided further

issues due to the education

and the work. The idea is that

we are helping them for now

and setting them up for the


Ruby said the experience

was also about helping the

student dentists better

understand patient behaviour;

they hope to do more

charitable work in New

Zealand when they graduate.

‘‘Confidence, smiling and

eating ... that is huge.’’

In their final year in 2020,

the two women will do 24

hours aweek clinical work, a

lot of it charitable, in Dunedin

as well as afive­week


Albertene is heading to

Gisborne for her placement

while Ruby is off to Tonga.

Ruby said it was important

for graduating dentists to

know as much about the

cultural backgrounds of their

patients and barriers for

maintaining good oral health.

‘‘We do alot of dentistry

and gain more knowledge

about different cultures here

in New Zealand so we can

better treat people.’’

Photo: Ashburton dental

students Albertene

Hefford, front, and Ruby

Wills work on young

patients in Cambodia.

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Page 2, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

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Build customers,

sales and profits

with us ...

Vehicle testing to resume

at South Street location

Over 16,065

copies delivered to


RD and lifestyle

blocks in



Linda Clarke


308 7664



Mick Jensen


Toni Williams



Jann Thompson

Sales Manager

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Sales Account Manager

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199 Burnett Street,Ashburton



By Mick Jensen

Abuilding on South Street that

has offered vehicle warranting

and compliance services for the

last five decades, but has been

closed for the last three years, is

set to reopen.

Latterly used by VTNZ, the

site was opened in 1968 by the

Ministry of Transport (MOT)

for warranting purposes.

The first car tested through it

was the Hillman owned by

then­Ashburton mayor, Jock


The Ashburton testing station

was the 36th in the country

to open at the time and the

testing fee was 70 cents.

Vehicle inspector Ian Camp

took over the operation when

MOT stepped away in 1989 and

he established Ashburton

Vehicle Testing with his partner

Warren Ramsay, which he

ran for anumber of years.

The site has continued to

offer vehicle testing and compliance

services under various

names since, including On­

Road and VTNZ.

Mechanic and vehicle inspector

Florin Orlandea has now

leased the building and will

continue the vehicle warranting

tradition, bringing with him

three other former VTNZ staff


Mr Orlandea, who once

worked in the building, is leasing

it from owner Ashburton

council, which has earthquake

strengthened it in recent years.

Mr Orlandea said the site

had a long history of vehicle

compliance, was well­located

and was familiar to many

vehicle owners.

His business, Canterbury

Vehicle Compliance, would

issue certificate of fitness for

trucks, buses and rentals, warrants

for vehicles up to 3.5

tonnes and registrations for

imported and lapsed vehicles.

‘‘The opportunity has presented

itself to me, I’ve taken

the plunge, and it’s exciting

times ahead.

‘‘The building shell has been

refitted extensively and the

inspection pit has been

designed to my specifications.’’

Mr Orlandea said he was

passionate about motor engines

and had been amechanic for 30


‘‘I had avision of returning to

this building around four years

ago, and now’s it’s areality, and

I can’t wait to open to the


The South Street testing station

will open on January 3and

customers will access services

from the rear, instead of the

front. The rear access had

plenty of space for queuing and

parking and was a better

option, said Mr Orlandea.

Canterbury Vehicle Compliance owner Florin Orlandea in

the new inspection pit area of the South Street vehicle

testing building.

The South Street vehicle testing building.

Fundraiser to support Samoa

By Linda Clarke

Ashburton’s Samoan community

is putting on asumptuous barbecue

feast this Saturday to raise

funds to help support friends and

family affected by the measles

epidemic in their home country.

And Mid Canterbury people

are being encouraged to bring

their hearty appetites to the

Ashburton Farmers Market to

play their part.

One of the organisers, Kirsty

Naish, said the local Samoan

community had been affected by

the health crisis and most had

family there. Some had cancelled

trips home this summer

for fear their youngsters would

catch the disease.

More than 70 people have

died and about 5000 cases of

measles reported on the island.

Vaccination rates were low but

the Samoan government has

rolled out acampaign to mass

immunise as many people as


Kirsty, an accountant, has

close ties to Samoa and supports

the vaccination drive. She spent

two years working there as a

financial analyst and helping

Samoan small businesses before

returning home to Ashburton

with her Samoan partner Tryone


She said measles had hammered

the island community and

devastated families. ‘‘It is one of

the most avoidable diseases in

the world, so it’s really hard to


She and three Samoan friends

in Ashburton ­ Hedy Kasiano,

Jacinta Netzler and Rasela Sa ­

decided they wanted to show

support and raise funds for two

organisations on the ground

there doing good work.

‘‘People are sending money

home to families and we thought

it would be great to do something

from Ashburton.’’

Money raised here will go to

Helping Hands Samoa, which is

working with families who have

loved ones with measles in hospital,

and Samoan Victim Support,

which is working with those

who have lost family members to

Kirsty Naish, seated front left, when she was working in Samoa.

the disease.

The fundraiser on December

21 will be Samoan style. There

will be amountain of barbecued

meat, home baking and music.

Tyrone, amusician who opened

the Ashburton District Council’s

Light up the Night festival, will


There will also be acolouring

table for children, who can write

messages of love and support for

children in Samoa.

The farmers’ market has given

the group two stalls for the

fundraiser, which will run from

9am until 12.30pm.

Those who can’t get to the

barbecue but want to help with a

donation can put money into a

bank account organised by

Kirsty. The account is in the

name of KM Naish and the

account number is

06­0837­0216890­05 (please use

your name as reference).

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 3

Scott’s new ‘Shorty’ doctor

By Linda Clarke

Shortland Streetfans rejoice. There is a

chance youmight spotnew doctorMarty

Walker aroundMid Canterbury overthe


Pendarves­raised andAshburton

College­educated Scott Smart playsDr

Walker and he is hoping to visitparents

Averil and Ross at thefamily farm.The

long­runningtelevisionseries takesa

breakfrom thescreen after tonight’s

traditional Christmascliffhanger; it is

New Zealand’s most­watched drama and

has beenrunning for 27 years.

Mr Smart,who also appearedon

Shortland Streetasastudent adecade

ago,said he waspackinguphis Sydney

house to return to New Zealand.

‘‘I would love to get backhometoMid

Canterbury at some point overthe festive

season. If not before Christmasthen

hopefully early in the New Year to visit

the family.

‘‘I mostly remember thefreedomand

the space of thefarm when Iwas growing

up, andthe differentjobsthat come with

eachseason ... lambing, roguing, harvest

and all theusualthings.’’

‘‘I was lucky enough to get back to do

harvest earlierthisyear withmyparents.

I’m not always abletobut Ilike being able

to help out whenIcan.’’

Mr Smart is alsohopingtovisitAkaroa,

which he describes as oneofhis favourite

placesinNew Zealand.

‘‘I’m enjoying being back in New

Zealand,withthe fresh air andwith

naturesoclose to thecity, like Karekare

and Piha, andbeingcloser to family.

Aucklandisn’t necessarily home yet,but

it’scertainly closertohomethan I’ve

beeninawhile, whichisgreat.’’

The actor said his new jobonShortland

Streetwas all­consuming and his writing

Mid Canterbury-raised Scott Smart plays Dr Marty Walker in Shortland Street.

wouldgoonthebackburner for awhile.

‘‘I’menjoying committing to Shortland

Street and being busy as part of the family

there. The writers andstory­liners do a

greatjob of developing and connecting so

many different charactersand stories,

andI’m learning alot aboutTVstructure

andwriting just from readingtheir


Hisisenjoying playing Dr Walker.

‘‘Ithink thewritershave doneagreat

job with Marty.Ilikethathe’san

outsider,and ahardworkerand keeps

himself at adistance.He’sprivate,soalot

of hisactionsare misread or

misinterpreted by the other characters,

whichIfind interesting, andmost of his

conflict comes outofhis investmentinhis

work and hiscarefor his patients, which

is great to explore.’’

Fans can expect to learn alot more

aboutthe new doctor in the new year.

Christmas lights

Methven identity Frank

Sandys is keeping the spirit

of Christmas alive, decorating

his house again with

festive lights and decorations.

His home, at 143 Hobbs

Road in Methven, has been

three­quarters covered with

an extensive array of Christmas


Last time hedecorated

his house, it took five weeks

to set up in non­ideal

conditions, but this time,

with better weather and

better health, he has

enjoyed doing it.

Among his many decorations

he has aspecial emergency

services theme for

people to see, which

includes an inflatable fire


And he is expecting a

special visitor inabig red

suit to turn up, in the

emergency services display,

on Christmas Eve.

Any donations left by

Night market

people will be given to the

Methven Volunteer Fire

Brigade for their restoration

project on aSeries

One Land Rover, similar to

historical fire vehicles used

by the brigade, which was

donated by the Moore


Once up and running the

Land Rover will be on


Mr Sandys said the lights,

which were lit up last night

for the first time, will be

best viewed from around

9pm ­9.30pm until 12.30am

each night through until

Boxing Day (December


To help spread the

Christmas cheer, Beckleys

Coachlines is offering afree

Christmas Lights Tour

around Ashburton on Saturday,

December 21. The

bus will leave from the

West Street car park, in

Ashburton at 8.15pm. To

register phone 3087646.

Ashburton District Farmer’s

Market will host a

night market in Tinwald

on December 23.

Signed off Wilkins

Road, the event runs from

4pm until 7pm and will

feature a range of fresh

Christmas goodies.

On offer will be aselection

that includes

potatoes, other vegetables,

berries, baking,

flowers, cheese and preserves.

Stallholders will also be

selling whitebait, honey,

lollies, ice cream wine and

other items.

There is aalso alucky

shopper prize draw and

entertainment from the

Ashburton Pipe Band and

entertainer Vicki Smith.



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Page 4, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019


in for board

A nomination for the

Methven Community

Board vacancy has been


Peter Garde, aresident

of Methven, has been

nominated byRon Smith

and David Nesbit.

Both nominators are

electors in the Methven

Community Board area.

A by­election for the

fifth seat on the board is

needed because just four

nominations were

Water update

Methven Community

Board (MCB) members

had an opportunity to

discuss waster and

wastewater with staff

from Ashburton District

Council at aworkshop in


Additional water

quality monitoring has

TheAddams Family

bookings ph 307 1230


received at October’s

local government elections.

Nominations are open

until noon on December

23 and forms can be found

on the Ashburton council


If more than one nomination

is received, an

election will be conducted

by postal voting under the

First Past the Post electoral

system, with polling

day set February 18.

been completed for the

Methven supply and an

engineering report on

upgrade optionsfor the

water supply treatment

system is being finalised.

The workshop featured

aformal presentation and

information update for

board members.

Reviewed by Rowena Hart

Here’s an animated version of this crazy


Geared moretowards the younger kids.

Thereisanew subdivision of 50 new houses

going up around the Addams mansion.They

refuse to spruce uptheir gothic eyesore so

the narrow-minded townspeople forge a

campaigntoforce them into it.

While their parents go to war, the kids have

their ownideas and nothing goes to plan.

All the chaos leads up to aheart-warming

ending. The movie, which is essentially

about resisting the pressure toconform or

change yourself, has a storyline stitched

together from adozenfamily movies you’ve

probably already seen.

But it’s TheAddams Family so it is different!




Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Caring is the name of our game

The end of the year is agreat

chance for reflection ... after the

Christmas work do, the final

deadlineand celebratory pink

gin, and after the family gettogether,

whereyou stuff

yourselffull of food and shed a

quiet tear for those who are


Therewill be thingsto

celebrate, thingstomourn and

things you wish you had the

chance to do over again. Then

there’s the chance to look ahead,

hope for more of the same or

different outcomes.

The Ashburton Courier has

been lucky to be privy to many

milestone moments in the life of

this district and its people.

Courier comment

We have been lucky to tell the

stories of those people and share

their achievements and

adventures. Their stories are

inspirational, sometimeshappy,

sometimes sad, and reflect life in

our neck of the woods.

Many of our stories are about

people doing good for others,

people who have spent years

workingquietly in the

background to make sure stuff

gets done.

Today’s edition is atrue

reflection of that caringattitude.

The young university dental

students who paid their own way

to Cambodia to treat poor kids,

the local Samoan community

raising funds for friends and

family devastated by the measles

epidemic back home, Mr

Basketball Wayne Rodgers who

hasspent years helping

youngsters play the game, fire

chief Alan Burgess who has

missed many hours of sleep and

no doubt importantfamily

gatherings to deal with fire and

car crashes and Margaret

Pearce, who sends compassionto

cancer sufferers through her

hand­made quilts.

Our community is filled with

people who care. We are lucky.

Many families, mine included,

will be missing key people this

Christmas. We like to think

Mum still has ahand in some

things that go on, like that tiny

screw that falls out and can’t be

found... until you try again the

next day and there it is. Mum was

always the finder.

Importantly, we have the

opportunity to look forward. In

New Zealand at least,wecan set

our own agenda without too

much political interference,

speak our own mindsand allow

ourselves to be hopeful.

What positive plans will you


­Linda Clarke

Christmas cheer forfarmers

Members of the Mid Canterbury

Federation of Women’s

Institutes (WI) have been been

baking Christmas treats for some

of the district’s Mycoplasma

bovis (Mbovis) affected farming


The WI members, many who

are from rural communities or

still working in the rural community,

wanted to support other

women and their families being

affected by the cattle disease. It

was achance to let them know

they had not been forgotten.

Mid Canterbury Federation of

WIs president Mavis Wilkins

said farmers dealing with Mbovis

still needed community support

or ahelping hand. And it was the

time of year when some extra

cheer was needed.

‘‘Quite afew in the WIs have

come off farms and know what

hard times are like, we wanted

them to know they’re not forgotten,’’

she said.

Among the treats were some

home­made Christmas cakes,

rum balls and biscuits, as well as

store­bought candy canes and


The items would be given to

Mid Canterbury Rural Support

Trust team members to distribute.

Above: Mid Canterbury Federation

of Women’s Institutes

members, from left, Jude

Vaughan, Denise Clark, Mavis

Wilkins and Jeanette Cuthbertson

want to give farming families

dealing with Mbovis abit of

Christmas cheer.

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Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 5



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Page 6, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019























Ross Paul John

211 Burnett Street,Ashburton 03307 6443

OPEN: Monday-Friday8:30am -5:30pm; Saturday 9am -1:00pm



Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Dishing it up

at Christmas

Volunteer of the month -Dan Lysaght

WhenDan Lysaghtis

askedwhat he’s doingfor

Christmas lunch, he

cheekily sayshe’s cooking

for afew of his closest

friends –all 140 of them.

Danisthe main course

cook at the Ashburton

Community Christmas

Lunchand this month’s

Volunteering Mid &

SouthCanterburyand the


Volunteer of the Month.

Forseveral years now

Dan has been involved in

the Community

Christmas Lunch,

volunteering to cook and

oversee themain course

of ham,lamb, beef and

turkey, with vegetables

and condiments.

He is veryquickto

pointout it’s ateam effort

with lots of great

volunteersgiving their

time to set up and

decorate the hall,prepare

the vegetables, carve the

meat, serve, clean up,

host eachtable and

transport people to, and

from,the lunch.

WhileDan takes care

of the main course,

another groupisseeing to

the desserts. And given

he is in the catering

business, Dan has the

skills and equipment to

ensure the whole process

of puttingonthe lunchis

done with precision.

Butheisthankful for

the leadership of Anne

Allott and her family,

Brentand Ross,and the

team around them which

help make the Christmas

lunch successful.

There are volunteers

who turn up each year to

help and thereisarole

for everyone who wants

to volunteer, he says.

Rare 4WD chance

By Linda Clarke

Fans of the Mid Canterbury high

country will have arare opportunity to

be part of a4WD convoy from the Stour

River to Lake Heron next month.

The January 25 safari is afundraiser

for the Mt Somers Walkway Society,

which looks after anetwork of popular

walking tracks in the foothills.

Society spokesman David Howden

said the tracks were ahit with tourists

recently when their travel plans were

disrupted by the closure of bridges over

the Rangitata River.

He counted 34 vehicles in one of the

carparks set aside for walkers, trampers

and climbers on the Mt Somers track.

Hundreds of people were on the tracks,

in perfect weather, and many of the

visitors were from overseas.

The safari is being co­ordinated by the

Ashburton 4WD Club and is opened to

vehicles with a high clearance only,

because of the nature of the terrain to be


Entry is$80 per vehicle.

Mr Howden said the safari was only

held every three years, to reduce the

impact of vehicles on the pristine

The lunchiswell


communitywith many


andindividuals donating

goods, equipmentand


Afterthe community

lunch, Dangoes hometo

have Christmas ­and his

birthday ­with his family

andtoenjoy ameal he

hasn’thad to prepare.

Dan chooses to be at

the Tinwald Hall at 7am

on Christmas Day to

preparelunch for others

because he wants to give

back to the community

andhaving ashared

community Christmas

lunch meanspeople

aren’t aloneonChristmas


“I want to give back to

the community whohave

supported us and our

business, Iwant to give to


‘‘I get such abuzzout

of it and to see the smiles

on people’s facesmakesit

all worthwhile,’’ he says.

Dan is aman of many

talents. Whenhe isn’t


running his business he

can be found volunteering

at the AshburtonAviation

Museum oneafternoona

week or playing the

keyboard atalocal resthome.

He says hegets as

much out of volunteering

as he puts in.

Volunteering Mid &

South Canterbury

appreciates all the

wonderfulvolunteers in

our community. Thank

you to those who

volunteer over Christmas

and the holidays.

We wish you all the best

for 2020 and look forward

to getting more

nominationsfor the

Volunteering Mid &

South Canterbury &the

Hotel Ashburton

Volunteer of the Month.

Nomination forms are

available by contacting

Volunteering Mid &

South Canterbury,

Community House,44

Cass Street Ashburton,

(3081237 ext 240) or email


or pick up acopy at Four

Square in Rakaia.


Last time the event was held, more

than 100 vehicles turned up. Money is

used by the walkway society to maintain

walking tracks; the Department of

Conservation also helps out.

The remote alpine adventure will be a

55km round trip up the Stour Valley via

Manuka Lake and Hut and on to

Double Hutt, behind Sugar Loaf and to

Lake Heron Station. The return trip will

be via Lake Heron Road and historic


Mr Howden said the convoy, expected

to be 1km long, would stop three times

along the way at special points of


‘‘The view from Double Hutt down to

Lake Heron, with the backdrop of the

Arrowsmith Range, is iconic,‘‘ he said.

Vehicles wantingtogoon the January

25 safari will meet at the Stour River

Bridgeonthe Ashburton Gorge Road at

8am to register, with the convoy moving

off at 9.30am.

People are advised to bring lunch,

drinks and sunscreen. Ifthe weather is

bad, the safari will happen on January


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 7






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The Palm

450 x450mm.

Throwcushions enhancee

anyseating area.

Durable polyester fabric.

Perfectfor your outdoors.



Q2000 GasBBQ LPG Black

TheWeber Q2000 is aBBQ perfect forall situations.Large enoughto

cater forfamily and friends, yetcompactenough to take on holiday.

Theporcelain enamelledcast iron split grills provide a540 x390mm

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Push button ignition and infinite controlburnervalveadd

convenience and precision.

Thereisnoquestion whythis is one of the mostpopular BBQsin

New Zealand.




Kiwi Camping

Picnic Rug

H: 1350mm,


Suitablefor indoor

and outdoor use.



lined to prevent


Wipe cleanPEVAbacking.

Hookand loop closurewith carryyhandle.






Classic 6Gas BBQ


LPG.Features 1side burner

and 1infrared rear burner.

Double-lined space

savingrollback hood.



Removablechoppingg board

and 100mmstainlesss steel bin.

H: 1180mm, W: 1570mm,D:655mm.





Simon Lye

On behalf of myself and the

team hereatMitre10MEGA,

Iwould personally like to

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supportthis year,itisvery

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Also,wewould like to wish all

our customers avery

MerryChristmas and a

happy&safeNew Years.

We arelooking forwardto

helping youall in 2020.






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Largeinflatable pool

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Deluxe Camping Chair

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BBQ Tool Set

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Includes Grillmantongs which fit comfortablyinyour hands and Grillman

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Offers expireThursday 26th December 2019.

Terms &conditions apply.While stocks last.


West Street, Ashburton

PHONE 03 308 5119


Monday-Friday7am till 6pm

Saturday8am -6pm

Sunday&Public Holidays 8am -5pm

Page 8, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Basketball life member

By Mick Jensen

Wayne Rodgers has cemented

himself a place among

local basketball royalty and

has been named alife member

of Basketball Mid Canterbury.

Over 42 years of involvement

in the game Mr Rodgers,

whose nickname is

‘‘bait’’, has been a player,

coach, and enthusiastic promoter

of the sport locally.

His playing days started as

a mini ball player at St

Joseph’s school.

