January 2020


Basalt Regional Library's Magazine & Program Brochure for January 2020, featuring throwback articles from when the building opened.



Magazine & Program Brochure




January 2020

Issue no. 19



Adult Programs


Basalt Officials Unveil

What a Library Should



Adult Programs


Library Business




Basalt Officials Unveil

‘What a Library Should Be’



Then & Now

Pull-Out Calendar


Then & Now


Teen Programs


Basalt’s New Library Will

Be Community Hub






Basalt’s New Library Will Be

Community Hub


Teen Programs


Children's Programs



FRI, JAN. 10, 6-8PM


Meet Maura Masters

Maura loves to read and reads everything from non-fiction to fiction,

current news stories to pulp novels. How fortunate she is, therefore, to

be the Adult Services Coordinator who curates the adult non-fiction and

fiction collections here at the library. The only thing Maura may like more

than reading is researching and talking about books, so this position is

more perfect for her than any other she could imagine. Maura believes

that libraries are the heart of community. As such, she organizes adult

outreach programs that will, hopefully, draw new and loyal patrons

into this beautiful building. Her goal is to have a book in the hands of

everyone who leaves the library. When you see her, please ask for a book

suggestion, or talk about what you’re currently reading. She wwould love

to help you find your heart’s desire.

We have big news!

Our Board has approved a three-year strategic plan to help us better serve you. We created it based on

YOUR input: over the last 12 months, we have been actively gathering feedback from you via surveys

and focus groups across all ages and demographics as well as groups of local teachers, nonprofits

and community leaders. We heard you, and we have already implemented many of your ideas. Our

new strategic plan lays out five priorities for how the Library can better meet the community’s needs

and engage members from all walks of life and all ages. Thank you for your input: read all about it at


Follow us on

social media



* Advance registration required

Adult Programs

Art & Design

Winter Watercolor

Paint a watercolor image

that captures the spirit

of winter! In this informal

class for adults and teens

ages 13 and up, the library

will provide materials,

prompts, and tips to create

a watercolor painting. Paint

a snowy forest landscape,

cozy sweaters and mittens,

warm mugs of coffee, or

something of your own

choosing! To register email


org or call 970-927-4311 ext


Sat, Jan. 25, 1-3PM


Free Legal Clinic *

Volunteer attorneys will

assist one-on-one via

computer link for a max of

15 minutes. Sign-up at the

front desk prior to the day

of the clinic. If time allows,

walk-ins are welcome.

Thurs, Jan. 9, 4-5PM

Alpine Legal Services:

Ask a Lawyer

Free 15 minute

consultations with an

attorney. No appointment

necessary. Translation

services are not

guaranteed; please plan

accordingly. Questions? Call

Alpine Legal Services


Thurs, Jan. 9, 5-7PM

10th Anniversary

Celebration: Legends

of the Library

The community is invited

to this family-friendly

celebration with music

by the Colorado Mesa

University Jazz Quartet,

food trucks, and activities

for adults and children. Free

and open to all!

Fri, Jan 10, 6-8PM


Conversations: The

Census and You

Adam Bickford from

the Colorado State

Demographer's office will

present information and

resources on the upcoming

2020 Census. Find out why

the Census is important,

who needs to be counted,

and how the Library can

be a valuable asset during

this process. Co-hosted

by the A2PCCC, a valleywide

consortium working

to make sure everyone

gets counted. Resources in

English and Spanish.

Mon, Jan. 13, 5:30-7PM

Library Business

Finance Committee


Monthly meeting of

the Library’s finance


Wed, Jan. 15, 5:15-7PM

Escape Room

Riverboat Rescue:

Adult Escape Room *

Nancy Drew needs

your help! You have 30

minutes to track down the

donations for a charity that

have gone missing during

this year’s fundraising

gala. Find and solve the

clues, open the locks and

catch the thief before

the riverboat docks. This

escape room is designed

for adults 18+. Sign up

in groups of up to six

people. Register at the

front desk or by emailing



Fri, Jan. 31, 4-7PM


Bridge Club

Stop by the library to

play bridge. No previous

experience necessary,

beginners to advanced

players are welcome.

