Griselda's Grimoire


Griselda Says:

Ye Common


Herein I do include

the spells I have been

asked for oftentime.

Instead of passing

coin to a stranger you

can do these simple

tasks yourself for as

long as your intent is

goode and you wish to

harme none. Darke

magick does then

hould a price not met

with currency from

this realm. Take care

in both worde and

deed lest the cost be


This booklet contains copyrighted material from Appleton Thorn ©2017

Forgive me reader that

I did not include the

requests from the

common men folke I

did knowe like a cure

for scabbie hands, or

to fetter a fishwife.


Banish a Headache ………………….. 1

Throwing Troubles to the Wind ………….. 2

Enhance Psychic Abilities ………………3

Money Bag Spell……………………..4

Banish Past Sorrows …………………. 5

Nightmare Dispelling …………………. 6

Spell to Find Love ……………………7

Home Cleansing ……………………. 8

Find Your Vocation……..………...……9

Handy Shopping List…………………..10

Banish a Headache

To rid yourself of a headache, whether it be in the nape or the

face you can ask a humble tuber to take the pain for itself.

The kindest tuber is a young potato with skin intact. Hold it in

your hand and use your energy to connect to it. Ask it if it can

help you by taking the pain and discomfort from you, in return

you will not cook it or eat it but return it to the earth. If it

begins to warm quickly in your palm it is an indication in the

affirmative. If it remains cold, ask another potato, until you find

one that warms to the request. The best potatoes are golden in

color and can be rubbed lightly with 1 drop of Lavender Oil.

Once you have a potato to work with you heat it in boiling water,

but only for a minute or two. (Remember you must not cook it.)

You can use a kitchen lightbox (Microwave) for 20 seconds. Wrap

it in a napkin so it cannot burn you and then place it on the area

that hurts most. It is good to put it on the brow, the bridge of

the nose, or in the orbit bone by the eye for sinus headache. Put

it in the nape and then move to the shoulder and by the blade.

Listen carefully to be guided by the potato or any energy from

spirit or deity that you have cited in your request.

Once the pain dispels put the potato over your heart until after

sunset. Then you should thank it and bury it in earth.


Throwing Troubles to the Wind Spell

Use the freeing powers of air to remove any obstacles in your path.

You only need three things for this spell:

❖ a banishing herb

❖ a windy spot

❖ a real desire to banish the obstacle.

Gather a herb that represents what you want to banish. (Garlic,

rosemary, vervain, and sandalwood will all work well.)

Next, find a quiet, private, and somewhat windy spot. Place a pile of

the herb in your cupped hands and say:

“This herb symbolizes all that blocks me. I throw it to the winds. Take

it far from me, with harm to none, so mote it be!”

Feel your own desire to banish your obstacle grow. Once the desire

becomes strong, throw the herb into the winds. Take a few deep

breaths and think of the blessings that will take the place of the block

you’ve banished.

When you are ready, turn and walk away - refreshed and ready to

start your new path.


Spell to Enhance Psychic Abilities

To a cup of just-brewed hot tea, add a teaspoon of sugar along with

a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon. These spices will enhance your

psychic awareness.

As you drink, chant: “Spiced tea, magick tea. Magick, magick, speak

to me.” Light some sandalwood incense, an orange candle to promote

psychic awareness, and a purple candle to open your mind to


Hold the tea to your nose and breathe. Open your senses. As you

breathe deeply, your hands may begin to tingle. Allow this energy

to continue to grow. Drink the tea, savoring its flavor and sensation

as it moves through your body. Feel its magical energies fill you.

When you are finished drinking, put your cup down and listen. When

the incense is done burning, breathe deeply. Extinguish the candles

and thank the spirits for their magic.


Money Bag Spell

Make a “money bag” by combining these things:

❖ a piece of silver (an old coin made of silver will do) or

some shredded pictures of paper money. (Authentick

promissory notes are available from the mint)

❖ some chamomile

❖ a piece of malachite

❖ a small green drawstring bag

You can make the bag yourself from hessian or burlap. Use a

bone needle or another dull point to fasten the bag with green

string or wool.

As you stitch it visualize the money coming to the bag and


“With each stitch I ask for enough coin to give me comfort,

shelter and food. Let it be that coin comes by honest means

and harme to none.”

Carry this in your purse, bag or pocket so you will never be

without essentials or “pocket change.”


Banish Past Sorrows Spell

There are times when our past mistakes and fractured hopes

impinge on our present and make us feel low and depressed. This

occasional feeling keeps us from realizing our full joy and


We often return again and again to the memories of broken

promises and our various disappointments. Instead of greeting each

new day as a moment of opportunity, our hearts remain stuck in

the past. It is possible to banish these sorrows.

Gather together paper, a quill pen, Doves Blood Ink and thin black

ribbon. After centering yourself, write your sorrows and broken

hopes on to the paper, using precise language. Roll the paper in a

tube and tie it with the ribbon, knotting it tightly.

Place the tied paper into a burning bowl. Light the paper and


“The ties of the past must vanish. With fire and knot I do banish.”

