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8 The History of Dentistry

10 Snoring: It's No Laughing


11 Piriformis Syndrome

12 Six Tips for a Healthy Winter

14 Health' Service - or 'Half'



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26 Davenport House Partners with

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42 Five Tasks for an Organised

Financial Life in 2020

44 Funeral Costs: does it pay to

plan ahead?

48 Planning to Retire?


50 Lexus Luxury Goes Beyond


52 Everything You Need to Know

About Hybrids

53 Easy Tips to Improve Your




56 Making Family Life That Little

Bit Easier


60 Pruning Perfection

62 High-Rise Edibles



64 Back to Black

66 Family Games Night

68 Start a New Year's Revolution

70 Tile Style

76 Charleston

78 Gadget Gifts for the One You


80 Valentine's Day

82 Stand Aside, Standby. You

aren't Needed.

84 The Elephant in the (Tower)


86 New Year - New Books


92 Movies - Coming Soon

95 Healthwatch visit Dementia

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Foot & Leg Pain Expert and Sports Injury Clinic

Podiatry Clinics

Heel & Foot Pain Expert

Comprehensive Treatment of Foot and Heel

Pain, including Achilles Tendon Rehabilitation.

• Plantar Fasciitis Specialist • Heel & Arch Pain

• Ankle Pain & Leg Pain • Runners Knee • Arthritis

• Shin Splints

Verrucae and Nail Surgery

We have the latest Swift Microwave Treatment,

Minor Surgery and also Nd:Yag Laser Treatment

for Verrucae and warts - All in one clinic!

• Warts • Fungal Nail • Corns • Ingrowing Nails

• Bunions • Athletes Foot • Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Diabetic Foot Treatments

Custom Orthotics

and Bespoke Insoles

Your custom orthotics and insoles are

Laser Casted, Prescribed, Designed,

Machined on CNC machines, Covered

and finished onsite here in Telford.

Every detail is attended with

Engineering grade software

and a practical approach.

Treatments Include

Biomechanical Assessments

Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanning (to diagnose and visualize injury)

Shockwave Therapy (10 years experience)

Gait Analysis (with 20 years experience)

Custom Orthotics and Braces with 3D Scanning

Antibiotics for Infections

Injection Therapy Under Ultrasound Guidance

01952 677 063 • www.The Foot Doctor.co.uk

Steven Dowdeswell BSC (HONS) Podiatric Medicine MSCH HCPC CH20260 • Musculo-Skeletal Podiatrist - Specialist in Biomechanics, Shockwave and Orthotics

The Foot Doctor Podiatry Clinics • Unit 8 Horton Court, Hortonwood 50, Telford TF1 7GY

Telford Foot Care

Celia Crow BSc Hons DipCFHP

Mobile Foot Health Practitioner

Foot Health Assessment

Corn & Callus Removal

Verruca Treatments

Ingrowing Nails

Nail Trimming

Athletes Foot Treatment

Cracked Heals

Summer Feet Preperation


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Tel: 01952 606 229

Mobile: 07977 548 957









It’s a well documented fact that exercise and social

interaction are crucial factors in maintaining health

and well being into our later years; and here at

Alpha Athletic we are creating a community that

promotes activity for ALL ages.

It is never too late to start exercising, you are never too old to

get moving and improve your health.

Our new Motum programme is designed specifically for the

elderly and will be led by Chartered physiotherapist Danni

Chidlow; who brings with her 10 years of NHS experience and

a specialism in Elderly Rehabilitation.

Through her recent work in the NHS Danni has seen first hand

the negative effects that a lack of activity and reduced social

experiences can have on the older generations; and this has

enforced her desire to create a programme

that can enrich the lives of our local elderly


Our programme will run twice a week for

6 weeks, our classes will include a range

of exercises designed to improve mobility,

strength, balance and fitness; enabling the

participants to become more confident and

more independent.

Importantly our classes will also focus

on social interaction; with plenty of time

to meet new people, discuss the weeks

events and have a FREE cup of tea/coffee


Benefits of a structured Exercise Programme in the Elderly:

• Reduced disease risk: exercise has been proven to help

reduce incidence of many conditions including heart

disease, alzheimers dementia and diabetes.

• Reduced risk of falls: improved balance, posture, strength

and co-ordination

• Improved cognitive function - keeping both your body and

brain active

• Help to maintain a healthy weight

• Improved Sleep - insomnia can be a problem in the elderly,

exercise has been shown to improve sleep quality.


Benefits of Social Interaction in the Elderly:

• Avoiding loneliness

Danni Chidlow

• Reduced incidence of depression.

• Feeling like they have a purpose and routine

• Improved overall happiness with improved


If you know someone a family member

perhaps or a friend who may benefit from our

new MOTUM programme then why not send

us an email to info@alphaathletic.co.uk or

alternatively give us a call and we can happily

send you more information.

Heres to a healthy and happy 2020 for us all.

The Alpha Athletic Team






£20 PER





Lorem ipsum



6:30AM - 9PM














6:30AM - 8PM


8AM - 2PM




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History of Dentistry

Although most of us hate visiting the

dentist, twenty-first century dental

practices are a walk in the park compared

to what our ancestors endured.

Common perception is that our ancestors must

have suffered from terrible teeth. In fact, the

ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans probably

had better teeth than we do today due to the lack

of refined sugar in their diet.

Like us, they cleaned their teeth with abrasive

and breath-sweetening concoctions. Made from

eggshells, soot, bones, pumice, myrrh or mint, they

were usually applied with a cloth or the fingers.

The ancient Chinese had invented toothbrushes

using pigs’ bristles but although toothpicks and

even dental floss were around, they weren’t in

common use in Europe until 1780, when William

Addis manufactured the first toothbrush.

Toothache has long been a human scourge and

there have been many outlandish remedies.

Scribonius Largus, (his real name, not a Monty

Python invention!) was physician to the Roman Emperor

Claudius. To treat toothache, he would fumigate the mouth

with smoke produced by burning henbane seeds followed by

an oral rinse with hot water. This was supposed to evict the tiny

‘tooth worms’ that for hundreds of years were believed to be

the cause of cavities and toothache.

False teeth were also around in ancient times, usually made

of animal bone, ivory or wood. The Etruscans, a pre-Roman

civilization, were apparently particularly skilled at dentures

using ox bone fixed in place by gold wire.

Traditionally, physicians would treat tooth problems but the

medieval era saw the arrival of specialist ‘tooth drawers’, the

best being retained by royalty (King Henry VIII was said to

have one). Travelling fairs and markets often featured a tooth

drawer, usually identified by jester’s clothing and a string of

teeth hanging around their neck. Blacksmiths, jewellers and

apothecaries would also pull teeth as a sideline using whatever

instruments they had at their disposal.

In 1540, the Company of Barbers was merged with that of

surgeons to create The United Barber-Surgeons Company.

Subsequently, high-street barbers were able to carry out

rudimentary surgery that included dental work (hence the

striped ‘blood and bandages’ barbers’ pole).

The first English book on dentistry was The Operator for the

Teeth by Charles Allen, published in 1685. ‘Operators for the

teeth’ were in fact the earliest dentists, as they were not only

skilled enough to extract teeth but could also replace them with

dentures or false teeth made from materials like gold, silver

and ivory (from walrus, elephant or hippo). But by far the best

material for false teeth was other human teeth! Consequently

a market quickly sprang up where teeth were either robbed

from corpses or bought by extraction from the mouths of the

destitute (as in when young Fantine sells her teeth in Victor

Hugo’s Les Miserables).

Allen also invented a recipe for whitening toothpaste made

from powdered coral, rose water and a tree resin called

‘dragon’s blood’.

During the seventeenth century, French physician and dental

pioneer Pierre Fauchard was one of the first practitioners to

explain how sugar in the mouth forms acids that decay enamel

and cause cavities. He also wrote about methods to straighten

Medieval dentist

removing tooth

teeth using orthodontics in his book The Surgeon Dentist,

published in 1728. Alongside other French dentists, Fauchard

used dental fillings made from mercury heated together with

other metals. This was later refined by an English dentist

named Bell to produce amalgam.

The earliest dentistry lectures were by James Rae in 1764 at

The Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. By the nineteenth

century, dentistry had become a recognised apprenticeship,

so in 1858 The Dental Hospital and National Dental Hospital

Schools opened in London.

There were still many rogue dentists around so in the 1870s

the newly founded Dental Reform Committee decreed that

practicing dentists had to complete a License in Dental Surgery

in order to be officially registered. Unfortunately, the licence

was only open to men so Lilian Murray, the first official female

dentist in the UK, managed to qualify in Scotland where the

barrier didn’t exist.

Many dental innovations were made during the Victorian era. By

1840 it was possible to have ether as a general anaesthetic and

four years later nitrous oxide or laughing gas was introduced,

whereas previous painkillers had been whisky or cocaine.

The invention of the foot-operated dental drill made filling

teeth much easier, although with its slow cord-driven, skullshaking

vibrations, one can only imagine how unpleasant it still

was. Following in the footsteps of an American company, in

1896 Colgate mass-produced the first commercially available

toothpaste in a collapsible tube in the UK.

Despite this, tooth health among the general population was

far from ideal. In 1942 the Beveridge Report highlighted the

need for regular dental check-ups for everyone, and in 1948

the formation of the NHS gave people free access to dental

treatment for the first time. So many opted for dentures that

the NHS was forced to charge for them from 1951.

These days, dentures have largely been replaced by dental

implants, many children now have braces to straighten their

teeth and most of us have a healthy smile. But who knows? Our

descendants may look back at dentistry today and consider it

as crude as a blacksmith yanking out a rotten molar.

by Catherine Rose



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01743 440209




A whopping 20 million Brits claim they are sleep

deprived by their partner’s snoring, reported The Sun

in 2017.

Snoring is often thought of as funny, yet this could not be farther

from the truth. Usually, the partner suffers the most. Sleeping

on the sofa or in the spare room every night takes its toll, with

ruined relationships and broken marriages.

So what causes snoring? Is it bad for our health? What can be

done about it?

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring is caused by something partially blocking your airways.

The airways include your mouth and the back of your throat.

While you are asleep, and when you breathe in deeply, this

blockage causes that noisy reverberation we all know so well as

a snore.

What causes blocked airways? The culprits are our common

vices. Smoking causes an excess of mucus/catarrh, alcohol

causes the muscles and tissues of the palate to over-relax and

sag, and fat, in people who are overweight or obese when pads

of fatty tissue accumulate in these areas and literally wobble in

the breeze!

Allergies also play a part. Common allergens include house

dust mite, animal dander, pollens, yeasts and moulds. Inhalation

of allergens causes nasal and throat tissues to swell and the

production of body secretions.

Typically, a snorer lies flat on their back and breathes through

their mouth. When you lie on your back, your tongue falls to the

back of your mouth, partially blocking your airway. In addition,

when you take a breath in through your mouth, a forceful wall

of air hits the roof of your mouth and is funnelled through your

narrowed airway.

Lying on your side and breathing through your nose make

snoring less likely.

Sleep Apnoea

Snoring is only dangerous to health if it causes ‘sleep apnoea’.

In this condition, there is such a severe blockage to airflow that

your brain is temporarily starved of oxygen. You briefly stop

breathing altogether, your brain recognises this and after a long

pause your breathing starts again.

The strain on your heart and lungs plus the effects of constantly

feeling tired and poor daily performance can have life-threatening


75% of people who snore have sleep apnoea.

If you think you could have sleep apnoea, you must see your



What Can Be Done To Help Snoring?

Making lifestyle changes, however difficult and unpopular, has

to be the mainstay of long-term treatment. Stopping smoking,

moderating or stopping drinking alcohol and losing weight are

strongly recommended.

To reduce the risk of allergy, regular vacuuming, damp dusting,

and keeping the bedroom pet-free will all help. Use hypoallergenic


Keep the bedroom cool – around 15˚C. Stay well hydrated – drink

six to eight glasses of water per day.

Products for Snorers and Snoring Sufferers

The age-old solution of sewing a cotton reel or a tennis ball in

your pyjama trousers, forcing you to lie on your side, still has

much to commend it.

Recently, having a pineapple plant in your bedroom has been

advocated – apparently the plant produces extra oxygen


However, a simple starting point is a pair of foam rubber earplugs

for your partner.

Manufacturers have been very creative with their anti-snoring

products. For example, nasal strips are available, which are said

to hold the airway open. And who’s heard of a ‘Neti pot’ – a

device used to flush the airways before bedtime with salt water?

Best results are likely with the use of a mandibular device – a

special type of gum shield that holds the tongue and jaw forward

to keep the airway open while you sleep. Purchase these online,

or have them fitted more accurately by your dentist.

The Antisnoor device is a type of adhesive patch you wear on

your forehead that detects snoring and then vibrates to prompt

you to turn over.

Smart Nora is an anti-snoring pillow that listens out for snoring

and then inflates to encourage you to change the position of

your head.

The Importance of Sleep

• Getting enough, good quality sleep is vital. Lack of sleep

increases your risk of strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and

cancer. Over time it also shortens our lifespan. Adults are

recommended to sleep for seven to nine hours per night.

• Snoring it seems, is a serious business!

• Visit the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association (BSSAA)

website for advice and anti-snoring products

• www.britishsnoring.co.uk.


Reasons for divorce: Snoring, Fishing and Going Vegetarian top

the list.

Snore wars – couple reveal how snoring runs their relationships

75% of snorers have sleep apnoea




Lack of sleep affects health



by Dr Daisy Mae



Piriformis Syndrome

I though in this month’s article I would talk about

a very common problem we see in the clinic called

piriformis syndrome.

The piriformis is a small muscle located in the buttock, it runs

from the top of the femur to the sacrum at the base of the

spine. The significance of its anatomy is that it sits near the

sciatic nerve which is the main nerve that supply’s the back of

the leg and into the foot. It also assists in the stabilisation of

the pelvic region as well as helping to lift and rotate the thigh.

will be given self-massage techniques, a home stretching

programme as well as heat treatments to help ease the pain.

In all Piriformis is a particularly painful condition that typically

can impact on your day to day activities and hobbies and can

significantly affect your quality of life. If you feel this is an all

to familiar scenario and would like to arrange an appointment

please do not hesitate to contact us on 01952 462 330 or email

enquiries@shropshirephyios.co.uk. You can also visit the web

site at www.shropshirephysio.co.uk

Piriformis syndrome is basically a spasm of the piriformis

muscle which can then aggravate the sciatic nerve

through compression. There can be several causes

including overloading the muscle doing day to

day activities, often when in spasm the symptoms

present as pain in the buttock and leg with pins

and needles and often numbness in the same

distribution. Once exacerbated, patients often

experience significant pain particularly in the

sitting position due to its position in the buttock.

Often misdiagnosed as sciatica, piriformis is very

treatable with a simple home stretching programme.

If the condition persists then physiotherapy can

help resolve the issue. Techniques used by your

physiotherapist to treat piriformis syndrome range

from hands on manual techniques to an acupuncture technique

called dry needling to help release the spasm. Often the patient




















or email enquiries@shropshirephysio.co.uk

or visit our website www.shropshirephysio.co.uk

SB Sports Injury & Physiotherapy, Broadway, Shifnal TF11 8AZ


Six Tips for a Healthy Winter

The shorter, darker, colder, wetter days of

winter can leave even the fittest and chirpiest

of us feeling mentally and physically rundown.

To keep you feeling better through the


1: Reduce your infection risk

Colds and flu are rife at this time of year, and while being cold

cannot give you a cold (only a virus can do that) it can stress

your body and lower your immunity. Take extra care with

hygiene and take antibacterial hand gel with you when you go

out. Sadly, not everyone who touches shop door handles and

uses public transport practises good hygiene.

If you’re eligible for a free flu vaccine, or are in an at-risk group

for whom the vaccine’s recommended, make sure you get it

early, before flu season gets underway. Ignore those who claim

the vaccine gives you flu; it can’t, as it contains no live viruses.

People who get flu after the vaccine may have a rarer flu strain

not covered by the vaccine or may have already had a flu virus

before their vaccination became fully active (10-14 days after


2: Keep exercising

Exercise can boost your immune system, release endorphins

that make you feel better and warm you up, too. If you’re

normally an outdoor exerciser, cold, wet weather might put you

off. If it doesn’t, bundle up and stay safe by avoiding exercising

when its icy and wearing bright, reflective clothes if you’re out

in the dark.

If the winter weather does put you off, consider indoor

alternatives: swimming, indoor climbing, exercise classes,

short-term passes for a local gym, a new exercise DVD or even

some home gym equipment like an exercise bike or weights.

The NHS has some great free exercise routines. Check out

www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise and click on ‘fitness guides’ for

a range of ten-minute workouts and exercises, or www.nhs.

uk/conditions/nhs-fitness-studio for online exercise videos.

The range covers yoga, Pilates, strength exercises, aerobic

workouts and more, so there’s something for everyone.

3: Get enough daylight, fresh air

and vitamin D supplements!

Tempting as it might be, hibernating indoors

isn’t great for your health. Your body uses

sunlight to regulate your body clock and create

vitamin D, an essential vitamin for building

strong teeth, muscle and bone. However, while

daylight helps, between October and early

March in the UK there’s not enough of it for

you to make sufficient vitamin D, even if you

regularly spend time outdoors; nor can you

make up the deficit by eating vitamin D-rich

foods like oily fish (e.g. salmon, sardines,

herring and mackerel), red meat, liver, egg

yolks and fortified foods like fat spreads and

breakfast cereals. So while getting some

winter sun and eating vitamin D-rich foods

can help, the NHS recommends that everyone

should top-up with a daily 10mcg vitamin D

supplement during the autumn and winter.

4: Stay warm

Being too cold puts stress on your body. When the temperature

drops below 8°C, some people are at increased risk of mental

or physical illness, especially if they’re over 65, disabled,

pregnant, have young children (under school age), have a

mental health condition or have a long-term health condition.

Low temperatures increase vulnerability to heart attacks,

stroke, flu, pneumonia, hypothermia, falls and injuries, and can

worsen mental health conditions like depression and dementia.

It also increases the symptoms of Raynaud’s Disease, a

relatively common condition that interrupts blood supply to

the extremities, causing symptoms such as pain, numbness,

stiffness and pins and needles. It most commonly affects the

fingers, and you may notice them go white or even blue and

then turn red as blood flow returns.

Keep your home heated to at least 18°C and use hot water

bottles, heat packs or electric blankets if you need them. Try

a hot bath rather than a shower, have hot drinks and eat for

warmth (hot cereals, soups and stews are good options). Prewarm

clothes on a radiator or in your airing cupboard, and

once you’re outdoors try to breathe through your nose, as

this warms air before it reaches your lungs. Wear layers, warm

gloves and a hat. If you have Raynaud’s Disease, use hand

dryers for a warmth top-up while you’re out, wear an extra pair

of gloves and socks, and avoid heavy carrier bags that restrict

blood flow to your fingers.

5: Eat healthy comfort food

Comfort food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Stews and soups

are great winter foods, but watch your fat and salt intake and

include plenty of vegetables. Homemade soups are easily

made with a cheap, simple blender, and cooked fruit with lowfat

custard makes a great winter pudding. The NHS website

has some healthy, warming recipes for dishes like fish pie,

lemon chicken and vegetable soup. Just visit www.nhs.uk/livewell/eat-well

and click on recipes.

6: Finally… look after your mental health

Stay active, warm and sociable: exercise, time spent outdoors

and the company of others can all help stave off winter blues.

However, if you think you may have full-blown SAD (Seasonal

Affective Disorder), see your GP for help. Don’t suffer in silence.

by Alison Runham



Just one of our many

exclusive labels



5a Park Street

Shifnal TF11 9BA

T: 01952 461 387


Great value guaranteed


Using only the letters in the Wordwheel, you have ten

minutes to find as many words as possible, none of which

may be plurals, foreign words or proper nouns. Each word

must be of three letters or more, all must contain the central

letter and letters can only be used once in every word. There

is at least one word that uses all of the letters in the wheel.


Excellent: 41 or more words Good: 36 words Fair: 32 words

Free Car

Parking Saturday

and late













New patient special offer only £50 for an initial consultation*












Six Month


To book your appointment call us on 01952 200 710


The Glen Cottage, Priorslee, Telford, TF2 9SW




* Terms and conditions apply.


‘Health’ Service


From 1st April 2019, the

NHS stopped funding a range

of treatments it regards as

ineffective, possibly harmful and

poor value for money.

Have you had a doctor’s appointment

recently and just been smartly shown

the door? From April 1st 2019, the NHS

stopped offering treatments for a long list of common medical


Moles (benign), simple cysts, warts, verrucas and varicose veins

– to name but a few – are all on the list and most of us can

find these blemishes somewhere on our bodies if we try hard

enough. Now it seems that however unsightly, embarrassing or

irritating, the NHS is no longer responsible.

So how did this come about? Which conditions are on the list?

Why has our much-revered, and caring NHS, turned the tables

and left us to fend for ourselves?

The NHS Stops Funding Inappropriate Treatments

Cash-strapped, and hard-pressed, the NHS is continually

struggling to maintain an excellent quality of service and to

balance the books. Consequently, NHS management teams

are regularly analysing the numbers and type of medical

procedures, their success and complication rates. They consider

carefully whether these interventions are beneficial for patients

and whether they offer value for money.

How Does the NHS Decide Which Treatments It Will or Won’t


On behalf of the NHS, The National Institute of Health and Care

Excellence (NICE) is a robust body that reviews all the available

medical evidence about the safety, efficacy and value for money

of NHS treatments and interventions.

By law, if NICE recommends it, the NHS must provide it. If NICE

doesn’t recommend it, the NHS has no obligation.

In 2018 NICE began consulting across the UK with clinical

commissioning groups, hospital consultants and specialist

organisations such as the Royal Colleges, and public and patient

representatives. Their views were collated about discontinuing

NHS provision of seventeen interventions which were said to be


What are ‘Inappropriate Interventions’?

Inappropriate interventions are procedures that NICE has

concluded have not been shown to be effective and may be

associated with harm. Many of the conditions on the list may

improve if treated differently.

For example, surgery to improve snoring carries risks: bleeding,

infection, voice changes and swallowing problems. The cure

rate from surgery is only 46%. However, similar improvements

in snoring can be achieved by non-surgical health interventions

• Snoring surgery (in the

absence of sleep apnoea).

• Dilatation and Curettage

(D&C) for heavy menstrual

bleeding – the agreed

treatment is hysteroscopy and


• Knee arthroscopy for

osteoarthritis – flushing

out the joint is no longer

recommended. Treatment

should be offered with

such as losing weight and stopping


There are similar arguments about

each of the seventeen treatments on

the list. These have been provided

on a historical basis, without specific

consideration of the relevant risks and

benefits, until now.

In 2017/18 these seventeen interventions

were carried out in the NHS more than

335,000 times, at a cost of over £200 million.

NICE believes the cessation of these treatments will reduce

patient harm, free up doctor time, support medical staff better

with their professional reaccreditation, maximise the value of

money and resources within the NHS, and reduce waste.