Sat, Jan. 11 & 25, 2-4PM

Bingo Night

Get your dobbers ready!

Join us for a fun night of

bingo and prizes! Light

snacks provided. Ages 18+.

Mon, Jan. 27, 5-7PM

BRLD Board of

Trustees Meeting

Monthly meeting of the

Library’s board of trustees.

Mon, Jan. 20, 5:15-7PM



Handiwork & Crafts

Yarn Group

Bring your knitting, crochet or needlepoint projects, share ideas

with others, and get help if you need it. Hosted by Sarah Blaine.

Some experience required.

Tues, 5-7PM

Literature & Humanities

Philosophy Club

What is Fake News? What is true? Should I delete my

Facebook? Explore these burning questions and more at

this month's Philosophy Club! Philosophy Club is for people

interested in having big conversations about the meaning of

life, society and the ideas and ideologies that surround us.

Tues, Jan. 5, 5:30-7PM

Discover Your Master Chakra: Author Presentation and


Stephanie Larsen, author of "Discover Your Master Chakra",

will be at the library for an author visit and workshop. A

person's master chakra is defined as the chakra that is most

powerful, useful, or dominant for them. When you learn about

how your master chakra functions, you can obtain increased

awareness on why you do what you do. This workshop is for

whomever wants to learn more about the basic chakra system

and how your chakras influence your personality, motivation,

and choices. Anyone new to metaphysics or spirituality would

benefit, along with advanced practitioners who are interested

in the "master chakra" system.

Thurs, Jan. 9, 16 & 23, 5-6PM



around you.

Challenge yourself

to discover something new.

Visit your organization’s

website, or



Music at the Library: Ballads & Flamenco Guitar

featuring John Harrison

John Harrison is a valley favorite who performs a wide variety

of guitar repertoire. His latest CD, "Historical Ballads" includes

centuries-old songs he has collected that express a wide

variety of human experiences. This evening's program will

include some of these songs as well as contemporary songs

written by John and others plus a couple of old-time ski songs.

To add spice and color to the program, he will perform solo

guitar selections from the Spanish Flamenco repertoire.

Thurs, Jan. 30, 5:30-6:30PM

Start the





Technology Classes

To suggest a class topic call 970-927-4311 ext 1013 or email

cbaumgarten@basaltlibrary.org. To book an appointment for

one-on-one help, visit cbaumgarten.youcanbook.me.

iPhone 101

All iPhone users are invited to learn the basics about their

device. This workshop will cover moving apps around, creating

folders, the control center, settings, and more. Based on

iOS 13. Register by calling 970-927-4311 ext. 1013 or emailing


Mon, Jan. 6, 1:30-2:45PM

Grow with Google Video Series: Refresh Your Website

Refresh your website as part of your spring cleaning to-do

list. In this Grow with Google livestream workshop, you'll

learn about search engine optimization and best practices for

creating a search-friendly site.

Mon, Jan. 6, 5:30-6:30PM

iPad 101

iPad users are invited to learn the basics about their device.

This workshop will cover moving apps around, creating

folders, the control center, settings, and more. Based on

iPadOS13. Register by calling 970-927-4311 ext. 1013 or emailing


Thurs, Jan. 9, 1:30-2:45PM

Windows 10 Basics

You can't hide from Windows 10 forever. Explore the basics of

Windows 10, including Windows Explorer, the Control Panel and

more! Register by calling 970-927-4311 ext. 1013 or by emailing


Tues, Jan. 14, 1:30-2:45PM

Internet Basics

Dive into the World Wide Web. Learn the difference between

browsers and search engines, how to navigate in popular

browsers, how to find websites and more! Participants can

bring their own laptops, or they may use one of the library's.

