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“Why should you digitize your trade show

leads and why use VivoLead to do it?”

Why digitalization at all?

In today’s modern world of business, it is crucial to be able to act quickly and

precise on inquiries in order to build up your business and leave a professional

impression at your customers' footstep.

Digitalization will furthermore allow you to optimise the way your company

exhibit and give you the highest possible ROI on any trade show participation

and furthermore, digitalization will allow you to automate a number of manual

working processes that in the long run will give you more time with your

customers and save you and your company for unnecessary costs.

VivoLead is the digital tool that provides your company and colleagues with

all these features in one single system.

Would it not be nice to know your exact trade show

results with the touch of a button?

Time to market is everything...

You might not have the most inexpensive product nor the best quality - but the

fact that you react quickly on any inquiry with a high level of professionalism

puts your products or services in front of the customer.

Just by following these 2 simple rules you will be much more competitive than

your competitors and far closer to your next deal than you think.

VivoLead offers you both and speeds up the way to your next deal


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How much time do spend on follow up?

With VivoLead installed on your mobile device you

can skip the first follow up that you would normally

do after the trade show has finished.

If you meet 100 leads at a trade show and we

estimate that you would use 15 mins. on each lead

to follow up (create “thank you letter” - find product

leaflets - enter information into CRM-system and

more). You are looking at 25 hours of work after

you get back home to the office.

Would you rather not do something else in those 25 hours?

5 features about VivoLead that users love

“It is really cool that we

instantly can follow up

on all trade show leads

and reply back with

relevant product


“It is quick and simple

to use the built-in

business card scanning

function to complete

the registration”

“Due to the quick email

response feature in

VivoLead we sometimes

even talk a second time

with the client at the

trade show”

“We can skip retyping

all customer data into our

CRM system by importing

the VivoLead Excel data

file - a big time saver!”

“The graphical dashboard

with all the detailed trade

show results are really nice

and it tells us where we

can optimise our efforts”

See our full list of features

We were ready with VivoLead

within 3 days after signing up

“At the trade show, it was quick and

simple to register leads and especially

the business card for easy lead

registration was a hit”

Flemming Christensen

Sales Manager - Outdoor

Kärcher A/S

With VivoLead on your mobile

device you will save a lot of time

“It is cool when using VivoLead that I

instantly can reply back to customers

with all relevant product information

in one single process”

Henrik Falck

Sales Director

Grundfos DK A/S

VivoLead gets the job done

“VivoLead offers scanning of business

cards, easy synchronisation, and export

of data - giving us an opportunity

to digitalize leads, so we can do a

proper follow up”

Rasmus F. Christensen

Online Marketing Coordinator


It has never been easier to track

who has visited our trade fairs.

“We needed a new common method for

collecting contact data. The choice fell

on the VivoLead Management app,

which is intuitive and quick to operate

for our sales consultants”

Susanne Jepsen

Communication Manager - Fairs & Events

Siemens Gamesa A/S

What to do next?

If you think VivoLead will benefit your event business - which we without any

doubt think it will - you will just have to contact us on email or you can sign up

below for a FREE account on our website today.

Once we have received your signup form we will get in contact with you

and design a VivoLead package for you that is aligned to your needs.

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Let VivoLead boost your existing

trade show business and offer an

attractive solution for your sales

colleagues that they will use over

and over again.

We have many satisfied clients

using our product since 2014 and

we are now one of the leading

companies in lead management

software for the trade show


To find out more about VivoLead

check out our website today



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