SoulStrings Issue 3 2019


YOU Give Students the Holiday of Chanukah

Eeach year, many young people join in the fun, festive, joyful Chanukah celebrations at

Chabad Elon for menorah lightings and parties with latkes, donuts, warm beverages

and the distribution of menorah lighting kits to students & faculty members.

»»» Hear it From an Alumna



Chabad at Elon changed

my entire college experience.

I first started going

to events during the fall

of my junior year, and I was so incredibly excited.

I was feeling a bit lost at Elon, and I started

losing myself Jewishly too, which is crazy, as

I grew up fairly observant. I was struggling a

lot and even considered transferring to another

school. Chabad and Teaching Fellows are what

kept me at Elon.

At Chabad, I participated in every event they

hosted. I went to every holiday event, Friday

night dinner, and girls’ night. I was constantly

at their home. It was a getaway for me. It was

the only place I could have kosher meat and a

good time.

I made some of my closest friends at Chabad,

and I brought others to make it their home too.

I am so thankful that they opened their doors.

It is amazing to see how the center grew from

hosting a weekly Shabbat dinner with six regulars

to a bigger house that still needed renovations

to fit everyone! Seeing the community

grow warms my heart!

Today, I am a teacher in a suburb of Chicago. I

live in an apartment with a roommate, and now

that I don’t attend a Chabad regularly, I’ve become

a quasi-Chabad. I host Shabbat almost

every weekend. I make challah (Rivka’s recipe)

every Thursday to have fresh at the Shabbat

table. I embrace who I am and flaunt it every

day of my life. I am a proud #ElonJew!




We are so grateful

and thankful for

Chabad at Elon.

Rabbi Mendy and

Rivka have been extremely supportive and

have opened their arms to not only the students

on this campus including our daughter, Daniela,

but to their families as well.

Having Chabad at Elon is important to us as a

family because we know how caring they are.

Daniela will never be alone on Shabbat, over

the High Holidays, or even when she is sick.

They go above and beyond—during finals they

Parents Speak: Why We Give »»»

delivered her cookies. We feel safe and comforted

knowing that Daniela has an extended

family with her on campus. They are her home

away from home.

We have also seen Daniela continue her Jewish

journey. She has grown and expanded her Jewish

knowledge during her time at Elon through

the Chabad. Both Rabbi Mendy and Rivka are

always available to talk, listen and explore ideas

together with the students.

Daniela has also made so many great friends

through Chabad. Their house is always filled

with students who come eat, relax, pray and

chat. It is our great pleasure to support Rabbi

Mendy, Rivka, and Chabad. We cannot thank

them enough for their support, love, and care

they have blessed upon the campus of Elon.

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