Register by calling 970-927-4311 ext. 1013 or by emailing


Thurs, Jan. 23, 1:30-2:45PM

Email Basics

Explore the world of email! This workshop will go over how to

create new emails, how to set up a signature, the difference

between cc and bcc and much more. Participants should have

an email account already created, and have the login info

handy. Register by calling 970-927-4311 ext. 1013 or by emailing


Tues, Jan. 28, 1:30-2:45PM


En Español

Clase de Ingles

In collaboration with the

Valley Settlement Project,

we will be offering English

classes. In a collaborative

manner, students will set

goals with the teacher

which will be used as the

lesson plan for the class.

We will learn vocabulary by

reading and through games,

practice grammatically

correct verbs used in

everyday life, and model

conversions based on your

employment, your children,

and their teachers. We will

also be offering childcare,

where your children can

enjoy and learn to share

through toys. Join our

community, a safe and

friendly place. To register

please call Ingrid at Valley

Settlement 970-230-2767

or Berenice at the Basalt

Library 970-927-4311 ext.


Fri, Jan. 17, 24 & 31,






January 11, 2010

By Scott Condon

Ten years after an occasionally

contentious process started with

a goal of building a new public

library, Basalt got the job done


People feel it was worth the wait,

considering the final product.

The $11 million, 21,000-squarefoot

facility features stunning

architecture, an open interior

bathed in natural light, incredible

views of the Roaring Fork

River and Basalt Mountain via a

27-foot-high glass ceiling, and

more space devoted to kids than

the total square footage of the

old library. Other features – from

banks of computers to wider

selections of DVDs and a new

collection of music CDs – were

showcased in a grand opening


“I think this is beyond anyone’s

imaging. It’s a fabulous space.

It was worth it,” said Barbara

Milnor, assistant library director.

“This is what a library should be.”

The library opened Jan. 4, but

roughly 100 people braved

frigid temperatures Saturday

morning for the grand opening.

Library officials surrendered the

keys of the old facility at Lions

Park to their landlord, the town

of Basalt. Then the contingent

marched two or so blocks to the

new library by the Basalt post

office. The Boy Scouts raised

the American flag, and library

director Kristen Becker cut the

ribbon, then invited people

inside to warm up and check out

the new digs.

Basaltines young and old turned

out and were wowed.

“Awesome,” said Savannah

Elliott, a sixth grader at Basalt

Middle School, when asked her

impression of the new facility.

The avid reader spent a good

deal of time at the old library.

She’s so impressed by the new

facility that she anticipates

spending even more time there.

Savanah and her dad, Thomas

Elliott, broke in a new chess set

the library staff placed on a table

in an inviting corner that features

glass walls. (Savanah was

sharpening her skills and later

reported she went on to beat her


“Look at the views. You’ve got

the river right here. You can see

through the building. This is just

fantastic,” Thomas Elliott said.

The new library is a parent’s

dream, he added. There is

plenty of space for a student to

work on homework. There are

numerous computers dedicated

to kids and young adults, so they

have Internet access.

Anne Freedman, a retired

university professor, was a

regular patron of the old library

and has already visited the

new facility several times. The

new library will really serve as

a community meeting place

because it has so much to offer,

she said. The largest meeting

room holds 80 people. A smaller

room can also be used for

community functions.

The program lineup already

includes concerts, movies and

speakers. Freedman belongs

to two reading clubs that have

already taken advantage of the


“It’s just a great thing for a small

community like this,” she said

of the building. It mostly offsets

the town’s loss last year of Town

Center Booksellers, a downtown

bookstore that closed.

The new library features

comfortable chairs and desks

scattered in inviting spaces and

nooks. A popular spot in winters

will be a corner where chairs are

clustered around a gas fireplace.

“There are places to sit down.