A Bitter Response

Nobody wants any harm, risk or wasteful spending, but are we

being hoodwinked? What can a parent now do for a child with

glue ear? It’s hard to believe that those with recurrent tonsillitis

will no longer be offered surgery.

Indeed, these seventeen no-longer-funded interventions are only

the first phase of treatments cuts, with a second phase involving

a list of other, more specialised procedures, set to follow. It seems

the NHS is rapidly becoming a ‘National Half Service’.

Doctors themselves are concerned. In a recent BMA survey,

75% of doctors said they believed that financial targets were

overriding patient care.

The BMA also views this NHS bureaucracy with disdain, saying

“Rather than cut services, the government’s priority should be

to stop the scandalous waste of billions of taxpayer money on

the damaging NHS market in England, pointless fragmentation

of NHS services and outsourcing deals that disrupt patient care,”

to quote BMA chair and GP, Dr Chaand Nagpaul.

The Negative Consequences

These conditions may be benign, but they still cause misery

and this negatively affects our well-being, self-esteem and selfconfidence.

Other treatments may be effective, but these can be

expensive and hard to access.

Vulnerable people who can’t speak up for themselves or engage

fully in their own care may suffer. Some patients may choose not

consult the doctor, and serious diagnoses may be missed.

Lifestyle interventions such as weight loss are beneficial for

numerous medical conditions. However, weight loss is difficult

and takes time. The Royal College of Physicians has recently

declared obesity a disease, not just a lifestyle factor. But NHS

funding for obesity treatments is also scarce and restricted.

There are long waiting lists for physiotherapy, and the other

suggested treatment options such as endothermal ablation

and sclerotherapy. Will more funding be allocated for these


by Dr Daisy Mae

The 17 inappropriate interventions no longer funded by the NHS

physiotherapy, weight

loss, exercise and pain


• Breast reduction.

• Removal of benign skin


• Grommets for glue ear in


• Tonsillectomy for recurrent


• Haemorrhoid surgery.

• Hysterectomy for heavy

menstrual bleeding – this

should not be performed

first-line. Women should be

offered medical treatment or

a progesterone releasing IUS.

• Chalazia removal.

• Arthroscopic shoulder

decompression for shoulder

pain – physiotherapy and

exercise should be offered


• Carpal tunnel release.

• Dupuytren’s contracture


• Ganglion excision.

• Trigger finger release.

• Varicose vein surgery –

endothermal ablation and

sclerotherapy should be tried





Just Do It!

Yay - Spring is just around the corner, and for

many of us its often the time of year we have a good

clear out, clean up the garden and generally take

stock of what is important to us and what isn’t.

We stop procrastinating and with a new energy

finally put into practice

what we might have been

putting off, perhaps a new

diet or exercise programme,

summer holidays are just

around the corner after all.

But this is also the time to think

about you. Are you feeling fulfilled

and valued in yourself, confident

that you are giving your best

everyday and in return receiving

the thanks and recognition you

deserve? If you’re not sure or the

answer is no, perhaps you find

yourself looking for a new challenge

or a change in role that will make

you feel good about yourself.



Working for a care provider such as Home Instead Senior Care,

enabling older people to continue to live safe and well in their

own homes gives us no greater satisfaction or joy. Often, it’s

the small daily tasks, such a washing, dressing, making lunch,

or tidying up that people need help with as they get older.

Or perhaps, as memories fade we might be there to gently

remind and guide your clients with their routines. However,

helping with tasks and activities

isn’t enough for us as we know

that friendship and companionship

are particularly important to older


Making a genuine difference

to someone’s life, building on

your personal experience while

developing your professional skills

is truly amazing and rewarding.

Don’t worry if you’re still unsure

just give Amy a call on 01952

476720 and she can tell you all

about the career options working

in care.

Don’t delay, start making a

difference today and make that call.


Recruiting Carers Now

• Full training given

• Support every step

of the way

• Excellent pay and


• Travel time and

mileage paid

• Flexible hours from part

time to full time

01952 476720


Each Home Instead Senior Care franchise office is independently owned and operated.

Copyright © Home Instead 2017


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Get Fit, Look Fab – with

Best Sportswear Buys

Losing enthusiasm for your new fitness routine already? We’ve got the best

selection of sportswear buys that’ll make you want to get back to the gym fast this

New Year.

So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a new workout wardrobe today and

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Deborah Mitchell has dedicated her life to creating revolutionary skincare treatments which have transformed

the way her clients both look and feel. And now, she is delighted to offer professional advanced fillers in

addition to the specialist treatments already available at her Shifnal-based salon, Heaven.

As Deborah explains:

“People are increasingly worried about the shape of their facial features and fillers

are a massively effective tool in making a real difference. Although I am primarily a

holistic therapist I want to bring my clients all treatments that will make them look

and feel their best.”

And, Deborah is fully qualified to perform the treatment after achieving the highest

possible accreditation from the UK’s leading training school:

“I’m thrilled to be able to offer fillers which create a really natural and flattering look

no matter where they are being injected and my clients have been amazed by how

just a small amount of filler can enhance their entire face.”

Deborah also uses fillers to perform treatments which offer clients a real alternative

to surgery:

“Using fillers I’m able to offer treatments like ‘Russian Lips’ and ‘Twinkle Nose’

as well as non-surgical facelifts. I can also use the fillers to change features that

clients are unhappy with, like a hook nose, as well as being able to use fat removal

injections to reduce unwanted fat in the cheeks and jaw line.”

Ironically, Deborah first trained in collagen injections at the age of 22 years old, but

refused to carry out the treatment once she learned that they were created using

unnatural ingredients. Instead, she turned her attention to bringing a revolutionary

new treatment to her clients:


BEFORE Cheek filler

“I was one of the first people in England to do semi-permanent make-up back in

the 1990’s and I’m still only one of a small group of people who are able to offer

semi-permanent make-up.”





And, semi-permanent make-up is the perfect solution if you don’t have time to

apply make-up in the morning: “With semi-permanent lip liner, eyeliner, lip blush and

skin blush you can wake up every morning looking amazing.”

For perfectly shaped eyebrows, Deborah uses micro-blading techniques and

nano-technology hair strokes – which work on even bald brows - to create

the perfect look.



Whether Deborah is applying semi-permanent make-up, shaping

brows or transforming facial features using fillers, she takes real

pride in creating an incredibly natural look for her clients”.

“Whatever treatment I’m carrying out, I am always incredibly mindful

to make sure that the results are completely natural-looking.

And, Deborah is keen to emphasise why a natural approach is best:

“When this lovely client walks in to my clinic I think

ok how do I make her look even better, I ask her what

does she not like about herself. She replies ‘chip monk


So I use a very small amount of natural filler on top of

the cheek bone, a touch on the chin and add a twinkle

nose. Then she asked can she have a little in her lips.

With the results my client cried and said she now sees

her daughter looking back at her not her mother”.

Cost for this treatment can start from as little as £100.

“Injectables like Botox really need be used with care because it is so

easy to take away those natural expressions - which are essential

for human interaction – through over use.”

And, Deborah’s skill set is very much in demand:

“I work with many celebrities and high profile people and they don’t

want a dramatically different look straight away, so I’ve really been

able to hone my skill set making results really natural.”

When used in combination with Deborah’s other skin treatments at

Heaven, fillers have even more impressive results.

“To get the best from your fillers you need to look at the rest of the

face and make sure that the skin is looked after and refined. Our

clients have found that they’ve had longer lasting results from their

fillers when using our Age Defiance cream, which also removes

spots, scars and lines.”

Despite the new additions at Heaven, Deborah’s famous Bee

Venom Facial is still as popular as ever because her clients love the

incredibly anti-ageing results.

“The Bee Venom Facial is massively anti-ageing for a number “The Bee

Venom Facial is massively anti-ageing for a number of reasons: it uses a real

‘hands-on’ technique which repositions the skull and jaw and the naturally

derived ingredients within the product – which of course includes Abeetoxin, a

natural form of Botox – transforms the skin for a youthful look.”

Of course, there is a full range of expert skin-beautifying treatments at Heaven

and Deborah has ensured that each is priced competitively so that everyone

has the opportunity to look and feel amazing.

“I really feel lucky to have been able to look after so many people’s faces for so

long and whether it’s one of my loyal customers at Heaven or a celebrity client

it is a real privilege to make everyone look incredible,” adds Deborah.

So, why not treat yourself to an expert treatment at Heaven today? You deserve it!


• Gummy smile

• Smokers lines

• Down-turned corners

• Lip flip

• Jawline slimming

• Chemical brow lift

• Pebbled chin

• Bunny lines

• Neck lift

• Hyperhydrosis


• Double chin

• Stomach

• Back

• Thighs

• Arms



• Nose Reshaping

• Marionette line reduction

• Nasal fold reduction

• Lip enhancement

• Chin reconstruction

• Cheek bone definition

• Smile line reduction

• Tear trough

• Jawline definition



• Crows feet (x1 area)

• Frown (x1 area)

• Forehead (x1 area)


• Vitamin drips


Heaven Salon & Spa | 13a Market Place | Shifnal | TF11 9AU

To book an appointment please call the salon on:

T | 01952 461888 E | salon@heavenskincare.com


Beauty Boosters

Whether you’re suffering from dry skin or

brassy blonde locks, this month we’re all

about solving your beauty dilemmas.

Skin feeling less baby soft and more adult rhino? Try a

weekly salt scrub. Coffee fans will appreciate Rabot 1745’s

Coffee Body Scrub, which is made from Arabica ground

coffee, pure salt, cocoa butter and almond oil. The salt

helps to remove dry skin and draw out toxins, the coffee

works to freshen and tighten skin and the cocoa butter

and almond oil soften and hydrate. The aroma of fresh

coffee is also a good wake-up call on dark mornings.

If you’re thinking that the packaging looks rather like a

reusable coffee cup, you’d be right. And if you use that

cup at any Hotel Chocolat café, you’ll get 50p off a hot

drink. The Coffee Body Scrub costs £16 at Hotel Chocolat

and www.rabot1745beauty.com, so will pay for itself in 32

coffees’ time…

If it’s your face that’s feeling dry and parched (thanks a

bunch central heating and winter winds), Frances Prescott

TRI-SPRITZ might help. As well as boosting hydration, the

facial mist works to support tissue recovery, calm and

reduce inflammation, neutralise free radicals and protect

from pollution. As an added bonus, it helps to set your

makeup in place. I tend to use TRI-SPRITZ as a quick

pick-me-up when my skin feels a bit dehydrated or just

generally ‘meh’. It’s £45 from www.francesprescott.com.

Blonde hair can start to look dull or brassy between hair

appointments. Give it a lift with Philip Kingsley’s Pure

Blonde Colour-Correcting Weekly Shampoo (£11.50) and

Mask (£15). Whether you’re a natural blonde or have a little

help, the shampoo and mask can help to tone down yellow

and orange tones while repairing damage and replacing

moisture. I’ve only tried them a couple of times, but can

already see a difference. My hair looks lighter and much

closer in colour to when I last had it highlighted. See www.


Planning a winter getaway? Whether you’re hitting

the slopes or chasing the sun, don’t forget to take your

favourite toiletries with you. If you’re only going for a long

weekend, it’s worth decanting your toiletries into reusable

travel bottles and jars. It’ll mean you pass the 100ml or

less rule for liquids and creams in your hand luggage, and

saves you lugging extra weight around the airport. You

also won’t need to fork out for travel-sized toiletries, which

are usually a lot more expensive per ml than their full-sized

counterparts. Wilko’s new travel pots (www.wilko.com)

start at just 50p and can be used time and time again.

Dry shampoo bars are handy for travelling and an easy

switch if you’re trying to reduce your plastic waste. Faith

in Nature’s new shampoo bars have a lower PH level than

most, making them better for your hair. Choose from

Lavender & Geranium (one of the brand’s most popular

fragrances) or the extra hydrating Coconut & Shea Butter.

Both are 100% natural, packed with nourishing ingredients

and fragranced with essential oils. And they’re just £5.79

each from www.faithinnature.co.uk.

by Kate Duggan



Beauty by Jude


CND Shellac

goes on like a

polish but wears

like a gel.

A 14 day glorious

high gloss shine

with zero dry time,

no nail damage and can

be removed in around

10 minutes.


Hands or Feet ........................... £18

Inclusive of Polish Removal

Shellac including Manicure ..... £23

Shellac including Pedicure ...... £25

Removal of Polish ...................... £5




call for details



• Half Leg £12

• Full Leg £20

• Bikini £10

• Underarm £8

• Lip or Chin £6

• Lip & Chin £10

• Half Arm £10

• Full Arm £15


• Eyebrow Wax £7

• Eye Lash Tint £10

• Eye Brow Tint £8

• Lash & Brow Tint £16

Lash Lift & Tint £25

Accentuate your natural lashes

by giving them a tint and a lift.

This 60 minute treatment will

enhance your lashes, making

them look longer & voluminous.

A patch test will be required 48

hrs prior to treatment.


Luxury Manicure £15

Including Nail Shape, Cuticles

Treated, Hand Massage &

Moisturising Mask

Luxury Pedicure £20

Including Foot scrub,

Exfoliation, Nail Shape, Cuticles

Treated, Foot & Leg Massage &

Moisturising Mask


Pamper Evenings

Available from

£10 Per Person

Call for details



Swedish Massage £38

Head to toe sheer indulgence.

As well as leaving you feeling

extremely relaxed, massage can

improve lymphatic drainage, helps

to break down cellulite, loosen

arthritic joints, soothe tired &

aching muscles and generally

improve sense of wellbeing.

Back, Shoulder & Neck

Massage £20

A relaxing massage releasing

muscle tension and fatigue on the

back, shoulders and neck - the

main areas of stress & knots.

Indian Head Massage


A non intrusive treatment

based around the head, neck &

shoulders. It can give relief from

headaches, eye strain, tension and

improve hair & scalp condition.


Exfoliating Body Polish


A full body cleanse using

peppermint exfoliating body polish

after an invigorating skin brush.

Purifying Back

Treatment £30

The back is deep cleansed, body

brushed and exfoliated to help

stimulate circulation and cell

renewal, then calmed and relaxed

with a luxurious massage. A final

application of a light moisturiser

will ensure the skin is left smooth

and revitalised.


ON 07814 671 848

See Facebook for the latest offers: beautybyjudeathome









66 Upper Bar,

Newport TF10 7AW

01952 810984

The Shakespeare Inn is located on Upper Bar at the

end of the High Street in Newport. It was recently

taken over at the end of October and is now run by a

local family business who have been in Newport for

over 50 years.

Owner Raja Singh decided it was time for something different

at The Shakespere and has relaunched with a new Bar & Grill

venue. He is looking forward to welcoming back local residents

and offering a warm welcome to new customers.

We visited The Shakespeare Inn on a Friday evening and the bar

was already very busy when we arrived, we were shown to our

table and given a menu to browse through. Our drinks order

promptly arrived with a bottle of Sauvignon and a pint of Amstel.

I was amazed at the prices on the wine menu, with bottles

available from just £8.95, you can of course order by the glass

too if you prefer. There is also a wide range of great cask ales,

plus gins and premium spirits.

The menu offers a range of Indian dishes and they specialise

in grill food, it has been well thought out and kept fairly simple

– some menus can have so many pages it takes ages to read

through it all. There are a variety of starters, mains including

chicken, lamb, prawn or vegetable dishes, chefs specials and

mixed grill sizzlers, as well as sides.

There were so many dishes we both wanted to try we decided to

order dishes we could share.

For starter we shared Tarka Lamb Chops (£9) which were served

on a sizzling hot plate. The lamb chops were so delicious, they

had an amazing rich deep tandoori spicy coating and a great



flame grilled flavour. The chops were served on a bed of sliced

onions, peppers and tomatoes and sprinkled with coriander.

We really wanted to try one of the mixed grill sizzlers as we had

seen a few coming out to other tables and they looked superb.

We decided on the Boneless Sizzler (£17.50) which has a mix of

Tikka, Kebab, Fish and Prawns – we asked to have extra prawns

rather fish which they were happy to accommodate. This is

a very generous size platter and again is served on a sizzling

hot plate which keeps the food nice and hot. On the bed of

sliced onions were large chunks of tender juicy chicken tikka,

portions of lamb shish kebab and large battered prawns.

For our final dish we decided to try something different that

we hadn’t had before, Raja recommended the Butter Chicken

(£8.50) which we had with a plain rice (£2.00) and plain naan

bread (£2.00). We also added a bowl of Nepalese chips (£2.75).

I have to say the Butter Chicken is one of the best curries

we have ever had, the taste was incredible. A beautifully

creamy dish and so full of flavour, we practically licked the

bowl clean. There were large pieces of tender chicken in a

delicious golden sauce, what a revelation – this is a dish we

would definitely choose again! The Nepalese chips had a

spicy chilli sauce coating on them and were a real change

from just plain chips, they were a little on the warm side with

the kick of chilli but I couldn’t stop eating them, they were

very moorish.

Food is served everyday between 5pm to 10pm. There are

plenty of vegetarian options on the menu and special dietary

needs can be catered for where possible.

Children are most welcome here, there isn’t a separate

children’s menu but the sharing platters are great for families

to share and gives children the chance to try something new.

There is a car park at the rear but if this gets full there is parking

in the main high street or on the old Co-op car park behind the


The pub will be undergoing a refurbishment in the early part of

next year. The planned refurbishment will tastefully combine

modern finishes with period features and will reposition The

Shakespeare Inn as a standout pub, catering to the whole

community. There will be some exciting new additions

after the refurb so be sure to come back and check out the

changes. Food and drinks will be served as normal until the

refurbishment, so pop in and discover Newport's only grill

restaurant, serving great quality delicious food!

Reviewed by Fleur & Nik Abel

Monday to Thursday

from 3 till 6pm

2 Cocktails for £10

enjoy authentic flavours

Bar Open

2:30pm to 11pm

Food Served

5pm to 10pm

66 Upper Bar Newport TF10 7AW • T: 01952 810984

Follow us on Facebook: theshakespeare


The Healthy Way


Over the last few years, growing concerns about the

environmental cost of eating meat and dairy products

have transformed veganism from a fringe dietary

choice to an everyday concept embraced by more

and more people. Unsurprisingly, then, Veganuary

– founded in 2014 to encourage people to go vegan

throughout January – is more popular than ever.

However, if you’re going vegan for a whole month or more,

it’s important to understand how to get the vital nutrients you

usually might get predominantly from meat or dairy.


One of the most often voiced concerns about veganism is that a

plant-based diet makes it hard to meet your protein requirements.

But with knowledge and planning, it’s perfectly possible to get

all the protein you need from a vegan diet.

Proteins are made up of amino acids, which fall into three


• Non-essential amino acids: this misleading name doesn’t

mean they’re non-essential to our health, but that they’re nonessential

to our diet, as our bodies can produce them.

• Conditional amino acids: only normally required in our diet if

we’re ill or under stress, when the body may not be able to

make enough to cope with increased demand.

• Essential amino acids: amino acids our bodies can’t make, so

they are ‘essential’ elements of a healthy diet.

Essential Amino Acids

There are nine essential amino acids and between them, they

perform functions such as: hormone, energy, neurotransmitter,

protein, haemoglobin and enzyme production; mineral

absorption; muscle growth; detoxification; blood sugar regulation

and wound healing. You do not need to eat essential amino acids

at every meal, but you do need to include them all in your meals

over the day.

There are a few foods that provide all nine essential amino

acids in good quantity, including soy, quinoa and buckwheat, so

incorporating at least one of these into your meals every day is an

easy way to ensure you’re getting all your essential amino acids.

Quorn products contain all nine too, but check you’re buying

the vegan rather than vegetarian options that often include

egg. Spirulina is blue or green algae that’s high in protein, iron,

manganese and B vitamins (although not B12). It’s available as a

supplement or as a powder that can be added to meals or drinks.

Some other dietary sources:

Phenylalanine: lentils, beans, nuts (particularly peanuts,

pistachios and almonds), seeds (pumpkin, squash, watermelon

and chia), and vegetables (kale, broccoli and baked potatoes).

Valine: tofu, lentils, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, mushrooms, whole

grains, figs, apricots, kidney beans and vegetables (broccoli and

baked potatoes).

Threonine: lentils, watercress, spinach, sesame seeds, kidney

beans, almonds, walnuts, asparagus and wheat germ.

Tryptophan: sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, chickpeas and


Methionine: grains, peanuts, tempeh and seeds.

Leucine: tofu, tempeh, lentils, figs, apples, beans, legumes, seeds

(hemp, pumpkin and sunflower).

Isoleucine: lentils, beans (black, pinto), nuts, seeds, apples,


Lysine: black beans, lentils, pumpkin seeds.

Histidine: tofu, lentils, beans, oat bran, pumpkin seeds and whole


Minerals and vitamins


Men aged 18 and over need about 8.7mg of iron a day, while

women (aged 19 to 50 years) need about 14.8mg a day, and

women over 50 just 8.7mg of iron a day. Sources: pulses (beans,

lentils and peas), nuts, dried fruit such as raisins, dark-green

vegetables (watercress, broccoli and spring greens), cereals

fortified with iron, wholegrains such as brown rice and brown

bread (two slices of wholemeal bread (80g) contain around

1.9mg of iron).


Adults need about 700mg of calcium a day. Sources: fortified

unsweetened soya, rice and oat milk, leafy green vegetables,

almonds, sesame seeds and tahini, dried fruit, pulses, brown

(wholemeal) and white bread (two slices of wholemeal bread

(80g) contain around 85mg of calcium).

Don’t forget that your body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium.

Vitamin D:

While we can make Vitamin D when exposed to sunshine, in the

UK, we don’t get enough sunshine to do so between October

and March; the NHS recommends that everyone should take a

Vitamin D supplement during this time. Sources: Spinach, kale,

fortified margarine, fortified fat spreads and fortified breakfast


Vitamin B12:

Adults need about 1.5 micrograms of vitamin B12 a day and

vegan sources are limited.

Sources: Products fortified with B12, e.g. yeast extract spreads

such as Marmite, breakfast cereals and soya products.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

There’s currently no recommended daily intake. Sources: flaxseed

oil, rapeseed oil, mangoes, walnuts, butternut squash and soyabased

foods (such as tofu).

Health veganism in pregnancy and childhood

Pregnant women may find it hard to get enough iron, vitamin D

and vitamin B12 on a vegan diet, so seek advice from your doctor

or midwife. Breastfeeding mothers may need extra B12 too.

Vegan food tends to be bulky and high in fibre, so children may

be full before they’ve eaten enough calories and nutrients. They

may require extra supplements. Talk to a a dietitian or doctor

before you start introducing your baby to solids or moving your

older child onto a vegan diet.

This information should help you plan your meals to ensure you

have a healthy Veganuary. Enjoy!

by Alison Runham



Valentines at Patshull Park Hotel

Friday 14th February - £35.00 per person

Book a table in our Restaurant and enjoy a candlelit three course dinner

and welcome drink, with entertainment from our residential pianist.

Valentines Package

Available Thursday 13th - Saturday 15th February

We have packages available from just £150.00 per couple to include:

· Overnight accommodation · Evening meal

· Full English breakfast · Use of the Health and Fitness Club

Upgrade to a Lakeview room for just £175.00 per couple (limited availability)

For more details call us on 01902 700100

Look us up on

Trip Advisor

Great location, convenient

to J3 M54 and only 20

minutes from the centre of

Wolverhampton and Telford.