As a teenager he played

for Mid Canterbury and captained

the Ashburton College

Ateam for acouple of


He played at rep level, in

local and social leagues until

2005, when he made the

decision to switch to coaching.

‘‘When you get abit older

and abit slower you need to

do the wise thing and pull the

pin on playing.

‘‘I had my own kids, so it

was the right time to use my

experience and to take it into


Coaching started with

Year 4and Year 5teams and

progressed up the age group


Coaching has also taken

him to Australia, first as the

manager of the NZ Under 18

men’s team in Tasmania in

2011, and the following year

with the NZ Under 20 team

Wayne Rodgers with his life member pin.

in Canberra.

Since 2012 Mr Rodgers

has been the president of

Basketball Mid Canterbury.

Late last year an initiative

was launched to help upskill

young players and to encourage

alove of the game that

will filter through all levels.

‘‘Our academy model

offers one hour of extra

training for boys and another

hour for girls once a week

during the season.

‘‘It’s a free invitation for

players from Year 5upwards,

although we have acouple of

younger players at the

moment, to get targeted coaching

that will improve their

skills, encourage their

enthusiasm and hopefully filter

through to grow the game


Mr Rodgers said the game

of basketball was a great

team sport and occupied alot

of his spare time.

Winning was nice, he said,

but the key was playing your

best and participating.

He said his love of the

game had been passed on by

his late father.

‘‘For me the payback is

seeing the smiles on the kids

faces and also the camaraderie

of the basketball community.’’

Another loyal local

basketball stalwart, Steph

Ching, also received a life

membership from Basketball

Mid Canterbury. Mrs Ching

now lives on the West Coast,

but is aregular return visitor

for local basketball tournaments.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Quilts made, donated

for comfort of others

By Mick Jensen

Margaret Pearce knows first

hand what acomfort awarm

lap quilt can be when undergoing

medical treatment, and

for the last two and half years

has been making dozens of

them for the benefit of others.

Margaret’s first quilt was

made for her sister, who did

not survive her cancer treatment,

but was well cared for

by Nurse Maude.

‘‘I wanted to show my

appreciation to Nurse Maude

for the treatment my sister

received, so I donated six

quilts for patients receiving

care,’’ said Margaret.

During her own battle with

breast cancer in 2015 she too

found awarm, bright quilt a


‘‘After chemo treatments I

felt unwell and cold to the

bone, even though my treatments

were done during the

summer months.

‘‘My quilt came in handy

when I wasn’t feeling too

good, but also didn’t want to

be laying around in bed.’’

Margaret said she was fortunate

to beat her cancer and

after getting her strength back

felt the need to show her

appreciation for the help and

support she received during

the cancer journey.

She made an initial six

quilts for the Mid Canterbury

Cancer Society, which were

Margaret Pearce with abig batch of colourful quilts

donated to Mid Canterbury Cancer Society.

gratefully received, and

decided to ‘‘just carry on


Other quilt recipients have

included Ronald McDonald

House, and unwell friends,

family and acquaintances.

Over the last 12 months

Margaret has made 36 ‘‘I

Care’’ quilts, the majority for

the Cancer Society.

‘‘Ideally I would like to

make one for every person

who comes to the Cancer

Society for support during

their treatment.

‘‘Hopefully everyone who

receives one of my quilts

knows that there is someone

out there who does care about

what they are going through.

‘‘I hope also that they will

get some comfort and warmth

that helps them feel just that

little bit better.’’

Margaret uses her trusty 35

year old sewing machine to

make the quilts.

The quilt outers are cotton

and she uses high quality

fleecy batting. Quilts are 1.2m

square and no two quilts are

the same.

Margaret Pearce intends

continuing her prolific quilt

making next year.


Warm &Healthy Affordable Homes







03 352 0252 or 027 518 1346



Decide to survive

Make good decisions this holiday

season, Ashburton police are urging the

35,000 people who live in their patch.

Senior sergeant Leigh Jenkins said

that means choosing to drive to the

speed limit and the conditions, ensuring

everyone is buckled up and never driving

while impaired or distracted.

The district has had its fair share of

deaths this year. Nine people have died

on the roads and police have been

involved in two homicide investigations.

Mr Jenkins said those deaths had a

far­reaching impact across the community.

‘‘These people were a part of

families, they had friends, co­workers,

loved ones. They won’t be here this

Christmas, instead those loved ones will

be grieving their absence.

‘‘We work hard to keep people safe in

our communities. My heart goes out to

any person who has lost aloved one this

year, whether on the roads or through

crime. We are thinking of them over the

holidays and hope they have support and

whanau around them.’’

Police say December and January are

the two highest risk months for deaths

on the road and are urging motorists to

take extra care. They will maintain a

highly visible presence, including checkpoints.

‘‘We will be focusing on the behaviours

we know cause the most harm on

the roads, driving above the speed limit,

driving distracted, driving impaired and

people not buckled up.’’

Mr Jenkins said while police were

working hard to keep people safe, the

public also had to do its bit.

‘‘It comes down to making good

decisions. Everybody wants to get to

their families safely this summer. The

way we drive affects others, treat the

peopleonthe road aroundyou as if they

were your own family and friends.’’

If you're heading away, don’t leave

any opportunities for thieves bymaking

properties safe and secure.

Use effective locks, don’t leave a

spare key hidden outside and think

about investing in an alarm and security

lighting. Make the house look lived in by

using automatic timers for lights.

Don't put empty boxes from new

purchases out with the rubbish as it

advertises what isinyour house.

It’s also agreat idea to get to know

your neighbours, so you can keep an eye

on each other’s properties.

Rakaia loses battle

against booze shop

The Ashburton District Licensing Committee

(ADLC) has granted an application

for anew off­licence in Rakaia,

despite some community opposition to


To be known as Thirsty Liquor

Rakaia, the new bottle shop will be

located at 114 Railway Terrace.

At a licensing hearing in October,

Rakaia Community Association chairman

Neil Pluck objected to the application

and five witnesses supported his


Mr Pluck told the committee Rakaia

already had four off­licence outlets and

‘‘didn’t need number five’’.

It didn’t need another bottle shop that

sold cheap, hard liquor.

Mr Pluck said he was not happy with

the committee's decision, but it came as

no great surprise.

‘‘The whole opposition process to

licensing, in my opinion, is just totally


‘‘We had just 15 days to register our

opposition and a bit longer to pull

evidence and statements together.

‘‘Whatever we didn’t include in those

time­pressured statements was not

allowed in the hearing.’’

Mr Pluck said the hearing itself had

been a ‘‘high pressure’’ situation for

ordinary people like himself and the


It had matched community concerns

against the skills of the applicant’s

lawyer, and alicensing Act that offered

The location of the new Thirsty

Liquor Rakaia bottle shop.

little room for manoeuvre.

Thirsty Liquor Rakaia applicant

Michael Brown told the hearing that his

proposed shop would offer more choice

to Rakaia residents and people living in

nearby rural areas.

He said it would be run along the lines

of his Thirsty Liquor businesses in

Darfield and Waimakariri, which had

good systems in place and were well run.

No objections at the hearing were

received from the Police, representative

of the Medical Officer of Health, or the

district’s licensing inspector Leo Ratten.

Before making its ‘‘merits­based

determination’’, ADLC members also

visited the proposed location of the

bottle shop.

The new off­licence is allowed to open

from 9am until 9.30pm, seven days a

week, and has standard operating conditions

in place.



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PamsFresh Cherries

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Cadbury Favourites 265g

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Tip Top IceCream



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Specials availableSouthIslandonly from Monday16th December untilSunday 29th

December 2019 or while stocks last. Wine and beer availableatstores with an off

licence.Wineand beer purchases restricted to personsaged 18 years old and over.

Page 10, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Family Notices



Charlene and Matt Glanville

are pleased to announce the

arrival oftheir little girl Blair on

November 30th, weighing 8lb

3oz. Anew little sister to Faith,

who couldn’t be moreexcited.



Marissa: At Middlemore

Hospital, Auckland on

December 13, 2019 as the result

of an accident inChristchurch,

aged 16 years. Cherished and

much-loved daughter ofJason,

and dearly loved sister and

best friend of the late Tayla, and

Dallas. A loved granddaughter,

nieceand friend.

Messages to: The Alexander

Family, c/- PO Box 6035,



life will be held at the Hotel

Ashburton, Racecourse Road,

Ashburton onFriday December

20, at 1.30pm followed by

interment at the Ashburton


0800 2MEMORY

027 637 1229

HARNETT, Myra Lillian: On

December 12, 2019, passed

away peacefully in her sleep at

Christchurch Hospital. In her

90th year. Dearly loved wife

of the late Jim for 60 years.

Loved mother and mother

in law of Jeremy and Andrea,

Susan and Quinten, Annabel

and Ken, Nick, Sara and Tjeerd,

Louise and Brent, and Willy and

Katrina. Much loved Granny of

her 22 grandchildren and 20

great grandchildren. Messages

to the Harnett family, POBox

472, Ashburton 7740. Special

thanks to themedicalstaff,Ward

19, Christchurch Hospital. A

funeral service for Myra will be

held at the Church of the Holy

Name, Sealy Street, Ashburton

on Saturday December 21,

commencing at 11.00am

Followed by private cremation

at the AshburtonCrematorium.




03 307 7433

Birth notices listed by parents will continue to be

free in the Family Notices column. The initial death

notice lodged by afuneral director will be listed

without charge. There will be asmall charge of $15

for subsequent notices related to the same death, up

to amaximum of 35 words and on aper-line basis

after that. The same low charges apply to other family

notices, such as engagements, acknowledgements, in

memoriam notices and anniversaries.

Supporting the community

96 Tancred Street,Ashburton. Phone 307 8317


Local Care

Since 1982

IVISON, John Wesley: 8.1.1932

–16.12.2019: John passed away

peacefully at AshburtonHospital

on Monday evening. Adevoted

husband, best friend and soul

mate to Ruth. Much loved

brother to Joan, respecteduncle

to the Lawrence boys and their

families and brother in law to

Trevor and BarbaraGreasley.

“Wewill miss him so much”

We are extremely grateful to

Dr Penny Holdaway and her

team, the staff on ward one, St

John, and the Cancer Society for

their care ofJohn over the past

week and finally to Tony Sands

and his staff and all our friends

at Lochlea, thank you for your

love and support and for being

there for us during this difficult

time. AtJohn’s request aprivate

cremation has been held.

KINGSBURY, Gillian Lorraine:

(Gill): On December 10, 2019.

Passed away peacefully at

Ashburton Hospital, aged 83

years. Very much loved and

special wife of Lynn. Dearly

loved mother and mother in

law ofCelia and David, Vanessa

and Scott, Robin and Lisa and

treasured Grandma of Jack, and

Kate; Jessica, Emily, and Olivia;

Callum, Juliet, and Fleur. A

special thank youtoStJohn and

the nursing staff at Ashburton

Hospital forthe compassion and

supportshown to Gill and family.

Donations to AshburtonStJohn

would be appreciated and may

be left atthe service. Messages

to theKingsburyfamily,POBox

472, Ashburton 7740. Aservice

forGill has been held.




03 307 7433


Astory in the December

12 edition of the Courier

incorrectly stated the

wrong value of ascholarship

awarded to Ashburton

College school leaver

Leanne Walsh by the New

Zealand Navy. Leanne,

18, was awarded the






McGRATH, John Redmond

(Johnny): After 88years full of

fun, laughter and unwavering

love we are sad to say that on

December 12th 2019, Johnny

begun anew journey in life. He

triedsoveryhardtostayand our

family were lucky tohave some

extra special times as we gently

released him from our embrace.

Simply the best husband, father,

grand dad,great grand dad,son,

brother,uncle and friend and we

were so lucky tohave had him

in our lives. Marie’s soul mate,

partner in crime, best friend

and husband for 63years -two

peas in a pod. Best friend,

adored, respected and loved

Dad to Shona, Bren, Lynnie,

Julie, Phil and Jeff. Loved and

adored by everyone, hewill be

missed, but never forgotten.

Messages to the McGrath family

c/- P O Box 472, Ashburton.

In lieu of flowers donations to

Hospice Mid Canterbury would

be appreciated and may beleft

at the service. Johnny will be at

Baker Street from 5pm Tuesday

evening through to Wednesday

afternoon. AVigil/RosaryService

will be held at the Church of

the Holy Name, Sealy Street,

Ashburton onWednesday 18th

at 5.30pm, followed by the

celebration of Johnny’slifeatthe

Hotel Ashburton, Racecourse

Road, on Thursday December

19th, commencing at 1.30pm.

Followedbyprivatecremation at





03 307 7433

HMNZS Canterbury

scholarship, worth $5000.

She received another

scholarship, worth

$14,000, from the University

of Canterbury for

a student undertaking

power and electrical

engineering studies.




03 307 4020

Family owned,

locally owned

22 MooreStreet,


0800 2636679



McGRATH, Johnny: With much

sadness and so much gratitude

we say goodbye to the physical

presenceofour JohnnyMcGrath

- Dad, Grandad and Great

Grandad. An amazing, strong

patriarch who has given our

family such astrong foundation.

He taught us strong work

ethics, great family values and

showeredusfrequently with his

fabulous sense of humour. Man

we love you!

Shona and Ross, Jeff, Sarah and

Darren, the late Alisha, Josh and

Kim, Kalem and Typh, Nate,Ben,

Meg, Jessie, Ash, Vana, Luka,

Aria and Bella.

McGRATH, Johnny: Final

marathon done and dusted

and completed in fine style.

Everyone up there better have

a couple jugs stacked up as

the yarns are relentless – be

prepared. Such a legend, a

champion of champions,agood

bugger who will be hugely

missed but alwaysloved.Thanks

forthe memories Dad Arohanui.

Bren, Jazz, Sulli and ECan. Vince

is ready and waiting for you xxx

TravelsafeGdaddy xxx


SHERRIFF, Jim, Nov. 17, 2019:

Madge and family wish to

extend their sincere thanks for

all the cards, messages, support

and to those who attended Jim’s

service at Culverden. Special

thanks to staff at Princes Court

Lifecare. Please accept this


thank youfromall of us.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Van survey done

Asurvey asking for feedback

onwhether there is

a need for a low­cost

community van service

to bring people from

more rural areas of the

district into Ashburton

received 63 responses.

The online survey

closed onNovember 22

and the responses are

currently being analysed

before being reported

back to the survey working

group early nextyear.

The survey asked

people about their

reasons for using the

proposed van service,

which would run during

the day and is aimed

primarily at people with

medical and other

appointments in Ashburton.

The service would be

run by atrust and would

have volunteer drivers.

People using the service

would make asmall payment

towards running


Rates revenue up

Ashburton’s rates

revenue rose to $35,244m

in the 2018/19 year, up

from $33,803m in the

2017/18 year.

Total income in the

past year was $71,126m,

up from $66,178m.

In 2014/15 it was


Public debt as a percentage

of total assets in

the 2018/19 year 4.66 per

cent (up from 4.63 per

cent) and public debt per

rateable property was

$2427, up from $2454 in




Twentycases of notifiable

diseases were reportedby

doctors in the Ashburton

district last month,

including two cases of

legionnaire’s disease.

Legionnaire’s is aform

of pneumonia caused

when people inhale

airborne Legionella

bacteria; the bacteria lives

in moist organic material

like potting mix. The


HealthBoard warned

gardenersearlierthis year

to take care with potting

mix and compost to avoid

catching the disease.

Cases typically spikein

November as people get

back into the garden when

the weather warms.

Canterbury medical

officerofhealth Dr

Alistair Humphrey said


pottingmix bags carefully,

wearadisposable face

maskand gloves and work

with the mix in an outdoor


The illness maybemild

but can sometimes be

fatal, and is more common

in older people.

Symptoms can includedry

coughing, high fever,

chills,shortness of breath,

muscleaches, headaches

and diarrhoea.

Other notifiable

diseases reportedfor the

Ashburton district

included 13 cases of

campylobacter, one of

crypotsporidia, one of

giardia, one of

pneumococcal disease,

one of yersiniosis and one

of VTEC/STEC infection

(a type of food poisoning).

the 2017/18 year.

Council has 258

employees, up from 249 in

2017/18, including 11

from the UK, one from

Argentina, three from

Australia, one from

Canada, one from Chile,

one from France, two

from India, one from

Malaysia, one from Palestinian

Occupied Territory,

three from South

Africa, one from Switzerland

and one from Russia.

In all, it has staff from

19 countries.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 11

Alan racks up 50 years as fire volunteer

By Mick Jensen

Alan Burgess stepped

forward as avolunteer

firefighter as afreshfaced

19­year­old, and

50 years on, he’s still very

much involved.

Locally born and

raised, he has been

Ashburton Volunteer

Fire Brigade’s chief for

30 years and early next

year his years of loyal

service with be

recognised at aformal


Mr Burgess follows in

the footsteps of his great

grandfather who joined

the Ashburton brigade

in 1900.

‘‘Mates of my father

were in the brigade and I

decided to join because I

wasn’t playing alot of

sports and wanted to

stay active.

‘‘There were 25

volunteers and around

100 calls ayear when I

joined and today we

have 35 volunteers and

more than 400 calls.’’

Mr Burgess started

three years after another

local long­server,

Graeme Baker, who was

to later to become his

deputy for 20 years.

Big fires etched on his

memory, he said,

included the Baker

brothers carpet shop

fire, the West Street mill

Alan Burgess has clocked up 50 years of volunteer firefighting service.

fire and the fire at Seales


Now retired, Mr

Burgess said he was very

grateful to his employer

of 34 years, alcohol

beverage company Lion,

which had supported his

fire volunteering duties.

That support had

enabled him to give time

to the brigade.

‘‘My role today is

much more

administrative than it


‘‘I still need to keep

my skill levels up, but

I’m not as hands­on as I

once had to be.’’

From the late 1970s

until the early 1990s, Mr

Burgess and fellow fire

volunteers enjoyed

regular inter­brigade

competitions around the

Development given the tick

Plans for alarge format retail development,

believed tobefor KMart, and

other smaller retail space on land zoned

Business D, have been given the green

light by ahearing commissioner, but with

some conditions.

Applicant River Crossing Limited

lodged the original resource consent

application to demolish buildings at5­7

Cass Street and 36­50 South Street in


At ahearing in November anumber of

previous non­complying activities were

addressed by the applicant and amendments


Akey modification was aconcessionto

use the smaller retail development solely

for restaurant and food takeaway businesses.

Other areas addressed included landscaping

and tree requirements, minor

changes to the floor areas of buildings,

signage detailing and other features

within the site plans.

In terms of construction, River Crossing

Limited now needs to prepare and

submit aconstruction management plan

to Ashburton council prior to works

commencing on site.

No advertising signage is permitted on

the exterior facade ofthe proposed large

retail building facing the Ashburton

River Reserve and anumber of design

conditions are also imposed on the fence

separating the building and the reserve,

and on landscaping planting and loading.

An easement across the neighbouring

Countdown supermarket property is still

being sought.

The key issue of difference between

the two opposing sides at the consent

hearing was the economic impact alarge

formatretail store would have on retailin

the Ashburton CBD.

In his report, the commissioner said he

was ‘‘reasonably satisfied’’ that the

economic impact on the Business Bzone

would not be ‘‘negatively affected to

more than aminor degree’’.

He was ‘‘much less certain of the

significance of potential impacts’’ the

large format retail might have on the

town centre concluding they were ‘‘possibly

more than minor’’.

Any objection to the decision needs to

be made within 15 days working days.


Camaraderie was

strong in the brigade

because firefighters

relied on each other, he


They brought a

variety of skills from

their jobs, interests and

family lives into the


The role of a

firefighter was more


Queen BedHeads

diverse these days, and

as well as fighting fires, it

included aco­responder

role with the ambulance

service, and police

support at motor vehicle

accidents, he said.

The Ashburton

brigade was under the

control of the borough,

and later county council,

when Mr Burgess


In 1976 the brigade

operated under the NZ

Fire Service banner,

Mid/South CanterburyContinuous Spouting




Have youbeen affectedbythe

recent hail storms?

We can deal directly with your


minimise your stress

Call us nowfor afreequotation

The Original

Spouting Specialists




for over

26 years

John Tull ...providingoutstandingservice,

afterinstallation care and pricing requirements!

Phone him on 021 288 8290

Email: john@canterburycontinuous.co.nz

www.continuous.co.nz Freephone 0800 50 1993


Half price

while rural brigades

remained with the


Two and ahalf years

ago brigades merged

under one umbrella to

become Fire and

Emergency New

Zealand (FENZ).

Ashburton district

brigades were among the

first to merge, and that

merger was still being

rolled out nationally,

said Mr Burgess.

The focus for FENZ


999 Sigma Queen $



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was on ahigh skill set for

firefighters, ongoing

training and safety.

Alan Burgess’ fire

volunteering service will

be celebrated on

February 22, but the

station chief has no

plans to step down yet.

