Purificacion Family 2019

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Purex Clan


Dave & Belinda

Jhesster (21), Dayln (19), Kayla (17)

Jaspher (16), Kelly (15)

George & Julie

Andrew (14), Adrien (1)

Roicelene & Danwin

2019 went by really quickly for us and a lot has happened for our little family!

Danwin and I discovered in January that we were expecting a baby however we

found out shortly after that there were complications and our baby's heart stopped

beating. We were very shocked and heartbroken. Through the grief we prayed for

another chance and by God's grace we were blessed with a baby. We found out

that we were having a girl through a surprise gender reveal during Danwin's 30th

birthday in November. We will be 25 weeks this coming Christmas and we are due

early April 2020.

I also started a new job in Mid November and Danwin started a post-graduate

course in Occupational Health and Safety.

We are looking forward to making more meaningful memories for 2020!

Love, Danwin and Roicelene

Raidy & Cain

Dominic (27), Javier (18), Faith (16), Jayden (10)

A year of a few firsts: Dominic is now 27 and I got to met his girlfriend, Sam, a few

months ago (I like her!). Javier graduating from HS and started his first semester in

college. Faithy turned 16 and is now DRIVING (watch out!). She, of course, is still

heavily invested in softball. Jayden is 10 and does what typically kids do..play

video games. Cain and I are still very blessed with our lives and the kids! Family

vacations this year - Puerto Rico, Mexico cruise and Hawaii!

Orson & Tina

OJ (31), Kristen (29)

Jun & Marivic

Jenna (23), JJ (20), Matthew (16)

It’s that time again for our Year in Review,

Sharing our highlights, from the five of us to you.

Recapping 2019, it’ll be done month by month

So bare with the reading,when it’s all said and done.

January started off with a family & friends girls trip

Celebrating a new addition to the Purex clan, where we all headed to the Strip.

“Maca Sins In Vegas” wearing black and a pop of color as the attire

A fun weekend dancing, Jenna drinking..and Marivic volunteering as the designated driver.

“Beers & Cheers for 50 Years” was Jun’s February birthday theme.

Celebrating at the Tied House with ales, lagers,and everything in between.

Surrounded by his family, but more so from all his groupies

The Raider gang, GTM, WFG/DTA, PhiAlpha Bros, and Auto Innovation buddies.

Puerto Rico was the destination for Brandon & Maca’s March Wedding,

Unfortunately, for Marivic, the fun festivities wasn’t where it was heading.

Sick in bed at the hotel, missing the joyous occasion .

But none-the-less happy and excited for the couple’s special celebration!

In April, Matthew was recognized as the Coach’s Award Winner

Acknowledged and honored as the recipient during his Basketball Awards Dinner

Though he made the decision to take a break from the court,

He’s still mentally and physically active - Gaming on the computer as an alternative sport!

May was full of events & milestones, starting with Marivic’s Golden Fit Fab & Fifty

Guys in black, ladies dressed in red...they all looked so pretty!

Then we ended the month with Jenna closing another chapter

Graduating Magna Cum Laude at Chapman, and soon entering USC to complete her masters.

Summer in June was spent on a Carnival Ship cruising the sea

Our annual mini vacay, this time to Ensenada with the entire Cagatao Dynasty.

This was the biggest in attendance, with all the families pretty much complete

60+ of us enjoying the activities, the bonding, the drinking...and of course, the all-you-caneat!

July was our 3-week adventure traveling miles and miles away from home.

We had the most amazing and memorable time exploring Paris, London, and Rome.

Jamsbad celebrated an early Silver Anniversary with a religious covenant and sacrament

Renewing marriage vows in front of a few close family and friends, inside the Vatican.

Jamkidz enjoyed Tower Bridge, the Louvre, the Colosseum and all the scenic gazing

But the highlight for JJ in Italy was finding the best chicken carbonara to satisfy his craving.

Other than Marivic’s yearly business trip to Vegas for financial services and such

Back to School for Matthew and JJ with his Lowstyles Company - there wasn’t much.