Pattingham, Nr Wolverhampton WV6 7HR 01902 700100 sales@patshull-park.co.uk www.patshull-park.co.uk


Davenport House




Davenport house is a family home steeped in history.

The building is a grade I listed Georgian property,

nestled in the Shropshire countryside. Lovingly

restored by its custodians Lizzie and Joe Adams, and

now in partnership with Michelin starred chef Tom

Kerridge to present his catering concept Lush!

Lush by Tom Kerridge is the catering and events company

from the team behind the prestigious eateries The Hand &

Flowers and The Coach. Lush will now be based at Davenport

House, looking after the entire food and beverage offer for all

their wedding receptions and corporate events, to create an

outstanding, unrivalled experience for each guest.

Lush by Tom Kerridge has gone from strength to strength over

the past few years with its inspiration and vision coming from

Tom’s first pub in Marlow, The Hand & Flowers. Tom and his

Executive Chef Kieran Reilly aim to bring the sense of occasion

found at The Hand & Flowers, along with memorable food

to the events held at Davenport House. Lush will be working

closely alongside Joe and Lizzie to carefully guide and support

guests throughout the whole process of planning their day.

Davenport House by Lizzie and Joe Adams, with its original,

and striking period features, is a family home steeped in

history. The building is a magnificent Grade I listed Georgian

house providing the most stunning backdrop for weddings

and events since 2017. Events can either take place within the

heritage building and /or outside using the stunning extensive

estate grounds. Furthermore, there is accommodation for up

to 32 guests upstairs in the building itself, as well as a handful

of charming cottages dotted around the grounds.

Joe and Lizzie believe that the food offering is key to the overall

experience and are thrilled to have partnered with Lush to ensure

that the house can offer up to 200 guests exceptional food

without compromising on quality. “We are thrilled to be working

with Tom and the team at Lush as we believe the food offering

to be an integral part of the overall experience. We believe we

have the perfect house in a truly perfect setting, along with a

great team behind us. We have really amazing differentiators

that genuinely set our offering a part, such as our bespoke

wedding planning service and our unique event management

service. Lush by Tom Kerridge has really accentuated our very

unique offering and has provided us with a vey real edge.”

Tom Kerridge added “We have taken the time to design a

selection of menus suitable for different styles of events and

hope that within it, there will be something for everyone.”

For further information please contact Davenport House at

enquiries@davenporthouse.co.uk or call 01746 866 333.




Wellington Road, Muxton, Telford TF2 8NG

T: 01952 603603

2 Steaks

and Wine for

ONLY £27.50

(available everyday)

2 Succulent Prime Rump

Steaks with a Bottle

of House Wine

Food Served:


12pm - 9:30pm


12pm - 8pm




£3.50 Starter • £3.50 Sweet

Choose 1, 2 or 3 courses

Served in the bar or restaurant

between 5pm & 9:30pm

every Monday night. Please

book to avoid any


Visit our website to view our latest menu






Despite being January, we will be fully

embracing the Christmas spirit! We will

be serving a 3 course meal, complete with

Christmas Trees, Crackers, Party Hats and

Disco till late.

Why not make a night of it and stop over for

just £89 B&B – Based on two guests sharing.

£25 pp

from 7pm





£34.95 pp

from 7pm

On arrival, we will serve you with a glass

of pink fizz to enjoy whilst you peruse

our special gourmet Valentine dinner menu.

We’ll then serve a delicious three-course

Valentine meal before rounding off the

evening with freshly brewed coffee.

Why not make a night of it and stop over

from £160, for Dinner, Bed & Breakfast!


23RD FEBRUARY 2020 (12-3pm)

On the day you can meet around 30 local wedding professionals

from dresses to cakes, cars to flowers – and so much more to give

you some ideas and inspiration!

We’ll be serving a selection of tasty canapes too then you can

explore our beautiful Georgian Manor House hotel in all its glory,

fully dressed for a wedding. Our exquisite rooms will be laid out

and our experienced Wedding Planners will be on hand help and

guide you through every stage to ensure you and your guests have

a truly memorable day. Don’t forget to check out the Honeymoon

Suite with romantic touches – a relaxing and peaceful space to

escape to at the end of your perfect day.

Free admission and ample free car parking too!



Saturday 4th

January 2020

12 - 4pm

Hadley Park House Telford TF1 6JQ 01952 677269 info@hadleypark.co.uk www.hadleypark.co.uk







The Bridge Inn

Lower Bar, Newport

TF10 7BJ

T: 01952 324481

The Bridge Inn is a situated just off the main

High Street in Lower Bar. There is a large

car park at the rear and some parking is also

available on the main road.

As you enter throught the main front door there is a lovely snug

area with comfy seating by the inglenook fireplace. As you

head towards the rear of the building you are greeted by the

impressive well stocked bar and if you continue past the bar you

will reach the lower ground dining area with its vaulted ceiling

and exposed brickwork, where further seating is available.

We were seated just past the bar area next to a window looking

out onto the courtyard. Our drinks order was promptly taken,

Nik chose a pint of Camden Hells and I ordered a large glass

of Sauvignon. There are wine lists on the tables and also a gin

menu with a great varied selection of gins to choose from.

The main menu is written on a large board in both the upper

and lower dining areas, there are a varied selection of meals

including fish dishes and vegetarian options, with some of these

available as gluten free. The menu changes frequently to take

advantage of the fresh produce that is available locally. There

is a printed menu for the starters, desserts and side dishes.

For starters Nik chose the Curried Cashew Nut Dip and Pitta

Bread (£5) and I ordered the Chicken Liver Pate and Toast


Nik's curried cashews were super creamy with a delicate hint of

curry, the roughly chopped nuts gave a lovely texture, combined

with the soft warm pitta and fresh salad, this was a great starter

and very different to anything Nik has had before.



My dish consisted of two thick slices of chargrilled toasted

ciabatta bread, the pate was served in a glass dish and there

was a lovely fresh salad and a pot of chutney to complete my

starter. The pate was rich and smooth, which I spread thickly

on my toast, the chutney added a lovely sweetness.

For our main meals Nik selected the Game Pie (£13 ) and I

decided on the Chicken Breast with a Stilton Sauce (£12).

Nik's game pie was served with parsnips, chips and a bowl

of seasonal fresh vegetables. The generous slice of pie had

a lovely rich gamey flavour with a thick buttery shortcrust

pastry, which Nik said was absolutely delicious. The parsnips

were golden and caramelised and the chunky chips were

lovely and crisp on the outside and light and fluffy on the


My chichen was served with sauté potatoes and carrots. The

chicken breast very succulent with an amazing crispy skin.

The delicious stilton sauce added lots of flavour and the

remainder of the sauce was delicious with the crispy sauté


For dessert I ordered the Salted Caramel Cheesecake (£5.50)

and Nik chose the Chocolate Torte (£5.50).

Nik's chocolate torte was smooth, rich and luxurious with a

delicate biscuit base. The sharpness of the tangy berry sauce

was perfect with the chocolate.

My cheescake was super thick and creamy with a lovely moist

base, it was topped with salted caramel pieces and a salted

caramel sauce - a great finish to my meal.

The Bridge Inn is the only Free House locally and stocks a

good selection of real ales, draught lagers, wine, spirits

and plenty of soft drinks, owner Michael Smylie said, "I am

delighted to be an independent outlet and not tied to any


Children are welcome here and although there is no childrens

menu they can order smaller portions off the menu.

On Sundays the full menu is available and there is always two

or three roasts to choose from on the specials board.

Lunchtime meals are served from Wednesday to Saturday

between 12:00 - 2:30pm, with a selection of sandwiches from

£5 and main meals from £7.

Evening meals are served Wednesday to Saturday between

5:00-9:00pm and also on Sundays between 12-5pm.

So for quality seasonal food at very reasonable prices, pop

in and try it for yourself but we would booking a table in

advance to save any disappointment!

Reviewed by Fleur & Nik Abel

The Bridge Inn

Lower Bar, Newport

TF10 7JB

Selection of local real ales,

bottled Belgium beer, craft

beer and 25 gins.

Freshly prepared, home

cooked food, using

local suppliers.

Always a Warm Welcome

Bar Opening Times:

Wednesday to Sunday 12-3pm & 4.30pm-Midnight

Monday and Tuesday 4.30 till closing

T: 01952 324481


Specials Board

Large selection of

fish dishes & gluten

free dishes

Good Quality Local Food Served:

Wednesday to Saturday 12-2.30pm & 5-9pm • Sunday 12-5pm



(available Wed-Sat)

from £5



Blueberry Custard


These fruity tarts have a rich creamy custard filling with a crisp pastry case. If you

prefer you can use shortcrust pastry.

Ready in: 1 hour, plus cooling | Serves 8


75g caster sugar

3 medium egg yolks

2 tbsp cornflour

1 tsp vanilla extract

350ml milk

500g puff pastry, thawed if


Flour, for dusting

100g fresh blueberries

1. Whisk the sugar, egg yolks, cornflour and vanilla extract together in a

heatproof bowl until smooth. Heat the milk in a pan over a medium heat

until almost boiling. Whisk the hot milk into the egg mixture then pour back

into the pan. Gradually bring the mixture to the boil, stirring all the time,

until a smooth custard forms.

2. Remove the pan from the heat and cover the surface closely with

greasproof paper to prevent a skin forming. Leave to cool completely.

3. Meanwhile roll the pastry out on a lightly dusted surface to a 3mm

thickness. Stamp out eight 12cm rounds of pastry and use to line eight 8cm

fluted tartlet tins. Prick the bases with a fork and chill in the fridge whilst the

custard is cooling.

4. Preheat the oven to 200C, 180C fan, gas mark 6. Divde the cooled custard

mixture between the pastry cases and scatter over the blueberries. Bake

for 15-20 minutes or until the pastry is crisp and golden. Serve warm or



Place a baking sheet in the oven to heat up then place the filled tartlet tins on it for baking.

The extra burst of heat will help to ensure a crisp pastry base



62 High Street

Newport TF10 7AQ

Food served 10-3pm

Hot Drink and a

slice of homemade

Cake - £3.50

Valid Mon-Sat


All day breakfast

served from


Special Offer

Tuesday Deal

Two courses for £6.50

Main course & pudding

or main meal & drink

Fish & Chips Friday £7.50

with hot/soft drink

(only valid on Fridays)

T: 01952 820 810


Ideal venue for Birthdays,

Parties, Christenings,

Wakes, etc..

Free Wi-fi • Disabled Access

Baby Changing Facilities • Pool Table

Two main meals for £13.50

off the Specials Board (10-3) T&C'S APPLY

Selection of Gluten free meals

available on the menu.


Start the NEW YEAR

with a healthy “veggie box”

delivered to your door





Green Fields Farm Shop


Order online at: www.greenfieldsonline.co.uk



Buffets with free delivery

within 3 mile radius

including Hortonwood

and Stafford Park

3 Menus to choose from

starting at £4 per head

(minimum order 4 persons)

Stockists of:

• Wenlock Edge, Fordhall

Farm, Malcolm Wickstead’s

& Buttercross Meats

• Vegetables, Herbs, Salads,

Fruits & Nuts

• Home Made Cakes &


• Fresh Bread, Local Milk, Tea

& Coffee

• Huge Range of Cheese

and Deli Products

• Beers, Wines & Ciders

• Rice, Pasta and Sauces

• Special Dietary Products

& much more...


Fresh Deli


Available at both


Pop in and see us at:

Station Road, DONNINGTON TF2 8JY T: 01952 677345

Woodhouse Lane, PRIORSLEE TF2 9UR T: 01952 200696

Green Fields Farm Shop @shopgreenfields


Alan Ward


With the help of a £500 bank loan, Alan Ward

was founded back in 1970 and initially started

as a small carpet store located on Golden Cross

Passage, Shrewsbury. The family business soon

expanded the product range and rapidly outgrew

the premises due to thriving customer demand.

Since then, Alan Ward has continued to grow and

now - fifty years later - is proud to be recognised

as one of the UK’s largest independent retailers of

furniture, beds and flooring. Today, there are Alan

Ward stores located in Chester, Winsford and

Newcastle-under-Lyme, as well as the 80,000 sq.

ft. flagship furniture, beds and flooring store on

Ennerdale Road, Shrewsbury. Though a lot may

have changed since 1970, exceeding customer

expectations and providing value-for-money

remains just as important to the family business

today as it did at the very beginning.

In a highly-competitive market, it can be easy to question

what makes Alan Ward different… but, in a single word, it’s

choice. With an impressive range of high-quality sofas, dining,

beds, bedrooms, carpets, flooring, rugs, curtains, blinds, and

homewares available, Alan Ward continues to pride itself on

being Shropshire’s premier shopping destination for the home.

The quality furniture is handpicked to inspire, and all stores

contain room-sets designed to make living more beautiful.

With close ties to Shropshire, the family business also works

hard to keep the local community in mind. In January 2018, Alan

Ward began working with The Rural Charity in a partnership

which sees the retailer donate second-hand furniture to the

charity shops located in Shrewsbury, Oswestry, Church Stretton

and Wem. These items are then sold on to the public and the

proceeds from sales are used to support the local agricultural

and rural community, with the aim of making a difference to

people’s lives across Shropshire. Since the partnership began,

Alan Ward have donated over 200 items of furniture to the

charity, which in turn has significantly reduced the amount of

used furniture sent to landfill. Alan Ward celebrates its ethos of

giving back to the local community and continues to support

The Rural Charity today.

This year, Alan Ward reaches yet another milestone by

celebrating its 50th birthday! The employees are all busy

planning plenty of celebration events throughout 2020, so be

sure to sign up on the website to receive exclusive information

on VIP events and special offers!

1970: Alan and Joan Hopkins open a small carpet shop on

Golden Cross Passage, Shrewsbury

1983: The store relocates to a large unit on Ennerdale Road,


1990s: Additional stores open in Chester, Newcastle-Under-

Lyme and Winsford

2000: A £5 million purpose-built distribution centre opens to

provide 60,000 sq. ft. of storage

2010: Alan Ward celebrate their 40th birthday! To celebrate,

the staff enjoy champagne and cake with the directors

2013: The flagship Shrewsbury store receives a makeover and

new departments are opened so that customers can shop for

everything under one roof

2016-2018: The major refurbishment of all stores is complete,

and the Alan Ward website is relaunched to enable customers

to shop online

2020: Alan Ward turns 50! Sign up to the newsletter on the

website for exclusive invitations to VIP sale events and special


Visit the 80,000 sq. ft. flagship furniture, beds and flooring

store located on Ennerdale Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire,

SY1 3LD or shop online at alanwardfurniture.co.uk





The Colour of The Year

Tranquil Dawn, a soft shade of greyish-green, is paint company Dulux’s colour of the year. It’s a calm,

restful colour that’s very easy to introduce into your interior.

This laid-back living space

employs the gentle green of

Dulux’s Tranquil Dawn as a

backdrop, complemented by

other shades from its ‘Meaning’

colour palette. Dulux Easycare

Tranquil Dawn matt emulsion,

£20 for 2.5l, B&Q.

The gently curving

shade of this

pendant ticks all

the boxes when it

comes to minimal

Scandi style.

Ambit pendant

light by Muuto

in Dusty Green,

£270 for a pair,


This abstractdesign

plate is

made from fine

china and is safe

for use in both

microwaves and



Brushstrokes side

plate in green, £5, John

Lewis & Partners.

Streamlined elegance

characterises this sofa by

renowned Scandinavian

design duo Anderson

& Voll. Outline Studio

sofa, £2,195; Outline

Studio chair, £1,495; both


Drawing inspiration from the

iconic New York subway, these

high-gloss tiles have a cool, urban

aesthetic. Village Mint wall tiles,

£29.99 per square metre, Tile


Made from 100%

wool, this handtufted

rug is soft

and cushiony

underfoot. Ardelle

rug in Mineral

Green, £199,


One of four colour palettes

based around Dulux’s Tranquil

Dawn colour, ‘Meaning’ includes

simple, serene colours that are

moodily beautiful.

This iconic sofa design

combines straight lines

and thoughtful detailing

for a classic/contemporary

look. Hoxton Grand sofa

in Charlotte Teal, £1,826,

Parker Knoll.

A small

side table

is always

a handy


to a room.



table in





Using Tranquil Dawn At Home

• This pale grey-green is inspired by the dawn

horizon. It’s a soft and easy-going natural

and, as such, could be employed to paint all

your walls, providing you with a delightfully

calming and contemplative space. It also looks

good added in the form of window treatments,

upholstery, rugs or smaller accessories.

• Dulux has produced four colour palettes, each

consisting of ten colours, to demonstrate how

to combine Tranquil Dawn in different ways

and create a variety of effects. The ‘Care’

palette includes pale pinks and blues, and is

soft and airy for a soothing atmosphere; the

‘Play’ palette uses bolder colours such as

citrus and crimson to create a sense of energy

and vibrancy; the ‘Meaning’ palette employs

subtle greys for a still, quiet space; and the

‘Creativity’ palette, with sapphire, garnet and

chocolate, is more moody and intense. Take

your pick according to your home style.

• Although this delicate shade looks gorgeous

with natural materials such as wood, leather,

linen, stone and wicker, it can also be teamed

with sleek, shiny metallics and plastics for a

more chic, contemporary look, while adding

rich textures such as velvet or sheepskin will

give a sense of natural luxury.




Carpet Company




Since 1965


out for our



T: 01952 620 200

Stafford Road, Oakengates

Telford TF2 6JH


Pleated & Venetian




and conservatories.

Available in a

huge range of

fabric colours

and designs

Now manufacturers of


No drilling!No screwing!Child safe.

Easily removable for cleaning

Call Phil on 01952 240 222

email sales@telford-blinds.co.uk



Starting at 1 and finishing at 49,

track your way from one square to

another, either horizontally, vertically or

diagonally, placing consecutive numbers

into the empty squares as you go.

Some numbers are already given.







Come to our factory shop and try before you buy!


Wide range of MATTRESSES

including: Orthopaedic,


Foam, Pillow

top, Pocket

Sprung and






BEDS in a

wide choice

of colours and

fabrics incuding

Velvet, Velour, &

Chenille. Available with

Storage Drawers, Ottomans

& more...


Pineapple Beds

Unit B3 Haybrook Ind. Est,

Halesfield 9, Telford TF7 4QW

01952 426375 • www.pineapplebeds.co.uk


Church Farm House, Buildwas

6 bedroom detached house • Price £600,000

Impressive six bedroom former farm house that offers an abundance of living and outdoor space

whilst incorporating quite a collection of character features.

This 17th Century Grade II Listed property is situated in the rural village of Buildwas which is just

a few hundred yards away from the picturesque meanders of the river severn. A very considered

approach has been employed by the current owners when improving and upgrading this substantial

family home to ensure that its character is preserved whilst introducing modern living throughout.

The floorplan within the house is rather versatile offering a variety of uses and probably further

potential for adaptation for a variety of buyer's criteria.


Residential Sales & Lettings | Property Management | Land & New Homes | Surveyors


Telford 01952 292 300 Newport 01952 570 222 Ironbridge 01952 432 533




Cartway Barn, Grange Farm Barns, Redhill

4 bedroom barn conversion • Price £485,000

A beautifully converted barn boasting original features, set in beautiful open countryside.

The barn comes with under flooring heating, a beautifully designed generous open plan kitchen

with granite worktops, Belfast sink and high quality integrated appliances. The bathrooms have

been fitted with premium suites and have been designed to complement the barn. Cartway barn

has been designed to combine original features and modern living.

The development is accessed via electric gates leading you to the well maintained grounds. The

barn boasts large private gardens, generous parking and a garage with electricity connected.

There is also the option to purchase an additional garage by separate negotiation.


Residential Sales & Lettings | Property Management | Land & New Homes | Surveyors


Telford 01952 292 300 Newport 01952 570 222 Ironbridge 01952 432 533



Cosy Up Your Home

Spring may still be a while off, but there are ways to make your interior more inviting,

even in the midst of winter.

Long, dark nights and chilly mornings

can be made more bearable by some

clever thinking in your home.

To start, make sure your lighting is up to scratch.

A well-designed lighting scheme reinforces

a sense of security, comfort and vitality, and

making dramatic improvements could be

as simple as adding a floor lamp in a dark

corner or a reading lamp next to a favourite

armchair. For the best effect, layer lighting in

the same way that an interior designer layers

fabrics and textiles, ensuring that light comes

from a variety of sources and directions. For a

quick upgrade on a budget, replace main light

switches with dimmers, and plug in a selection

of table or floor lamps at strategic points. Check

that your bulbs give off the correct amount of

illumination for the task at hand, and also that,

where appropriate, they are a ‘warm’ white

in colour rather than ‘cool’. Add the leaping

flames of a log burner or a few pretty tea lights

or candles (safely positioned, of course) for an

atmospheric evening in.

Colour can make all the difference to the feel

of a room, and a quick paint job – perhaps just

on one wall – can be transformative. Earthy or

spicy colours such as claret, mustard, ochre or

chocolate are great choices, while navy or dark

grey are more neutral and perhaps easier to

live with all year round. Don’t be afraid of trying out darker

shades – not only are they very on-trend, but they are really

effective at creating a feeling of cocooning comfort. Think

about the other main colours and textures in each room. For

warmth underfoot, throw down a deep pile rug or two to add

extra softness, while at the windows it may be possible to

swap sheer, pale, lightweight curtains or blinds for something

heavier and in a bolder shade – think wool, tweed, velvet, even

felt, denim or mohair.

In the bedroom, replace pale linens with sheets or a duvet

cover in a deeper shade, piling on quilts, eiderdowns,

bedcovers, throws and blankets, combining colours, patterns

and fabrics for a glorious mixture that feels truly sumptuous.

And in the living room, pile up cushions on sofas and armchairs

for a sense of cosy luxury, then add some generously sized

throws over the back: great for snuggling under. You could use

a length of tweed edged with velvet ribbon, chunky knitting or

crochet, fake fur or soft fleece. Draw the curtains, light the fire,

pull on some fluffy socks, make a mug of hot chocolate and

settle down with a good book or a favourite box set – baby it

may be cold outside, but inside it’s warm, cosy and welcoming.

How to increase you home’s heat efficiency

• Insulate your loft. Use 300mm of quilt insulation, but retain

some ventilation so as to avoid condensation.

• Deal with draughts. At windows, fit rebated seals, secondary

Image: Curtains: Kortori fabric in Gilt, from £34 per metre; cushions left to right: Moda fabric in

Gilt, from £36 per metre; Kortori fabric in Gilt, from £34 per metre; throws: Asami fabric in Gilt/

Willow, from £42 per metre; all from the Orientalis collection by ILIV: 01772 651199; i-liv.co.uk.

glazing or well-fitting shutters (which can be as effective as

double glazing). Or use the old-fashioned method: heavy,

floor-to-ceiling curtains with a thermal lining. Venetian

blinds can come treated with a special coating to add more

insulation, or you can invest in made-to-measure blinds that

feature a cellular structure to retain warm air.