‘‘The fire service has

been abig part of my life

and if Idodecide to take

it abit easier, there will

be other duties that Ican

help out with around the












Chippers Generators Access Gear Trailers Excavators Toilets Forklifts Mowers &more


Page 12, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Ashburton College

Individual Excellence in aSupportive Learning Environment


Issue 43

19 December 2019

Message From ThePrincipal

Final Newsletter for2019

Well this is it, the final newsletter for the year. It

has been afantastic year for Ashburton College.

We started the year with good news about our

NCEA results from 2018, including ascholarship in

Accounting. Inaddition to this we had forty five

students more than the Ministry of Education had

predicted, which resulted in asignificant budget

and staffing increase.


On 14 March2019 we were visited by our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern,

and ChrisHipkins, Minister of Education whoshared with our community

the news that Ashburton College was allocated anextensive rebuild

programme. This is not aspeedy process and the timeline for the work

to be completed is December2025. Whilstthis is along wayoff, thesize

and complexityofthe build meansthatthe timespentingood planning is

essential. Wehavefinished our AshburtonCollege Education Briefand the

Master Plan developed by the architect firm is due for completion in the

middle of 2020. This document will be shared with our community and

will outline the nature ofthe buildings and where they are tobelocated

on our campus. My thanks to the College staff and wider community

people who had inputintothe Education Brief.


Our Board ofTrustees has been functioning well and we had three new

Board members come onto the team this year. Weare blessed to have a

capableBoardwho understands their Governancerole and they arewellled

by Chairperson JeremySavage. Mythankstoall forbeing prepared to

put themselves forwardand accept aposition on theBoard.

TheAshColl Way

This year has been asettled one in termsofstudentbehaviour. Thereare

anumber of factors thathavehelpedgenerateapositive vibewithin the

school. The first of these is our Positive Behaviour For Learning (PB4L)

programme(knownatCollege as theAshCollWay)which has introduced

rewards such as the Mihi Pai scheme. In anutshell this scheme seeks to

reward and acknowledge the positive behaviour of the 95% of students

who constantly do therightthing.

The second factor has been the leadership by our senior students. Our

Year 12 and 13 students arepositiverolemodels forthose newcomers in

Years 9and 10, and by Year 11 our students are clear about appropriate

expectations forbehaviourand hardwork. This year’s graduating class was

exceedingly helpful in supporting junior students to meet expectations.

Innovation Stream

Another change we introduced this year has been the innovationstream

in Year 9. This involved students working in across-subject collaborative

manner with the aim of developing future skills and dispositions such

as communication and collaboration. This move away from the more

traditional subjectsilo model of secondary schools willcontinue with the

optionofinnovation in bothYears9and 10 in 2020.

Looking Ahead

Clearlythere areplenty of positives forthe future of Ashburton College.

Iwouldlike to acknowledgethe College’sstaff,both supportand teaching,


Iwish everybody asafe and happy Christmas and Ilook forward to

continuingour positivegrowth in theNew Year.

Many thanks.

Ross Preece



In this final newsletter for this year College Management would very

much like to acknowledge the partnership it enjoys and values with The

Ashburton Courier,aswepublish our newsletterweekly, reaching across all

homes in our community and beyond.

The welcoming and positive working relationship, professionalism ofthe

staff,and skills andflexibility-especially of Murray Thompson in Production

–isgreatly appreciated.

Additionally we thank Managing Editor,John Keast,and wish himverywell

in retirement.

Staff –Farewell


Jules has done arepeat period of time at Ashburton College having been

here initially as aTeacher of Mathematics from July 2017 to September

2018, when heleft College to travel tofamily. However, he didn’t escape

our net that easily and kindlyagreed to afixed-term, part-time position from

mid-February this year, again teaching Mathematics. We are very grateful

to him for filling that void at that time and have appreciated his quiet but

interestingpersonalityand his time withstudents andstaff.


Year 13 Graduation Dinner 2019

This annual and final College event for the Year 13 students, before

theymovetotheirpost-secondaryschool endeavours,was heldatthe

HotelAshburton on Sunday08December,where198 students,parents

andcaregivers,and staff attended.

Key organiser,Deputy Principal Helen Shore-Taylor, said thatitwas avery

enjoyable, formal event, wherestudents’completion of theirsecondary

schooling wascelebrated. The evening provides awonderful finale and

group-gathering to thestudents’years at College.

Twoperformances added to theevening,by‘Middle Road’ Band Members

andregular College performers

(pictured right, leftand right)

Liam Pram and Jade Kruger;

and further through theevening

by Liam.

There were departing speeches

from the Year 13 student

leadership team, consistingofthe

Headand Deputy HeadStudents,

StudentExecutive and the House

Captains; and presentation of


(Pictured above,leftand right):

DeputyHead StudentsHarriet Stockand Carl Cayanan.

(Pictured belowright,leftand right): Head students Mollie Gibson and

William Wallis.

(Pictured below,


House Leaders

SamPearce (Red House);

Liam Pram (BlueHouse);

Titus Lambert-Lane

(Orange House):

Josh Jones

(Green House);

Aidan Elvines

(Orange House);


(Blue House);


(Red House).

Absent: Katie Polmear (Green House).

Many thanks go to the Ball Committee for their part inorganising the

evening alongside the College House Leaders; to MC for the evening –

Head of Senior School, Claire Bubb; toHelen Shore-Taylor and the Hotel

Ashburton–venuefor the evening.

Pictured below): In the Hotel grounds, 2019Year 13 attendees.

GOT(GetOut There) Day

The now annual GOT (Get Out There) Day, was held for Year 9and 10

students on Friday 06 December onaday which, afterflooding,turnedout

to be fine and suited to most activities.

As aresult of the weather conditions the Rangitata White Water Rafting

and the trip to Erewhon Station’s Clydesdale horses had to be cancelled,

unsurprisingly,withthose students linked into other activities.

Organising teacher this year was Annie Aulsford, and wethank her for

her work which saw just under 500 students out and about the county,

further afield and undertaking activities at College, which was also ahive

of purposeful activity.

Sixteen differentactivities went ahead on theday,across the range of Cake

Decorating,Craftsand International,Dance,Escape Room, Jellie Park and Ice

Skating, Māori Craft, Master Chef, Orana Park, Paintball, Phoenix Rising Top

of the South Tour, Rock Climbing/Trampolining, Surfing, Ten Pin Bowling

and Mini Golf,Tramping,Virtual Reality/Timezone,Volleyball/Basketball.

Ahuge thank youisgiventothe staff who led the various trips and activities.

(Pictured left): The

fishing group at

Lake Lyndon.

(Pictured below): Amelia Harris (front) and GracePrendergast make the most

of the Bridge Valley waterslide on the Phoenix Rising Topofthe South Tour,

an extended GOTDay event.

(Pictured leftand below): View of important

animals at the Orana Park visit.

(Pictured below, leftand right): KeiraMoodie

at the iceskatingand Cody Robin on the


(Pictured left):


group on the

Rakaia Gorge

walking track.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 13

Ashburton College

Individual Excellence in aSupportive Learning Environment


Issue 43

19 December 2019


Phoenix Rising ‘Top of the South’Tour

After many hours of rehearsal and ahuge effort with fundraising, Phoenix

Rising (the College junior choir) set off to Nelson for their 'Top ofthe

South' tour on Thursday 05 December. This biennial event includes a

six-day programme packed full ofmusical experiences and lots of fun.

Phoenix Rising was supported by Carolyn Clough (Choral Manager),

Angela Cresswell (Musical Director) andDeputyPrincipal,Ron Cresswell.

Thefirst leg of thejourney took thegroup as far as Kaikoura, but stopping

en route toperform in an outdoor concert with the Year 0-8 students

at South New Brighton School in Christchurch. They enjoyed teaching

the students anAfrican song and loved watching the enthusiastic five

year olds in the front row perform all of the actions, aswell as mirroring

MrsCresswell's conducting.

On Friday it wasofftoNelson,with abreak in Blenheim forlunchand alittle

shopping. The Nelson base was again the Bridge Valley Adventure Camp

which offers lots of outdoor activities including apool, lake, waterslides,

flying fox and more. After organising bunk rooms it was then down to

rehearsal work in preparation forthe performancesahead.

On Saturday the group performed aconcert onthe street before heading

to the Nelson Markets and shops, afterwhich it wastime to rehearse in the

Nelson Cathedral and to check out the outstanding arrayofChristmas trees

enteredinthe annual Christmas tree festival. Afurther rehearsalwas held in

the Nelson SchoolofMusic before headingback to Bridge Valleyfor dinner

and the infamousTop of the South Games Night. Lots of laughs were had

as classic games such as Zoom, Hungry Human Hippo, and Ball Pass were


On Sunday morning Carolyn Clough said thetour party had the enormous

privilege of being the choir for the Sunday morning service inthe Nelson

Cathedral. The acoustics in the Cathedral are amazing and this is an

incredible venue to sing in.

Year 10 College student Imogene Felton stunned the congregation with

abeautiful solo rendition of Mary, did you know? and Chinatsu Hunt (our

rehearsalpianist) joined with AngieCresswell to playChristmas piano duets

during Communion.

On Sunday afternoon, the choir was guest performer at the Nelson Male

Choir's Summer Concert inthe Nelson School ofMusic. The programme

was very well-received with the large audience particularly enjoying

the rendition ofHolly Jolly Christmas. This song features the trio of boys

(Jack Templeton,Ollie Bubb and Eddie Galbraith) on Kazoo!

The kazoo is a musical instrument that adds a ‘buzzing’ timbral quality

to a player's voice when the player vocalises or hums into it. It is one of a

class of instruments which modifies its player's voice by way of a vibrating

membrane of goldbeater's skin or material with similar characteristics.

(Pictured left, lefttoright):

The Kazoo trio of

Ollie Bubb, JackTempleton

andEddie Galbraith.

(Pictured below):

Performing at the Nelson

School of Music as guests

of the Nelson Male Choir.

Sunday evening's entertainment was centered around the water

activities at Bridge Valley. Kayaking,swimming,and twowonderful outdoor

waterslides kept everyone entertained.

Workshop -onMonday, the group wasprivileged to take partinaworkshop

run by aleading Nelson soprano. This highlightedtomanyinthe group,the

importanceoflistening to each other as we sing.

Hospital Visit –onMondayafternoon it wasofftoMotuekatoperform for

the residents,staff and guests of the Jack Inglis Friendship Hospital. This

experience was hugely emotional for the young singers as they witnessed

first-hand howluckythey aretobeyoung,healthyand of sound mind. Avisit

to Little KaiteriteriBeachwas awelcome recalibration, with the remainder of

the afternoon spentenjoying the sunshine,sand and each other's company.

(Pictured above): Performing at Jack Inglis Friendship Hospital.

The final evening of the tour always features the Top of the South

Talent Show, securing again the services of ex-Ashburton residents, Peter

Verstappen and Sylvia Huxtable,asour judges. Awide varietyoftalents was

on show, including singing,but the topaward went to an entertaining spoof

of carpool karaoke!

On Tuesday, everyone was upearly to pack and clean, in order to hit the

road as soon as possible. The long journey back to Ashburton was broken

by astoptoenjoy the hot pools and water slides in Hanmer Springs.


The tour group wants to thank everyone who supported us in making this

tour possible,includingall who supportedour manyfundraisers.

In particular,grateful thanks is giventoLeen Braam who gave up his week

to be ourbus driver on the tour;and former student, Olivia Pike, who was

choir accompanist. College is also most grateful to the Ashburton MSA

Men'sChoir andthe Pakeke Lions fortheir financial support, and to Mark

at Pearsons Coachlines for providing the venue for our fundraising car


Year 9and 10 Prize-giving Awards

On Thursday and Friday 12and 13 December many students, atfirst

at the Year 10 Prize-givingand then the Year 9Prize-giving ceremony,

were acknowledged for their successes over arange of academic,

sportingand cultural highlights. Wehighlight belowfive Special Prize


Year 10 Prize-giving

Held last Thursday, the event

was supported by fine choral

music from Phoenix Rising, as

they sang for the Processional

and Recessional, led the

National Anthem and provided

a performance item. Their

repertoire for this event was

Festival Song, Gaudeamus and

Holly JollyChristmas.

Guest speaker was Head Boy

William Wallis who - amongst

other words of wisdom,

humour and encouragement

– concluded with some

considerations for students as

theyheadintoYear 11 in 2020:

• Areminder thattheyare not in Kansas,thattoachieve there is aneedto

learn, work hard, put the timein.

• Giveeverything ago, look forward.

• Apply commonsense. From experience hedid suggest not leaving tasks

to the last minute! Finishing aspeech at 2:00am has some stresses

associatedwith it.

And finally, with best wishes, William recommended students enjoy the

holidays,thenstrap in tightfor 2020.

AshburtonHigh School

Centennial Trust TopScholar of Year 10

Marc Calzada

Awards gained by Marc were –

• Registered Music Teachers’Trophyfor the most promising instrumental

studentinthe Junior School

• Top StudentinMusic–jointaward

• ExcellenceinEnglish

• ExcellenceinMathematics

• ExcellenceinScience

• ExcellenceinDigital Technology

• ExcellenceinJapanese as asecond language

• GeneralExcellencein10P

• Application and Effort


Archie Keepa (Kaumata AshburtonCollege 1993-2003)

Toru Iwikau Trophy

forTop Overall Year 10 Māori Student

Ngahuia Maeva

Year 9Prize-giving

Held last Friday, the occasion was again supported byfine choral

music from Phoenix Rising (pictured below), as for the Year 10 Prizegiving,and

accompanied on both occasions by HeadofMusic Stephen


Guest speaker was Head Girl

Mollie Gibson (pictured right).

Mollie suggested that anything

is possible if youbelieveyou

can achieveit, believe in

yourself, andset goals.

Mollie said it didn’t seem that

longago thatitwas herfirst

dayatCollege, withworries

just like other students about

new subjects,new people,new


Looking ahead forthis year’s Year

9 students she recommended

they work hard, have fun, be

thankful forthe opportunities available,and make the very bestofthe year

and years ahead.

Adding to this theme, MCfor the event, Deputy Principal Ron Cresswell,

concluded the occasion by challenging students to be thebest person they

can be.

AshburtonHigh School Centennial Trust TopScholar of Year 9

Olivia Pearce

Additional awards gained by Olivia were:

• Top StudentinMathematics (Williamson Cup)

• Top StudentinMaterials Technology –Fabrics

• ExcellenceinFood and Nutrition

• ExcellenceinGerman as asecond language

• ExcellenceinAgriculture

• ExcellenceinMaterials Technology

• ExcellenceinDesignand Visual Communication

• GeneralExcellencein9K

• Application and Effort

Awards gained by Ngahuia were –

• Top StudentinMāori –jointaward

• ExcellenceinArt

• Application and Effort

RakiuraTrophyfor the TopOverall Year 9MāoriStudent


Additional awards gained by

Isabel were:

• Top Student in Social Studies

(Edsall Cup) –jointaward

• ExcellenceinEnglish

• GeneralExcellencein9Y

• Application and Effort

Page 14, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Ashburton College

Individual Excellence in aSupportive Learning Environment


Issue 43

19 December 2019


Galletly Awardfor Leadership,Initiativeand Innovation

Jordan Green

This award isfor aYear 9or Year 10 student showing the above

attributes and reflecting the College Values of Quality, Pride and

Respect intheir actions at College. Melvin Galletly was Head Boy at

AshburtonCollege in 1974.

This award isfor aYear 9orYear 10student

showing the above attributes and reflecting

the College Values of Quality, Pride and Respect

in their actions at College. Melvin Galletly was

Head BoyatAshburtonCollege in 1974.

Asignificantcontribution by Jordan washis work

as programmer in initiating the Mihi Pai App

for use at College. This App involves teachers

awarding students a Mihi Pai Award when

they behave in positive ways, such as helping

other students, working well in class and being

courageous.The students also introduced the idea of sponsors donating to

charities when aMihi Paiwas earned.

Jordan is described as athoughtful, creative and capable student. He has

brought essential programming skills to the Creative Forest team and

enjoyed developing aproject that has apurpose and aclient, rather than

games which he has normallydesigned and coded.

Jordan has evolved as aleader in the team and he is very well-respectedby

the others who he workswith and who oftenseek his feedback.

Inaugural Memea Cultural Leadership Award

to Fred Belford

This inaugural award was initiated and presented onbehalf of the

sPACPAC(sPacifically Pacific) Collective, at aceremony onTuesday 03

December at theMinistryofEducation Office.

sPACPAC’s purpose is to sow the seeds of Pasifika success so that they can

REAPthe rewardsofthe futurebyfocussing on:

• Reconnecting their Education communitywith their PasifikaCommunity;

• Education aspirations, collaborations andsuccess;

• Accelerating achievement using Pasifika identities, languages and


• Pathwaysthatlead to tertiary education, careers and business ownership

There aretwo scholarships:

TheServiceLeadershipAwardrecognisesastudentwho has demonstrated

serviceleadership at the highest level in their school and community.

The Cultural Leadership Award recognises astudent who has given

significanttimeand effortfor theirschool and wider community,specifically

in displaying leadership in acultural area.

To be eligible to applyfor one of these scholarships astudentmust:

· beaPasifika school leaver in2019 and enrolled at Ara for the 2020

academic year

· meet the academic requirements of their chosen qualification atAra

· havebeen involved in sPACPACevents

· havethe endorsementoftheir school

Fred, in the words ofCollege’s Head of Senior School Claire Bubb, is

described as the epitomy ofwhat true service means, and he is aperson

with acompleteunderstanding of whattrue empathyis.

(Pictured left, leftand right):

At the ceremonywith

ClaireBubb,Head of Senior

School,Fred, Joanne

Wakelin, Teacher of English.

Hisscholarship was awarded

forhis contributions

across each of his church,

communityand school,

inclusiveofhis leadership


Within College alone Fred wassignificantly involved,including -asaStudent

Executive member and leader of the Canteen/Environment Committee;

hugely involved in the student Duty Monitor system assisting above and

beyond his allocated times; involved in the sPACPACPolyfest events and a

performer at the recent fundraising concertfor André vanRooyen.

In 2019Fredwas also the recipientofthe Lions of AshburtonCounty Award

forCitizenship and CommunityInvolvement; recognised at sPACPACAwards

for Pasifika Leadership atAshburton College; recipient ofthe Principal’s

Commendation for work as a Community Service Library Volunteer;

World Vision Youth Conference attendee; Student Learning Support Unit

Swimming DayVolunteer and involved in Lip Sync.

At home, Fred isacarer for his severely disabled younger sister and it

was superb that she and family members could join Fred at the Awards

Ceremony, making it avery special occasion. With his mother having died

three years ago Fred is ayoung man who has faced many challenges and

yetstill givestoothers.

Fred shows greatsocial awareness and concernfor those around him and,as

such, he is knowntowillingly go out of his waytoimprovesomeone’s day.

Next year Fred is off to Ara Institute inChristchurch to commence training

foraBachelor of Nursing,with the benefit of this scholarship which enables

aYear Twofee reduction of $5,000.

Fred has enhanced the lifeand work of AshburtonCollege in his time here.

We congratulate him sincerely, and wish him well with his future career


Year 9Top Class Competition

Over the final weeks of this term Year 9Ako classes fought for final

supremacy as they battled it out over aseries of seven challenges for

the prestigious title of‘Top Class 2019’.

Competition categories were Master Chef, Volleyball, Quizco,Technology

Challenge, AshColl’s Got Talent, Handball and Community Service, with set

criteria foreach event.

The MasterChef Challenge required teams of two students toproduce a

dish withegg as the hero ingredient in justforty minutes. The disheswere

judged on nutritional value,presentation and taste, as well as the teamwork

of the pair of budding chefs. This challenge was taken out by 9BRM with

Taylor Shaw and Sarah Bradley (pictured below, left and right): creating

some delicious little egg,bacon and cheese treats.

The Volleyball Challenge was played over two days to accommodate all

sixteen Ako classes. Teams of six players played rally point inround-robin

competitions of tenminutes per game. Therewas athree-waytie at the end

of this challenge with 9RSY,9RPL and 9OHA taking maximum points.

TheQuizco wasatest of the depth of general knowledge in each class and

there was afierce battle for the win. 9RHL was the champion class in this


TheTechnology Challenge asked teams of three students from each class

to build adevice to retrieve aball from abox 1.5m away. The materials

available to build the device included newspaper, sellotape, string, card

and paper clips. Most teams struggled to build adevice that could bridge

the 1.5m gap and still be manipulated topick up the ball. However,

Lahsinee Laki-Sooialo from 9BMF,won thisfor her class with adesignthat

scooped up the ball in just twenty seconds.

(Pictured below, leftand right): Brooklyn McHaffie and Janelle Galos from

9RCH race the clock to construct their deviceinthe Technology Challenge.

TheYear 9s GotTalent

Competition had some impressive

entries including singing,

instrumentalists and lip sync.