We had two chairs in the old

library,” Milnor said. “I’ve been

watching all week, we have

people who come in, they go

right to the back where it’s

quiet and the seats are. They’re

doing all kinds of things. We

have businessmen come in,

and they use our wireless and

our business center. It’s very


She worked at the old library for

22 years. The 3,000-square-foot

facility got to the point where it

could not meet the needs of the

growing midvalley.

“We’re open now and ready

to see how we can serve the

public,” Milnor said.

Anton Uhl looked on Saturday

while his kids Sage, 10, and

Griffin, 8, filled out paperwork

to get their new library

cards. Anton said he had one

bookworm and one technology

enthusiast, and was thrilled to

see the library has plenty to offer

each of them.

Sage said he likes “pretty much

everything” about the new

library, especially the aspen

tree trunks that serve as the

centerpiece of the kids’ room,

and the big glass windows.

Griffin is looking forward to Wii

Wednesdays, when kids will have

access to the interactive video


Anton, born and raised in Aspen,

recalled attended a similar event

40-some years ago.

“It’s kind of exciting with two

library openings in a lifetime,” he

said. “When the one in Aspen

opened across from Paepcke

Park with Walter Cronkite and all

that, I was about their age.” (The

Pitkin County Library relocated

to its present spot in 1991.)

Basalt officials first kicked

around the idea of building a

bigger facility in 2000.

“In May of 2000, Jean Winkler,

then librarian, suggested to

the board that it was time to

start thinking about building a

new library because we were

outgrowing the old one. So it’s

been a long hard labor,” said

Polly Pollard, a Basalt resident

and former library board

member who helped lay a lot of

the groundwork that led to the

new facility.

The planning process had false

starts and bickering between

factions over where it should be

located. Voters rejected a site in

El Jebel, and the library district

abandoned a different proposal

for a site near Tacquiera el Nopal

restaurant. A group of Basalt

residents headed by Charlie Cole

negotiated sales that got the

current site into the hands of

the town government, then the

library district.

Jim and Carolyn Kent, Basalt

residents who are involved in

numerous civic endeavors, said

the right facility ended up in the

right place. The effort was worth

the time and debate because

the facility, if done right, had the

potential to become the focus

for the community, Jim Kent

said. They agreed it was done


“As we infill Basalt, we’ve really

got a pretty exciting community

because it’s a pedestrian

community, not a community

that’s designed to pass cars

through,” he said.

Reprinted from https://www.aspentimes.



Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday



5 6

10:30-11AM Mother

Goose on the Loose

1:30-2:45PM iPhone 101

4:30-7PM Dungeons &


5:30-6:30PM Grow with

Google: Refresh Your



10:30-11AM Toddler Tales

3:30-4:30PM Paws to Read

5-7PM Yarn Group

5:30-7PM Philosophy Club


10:30-11:30AM Bolsitas Rojas/


2-3PM Free Lunch at the Libra

3:30-4:30PM Kids Learning L

5-7PM Documentary Night: "E


12 13

19 20

26 27

10:30-11AM Mother

Goose on the Loose

4-6:30PM Tabletop

Miniture Painting

Workshop (Teens)

5:30-7PM Community

Conversations: The

Census and You

10:30-11AM Mother

Goose on the Loose

4:30-7PM Dungeons &


5:15-7PM BRLD Board of

Trustees Meeting

10:30-11AM Mother

Goose on the Loose

5-7PM Bingo Night


10:30-11AM Toddler Tales

1:30-2:45PM Window 10 Basics

4-5PM After School Adventures

5-7PM Yarn Group


10:30-11AM Toddler Tales

3:30-4:30PM Paws to Read

4-6PM DIY Upcycled Bird


5-7PM Yarn Group


10:30-11AM Toddler Tales

1:30-2:45PM Email Basics

4-5PM After School Adventures

5-7PM Yarn Group


10:30-11:30AM Bolsitas Rojas/


2-3PM Free Lunch at the Libra

3:30-4:30PM Kids Learning L

5-7PM Movies that Matter: "Fa

5:15-7PM BRLD Finance Comm


10:30-11:30AM Bolsitas Rojas/


2-3PM Free Lunch at the Libra

3-4:30PM Round the World w


5-7PM International Cinema N



10:30-11:30AM Bolsitas Rojas/


2-3PM Free Lunch at the Libra

3-5PM Teen Escape Room: Riv

3:30-4:30PM Kids Learning L

5-7PM Movie Night: "Aladdin"