• Doors will also benefit from seals or a curtain – a rising door

curtain rod (aka a portiere rod) will hold the curtain out of the

way when the door is opened.

• If the suspended timber floor is draughty, seal any gaps at the

bottom of skirting boards with foam strips, silicon mastic or

slivers of timber. For gaps between floorboards you could use

fillets of wood, pack the gaps with string or cord and finish

with wood filler, or try a special gap filler that comes on a roll

with its own applicator.

• When fitting carpet, look for underlay with the highest

possible tog rating.

• Bear in mind that wood-burning stoves are far more energyefficient

than open fires.

• Help prevent heat loss from radiators – especially when fitted

on an outside wall – by fitting tin foil (or special radiator

reflectors) behind them to reflect the heat back in.

by Kathrine Sorrell




Choose Barker Healey Property to sell your home and

make sure your property stands out from the crowd!






10 High Street, Newport TF10 7AN

01952 813625


18 Maslan Crescent, Tibberton

This mature 3 Bedroom semi-detached home has been lovingly

updated over the last few years and the result is a beautiful

family home which is situated within a popular cul-de-sac in the

sought-after village of Tibberton. Benefitting from a modern

and sizeable Kitchen, Re-fitted Shower Room, recently added

Downstairs W.C., Dining Room with multi-fuel burner and

double French doors leading out into the large, south facing

garden (meaning this room is perfect for enjoying all year

round!) and extensive driveway parking, the house has also had

replacement windows, some re-wiring, new radiators and an

updated Baxi gas C.H. boiler.

Briefly comprising Lounge, Dining Room, 17ft Breakfast

Kitchen, Downstairs W.C., 3 Bedrooms and beautiful Re-fitted

Shower Room, there is a large gravelled driveway to the front,

a sizeable garden to the rear and ample storage space both

inside and out! Gas C.H. & uPVC D.G.

Guide Price £210,000




Members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen

We are a family run business and deliver a professional removal to

the highest standard. We ensure our customers are 100% happy

with the work we do and offer excellent value for money.

Call us today for your free quotation 01952 289118

Unit 9 Horton Court, Hortonwood 50, Telford TF1 7GY


• Nationwide Service

• Home Packing Service

• Fully Trained, Uniformed Staff

• Storage

• Piano Moves

• Packing Materials

• Commercial Moves

• 7 Days a Week Service


























Find the names of weather conditions in the grid and the

remaining letters will spell out a related phrase



smooth moves...

Ease the stress of moving with





For Sale board

Sales details


*Subject to using

Fodens Solicitors,

T&Cs apply

call the Fodens Team now

to take us up on this offer...

01952 632 140

no sale, no fee


Five Tasks for an Organised

Financial Life in 2020

January is the perfect time to organise your

financial life and carry out those onerous or boring

tasks you’ve been putting off for so long. Making

a will, setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney

(LPA) and checking your credit file are just three

important ‘bigger picture’ jobs that can set you

up for a secure future, and offer a little protection

from life’s uncertainties.

So here are the five tasks in more detail – tackle them in any

order, and get your financial life organised in 2020.

1. Check your state pension forecast

Checking how much state pension you might receive provides

a clearer picture of how your financial situation could look in

retirement. It also allows you to see if there are any gaps in

your National Insurance (NI) record.

.This is important, as you may be able to pay voluntary National

Insurance contributions to fill those gaps and complete your

NI record before you retire. At the time of writing you need to

make full contributions for 35 years to be eligible for the new

full state pension, so it’s definitely worth investigating.

As far as budgeting for retirement is concerned, you should

factor in the figure from your state pension forecast with any

occupational pensions, savings, or investments you hold. You’ll

discover whether you’re on track for the lifestyle you want, or

if you need to put a little more money away prior to retirement.

2. Make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

A Lasting Power of Attorney is an official document whereby

you appoint one or more attorneys to help you make financial

or health-related decisions, or to make them on your behalf if

you lose mental capacity in the future.

You need to be over the age of 18 to make an LPA, and have

the mental capacity at the time to make your own decisions.

Drawing up an LPA is often regarded as unnecessary until later

life, but it’s well worth considering at any time.

It’s possible to make a Lasting Power of Attorney without

professional assistance via the gov.uk website. Citizens Advice

may also be able to help, but if you’re unsure of your wishes

or the process in general it’s advisable to seek help from a


3. Write a will

Making a will ensures your assets are passed down according

to your wishes when you die, and with today’s complex family

structures it can prevent a great deal of stress for those left


It’s advisable to seek professional assistance when making a will,

particularly if you have a young family or your circumstances

aren’t straightforward. You might need to consider who would

care for your children if you weren’t around, for example, or

think about how you’d incorporate children from a previous

marriage into your will.

It’s worth knowing that March is free wills month, so you might

be able to save on legal costs if you make a will during March.

This is usually only applicable for simple wills, however, where

the instructions are relatively straightforward.

4. Take out ‘life event’ insurance

Adverse life events such as chronic illness or serious accident

can derail your plans for the future. You may not be able to

work or function in the way you used to, for instance, but if

you’ve taken out appropriate insurance it can reduce some of

the devastating financial impact for yourself and your family.

Critical illness and life insurance cover provides a financial buffer

that can help you cope with unexpected life circumstances,

and help your loved ones adjust to a new situation without the

fear of financial difficulty.

Buying insurance is something many of us consider at various

points in our lives, but taking the time to find out more about

the policies available and choosing the best one for your needs

is crucial.

5. Check your credit report

The state of your credit report affects your ability to borrow

and obtain credit, and is a fundamental part of your overall

financial situation. Lenders and credit card companies assess

your creditworthiness by checking your credit file, and decide

whether or not to sanction loans or grant credit based on its


You can view your credit report online – some credit reference

agencies provide a free report. Others offer only monthly

subscriptions, which can be useful given the

rise in identity theft, as you receive warnings

when changes are made to your credit file.

If you find mistakes, it’s possible to rectify

them either by contacting the lender

concerned or the credit reference agency. A

note can then be added that the entry has

been challenged and is under investigation.

Understanding how fraudsters operate

can also protect you from financial loss, so

researching this could be another task to

undertake as and when you’re able this year.

If you blitz these jobs in January, you can

relax for the rest of 2020 knowing that some

of the mundane but very important financial

issues that can affect your life so seriously

are all under control.

by Ann Haldon



Get your Finances in Shape

The New Year is a time when people make

resolutions and plans for the next 12 months.

Many of us will plan to eat healthy and get fit,

but could your finances do with a workout too?

Is 2020 the year you want to move? Or buy your first house?

Don’t know where to start? We can guide you through the

buying process and advise you on the most suitable mortgage

to make your new home New Years resolution happen.

Perhaps you are happy where you are, but wonder if you

can/could get a better rate for your mortgage or you would

like to raise money for home improvements or for debt

consolidation. We can review your options and advise on the

most suitable mortgage for your circumstances. With a lot

of lenders they will even cover the costs of moving to a new

lender if that’s the most suitable option.

A great resolution for anyone is to make sure you and your

family are protected. No-one likes to think about the worst

happening, yet planning for it can ensure things are that little

bit easier if they do. Making sure you have the correct life

cover, critical illness cover and income protection in place is

essential to removing added stress in difficult times, we can

help review your existing arrangements and advise on new


FOR 2020

If 2020 is one year closer to your retirement, or it may even

be the year when you stop working, you may want to start

making sense of your pensions. For most people pension are

the largest part of their retirement provision, yet they can

seem overly complicated and you may not have any idea as to

whether they will provide the income you need in retirement.

At CD Financial we have a wealth of experience in pension

advice, we can help to consolidate pension arrangements

where appropriate, but ultimately help to make sense of your

pension(s) so you know what income they are likely to provide,

and if they are not going to provide what you need we can look

at options to improve your position.

At CD Financial, whatever aspect of your finances you need

getting in to shape, we are here to help. We offer a free initial

consultation with no obligation and take pride in working with

our clients to fully understand their position, so we can advise

on the most suitable solution and start to build a financial plan

and cement a long term advice relationship.



The value of investments and any income from them can fall

as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount




How can we help you?

Our expert advisors are on your doorstep and waiting to help...

4 Pensions

4 Retirement

4 Investments

4 Mortgages

4 Life insurance

4 Critical illness


....Call us on 01952 455775 to book your Fee Free, No Obligation Initial Consultation

Shifnal Head Office: 4 Church Street · Shifnal · TF11 9AA Lawley Office: Birchfield Way · Telford · TF3 5BZ





CD Financial Limited is an appointed representative of Openwork Limited which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Funeral Costs



Sign up to a prepaid funeral plan

With a prepaid plan, you will choose the

type of funeral you want (so long as it’s

in the UK) then pay the funeral director

or plan provider either in a lump sum, or

in weekly instalments. The costs will be

frozen at today’s prices from the moment

the plan takes effect, which means the

costs won’t be subject to inflation, but

you should be aware that your plan

may not provide everything you want –

for instance, it may not cover the cost

of a burial plot, flowers or catering. It’s

advisable to check the details of your

plan carefully before you agree to buy it.

Over 50s plans

What image does the word ‘funeral’ conjure

up for you? A fleet of sleek, black limousines, a

horse-drawn carriage and mourners grouped

around a marble headstone? Or do you simply

see friends and relatives gathered together in a

woodland spot, scattering ashes from an urn?

While it’s easy to focus on the emotional and ceremonial

aspects of a funeral, we don’t always think about the costs.

According to the Money Advice Service (moneyadviceservice.

org.uk) the average price of a funeral, even without optional

items such as flowers and catering, is around £4,300.

That’s not exactly small change for most people, and it’s an

unfortunate fact that if you don’t make some kind of financial

provision for your funeral, your children or close relatives may

have to foot the bill when you die. Not only does this put

financial pressure on your nearest and dearest at a difficult

time, it can also mean that the final send-off you receive

doesn’t match up to the one you had envisaged.

You can leave instructions in your will as to the type of funeral

you would like, but if there isn’t enough in your estate to fund

your wishes, those left in charge of the arrangements are under

no legal obligation to carry them out, or even arrange a funeral

at all.

If you choose a church burial you could pay anything from

£800 (as a resident of a small, rural community) to £8,000

if you are a non-resident asking to be buried in a city area.

Your relatives will also need to pay ongoing maintenance fees

for the grave. A woodland burial is a more natural option, but

that also costs between a few hundred to several thousands

of pounds, depending upon location. Cremation is cheaper,

costing from £1,400 without a ceremony and approximately

£3,750 when a funeral is arranged.

If you don’t believe there will be enough money in your estate

to pay for a funeral when you die, and your relatives can’t

afford to chip in, there are several options open to you.

Although this is a form of insurance,

there’s no requirement for medical

underwriting. That means if you are in

poor health at the time of drawing up the

plan it won’t affect the pay-out, provided you survive beyond

the first two years of the plan’s start date. On the down side,

once you’ve paid the money in, you won’t get it back and you

risk losing all your money – including any costs towards your

funeral – if you don’t keep up to date with payments.

Life Insurance

According to the consumer association Which?, life insurance

could potentially pay out 40% more than an Over 50s plan.

However the lump sum provided by life insurance can take

several weeks to come through. The Association of British

Insurers says that payments generally take about a month to

arrive after a death, but they can take longer if the death needs


Government-funded funeral payments

If the person responsible for arranging your funeral is receiving

certain benefits, they can apply to the government for a Funeral

Expenses Payment. The money offered will cover things such

as cremation fees or the cost of a particular burial plot, death

certificates and other documents, but it is unlikely to cover the

full cost of a funeral.

Save up with a bank account

You can always set up a separate bank account to pay for your

funeral, paying in gradually to build up the amount you need.

However that’s not risk free, as there’s a chance you might die

before you have accumulated your target sum. At your death,

the money you’ve saved will be considered part of your estate,

which means it won’t be released immediately to pay for your

funeral costs.

If you’ve been concerned about how you will pay for your

funeral, the five options listed above should provide some

comfort. Fortunately there’s lots more advice available from

organisations such as the Money Advice Service and Citizens

Advice. Finally, it always helps to discuss your plans with your

family or close friends, as any arrangements made now could

save them a lot of worry in future.

by Kate McLelland



EKM Legal Services Ltd

Planning for Care Home Fees

Protecting Your Property

• Wills

• Estate Administration

• Powers of Attorney


Contact us on 07786 543 813

or info@ekmlegalservices.co.uk


Elizabeth McEvilly


We advise many clients when it

comes to planning for the future. One

recurring theme concerns care home

costs and how these might be met.

Many people worry about having to

sell their home to pay for care. There

are measures that can be taken to

safeguard part of your loved ones’

inheritance, and to prevent the whole

of your property from being taken into

account should you require care in the


How? By having a specific trust within

your Will. This trust ring-fences capital

and prevents it from being used for

care home fees. On the first death,

half of the main home passes into a

trust to eventually pass to children,

grandchildren or other beneficiaries,

but allowing the surviving partner to

live there for the rest of their life.

This action prevents the whole

of the value of the property from

being taken into account, should the

surviving partner require means tested

residential care in their later years.

If the surviving partner goes into a

care home, although their own half

share of the house may be used to pay

for care, any additional fees required

could not be taken from the other half

of the house, as it belongs to the Trust

and not to them.

Such a trust is a flexible arrangement

and still allows the surviving partner to

sell the property and downsize in the

future, if needed.

EKM Legal Services is a specialist

firm dealing with Wills, Will Trusts,

inheritance matters, administration

of estates, powers of attorney and

the many legal considerations that

become important as you get older.

If you would like any further

information or to discuss your own

individual circumstances give us a

call on 07786 543 813 or email info@


We can answer all of your questions

about how best to protect assets for

future generations.

Kalidescope Ltd


We design and host tailor made websites at affordable prices

for the small to medium sized business. Training, follow up

and support is always available to complete the package.





available to suit

your needs

All websites are built to be cross device

friendly, so if you are looking at them

on your PC, tablet or phone the text

and images will automatically resize so

the viewer can see the site as intended.

Tel: 01952 608760 • Email: enquiries@kalidescope.co.uk • www.kalidescope.co.uk


2 Hour Dry Cleaning

Available on most main line items

Masters of Professional Dry-Cleaning & Laundry

; Curtain Cleaning

; Laundry Service

; Ironing Service

; Oriental Rugs

; Bridal & Evening Wear

; Repairs & Alterations

; Clean & Reproof Horse Blankets & Rugs

; Reproof & Waterproof Ski Wear


• 5 Shirts Cleaned & Pressed for only £8

• 4 Garments Cleaned & Pressed for only £18

(excludes coats, silks, linens and specialist items)

• 2 Duvets (any size) Cleaned for only £20


T&C's apply - please ask in store for full details

Tel: 01952 641754

22-24 Haygate Road, Wellington, Telford TF1 1QA

E: info@chelseasofshropshire.co.uk


Chelsea’s of Shropshire Ltd

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:30am till 5:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am till 4:30pm

ALSO drop off and collection available at

Green Fields in Donnington & Priorslee




1. Agriculturalist (6)

7. The world of scholars (8)

8. Joan of ___, French

heroine (3)

9. Join the military (6)

10. Armoured combat vehicle


11. Rotund, extremely chubby


14. Baby’s soft woollen shoes


16. Formerly the basic unit of

money in the Netherlands


17. Former French unit of

currency equal to 100

centimes (5)

21. Welfare movement that

began in 1844 (inits) (4)

22. Pressure line on a weather

map (6)

23. Lyrical poem (3)

24. Coal mine, its buildings

and equipment (8)

25. Religious residence in a

monastery (6)


1. Traditional Italian


wine bottle (6)

2. Elongated cluster

of flowers (6)

3. Medium for



4. Animated film (7)

5. Person who

makes a will (8)

6. Irish political

party founded in

1905 (4,4)

12. Once in a

___, very rare

occurrence (4,4)

13. Unit of sound in a

word (8)

15. Unit of relative

loudness (7)

18. Dry gully (6)

19. Humour (6)

20. Growth on

the surface

of a mucous

membrane (5)




Free Will Writing Service

Parry Carver Solicitors are supporting Midlands

Air Ambulance Charity’s Free Will Writing Service,

which is available for those aged 55 and over.

Whether you are looking to make your first Will

or update an existing one, it’s important that you

properly plan your financial affairs to ensure your

loved ones are looked after.

Talk to us at Parry Carver today about having your

Will written for free, for that extra peace of mind.

7 Church Street, Wellington, Telford TF1 1BX

Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5pm

Sat 9am - 12pm

Tel: 01952 641 291

Authorised & regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority - Parry Carver SRA 71413

The Forum, Victoria Road, Shifnal TF11 8FE

Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5pm

Sat by appointment

Tel: 01952 460 777


What are they used for?

We all hope to remain healthy and independent for as long as possible.

However, there can come a time when we are no longer physically or

mentally capable to make decisions for ourselves.

While a person still has full mental capacity and can make their own

decisions, that person can appoint an Attorney (or several Attorneys), who

will manage their affairs and make decisions on their behalf when they can no longer do that for themselves.

There are two types of Powers:

1. Financial Decisions

A Financial Decisions

Power covers decisions

regarding how your money

is managed and how your

property and other financial

matters are dealt with.

2. Health Care Decisions

A Health Care Decisions Power

covers medical treatment and

welfare to include residence and

medical decisions. It can give

your Attorneys power to refuse or

consent to treatment on your behalf.

Our Office in Newport offers a warm and approachable service to all clients. Appointments can

be offered to suit you or you can just pop into the office for a chat. We are also happy to meet

clients at home, if preferred.

Rachel Davenport is our friendly, local Solicitor with family ties in Newport. She has

vast experience in dealing with elderly clients in the area and is proud to be part of the

Dementia Friendly Scheme within Newport.

Rachel can be contacted on: T: 01952 281060 • E: Rachel.Davenport@Clarkeslaw.co.uk

or visit: 21 High Street, Newport TF10 7AT

Telford Office: Hazledine House, Telford Centre, Telford TF3 4JL • 01952 291666


Planning to Retire?

If you’re thinking of retiring in the next few years

it’s a good idea to organise your finances well

ahead of time, so you can consider some of the big

issues without feeling too much pressure.

Preparing in advance helps you maximise the money in

your pension, savings, and investments, gain an idea of how

much income you’ll have, and how much you might need in


So what steps can you take to prepare? Here are a few

questions to think about and issues to consider that could help

you enter retirement with greater financially stability, ready to

enjoy this new and exciting stage of life.

How much income will you have?

When calculating your potential income you should include

your state pension, occupational pension(s), and any savings

and investments you hold. You can request the latest figures in

writing from your pension provider, bank, building society, and

investment companies with which you have an interest.

Find out about the state pension and how to


As far as your state pension is concerned, you can request a

pension forecast from the gov.uk website. When the time comes

to retire you’ll need to proactively claim your state pension as

it’s not paid automatically unless you receive certain benefits.

You can claim by calling the Pension Service, requesting a

form, or making a claim online. The Pension Service should

send you notification approximately four months before you

reach your state pension age, but you’re under no obligation

to take the pension at this time. If you decide to defer it, the

amount you’re eligible for may increase.

Check your workplace pension

Your workplace pension provider should have sent annual

statements over the years showing your accrued pension at

the time, plus a forecast of how much your pension might be

when you retire. If you can’t find your latest statement, you’ll

be able to obtain one by contacting your pension provider.

Check for old and forgotten pensions

If you’ve changed employers a few times during your career,

you might have one or more ‘forgotten’ pensions. You can

find out by contacting the Pension Tracing Service – it’s

government-run and free to use.

You could also get in touch with your old employer if they’re

still in business, or contact the pension provider directly if you

know who they are. If you have several old pensions it may

be worthwhile combining them into a single scheme, but you

need to seek professional advice first.

Consider how you could boost your income

when you’re retired

• Depending on your circumstances you could be eligible

to claim one or more state benefits, potentially including

pension credit, attendance allowance, housing benefit, and

council tax reduction.

• Reducing household expenses is another way to optimise

your finances in retirement. Maybe you’ve been tied into

insurance, mobile phone, or energy deals for a long time, in

which case negotiating a reduction can make a significant

difference to your monthly financial position.

• Paying off debt ahead of retirement is another way to achieve

financial stability when you leave work, and can release a

considerable sum each month for other purposes. There

are various debt charities in the UK that offer free debt

advice, and can be very helpful if you need to put together a

repayment plan.

Will you have enough money to support your

desired lifestyle in retirement?

When you’re still working it can be difficult to envisage life in

retirement, and easy to underestimate how much you’ll need.

Online pension calculators can help you get an idea of whether

you’ll have enough money, however – you’ll just need a few

facts and figures to hand.

Typically, you input your proposed retirement age, desired

income, existing pension pot amounts, and current

contributions, and the calculator returns your likely income. You

can then see if there’s a shortfall, and take action if necessary.

Another important question when you’re retiring is how you’ll

use your pension pot. The new pension freedoms provide a

wider choice for retirees, but you’ll need to take professional

advice that’s tailored to your own circumstances.

What to do with your pension

Depending on your provider you may be able to use your

pension in different ways, including:

• Taking some or all as a cash lump sum (this has significant

tax implications).

• Purchasing an annuity.

• Using income drawdown, which allows you to withdraw a

sum from your pension and invest it in a different product for

an income.

• A combination of these options.



• Leaving your pension alone, and not withdrawing any money

for now.

The pension freedoms that were introduced by the government

in 2015 mean you now have far more choice in how you use

your pension. It’s even more important, therefore, to obtain

reliable professional advice before deciding how to proceed.

With so many people falling foul of pension scams these days,

finding specialist advice you can trust is vital – it ensures you

don’t lose your hard-earned money, and helps you enjoy a

fulfilling and active life in retirement.

by Ann Haldon



The rise of “Parental Alienation”

Ian Yates who has over 25 years’ experience in

dealing with all aspects of divorce and finance

matters talks about the difficulties faced by parents

during separation or divorce.

“It is one of most parents’ worst nightmares, where previously

a very close and loving relationship with their child completely

disintegrates following separation or divorce, without any real

or legitimate reason to account for this change of heart.

This can often be as a result of one parent manipulating the

child into completely rejecting the other parent, with the child

concerned then aligning themselves wholly with the views and

wishes of the manipulating parent.

It can be very difficult to spot a genuine case of “parental

alienation”. In a classic case the

manipulating parent will often insist

that, whilst they themselves have

absolutely no objections to the child

having a relationship with their former

spouse or partner, it is the child

themselves who simply does not wish

to go to see them.

It will, however, not always be the case

that “parental alienation” is at play

whenever a child expresses a wish to

have nothing whatsoever to do with

one of their parents.

Gaynor Aston & Ian Yates

There could be entirely genuine reasons as to why the child in

question may not want a relationship with that parent, perhaps

due to things which they have witnessed or behaviour that they

have previously been subjected to by that parent over time. A

child could also just be anxious at the prospect of spending

significant time away from their “main residential parent”. These

would not be examples of “parental alienation”.

Genuine cases of “parental alienation” are however classed as a

form of emotional child abuse and, if recognised by the Court,

this can then lead to drastic action being taken, to include, in

some cases, either removing the child from the manipulators

care, or permanently changing the child’s residence so that their

main base is to be with the previously alienated parent.”