RereStrickland from 9GES won

this section forher class with a

beautiful rendition of ‘All of Me’.

TheHandball Challenge was

createdbyYear 9student

Allisa Mellish, with supportfrom

staff member,Jayne Cornelius.

Teams of six competed over eight

minutegames in around-robin

competition, with the winner being

the class with amember in square

six at the end of the game.

Twoteams were tied forfirst placeatthe end of the challenge -9BMF and



AllAko classes which completed some communityserviceworkduringthe

Top Class Competition were eligible for abonus 30 points. Itwas great to

see the rangeofideas thatclasses had to supportothers in the community,

particularly those in need. Challenge activities included food hampers

for the Salvation Army Food Bank, participation in the ‘Toot for Tucker’,

purchasing Christmas giftsfor children in need,making Christmas cards for

the elderly in our community, organising agames afternoon for Phoenix

Preschool,and so much more!

9OHA collatedafood hamper to donate to the SalvationArmyfor families in

need this Christmas (pictured below):

9BMF studentsWill Rollinson and LaraShierlawbaked forresidentsatRonald

McDonald House,and the class donatedmoney to purchase aboardgame

to put under the McDonald’s Christmas Tree,delivered by Jayden Williams.

At the end of the TopClass Competition, the results were:

1st - 9BMF; 2nd - 9BRM; 3rd - 9OHA.

Thewinning class, 9BMF,received atrophyand afreelunch fortheir first

Akotime in 2020. Theywerealso invited to sit with the staffonstage at

the Year 9Prizegiving on thefinalday.

NewZealand SecondarySchools’Track,

Field and Road Championships

This prestigious year-culminating event was held at Newtown Park in

Wellington from 06-08 December, with Lusungu Mbambo College’s only

representativethis year.

Lusungu competed in the 100m, long jump andtriple jump.

Lusungu competed well, qualifying through to the quarter-finals in the

100 metres event. During the weekendLusunga didsustain an injury also,

receiving help from Timaru’s Craighead Diocesan School physiotherapist.

(Pictured above): Lusungu in full long jump flight.

College Office Beginning-of-Year Hours

Please note that, at the start of2020, the College Office will be open

from 8:30am-3:30pm fromMonday20January.

Some Key2020 StartofYear Dates

Monday27, Tuesday28, Wednesday29January

Course Confirmation days (for selectedstudents,who will be

contacted by the College).

Wednesday 29January New International StudentEnrolments/


Thursday 30January New International StudentEnrolments/


Monday 03 February First dayfor Year 9and Year 13 students

Tuesday 04February First dayfor Year 10 students

Wednesday 05February First dayfor Year 11 andYear 12 students




Merry Christmas

16 th to 29 th December2019

See in-store forholidayhours

Agri Training general manager Greg Barnaby, left, and Agri Training director

Matt Jones are looking to fill gaps in the quality of agricultural education at

the new Agri Training facility in Mid Canterbury. Photo Toni Williams

Agri learningunit

fills industry gap

By Toni Williams

Agri Training students will have practical,

hands­on training to complement

their classroom work when the Mid

Canterbury facility opens next year.

The facility, officially opened last

week, is on the former site of the

Winchmore Research Station.

Agri Training director Matt Jones

said it was the fruition of many years of

planning and would help students to

bridge gaps they needed to work in the

agricultural industry.

In his days as a young ‘‘townie’’

working on afarm, it was hard with no

training or experience. He got involved

as a farm cadet in Ashburton and

worked on aMayfield property to gain

his experience and skills.

The newly­refurbished Winchmore

buildings include office and study

spaces, large classroom and practice

farm space.

Around 65 students, starting from

January 2020, will begin their study for a

Diploma in Agriculture (two years) or a

Diploma in Business Management (18


Mr Jones said the qualifications will

be delivered through City and Guilds,

who have a140­year international history

as avocational education provider.

School leavers start residential training

in February 2020; living at Pinedale

Lodge, in Methven, for a month and

studying at the Agri Training facility.

All the farm placements are with

vetted, and accredited farmers, for onthe­job

learning. It was part of alearn

and earn component, which meant no

student loan at the end of study.

The diplomas offered are also suited

for students with one or two years

industry experience who want to gain a


“We’ve seen agap in the quality of

education. The way people learn these

days is changing as well.”

Education would be offered at the

Winchmore site and on farm and

supported by four internal training staff,

online learning, industry experts and

block training.

As part of the online training platform,

students would also have training

resources they could use on site, via

mobile phone access.

They will also be taught arange of onfarm

knowledge such as health and

safety, motorbikes, tractors, knot tying,

carpentry and engineering, stock pressure,

how to kill asheep and how to use

that meat for patties or sausage making.

They would also learn about living

independently (cooking, cleaning), communication

skills and team building.

Mr Jones said the curriculum would

ensure students had afull education and

were ready for the workforce.

Agri Training’s board of directors

includes Jeanette Maxwell, Andy Innes,

Adin Geeson, Innes McMillan and

David Geddes.

Agri Training general manager Greg

Barnaby said it was hard starting out in

the rural industry with enthusiasm but

no knowledge.

“You’re only as good as the people

who are teaching you.”

‘‘We’re seeking students who are

passionate and committed. They will

learn what they need to get ahead in life,

not just in agriculture, and alot of that

comes down to attitude.

‘‘If they come in with the right attitude

the opportunities for them are endless."

Ashburton District mayor Neil Brown

cut the ribbon to open the facility. He

was aformer shepherd at the Winchmore

Research Station site in the mid­


He said the site was etched in

agricultural history since its purchase by

AgResearch in 1946 to trial border dyke

irrigation. Then it was used for fertiliser

trials which began in the 1950s and are


The site has spray irrigation with

water supplied by Ashburton Lyndhurst

Irrigation Scheme.

McCormick to lead RDR

Tony McCormick has been appointed as

the new Rangitata Diversion Race

Management Ltd (RDRML) chief

executive officer.

Mr McCormick said he was very

pleased with the permanent appointment

and the opportunity to take over at

the bridge of the ship. He has been

standing in as interim chief executive

officer at the RDRML since August,

following the resignation of former boss

Ben Curry.

It was arole he stepped in towith

open eyes. He knew the district, knew

the issues and the importance of water

to Mid Canterbury.

At the time of his interim appointment

he was also looking forward to

implementing some of the ‘‘amazing’’

projects set up by Mr Curry in his

11­plus years inthe role.

Among the projects is the installation

of amultimillion dollar fishscreen at the

RDR’s intake. Tenders for the fish

screen close today and Mr McCormick

said he was looking forward to getting

the work under way.

Mr McCormick, who has an engineering

background and was former chief

executive of Opuha Water is planning a

strategic review in the new year, to give

him aroad map for the next three years.


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Page 16, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Pool gets robotic cleaner

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Community funds

Lion Foundation regional grants committee chairman Roger Paterson, right,

and Ashburton Trust board member Chantelle Quinn, centre, with

Ashburton Multicultural Trust trustees Tumanu JR Paiaaua, Thelma Bell and

Selwyn Price.

Lion Foundation trustees Ashburton mayor Neil Brown, left, and Kieran Breakwell with Helena

Dunlea and the robot cleaner.

Rakaia pool custodian Helena Dunlea has anew tool

that will help keep the popular village swimming spot

spick and span.

The pool committee has bought a$5000 robotic

cleaner that can sweep the bottom of the 33­metrepool

and climbits wallstosuckout gritand other unwanted


A grant from the Lion Foundation enabled the

purchase and Mrs Dunlea has already had it in the pool

and cleaning­makingapreviously laboriousand timeconsuming

job much easier and quicker. She simply

plugs the robot inand sets its loose for acouple of


The Rakaia pool is used regularly by about 50

families and is open now for the long, hot days of

summer. Asupervisor will be poolside from 2pm until

5.30pm, Monday to Friday, while those with key access

can swim from 9am until 9pm.

The village pool is apopular spot. It was built in 1956

and has been asafe place to swim for generations of

Rakaia people; in early days there were regular swim

meets and gymkhanas.

Ashburton mayor Neil Brown swam there and said

he remembers the water being chilly during class

lessons. He has no headfor heights so avoided the high

dive, but he has been off the lower diving board.

Mr Brown and Kieran Breakwell, astrustees for the

Lion Foundation, checked out the new robot cleaner

this week.

Mrs Dunlea said the pool ran with the help ofa

small, dedicated group. She is responsible for checking

chemical levels daily while others gave their time to

different projects.

‘‘It is amajor asset for our kids.’’

Some $318,000 has been

given to local groups and

causesinthe latestfunding

roundfrom theAshburton

Trust and Lion Foundation

regional grants


Ashburton College

received $78,723 for the

purchase of a mini van,

mixing console, six televisions,

sports uniforms

and leadership training.

Groupsreceiving money

for rent or administration

support included Ashburton

Parents Centre

($20,000), Ashburton

Senior Citizens ($30,000),

CanInspire Charitable

Trust ($10,000) and Volunteering

Mid and South

Canterbury ($5000).

The Anglican Parish of

Ashburton received

$15,819 for heat pumps,

Ashburton Harness Racing

Museum Charitable

Trust $13,838 for exterior

painting and Zonta Ashburton

$2444 for venue

hire and costs associated

with hosting the annual

International Women’s

Day breakfast.

Ashburton Multicultural

Trust receives

$17,500 towards the salary

cost ofits co­ordinator.

The trust organises the

successful multicultural

Bite event that showcases

the ethnic diversity of the

district through food and

culture each year at a

Waitangi Day celebration.

Other trust funding

went to the following

groups: Ashburton Housing

and Support Trust

($11,500), Ashburton

Swim Team ($30,000),

Basketball Mid Canterbury

($11,186), Community

House Mid Canterbury

($19,820), Hakatere Multi

Cultural Council

($12,000), Kanuka Mid

Canterbury Regeneration

Trust Board ($5000),

Methven Playcentre

($2539), Presbyterian Support

($20,000), Rakaia

Swimming Pool ($5462)

and Scouts Mania­O­Roto

Zone ($7500).

Season’s Greetings

We areclosed from 1pm Wednesday, December 18,

and reopening on Friday, January3,2020 at 8:30am


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 17

Defence minister presentscadet honours

Minister of Defence Ron

Mark was the inspecting

officeratAshburton Cadet

Unit’s end­of­year parade

on Sunday.

The Minister’s duties

included presenting Lance

Corporal Calais Hill with

the ANZAC Spirit trophy

and Sergeant Maria

Costas with the MEdsall,

MBE Shield of Honour,

the top award for the unit.

He also presented other

awards, gave service coins

and acknowledged promotions.

In turn,the minister was

presented withaunitpatch

and service coin. Coins are

commonly presented by

membersofdefence forces

as tokens of thanks,

respect and awards.

Ashburton Cadet Unit and guests including, front row centre, Minister of Defence Ron Mark, at the

inspection parade. Photo supplied

Andrew Falloon

MP forRangitata

Wishing you aMerryChristmas and a

safe and happy festive season. Ilook

forwardtoworking with you nextyear.

Christmas Office hours

Closes23 rd Dec and Re opens 6 th Jan(Timaru)

13 th Jan(Ashburton). For urgent enquiriesover

this period pleasephone 03683 1386oremail


Timaru Office

139Stafford Street,Timaru

03 6831386


81 Harrison Street,Ashburton

03 308 7510


Authorised by Andrew Falloon

MP,139 Stafford St, Timaru.

Samantha hits on science

Mount Hutt College

student Samantha

Fitzgerald has been

named as the winner of

the Andrew Falloon

MP STEMscholarship.

The scholarshipwas

set up last year by the

Rangitata MP to try to

encourage more

students to take STEM

subjects ­science,


and mathematics.

Some 29 applications

were received thisyear

and applicants were

taskedwith writing

about achallenge

facingNew Zealand

that could be overcome

by using one of the

STEM subjects.

Mr Falloon said all

applications were of a

very highquality, but

ultimately all three

judges were unanimous

in the decision.

Samantha Fitzgerald

had chosen water

quality for her

challenge, noting not

only the scale of the

problem, but alsothe

impact on those who

are being asked to

resolve it.

‘‘It’s really important

we encourage more


Rangitata MP AndrewFalloon with STEMscholarship winner Samantha


STEM subjects.

‘‘Despite the uptick

in unemployment

recently there’s still

huge demand out there

for people with

technical knowledge in

areas likeagricultural

science, so I’m thrilled

that Samantha’s

lookingatputting her

scholarship towards

Walk postponed

A planned fundraising

walk to raise wellbeing

awareness has been postponed

until February.

The wellbeing awareness

walk, on the Woolshed

Creek walkway, was

to have been on December

8 but organiser

Amanda Walker said

wind and rain made

conditions unsafe.

The walk, on Woolshed

Creek walkway, will now

take place on Sunday,

February 16.

The $10 cost per person

will raise money to help

with Waves facilitator

training for Safer Mid

Canterbury’s Lives Worth

Living programme and

connect people who have

been directly, or

indirectly, bereaved by


The Waves programme

in Ashburton, set to start

in February, is an eightweek

programme to support

adults (aged 18 plus)

bereaved by suicide.

Mrs Walker thanked

people who had already

donated money to the

cause via the bank

account and hoped

people would put the date

on their calendars and

join her, and others on the


The event is an uphill

walk to represent the

uphill battle people affected

by suicide face trying

to heal. It does require a

basic level of fitness.

The walk starts at 9am.

studyingscience at


Samantha Fitzgerald

was deputyhead girl at

MountHutt thisyear

and lives on the family

farm nearMethven.

She will study

towards aBachelor of

Science, majoring in

Conservation and

Ecology in 2020 and



hopes to progressto

postgraduate studies.


scholarship is valued at

$1500, with $900raised

throughraffle ticket

sales at the Ashburton,

Winchester, Mayfield

and Methven A&P

shows, and the balance

topped up by Mr


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Page 18, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

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Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 19

Christmas Gift Ideas 2019






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Page 20, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Record price

for homes sold

Median house prices

across New Zealand

increased by 8.6% in

November to a new

record high of $630,000,

up from $580,000 in

November 2018.

Ashburton district’s

average sales price in

November was $355,500,

down from $370,000 the

previous month and down

on the average of

$362,000 ayear ago. Some

54 properties sold in the

month, the same as ayear


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10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17 &18


21, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28 &29

Some 10 regions saw

record median prices

according to the latest

data from the Real Estate

Institute of New Zealand.

Record median prices

were recorded in Canterbury,

where they

increased 5.2% to

$468,000 in November,

compared to $445,000 in

the same month last year

Median house prices in

Auckland increased by

2.9% to $885,000, up from

$860,000 at the same time

last year.




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12pm Monday 23 December

Reopening 8am Wednesday 8 January

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

House fire training in Rakaia

Urban and rural volunteer fire brigades got

invaluable fire training experience this month

with the controlled burn of an unwanted

house in central Rakaia township.

The house, located at the rear of the

children’s playground on Railway Terrace

East, was no longer required by land owners

and was offered to the Rakaia brigade for

training use.

Rakaia fire chief Tyrone Burrows said the

opportunity was quickly taken upbythe Fire

and Emergency New Zealand training unit

who had trainers from Christchurch, Timaru

and Nelson on site, alongside fire crews from

Rakaia, Ashburton, Methven, Dunsandel,

Pendarves and Lauriston.

The first fire was set at 9am.

It was fitted out with donated household

furniture to createthe heat and give firecrews

real fire experience.

Mr Burrows said while urban crews from

Rakaia, Dunsandel, Ashburton and Methven

­ who had breathing apparatus training ­

controlled the burn from inside the house,

rural crews from Pendarves and Lauriston

controlled the burn on the exterior.

‘‘They were shownhow to deal with the fire

when they first get there.

‘‘It was agood learning experience to see

live fire and, in acontrol airway, therewas no

panic, no rush. They can learn in that

environment, Mr Burrows said, of the fire


‘‘They were taughtdifferent techniques and

thatyou don't need to put alot of wateronto

the fire to control it. So that means they can

conserve their water, because some places

Fire and Emergency New Zealand crews get some invaluable training experience

with acontrolled house burn in central Rakaia.

there is alimited resource of water until you

get additional tankers arriving.’’

Mr Burrows said all seven rooms ­referred

to as cells ­were able to be utilised duringthe


Starting with the outside room, controlled

by rural crews, the fire then spread to the

inside and as each room caught the heat was

allowed to build up and then controlled in the

way it burned.

‘‘We managed toget the whole exercise

through before welost the house.

‘‘We managed to control the fire to be able

to fully utilise the house and every room.

He said for some firies it was their first

Ashburton mayor Neil Brown comments

It seems hard to believe that

another year is now close to an

end, but as we look back at the

year that was, it's also great to see

some wonderful things comingup

on the horizon.

On the council front, this year

has been abig one. The local body

elections deliveredanew term of

council in October and Iwas very

honoured to be elected as mayor.

Our balanced team of new and

experienced elected members is

settling in well into their new

roles, and Ihave greatly enjoyed

meetingother mayors from

aroundthe country.

Several key infrastructure

projects have begun that will

enhance our district. The

Ashburton River Crossing and

Pump Station project is now well

under way. This will ensure

Ashburton's wastewater network


The Ministry of Education

(MOE) isgoing to market

for aproject manager who

will manage the rebuilds at

both Ashburton Intermediate

and Allenton schools

and hopes to appoint by


can continue tomeet the needs of

agrowing population.

The plans to revitalise

Ashburton's town centre has

made significant headway, with

physical workstothe streetscape

set to begin early next year.

The Rakaia Salmon Site is the

focus of amuch­needed upgrade.

We were very fortunate to receive

asignificant contribution from the

Government's Tourism

Infrastructure Fund of almost

$740,000 to help install new toilet

facilities and improve landscaping,

which includes playground

equipment, rubbish bins, signage

and lighting.

Roadinghas continued to be a

big priority for the council, with

millions of dollars invested. The

Beach Road rehabilitation has

been one of our biggest roading

projects that has delivered quality

improvements for residents.

The Ng King Brothers Chinese

Market Garden Settlement on

Allens Roadreached an

important milestone, with the site

declared archaeological


Next year, Ashburton will have

the honour of hosting the national

Sister Cities Conference in April.

This outstanding event poses

great potential for investment and

opportunities, not to mention the

economic benefits of visitors

staying and spending in our


Although there has been much

to celebrate in 2019, there have

also been terrible tragedies that

will be with us forever.

Our thoughts continue to be

with the families and friends of

those taken during the

Christchurch mosque attacks, in

opportunity with a house fire although

experience ranged from three years to 17


Mr Burrows said for most of the exercise

therewas agood crowd of spectatorsfrom the

community around to see the local crews in


And overall the half day training exercise ­

in ideal conditions with rain in the morning

and wind in the afternoon ­gave the fire crews

some ‘‘invaluable training experience’’.

‘‘We don't get these opportunities very

often soyou've got to take it when you get it.

‘‘Certainly very invaluable, so great day for


our community and on ourroads.

At times of fear, immense sorrow

and disbelief, our community has

rallied together in solitude to

reject hatred, provide comfort and

support those in need.

Ihope that like me, you will

hold your loved ones even tighter

this holiday season and appreciate

the important things in our lives.

Tragically, not everyone will have

the chance to do that this year and

my thoughts are with them.

On that note, Ihope that you

are able to create many wonderful

memories with friends and family

this Christmas. If you are

travellingaway, please be extra

careful on the roads. Be safe,

enjoy your timetogether and I

look forward to working with you

to make the Ashburton District an

even greater place in the New


Drawn to Sound exhibition opens

Amultimedia, performance based

exhibition created by Dunedin

artists Hannah Joynt and Jane

Venis has opened at Ashburton

Art Gallery.

Hannah Joynt is acontemporary

drawing practitioner who

works in arange of media, processes

and scales. Jane Venis is a

musician, performance artist and

maker of sculptural musical instruments.

Their collaboration, Drawn to

Sound, addresses the question

‘How do we collaborate successfully

with two very different

creative practices in order to

explore new territories within a

contemporary context?

Over three days prior to the

opening of Saturday’s exhibition

Jane Venis played a range of

instruments inanimprovisational

way, while Hannah Joynt

responded to the music and interpreted

itthrough large­scale drawings.

One five metre wide work completed

is the biggest the pair have

collaborated on to date.

Jane Venis, left, and Hannah Joynt, with brush in hand, work on

afive metre piece.

The onsite artworks are a key

part of the exhibition, which also

includes videos of live performances,

drawings and sound works

made at arecent arts residency in


The artists have completed similar

projects together and will return

to South Korea soon with some of

the works completed in Ashburton.

Drawn to Sound runs until

March 8.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 21

Page 22, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 23

Page 24, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 25

Page 26, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 27

Page 28, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 29


Farm life after Mycoplasma bovis

By Toni Williams

Lynne and Duncan Barr have spent

the past few months re­adjusting

their lives after being given the all

clear of Mycoplasma bovis (Mbovis).