Chant until the paper and string are burned entirely to ash.

Gather the ashes and bury them in the earth.


Nightmare Dispelling

If you are plagued by nightmares, or have restless sleep or general

trouble sleeping, try this remedy.

Smudge the bedroom with white sage and burn rose incense.

You can use a modern diffuser with diluted rose oil in it a few

hours before you go to bed.

Just before bedtime, place fresh roses (the more aromatic the

better) around your bedroom. If you have dried rose petals from

flowers given to you with love, you can fill a glass jar one petal at

a time.

Say the following words before retiring: “Nightmares begone,

Restful sleep come to me. Roses beautiful, roses true. Guard my

rest. Bring me peace.” Place a small to medium sized piece of

Green Jade, Chrysoprase, or Amethyst under your pillow.

If you have used fresh roses, keep them in the room until they

start to wilt, then remove them promptly. Do this spell at least

once a month or whenever nightmares return.


Spell to Find Love

Purpose of spell: to bring a lover into your life. You should not be

fixed upon a name or person in particular. For free will and fate

are not to be reckoned with.

What you need:

❖ a red candle

❖ your favorite essential oil (Rose is good for this)

❖ An ink pen of feather

❖ a piece of parchment

Take the red candle and anoint it with the essential oil. Write a

list of the qualities that you want in a lover and companion. Fold

the list carefully. Light the candle and speak this charm three


“With these words this spell I sow. Bring the love I’ve yet to

know. Fill my heart and set it a-glow, secrets only witches know. I

take the power and let it go. As I will, it shall be so!”

Burn the spell paper and wait for you love to come to you.


House Cleansing

Whether your home is a new apartment or a new house, you should clean it

not just with soap and water, but also in a spiritual way. To start, smudge the

home. Purpose: to clear your home of negative energy.

Then to ground and clear the home, use a mix of pine needles, mint leaves,

blacksalt, crushed cedar shavings, and lavender buds to sprinkle on the floors

and carpets. Leave this mixture in place to draw out negativity.

Next, open all the windows, put on some soothing music and begin the ritual

cleansing. What you need: some pure spring water, a small bowl, lavender

essential oil, rock and sea salts, your wand or athame, a bell, singing bowl or

windchimes and a pink candle.

Pour a little of the spring water into a small bowl. Add two drops of lavender

essential oil, one pinch of rock salt and one pinch of sea salt. Stir the

mixture with your wand or athame in a deosil (clockwise) direction. Go around

your home, again in a deosil direction, and sprinkle the cleansing mixture

around each room. As you go repeat this sentence:

“I cleanse this space and ask for protection and peace within.”

Take a stick of your favorite incense, light it and move it around the

perimeter of all doorways and windows, cleansing and sealing them with the

fragrant smoke. Make a third trip all around the house, this time with either

a bell, windchimes, or a singing bowl, cleansing each room with the power of


Your space is now clean, clear of clutter and magically cleansed. Finish off by

lighting the pink candle and relaxing quietly.


Find Your True Vocation Spell

A vocation is often thought of as just work. One’s true vocation

reveals the origins of the word – it is a “calling.” It calls to our

spirits, our hearts, and our passions.

A vocation may be where we earn our money, but it should also be

where we devote our waking moments and thoughts. True vocation

should really be both – work that absorbs us and makes us

passionate while giving us a living and paying our bills.

To find your true vocation, spend some time now thinking about

what excites you and what ignites your passions. Think about the

times in your life where every fiber of your being was alive with


Fill a dark-colored bowl or pan with water. In a darkened room,

settle yourself into a meditative state. Swirl the water in the bowl

until it is moving in a deosil direction. Drop 3 drops of Dragons

Blood Ink into the water.

Hold it before your eyes and meditate on the movement of the

water. Allow the images to come to you and the messages to

speak to your heart.


Handy Shopping List

To attend quickly to cuts and injuries many folks have a first aid kit in the home.

It is therefore sensible to be ready to combat negativity whenever it presents

itself. Having a kit ready in your home for all the spells in this booklet could

prove to be a blessing. Here’s a summary of what you would typically need:



Lavender Oil, Rose Oil

Garlic, Rosemary, Vervain, Sandalwood, Mint, Chamomile

White Sage for burning

Incense: Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine

Candles: Chime or Altar in Pink, Purple, Red, Orange

Crystals & Stones: Malachite, Amethyst, Green Jade, Chrysoprase

Petitions: Parchment, Quill or feather pen, Dragon’s Blood Ink, Dove’s

blood Ink, Journal.


Wand or Athame, Water Bowl, Burning Bowl, Singing Bowl, Oil

Burner, Bell, Wind chimes, Wooden Box for storing magickal use

items, Pestle & Mortar, incense burner.

Other: Cedar shavings, Pine needles, lavender buds, Rock Salt, Nutmeg,

Cinnamon, Spiced Magick Tea, Dried Rose Petals given with love,

Shredded paper money or silver coins, Spring Water, small Green

drawstring bag, green string, thin black ribbon, Bone needle or

dull needle, New potatoes.

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