If you suspect that you may be the victim of parental alienation

and require any advice or assistance upon the steps that can be

taken in these circumstances, then

please contact one of our friendly,

experienced Family lawyers.

Ian works closely with Gaynor

Aston who also has over 25 years’

experience in family law. If you would

like to speak to either Ian or Gaynor

about any aspect of family law, they

are happy to offer you a free half

hour initial meeting. To book an

appointment at Newport or Telford

please call 01952 297979 or email



Lexus Luxury


The Lexus UX 250 will certainly turn heads, and

not from the noise. Its striking looks and angles

make for a distinctive and arresting aesthetic.

Not everyone will like it, but it’s far more

interesting than a BMW or Audi.

The rear lamps connect in a full-width strip, giving it a hitech

appearance. Triggered by ambient light levels, the autoilluminating

front LED lights give the aggressive front end a

poised stance; then there’s that huge front grille that almost

wraps around the front, unlike anything else on the market.


The front of the UX’s cabin is where Lexus excels. The space

feels generous and welcoming, material quality is excellent,

and features nice touches like the optional dashboard covering

that resembles textured Japanese washi paper.

As usual, Lexus touts its superior craftsmanship – called Takumi

and named the top-end trim package after it. Takumi spec

is equipped with a larger 10.3in infotainment screen and DVD

player, an upgraded sound system, heads-up display, leather

upholstery and sunroof.

Below that sits F-Sport, which boasts features such as sports

suspension, sports seats and a black grille, bumpers and side


The Premium Plus Pack includes leather seats, privacy glass,

bigger 18in alloy wheels, a heated steering wheel, heated front

seats, keyless entry and a powered tailgate. The Tech and

Sound pack includes the parking sensors, electric seats and

high-end hi-fi.

The seats are comfortable for short or long rides, while rear

space is slightly below average for additional passengers.

Passenger storage is reasonable, but not superb. There’s a

smallish glovebox and front door bins, along with a decent

cubby under the central armrest and a couple of cup holders.

Rear-seat passengers are served with a couple of map pockets

but no door bins.

The Drive

On the open road the UX combines precise steering with good

body control and resilient grip to feel quite keen in corners.

It doesn’t flop around the way a tall SUV might, due to its

lightweight aluminium and composite panels which give it a

lower centre of gravity. This combined with a seating position

lower than other SUVs, the UX feels more car-like to manoeuvre.

While unintended for off-roading, an all-wheel-drive version

with a separate dedicated electric motor generator integrated

into the rear differential offers more traction on slippery


The brake pedal can feel awkward, owing to the hybrid system

trying to balance regenerative braking to charge the battery

with conventional deceleration.

Speaking of the hybrid system, it features a new four-cylinder

176bhp 2.0-litre petrol-electric hybrid powertrain with directshift

continuously variable transmission (CVT). It is selfcharging

and benefits from regenerative braking, so there’s no

plug to worry about.

When there’s enough battery energy it’s possible to pull away

on electric only (EV) power. However, at about 1,600kgs,

pulling away on electric alone means being very gentle with

the pedal. Often the engine will take over as is required for

faster acceleration. But in a car park, or heavy traffic, you

could easily stick to electric alone. All this results in economy

estimates of 68.9-65.7mpg and emissions of 96-103g/km CO2

(for the 17- and 18-inch wheel front-wheel drive models).

Infotainment System

Lexus prides itself on forging its own path, but in some instances

this hasn’t been successful. Take the sat nav, for example, which

is awkward and notoriously fiddly. It’s an older postcode-based

system, which makes searching by house or road number first

impossible, and a limited database prevents some destinations

from being entered. There’s no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

either, despite there being two USB ports available.

The remote is a mousemat-like controller, which is touchsensitive

and used to select options on screen. Its high

sensitivity makes using it, especially while driving, a tricky

proposition. Luckily, the UX’s panel of physical buttons below

the dash offer more conventional controls for climate and

more. Overall, the Lexus UX doesn’t lack the tech itself, just

intuitive ways to interact with it.

In a tax (and social) environment increasingly concerned

with emissions, the UX hybrid offers a unique solution and

silhouette in a crowded segment, but some of the creature

comforts leave something to be desired.

Key specs

• Model: Lexus UX 250h Premium Pack

• Price: from £30,000

• Engine: 2.0-litre 4cyl, twin electric motor

• Transmission: CVT automatic, front-wheel drive

• Power: 179bhp

• 0-60mph: 8.5 seconds

• Top speed: 110mph

• Economy/CO2: 53.3mpg/97g/km


• It’s well equipped for the money

• Very comfortable seats make for great long or short drives

• Hybrid powertrain helps keep tax cost and emissions down

• Peppy drive from a CVT gearbox

• Low CO2 Emissions


• Hybrid has limited benefit in this context

• Cramped rear seat space

• Small boot

• Poor towing ability

• Integrated sat nav is borderline unusable

• Difficult to use on-board tech

• No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

by James Baggot



Travel tailored to you!

When it comes to taking a journey, whether

it’s a sojourn at the seaside, an indulgent ‘retail

therapy’ day, an competitive fixture with your

sports club, or a cultural foray to the theatre, the

mode by which you travel really sets the tone for

the day.

A new coach hire company run by Broseley resident

Chris Borland has arrived in the local travel sector with

the intention of providing a highly personalised, bespoke

travel service that’s flexible, responsive, and reliable.

Chris, who moved to Shropshire

from Derbyshire, explains, “I’ve

worked in the travel industry for

over five years, both on service

buses and as a coach driver

conducting national tours. I

thrive on making my customers’

journey a thoroughly enjoyable

part of the trip, whether it’s a

regular event such as sports

fixtures, a Cub Scout day out to

Drayton Manor, or a WI outing to


Chris’s new venture, Borland RoadLiner, covers the

whole of Shropshire and beyond – and his encyclopaedic

knowledge of the Midlands and North, cultivated over

his years of travel experience, means he’s an expert on

selecting the most scenic and traffic-free routes. And, as a

one-man operation, Chris guarantees clients a smooth and

stress-free experience from booking to the final farewell.

What’s more, Chris’s sleek operation means Telford-based

Borland RoadLiner is able to offer extremely competitive

rates – “and my local connections mean I can transport

any group size with ease.”

As well as ‘standard’ daytrips, the vehicle is available

to hire for party trips such as

nightclubbing evenings; Chris

explains, “The motor has a fully

equipped servery for hot and

cold food as well a fully upgraded

sound system with amplified

bass and MultiColour LED lights

– entirely optional of course,

but useful for any celebration,

weddings or proms!”

To find out more, call Chris on

01952 963256.

48 Seater


Available for

Private Hire

with Driver


“ Telford ’s Newest Coach


Rates - Call

for a FREE


The coach is

equipped with

a toilet and

servery for

hot and cold


Available for any celebration including:

• Weddings

• Outings

• Day Trips

• Festivals

• Sporting Events

• Race Days

• Corporate Events

and much more...


lights and sound

system are great

for any night-time



T: 01952 963 256 • E: enquiries.brl@gmail.com




Everything You Need to Know

Looking to move into the world of

electrification? Here’s all you need to know

about hybrids.

With all the talk of electrification of cars and everyone looking to

reduce their carbon footprint, hybrid models have become more

and more popular with buyers.

If you’re interested but are not sure what they are and what

different types are available, we’ve got you covered.

What is a hybrid?

As the name suggests, it’s a hybrid of an electric vehicle and an

internal combustion engine (usually powered by petrol or diesel).

It will have a battery-powered electric motor that will work in

conjunction with the combustion engine to power the wheels.

Generally, the idea is that the electric motor takes care of the

driving at low speeds or while accelerating, because that’s when

a combustion engine is at its most inefficient. Then, once up

to speed, when the engine can run at low effort to keep things

ticking along, it takes over.

The result is better fuel economy – always a good thing!

Types of hybrid

Mild hybrid (MHEV)

The mild hybrid takes the hybrid principles but utilises them in

the mildest of ways. They typically have a small battery and an

electric motor that can take over running the car’s ancillaries,

such as the headlights and air conditioning.

This means the engine can be turned off to save fuel at times

when it is not needed, such as when decelerating or when

stopped. The important distinction is that the wheels cannot be

powered by the electric motor.

While it tends to mean the engine isn’t being used at times when

it’s not being particularly inefficient anyway, the economy gains

are fairly small. However, as it’s the batteries that tend to add cost

to hybrids, mild hybrids tend to be less expensive to buy than

other models.


When you hear a car referred to as simply a ‘hybrid’ alone, it tends

to mean that it has the capability to run on pure electric but the

batteries can only be recharged through regenerative braking.

This is when motors in the wheels ‘harvest’ energy that would

normally be lost when decelerating and braking and uses it to

replenish the battery charge. This is where the term ‘self-charging

hybrid’ comes from – you never charge the vehicle from an

external source, it recharges itself through regeneration.

On the positive side, hybrids are much more economical than

a mild hybrid, because you can drive on electric only, providing

there’s enough charge, and they tend to be less expensive than

plug-in models.

However, because they rely on deceleration to charge, if you do

a lot of motorway miles at a consistent speed you could find the

battery is dead once you get to a town where you could use EV


Plug-in hybrid (PHEV)

Plug-in hybrids are the ultimate form of hybrid models, because

they can plug into an external source of electricity to charge the


This means you can top the batteries up to full charge overnight

and thus maximise the electric-only range. If your daily commute

is quite short you might rarely need petrol power, saving you lots

of money in the long run.

The downside is that the charging technology tends to make

PHEVs pricier than other hybrids, and if you have no means to

charge the battery yourself, you might as well save that initial

cash and go for a normal hybrid.

Frequently asked questions

What is a self-charging hybrid?

In truth, there’s very little to separate a ‘self-charging’ hybrid from

a regular hybrid. They still use a single or pair of electric motors

to assist the petrol (or, in small numbers, diesel) engine, and they

can’t be plugged in to top up the batteries, either.

So how do you charge them? Most hybrids come with the option

to use some of the engine’s power output to charge the batteries,

therefore reserving some electric power for later use. In addition,

nearly all hybrids harness the energy generated when braking

and coasting, pushing this kinetic energy into the batteries. So

really, a ‘self-charging’ hybrid is just a hybrid car that can’t be

plugged into the mains.

Would a hybrid benefit me?

This really depends on your daily journeys. Those who do shorter

trips day-to-day are definitely candidates for the swap to a hybrid,

as the vehicle can run on all-electric power alone, meaning that

emissions are practically zero and overall consumption of fuel will

be as low as possible.

In contrast, if you’re travelling further afield more regularly while

at higher speeds, then a conventionally powered car may still be

better. Hybrids struggle to run on electric power at motorway

speeds and for long distances, after which the smaller combustion

engine is left to deal with propulsion all by itself, resulting in

higher emissions and poor fuel economy.

Are hybrid cars reliable?

Despite a complex powertrain and the multitude of new

technologies incorporated into a hybrid’s setup, they are as

reliable as a conventional car. In fact, many older hybrids have

achieved high mileages with little to no fuss, and because of the

stronger regeneration you get from a hybrid there’s less stress on

the brakes too.

Do you get a plug-in grant?



Sadly, no – in March 2019 the government announced that it was

axing the plug-in grant for hybrid vehicles following a surge in

their popularity. Only all-electric vehicles now qualify for the


Are they eligible for exclusion from low emissions zones?

Some hybrids are eligible for an exclusion from London’s lowemissions

zone charge, but the rules are far more stringent than

previously. Now, only hybrid cars which emit less than 75g/km

CO2 and have a minimum zero-emissions (or all-electric) range of

20 miles will be completely exempt from the charge. As a result,

older vehicles may not get the discount.

Plus, in 2021, London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone is set to extend

to the north and south circular, and no hybrids will get an

exemption from the charge.

by James Baggot



Easy Tips



As we progress in our driving lives,

gaining experience whilst doing so,

we also pick up some bad habits. The

following tips will help improve your

driving which will act as a basis to take

your driving skill further by being safer

and even saving you money through

car care and insurance.

Don’t ‘Drive’ the Car – Control It

By this I mean forcing the vehicle to do something

against its ‘will’. Get to know your car’s inertia, i.e.

how quickly it slows down when you lift your right

foot. How much do you need to turn the wheel to go

around a corner? When’s the point at which the engine starts

to labour or over-rev because it’s in the wrong gear? Learning

how your car handles means you can set it up well in advance

to go smoothly around a bend, for example.


Trying to control a car with a one hand holding the wheel at

an 11 o’clock position is not only dangerous, it’s bad for your

posture too. I see drivers doing ‘gymnastics’ as they negotiate

a roundabout, swinging in the seat as they almost wrestle

with the wheel. It all leads to untidy car control and leaves us

tired after a journey. To improve this, hold the steering wheel

with both hands at ‘10 to 2’ and feed it through your hands.

Changing gear or a control will still mean you have one hand

on the wheel.

By Ian Betison

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Bears Den


New Extended Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8:30am - 3:00pm (term time only)

• Ofsted Inspected

• Safe and Secure Site

• BCA Award Runner Up 2017

• 3 Spacious Rooms Plus Outside Play Area

• New 30 Hour Funding - Enquiries Welcome

• Flexible Days

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• Regular Yoga Lessons From a Fully Trained Professional

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30 Hour Funded

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Over 30 years experience, joyfully assisting years of generations

through to their next stage in life where we nudge our children

through introducing their first tastes of academic learning

For more information or to book a visit please call 01952 672 506 • Email: bears.den8@gmail.com

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Safety with Gadget Chargers

If you’re buying a replacement charger for your

gadgets, or want to replace a number of chargers with

a single multi-charger, be careful. A recent Which?

study found that many no-name chargers sold on sites

such as Amazon (via third party sellers), Wish and eBay

were dangerous. More than one-quarter of unbranded

USB chargers were fire risks, many USB travel adapters

could deliver serious electric shocks and over half of


the unbranded power banks had electrical faults that

could lead to fires.

In many cases the unbranded chargers look like

genuine products from the likes of Apple, Amazon or

Anker. To avoid the fakes, always look for brands you

recognise, don’t buy from third-party sellers and don’t

buy from outside Europe. You’ll probably pay a little

more but the savings just aren’t worth the risk.


1. The 2010 film Easy A, starring Emma Stone, was loosely based

on which 1850 novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne?

2. How many points is the letter “B” worth in Scrabble?

3. In the equation E = mc2 that was devised by Albert Einstein,

“E” represents “energy” and “m” represents “mass”. What does

the letter “c” represent?

4. What is the only American state to have a name beginning

with the letter “a”, but ending with a letter other than “a”?

5. Commissioned to mark the 2002 Commonwealth Games, in

which British city would you find a sculpture called B of the


6. Known by the stage name Mr. C, Richard West was the lead

singer of which chart-topping group?

7. What letter begins the names of more elements in the

periodic table than any other letter?... A, B or C?

8. Which is larger?... an AA battery

or a triple-A battery?

9. In the lyrics of the Chuck Berry

hit single, Johnny B. Goode lives

“deep down” in which US


film Easy A, starring Emma Stone, was 10. loosely

The “Four Cs” is a term

used to refer to what

which 1850 novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne?

four characteristics that

diamonds are commonly

ny points is the letter "B" worth in Scrabble? judged by?

uation E = mc 2 that was devised by Albert Einstein, "E" represents


and "m" represents "mass". What does the letter "c" represent?


Exciting New

Reading Scheme



It remains a universally accepted truth that reading is the

cornerstone of academic development and achievement

and thus we encourage our children to read from the

earliest possible age. The real game-changer in academic

development, however, is the art of inspiring a passion for

words outside school and encouraging young learners

to curl up with a book in their own time, eschewing

digital entertainment for the more traditional pastime of

entering another world through the written word.

Birchfield School, Albrighton believes passionately that this

extra-curricular reading experience is the cornerstone not

only of academic success at school, but personal well-being

and growth throughout life. Building this inspiration and focus

naturally starts in the classroom and library provision, with

Birchfield boasting a traditional and colourful library hosting

over 6,000 titles for young and curious minds. This wonderful

facility is the hub of reading at Birchfield and today forms the

basis of an exciting new reading initiative.

A brand new bespoke reading scheme has just been launched

by Birchfield School which is already filling up the library with

keen pupils from Reception to Year 8, who are assessed on

their reading ability and select from dedicated shelves with

targeted reads. Pupils are tested on their knowledge of their

chosen books, gaining points and prizes and moving into more

challenging sections as they go. Targeted reading reduces the

chances of children selecting books which are too challenging

and demotivating and this approach is already paying

dividends with Birchfield pupils. Headmistress Mrs Sarah

Morris is delighted with the positive impact of the new scheme

and is pleased to celebrate the many reading achievements of

her pupils.

The first step to a bright future

Co-educational 4–13 Years

Let the adventure begin . . .


Friday, 24 January

Saturday, 25 January

10.00am to 12.30pm


Deborah Frost

E: admissions@birchfieldschool.co.uk

T: 01902 372534

Birchfield School

Harriot’s Hayes Lane

Wolverhampton, WV7 3AF

Registered Charity No. 528420


Making Family Life Easier

Ever feel like you’re

trying to juggle too

many balls, half of

which are on fire?

Here are a few ideas that

might help…

Plan like a pro

If you have school-age children,

you no doubt find yourself wishing

they had their own personal

assistant at times. (And a cook,

cleaner and driver.) Between them,

my two have drama, yoga, maths

club, choir, piano, Taekwondo,

dance, computer club, youth club

and swimming lessons. And that’s

before you factor in play dates,

homework and school projects.

I find the easiest way to remember who needs what, where and on what day, is through a Google calendar that I share with my

partner. It means we constantly have notifications pinging at us, but we can remind the kids to grab their piano book or swim stuff

in the morning.

A wall planner is also handy, particularly a wipe-clean weekly planner hung next to the front door or on the fridge. Use it to keep

track of clubs, play dates, homework deadlines, whether they’re on school dinners or packed lunches and so on. I bought ours from

Amazon for £5. Now I just need to get my kids to remember to check it…

Encouraging children to put things away

Fed up of the kids dumping their bags and coats on the floor

when they walk through the door? Make it as easy as possible

for them to hang things up by installing extra hooks in your

hallway. If the hooks are low enough to reach easily, and only

for your kids’ coats and bags, it’s more likely they’ll get used.

Once you’ve reminded your children to go back and hang

their things up a dozen or so times, it becomes habit.

Help babies to sleep outside your home

When you’re a parenting journalist, you get sent a lot of press

releases. The one new product that’s really stood out from

the crowd for me recently is the POD Travel Crib. In short,

it’s a travel cot that folds up to become a changing bag. The

bag can be used to carry nappies, wipes and spare clothes,

and the cot mattress doubles up as a changing mat. Genius,

right? It takes less than a minute to turn it from bag into cot

(and we all know that every second counts when it comes

to sleeping babies). And, unlike a lot of baby products, this

one looks rather stylish. Think designer laptop bag, but on a

larger scale.

I ordered one for my sister the day I received the press

release, and it now goes with her pretty much everywhere.

My niece sleeps better in it than the car seat and it means my

sister doesn’t have to lug the pram around. It’s£65 from www.


by Kate Duggan



Independent Day School for Boys and Girls

Junior School ages 7-11 Senior School ages 11-16 Sixth Form ages 16-18


acre site

TES Independent School

Award Winners 2018

Judged ‘Excellent’ in all

areas by the Independent

Schools Inspectorate

Junior School

Open Day

Saturday 25 th January,

10am - 1.30pm

For more information about our open events or joining our

School, please contact Jane Morris, Admissions Registrar.

T: 01902 422939

E: jam@wgs-sch.net

or visit www.wgs.org.uk

Wrap around care

from 7.30am - 6.15pm

Dedicated, Expert

Pastoral Team

Flexible and convenient

School Bus Services

across 3 counties

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25th January 2020

10am - 12.30pm

Especially for families with

younger children.

Come and join in the fun!

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Co-educational day school 4-11


01952 223117

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Registered Charity No. 528417

Year 7 Assessment Day

Saturday 25th January 2020

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Winter is perfect for pruning and cutting back

woody plants, so take advantage of the fact that

deciduous trees, shrubs, hedges and climbers are

now bare of leaves and get stuck in. It is only in

really icy or frosty weather that you need to hold


Remember that for your pruning to really benefit the plant, you

need the right tools.

For a relatively small expanse of hedge or a shrub that needs

roughly reshaping, a good, sharp pair of well-oiled shears should

do the job. When cutting along a hedge top, a guide line – such

as a taut string – will help you get a neat, level surface. For larger

hedges a powered hedge cutter or hedge trimmer is preferable,

though make sure it is not too heavy and you can use it safely.

For removal of stems at various heights and of varying thicknesses

it is worth using ‘loppers’. These are available with various handle

lengths (some even have telescopic handles), so that you can

reach up higher without having to use a ladder or platform. They

are much better at cutting through relatively thick stems than

shears or secateurs and yet also allow for accurate positioning

of the cut. Wear goggles and ideally protective headgear if you

have to cut back branches above your head.

Everybody with even just a single shrub in their garden needs

a pair of secateurs for pruning of smaller woody stems, and

the better their quality the better the job you can do. Provided

they are good and sharp, you can make a perfectly clean, neat

and accurate cut. Always cut to an outward-facing bud (so

that the new growth produced from that bud grows outwards).

Secateurs are good for removing dead and dying stems as well

as for formative pruning (where you are helping to ensure the

plant grows in the direction you want it to), and for pruning to

encourage flowering. If you are pruning out dead and dying

material, bin it or burn it in case it carries infection.

A proper pruning saw is necessary for pruning out or tidying

up larger branches on trees and shrubs. If you choose one with

one (or better still two) parallel lines of teeth you can create a

very accurate and clean cut with relatively little effort. This is the

perfect tool if you have fruit trees to prune. Use a sawing action

for best results and again, if cutting above your head, wear

goggles to protect your eyes from falling sawdust and debris.

Make the pruning cut a few millimetres or so away from the main

stem from which the branch you are removing is joined. A cut like

this will heal over much more quickly and the wound size will be

smaller and so less prone to fungal rotting.


Before you get carried away, check the best pruning time for the

plants you have in mind. Most hedges and many shrubs can be

cut back now, but for a good display of flowers make sure that

you prune at the correct time or else you may end up pruning out

the plant’s flowering potential.

Some trees, mainly those in the Prunus family – such as edible

and ornamental cherries, plums, apricots, damsons, peaches and

nectarines – are very prone to a potentially fatal fungal infection

known as ‘silver leaf’. This is less likely to cause problems if these

trees are pruned in the summer months, so don’t prune them

now unless there is no alternative and you are prepared to take

the risk!

Always make sure that pruning tools are really sharp. If they are

in the slightest bit blunt then the job will not only take more

effort, but you may end up with the plant being damaged as the

cut made will be jagged or stems may be crushed.

Create sloping cuts whenever you can so that rain and moisture

runs off and does not accumulate (wetness encourages wood

rotting), and cut close to but not on top of a bud to allow new

growth without dieback. When you are using shears or large scale

trimmers you cannot do this, but always do so with secateurs,

loppers and saws.