The couple, who have just

returned from aweek relaxing at

Akaroa, suffered aparticularly tough

and emotional ride, starting in late

April 2018 when they identified

Mbovis trace animals on their

Brogdens Road run­off block at

Lowcliffe, south of Ashburton.

Calves they bought the year earlier

had come from aMbovis positive

property. They went into voluntary

lock down of the block.

It was one of three properties with

stock they farmed at the time; they

also had alease block on Coldstream

Road, and their home dairy farm at

Old Main South Road, Ealing,

milking around 675 cows, which was

always clear but came under alot of


In the following months they were

inundated following abureaucratic

paper trail process which, at times,

seemed nonsensical.

Mr Barr, enjoying time being a

farmer again, was unaware until now

about just how much the process had

affected him. It was so consuming

and created alot of confusion from

differing information; if there was

any information at all.

He said it was ‘‘quite nice getting

back to normal without

interruptions’’ although Mother

Nature did recently remind them of

her force, overflowing the nearby

Rangitata River and forcing the

closure of State Highway One. It

Duncan Barr is enjoying time just being afarmer again.

meant limited milk tanker access for

afew days and milk being dumped.

But being on the high side of the

Rangitata River, Mr Barr said they’d

had nothing like the sort of issues

farmers on the lower levels were


He said time away from dealing

with Ministry for Primary Industries

(MPI) staff and those in the Mbovis

programme highlighted ‘‘just how

annoying the whole Mbovis

programme is,’’ he said.

‘‘It was all consuming and you get

drawn away from your core duties.’’

‘‘You get tied in to the

bureaucratic process and what you

should be doing, you haven’t got time

for it, you get called away from it.’’

The last time The Ashburton

Courier caught up the Barr’s they

were waiting for compensation


It came through in mid­September

after afive and ahalf month wait.

But it will not be the Barr's final


There are still losses to claim on

annual earnings, such as loss of calf

business earnings and losses of

earnings on Wagyu animal contracts.

These upcoming claims have

involved regular contact with his

accountant and waiting for proof of

annual earnings losses.

‘‘It doesn’t go away overnight. It

does take along time to get out.

‘‘And probably the mental issue

with it as well, I’ll be honest with you,

it’s only in the last month or six weeks

that my head is clear from it."

He has remained in contact with

other farmers dealing with issues in

the process and will step in when

needed, but has taken time to clear

his own head.

The Mbovis Affected Farmers

Facebook page ­anonline farmer to

farmer support group ­which he

helped to set up, was still available

for farmers as away to find out


The open page was set up in late

November 2018 and reached farmers


It was aimed to help minimise

stress on farmers going through the

eradication process.

Mr Barr, who was the initial group

spokesman, knew how beneficial

farmer­to­farmer contact was and

the page allowed farmers to find out

about anything relevant to the

Mbovis programme or about MPI’s

response activity.

At the time the Facebook page was

set up Mr Barr was having difficulty

with the length of time things were

taking and the complete lack of

information, which was the most

difficult to deal with.

He felt totally isolated, which was

the reason behind the Facebook

page –toget others talking and let

them know they were not alone.

It may still be useful for farmers in

the process, and for people who do

not use Facebook, the group can be

reached via email at


Mr Barr is looking forward to

getting back to some normality now.

“When you look at how bad things

were handled 12 months ago, and the

advice and stuff that’s been given to

MPI, you would think that things

would’ve improved but it’s got worse;

12 months ago they could say they

don’t know, but (now) they know.”

“They are still making the same

mistakes, and even worse mistakes,

than they were making 12 months


“The worst part about it, it doesn’t

have to be this bad.

“Fundamentally they still do not

know how farms work. Until they

know that, there is no way they can

get on top of it.”

For now Mr Barr is looking

forward, not back, and taking a

breather with no immediate plans in


He has an interest in the South

Canterbury dairy farmers Aad and

Wilma van Leeuwen court case

(which started last week) against

MPI over lost compensation

estimated to be around $3million and

would really like aclear indication of

what costs to date have been spent

through the programme. Especially

with alarge amount of running about

costs by programme staff and

associated costs with processes.

He did not think communication

had improved in the past 12 months

and was concerned that as soon as

the $870 million, made up from

government and industry, was gone,

farmers were going to be liable for

100 percent of the costs.

Down the track he was looking

forward to aCommission of Inquiry

into the Mbovis eradication

programme so information on the

process was put in the spotlight. By

then, he will have abit to say.

Rural Support Trust South Canterbury help for Rangitata families

Rural Support Trust South Canterbury are hoping to ‘‘flood

Rangitata with kindness this Christmas’’ after recent flooding

in the area and have taken to social media to raise support.

Anumber of families were affected by rising water levels and

subsequent flooding along the Rangitata River.

‘‘The trauma ofrising water levels and being evacuated has a

lasting effect onfamilies­ especially on little people. So we would

really appreciate your help to flood Rangitata with kindness this

Christmas!’’ RST South Canterbury posted toFacebook.

‘‘We would love to let these families know that the community

is thinking of them by offering some gifts for children, care

packages for families and putting together some weekends offfarm

for families so that they have something to look forward to

after the clean­up next year.’’

People can help by; donating agift for achild, aged 2­16, or

hamper items for care packages. They can be dropped at FMG

Timaru, 18 Woollcombe Street, Timaru or at Trio Boutique,

Talbot Street inGeraldine.

People can donate money towards gifts through the South

Canterbury Rural Support Trust bank account number:

06­0889­0344843­00, reference Rangitata. Orpeople can donate

the use of their holiday home, home and activities for families to

use next year as an off­farm holiday. Private message them on

Facebook for this option.



Thursday, December 19

• Temuka Store Cattle

Monday, January 6

• Temuka

Tuesday, January 7

• Canterbury Park All


Thursday, January 9

• Temuka Store Cattle





ACL -Ashburton Contracting

Ltd Ph: 308 4039


Proshear Limited

Ph: 302 7541

To advertise in this space

please call 308 7664




• DairyNZ accreditedEffluent

Pond Design andConstruction

• Pond Constructionand

Irrigation Development

• Hedgeand Stump Removal

• Farm Conversions

• DairyTracks–

Lime or Gravel

• PumpHire

• Wellsand Galleries

• Bulk Earthworks

• Subdivisions

• Site Works

• Tree Shear

• Transportation


Brought to you by your

local insurance brokers

199 Burnett Street, Ashburton


Page 30, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Agri Training scholarships

Mid Canterbury’s new Agri Training

facility has scholarships available for

three promising students, passionate

about starting acareer in agriculture

through the facility.

The Agri Training Elite Scholarship

and Agri Training Future

Leaders Scholarship offer full, or

partial funding, for the Agri

Training residential programme

and Diploma in Agriculture.

To apply students need to

prepare a700 to 1000 word

submission outlining how they

hope to contribute to the primary


Submissions close January 10,


Full terms and conditions on the

Agri Training Website.


to the winner

of our

Santa Comes

To Town Competition



(Pictured left):

Courier Sales Account

Managers KarenGane

and Roselle Fuaso with

Gary Stratford.

Sincerethanks to the following advertisers fortheir participation and gifts:

Drummond &Etheridge Harvey’sBakehouse Honda Country

Hoopers Outdoor PowerCentre Lakeway Nursery MacrocraftFurniture

Paper Plus Ashburton PetZone Limited PlaceMakers

Pool &Pump World Sim’s Bakery Stihl Shop Ashburton

Shop local because

Amazon won’tprovide

raffle prizes foryour kids

school,sponsor community


friendly faceand

alistening ear.



Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Stock feed wanted

Federated Farmers members have

been rallying around for stock feed

to help farmers affected by extensive

flooding of the Rangitata


The flooding, earlier this month,

was aone­in­20­year flood event

which cut off access between

Ashburton and South Canterbury,

with water flowing across State

Highway One and at the Arundel

Bridge on the inland scenic route.

Federated Farmers South Canterbury

provincial president Jason

Grant said the exact number of

farmers affected was unknown, but

up to 30 farm properties had

suffered differing degrees of damage.

“The number is probably

between 20 and 30. It’s complicated

as there are alot of farms

affected to varying degrees from

flood water covering up to 50

percent of their properties, to

other properties with small surface

flooding of some paddocks.”

He said the damage ranged

from fences with broken wires,

pulled out posts, debris covering

wire and netting, to damaged

irrigation infrastructure, broken

irrigators, broken underground

water pipes, water damaged

pumps and pump sheds.

There was also silted pasture

which stock are unable to eat and

uprooted trees, sticks, rocks and

The one in 20 year flooding

caused extensive damage.

silt had covered paddocks.

“The river has carved out areas

of ground and lane ways,” he said.

Environment Canterbury

(Ecan) staff are still closely monitoring

rivers around Canterbury

with ongoing rain forecasts in the

Rangitata catchment.

They are reporting ‘‘significant

flows are still going down the

South Branch but ongoing works

are occurring in the river to divert

this water back into the main

channel. We expect the flow in the

South Branch to reduce slowly...

the river system is in a very

sensitive state and even with these

lower flows, changes in flow patterns

are possible, which could

result in overland flow paths


“All residents in the area are

advised to be wary of these

possible changes.

“There are eight heavy

machines working at various locations

in the river to return over

flows back to the main channel.

Every effort is being made to stop

outflows from the river, and to

reduce the vulnerability of interim


This work will relieve ‘‘ongoing

flood outflows’’ and improvements

will slowly happen but works to

restore flood protection will take

much longer (weeks to months)

and the river remains highly vulnerable

to any future weather


It will take some time for these

farmers to be able to return to life

as normal, so offers of support

were appreciated.

Mr Grant said any people wanting

to offer help with clean up can

contact the district's Rural Support

Trust network on phone 0800

787 254.

But offers of feed, needed for

livestock that had either been

relocated, or restricted to certain

areas of farms, can be made

directly to Federated Farmers on

phone 0800 327 646.

Farmers urged to seek support

As the full effects of flood

damage around the Rangitata

catchment and further afield

becomes known, farmers are

reminded toreach out for help if

they need it.

The downpour, and its flow on

effect, took many farmers by

surprise with damaged property,

roadclosures,power outages and

flooding; at least 22 farms were

affected in the Rangitata district

and another 40 farms on the

West Coast.

DairyNZ South Island hub

lead Tony Finch said South

Island farms were affected by

damaged infrastructure, rivers

cutting new paths through farmland

and silt accumulation across

hectares of land.

It was compounded in some

areas by bridges and roads out of

action affecting milk collection.

The ferociousness of the

recent rain took many farmers by

surprise and, even days later,

some were still working with

intermittent power and closed

roads affecting milk collection.

“Farmers are apretty resilient

bunch and very solutionsfocused.

Even when they are

isolated geographically, thereare

many people, organisations and

information available to support

–they are not alone.”

He said every situation was

different and heencouraged farmers

to talk to your DairyNZ

regional team for advice on farm

system support.

“It’s worth taking the time to

look ahead by creating a feed

plan, assessing current feed

resources and cow condition,and

damage to infrastructure.

‘‘Damaged, wet tracks can create

issues with lameness, socontact

your local Healthy Hoof provider,

they are trained to help

with this problem.’’

Mr Finch also encouraged farmers

toplan for additional rain

which couldadd pressure to their

system and to consider if paddocks

were likely to reflood,

where the cows should bekept

and what to do if milk collection

was cut­off.

‘‘Planning ahead can support

good decision­making at the


Stem Rust thrives in wet and warm

Stem rust infection starts on the

leaves and in warm wet conditions

it can quickly spread.

It can go from being virtually

undetected in a field to being

simple to spot.

Foundation for Arable

Research’s (FAR) Richard

Chynoweth pointed out the key

findings to date on their stem rust

research at the arable research in

action event at Chertsey.

Stem rust of ryegrass and tall

fescue is caused by a fungus

(Puccinia graminis subsp. gramiicola).

In New Zealand stem rust can

cause yield reductions of up to 66

percent in turf type perennial

ryegrass, whereas the New Zealand

bread forage types are some of the

most tolerant cultivars known globally.

“If you have warm wet mornings

and warm wet nights you will see it

take off,” said Mr Chynoweth. Its

pathogen overwinters in rye grass

and tall fescue populations either

in last season’s crop or on weedy

areas such as lane ways or roadsides.

FAR’s Richard Chynoweth talks

about growing conditions for

stem rust infection.

He said early sown crops were

likely to be at higher risk than late

sown crops because early autumn

infection created agreater potential

for severe disease outbreaks in

the following spring and summer.

Growers commonly see the first

sign of stem rust in December

following spike and stem emergence,

and infections can develop

rapidly. It develops more quickly as

the temperature increases.

The secondary spread of urediniospores

happens during spring and

summer through wind, or plant to

plant contact.

Spore germination and subsequent

infection required several

hours of leaf wetness at night with

continued leaf wetness following

sunrise. Adew is sufficient to begin

the infection process.

The different colours of stem

rust identifies different rusts.

Trials into the treatment of stem

rust is ongoing but two seasons of

FAR­funded trials had demonstrated

seed yield increases followed

the addition of a triazole

fungicide (either Proline or Opus)

to Moddus, as it gave early season

control of the pathogen, as

opposed to enhancement of Moddus

activity. Whether applied as a

tank mix or with aseven­day gap,

disease control, lodging control and

seed yields were the same.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 31

Page 32, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz



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Volunteers bag up, deliver baking

Store gives generously

Mid Canterbury Cancer Society volunteers with some of the festive treats, from left, Jenny

Proctor, Anita Hayes, Elaine Cochrane, Linda Croy, Vivien Bennett, Carole Hunt, Lorraine

Newlands, Judith Crozier, Penny Kerr and Gwenda Ireland.

Home baking and festive treats for people affected

by cancer have been donated and distributed

around the district by volunteers from the Mid

Canterbury Cancer Society.

Dozens of parcels of baking were delivered on


The sweet treats included shortbread, mini

Christmas cakes, chocolate chip cookies and other

festive baking and have been donated from several

sources in the community.

The Mid Canterbury Cancer Society will also give

hampers, with additional food and vouchers in

them, to others who are facing difficult circumstances.

The festive baking initiative has run for the last

nine years.

Lions support hospital shuttle bus

Mid Canterbury cancerpatients

taking the shuttle from Daffodil

House accommodation to

radiation or chemotherapy

treatment at Christchurch Hospital

will ride with the heartfelt wishes

of seven Mid Canterbury Lions


The groupswere among 21

Lions clubsaround the upper

South Island to raise $11,500

recently for the running of the

shuttle, which makes around

16,000 patient transfers annually

and has arunning cost of around


The shuttle is organised by the

Canterbury West CoastCancer


Mid and South Canterbury

patients make up 22 per cent of the

users, with 35 per cent coming

from the Nelson/Marlborough area

and 30 per cent from the West


Lions clubmembers say the

transfer service is invaluable and

the importance of the shuttle

cannot be minimised as patients

and their supporters are going

through atraumatic time in their

lives whileliving away from their


The $11,500 raisedthis year will

effectively pay the shuttle’s annual

fuel cost.

Over the past three years, the

Lions clubs have contributed


Mitre 10 Mega Ashburton is helping to

lighten the load for Mid Canterbury

families over Christmas through a

generous donation to Birthright Canterbury

and St Vincent de Paul.

Apallet load of children toys, sport

and recreation equipment and activity

kits, valued at around $5000, and suited

to children of all ages was given to the

two organisations last week for distribution

to their member families.

St Vincent de Paul’s Trevor Wall and

Birthright Canterbury’s Christine Muff

gratefully accepted the gifts which

would be welcomed by the people they

were working with.

Mr Wall said Mid Canterbury was

fortunate to have some ‘‘very generous

people out there’’ which helped to make

Christmas time more enjoyable for their

member families.

As afamily­based business and apart

of the Ashburton community, Mitre 10

Mega Ashburton were keen to give back

to the community, especially at this time

of year. Operations manager Michelle

Brown said not everybody had the

luxury of going through Christmas

without added support, and it was

something the company could help with

through organisations like Birthright

and St Vincent de Paul.

Photo: St Vincent de Paul’s Trevor

Wall and Birthright Canterbury’s Christine

Muff, right, gratefully receive the

generous gift from Mitre 10 Mega

Ashburton operations manager

Michelle Brown, rear.

Cemetery work done

The extensiontoAshburton Cemetery

­now completed ­will provide1300

conventionalburial plotsand almost

700 ashesplots.

The details are outlined in the

council’s annual report.

The extension, yet to be officially

opened, includesanaturalburial area

and an ashes­scatteringgarden and

should meet Ashburton’s needs for the

next 30 to 40 years.

The existingcemetery is almost full.

The extension includesnew roads

and entranceways, and water lines and


Meanwhile, the AshburtonDomain

Development Plan will go out for

consultation in the New Year.



Deanoand theteamteam

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Ourtrading hours are:

Thurs 19 Dec &Fri 20 Dec


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Page 36, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Labour List MP Jo Luxton comments

Time to reflect as year draws to end

As 2019 draws to an end and we

turn our minds to celebrating

Christmas and the holiday period

with family and friends, I’d like to

take the opportunity to reflect on

the year that has been. It has

been atremendous year of

compassion, kindness, hard work

and delivery.

This year has not been without

its tragedies and challenges but as

acommunity we have pulled

together and seeing the

incredible unity, aroha and

community spirit of our people

here in Mid Canterbury, in the

wake of the March 15 terrorist

attack was abeautiful and

inspiring thing.

Iwill be forever thankful for

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s

compassionate leadership

throughout an unprecedented

tragedy in New Zealand and

eternally proud of our region’s

unbreakable heart, that rejected

the horrific thoughts and actions

of one person’s attempt to divide


Recent flooding of the

Rangitata River yet again showed

what this community is made of,

with locals offering hot showers,

warm food and aplace to sleep

for displaced travellers.

Being an MP in this beautiful

electorate makes me incredibly

proud. Getting out into the

community and meeting locals is

my favourite part of the job. An

absolute highlight this year was

Jacinda Ardern’s visit to

Ashburton College, alongside

Minister Chris Hipkins, to

announce arebuild of the school.

The gasps when the amount of

the investment was announced

was agreat moment, as teachers

and staff realised that they will be

getting aschool with no more

buckets needed to collect rain in

the library!

As amother and trained ECE

teacher, 2019 was the year for

giving our previously

underfunded schools afinancial

shot in the arm, while easing the

costs of our kids schooling on all

parents. It was fantastic to see

this Government end NCEA fees

and most school donation


Iknow of one school in

Rangitata that will be supplying

every single student with a

stationery pack next year. On

their first day of school for 2020,

abox of stationery will sit on

every desk of every student. This

will make ahuge difference to so

many families at such astressful

time of year.

At the beginning of this month,

it was announced that almost

every state school in New

Zealand will receive funding for

infrastructure repairs. The total

of this funding for Rangitata is

almost $6 million. This is just the

first announcement from our new

capital investment package, with

more project announcements to

come in early 2020.

This funding will create jobs in

every community in the country

while helping to make our

schools the special places they

deserve to be.

The last two years have gone

incredibly fast, and we have

achieved so much already. But we

mustn’t be complacent, there is

more to do, we are committed

and shall keep doing this!

Meri Kirihimete to you all, I

hope you have awonderful

Christmas break with your family

and friends

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Eye­opener for air cadets

Air Training Corp cadets

from Ashburton’s No. 24

Squadron got apleasant

surprise recently when,

on returning from avisit

to Royal New Zealand

Air Force (RNZAF) Base

Woodbourne, near Blenheim,

they came across a

rare sight – a RNZAF

NH90 helicopter.

The Ohakea­based

helicopter, used for frontline

military and civil

operations, was one of

three on standby at Kaikoura

as part of the transport

for visiting royals

Prince Charles and the

Duchess of Cornwell;

although the Duchess was

not on this leg of the tour.

The RNZAF has eight

of the NH90 helicopters

in its fleet.

It is able to carry up to

18 people, with door gunners,

or 12 fully equipped


The opportunity to get

up close to the aircraft

was the icing on the cake

for many of the cadets

already enjoying the

chance to visit the air

force base.

Photo: In front of the

RNZAF NH90 helicopter

is (from left) No.24 (Ashburton)

Squadron Flight

Lieutenant (FLTLT) Lisa

Sutton, cadet (CDT)

Charlie McDonald, CDT

Andy Armour, leading air

cadet (LAC) Lachlan

Chisholm, RNZAF pilot

FLTLT Loic Ifrah, LAC

Neiv Sol, CDT Joshua

McKenzie, CDT corporal

Kane McDonnell and

CDT Jonathon Kilgour.

Council’s cost of funds low

At 3.5 per cent, Ashburton District

Council’s cost of funds remains lower

than many other councils in the local

government sector.

The cost of funds is an indicator of a

council’s funding and interest rate risk

management programme.