Although August is the boys birthday month with them turning 16 and 20

Just like Jenna, they’re both independent..which leaves the parentals almost empty nesting.

September will be treasured with our very first Purificacion Family Get Together

With a formal dinner, dancing, and skyping with Lola...truly something special to remember..

We also tailgated with the Purex cousins and watched our very first USC game,

And, as the entire family knows, the notorious middle finger was captured without shame.

October was just a typical month...with school, work and training.

Not too much happening, nothing exciting or amazing.

Although blessed with each waking moment, from Monday to Friday

There was nothing planned for the month, even for a weekend getaway.

November was unforgettable with Marivic on the Olympia stage

Competing against athletes all over the world and representing Team USA

In the bikini Grand Masters Division earning 1st place and Gold

All her hardwork, sweat and tears...came back tenfold!

As we wrap up December with the holiday hustle, bustle, and football chaos

At their very last home game in Oakland, the Raiders ended with a loss.

Now moving to a new state with old fans and

new haters,

One thing is for sure, Jun will always remain a

die-hard Raider.

Grateful for all our 2019 blessings...and

looking forward to the next decade in sight

Cheers to making more memories with you all

and may 2020 be joyous & bright!

Zusy & Reinhard

Zoë Reese (11), Zéa Rose (6)


Orlando, Florida | Jan 2019 | - Zoë performed with Lokahi at Disneyworld and also

went to Animal Kingdom

Vegas | Jan 2019 | : Maca's Bachelorette

Philippines | Feb 2019 | : Zoë & Zéa's first time to meet Lola! Also went to Boracay

and Tagatay.

Puerto Rico | March 2019 | : Honored for all of us to be a part of Brandon & Maca's


Mexico | June 2019 | : We all went on our first cruise.

Vegas | Aug 2019 | : Zusy & Hardee's 15th year wedding Anniversary

LA | Oct 2019 | : Disneyland for Zoë's performance with Lokahi

Zoë Reese:

- Danced with her Performance team at BOTH

DisneyWORLD & DisneyLAND.

- Turned 11!

- Sang for the first time, "Scars to Your Beautiful", at

her School Talent Show

- She got to pie her school principal in the face in front

of the WHOLE SCHOOL for raising the most money for

her Cub Run.

Zéa Rose

- Turned 6!

- Went to her first concert: Jojo Siwa in Oakland, CA

- Lost her 1st Tooth!


- Zoë & Zéa BOTH got to see their first musicals!

HAMILTON: surprise gift for Zoë's birthday. won tickets for Zéa's birthday, & field trip

to see it with Zoë's class (and Reinhard chaperoned)!

ALADDIN:field trip with Zoë's class and Zusy (aka chaperone) & Zéa got to tag along.

WICKED: they loved musicals so much, we got tickets for all of us to watch.

- Attended the CAGATAO REUNION on a cruise to Mexico


- Attended the first PURIFICACION REUNION

Tess & Tin, Francis (25)

Rikki & Dyan

Gabe (12), Xander (2)

Acel & Jun

Camille (23), Joshua (13)

Kim & Johnny

Emmy (7), Bradley (5)

Just like their mom & dad, Emmy & Bradly have a full schedule. Emmy

takes ballet classes, plays basketball and was part of the ensemble in

the school musical, Beauty and the Beast! She loved learning the

songs, choreography and being on stage. Bradley is a soccer star in

the Fall and plays basketball in the Spring. Both Emmy & Bradley are

starting to learn how to play piano and will have their first recital in

January 2020.

Kim & Johnny love being part of the FIT Brea CrossFit family. Whether

the WOD consists of deadlifts, squats, cleans, pull-ups, box jumps, etc,

Kim & Johnny do it all with style. Johnny has been busy at J & A

Importers, overseeing warehouse operations, building the sales team

and venturing into new markets in the food industry. Kim continues to

work at Odonate Therapeutics developing therapies for patients with

cancer. She recently traveled to Australia, Taiwan, Japan, and South

Korea for work and has expanded her team as the global head / VP of

Clinical Operations.