Stand back from time to time when you are pruning to check the

overall appearance of the plant and to help decide where you

should prune next – if you are close up it is harder to see how you

are affecting the overall shape of the plant.

by Pippa Greenwood




Re-opening 1st February 2020

We would like to thank all our

customers, new and old, for all their

support during 2019.

Although we are closed during

January we will still be working hard

to bring you quality plants, including

lots of new additions for 2020.

Come and view our quality products and be amazed at our fantastic prices...

Bloomsbury Nursery Ltd, Weston Heath, Bloomsbury TF11 8RT

01952 691203 • www.bloomsburynursery.co.uk

Holt’s Tree Care


Fully Qualified

£10m Insured

• Felling

• Crown Reduction

• Dead Wood Removal

• Dismantling

• Hedge Trimming

• Stump Grinding

• Site Clearance

3 Woolpack Close, Shifnal,

Shropshire TF11 8HP

Hard wood

LOGS supplied

Nets, half or full loads


T: 01952 463419 or M: 07800 986690




Whatever the size of your plot, you can get more

from it with high-rise gardening, with potential in

hanging baskets, wall troughs and window boxes

as homes for vegetables, herbs and even fruit. So,

what does it take to succeed?

Larger containers allow for more room for your crops’ roots and

easier maintenance, as they will run out of moisture and fertiliser

less frequently, though obviously you will have to balance this

with the space available.

Use suitable supporting brackets and screws for hanging baskets,

window boxes and wall troughs, as they must support the weight

of fully grown plants laden with crops, which will be heavier after

watering. Check walls, balconies and windows sills will not be

overloaded, leading potentially to structural damage or injury to

passing people. Consider using lighter-weight composts, such

as those not including loam or the readily available peat-free

options, and lightweight containers made of bamboo, plastics or

fibre glass.

Plant in high-rise planters are reliant on you for food, so use good

quality compost and feed crops regularly throughout the growing

period. In a lofty position the plants will also be more susceptible

to drying out, so regular and thorough watering is a must.

If space is short and you want to grow runner beans, the dwarf

runner bean ‘Hestia’ with pretty red and white flowers is perfect

for containers. The seeds can be sown directly into the compost

in April, or raised in small pots or trays and then planted out into

the high-rise planter. Dwarf French varieties do well in a good

sized window box – try ‘Duel’, or the purple-podded ‘Purple Tee


Wall baskets, troughs and hanging baskets can play host to

strawberries. These plants trail naturally so will obligingly hang

over the container edges. The plants can be bought from garden

centres or by mail order at this time of year.

Forget the idea that lettuce is just a green, leafy addition to a

boring salad – there are huge selections of lettuce and other

salad leaves available in a wide range of colours and leaf shapes,

making them a lot more attractive than many ornamental plants!

Pinks, purples, yellows and several shades of green, they’re a fastgerminating

and fast-growing crop and you can either buy small

plants or sow the seed directly into the compost yourself. Try

ready-mixed seed selections or choose your own favourites.

If you like fresh herbs with your meals then herbs in a basket,

trough or window box are a must. There are creeping or trailing

forms of many herbs, and thyme in particular lends itself to life in

a container in a sunny spot. You can usually get thyme plants at

most times of year and, as it is hardy, you can plant it out straight

away. Parsley, sage, tarragon, chives and basil all look good in wall

baskets or window boxes and thrive in a sunny spot.

Most of the oriental vegetables, such as the pak choi varieties

‘Red Choi’ and Mizuna will do really well in a window box or wall

trough in a sheltered spot. You could combine the two and enjoy

the really stunning finely divided foliage of the Mizuna positioned

around the edges of the container where it will tend to ‘flop’

slightly and make the container look all the more attractive.

There’s even a prettily purple-veined Mizuna called ‘Mizuna

Purple’. For a red and spicy theme you could also use ‘Mustard

Red Giant’.

Who can resist the taste of sun-ripened, fresh, juicy tomatoes

picked sun-warmed and straight from the plant? Not me! And

the great thing is there are several varieties which are particularly

well-suited to growing in containers such as hanging baskets.

The classic for this is ‘Tumbling Tom’, available in both red and

yellow varieties, and the red-fruited ‘Tumbler’. You could raise

your own from seed sown at this time of year or buy plants ready

to pop into the containers in late April or May. If you like tiny

fruited tomatoes, then there’s ‘Hundreds and Thousands’. Other

varieties that have a bushy habit can be grown in this way but the

cascading varieties are best.

Pack a window box or wall trough full of chilli pepper plants such

as ‘Super Chilli’ and it’ll look stunning when the plants are covered

with their red, yellow or orange glossy fruits. Then you’ll be able

to add some fire to your food in the months to come. Chillies are

tender so buy these plants in May or June, or buy seeds and sow

them now.

by Pippa Greenwood














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WV16 4AX

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SATURDAY 8:00AM – 12:00 NOON

Word Ladder

Change one letter at a time (but not the position of

any letter) to make a new word - and move from the

word at the top of the ladder to the word at the bottom,

using the exact number of rungs provided.




FOX A Complete Garden Solut

A Complete Garden Solution


A Complete Garden Solution

A Complete Garden Solution

“Creating beautiful spaces, we turn your dreams

into reality and bring your garden to life.”



• Garden Design

• Driveways

• Block Paving

• Patios & Paving

• Walls


A Complete Garden Solution

• Brickwork

• Stonework

• Decking

• Sleeper Work

• Fencing & Trellis

• Hedge Cutting

• Turfing

• plus more...

Fully Insured • Established 2002

Call Ed on 07967 399 319 or Call free on 0800 246 1171

Garden Design and Construction

contact@longfoxlandscapes.co.uk • www.longfoxlandscapes.co.uk


Back to Black

Sophisticated, intense and eye-catching – use black in your interior to create drama,

interest and on-trend style.

Image : Balfour designer sofa, £965, Sweetpea & Willow:

0345 257 2627; www.sweetpeaandwillow.com

To make an impact when designing a room,

sometimes it pays to go against convention. This is

why the use of black in an interior is so surprising

and, when employed with thoughtfulness and

flair, so successful. What could be more different

to the typical room with all-white walls than one

that uses a significant amount of black?

This timeless colour is bold, luxurious and actually more versatile

than you might think. For a start, just as there is a huge variety

of shades of white, so there are many different shades of black,

ranging from cool, blueish blacks to warm, red-blacks. Looking

carefully at paint swatches and then testing the paints out on

your walls (examining them at different times of day and under

various lights) will demonstrate their

underlying tones and help you determine

what works best for your room.

Secondly, bear in mind that although

black itself is dark, the room in which

it is used doesn’t have to be. Yes, in a

small room, such as a snug, WC or study,

black can be used to emphasise a feeling

of cosiness, but in a larger space it can

help improve the sense of proportion and

create a feeling of intimacy. To avoid a

sense of gloom, ensure that any room in

which you plan to use significant amounts

of black has both large windows and

plenty of reflective surfaces (glass, mirror

and gloss paint) to provide daytime

illumination, and include a good variety

of artificial lighting – ceiling and wall

lamps, floor and table lamps – to create

gorgeous pools of warm, welcoming

light at night.

Image : Haddon kitchen in charcoal and

burnished bronze, from £15,000; Burbidge

Kitchen Makers: 024 7667 1600;


If all-over black is a step too far, employing black as a strong

accent within a room is an excellent compromise. This could

mean covering a wall or two in black to provide a strong

contrast to your furnishings, or perhaps painting around the

room below the dado rail, creating a comfortable sense of

grounding. Black can work exceptionally well for wall-to-wall

bookshelves or as a run of kitchen cabinets. Or you might

prefer simply to choose a selection of smaller accessories in

black – picture frames, table lamps or a side table, for example

– to give a crisp, graphic look.

However you decide to use black, it will always need to be

combined with other colours. Just as a little black dress looks

great with a bold necklace, black walls team brilliantly with, for

example, a brightly coloured sofa, vivid paintings, a jewel-bright

headboard or a colourful rug. It’s a contrast that really catches

the eye, and a dark backdrop harmonises wonderfully with

intense colours such as crimson, orange, lime, fuchsia, yellow,

emerald and mustard (though not so well with darker colours

such as purple, navy or chocolate). The strongest contrast of

all, of course, is black with white. This combination can be

fresh, crisp and contemporary, though pure black and white

may end up being a little simplistic, and best tempered with

some greys (if you wish to stick with the monochromatic look)

or other colours, and definitely with a variety of patterns in

differing scales, and with textural detailing. Black with neutrals

and naturals also works well – adding timber, stone, hessian,

linen, sisal, wicker and wool, for example, in their natural range

of beiges, browns, creams and greys, is softening and beautiful.

As interiors experts say, even just a touch of black is vital in

every room, enhancing the colours, patterns and shapes that

surround it.

What is black, and how black is it?

Colour, in a scientific sense, is the range of visible light seen

by humans. Black, being an absence or complete absorption

of light, is therefore not considered to be a colour. If, on the

other hand, you consider colour in terms

of pigment, then black is actually a mix

of yellow, red and blue, the three primary

colours. Rather than not being a colour,

it’s actually all the colours! Pure black, in

scientific terms, can only be found in a black

hole, and until recently the blackest black

on earth was a pigment called ‘Vantablack’

that absorbs 99.96% of all light, developed

by British company NanoSystems for

military and astronomical use – and now

reserved exclusively (and somewhat

controversially) by the artist Anish Kapoor.

In September last year, however, scientists

at prestigious American research

university the Massachusetts Institute of

Technology developed (by accident) an

even blacker coating that absorbs at least

99.995% of incoming light. The search for

a completely black black continues…

by Kathrine Sorrell


Security Products


The first Bulldog Products were launched in 1984 now, 35

years on the Bulldog brand is stronger than ever.

We are proud to manufacture from our own premises in rural

Shropshire and we source all of our products here in the UK.

Led by the second generation of the Jordan family, we

understand the importance of security equipment that is

suitable for the busy family, without compromising on quality

and safety. Offering you peace of mind all year round.

Our product range spans all areas including Domestic, Leisure

and Commercial. We have 3 dedicated websites showcasing

our products including wheel clamps, steering wheel locks,

hitch locks, shed/garage/door locks, wireless outdoor lights,

saddle locks, high security chains, personal and vehicle

trackers and much more.

We have recently launched our bespoke pet friendly alarm

system which can detect movement, body heat, smoke and

flooding. You design it, We configure it, You Install it.

All the benefits of a professional installed alarm, without the

high costs and the best part, It can be fitted by homeowners

in under 60 minutes and monitored and controlled using a

simple app.

To find out more about Bulldog products speak to our

dedicated team on 01952 728171 or browse our websites.

General: www.bulldogsecure.com

Trackers: www.bulldogtracking.co.uk

Alarms: www.bdalarm.com

Shed & Workshop Door


Garage Door Locks



Protect Your Property

British Manufactured based in Much Wenlock

View our full range of security products at

www.bulldogsecure.com www.bulldogtracking.co.uk

www.bdalarm.com or call us on 01952 728171

Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm

Sat 9am - 4pm

Shropshire’s First Choice for A+ Rated

Replacement Windows, Conservatories & Doors

01952 433149

Sundays & Evenings 01952 510595

E: sales@trotfieldwindows.co.uk


Est 1982

• Quality uPVC windows, doors

and bespoke conservatories

• No obligation free quotations

• 15 year insurance backed


• NVQ trained fitting engineers

Full security features

Impressive Showroom at: 1 Madeley Road, Ironbridge, Telford TF8 7PP


Making Family Life Easier

Ever feel like you’re

trying to juggle too

many balls, half of

which are on fire?

Here are a few ideas that

might help…

Plan like a pro

If you have school-age children,

you no doubt find yourself wishing

they had their own personal

assistant at times. (And a cook,

cleaner and driver.) Between them,

my two have drama, yoga, maths

club, choir, piano, Taekwondo,

dance, computer club, youth club

and swimming lessons. And that’s

before you factor in play dates,

homework and school projects.

I find the easiest way to remember who needs what, where and on what day, is through a Google calendar that I share with my

partner. It means we constantly have notifications pinging at us, but we can remind the kids to grab their piano book or swim stuff

in the morning.

A wall planner is also handy, particularly a wipe-clean weekly planner hung next to the front door or on the fridge. Use it to keep

track of clubs, play dates, homework deadlines, whether they’re on school dinners or packed lunches and so on. I bought ours from

Amazon for £5. Now I just need to get my kids to remember to check it…

Encouraging children to put things away

Fed up of the kids dumping their bags and coats on the floor

when they walk through the door? Make it as easy as possible

for them to hang things up by installing extra hooks in your

hallway. If the hooks are low enough to reach easily, and only

for your kids’ coats and bags, it’s more likely they’ll get used.

Once you’ve reminded your children to go back and hang

their things up a dozen or so times, it becomes habit.

Help babies to sleep outside your home

When you’re a parenting journalist, you get sent a lot of press

releases. The one new product that’s really stood out from

the crowd for me recently is the POD Travel Crib. In short,

it’s a travel cot that folds up to become a changing bag. The

bag can be used to carry nappies, wipes and spare clothes,

and the cot mattress doubles up as a changing mat. Genius,

right? It takes less than a minute to turn it from bag into cot

(and we all know that every second counts when it comes

to sleeping babies). And, unlike a lot of baby products, this

one looks rather stylish. Think designer laptop bag, but on a

larger scale.

I ordered one for my sister the day I received the press

release, and it now goes with her pretty much everywhere.

My niece sleeps better in it than the car seat and it means my

sister doesn’t have to lug the pram around. It’s£65 from www.


by Kate Duggan






and Living








"Quality workmanship

with a high end finish and

Louka Fine Finish Ltd

t: 07383 011901 • e: info@loukafinefinish.co.uk

View our latest projects on our instagram page @loukafinefinish

great value for money."





Visit our website for more details www.loukafinefinish.co.uk


Start a New Year’s Revolution

High-tech ways to keep your New Year’s resolutions

The decorations are down, the gyms are going to be packed

for the next few weeks and many of us have vowed to sort

ourselves out. We’re going to get fitter, happier and more

productive – and technology can help.

One way technology can help is by making fitness more

fun. For example, instead of a pricey gym subscription,

why not buy yourself an e-bike? While some electric bikes

are incredibly expensive, prices are falling fast: for example,

Halfords sells a number of electric bikes for less than £600

and one is just £479. By comparison, a year’s membership of

a very well-known gym chain is £672.

Whether you’re cycling down the streets, pounding the

pavements or hitting the gym, it’s useful to track your

progress to help with your motivation. There are tons of apps

for everything, from recording the calories you consume

to giving you challenging workouts. Some are incredibly

focused, such as Seven: it gives you workouts you can do in

just seven minutes.

Phones can track your movements through the day but if

you really want to track your progress, a fitness tracker or a

smartwatch can give you all kinds of information about what

your body’s doing.

The big daddy of the fitness tracking world is the Apple

Watch, which comes in two flavours: the Series 3, which starts

at £199, and the Series 5, which starts at £399. The series 4

was discontinued last year. If you have an iPhone, they’re the

best smart watches you can buy.

If you don’t have an iPhone or just don’t need a £400 Apple

Watch, there are plenty of other options. Samsung makes a

range of Galaxy Active watches from around £200 up that

work really well with Android phones, and it also makes a

simple fitness tracker called the Galaxy Fit. That’s currently


Fitbit has the £199 Versa 2 smartwatch and a range of fitness

trackers including the £119 Charge 3 and the £69 Ace 2 for

children. Garmin has fitness-focused smartwatches at all price

points plus the cute and sub-£100 Vivosmart 4 trackers, and

firms such as Huawei offer budget bargains such as the £59

Band 3 Pro.

Every device is different, of course, but the main difference

between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker is apps.

Smartwatches generally have them and fitness trackers

generally don’t.

Not all fitness technology goes on your wrist. Smart scales

have become even smarter recently and many of them now

connect to the health app on your phone, so you can see

changes to your body composition and your weight over time.

If you don’t feel like dropping £130-plus on a Nokia / Withings

smart scale, the budget technology brand Eufy makes some

really nice smart ones for much less: its Bluetooth-connected

smart scales are currently £39.99 and work brilliantly.

Images: top left clockwise - Assist electric bike from

Halfords, Samsung Galaxy Fit tracker, Garmin Vivoactive

tracker, Apple Watch Series 5.




Create that extra living space that you

and your family deserve with one of our

fabulous orangeries designed to suit you

and your growing family's needs

• Orangeries

• Garage Conversions

• High Quality Secure Windows

• Beautiful Composite Doors

• Bring the Outdoors Inside with

our Gorgeous Bi-fold Doors

• Extensions

R&R Services Home Improvement



R&R Services now introducing Reece Anthony


Call Rob T: 01952 610999 M: 07703 270177


R&R Services Ltd, Unit B4, Stafford Park 15, Telford TF3 3BB

Reece Anthony

Bespoke Fitted Furniture

Offering a reliable,

friendly and professional

service by a fully insured

Part P registered Installer


& Electrical



Supply and Installation

Safely Access Your Loft!

for only £425

Fully Fitted

This price is for a standard height ceiling

with an 8ft drop, width 22-30”

Manufactured to ISO 9002 Standard

♦ We provide a

convenient and safe

way to access your loft.

♦ Each ladder has a 10

year parts guarantee

and can be installed in

approx. 2-3 hours.

♦ We offer a loft boarding

service if required at an

additional cost.

For a Free estimate call Neil on 07976 097598 or 01952 605996

Email: neil@aquasparkservices.com


Visit our photo gallery at www.aquasparkservices.co.uk

The Local Distributor & Installer for

For more information visit: www.stira.co.uk


T: 01952 282152

or 07817 431505

Facebook: jakesnladders


Tile Style

Brighten up your walls and floors with our selection of eye-catching tiles (and one tile lookalike!).

Three-dimensional contemporary shapes join forces

with neon in this collection of glow-in-the-dark tiles,

just the thing for a truly individual home. Night Lights

Central Decor white with pink, £330 per square metre,

The Baked Tile Company.

Create a bespoke pattern

with these single-colour luxury

vinyl tiles in short-stave format

with a bevelled edge. Harvey

Maria Heritage Colours Little

Bricks, £39.95 per square

metre, Harvey Maria.

A modern twist on plaster and fabric effects,

the Fusuma range features wall tiles with a

distinctive textured-plaster appearance. Fusuma

white décor tiles, £32.95 per square metre,

Original Style.

These fashionable, interlocking porcelain

tiles in a range of aquatic colours would

look impressive in a bathroom. Hexagon

blue mix tiles, £24.99 per square metre, Tile


These hand-made

encaustic tiles, from a range

of beautiful geometric designs,

are suitable for both walls

and floors. Salamanca tiles,

£110.40 per square metre,


Achilles Teal Mix Fish-Scale Tiles

With an interesting fish-scale shape, made popular in

the 1920s, these porcelain tiles would create a striking

feature wall or statement floor. Achilles teal mix fishscale

tiles, £39.95 per square metre, Walls and Floors.

Not actual tiles – but

tile-effect wallpaper!

Bring a touch of New

York tin-tile style to

your living space with

this embossed iron tileeffect

wallpaper, £92

per roll, Lime


With a realistic wood-effect

design, these porcelain tiles

feature a parquet-style format

and a naturalistic matt finish for

use on a wall or floor. Woven

Sand wood-effect tiles, £39.95

per square metre, Walls and


No need for boring white

floor or wall tiles when you

can have an interesting,

on-trend shape such as

these penny mosaic tiles.

Circular white matt mosaic

tiles, £2.95 per sheet

(320x300x4mm), Walls and


Enhance Your Home With Beautiful New Tiling

• Textured tiles are all the rage, adding depth and interest to a

scheme. Look out for soft waves, linear brush strokes, woodgrain

effect, rough stone and even fabric- and plaster-like


• Bold tiles are becoming more and more popular – expect to

see plenty of intense colours in fashion-forward homes this

year. Look out for intriguing shapes, too, such as fish-scale,

peacock, ogee, penny, diamond, kite and hexagon.

• For a fresh, modern look, don’t tile using a traditional

layout, but employ strong vertical patterns, herringbone or

basketweave. This is a great way to make inexpensive tiles

appear on-trend and expensive.

• Very large-format tiles (even in a small room) can open up a

space. The lack of grout lines allows the tiles themselves to

really sing – and they’re easier to keep clean, too.

• As an alternative to ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles, consider

luxury vinyl tiles (known in the trade as LVT), an innovative

type of vinyl flooring. The tiles are waterproof, warm and

quiet underfoot, hard-wearing and durable, and come in a

wide range of patterns and effects.






• 32 St Marys Street, Newport, TF10 7AB • 01952 820892 •

• 42 High Street, Gnosall, ST20 0EX • 01785 822292•

• You don’t have to wait around for us to arrive

• Lifetime Guarantee

• You’ll have added peace of mind knowing we are accredited

by Which? Trusted Traders

• You could gain up to a third more space

• No mess, no fuss, just safe, easy access to your loft space



Call Jonathan to book a FREE survey & quotation

01743 626144


How to Keep Your

Dog Safe



Although it’s a beautiful season,

winter brings unique challenges

when you’re caring for a dog.

Keeping them safe and warm

in these colder months isn’t

difficult, however – it just needs

a little foreword planning and

awareness of the dangers.

Keep them warm after


Walks can be cold, wet, and muddy at this time of the year,

so make sure they’re dried off well when you get back home.

They’ll probably want to rest in a nice warm bed that’s away

from draughts.

Don’t leave them in the car

It’s not just summer heat that’s dangerous for dogs. Leaving

your dog alone in the car in winter exposes them to the danger

of hypothermia, which can be fatal and is characterised by

shivering, lethargy, and shortness of breath.

Quality Bespoke Joinery, Wood Machining

and Specialist Moulding Service

they’re readily visible.

Check for snow in their


It’s a good idea to check for compacted

snow between your dog’s pads –

longhaired breeds are particularly prone

to this. The snow forms balls of ice

that can be very painful and should be

removed or melted as soon as possible.

Don’t forget visibility

The dark, short days of winter introduce

a visibility problem for you and your dog

when you’re out walking. It’s advisable

to buy a light for their collar, an LED

lead, or use a reflective coat to ensure

Keeping your dog warm and safe in winter requires a little

forethought, but then you can have plenty of fun without

worrying about the cold.

Shakespearean Shakespearean Lovers Lovers



By Ann Haldon

Can you name Can the you William name Shakepeare the William Shakepear

plays that the couples plays that below the couples appear below in? appear in

Shakespearean Lovers

Can you name the William

Can you name the William Shakepeare



that the couples

plays that



appear in?

couples below appear in?

• Conservatories

• Entrance Porches

• Patio Doors

• Internal & External

Doors & Frames

• Sash & Traditional


• Staircases

and much more...





in our


We Specialise in Bespoke New Solid

Oak Staircases with Spindles or Glass

Balustrading. Or revive your existing

Staircase with a makeover in Solid Oak

Cladding at a fraction of the cost.