The Ashburton district’s cost of funds

was close to 6per cent five years ago and

has declined steadily since. It reached its

lowest levels (3.4 per cent) at the end of


Councils primarily borrow to fund

capital investments, such as the building

of infrastructure and amenities that

benefit the community.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 37

Page 38, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Ashburton College Year 10 Prize List 2019

Myia Ackerley, Application

andEffort;Annalise Ackroyd,

Excellence in Digital Technology,

Excellence in Design and

Visual Communication,

Application and Effort;

Amanda Adachi, Application

and Effort; Cole Aitken,

Application and Effort; Libby

Alford, Excellence in Dance,

Application and Effort; Jed

Amos, Applicationand Effort;

Kyly Apaipo, Application and

Effort; Julianna Apoldo,

Excellence in Materials Technology

–Fabrics, Application

and Effort; Matthew

Ashdowne, Excellence in

Digital Technology, Excellence

in Japanese as asecond

language, Application and

Effort; Crystal Bentley,Application

and Effort; Ashleigh

Blakemore, Application and

Effort; Mariz Bravo, Applicationand

Effort;Jack Brown,

Excellence in Japanese as a

second language, Application

and Effort; Verity Burgess,

Application and Effort;

Angela Burrowes, Excellence

in Dance, Application and

Effort; Kyle Cabading, Excellence

in Outdoor Education,

Excellence in Materials Technology,

Application and

Effort; Zane Cameron, Excellence

in German as asecond

language, Application and

Effort; Kyle Christie, Application

and Effort; Jaimee

Chute, Application and

Effort; Matty Colcord, Excellence

in Exercise Performance,

Application and Effort;

Ben Conaghan, Application

and Effort; Jayde Cook,

Application and Effort; Skyla

Cramond, Application and

Effort, Irish David, Application

and Effort; Jesca

Descargar, Application and

Effort; Boaz Drye, Excellence

in Music,Excellence in Materials

Technology, Application

and Effort; Jessalene Eclipse,

General Excellence in 10W,

Application and Effort;

Margret Eli, Excellence in

Maori; Kaeleb Evans, Application

and Effort; Joseph

Fakataha, Excellence in

Materials Technology, Application

and Effort; Luvepa

Falealili, Excellence in English,

Application and Effort;

Alex Gabriel, Application and

Effort; Dawn Gargar, Application

and Effort; Bri Gaze­

Inia, Application and Effort;

Anthony Gola, Excellence in

Exercise Performance, Applicationand

Effort; EmmaGraham,

Application and Effort;

Ethan Gray, Excellence in

Germanasasecond language,

Application and Effort; Ruby

Gray, Application and Effort;

Emily Greer, Application and

Effort; Rebekah Grieve,

Application and Effort; Isla

Griffiths, Application and

Effort; Caendal Harris,Application

and Effort; Izayih Harris,

Application and Effort;

Riley Harris, Application and

Effort; Georgia Hart, Excellence

in German as asecond

language, Application and

Effort; Elizabeth Hastie,

Application and Effort; Cairo

Hawkes, Application and

Effort; Dominic Hay, Excellence

in Mathematics, Excellence

in Money Management,

Application and Effort; Skyler

Heads, Excellence in Agriculture,

Application and Effort;

Bailey Hill, Application and

Effort; Olivia Hill, Application

and Effort; Henry

Hobbs, Excellence in Materials

Technology, Application

and Effort; Chinatsu Hunt,

Excellence in Music, Application

and Effort; MacKenzie

Hunter, Application and

Effort; Salatielu Iakopo,

Excellence in Art; Cory Jenkins,

Application and Effort;

Jack Jessep, Excellence in

Agriculture, Excellence in

Mathematics, Excellence in

Science, Excellence in Social

Studies, Application and

Effort; Mia Jessep, Application

and Effort; Molly

Jones, Excellence in Agriculture,

Application and Effort;

Christian Julia, Application

and Effort; Jade Jung, Excellence

in Digital Technology,

Excellence in German as a

second language, Application

and Effort; Gina Kittikote,

Application and Effort; Ashton

Lilley, Application and

Effort; Mackenzie Lockyer,

Application and Effort; Mia

Love, Application and Effort;

Hamish Lyth, Excellence in

Design and Visual Communication,

Excellence in Money

Management, Application

and Effort; Jervin Madla,

Excellence in English as an

Additional Language; Joanne

Mafiti, Excellence in English

Language Studies, Excellence

in English as an Additional

Language, Application and

Effort; Misty Mafiti, Excellence

in English as an Additional

Language, Application

and Effort; Parixit Maharjan,

Application and Effort; WilliamMakutu,

Application and

Effort; Cassidy Mann, Excellence

in Physical Education

and Health, Excellence in

Outdoor Education, General

Excellence in 10M, Application

and Effort; Jesse Martin,

Application and Effort;

Lindalaurosa Masina, Application

and Effort; Sarah Mattson,

Excellence in Food and

Nutrition, Excellence in

Materials Technology –Fabrics,

Application and Effort;

Lusungu Mbambo, Excellence

in Exercise Performance,

Excellence in Design and

Visual Communicatio, Application

and Effort; Rachel

McArthur, Application and

Effort; Campbell McBride,

Excellence in Maori, Application

and Effort; Kane

McDonnell; Application and

Effort; Ashton McGrath,

Application and Effort; Charlize

McKenzie, Excellence in

Drama, Application and

Effort; Amy McLachlan,

Excellence in Design and

Visual Communication, General

Excellence in 10K, Application

and Effort; Caleb

McNulty­Burns, Excellence in

Drama, Application and

Effort; Molly Milmine, Applicationand

Effort; Millar Newlands,

Application and Effort;

Jack Nicol, Application and

Effort; Max Nicol, Excellence

in Dance, Application and

Effort; Eli Orena, Excellence

in Agriculture, GeneralExcellence

in 10X, Application and

Effort; Luke Pasion, Excellence

in Art, Excellence in

Social Studies,General Excellence

in 10V, Application and

Effort; Mae Patterson, Excellence

in Music, Application

and Effort; Matt Pearce,

Excellence in Physical Education

and Health, Application

and Effort; Rajjit Prasad,

Applicationand Effort; Ethan

Reodique, Application and

Effort; Amelie Robertson,

Application and Effort; Ciara

Ross, Excellence in Money

Management, Application

and Effort; Jorja Roulston,

Excellence in Food and

Nutrition, Application and

Effort; Charles Savage, Excellence

in Outdoor Education,

Application andEffort;Anjali

Savaiinaea, Application and

Effort; Ella Shanks, Application

and Effort; Ron Sildo,

Application and Effort; Charlotte


and Effort; Ella Skinner,

Excellence in Food and

Nutrition,Excellence in Social

Studies, Application and

Effort; Neiv Sol, Application

and Effort; Conner Stewart,

Excellence in Japanese as a

second language, Excellence

in Music, Application and

Effort; Billie Surridge, Excellence

in Dance, Excellence in

Drama, Application and

Effort; Hannah Swindley,

Application and Effort;


and Effort; Sivailoa Teomatavui,

Application and

Effort; Claudia Thomas,

Excellence in Agriculture,

Excellence inMaterials Technology

–Fabrics, Application

and Effort; Riley Tindall,

Application and Effort; Holly

Trotter, Application and

Effort; Bradley Vercoe, Excellence

in Outdoor Education;

Lucas Vainerere, Application

and Effort; Henry Wallis,

Application and Effort; Charlotte

Watson, Excellence in

Exercise Performance, Excellence

in Materials Technology

–Fabrics, General Excellence

in 10J,Applicationand Effort;

Dom Wayman, Application

and Effort; Josh Wilding,

Application and Effort; Jessica

Wilson, Application and

Effort; Nicole Wilson, Application

and Effort; Brodie

Winstone, Application and

Effort; Ophelia Yao, Application

and Effort; Maddy

Young, General Excellence in

10N, Application and Effort;

Mickele Young, Application

and Effort; Gwen Zamora,

Application and Effort.

Academic and Special


Tiffany Agacer, Top

Student in English as an

Additional Language, Excellence

in English Language

Studies, Application and

Effort; Lauryn Aiolupotea,

Top Student in Social Studies,

Application and Effort; Alex

Bateman, Mihi Pai Award for

receiving the most Mihi Pai

acknowledgements in Year10,

Excellence in English, Excellence

in Social Studies, General

Excellence in 10L, Application

and Effort; Rebecca

Brown, Ashburton Society of

Performing Arts Trophy for a

student participating to ahigh

standard in the performing

arts, Top Student in Dance,

Excellence in Music, Application

and Effort; Marc

Calzada, Registered Music

Teachers’ Trophy for the most

promising instrumental

student in the junior school,

Top Student inMusic –joint

award, Excellence in English,

Excellence in Mathematics,

Excellence in Science, Excellence

in Digital Technology,

Excellence in Japanese as a

second language, General

Excellence in 10P, Application

and Effort; Brooke

Cornish­Madden, Junior

Girls’ Squash Champion,

Excellence in Dance, Excellence

in Physical Education

and Health, Application and

Effort; Imogene Felton, Top

Student in Music – joint

award, Excellence in Art,

Excellence in Drama, Excellence

in Science, Application

and Effort; Devon Flannery,

ANZ Bank Junior Cricketer

of the Year, Junior Boys’

Squash Champion; Brodyn

Gabites, Junior Chess Champion,

Top Student in Digital

Technology, Excellence in

Money Management, Application

and Effort; Anna Gray,

Top Student inExercise Performance,

Top Student in

Agriculture(Ashburton Grain

& Seed Association Prize),

Application and Effort;

Jordan Green, Galletly Award

for Leadership, Initiative and

Innovation, Application and

Effort; Felicity Johnston, Top

Student in Art, Excellence in

Music, Application and

Effort; Mya Johnston, Jane

Petrie Trophy for top female

skier, Ashburton College Trophy

for the female showing

the most grit and determination

in sport, Excellence in

Food and Nutrition, Application

and Effort; Maddi

Lowry, Clayton Cup for Girls’

Cycling; Ngahuia Maeva,

Toro Iwikau –Archie Keepa ­

Kaumata Ashburton College

1993­2003 Trophy for Top

Overall Year10 Maori

student, Top StudentinMaori

– joint award, Excellence in

Art, Application and Effort;

MyanMartizano, Top Student

in Design and Visual Communication,

Top Student in

Materials Technology, Application

and Effort; Caitlin

Muir, Top Student in Food

and Nutrition, Top Student in

Money Management, Application

and Effort; Ella Pearson,

Top Student in Physical

Education and Health, Application

and Effort; Ally Power,

Top Student in Outdoor Education,

Application and

Effort; Glena Prado, Top

student inEnglish Language

Studies, Excellence in Agriculture,

Application and

Effort; Zoe Ritchie, Top

Student in Drama, Top

Student in Japanese, Top

student inMaterials Technology

–Fabrics, Excellence in

English, Application and

Effort; Dillon Rogers, Top

Student in Mathematics

(McLean Cup), Application

and Effort; Riley Sa, Most

Elite Junior Male Sportsperson

in the College (Junior

Boys’ Sports Cup), Application

and Effort; Amy

Stilgoe, Top Student in English

(Lonsdale Cup), Excellence

in Mathematics, Excellence

inMoney Management,

Excellence in Science, Application

and Effort; Naupara

Strickland, Top Student in

Maori –joint award; Mitchell

Taylor, Top Student inGerman

as a second language

(German Embassy Prize),

Application and Effort; Tc

Trusler­Clark, Ashburton

College Rugby Trophy for

Contribution toGirls’ Rugby,

Excellence inPhysical Education

and Health, Application

and Effort; Matthew Wong,

Top Student in Science,

Application and Effort.

AshburtonHigh School

CentennialTrustTop Scholar

of Year 10 ­

Marc Calzada

Lions interact with students at fire museum

Members of the Pakeke Lions club

spent an enjoyable day at the Ashburton

Fire Museum recently with 19

students from Ashburton College’s

special learning unit.

The group had alook around the

collection of vintage fire trucks and

memorabilia then viewed afilm on the

history of the museum.

With the siren blaring, there were

cheers of delight and smiles on their

faces as students enjoyed aride in one

of the veteran fire trucks. Students and

helpers were treated with abarbecue

lunch and avisit from Father Christmas

followed by avisit to the vintage

train shed.

The fire museum is within the

Tinwald Plains historic precinct.

This is an annual event for the

Ashburton Pakeke Lions and members

say they enjoy the interaction as

students participate in new experiences.

Photo: The group, with Lions in hiviz

vests, enjoying the day. (Photo Noel


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 39

Ashburton College Year 9Prize List 2019


KaimanaAcidera, Excellence in

Music, Applicationand Effort;

Shimee Araguas, Excellencein

Mathematics, Excellencein

Science, Excellence in Art,

Excellence in English Language

Studies, General Excellence in 9M,

Applicationand Effort; William

Armstrong,Applicationand Effort;

RinnaBernabe, Application and

Effort; RachelleBernarte,

Applicationand Effort; Meagan

Binnie, Application and Effort;

Sarah Bradley,Application and

Effort; Zara Bull, Applicationand

Effort; JemmaBurns,Excellence in

Physical Education and Health,

Applicationand Effort; Brodie

Burrowes, Application and Effort;

Tasmyn Cameron­Neighbour,

Applicationand Effort; Laura

Cameron, Application and Effort;

Shania Cartman,Application and

Effort; Cassie Chamberlain,

Applicationand Effort;Mia

Chambers, Applicationand Effort;

Max Clarke,Excellence in German

as aSecond Language;Charlotte

Clifford, Excellence in English,

Excellence in Science, Excellence

in Foodand Nutrition,Application

andEffort;Tim Connelly­Whyte,

Excellence in Materials

Technology ­Fabrics,Application


Applicationand Effort; Kyle

Dickson,General Excellence in 9W

–joint award, Applicationand

Effort; JordisDouble, Excellence

in DigitalTechnology, Application

andEffort;Mollie Elvy,

Applicationand Effort; Danielle

Faichnie,Excellencein Social

Studies, Applicationand Effort;

Lani Fifita, Applicationand Effort;

Sophie Fine, GeneralExcellence in

9J,Application and Effort;Anna

Ford,Excellence in Music,

Applicationand Effort; Eddie

Galbraith,Applicationand Effort;

Janelle Galos, Applicationand

Effort; Alyssa Gilbert, Winnerof

theJuniorPoetry Sectionofthe

Ashburton College Writing

Competition, Excellencein

English, Application and Effort;

Henry Goodes, Application and

Effort; AdamGoudie,Excellence

in Designand Visual

Communication,Application and

Effort; Jasmin Greer,Application


Applicationand Effort; Jessica

Hayman, Excellence in Materials

Technology,Excellence in

Materials Technology­Fabrics,

Applicationand Effort;Kasey

Higson, Application andEffort;

FletcherHobbs, Application and

Effort; Oliver Hobbs,Application


Applicationand Effort;Caitlyn

Hunter, Applicationand Effort;

Hani Hurst­Evangelista,

Applicationand Effort;Eva Kelly,

Applicationand Effort;Edelma

Kelsall, Application and Effort;

Hannah King, Application and

Effort; Jess Lamb, Application and

Effort; Max Lambert­Lane,

Applicationand Effort;Maria

Lawn,Applicationand Effort;

Mitchell Leath,Excellence in

PhysicalEducation and Health,

Applicationand Effort;Ruby

Leverton,Application and Effort;

EmmaLill, General Excellencein

9L,Application and Effort; Sophie

Livingston, Application andEffort;

Seth Lucido, Application and

Effort; Braden Luxton,Application

andEffort; AshleinLyttle,

ExcellenceinMaori, Application

andEffort; MiaManoa,

Applicationand Effort;Mina

Mataiti, Application and Effort;

Jasmine Matangaro,Application

andEffort; Abbey McCormick,

Applicationand Effort;Brooklyn

McHaffie,Excellence in Food and

Nutrition,Application andEffort;

Jack McIntosh,Applicationand

Effort; PiperMcLauchlan,

Applicationand Effort; Seb

McMillan, Excellence in Japanese

as aSecond Language, Application

and Effort; SeanMcQuillan,

Applicationand Effort; Laura

Mihailescu Bogdan, Application

and Effort; Mischa Moore,

Applicationand Effort; Simon

Moore, Applicationand Effort;


Applicationand Effort; Delyna

Nguyen, Applicationand Effort;

Mao Nishioka, Application and

Effort; Cedrick Orena,Excellence

in Mathematics, Application and

Effort; Zeahn Otene, Application

and Effort; April Pantoja,

Applicationand Effort; Mykel

Pascual, Excellence in Agriculture,

ExcellenceinDesign and Visual

Communication, Applicationand

Effort; Jhade Patricio, Application

and Effort;May Penjueli,

ExcellenceinPhysical Education

and Health,Applicationand

Effort; Emily­JanePierce,


Technology, Application and

Effort; Grace Prendergast,

Applicationand Effort; Princess

Pureza, Applicationand Effort;

Sunny Rana,Applicationand

Effort; Kash Rapaea, Excellence in

Maori; Rhea Rashee, Application

and Effort;Jim Reyes, Excellence

in Physical Education andHealth,


Language, GeneralExcellence in

9N, Applicationand Effort; Will

Rollinson,Excellence in Materials

Technology, Application and

Effort; Georgia Rowland,

Applicationand Effort; Harry

Russell, Excellence in Designand

Visual Communication;Chloe

Rutledge,Applicationand Effort;

Hazel Ryan,Application and

Effort; Sifala Sagaga, Application

and Effort;Taylor Shaw,

ExcellenceinMaori, Excellence in

Foodand Nutrition, Application

and Effort; Harmony Shea,

ExcellenceinGerman as aSecond

Language, Application and Effort;

LaraShierlaw, General Excellence

in 9W –jointaward, Application

and Effort; Orpah Sildo,

Applicationand Effort; Maddy

Soal, Excellence in Digital

Technology, Excellence in Design

and Visual Communication,

Applicationand Effort; Sama

Sooialo, Applicationand Effort;

RoseStevens, Excellence in Maori,

Applicationand Effort; Lj

Tampipi,Application andEffort;


Effort; JackTempleton,

Applicationand Effort; Steve

Terekia, Application and Effort;

Henry Thomas, Applicationand

Effort; JessicaThomas, Excellence

in Agriculture,Application and

Effort; DanielThompson,

Applicationand Effort; Mia

Tilleyshort, Application and Effort;

Lloyd Tuhao,Application and

Effort; Sera Ula, Applicationand

Effort; Cecillia Vaaelua,


Applicationand Effort; Carly van

Wyk, Application and Effort; Amy


Applicationand Effort; Laura

Walsh,Applicationand Effort; Lily

Williams,Application and Effort;

AlexiaWilson,Application and

Effort; Jacob Wilson,Application

and Effort; SarahWilson,

Applicationand Effort; Katie

Wood,Application and Effort.

Academic andSpecial Awards

HarveyApolonio,Top Student

in EnglishLanguage Studies,

Applicationand Effort; Ollie Bubb,

Ross Family Trophy ­JuniorBoys’


Effort; LilyCampbell, TopStudent

in English(Hill Cup),Excellence in

Japanese as aSecond Language,

Applicationand Effort; Andreea

Ciora,Top StudentinScience,

ExcellenceinSocial Studies,

General Excellence in 9X,

Applicationand Effort; Angela

Ciora,Top StudentinFood and

Nutrition–jointaward Excellence

in Science, Excellence in

Mathematics, Excellencein

Materials Technology ­Fabrics,

Runner­up in the JuniorPoetry

Section of theAshburton College


andEffort; EmmaCochrane,Top

Student in Music,Excellence in

Maori, Applicationand Effort; Lily

Davidson, TopStudent in Art, Top

Student in Design and Visual

Communication,Winner of the

Year 9SpeechCompetition,

Excellence in Materials

Technology ­Fabrics, Application

andEffort; Simone ForsterLobato

de Faria,Top StudentinJapanese,

Excellence in Art, Excellencein

Drama, Application and Effort;

Amelia Harris, TopStudentin

Social Studies (EdsallCup)–joint

award,Top Student in Drama,

Excellence in Mathematics,

Excellence in Music, Excellence in

German as aSecondLanguage,

Excellence in English, General

Excellence in 9V, Applicationand

Effort;Laura Jensen, TopStudent

in Foodand Nutrition ­joint award,

Application and Effort; Denise


Trophy for Skill,Sportsmanship

and Dedication in Netball; Jack

Jones,Top Student in Agriculture

(AshburtonGrain &Seed

AssociationPrize),Excellence in

DigitalTechnology, Application

and Effort; Molly McKenna, Top

Student in Materials Technology,

Excellence in Art, Excellencein

Drama, Application and Effort;

Charlotte McKenzie, Most Elite

Junior Female Sportsperson in the

College(Junior Girls’ Sports Cup),

ATC Trophy forJuniorShooting

Champion,Amember of the

Ashburton College SmallboreRifle

ShootingTeam thatbrings the

mostcredit to AshburtonCollege

(Bevan BainTrophy), Excellence

in Music, Application and Effort;

Molly Meehan, CloughFamily Cup

for ExcellenceinInvestigative

Science, Excellence in Art,

Applicationand Effort; Jack

Middleton,Top StudentinPhysical

Education and Health, Application

and Effort; Sam Orr,Mihi Pai

Award for receiving the most Mihi

Pai acknowledgements in Year 9,

Top StudentinGerman as asecond

language (German Embassy Prize),



ExcellenceinScience, General

Excellencein9P, Applicationand

Effort;Olivia Pearce,Top Student

in Mathematics (WilliamsonCup),

Top StudentinMaterials

Technology–Fabrics, Excellence

in Food andNutrition,Excellence

in German as aSecond Language,



Technology, Excellence in Design

and Visual Communication,

General Excellencein9K,

Application andEffort; Kaiwhaiki

Peetitumango, TopStudent in

Maori –jointaward; Rere

Strickland,Top Student in Maori –

jointaward, Excellence in

Agriculture, Excellence in English

LanguageStudies, Excellence in

Japanese as aSecond Language,

Application andEffort; Ruby

Thomas, AnimalSupplies

EquestrianTrophy; Isabel Wall,

Rakiura Trophy forthe Top

Overall Year 9Maori Student, Top

Studentin Social Studies(Edsall

Cup)–jointaward, Excellencein

English, General Excellencein9Y,

Application andEffort; Tayla

Wikitera, Top StudentinDigital


Ashburton High School

CentennialTrust Top

ScholarofYear9, Olivia


Gifts under Birthright tree

Birthright field worker Christine Muff, left, and Heartland Bank sales

consultant Crystal O’Keefe with some of the gifts for Birthright children

already under the Heartland Bank Christmas tree.