970-927-4311 14 Midland Ave


Thursday Friday Saturday

2 3 4




Little Red Bag

10:30-11AM Preschool Adventures

10:30-11AM Baby Storytime

10AM-12PM CrafterDay

ry (under 18)


cho in the

1:30-2:45PM iPad 101

4-5PM Free Legal Clinic

5-6PM Discover Your Master


6-8PM 10th Anniversary

Celebration: Legends of the


2-4PM Bridge Club

5-7PM Alpine Legal Services:

Ask A Lawyer




Little Red Bag

10:30-11AM Preschool Adventures

10:30-11AM Baby Storytime

10AM-12PM CrafterDay

ry (under 18)

5-6PM Discover Your Master


11:30AM-2:30PM Clase de



st Color"

ittee Meeting




Little Red Bag

10:30-11AM Preschool Adventures

10:30-11AM Baby Storytime

10AM-12PM CrafterDay

ry (under 18)

ith Jessica

ight: "The Red

1:30-2:45PM Internet Basics

4-7PM Teen Game Night

5-6PM Discover Your master


11:30AM-2:30PM Clase de


1-3PM Winter


2-4PM Bridge Club



Little Red Bag

10:30-11AM Preschool Adventures

10:30-11AM Baby Storytime

ry (under 18)

4-6PM Children's Escape Room:

Riverboat Rescue

11:30AM-2:30PM Clase de


erboat Rescue


5:30-6:30PM Music at the Library:

Ballads & Flamenco Guitar

4-7PM Riverboat Rescue:

Escape Room for Adults









Movies that Matter:

"Fast Color"

Director Julia Hart | 2018 |

English | 100min

A woman is forced to go on the

run when her superhuman abilities are

discovered. Years after having

abandoned her family, the only

place she has left to hide is


Wed, Jan. 15, 5-7PM

Documentary Night:

"Echo in the Canyon"

Director Andrew Slater | 2018 |

English | 88min

A look at how musical groups such

as The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Buffalo

Springfield, and The Mamas & the Papas

birthed the beginnings of the Laurel

Canyon music scene and how the

echo of these artists' creations

reverberated across the world.

Wed, Jan. 8, 5-7PM


Watch it in the Library's Micro Theater!


Cinema Night:

"The Red Balloon"

Director Albert Lamorisse |

1956 | French | 34min

"A boy makes friends with a

seemingly sentient balloon, and it

begins to follow him. It follows the boy to

school, to the bus, and to church.

Boy and balloon play together

in the streets of Paris and try

to elude a gang of boys

that wants to destroy the

balloon." -IMDb

Wed, Jan. 22, 5-7PM

Movie Night: "Aladdin"

Director Guy Ritchie | 2019 |

English | 128min

"A kind-hearted street urchin and

a power-hungry Grand Vizier vie for

a magic lamp that has the power to

make their deepest wishes come

true." - IMDb

Wed, Jan. 29, 5-7PM


Basalt’s New Library Will Be Community Hub

December 21, 2009

By Scott Condon

Basalt’s new $11 million library is

going to be much more than a

place where people grab a book

and run.

The state-of-the-art facility is

more like a community center

that will have something for

everyone at some time after it

opens next month. Even with

technicians roaming the interior

to install computers this week,

craftsmen adding final touches

and staffers arranging pieces of

the collection, the library was

already an inviting place.