Unit 23, Ketley Business Park, Waterloo Road, Ketley, Telford TF1 5JD

T: 01952 249773 • Email: sales@selectjoinery.com


1 Demetrius and 1 Demetrius Helena and Helena

2 [title character] 2 [title and character] Desdemona and Desdemona

3 Silvia and Valentine 3 Silvia and Valentine

4 Ferdinand and 4 Ferdinand Miranda and Miranda

1 Demetrius and Helena

5 [title character] 5 [title and character] Anne and Anne

2 [title character] and Desdemona

6 Orsino and 6Viola

Orsino and Viola

3 Silvia and Valentine

7 Orlando and 7 Rosalind Orlando and Rosalind

4 Ferdinand and Miranda

8 [title character] 8 [title and character] Ophelia and Ophelia

5 [title character] and Anne

9 Benedick and 9 Beatrice Benedick and Beatrice

6 Orsino and Viola

10 Petruchio 10 and Katherina Petruchio and Katherina

7 Orlando and Rosalind

8 [title character] and Ophelia

9 Benedick and Beatrice

New Showroom

Barrett Garage Doors is a local family run company

based at Stafford Park Telford, offering honest,

reliable and trustworthy garage door services for

Shropshire and the neighbouring areas.

They provide top quality Garage Door products from leading

manufacturers such as Garador, Hormann, Somfy and

Alluguard. Their team of fitters have over 12 years’ experience

in the industry and have attended several manufacturer

installation courses to ensure not only are you getting a great

product but a great installation too.

Steve Barrett, the company director has worked in the Garage

Door world for many years and when he is not spending quality

time with his wife, Jemma and the kids, he is hard working on

making sure your garage door installation is the best it can be.




The company has recently moved forward by opening a new

showroom at Stafford Park in the heart of Telford, where

Jemma and Steve will be on hand to talk and assist customers

with the range of products and services they provide.

Their business thrives on achieving customer satisfaction and

has outstanding testimonials from their clients.

As well as the installation of new garage doors, they also

provide a repair service to existing doors. You can also have

your garage doors automated allowing you to open them at

the press of a button.

Pop in and see the new showroom at Stafford Park which has

a great display of garage doors in a wide range of sizes and

colours to suit all needs. The garage doors range includes

roller doors, sectional doors, side hinged doors and the

traditional up and over doors.




Roller Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Up & Over Garage Doors

No call out charge


Repairs & Maintenance


All Work Guaranteed


Family Run

Business based

in Telford

NEW Showroom: Unit E7, Stafford Park 4, Stafford Park, Telford, TF3 3BA

T: 01952 872552 • M: 07519 923335

E: info@barrettgaragedoors.co.uk • www.barrettgaragedoors.co.uk


What Happened



year there was a pushback from across the Atlantic, when

several US songs reached the UK charts. Bobby Goldsboro’s

Honey told the story of a wife who dies tragically young, while

Jeannie C Riley’s Harper Valley PTA described a showdown

between a single mum and her hypocritical neighbours at a

small town PTA meeting.

Story songs from the USA that focus on the darker side of

life are known as ‘Southern Gothic’ or ‘Gothic Americana’,

and perhaps the best example is Ode to Billie Joe by Bobby

Gentry, released in 1968.

In true gothic style, this haunting ballad concerns a young

man’s suicide. We learn that he has killed himself by jumping

off Missisippi’s Tallahatchie Bridge and a connection between

the young woman narrating the story and Billie Joe is hinted

at: a neighbour says someone looking “a lot like” her has

been seen helping Billie Joe throw something into the water

from the bridge. We never learn the nature of the relationship

between the two young people, or discover what they threw

into the muddy waters of the Tallahatchie, so the mystery

remains unsolved.

Songs with a social conscience

When an equity release company recently made

a TV advert that featured a song called Right Said

Fred, it introduced at least two new generations

to a popular hit from almost sixty years ago.

The song may have been given new lyrics for advertising

purposes, but for anyone who grew up in the Fifties and

Sixties, the tune was instantly recognisable. Originally sung

by the actor Bernard Cribbins, Right Said Fred conjures

memories of a slightly odd but highly entertaining episode

in our cultural history, when narrative songs were all the rage.

Right Said Fred follows the fortunes of a group of removal

men attempting to shift a large item of furniture into a house.

In a desperate attempt to manoeuvre the thing into place, the

removers take it apart then – still unable to move it – start to

demolish the building. Finally, they plan to smash the ceiling

so they can lower it into place, but as the unfortunate Fred

swings his hammer, “’Arf a ton of rubble” lands on his head.

The song ends as the men enjoy a cup of tea (one of many

consumed during the job) before giving up and heading


It’s a simple but very catchy ditty, typical of others like Little

White Bull, sung by Tommy Steele (1959), and Hole in the

Ground, another Bernard Cribbins hit also released in 1962

(the same year as Right Said Fred). However, while 1962 was

clearly a peak year for these cheery Cockney narrative hits, it

also proved to be their swansong.

Narrative songs go gothic

An American influence with a distinctly darker tone was soon

to emerge, beginning in 1967, when Tom Jones recorded a

song called The Green, Green Grass of Home, written by a

US songwriter. This song – the homecoming fantasy of a

man facing execution on Death Row – became a worldwide

hit. Jones was, of course, a British talent, and the following

The Sixties ended with another narrative hit. A Boy Named

Sue, sung by Johnny Cash, was an upbeat, quirky story song

that ended with a happy (if unexpected) father/son reunion. It

was a fitting end to a decade of songs that referenced life in

rural or small town America. The next decade would focus on

wider social issues, such as Harry Chapin’s 1974 hit The Cat’s

in the Cradle (about an absent father) and Rod Stewart’s The

Killing of Georgie, (1976) describing a homophobic street


By the end of the Seventies, story songwriters had ditched

social issues in favour of unashamed glamour: in 1978 Barry

Manilow’s Copacabana told the story of a showgirl who loses

her lover in a jealous brawl, while the Human League’s Don’t

You Want Me Baby stormed the charts in 1981 with a tale of

a successful singer who dumps the manager/boyfriend who

discovered her “working as a waitress in a cocktail bar”.

During the Eighties story song hits may have been thin on

the ground, but Tracy Chapman’s wistful ballad Fast Car was

enough to make up for almost a whole decade without them.

Another gritty narrative number reached number one in 2000,

when Eminem released Stan, a modern American gothic tale

of a crazed fan who murders his pregnant girlfriend because

he feels rejected by his idol.

Nowadays rap and hip hop artists have largely taken over as

pop music’s storytellers: the lyrics might be X-rated, but it’s

good to know that the story song has found another home.

While the songs mentioned above are now sadly out of

fashion, we can still enjoy them online. So get comfortable

with your laptop, smartphone or tablet, enter a search for

your favourite song titles and prepare to enjoy a feast of

musical storytelling.

by Kate McLelland





Whether its a new kitchen or bathroom you are looking for

we offer a complete package for our customers including any

building work, plasterers, tilers, electricians and plumbers

Call Sal T: 01952 610999 M: 07976 467 830


R&R Kitchens & Bathrooms

R&R Services Ltd, Unit B4, Stafford Park 15, Telford TF3 3BB


Company 16299

A.P.H Windows

01952 680441 • www.aphwindows.co.uk

Manufacturers & Installers of High Quality:

• Fully Welded uPVC Windows, Doors

& Conservatories

• Internally Glazed with high Security


• Composite Doors

• Garage Doors

• Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

• Building Extensions

Why Choose A.P.H Windows?

All uPVC products are made in our own factory

Deal direct with the owner • No pressure Salesmen

Directly employed craftsmen • Full after sales service

No deposit required

Our showroom is full of ideas to help you decide on the style

& design of your windows, doors and dream conservatory

Open 9-5.30pm Mon-Fri & 10-3pm Sat

Unit H1, Halesfield 19, Telford TF7 4QT

Family Run


Est 1981


upstairs with Orangery,

Conservatory with

solid tiled effect roof &

Composite doors display




Down in South Carolina, on the edge of the Low

Country, the pretty town of Charleston sits among

creeks and waterways at the confluence of three

rivers as they join the Atlantic Ocean. Spreading

across islands and peninsula it is full of history and

charm, an ‘American treasure’ founded in 1670 and

named after Charles II of England.

Beyond the tree-lined avenues on the peninsula, the Old

Town is a delightful network of cobbled lanes and alleyways

festooned in traditional buildings, some with weatherboarded

façades, all gleaming white, others draped in pastel

colours: mint-green, ocean-blue, pink, yellow and more. There

are wooden shutters and wrought iron gates, quaint cottages

and stylish mansions with colonnaded balconies and fabulous

gardens, oleander, magnolia and roses blooming among water

features and trees such as the flowering crepe myrtle and

palmetto, the local emblem. During the Festival of Houses and

Gardens held in early spring some of these private wonders are

open to visitors, but at any time of year you can ride a horsedrawn

carriage in this most beautiful area. It feels almost like

a village, nothing disturbing the peace but the distant chiming

of church bells.

Meanwhile back in the bustling town, King Street beckons

with a wide range of architectural styles and antique and

designer boutiques, parallel to Meeting Street where the city’s

vibrant market dates back to the 1790s. From the Great Hall

to the open air sheds, it’s a vast colourful complex selling

anything you ever wanted, including handmade souvenirs

such as southern jewellery and sweetgrass baskets produced

by the Gullahs, descendants of the African slaves. To learn all

about this troublesome though successful era, visit Middleton

Place, a former plantation-cum-museum proud of its restored

buildings, gardens and lakes.

Slavery, independence, civil war and modern times,

Charleston’s harbour played a major role in the country’s

history, remembered in the Patriots’ Point Naval Museum on

Mount Pleasant and in the sea forts of Sumter and Moultrie.

Charleston’s most scenic promenade is in fact the Battery,

the fortified sea wall leading to the peninsula’s southernmost

tip, named White Point after the bleached oyster shells which

covered it long ago.

There are also great harbour views from the pier and the

waterfront park where a sparkling ‘Pineapple Fountain’

symbolises hospitality, recalling the fruit displayed by travellers

to signal their return. It’s a cool place to relax, watching brown

pelicans diving for food and all sorts of crafts, from tall ships

and cruisers to sailing yachts, fishing vessels, power boats and

more. Crossing the river Cooper just upstream, the Ravenel

bridge dazzles you with lofty towers and fan-shaped cables,

while beyond the harbour the Atlantic coast is strung with

lovely beaches and islands. Nearest to town are Folly Beach

and Sullivans Island, praised for its window boxes and flower

gardens, and the Isle of Palms boasting a marina, protected

sea oats and wild dunes resort.

Lots to do, lots to see but if time is short, cruising around the

harbour is a must, especially at sunset when water and sky are

ablaze with amazing colour.

by Solange Hando



Quality Internal &

External Timber Doors


6 x Quality Oak Engineered Doors

(Standard Imperial Sizes Only)

Supplied and Professionally Fitted

Including a Choice of Selected Handles & Hinges


(inc. of VAT)

Glazed and Metric versions available at extra cost

Written Quotations available on request

T: 01952 610795 or 01952 620003

E: thedoor.store@hotmail.co.uk


Mon to Fri: 8am - 5pm & Sat: 10am – 3pm


OF 12




The Door Store @ Classic Fasteners (Est. 1991)

Units 6&7, Redland Industrial Estate, Off Station Hill, Oakengates, Telford TF2 9JX


Kitchens & Bathrooms



Just Fit






• Wall and floor tiling

• Wooden/Laminate

floor laying

• Internal doors

• General carpentry

• Plastering

• Property maintenance


CONTACT STEVE ON: 07790 878043


Gadget gifts for the one you love

Smart buys for the love of your life

As if flowers, champagne and dinners weren’t expensive

enough, retailers would really like you to buy your beloved

some technology for Valentine’s Day. That’s not necessarily a

bad idea, but there are a few traps to avoid.

We wouldn’t recommend anything overly practical unless

the recipient really wants it and would be happy to get it as

a Valentine’s Day gift: no matter how powerful the Dyson

or scientific the scales, don’t give the gift of hoovering or

weight-watching to someone who won’t appreciate it. Online

gadget guides suggest power banks for smartphones and

even charging cables, and while those are perfectly decent

products they’re hardly going to make your partner’s heart


The second trap is the “pinkification” of products: even if your

beloved likes pink they might not appreciate a perfectly good

product that’s pink for no good reason. If your beloved is

really into DIY then they’ll care much more about the quality

of the product than its colour.

So what presents do we suggest for Valentine’s day?

Consider accessories – for example, if your beloved has an

Apple Watch or an iPad you could buy good-quality straps or

cases. The Apple Watch can be made sportier with a bright

Sport Band or more formal with a genuine leather band (just

avoid the faux leather bands from some big-name shopping

sites, which don’t wear like genuine leather does). And of

course if your partner doesn’t have an Apple Watch or an

iPad and you’ve got the cash to spare, those items make really

great gifts.

Another good tactic is to think about what your beloved does.

So if they have a long commute or travel a lot, a set of noisecancelling

headphones will make their travels much more

pleasant; if they’re always at the gym or jogging around town

then exercise-friendly earbuds or a reliable fitness tracker will

be a boon.

For readers there are Amazon’s excellent Kindle e-readers

(or a subscription to Audible, the audiobook service) or

subscriptions to Readly or Apple News+, both of which are like

Netflix for magazines; for coffee lovers there are some really

great high-tech coffee makers ranging from the excellent

Aeropress (around £20) to cute and compact capsule

machines such as Krups’ or Magimix’s Nespresso makers. And

if they’re arty, they might love an Apple Pencil for their iPad

(check compatibility first, though – not all iPads work with it)

or a digital notepad that looks and feels like pencil on paper

but can transfer drawings to their Mac or PC.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, it’s time to remember the old

joke: what do you get the person who has everything? A

box to put it in. But instead of boxes, think bags. There are

lots of backpacks, messenger bags and handbags designed

specifically for people who carry gadgets around, and they’re

available everywhere at every conceivable price point. For

example, if you can’t afford several hundred pounds for

Osprey London’s laptop bags, Marks & Spencer does some

really nice laptop backpacks for around £45, laptop bags for

under £30 and faux-leather folio bags for just £25.

Images: top left clockwise - Apple Watch Series 3, Fitbit

Charge 3 fitness tracker, Krups Nespresso maker,

M&S laptop backpack.


Professional & Friendly


Local businessman David Johnson has a background in

customer service and when he started his business he

wanted to offer his customers a professional and friendly

oven cleaning service in Shropshire. He wanted a brand to be

proud of and trusted by the local community.

‘ProOven Clean’ is the only oven cleaning business on

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customers can make a truly informed decision as to whether

to use their service.

They use a unique range of eco-friendly and fume free

chemicals. Their dedicated team of DBS Checked and fully

trained oven cleaning specialists are on hand to tackle

any oven cleaning task, including Aga, Rayburn and range

cookers. They can even handle a large variety of additional

jobs including hobs, extractor hood, microwave and BBQ


All of their oven cleaning technicians will arrive equipped

with a whole host of common replacement parts including

bulbs, filters and door seals. They can give you a bespoke,

free and no obligation quote via their website, by email or

over the phone. This is a professional oven cleaning service

and a single oven will take in the region of an hour and a half

and a full range can take up to approximately three hours

to clean and the oven is ready to use as soon as they are








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Valentine’s Day

Why do we exchange cards, flowers and gifts with

our loved ones on 14th February when the day’s

patron saint was a Christian martyr?

The origins of St Valentine’s Day are said to have begun as early

as the third century although, as is the case with many of our

modern celebrations, it is also likely to have been influenced

by the Romans. Their fertility feast of Lupercalia took place on

15th February and consisted of themes and rituals that were

centred around coupling and new birth.

But who was the original St Valentine? In fact, no one is entirely

sure. Valentine or Valentinus was a popular name in Rome and

there are at least three Catholic saints known as Valentine who

have been venerated over the centuries. Any one of them could

have been responsible for having the Feast of St Valentine

named after him when, in 496 AD, Pope Gelasius replaced

Lupercalia with a Christian festival held on 14th February.

Probably the most attractive theory is that St Valentine was

a Christian priest in the third century who defied Emperor

Claudius II’s edict that no Roman soldiers could marry as it

weakened their commitment to Rome. Valentine began

performing secret wedding ceremonies for young lovers and

is said to have given the couple cut-out hearts made from

parchment to symbolise both romantic love and agape (the

love of God) – echoing the Valentine’s card. The priest was also

said to have worn a purple amethyst ring, the stone being a

symbol of love that later became the birthstone of February.

occurs in a letter written in 1477 by Margary Brewes to her

future husband John Paxton, where she refers to him as ‘my

right well-beloved Valentine’.

St Valentine’s Day was clearly established as a day for lovers

by 1600 when Shakespeare referred to it in Hamlet during a

speech by Ophelia.

“…Tomorrow is St Valentine’s Day, all in the morning betime,

and I a maid at your window, to be your Valentine.”

By the eighteenth century, handmade Valentine’s cards had

become popular and were very elaborate with flowers, ribbons

and lace. They would often feature Cupid (whose name means

‘desire’), the mischievous winged son of Venus, Roman goddess

of love. He also appeared in much romantic verse as the bringer

of often unrequited love – hence a missive was necessary to let

the object of your desire know of your affections!

With their sentimental notion of romance and the language

of flowers, the Victorians elevated Valentine’s Day to the

popular celebration it has become today. In 1858, The London

Journal wrote of St Valentine’s Day that it was both “natural

and proper that at the start of spring the predominating

sentiment in the human mind should be the sentiment of

love; and to this accordingly the anniversary of our saint is


by Catherine Rose

Eventually Valentine was captured, beheaded (allegedly on

14th February) and buried under a Roman road. He was later


It is also thought that St Valentine’s Day may have come to be

associated with love and romance due to a Norman celebration

that took place around the same time of year known as Galatin’s

Day, meaning ‘a gallant’ or lover. Galatin also sounds a lot like

Valentine so it’s easy to see how the two could have possibly

become confused.

The link between Valentine’s Day and romance was solidified

in the late 1300s with Geoffrey Chaucer’s poem Parliament of

Foules (Fowls), said to have been written in honour of King

Richard II’s betrothal to Anne of Bohemia. It contains the lines:

“…For this was on seynt Volantynys day

Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make.”

(For this was on St Valentine’s Day when every bird comes

there to choose his mate.)

Chaucer was a very influential writer of the time. Following this,

a Charter of the Court of Love was allegedly issued by King

Charles VI of France in 1400. It was the first time St Valentine’s

Day had been officially associated with courtly love, and by

the 1400s it had become traditional for noblemen to write

romantic poems to their love interest or ‘Valentine’.

The oldest known Valentine still in existence is a poem entitled

Farewell to Love written in French by Charles, Duke of Orleans,

to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London

following capture at the Battle of Agincourt. It currently resides

in the British Library. The earliest surviving English example



Neil D. Rogers

Painting & Decorating

Interior & Exterior

Glenn Ward Ltd

Decorating & Property Maintenance

Dulux Select Decorators

40 Years


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34 Plant Close, Dawley Bank

Telford TF4 2GT

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• Painting & Decorating

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• Paper Hanging

• Coving Work

Local, Reliable & Friendly Service

Call Simon on: T: 01952 413337 M: 07969 690149

20 Pool Road, Trench, Telford TF2 6RL

FREE ESTIMATES • Over 30 Years Experience


Stand Aside, Standby



Comedian Michael McIntyre made fun of us

all by pointing out that we often shut down

appliances before going on holiday for safety

reasons. Except the fridge because

“we trust the fridge”.

He has a point on the safety

aspect, but we should

also be considering the

environmental one, and not

just when we are on holiday.

Leaving your devices on

standby means you are

spending good money

warming the planet.

Whilst switching a fridge off

doesn’t make sense, here are

a few things that do:

According to MoneySuperMarket,

the biggest standby power users

are TVs, TV boxes (e.g. Sky/Virgin) and

multiroom speakers. Chances are you only actually use

them evening and weekends so waiting 60 seconds

for them to restart isn’t much of a sacrifice.

When you unplug your mobile phone after

charging it, the charger is still using tiny

amounts. When you multiply that by

the number of people in the house,

it’s not so tiny. So switch it off at

the wall when you aren’t using


Your router is something

you want to have available

pretty much all the time.

But if you are going on two

weeks holiday, a little holiday

of its own won’t hurt.

It’s quicker to put your PC on

standby than to shut it down, but

we are only saving seconds here.

And we all know that it sometimes

your PC wakes up, all by itself. There’s

a device not to be trusted!

There’s no job too small so just call 07973 612 222




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We provide a reliable & friendly service

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Fully Qualified Electrician

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Domestic & Commercial Work

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• Electrical Work (NAPIT)

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• Plumbing

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• Painting

• Ground Works

• Roofing

• Brick & Block Work

• Plastering & Insurance Work

• Home Audio Visual Solutions

• HD & 4K CCTV Systems

Visit our

website to view

photos of some

of our latest


9 Colliford Close, Priorslee, Telford TF2 9RZ



T: 01952 201180 M: 07973 612 222





The Elephant


Last autumn there was huge

excitement in Diss, Norfolk, when

a ground-penetrating radar search

of open land at Fair Green revealed

the remains of an elephant, buried

deep under the ground.

It must have been a fairly earthshattering

discovery for local

residents to learn that the remains

of an elephant had been found in

a spot better known for craft fairs

and dog shows, but the news didn’t

come as a surprise to everyone.

The archaeological survey was

carried out because some locals

claimed the animal died there in

the 1940s, while a touring circus

was in town.

Nowadays most people would

condemn the showmen who made

their living by exploiting elephants

to please audiences in small

market towns like Diss, but it was

the nation’s insatiable interest in

these gentle giants that made them such a big box-office


Invasion of the elephants

So when exactly did we fall in love with the elephant? It seems

natural to assume that the relationship began in the Victorian

era, when goods, people and animals were brought into the

country from the furthest corners of the British Empire, but

history tells a different story.

The first elephants to arrive in the UK were brought over by

the Roman Emperor Claudius when he invaded England in

AD 43. Unfortunately there is very little information dating

from that time, but a Greek author called Polyaenus, writing

in the second century AD, tells an intriguing story about

terrified Britons fleeing at the sight of an elephant sent to

cross a river into their territory.

Twelve centuries later in 1256, King Henry III received an

elephant as a gift from Louis IX of France and ordered his

sheriffs to build a pen measuring 40 foot long and 20 foot

wide in the Tower of London.

It’s not hard to imagine the mixture of fear and fascination

with which Londoners must have greeted this new arrival:

in fact, it’s not unlikely that the capital would have been

gripped by ‘elephant fever’, with an outpouring of stories,

ballads, carvings and paintings celebrating the king’s exotic

prisoner in the Tower.

Around the same period, an ancient Latin manuscript called

the Physiologus Theobaldi was translated into English,

providing some wildly inaccurate ‘facts’ about the elephant.

Some time later Shakespeare borrowed from the Physiologus

when he wrote: “The elephant hath joints, but none for

courtesy; his legs are legs for necessity, not for flexure”,

endorsing a commonly-held belief that the elephant was

unable to bend its legs.

