www.beulahstyle.com 2020 New York Fame SS20 Catalog


2020 New York Fame SS20 Catalog


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“Season of Novo”<br />

Photography Editorial<br />

Introductory<br />

SS20 Collection<br />

Color Trends<br />


Trend Report<br />

Social Media<br />

Collaboration<br />

with<br />

artist Mayur<br />

Burgess<br />



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collection<br />


color trend<br />

BC2276 / BC5000<br />

BC2737<br />

BC2774<br />

BC2740<br />

BC2750<br />


eport ss20<br />

BC2771<br />

BC3658<br />

BC3795<br />

BC3803<br />

BC3827<br />


Print Methodology<br />

RETRO<br />

DAISY<br />


PRINTS<br />

Simple retro daisies are gaining traction as the<br />

next must-have motif, from trade shows to catwalks.<br />

This sweet print reflects the overarching<br />

trend for pretty, girly dressing with connotations<br />

of palm springs pool parties and carefree summers.<br />

BC2478<br />

BC3828<br />


For casual elegance, I like to accessorize<br />

a retro print with a simple tote bag and<br />

jodphur-style pants tucked into knee-high<br />

leather boots<br />

BC3522<br />

BC3812<br />

BC2708<br />

BC6195<br />

BC2735<br />




ALL/WINTER 2019<br />


For the Holiday season, marketers<br />

are meeting their customers on social<br />

with clever tactics that encourage<br />

immediate action. In the 2019<br />

season, the boundaries between a<br />

brand’s physical and digital presence<br />

became blurrier than ever, as audiences<br />

continued to experiment with<br />

Instagram’s new shoppable posts.<br />

Predicted by Deutsche Bank to be<br />

worth $10bn by 2021, shopping via Instagram<br />

is becoming an even more important<br />

channel to watch as an incentive<br />

to impulse shop online around sale holidays.<br />

In fact, retail tech firm Advanced<br />

Intelligent Supply Chain data estimates<br />

shoppers are 34% more likely to make<br />

impulse purchases on social media.<br />

“NEW<br />

TOOL<br />

TO SH<br />

According to a study by split payment<br />

platform Afterpay, social media is the<br />

key resource for 92% of Millennials<br />

and 97% of Gen Zers when making a<br />

purchase. The rise of social and decline<br />

of cable television has created an<br />

opportunity for brands to launch Holiday<br />

campaigns without the massive<br />

ad budget of past seasons, and to expand<br />

the limits of seasonal advertising<br />

to new and more creative proportions.