The Ma family had a full year of travel, highlights include celebrating

Chinese New Year in Thailand and Brandon & Maca’s wedding in

Puerto Rico. They partied the whole week & into the early morning

with the newlyweds. Weekend trips included Mammoth, San

Francisco and San Diego. To celebrate their 10 year wedding

anniversary, Kim & Johnny went to Mexico (sin los hijos)! They were

away from the kids for FIVE DAYS which felt like eternity for both the

parents and the children.

Cher & Alex

Chloe (5), Ryan (3)

This year was full of planning, parties, friends and family. Cher & Alex celebrated

their 10 year Pharmacy school reunion with a cocktail party (that Cher planned).

Ryan turned 3 and Chloe turned 5 and both celebrated with cupcakes at school and

a small party at home (that Cher planned). One of biggest events of the year was

the 1st annual Purificacion Reunion. Lo and behold, Cher planned that as well!

Luckily, Cher did not have to plan Brandon & Maca’s wedding in Puerto Rico!

Travel-wise, Puerto Rico was the big trip of 2019. Everyone enjoyed sleeping in,

playing in the pool and celebrating with family. Ryan (and by proxy Cher) did NOT

enjoy the flights to and from PR. Trying to avoid bringing our kids on planes, we

managed to squeeze in smaller weekends trips throughout the year. We went to

San Francisco, Napa, San Jose and San Diego. Alex went to Austin and Cher went

to New York with no kids!

Chloe started Kindergarten this year and likes it for the most part. She adores her

teacher, has a passion for art and loves to read. She is growing up to be a sweet,

kind, gentle girlie-girl. There were a lot of new teachers at Ryan’s preschool this

year so Ryan had a hard time adjusting to the new environment. He’s slowly

coming around but constantly asks ‘Do I have to go to school today?’ This little one

is a combination of feisty, stubborn, itchy, caring, highly emotional, smiling and silly

all at the same time.

Brandon & Maca

In 2019 we officially got married... twice! On January 25th, we tied the knot at

San Francisco City Hall and then on March 12th we did it all again in Puerto

Rico. Friends and family from Spain and California came and celebrated the

entire weekend until the early hours of the morning.

In April, we moved to an apartment in San Jose to begin the married life. We

enjoy cooking and trying new recipes especially while drinking wine and eating

cheese with family and friends. Occasionally we make seafood paella to bring a

taste of Spain to California.

Although we cannot travel internationally yet, we we're able to visit downtown

Austin, the Alamo in San Antonio, Red Rock Amphitheatre in Denver and eat

poké at Lanikai Beach in Hawaii this year. Maca's family was also able to make it

to both weddings and visit us multiple times this year .

In December, Brandon completed his Masters in Engineering Management and

in February 2020, Maca will finish her MBA and Masters in International trade.

This year was full of many first so we're excited and can't wait to see what 2020

will bring!

Sheilah & Mike

Michael Rey (26), Elizabeth (19), Elaine (17)

Don & Dolly

Rhianne (19), Mahliya (19), Rylan (17)

Caidon (13), Sarissa (10), Evan (4)

Jay & Elizabeth

Jayce (12), Elodie (6)

Dereck & Charity

2019 was a fun year for us filled with a little domestic traveling, work, and physical

activities paired with various injuries. We played tons of flag football on a co-ed

team together. Charity got so good at it and loved it so much, she even got recruited

by an all-women’s football league (peep the Purex jersey)! Dereck got his blue belt

in BJJ from Professor Shawn Williams and still needs an ice bath after every class.

We celebrated 10 years of being together in Palm Springs, our one-year anniversary

in Hawaii, and visited some friends in Portland, Oregon. We pretty much ate

anything and everything throughout those trips. Other than that, we were pretty

busy with work and especially busy making something special!