Comfy-looking chairs are tucked

in nooks and crannies among

the book shelves. Desks hug

a 27-foot-high glass wall that

overlooks a meadow with a ditch

that ducks and even herons

visit. Fake but realistic aspen

tree trunks create a cool forest

in one of four rooms dedicated

to youth. Teens will have their

own space, complete with a bigscreen

TV and a Wii.

A section is devoted to Spanishlanguage

materials, and some

of the crammed slate of

programming will target Latinos.

The library, adjacent to the

post office on Midland Avenue,

opens Jan. 4. The grand opening

celebration – with a parade from

the old library to the new – will

be Jan. 9.

It was tough to find a spot to get

out of the way in the cramped

old library in Lions Park. At

21,000 square feet, the new

library offers refuge for solitude

and coves of activity.

“Mostly what I think this building

offers is more public space,” said

library Executive Director Kristen


A main conference room can

accommodate up to 80 people

for everything from book

club discussions to Girl Scout

meetings. A variety of smaller

rooms will be available for

nonprofit groups to use.

The library staff will schedule

significantly more programs

because there is more space.

Regular activities will range from

playtime with crafts and board

games for toddlers to classic

cinema showings for senior


The new facility will showcase

the latest in information

technology. There will be 12

computers reserved for adults,

five for teens, four for younger

children and two for toddlers.

There will be 11 floating laptops

that a person can check out

and find space somewhere in

the library. Also available will

be three express stations for

people who need to make a

quick check of their e-mail. And

special stations will be available

to download audio books.

The collections area will handle

more than 50,000 volumes, from

books to music CDs. The interior

space is filling a little more each


“I think we’re about 95 percent

complete,” Becker said.

Fifteen members of the staff

braved the blizzard and frigid

temperatures of Dec. 7-8 to load

their vehicles with kids’ books

and relocate the collection to

the new library. A professional

book-moving company relocated

most of the other materials,

meticulously keeping the pieces

in order through the process.

The number of people passing

through the old library shot up

in 2009, probably because of

the recession, said Bud Eylar,

president of the library district’s

board of directors.

Nevertheless, library officials

have known for years they

couldn’t offer enough in their

cramped quarters to draw a

significant share of the midvalley

population. Library officials

sold a property tax increase for

the $11 million facility with the

promise to offer more. Eylar

thinks they are ready to deliver.

“We will have a lot of activities

that will get people in here,”

he said. “I think what’s going

to happen is when somebody

comes to the library, we’re going

to have them hooked.”

Reprinted from https://www.aspentimes.com/



Dungeons and Dragons

Play the iconic game Dungeons and Dragons. Some experience

with D&D is necessary. Grades 5+.

Mon, Jan. 6 & 20, 4:30-7PM

Tabletop Miniature Painting Workshop

On the lookout for a miniature of your favorite tabletop game

character? Look no further - paint your very own miniature

figurine for a custom game piece! The library will supply a variety

of minis compatible with Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS, and

other popular tabletop games available to paint - or bring your

own. We'll provide the necessary supplies and cover basic

miniature painting instruction. This event is for grades 5+.

Mon, Jan. 13, 4-6:30PM


DIY Upcycled Bird


Did you know that January

and February are some of

the hardest months for wild

birds? Help out our feathered

friends and get ready for

National Bird-Feeding

Month by creating your very

own bird feeders! We’ll use

upcycled materials to build

and decorate bird feeders

safe for local species. We’ll

provide bird feed and tips on

bird-safe feeder locations to

reduce predation and window

collisions. This program is for

grades 5+.

Tues, Jan. 21, 4-6PM

Teen Game Night

Grab your friends and head

to the library for teen game

night! We’ll have a variety of

classic and new games ready

to play including Settlers of

Catan, Risk, Fluxx, and more.

Learn a new game or play

one of your old favorites.

Refreshments provided - this

program is for teens in 7th -

12th grade.

Thurs, Jan. 23, 4-7PM

Teen Escape Room:

Riverboat Rescue

Nancy Drew needs your help!