Instagram’s new Checkout feature<br />

catches Holiday shoppers further up<br />

the funnel, rather than redirecting them<br />

to the site’s mobile homepage. The<br />

app’s own Holiday campaign turns the<br />

traditional catalogue into an instantly<br />

shoppable assortment of items from<br />

partner brands. Though TikTok already<br />

has millions of users around the world,<br />

brands are still navigating how best<br />

to use it. Wholesome content, like the<br />

#christmasexplosion reveal of a Rudolph-themed<br />

bus from Vancouver’s<br />

public transit network, hits the right<br />

notes for the holiday season while appealing<br />

to TikTok’s meme-loving base.<br />

The app’s own Holiday campaign features<br />

a partnership with David Beckham,<br />

announcing his own account.<br />

Brands across categories riff on the<br />

“twelve days of Christmas” theme, using<br />

unique daily sales to build shopper<br />

excitement in the lead up to the big<br />

day. Some brands chose to share the<br />

calendar of promotions to help shoppers<br />

prepare, others used a surprise<br />

sales model rewarding those following<br />

closely. Kim Kardashian West’s KKW<br />

Beauty line followed up Cyber Monday<br />

with a “12 days of Christmas” promotion.<br />

Kylie Cosmetics followed a similar<br />

model, but kept each day’s sale a<br />

surprise. Opening Ceremony’s #CRA-<br />

ZYCOZYCHILL Holiday social campaign<br />

featured a daily gift reveal on<br />

its Instagram Stories and posts. Some<br />

gifts were “chill” and “cozy”, while the<br />

“crazy” category offered unique branded<br />

experiences and custom designs.<br />

S<br />

OP”<br />

Brands and influencers find clever<br />

ways to share gift ideas or promote<br />

products via tailored gift guides on Instagram.<br />

Moda Operandi founder, Lauren<br />

Santo Domingo, opened up her<br />

DMs for followers to submit short descriptions<br />

of a gift recipient’s taste, replying<br />

via Stories with a link to a chosen<br />

item for each one. Media companies<br />

partner with retailers to offer gift edits<br />

with their own readers in mind. The<br />

Skimm’s “Celebrate Smarter” Instagram<br />

Stories advent calendar features<br />

advice to help audiences get through<br />

the Holidays, with related gift suggestions<br />

on each day. WhoWhatWear and<br />

Old Navy teamed for a series of Instagram<br />

ads offering gifts under $100.<br />

Though subject to less fanfare than<br />

competitor Instagram, Snapchat continues<br />

to serve as an important platform<br />

for brand outreach. Companies<br />

including Coca-Cola, Toys R Us and<br />

a collaboration between John Lewis<br />

and Waitrose take advantage of the<br />

Holidays with themed geo-location<br />

lenses that tie into its out-of-home<br />

and television campaigns. According<br />

to Snapchat, at least 70% of its daily<br />

users interact with an AR lens every<br />

day. Gucci’s Holiday rollout featured an<br />

AR “Portal Lens” that appears to turn<br />

the users’ surroundings into a tropical<br />

digital island. Though it doesn’t directly<br />

link to Gucci product, it raises brand<br />

awareness among Gen Z consumers.

Bridging the digital and physical can drive engagement<br />

for brands online as well as encourage<br />

followers to visit the physical store. Abercrombie<br />

& Fitch partnered with booking app OneNight to<br />

launch a branded Holiday experience installed at<br />

the Hoxton Hotels in both Los Angeles and New<br />

York. The initiative follows the retailer’s “Do 96<br />

Hours In” digital content series and was promoted<br />

to its audience via Instagram. Kohl’s staged<br />

a Holiday pop-up in New York, with a corresponding<br />

AR experience and Lens on Snapchat.<br />

Forgoing festiveness, adidas’ Holiday activation<br />

at its Paris flagship is a gamified AR experience<br />

that educates visitors about ocean waste.<br />

S<br />


“I ONLY<br />

HOP ON<br />

Y BED”<br />

-27 Years old Female From California


chat. Forgoing festiveness, adidas’<br />

Holiday activation at its Paris flagship<br />

is a gamified AR experience that educates<br />

visitors about ocean waste.<br />

Brands from luxury to CPG stay true to<br />

the meaning of the Holidays by celebrating<br />

generosity and sharing. Beer<br />

company Samuel Adams encourages<br />

fans to show appreciation for loved ones<br />

on social by posting a photo of their<br />

beer with the hashtag #toastsomeone.<br />

Prada’s heartfelt #PradaGiftToGive<br />

Holiday social campaign features models<br />

opening gifts intended for regifting,<br />

then dedicating the luxury items<br />

to their loved ones. For December<br />

2019, antiperspirant brand Secret<br />

hosted a guide to women-owned businesses<br />

on its Instagram, encouraging<br />

viewers to do some of their Holiday<br />

shopping with the companies.<br />

Whether inspiring their own viral sensation<br />

or taking part in one, brands<br />

get into the Holiday spirit via memes.<br />

Aviation Gin produced a short ad spot<br />

in response to Peloton’s notorious<br />

Holiday ad, even featuring the same<br />

actress. Brands can benefit from viral<br />

memes by keeping a finger on the<br />

pulse of the conversation and knowing<br />

when and how to insert them into its<br />

marketing. This season, Mariah Carey<br />

is the face of Walkers’ Crisps Holiday<br />

campaign. For social posts supporting<br />

the video, the crisps brand and<br />

Mariah played off the singer’s status<br />

as queen of reaction GIFs by using<br />

ones from its Holiday spot on Twitter.<br />

SS20<br />




“Season of Novo”<br />

Fresh and dusty colors,iridescent lurex,<br />

painted silk like illustrated fairy tales, full<br />

volumes give strength and include a delicate<br />

and voluptuous feminity.<br />

The contrast between fluidity of movement<br />

and the nature. Deep color to shape the<br />

atmosphere to create “art”.