Many Mid Canterbury children

involved with Birthright Canterbury

will benefit from the generous support

of people who leave wrapped

presents around the Christmas tree at

Heartland Bank, in downtown Ashburton.

The generous nature of Mid Canterbury

people, and businesses, with

their gifts has seen abit of Christmas

cheer given to children of single

parent families for more than 30


Ashburton field worker Christine

Muff thanked people for their on

Stay fit &earn $$$

at the same time

Spend a couple of hours every

Thursday delivering the Ashburton

Courier and Realty in the

Hampstead School area.

Enjoy the fresh air, stay fit and reap

the health benefits!

Phone Leonie todayon308 7664

to get startedoremail



going support and said any donated

gifts left at the bank would stay in the

district and be distributed by Birthright


There were around 85 families,

with about 200 children being supported

in the district.

Any gifts suitable for children aged

from infants up to the age of 17 can be

placed under the tree at Heartland

Bank, on East Street, up until 3pm on

Tuesday, December 24.

They should be labelled with the

gender and the age for which the gift

is suitable.

Performers chosen for

next VTA production

Performers have been chosen after

auditions for next year’s Variety

Theatre Ashburton’s (VTA)

production It’s only Rock ‘n’ Roll


Some 26 singers and dancers will

take to the stage for next May’s shows

and they include seven first time VTA


Show director Gavin Templeton said

he was very happy with the standard of

those auditioning.

He was pleased to see anumber of

new faces stepping forward, and the

stage line­upfeatured anice mix of

experience and new blood.

‘‘This is the first VTA song and

dance show since 2012, so ashow of

this type is abit overdue.’’

Mr Templeton has already compiled

songs for the show,which has atheme

of ‘songs we sing to, dance to, laugh to,

cry to’.

It will be his seventh showasa

director. He will be assisted by his

daughter Sarah, arecent jazz school

graduate, who is the musical director,

and Jessie Thomson, who is the show


Songs in the show include ‘This Is

Me’, ‘Living next door toAlice’ and ‘I

put aspell on you’.

Rehearsals start in February and

shows are on from May 15­23.

Page 40, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


22 MaRCh


14km, 6km


Fun Run Event

EntER now


City 2Surf 2020_Enter Now

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 41

open homes

orviewany of our homes in 3D from the comfortofyourhome!


191 Burnett St,Ashburton •ph308 6173

Trevor Hurley Real Estate Ltd LREA 2008 -MREINZ


84 MasseyRoad (M105)

•Enjoybreathtaking viewsall year round on this 3.78 hectareproperty

•Four spacious bedrooms,three of them having access to alarge deck.

•Master with ensuiteand WIR

•Built forall daysun, this home boasts aspacious kitchen with gas hob,

open plan living spaces

Offers Over $699,000

4 2 2

ProjectWith Potential


•Project with potential,anopportunityfor an astuteinvestor/builder to

turnthis uniquebuilding into adesirable upmarket property

•Consentedplans available fortwo bedrooms,one bathroom, laundry,

kitchen and livingareas

•This is an excellentopportunity...call todayfor aviewing

Offers Over $119,000

From 10% Deposit $240pw (Conditions apply)

Westside Unit

•Great buying here! This unit wasbuilt in the 1980s and is in arow of

three units.

•Ithas averysecure, fully fenced frontyard, in asoughtafter Westside

location with alow maintenaceexterior.


Offers Over $215,000

2 1 0


From 10% Deposit $240pw (Conditions apply)

Westside Unit

• PopularWestside location, privatewell plantedsection

•Pleasantoutdoor living

•Internal access from garage

•Sunnyend unit

•Currently rented for$300per week

Offers Over $215,000

From 10% Deposit $290pw (Conditions apply)

From 10% Deposit $410pw (Conditions apply)

(W681) House In ThreeFlats

(E660) Desirable Westside Property

• Currently rentedinthree flats for$165 &$220 per week,the thirdflat • Appealing homebuilt in the 1980’s

will be vacantsoliveinyourself or rent out.

•Positioned nicely forall daysun

•Amplevehicle parking

•Verysecurefenced section

•This property would ideallysuit largefamily or investor

•Double garage with internal access

•All offers considered after2pm,20th December 2019

•All offersconsidered after2pm,20thDecember 2019

$PBNBIR $269,000 -$299,000

Offers Over $375,000

2 1 1


3 1 2


Established Lifestyle ( C195)

•Fantasticopportunityheretoexpand on this 5000m²lifestyle block.

•This 430m² home currently has twolarge bedroomswith plans

available to converttoafour bedroom homeaspartofthe sale.

•Massive8car garage with workshop and loftstorage, secureyardarea

and plenty of extraparking.

$PBN BIR $600,000 -$650,000

From 10% Deposit $315pw (Conditions apply)

Ideal First HomeInRakaia


With so much to offer,you won’tbedisappointedwith this cosy 2bed

cottage,nestled on a1/4 acre of established garden.

Situated on the east side of theRakaiatownship,this homeboasts a

sunnyconservatory and covereddeckalong the front, generous sized

single garage,hobby room and aglass house.

Enquiries Over $289,000

2 1 1

From 10% Deposit $435pw (Conditions apply)

4/2779OtematataKurow Rd (0100 )

This property is ready to go,being sold fully furnished.Two heatpumps,

alarmsystem, Hydroflowgas waterand so muchmore!Three bedrooms,

one bathroom, twotoiletsand adouble garage with extrasizedoors.

With golf, lakes, cycling and tramping rightonyour doorstep this is the

perfect Kiwi Getawaylocation.

$PBN BIR $399,000 -$449,000

3 1 2

12,334m² -Development Potential

$PBN BIR $600,000-$650,000


From 10% Deposit $400pw (Conditions apply)

Five bedrooms!

(W679) Premium Location


•Soughtafter Westside location on Middle Road

•Recentlyredecorated,premium underlay, carpet,vinyl &all new

•Room foralargefamily,heatedbyheatpump

switches etc

•Veryspacious section with plenty of trees

•Conservatoryofflounge &alifttothe secondfloor

•Secondshowerroom and toilet downstairs

•Man cave.twotoilets, internal access garage

•All offersconsidered after2pm,20thDecember 2019

•All offers considered after2pm,20thDecember 2019

Offers Over $435,000

Lifestyle sectionclose to town


5 2 2

4 1 2 Offers Over $225,000

Proud supporters of the HeartFoundation of NewZealand! We donate from everypropertysold!


Trevor Hurley

0275 435 799

Tracey Henderson

027 405 8064

Manu Otene

022 308 6885

Linda Cuthbertson


Stephen Watson

027 433 9695

Julie Srhoy

021 354 885

Deborah Roberts


Page 42, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Wishing youaMerry Christmas and aHappy New

Year.Enjoythe Festive Season.

The Ray White Real Estate office will close at

12 Noon on Friday20December and reopen at

8:30am Monday6January 2020.

Forany Real Estate or Property Management

enquiries please contact our office 03 307 8317.

1Bennett Place, Ashburton

Executive home in the sought afterAllenton location.

-4double bedrooms -master with walk-in robe and


-Entertainers kitchen with granite bench top and

walk in pantry

-Open plan dining, living and large lounge

-Seamless indoor/outdoor flowtopolished concrete

patio and BBQ area

-Sizable separate officewith built-in cabinetry

-Stylish, well appointed bathrooms


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA2008)


Price bynegotiation


by appointment

4 2 2

Kim Miller

027 236 8627

55 Farm Road, Ashburton

3 1 1

44 Wilkin Street, Tinwald

4 1 2

Permanent material affordable 3bedroom home in a

fantastic sought after location. The hard work has been

done, new kitchen, modernised bathroom, compliant log

burner, heatpump, private outdoor living.

BIR $375,000 -$400,000


Price onapplication


by application

Justin Waddell

027 437 1111

This has to be one ofthe Best Value properties currently

available and would make aFantastic first home forayoung

couple or family.This isanIdeal property forthose whoneed

plenty of space for parking, Sheds for storage &Workshop

space for the handyman. Double internal access Garage.




by application

Armandvan derEik

021 597 527



Mid CanterburyReal Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

101 ElizabethAvenue, Rakaia

3 1 0

25 Wills Street, Ashburton

4 2 2

This reasonably modern, sunny, family home is in amost

popular Cul-de-Sac and is aprime example of adesirable,

private living. Discerning buyerswill immediately

appreciate all aspects of this warm family home located

in averypopular quiet cul-de-sac.


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Offers over$170,500


by appointment

Mike Grant ncre

021 272 0202

Four double bedrooms plus a separate office. The

master bedroom has asliding door onto the patio area.

Twobathrooms and aseparate toilet and hand-basin.

Double garagewith atiled area forthe laundry and

off-street parking. Lots of storage inthis property.


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

SetDate of Sale

closing 20 Dec 2019, at

1:00pm (unless sold prior)


by appointment

Dulcie Ellis

027 629 3260

Jill Quaid


027 437 6755

Mark Totty

Sales Consultant

027 454 4745

Kim Miller

Sales Consultant

027 236 8627


Sales Consultant

027 290 6606

Margaret Feiss

Sales Consultant

021 751 009


Sales Consultant

027 220 1528

Denise McPherson

Sales Consultant

027 242 7677

Cheryl Fowler

Sales Consultant

027 461 2614

Armand vander Eik

Sales Consultant

021 597 527

Lynne Bridge

Sales Consultant

027 410 6216

Mike Grant ncre

Sales Consultant

021 272 0202

Dulcie Ellis

Sales Consultant

027 629 3260


Sales Consultant

027 438 4250

Justin Waddell

Sales Consultant

027 437 1111

Jarrod Ross

Sales Consultant

027 259 4644



021 224 4214

96 TancredStreet, Ashburton 03 307 8317 Main Road,Tinwald 03 307 8317


36 McMillan Street,Methven 03 303 3032

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019, Page 43

Charlesworth Drive

Magnolia Drive

Belt Road

Wellington Street









Hakatere Drive

Chalmers Avenue



Queens Drive

Middle Road

Suffolk Street


Geoff GeeringDrive Waterton Point

MidCanterburyReal Estate Limited Licensed (REA 2008)

MerryChristmas to my wonderfulclients.

Maythe joyofChristmas fillyourhome.

Love andbestwishes.



027 236 8627



Page 44, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Celebrating ayear of

music and movement

Atoddler’s music

and movement

group held at St

David’s Church,

Allenton has

enjoyed an end of

year celebration and

Christmas party.

The multi national

group meets each

Thursday morning

during term time to

enjoy play, music

and other activities.

Numbers can

reach up to 20 and a

number of

participants travel in

from the country for

the relaxed sessions.

St David’s Church

minister Rev Henry

Mbambo said the

church provided the

venue and church

volunteers lent a

hand, but the

sessions were parent


He said mums,

dads and

grandparents turned

out with toddlers to

network and to have



College Gateway

student Charlie

Rodgers had

enjoyed acouple of

terms at the sessions,

ahead of studies next

year in early


education, he said.

Books explaining

the Christmas story

were given to the

toddlers at the year

end session, while

adults were giving

mini Christmas


Photos: Top,

Cullen Young, 21

months, prepares

for amusic and

movement song,

middle, Annelina

Martin, 1, is among

the regulars at the

Thursday session at

St David’s, bottom,

Miriam Ghidoli­

Young, 2, enjoys

dance with these



WIN acakefor your

special person with

Main South Rd, Tinwald. Phone 308 5774

Birthdays this week

Jackson Bishop,21st December,aged 8

Ella Bradley,22nd December,aged 11

Judy Mitchell,22nd December,aged 60

Connor Scoon, 25th December,aged 7

SamMallard, 27th December

SammyWood,27th December,aged 7

Samuel Holland,29th December,aged 16

Holly Esler,4th January, aged 9

Nikolaj Nielsen, 4th January

Hazel vanden Dorpe, 4th January, aged 6

Robbie Price, 7th January, aged 56

Congratulations to last weeks winner!

Hannah Gray

If youhave aspecial friend who youwould like to see

win acake,put their name in the BirthdayBooks at Sims

Bakery, Tinwald or Ashburton’sThe Courier,199 Burnett St.

N.B: Names forbirthdays next week

must be with us by 10.00am TUESDAY




Saturday, December 21 @7.30pm

AshburtonClub &MSA

266 Havelock St, Ashburton.

Phone 308 7149






080916 2240445


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

New Year’s Eve, Tuesday, December 31

The Tin Soldier Bistro will be open

Courtesy van

runs every

Thursday, Friday

and Saturday

from 4pm

Join the RSA, the friendly club

12-14 Cox Street, Ashburton. Phone 308 7175

Members, guests and affiliates all welcome


NewYear’s Eve @8pm

"THE Wind And The Willows"

Court Theatre, Thursday 09

January at 6.30pm. "100

Glorious Years of Song"

Operatunity, Wednesday

22 January at 11am, Caroline

Bay, Timaru. "My Fair

Lady" Isaac Theatre Royal,

Christchurch, Sunday 12

April at 4pm. Gift vouchers

available. For bookings or

enquiries phone 308 7646,

Beckley Coachlines.

AshburtonClub &MSA


Havelock St, Ashburton.


308 7149


Advertising thatworks!


Talk to Jann, Roselle or Karen

todayabout ways youcan

reach potential customers or

advertising with that

special difference-professional servicewith asmile.

Phone: 308 7664

office@ashburtoncourier.co.nz • 199 Burnett St, Ashburton




WHAT better place for a

public notice than Ashburton’s

The Courier! Simply

clip the form for a run-on

advert like this or telephone

us on 308 7664 if you

require adisplay advertisement.

ARE you looking for a

flatmate, somewhere to

rent or a boarder? What

better place to advertise

than The Courier.


AshburtonTrust Events Centre •15th April 2020

Book at Ticketdirect



Build customers,sales and

profits,with us ...

Over 16,065 copies delivered everyThursday





1. Dog(6,7)

8. Cook (5)

9. Malignant(7)

10. University (England)


11. Inshort supply (6)

12. Stream (5)

14. Missile (5)

18. Counsel (6)

20. Show(6)

23. Sweetheart (7)

24. Possessed (5)

25. Couturier (5,8)


1. Handcart (6)

2. Pole (5)

3. Great Lake (7)

4. Musical instrument


5. Ancient object (5)

6. Conflagration(7)

7. Wave (6)

13. Setback (7)

15. Pasta (7)

16. Frank (6)

17. Sore (6)

19. Weeps (5)

21. Material (5)

22. Leer (4)



1. Finishatthe same time or one just afterthe other(5,8).

8. Open before time, too (5). 9. Dead wrong about the

fight having been given away (7). 10. Like the life-style

in California USA, perhaps (6). 11. Sought tofind away

to overthrow (6). 12. Shrub for the manwith the funny hat

(5). 14. Bet it’sthe post (5). 18. Creature in the main trained

by man (6). 20. Abeauty -orasight (6). 23. Being particular,

brings back ice to put in drinks (7). 24. Aspy in

the factory (5). 25. Country wear (8,5).


1. Having an option is very good (6). 2. Starts to write, in

big letters (5). 3. Passage from an old pamphlet (7). 4.

Work aname on the stone (4). 5. Insist on having right

(5). 6. Wasforced to bring the boat in with the fish (7). 7.

Left home flush (6). 13. What had happened outside Ihad

made clear (7). 15. Came down and endeavoured, very

quietly, togain access (7). 16. Agood man, but mean to

the child (6). 17. Joins one, upset by (6). 19. Since I’m

standing in for afriend from abroad (5). 21. For the picture,

making him cockney and the era later (5). 22. She

was brought up on everything English (4).


MEDIUM No. 5200

3 9 6 2

6 8 3

5 4

1 6 9

7 2

6 2 5

9 1

4 7 6

6 2 5 8

Solution to previous Sudoku




Fill the grid

so thatevery

rowand every

3x3 square

contains the

digitals 1to9

6 4 5 8 7 3 9 1 2

1 3 7 2 6 9 5 4 8

2 9 8 1 5 4 3 6 7

4 5 2 3 1 7 6 8 9

3 7 6 5 9 8 1 .2 4

9 8 1 4 2 6 7 5 3

5 6 3 7 4 2 8 9 1

7 1 4 9 8 5 2 3 6

8 2 9 6 3 1 4 7 5

Solution to previous crossword


Across -1,Abstract. 6, Cove. 8, Calm. 9, Pinnacle. 10,

Beret. 11, Sprout. 13, Beetle. 15, Emblem. 17, Shrimp.

19, Force. 22, Muscular.23, Ajar.24, Star.25, Nauseate.

Down -2,Brave. 3, Tempest.4,Alps. 5, Tungsten.6,Chair.

7, Vulture. 12, Zeppelin. 14, Exhaust. 16, Brocade. 18,

Incur.20, Craft. 21, Frau.


Across -1,Con-somm-e. 6,So-me. 8,Idle (anag.). 9,

Pre-vents. 10, Write (right). 11, Eleven. 13, S-ample. 15,

T-h(is)-rust. 17, Slater. 19, Punch. 22, Ovenw-are. 23, I-

van. 24, Er-go. 25, Serge-ant.

Down -2,Order. 3,Swep-t up(rev.). 4, M-op-e. 5, Eyeteeth.

6, Si-Eve. 7, M-utter-s. 12, Retreats. 14, Al-l over.

16, Rou-tin-e. 18, Tan-go. 20, Chain. 21, Peer.

ContactJann Thompson 03 308 7664 jann.thompson@ashburtoncourier.co.nz

Gift Vouchers

We have the perfect gift for Christmas. GIFT

VOUCHERS, these are available in $25 or $50

denominations and they have no expiry date.

With plenty of shows coming in 2020 why not

give agift voucher.

Celebrating 20 years –

MidCanterburySummer SingingSchool

January 2020. Fri 17th 7:30pm, Sat 18th 2pm

and Gala Evening 7:30pm

Celebrating 20 years of musical theatre camps

this show has it all. With students from the past

and present there will be 110students who will

showcase their talents. The Gala Evening on

Saturday night will include an alumni choir.

Tickets are$25*. Gala tickets $40*




Tutus On Tour

For more information


Sat 14th March 6:30pm

This is atailor made programme for all ages.

Watch the dancers of RNZB perform some of

their favourite works inspired by the goddess of

the hunt and of the moon. With agreat line up

of dancers this is aballet not to be missed.

Adult from $27.00* /Child 17 and under $12.00*

Seniors or groups of 6plus from $24.30* each

Tina –Simply TheBest

Sun 22nd March 2020 7pm

Get the electrifying concert experience

of Tina Turner with this full stage

production with Tina hits form the

60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The powerful

raspy vocals of Caroline Borole

complete with band, brass section,

backing vocalists and dancers.

Adults $71.50* /Child 12 and under $31.50*

Group 6+ $66* each

03 307 2010 211A Wills Street, Ashburton 7700 admin@ateventcentre.co.nz *Service fees apply








Forall other medicalassistance outside of normal

hours please phone your generalpracticeteam, 24/7,

to speak withahealth professionalwho will giveyou

free healthadvice on whattodoorwhere to go if you

need urgentcare.