You only have 30 minutes

to track down the donations

for a charity that have

mysteriously gone missing

during this year’s fundraising

gala. Find and solve the clues,

open the locks and catch

the thief before the riverboat

docks. This escape room is

for teens in 5th grade and up.

Sign up in groups of up to six

people. Register by emailing

Kristen Doyle at kdoyle@


Wed, Jan. 29, 3-5PM



Grades 1st-4th

Paws to Read *

Children in grades 1st - 4th

are invited to read to a

lovable dog for 15 minutes!

Children's Programs

Ages 0-5

Mother Goose on the Loose

An interactive, engaging storytime primarily for babies and

toddlers up to 24 months. This program includes repetition and

surprise with stories, fingerplays, songs, and nursery rhymes, and

finishes with a short social playtime.

Mondays, 10:30-11AM

Toddler Tales

Two-year olds (with a favorite adult) have the opportunity to

practice their emerging language skills through interactive stories,

songs and games.

Tuesdays, 10:30-11AM

Bolsitas Rojas/Little Red Bag Club

A Spanish Reading Club for caregivers and children under 5.

Participants will read stories and create an activity based on

that story. We will also provide weekly book bags, and focus on

literacy education for parents to practice at home. Presented in


Wednesdays, 10:30-11:30AM (no storytime Jan. 1)

Preschool Adventures

Stories, games, and fun. Recommended for children ages 3-5.

Jan. 2: No Storytime

Jan 9: Little Scientists

Jan 16: Storytelling with Merrilee

Jan. 23: Preschool Adventures

Jan. 30: Preschool Adventures

Thursdays, 10:30-11AM

Baby Storytime

Babies from birth to 24 months will enjoy songs, action rhymes,

playtime, and books.

Fridays, 10:30-11AM (no storytime Jan. 3)

This relaxed and stress-free

environment lets kids practice

their reading without any

pressure. Who wouldn't love

reading to a sweet and cuddly


Tues, Jan. 7 & 21,


Kids' Learning Lab

Children are introduced

to the fascinating fields

of Science, Technology,

Engineering and Mathematics

(STEM) for a chance to play,

explore, and problem solve

in an unstructured setting.

Every week offers a new

opportunity to explore, build,

learn and create!

Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30PM

(no Learning Lab Jan. 22)

Round the World with

Jessica Barnum

Work with local author

Jessica Barnum in this

writing workshop to learn

how to write your own story!

Recommended for children in

grades 1st-4th.

Wed, Jan. 22, 3-4:30PM


Children's Escape Room:

Riverboat Rescue

Nancy Drew needs your help!

You only have 30 minutes

to track down the donations

for a charity that have

mysteriously gone missing

during this year’s fundraising

gala. Find and solve the clues,

open the locks and catch

the thief before the riverboat

docks. This escape room is

designed for children in 1st-

4th grade. Sign up in groups

of up to six people. Register

by emailing Caroline Cares at


Thurs, Jan. 30, 4-6PM

All Ages

Free Lunch at the Library

A free bag lunch is provided

each Wednesday throughout

the school year for anyone

under 18. No sign-up or

registration is required.

Offered in partnership with

Food Bank of the Rockies.

Wednesdays, 2-3PM

(no lunch Jan. 1)


Drop in for a new craft project

every week. You never know

what we’ll have planned, but

it’s always fun!

Saturdays, 10AM-12PM

(no craft Jan. 4)



Teen's Escape Room

Wed, Jan. 29, 3-5PM

Children's Escape Room

Thurs, Jan. 30, 4-6PM

Library Hours:

Mon-Thurs 10AM-7PM

Fri & Sat 10AM-5PM

Sun 12-5PM


Check basaltlibrary.org/event-calendar for up to date info.

14 MIDLAND AVE • BASALT, CO, 81621 • 970-927-4311 • BASALTLIBRARY.ORG

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