a revelation between light and movement<br />

where materials and the female body<br />

become a single embracing and sinuous<br />

shape. the contrast of the sculptural black<br />

and white of a floral and virtual nature<br />

develops through shadows and lights.<br />

the outside of the fabrics, veiled and silky,<br />

vivid and material, develop with a fluid<br />

movement outlining the body shapes that<br />

reveal an androgynous beauty. the harmony<br />

of forms is revealed through the dance of<br />

bright and imperceptible fabrics, in contrast<br />

to a magical nature of pure forms in<br />

continuous evolution.

Africa has the most populous youth<br />

demographic in the world, with Nigeria<br />

in particular emerging as a hotbed for<br />

tomorrow’s creators, innovators and<br />

thought leaders. Lagos, the former<br />

capital and largest city in the country,<br />

has become a new base for the creative<br />

class with one of the biggest<br />

entertainment industries in the world.<br />

This report highlights the individuals<br />

and influencers who are shaping the<br />

culture in the heart of West Africa.<br />

Nigeria’s rich culture has created and<br />

inspired a growing community of artists.<br />

With over 300 tribes in Nigeria,<br />

each with their own values, styles and<br />

traditions, the fountain of inspiration is<br />

almost endless. Artists within the region<br />

have been tapping into this culture,<br />

blending modern and futuristic<br />

concepts to create Afromodernist and<br />

Afrofuturist takes on contemporary art.<br />

Heavily influenced by Nigeria’s bustling<br />

wedding industry, the demand for<br />

beauty experts and quality products<br />

is on the rise. While the make-up industry<br />

is still finding its way in diversity<br />

and inclusivity worldwide, Nigerians<br />

have been creating products and techniques<br />

that put black skin first. Nige-<br />

“C ria’s obsession with beauty stems from<br />

O<br />

OF<br />

traditional aesthetics and expands to<br />

hair, make-up and extensive skincare.<br />

Nigeria has become a major<br />

touchpoint for culture in<br />

Africa. This report explores<br />

the individuals and influencers<br />

pushing artistic innovation<br />

forward in Africa’s most populous<br />


With Nollywood now the second-largest<br />

film industry in terms of output and<br />

the third-largest in terms of overall revenue,<br />

and with the large number of<br />

Afrobeat artists pouring out of the country,<br />

Nigeria has become an hub for African<br />

music and entertainment. With acts<br />

such as Davido and Burna Boy topping<br />

charts worldwide, coupled with Netflix<br />

Nollywood hits such as Lionheart,<br />

Nigeria’s long history of talent and affinity<br />

with the arts is creating a pool of<br />

influencers in the entertainment space.<br />

Nigeria’s fashion industry is slowly<br />

attracting global attention, but<br />

domestically is becoming increasingly<br />

style-focused, with three Fashion<br />

Weeks running biannually.<br />

Nigeria is poised to become Africa’s<br />

largest economy, and the country’s<br />

entrepreneurial spirit has extended to<br />

the money-minded, innovative youth<br />

in the region. For many years career<br />

options in Nigeria were limited, but<br />

an emerging generation is proving itself<br />

to be industrious, ambitious and<br />

motivated to discover new and exciting<br />

ways to change the country,<br />

while making a living in the process.<br />

HANGE<br />

UR WAY<br />




Collaboration with<br />

artist Mayur Burgess<br />

- Expression of person’s mood on their best outfit on a best day.


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