If youdon’t have aregular general practice, call any

GP team 24/7 forfreetelephone health advice.

All non-residents and visa holders please bring your

passporttoyour surgeryappointment.

New Zealanders’tobring some form of ID.

Listed arethe AshburtonDutyPractices

forthe Christmas and New Year period

Saturday21st December is MooreStreet Medical Centre,


Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentplease phone 308 3066.

Sunday22nd December is ThreeRivers Health,

7-11 Allens Road.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentplease phone 308 9139.

Christmas Day, Wednesday25th December

is Tinwald Medical Centre, 33 Archibald Street.

They will hold surgeries from 10.00am until 12.00pm and

from 6.00pm until 7.00pm.

No appointmentnecessary. Surgeryphone 308 6565.

Boxing Day, Thursday26th December is Sealy Street

Medical Practice, Sealy Street.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentplease phone 308 1212.

Saturday28th &Sunday29th December is

ThreeRivers Health, 7-11 Allens Road.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentplease phone 308 9139.

New Years Day, Wednesday1st January is

MooreStreet Medical Centre, MooreStreet,

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentplease phone 308 3066.

Thursday2nd January is AshburtonHealth First,

308 Havelock Street.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentplease phone 308 1956.

Saturday4th January is Sealy Street Medical Practice,

Sealy Street.Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentplease phone 308 1212.

Sunday5th January is ThreeRivers Health,

7-11 Allens Road.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentplease phone 308 9139.

Methven and Rakaia: Formedical attention on the

weekend and public holidays please telephone

MethvenMedical Centre on 03 302 8105

or Rakaia Medical Centre on 03 303 5002.

Details foraccessing the afterhours services will be on the

answer phone.


Christmas and NewYearPeriod

Wises Pharmacy,CountdownComplex,

East Street will be open on

Saturdaymorning from 9.00am until 1.00pm

Sundaymorning from 10.00am until1.00pm

and from 5.00pm until 7.00pm evenings.

Christmas Day from 10.00am until 12.00pm only

Boxing Day, NewYears Day&2nd January

from 10.00am until 1.00pm and 5.00pm until 7.00pm.

At Geraldine: TheGeraldine Pharmacywill be open

normal trading hours during the week,and on

Saturday21st December from 9.30am until 4.00pm.

Monday23rdDecember from 9.00am until 8.00pm

Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Back to normal Saturdayhours of 9.30am until 1.00pm

from 28th December 2019

Forfree24hour Telephone Health Advice

Phone the healthline on 0800 611 116



CountdownComplex, East Street, Ashburton

Phone: 03 308 6733 Fax: 03 3086755



Have youseenaphotopublished you

likeorhad your phototaken by

our reporters?

OrderaPhoto Today!



*approx 6x4





Ph:308 7664

199Burnett St



DAY trip to the country,

Saturday 11 January @

9.30am. See some of Mid

Canterbury’s countryside

and beaches. Includes

lunch. Kaikoura overnight

25-26 January. See the

rebuilding of Kaikoura with

an option to ride the train to

Christchurch. NZ Military

Tattoo, Palmerston North

02-06 April. Itineraries now

available. Gift vouchers

available. For bookings or

enquiries phone 308 7646,

Beckley Coachlines.

WE value the service we

provide - The Courier for

advice on how you can

reach potential customers.

Call us today on 308 7664.

MAKE money selling your

unwanted items. Up to 24

words for only $8. Can’t get

better than that. The Courier.

LOOKING to earn extra

money, even while you’re

out walking? Delivery

people required. Phone

The Courier 308 7664.


Aplace of



THE Courier is the best way

to advertise in Mid Canterbury.

Ask anyone who

regularly advertises with us

and they’ll tell you, they get


SPACE available for next

weeks Courier -bequick!

Talk to us about your advertising

requirements. Phone

308 7664 or call into our

office at 199 Burnett Street,



$10,750 Ad# 32886

Original rust free bodywork,

interior 9/10, like new.

Four previous owners, receipts

from vehicle purchase.

Good tread all round,

Radiator cleaned by

Radiator Supplies (Dunedin).

New water pump and

thermostat fitted.

Search postanote.co.nz

for more details.



painting of cars, trucks,

buses, horse floats &

motorhomes, caravans,

trailers, farm machinery, jet

boats. Light engineering

and aluminium welding.

Bus &Truck Bodyworks, 17

Range Street, Ashburton.

Phone 307 0378.



Have youhad your photo

taken by our reporters?

Order aPhotoToday!



*approx 6x4


YOU belong

Sundays @10am

CnrCass &


Open at other times.

Phone 3087610.






Ph: 308 7664

199 Burnett St,Ashburton



Page 46, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019


Having problems with your internal gutter systems?


Do your drains keep blocking,causing leakage into the soffits and even your house?

Areyour soffits falling out due to water rot?

We canconvert your internal gutters to standard external gutters.







We areyour one stop glass shop for




•Garden Maintenance

REPAIR or REPLACE •Gutter Cleaning

152 Wills Street, •Rubbish Removal

“Your placeorours” Ashburton

Call us TODAY

Ph.308 8485


foraFREE quote

Ph 0800 4546 546


(0800 4jimjim)


Forall your painng


03 307 8870 2131557



that lasts!

Existing kitchens, doors,

furniture &appliances

The Finishing Company


and trouser hemming, curtain

alterations and curtain

making. Call Michelle on

027 352 7248.

BUILDING and property

solutions. For your complete

alteration or renovation.

We project manage

the whole process. Home

and small commercial.

Qualified tradesmen.

Phone Kiwi Building &

Maintenance Ltd. Gary 308

4798, 027 207 1478 or

Cawte 027 418 7955.

CARPET cleaning -Powerful

equipment & fast drying.

Upholstery, mats and rugs.

Experienced owner/operator.

Phone John Cameron

at Supersucker, 027 435

1042 or 308 1677.

CARR’S Chimney Cleaning,

servicing Ashburton and

surrounding districts, $60

per chimney. Phone

Rodney on 03 324 2999

and leave amessage.

COMPUTER problems? For

prompt reliable computer

servicing and laser engraving

contact Kelvin, KJB

Systems Ltd, 4 Ascot

Place, Ashburton. Phone

308 8989. SuperGold discount

card accepted.

COMPUTER repairs, sales,

training, setup -wireless -

networks, spyware cleanup.

On-site day or evening.

LOW FEES. Call Robin

Johnstone, Networks

Firewalls & PC’s Ltd, 308

1440 or 027 768 4058.

CONCRETE pavers direct to

you - Best prices, many

sizes, textures and colours

- Paveco, 13 Robinson

Street, Industrial Estate.

CONCRETE Services -

Driveways, paths, patios,

mowing edging. Decorative

Concrete specialist 30

years servicing Canterbury.

Free quotes. No job too big

or small. Phone Paul 021

152 1966.

ENGRAVING - 311 Engravers

for all your engraving

requirements. Jewellery,

cups, trophies, awards. PLUMBING,

Urgent overnight service

available (conditions

apply). Call/text Trudy 022

600 7144, Facebook, email





45 years experience


027 936 2452


FLOWERS @ the gate by

Tonee H, from $20. Xmas

hours: Mon -Thurs, 3pm -

7pm. Fridays 10am -3pm.

Order your table

arrangements now! 027

313 0615 "Merry Christmas".

FLY control and spider

proofing. For all domestic

and industrial pest control

needs phone AJ Kerr at

Ashburton Pest Control on

03 308 8147 or 027 432


FURNITURE removals -For

all your household removal

needs call Nudges Furniture

Removals, phone 027

224 0609.

GUTTER and downpipe

cleaning and repairs. Chimney

sweeping, fly treatment.

Phone 03 394 6166

or 027 209 5026, ask for

Allan. AA Performance


LEGAL work -Phone Peter

Ragg (Ashburton Law) for

house sales, purchases

and refinances. Will call at

home evenings for wills,

enduring powers of

attorney. Phone 308 0327.


Bennett -Onsite hydraulic

hose repair service 24/7.

Stockists of Aero Quip

hoses &fittings, Commercial

hydraulics, Dynacool,

Spool valves etc., MP Filtri,

Walvoil. Call Justin on 308


PAINTER for all your painting

needs. No job too small,

inside or outside. Professional

friendly service.

Phone Pete 03 308 1672 or

027 200 1619.

PAINTING wallpapering,

plastering - No job too

small. Interior, exterior.

Professional, prompt, competitive

service. Phone

Tony Sivier at Paint It Ashburton

on 021 878 794 or

307 7289.


blocked drains. Phone

Lindsay at Doaky’s Plumbing

on 027 555 5575 or 308

1248 (Master Plumbers &


Allworkmanship guaranteed

Ben Kruger 021 808 739 or 308 4380


232 BoundaryRoad,Ashburton


E; benkruger@xtra.co.nz


SEWING alterations - anything

considered, reasonable

rates. Smoke and pet

free home. Retired wedding

seamstress. Phone Judith

308 3084, Allenton.


types, specialising in

Decramastic and Long Run

Iron, Coloursteel etc, steep

roofs not aproblem. Member

Master Painters &

Roofing Association NZ

Spraymaster 0274337780

SUN Control Window Tinting:

Privacy, UV, glare, heat

control for homes -offices -

and cars. Phone Craig

Rogers 307 6347, member

of Master Tinters NZ.

TILING - For all your tiling

requirements including kitchen

splash backs, flooring

etc. (full water proofing),

call Kevin on 027 496 8314.


block, glare, heat control,

safety, security, privacy,

frosting films, solar protective

window films. Free

quotes, 20 years local service.

Phone 0800 368 468

now, Bill Breukelaar,


TV Reception Specialists for

all your digital freeview

installations and repairs,

TV wall mounting, Smart

TV set-up, home theatre

installation. Call John at

Ashburton TV &Audio Ltd

03 308 7332 or 027 277



glass. Qualified flat glass

glazier now in-house. Anything

glass, give us acall.

Your place or ours. Wilson

Windscreens, 152 Wills

Street, Ashburton. Phone

03 308 8485.








groomer now



Call nowtosecureyour

pre-Christmas groom

Ph 0800 454654




MYFORD engineering lathe

ML7, model K14983. For

sale, as new condition. On

stand, complete with

accessories and handbook.

Phone 027 339 6359.



4WD and slab lifts available

for daily or weekly hire.

Pickup or delivery. Phone

North End Engineering 308

8155 for abooking.


LP RECORDS and books.

Phone Rodney on 03 324

2999 and leave message.

METAL, heavy etc. Free

light-grade metal in-yard

dumping 9am-5pm weekdays

&9.30-11.30am Saturdays.

Ashburton Scrap

Metal Recyclers, 117 Alford

Forest Road (behind

Placemakers). Phone 03

308 8033 or 027 249 6625.


NEW season potatoes.

Nadine $2.50 per kilo.

Phone 308 3195 or 027 531

9103. 81 Elizabeth Street.

POTATOES - Ilam Hardys

freshly dug, $2 kg minimum

order 3kg. Delivered

Friday, Ashburton and Tinwald

and every Friday

through holidays. Phone

302 7272.



getcash now!


Damaged, Mechanical,Deregistered,


Minimum of $100for most cars,

$500 formostvans,utes, trucks,4WDs*


Call 0800 225508 or text 027540 9813




CLOSING sale, last day

December 24th. All ladies

fashion must go! Happy

holidays and thank you to

all my loyal customers. My

Boutique, Triangle Shopping


DRUMMOND & Etheridge

have ahuge range of John

Deere toys and merchandise,

something for everyone!

Pop into our store at

832 East Street for some

great Christmas gift ideas.

FLOWERS @ the gate by

Tonee H, from $20. Xmas

hours: Mon -Thurs, 3pm -

7pm. Fridays 10am -3pm.

Order your table

arrangements now! 027

313 0615 "Merry Christmas".

HONDA Country will make

sure your motorcycling

experience is an enjoyable

one. 20% discount on all

Fly clothing. Visit us at 740

East Street or phone 03

308 2030.

HOOPERS Outdoor Power

Centre has awide range of

mowers for you. Victa

mowers now on special.

Visit us at 11 Peter Street,

Ashburton or phone 307



9kg cylinders


Askabout our


Anysizecylinder filled

17 Grey St,Ashburton

Phone 307 2707


PETZONE stock a great

selection of fish supplies

including goldfish, tropical

fish, tanks, weed, accessories

and food. Now at 167

Tancred Street, phone 307





Small LPG cylinders

Off Street Parking


Arthur Cates Ltd

26 McNally Street

Ph 308 5397

Riverside Industrial Estate




PLACEMAKERS is here to

help you with your landscaping

projects. Decking,

fencing or paving? No problem.

Phone 308 9099 or

visit us at 115 Alford Forest


POOL & Pump World will

help you keep your pool

clean this summer. Robotic

cleaner and other products

available. Give Jackie acall

today at 03 308 2245.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz





Normal office hours over Christmas, closed Stat days only.

Call and talk with one of our team atalocation near you.





Heavy Traffic Classes 2, 3, 4&5


For Wheels, Tracks &Rollers,Dangerous Goods,

Vehicle Recovery &Passenger Training

FREEPHONE 0508 237 483

or 03 348 8481, 027 510 0684

info@drivetech.co.nz |www.drivetech.co.nz



Scale ATeacher Junior Area (Year 2)

Full Time,Permanent

We’re looking for apassionate, experienced and

collaborative junior classroom practitioner with

strong pedagogical knowledge to join our very

high functioning team from Term 1 2020. High

expectations of student achievement are essential

as our team takes pride in our ability toaccelerate

progress and provide inclusive, challenging and

personalized programmes.

Ifthat sounds like you, we welcome your application.

- Pleasevisit the school website


foranapplication package.

-Applications close at 3pm on

Friday 10th January.

ROLLER garage door (2nd

hand), 2.7m wide x 2.2m

high, in good condition.

Phone 027 587 1754.

SIMS’ Bakery for Christmas

cakes, mince tarts, trifle

sponge, shortbread,

truffles, meringues, lemon

meringue pie &mud cake.

Christmas cake made to

order. Phone 308 5774.



to deliver the AshburtonCourier

and Realtyevery Thursdayinthe

Oak Grove, Grigg Street area.

Phone Leonie on

308 7664 or email






LOST: ’Legend’ multisport

paddle, black. Missing from

Lake Hood, Ashburton

Paintball area on Saturday

16th November - show

weekend. Please contact

03 360 3529 or drop off at

local Police Station. Thank



ASHBURTON Woodworkers

raffle results. 1st: P

O’Brien, 2nd: Glenda

Bunford, 3rd: Karen




Under New Ownership

Capelli Hair Design has been delivering the best in

Hair Styling service inAshburton for over 20 years

and we are looking to grow our team in the new


Thestylist we arelooking for will ...

be Fully qualified with aTrade Certificate

be passionate,talentedand focused on customer


take pride in offering the highest qualityofservice

be driven and self motivated

be prepared to further education

be ateam player

We will offeryou ..

afabulous work environment


supporttoachieveyour goals

excellentterms and conditions

Ideally this position is afull time position, however

hours and salary are negotiable and we would

consider apart time option for the right person

depending on skill experience and personal


This position starts 20th January2020.

Applicants for this position should have NZ

residencyoravalid work visa.

Please send acover letter and CV to Jo at


Refugee Settlement Service

Team Leader/Social Worker

As part of the Government’s decision to increase the annual

forrefugee families.








To applyplease go to our websitetodownload an application

form and viewthe position description. Please

followall instructions on the form. Please call us on 03

308 1395 if yourequirefurther information.






Ideal as an extra


Fully insulatedand

double glazed forwarmth.


Standard3.6m x2.4m,

Large 4.2m x2.4m

Xtra-large 4.8m x2.4m.

Visit our displaycabin

418WestStreet or callfor a



0800 58 78 22


TO let -house/cottage in the

Mayfield area, becoming

available soon. References

required. Phone 03 307



CALVES for sale, Hereford

100kg. Phone 027 418












$130 cord


$130 cord


Adams Sawmill

Malcolm McDowell Rd



SAVE $120 on next winters

firewood. 6cubic metres of

OMP $475, OMP/Bluegum

mix $595. Limited supply at

this price. Free delivery to

most areas. Phone 027 297


TheCancer Societyoffering

supportfor people

with acancer diagnosis

and their families


TheMackenzie Centre,

122 Kermode Street,Ashburton



STORAGE available, Ashburton.

Self storage, variety

of sizes. Phone Rainbow

Storage 03 307 0401.

STORAGE: Secure self storage

units available long or

short term at Ashburton

Storage Facilities. Contact

us on 0274 36 26 36 or


ContactAnnie on 03 307 7691






Blacklows TradeZoneAshburton

This voucher

entitles the

bearer to ........


Blacklows TradeZone Ashburton

This voucher

entitles the

bearer to ........



Blacklows TradeZone Ashburton

This voucher

entitles the

bearer to ........





Unique Kiwiana








Ultra bright compact


Includes 3x

AAA batteries.


$15+GST each









120 Amp.

Easy to use.


South Street, Ashburton PHONE (03) 308-3147

Email office@blacklows.co.nz FREEPHONE 0800 452 522

Ashburton District



Christmas Market

Monday, December 23, 2019

4pm to 7pm (wet or fine)


Wilkins Road,Tinwald,entrance

(Will be signposted)



Concertina tool box

470 x220 x350mm.

Great sizedchest to











Getall your fresh Christmas goodies

Potatoes,vegetables,berries (weather permitting),

Christmas baking,Christmas flowers,Hipi cheese,

preserves, whitebait,honey,lollies,

TheRollin’Pedaler icecream, wine,

hot food and drinks.

Luckyshopper prizedraw,

sausage sizzle,Christmas treats,

Pipe Band and VickiSmith entertaining.

Santaisarriving approx.5:30pm


Your donations so we

cansell good clean


and accessories.

Great cause.

187 Burnett Street



4WD Alpine Adventure

25th January2020

Stour River–Lake Heron –$80.00 per vehicle

Register at schikker@xtra.co.nz

Postponement date 26thJanuary

DINING - Got a special

occasion coming up? Let

the Hotel Ashburton take

care of you. Phone 03 307

8887 and talk to our experienced






DEALING with alife limiting

illness? Need help? Contact

Hospice Mid Canterbury

to see how we can

support you. Phone 307

8387 or 027 227 8387.


Wishing youa


and a

HappyNew Year

Helena Ratten

Mobile 0274577 998


SBW Developments Ltd

Licensed AgentREAA 2008



13th -17th


Mania ORotoPark,

Chalmers Avenue,




will take your metal (no fridges,or

gas bottles) forFREEattheiryard.


(behind Placemakers)

Tony 027249 6625 or 3088033

Closed Stat Days

MerryChristmas &





plus 1night


$100 forthe 5days

Girls and boys intermediate age.

Non scouting children welcome.

Forenquiries,please email turkeys@xtra.co.nz

Phone 308 5678 binghamfamily@outlook.com

ART gallery; 175 Alford Forest

Road. Local artists. Perfect

Christmas presents,

vouchers available. Open

Wednesday &Friday 11am

to 2pm. Phone 021 143

1075 or 021 255 3513.


PLAINS Rotary -Mushroom

compost, bulk or bag.

Delivery can be arranged.

Contact Owen Moore 027

434 4797.

Thur 19th

10.00 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M

10.00 Frozen2

12.00 TheAddams Family

12.25 Ford Vs Ferrari




1.45 Frozen2


3.00 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M

3.45 TheGoodLiar R13

5.30 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M

6.10 Last Christmas M

8.10 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M


10.00 Frozen2


10.00 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M

12.00 TheAddams Family PG

12.25 Ford Vs Ferrari M

1.45 Frozen2


3.00 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M

3.45 TheGoodLiar R13

5.30 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M

6.10 Last Christmas M

8.10 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M

Sat21st &Sun 22nd

10.00 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M

10.00 Frozen2

12.00 TheAddams Family

12.25 Ford Vs Ferrari




1.45 Frozen2


3.00 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M

3.45 TheGoodLiar R13

5.30 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M



Fishermans Friends

Knives Out



8.10 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M


10.00 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M

10.00 Frozen2

12.00 TheAddams Family

12.25 Ford Vs Ferrari




1.45 Frozen2


3.00 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M

3.45 TheGoodLiar R13

5.30 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M



Fishermans Friends

Knives Out



8.10 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M

Tues 24th

10.00 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M

10.00 Frozen2

12.00 TheAddams Family



12.25 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M





Ford Vs Ferrari

TheGood Liar




5.30 Star Wars TheRise of Skywalker M

6.00 Fishermans Friends M


Star Wars TheRise of






types, specializing in

Decramastic and Long Run

Iron, Coloursteel etc, steep

roofs not a problem. —

Spraymaster 027-433-7780.

TALK to us today about ways

you can improve your business.

Professional, reliable

service with a smile. The

Courier 308 7664.

Page 48, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 19 December 2019

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz





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