Alyssa & Aryan

2019 flew by but we managed to squeeze in some fun stuff. Notable trips/events

for 2019 include:

Magic Castle

Snow trips

A few weddings

Lots of bowling

Washington DC/Baltimore crab boil

Vegas x2

Charger pre-season game

Philippines (for Lola's 103rd bday!)

Hamilton in SF

Highlights for Aryan: Aryan caught a 35lb halibut aboard the Blue Horizon in

Oceanside. His top bowling score is 266 (8 strikes in a row). He finished his DMI

program in the summer and is now a licensed Radiologic Technologist at Little

Company Mary, Torrance.

Highlights for Alyssa: Bridesmaid duties brought her to Puerto Vallarta, Phuket

Thailand, and Joshua Tree. Her top bowling score is 232 (7 strikes in a row). Alyssa

continues to travel monthly for work. She's visited 32/50 states so far. Surprisingly,

out of all the states she's been to, Kentucky is one of her favs (not bc chicken).

Sharon & Ernest

Zion (9 months)

This year has been eventful! Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our sweet

11 year old dog, Eevee, due to a cancer we just couldn’t beat. It was a difficult

time for us but Eevee timed it right so that we wouldn’t be alone for too long bc

our baby girl, Zion Juniper Bolado, was born soon after on March 12, 2019. Since

then we’ve been learning how to take care of another human being, trying to get

as much sleep as we can, and attempting to still travel, surf, snowboard, hike, and

camp with our girl Zion in tow!

We did our first road trip with her at two months to her namesake, Zion National

Park. Since then, we‘ve brought her to Channel Islands NP, Joshua Tree NP, and

then Rocky Mountain NP near the end of this year. We’ve been on a few other

family road trips this year along the central and south coast, arrowhead, running

springs, and big bear. She also had her first flight to Kauai and (lucky for us) was

really good both ways! We’ve been loving seeing the world through her eyes and

can’t wait to show her more. It has been such a joy!

Rodney & Christa

This year started out with one of the hardest goodbyes. Our dog, Helix, who we raised

from a puppy, ended his three-year battle with degenerative myelopathy and bounded

into doggy heaven. For 10 years he slept, shared meals, worked, and played alongside

us. Wherever we went, he did too. He guided us during the saddest times in our life,

and equally, celebrated with us during the happiest. We’re so lucky to have raised him

into this world, and our hearts truly broke when we held him in our arms as he left.

From sorrow, celebration sparked as well. Rodney was honored to be Brandon’s best

man this year and even organized an entire New Orleans city parade for the bachelor

party -- brass band, police escorts, parade route, and all! It was a wonderful experience

to celebrate with family and friends.

In February, we found a new home in Westchester, a few miles away from Marina Del

Rey and the beach. We love the area and we get to see airplanes land and take off from

our balcony. A great reminder to travel!

In March, we took that reminder and went to Puerto Rico and the Bahamas to celebrate

Brandon and Maca’s wedding. We had so much fun drinking and dancing with family

and friends! In the Bahamas, we got to swim with nurse sharks, play with the famous

swimming pigs, and relax in the one of the purest blue waters we’ve ever seen.

Summertime brought big strides in our careers. Rodney secured video contracts with

the City of Long Beach and the Long Beach Fire Department and started filming projects

for the city. Christa completed a 35-million-dollar estate design project, including

architecting a new infinity pool overlooking Riviera Country Club. In his software

business, Rodney was promoted to Chief Operating Officer and expanded his company

to Australia, and Christa is now starting a new design project in the Upper East Side of

NYC. During this time we never forgot about Helix and we started a dog sitting and

boarding service with Rover.com and now we’re currently ranked as the #1 dog sitters

in West LA!

Of course, the biggest highlight of this year was our engagement! We ended our travels

in Bali, Indonesia, where we got engaged! Rodney made a video with family and friends

while Christa ugly cried her heart out. Of course she said yes! Summer 2021… save the

date ;)

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