Jumbo the alcoholic


The most celebrated pachyderm

of all was Jumbo, a Sudanese

bull elephant who stood ten foot

six inches (3.23m) tall. He was

brought to London in the summer

of 1865 and quickly became the

star of London Zoo, where he was

ridden by royalty, fed currant buns

by the public and regularly plied

with alcoholic drinks by his keeper,

Matthew Scott. Not only did Scott

provide Jumbo with a keg of beer

each day, he would often share a

bottle of Scotch with his charge at

night. By the 1880s Jumbo – now

a young adult, addicted to alcohol

and suffering from ‘musth’ (the

compulsion to mate) – had begun

to behave erratically.

Zoo officials were so alarmed

by Jumbo’s increasingly violent

behaviour that plans were made to

sell him to the unsuspecting American circus entrepreneur,

Phineas T. Barnum. But the nation was deeply unhappy with

this decision: 100,000 children wrote letters to the queen,

complaints were made to parliament and there were even

threats to Barnum’s life. Despite the protests, Jumbo was

sold on, and sadly died three years later in a railway accident.

Tall tales

An elephant-inspired folk tale from Queenborough on the Isle

of Sheppey in Kent has been passed down from generation to

generation. It’s the story of a small town nervously preparing

to receive an elephant as a gift from Queen Elizabeth I. The

residents get to work creating a state-of-the art pen for the

royal gift, but it turns out that in reading the queen’s letter,

the semi-literate mayor of the town has mistaken the word

‘equivalent’ for ‘elephant’, and the long-anticipated creature

never arrives.

Sheppey’s tale certainly bears all the hallmarks of myth: it

has been told in a number of different versions, with the gift

ascribed to various different queens, including Edward III’s

Queen Philippa, Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. However

unlikely the story may sound, there is a fascinating piece of

evidence to suggest it may be based in truth. Elizabeth I did

actually visit Queenborough Castle (long since demolished)

in 1582, and to this day there is a small public park, not much

bigger than a horse paddock, which locals still call ‘the

Elephant Park’.

The British have known about elephants for over 2,000 years,

which helps to explain why they are so deeply embedded in

our culture. We may fear them for their size and strength, but

thanks to touchingly human characteristics such as dignity,

patience and family loyalty, it’s easy to see why the nation

has taken these magnificent beasts to its heart.

by Kate McLelland





with this




Complete Glass and Glazing Service

; 24hr Boarding Up Service

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Glazed Units

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1 Hour Response Time to Most Areas

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A Watson (ACIPHE)

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Full Installation of Kitchens

& Bathrooms - Including all

Plumbing, Tiling (floor & wall),

Electrics & Gas as required

Call Dave on 07974 499507 or 01952 780200

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A Year of Reading Aloud – Georgina Rodgers (editor)

If you love poetry, try this collection of ‘52 poems to learn and love’, where you’ll find well-known names such as Sylvia Plath, E.E

Cummings, William Blake and Maya Angelou alongside newer poets. Most of the poems are short enough to learn without too much

difficulty, and they’re accompanied by a paragraph about the poet and the reason why the poem has been selected. Take up the

challenge of learning one each week, or just dip in and out when you need an extra dose of beauty in your life.

Booker Prize Shortlist 2019 – Various

Looking for a new fiction book to lose yourself in on a long winter’s night? Fancy trying something a bit different to your usual genre?

Treat yourself to the six novels from the Booker Prize shortlist. Stories range from Chigozie Obioma’s An Orchestra of Minorities to

Elif Shalak’s 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World. Read them all to see whether you agree with the judges’ final decision.

365 Days of Creativity – Lorna Scobie

As the blurb says, “Creativity is not just about making your mark on the paper. It’s about looking at the world a little differently.” If

you’re stuck in a creative rut, this book might help you get out of it. The daily artistic challenges are split into how they help you feel,

so you can choose one based on whether you want to feel calm, inspired, energetic or reflective. They range from drawing patterns

on a snake to capturing the view through a doorway. Whether you take five minutes or five hours on each one is up to you.

Farrow & Ball Recipes for Decorating – Joa Studholme

Planning to redecorate this year? This book might help you come up with a plan. There are thirteen case studies, from city centre

apartments to a classic Georgian house, as well as tips and tricks for decorating each room of your home. There’s also plenty of

advice on decorating in general, including making small rooms look bigger and using colour to make an impact.

Grow Cook Eat Diary 2020 – Sarah Raven

If you love gardening and cooking this could be the diary for you. Each month has a short list of what to sow, plant and harvest in

your garden, along with other garden-related tasks and a simple recipe using in-season produce. Dishes range from Cauliflower and

Chickpea Curry to Beef Carpaccio with Fennel Flowers. As you’d expect, there are plenty of stunning flower photographs throughout

the diary, with one image for each week.

A Year of Living Thankfully – Lois Blyth

Can being more grateful change your life? According to this book it can, and Lois Blyth is on a mission to show you how. Each week,

you’ll work through an activity to help you embrace gratitude and take pleasure in the little things. There’s guidance on turning

negative thoughts around, learning to appreciate what you have and not letting others spoil your mood.



Award winning

eco-friendly domestic

cleaning service



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FREE advice, quotes and fully insured.

Tim Shaw recommended & used by leading

home furnishing retailers since 1997.


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TELFORD & Surrounding Areas



All Electrical Work Undertaken

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Professional Service

a Lights

a Sockets

a Showers

a Upgrades

a Rewires

a Alarms

a Garden Electrics

Part P Registered

Full Certification to

Current Regulations


For a FREE estimate call:

07714 760 244 or 01952 605311



at Admaston House Comm. Centre:

Mon: Yoga; 6.30-8pm

Tue: Pushchair people 9.30am-12pm, Guitar

lessons 4.30-7pm, Brownies 5.30-6.45pm,

Guides 7-8.30pm, Rangers 7-8.30pm

Childrens Cooking Classes - Every Tuesday

(term time) 4.15-5.30pm (Ages 2-12), Email:


Wed: WI 2-4pm (1st Wed of mth), Weight

Watchers 5:30&7pm, Bollywood Dancing


Thu: Scouts 7-9pm, Explorers (age14-18)

7.30-9.30pm, Ladies alpha 7.30-9.30pm.

Fri: Youth club 7.30-9pm.

If you would like further info. on above visit

www.admastonhouse.org.uk or contact Moira

Hoath on 07722 213264.

Wrekin & Telford Singers meet every Fri

7:30pm at Admaston House. We are a mixed

voice choir - no audition just come along

and enjoy singing with a friendly group of

people. Contact Judi 01952 411801 or visit our

Facebook @wrekin&telford singers or www.


Church Aston

Shropshire Wildlife Trust - Newport branch

Indoor talks - 2nd Tue of mth (Sept - Mar

exc. Dec) 7.30pm @ St Andrew's Hall, Church

Aston, TF10 9JL. Contact Steve on 01952


Pitchcroft & Church Aston WI - Meetings

held 3rd Wed of month in Church Hall,

Church Aston at 7.30 pm. Variety of speakers

& demonstrations. Guests admission is £4.

Contact Doreen 01952 813267 or Ann 01952

812547 for further details.

Church Aston Gardening Club meets the 3rd

Mon monthly 8pm, Church Aston Church Hall.

New Members welcome. Sylvia 01952 812092

Crafty Sew and Sews - we meet for sewing,

knitting and other crafts at the Church Hall,

Church Aston on Tuesdays from 2-4pm. New

members welcome.

Church Aston Thursday Club meet fortnightly

Thu afternoon 2pm till 4pm, speakers,

outings. Contact Sylvia 01952 402744 or


at Church Aston Village Hall:

Mon: 10-11am Zumba, 11.30-12.30 Beg. Pilates,

2-4pm U3A Sewing/Craft Grp (alt.wks),

7-10pm Whist

Tue: 10-12 Tai Chi, 6.30-9.30pm Line Dancing

Wed: 9.30-10.25 Easy Tone, 10.30-11.15 Kettle

Bell Class, 4.30-4.30 Kids Dance Classes,

7-10pm Whist

Thu: 2-4pm Whist, 6-8pm Cubs

Fri: 2-4pm Tea dance, 4.15-6 Twinkle toe

dance, 6-7 Beavers, 7-8 Scouts

Sun: From 7pm Ballroom Dance Lessons


Telford Hot Trax Radio Controlled Car Club

- Meets every Wednesday at Dawley Social

Club, King St, Telford TF4 2AG @ 7.30pm to

10pm. Contact: 07834 808943

Dawley Traditional Market - Every Friday,

Meadow Rd car park. Contact 01952 380934

Telford Christian Fellowship, Christian

Worship & Prayer for Healing, Sun 10:30am-

12pm at the Dawley Hse, 2 Burton St, Dawley

TF4 2ES. Contact Giles Higgins 01952 272961


Dawley Christian Centre:

Mon: 5-8pm Brownies & Rainbows,

Tue: 9.30-11.30 - Stay & play groups for under


Fri: 2-4pm - Computer Club

(3rd Fri each mth) 9-12 Table Top Sale


Players wanted - Tickled Pink Ukulele Band

Practice nights Weds @ Asda Donnington.

Uke players needed. Contact us at:

tpinkukes@gmail.com or call 07939 021162

Oakengates Rangers Colts U11’s Football

Club - are looking to recruit male and female

players for the 2014/2015 season - if you

are currently aged 10-11 please feel free to

come along.Training every Thursday, 6pm to

7:30pm at Donnington football pitches (near

Little Theatre). Contact Nik: 07506 722488 or

Saul: 07411 467341.

Telford Sea Cadets – Tue & Thu nights 6.45-

9pm, Cadets is for ages 12-18, Juniors 10-11.

See website for details or contact us by email:


Thu - The Creation Station ‘Little Explorer’

pre-schooler arts & crafts sessions.

Cordingley Hall, Wellington Road. 10.15 to

11.05 (term-time) Call to book your place

0844 854 9128.

at Donnington Methodist Church:

2nd Sunday of every month - Messy Church

(3-4.30pm). Everyone invited. If you are a

child you will need to bring an adult with you!

An hour of fun, games & craft activities, don’t

wear your best clothes. Donations welcomed.

We don’t expect you to belong to a church.


at Edgmond Village Hall:

Toddler group 10.00-11.30 (term time only) -

Contact Chloe 07498 282055

Mon (term time only): Painting - drawing

classes 1.00-3.30pm. More details - Cynthia

James 07722 624 210.

Every Tue Afternoon: Lunch - Afternoon tea

- soup - sandwiches - cakes - tea - coffee

- wine - prosecco & lots more, 1pm-5pm

- more info Janis 01952 820572 / 07739


Every 3rd Wed of Month - Edgmond W.I

7.30-10pm. Visitors welcome: £3.50, incl.

refreshments. Contact Dianne: 01952 825564.

Every 1st Sat of Month - Table Top Sale

9.30am-12.30. Bacon sandwiches, tea/coffee

& cakes. £6 table, free entry contact Janis

07739 634703

Antoaneta's Writers' Edgmond meet one

evening per month in members own homes.

New members are welcomed. We are a

small and friendly group keen to advance

our writing. Contact Mark Pearce on 01952

550557 or email markpearce17@hotmail.com

for more info.


Telford Slings - babywearing socials and sling

hire, every 2nd Monday and 4th Tuesday of the

month at EPIC TF4 3EE, home consultations

also available - fb.me/telfordslings for details

or email telfordslings@outlook.com

Hadley Five O Club - for over 50s meets most

Mondays 9-45am to 12-noon at Hadley United

Services clubroom. Talks, entertainers, trips

out, refreshments etc Call in, or ring Keith on


Hadley Traditional Market - Wed every week,

Hadley Local Centre. Contact 01952 380934

Telford Wine Making & Home Brewing Club -

at Hadley Rest Rooms, (by the Sikh Temple)

on the 1st Thu of month 7.45 to 8pm. For

info contact Chris Hall on 01384 345408 or

Annette Jones on annette.jones234@yahoo.


Parkinson’s Telford & Wrekin Support Group

- We offer support and friendship to people

living with Parkinson’s, their families and

carers. Come along to our friendly group,

meet other people affected by Parkinson’s

and get involved in a range of events and

activities. Castle Farm Community Centre in

Hadley, 1-3pm on the last Tue of every month.

T: 01952 253877


Horsehay and District Townswomen’s Guild

meet on the 3rd Mon of each month at

Horsehay Village Hall at 7.30pm. Call 01952

503535 for more info.

Horsehay Methodist Church - coffee morning

on Wed 10.30-noon. Parents & toddlers on

Fri mornings 10-11.30am. Youth group Fri

7-8.30pm (10 to 14 yr olds)


Childrens Cooking Classes - Every Saturday

(term time) 9.30-11.00am at Ketley

Community Centre (Ages 2-12), Email:


Telford Stamp and Card Club meets on the

second Monday of each month (except July

and August) at 7.30pm at Ketley Community

Centre, Telford, TF1 5AN. Visitors welcome.


Learn to Play Bridge - at Lawley Community

Centre. For further information contact Peter

Seager on 01952 419999

Lawley & District WI meet on the 1st Tue of

every month at 7.30pm StJohn’s Church Hall

at Lawley. For more info. call Denise Edwards

01952 405756.


Childrens Cooking Classes - Every Thursday

(term time) 4.30-5.45pm at Leegomery

Community Centre (Ages 2-12), Email:



Lilleshall Women’s Institute - Open to all

age groups - speakers, demonstrations,

refreshments and raffle. At Lilleshall Memorial

Hall 3rd Tue of month 7.30pm. Guests £3 per

session. Contact Fran Taylor 01952 604718.

Pop In Coffee held on the 3rd Thursday of

each month at St Michael's Church. Everyone



Madeley Art Club - meets every Mon (exc.

Bank Hols), 9:30am-12 noon @ Jubilee Hall,

Madeley - all over 55’s welcome. For more

info call Tamara on 01952 680030.

Madeley Traditional Market - Tue & Sat –

every week, Russell Square. Contact 01952


Life Drawing - every Tuesday 7pm - 9pm at

Jubilee House, Madeley. Excellent tutor. For

more info. call the WEA 01952 614451 or email


1st Wed each month - Madeley Townswomen

Guild meets 7.30pm at the Common Room,

Bridle Court, Bridle Rd. Madeley, TF7 5SG

Contact 01952 878069.


Muxton Movers walking group - meet on a

Tue & Thu evening, 7.15pm at Muxton School

for an hour of fairly flat walking. Sundays, at

6.30pm, cover approx. 7 miles, in 1.5hrs. New

members are welcome!

at St John’s Church Muxton:

Mon: 12:30-2:15pm NCT Bumps and Babes

group - for parents and carers with children

under 2, £1.50 donation Painting Club 2-4pm

(term time).

Tue: Tiny Tots (10am, term time), Rainbows -

followed by Brownies & Guides

Wed: In Stitches 2pm (1st & 3rd Wed)

Embroiderers Guild 8pm (every 4th Wed)

Muxton Ladies 7.45pm (1st Wed each mth)

Thu: Forget Me Not Films 9.30am Monthly,

Afternoon Fellowship 2.30-4pm monthly &

Beacon 7.45pm

Fri: Join us 4 a Cuppa! 11am Monthly plus

litter pick, Lunch Club Over 50’s (1st Fri of


Sub:Zero – Youth Cafe, yrs7+ 4-6pm

Sat: Prayer Breakfast (bi-monthly)

Available for hire for parties etc..

Sun: Church Services 11am

Available for hire for parties etc..

If you would like further info. on the above

activities - contact the church on 01952



10th Jan (Fri) - Newport Inner Wheel Club

- 4 C's Morning (Coffee, Cuppa, Cake and Hot

Chocolate). All monies raised are for Inner

Wheel Charities locally and overseas. 10am-

12pm, at St Peter & St Paul’s Catholic Church,

1 Salters Lane, Newport TF10 7LB (Next door

to Fire Station)NOTE: Plenty of parking and

disabled accessin Church grounds - only £5

per person

Russian Language Classes - Fun and

insightful with native Russian speaker

Aleksandra. Suitable for complete beginners

to advanced. 6.30pm Tue & Fri evenings at

Cosy Hall, Newport. For more info 07528 489

320 russianclasses1@gmail.com

Sustainable Newport - local people working

to make Newport more sustainable. Find us

on Facebook Twitter & Instagram or email


The Probus Club of Newport meet on the

first Monday of each month at 1pm for lunch

at The Swan at Forton. If you are a retired

gentleman, then feel free to check that we

are a friendly bunch! Phone Gwyn Jones on

01952 813433 for more details.

U3A Newport - meet the 3rd Tue of each

month at The Royal British Legion Club,

Audley Road, Newport at 2pm. £1 entry to

include refreshments, Members and visitors

are most welcome to come along. Please visit

our website to find out more.

Evening Stitchers - Wed fortnightly 7.30

- 9.30pm Newort Cricket Club, Audley

Avenue. Friendly, bring your own Emb. Knit,

patchwork etc. Alison 01952 324084

Beaumaris Singers - New members welcome.

We are a chamber choir of around 20 voices.

We meet every Tuesday at 7.15pm during

term time at Cosy Hall, Newport. For more

information call David 07710 005050 or visit

our website www.beaumarissingers.org

Newport Rotary Lite - We’re an active,

informal and mixed club focused on doing

things to help the community in Newport

and beyond. Message us through Facebook

- Newport Shrops Rotary Lite.

Childrens Cooking Classes - Every Monday

(term time) 4.15-5.30pm at Newport Cricket

Club (Ages 2-12), Email: natalie@cookstars.


Childrens Cooking Classes - Every Monday

(term time) 6.30-8.15pm at Burton Borough

Home Ec Room (Ages 10-17), Email: natalie@


Gnosall, Newport & District Lions Club. 1st

Mon monthly at 8pm - Community Room,

Gnosall Fire Station, Wharf Road ST20

0DB. For people interested in helping in the

community. Contacts: Pat 01785 780032 or

John 01952 273919.

Newport Writers' Circle meet on 2nd Wed

of month (except Aug), 10.30am in the

library. New members welcomed. A friendly

group who share their stories in a warm and

welcoming way. Contact mailto:hinchy@

blueyonder.co.uk for more info.

Newport (SALOP) and District Male Voice

Choir - seeking new members for well

established friendly choir, meet 7.30pm on

Mondays at Trinity Church Wellington Rd

Newport. Novices are welcome, come along

for a taster session. You do not to be a Tom

Jones, just someone who can hold a note

and fit in to the choir. For more infor visit our

website, or call 01952 813267.

Newport Afternoon Guild meet on the 1st

Wed 2-4pm at the Cosy Hall in Newport. Call

01952 825 287 for further infomation.

Newport ‘No Fear’ Bridge Group on

Monday’s at 7 pm at The Royal Naval

Association, Bellman’s Yard, Newport TF10

7AJ. Friendly Club all welcome. For more

information go to our website at Newport ‘No

Fear’ Bridge.

Newport Bridge Club meet Tue & Thu 7pm

at The Hub St Mary Street Newport. We

welcome duplicate bridge players of all

standards. Interested? Come and join us. Call

01952 814474 for more details or e-mail info@


The Dalen Singers is a small, friendly, mixed

voice choir founded 30 years ago in Newport.

Rehearsals on Tue evenings, 7pm at Trinity

Church, Wellington Road, Newport. If you

would like to meet us just come to rehearsals,

you will be very welcome, or ring secretary

01952 811741 for more information.

Cygnus Book Club – Come along and join a

friendly group as we discuss a spiritual book

or theme of the month – all whilst enjoying

drinks and cake! Contact Romella 07894


Used Toner Cartridges - Shrewsbury Music

Therapy Unit are collecting and recycling

used printer ink cartridges to raise funds to

subsidise Music Therapy for children with

learning difficulties. Please drop off at Boots

or Ace Computers, High St, Newport.

Dressmaking Classes at Cosy Hall, Newport

on Thu’s - 10am-12.30pm and 7.30-9.30pm

‘Saturday Sewing Bee’ 2-5pm, monthly.

Details and booking contact Catherine on

01952 276061. catherine@lovedressmaking.

co.uk www.facebook.com/lovedressmaking

Toy Library in Cottage Care Centre, Newport,

every Friday 9.45-11.30, pre-school age.

Contact Steve Ravenscroft 01952 811935 or

just call in.

Newport RNA Club - Excellent venue with

warm friendly atmosphere. Function room for

hire. Mon - bridge club, Tue - open mic, Wed -

pool, Thu - bingo, Fri - dominoes/quiz nights/

live entertainment, Sat - live entertainment.

Pay on door. Non-Members £3. 07772 611540

Friends Singles Club, 45+, established

in Shropshire, now meeting in Newport.

Full details from 07955 851256 or email:


Newport Scouts, Longford Road HQ.

Beavers, Thu’s at 6pm; Cubs, Wed’s at 6pm;

Scouts, Wed’s 7.30 pm. Contact: Liz on

07780 611260

The Guild of Silk Painters - meetings are held

from 7-9.30pm on the third Monday of each

month atCosy Hall, Water Lane Newport.

Contact - Margaret 01785 254803, Diana

01785 223339 or Anethia 01952 813101.

Female 77 - Meetings held every Wednesday

during term time at Newport Cottage

Hospital 8pm. Speakers,demonstrations and

outings. New members welcome. Contact

Chris 01952 811533

Newport Wine Appreciation Group meet

from 7pm-9pm on Tue’s at Cosy Hall,

Newport. Beginners and more experienced

enthusiasts welcome. Contact Geoff on

01743 884658

Newport Life Drawing and Figure Sculpting

Workshops – Saturday mornings at Adams’

Grammar School. For further information

please call Michael on 07528489320 or email


Newport Farmers’ Market – 3rd Thu of every

month, The Square and The Buttercross,

Newport – Contact Tel 01952 380934

Newport Trefoil Guild meets monthly

on a Thursday at Cosy Hall, Water Lane.

All members/ex members of Girl Guiding

welcome. Contact Cris 01952 253960 for

further details.

Newport Photographic Club - meet 7.45pm

on Tues (Sep-Jun) in the Baptist Church

Hall in Water Lane, Newport. See www.

newportphotoclub.com for details.


Maddocks Chess Club - Monday nights from

7:30pm at Maddocks Sports & Social Club,

Church St, Oakengates, Telford. TF2 6BU.


FREE Art and Craft Sessions - at The Wakes,

Oakengates - every Thursday 10-2pm no

need to book just turn up, everyone welcome.

Table top sale - first Saturday of each month,



10am -12pm at the Holy Trinity Church in

Wrockwardine wood and Oakengates.

Contact Tanya May 07990 767855 (visit our

facebook page for events: Holy Trinity Church

Wrockwardine Wood)

Oakengates Traditional Market - Saturday

– every week, Limes Walk. Contact 01952


The Telford & District branch of the Multiple

Sclerosis Society hold a Monthly Social

on the 2nd Thursday of each month from

12.30pm to 2.30pm at the Salvation Army Hall

in Oakengates. There is a short chair based

exercise session followed by refreshments & a

chance to chat - open to anyone affected by

MS. Branch Helpline number: 07866 628593.

Boys’ Brigade - Tue at Oakengates United

Church - 6pm Anchor Boys, 7pm Junior Boys

Section. Friday - 7pm Company Section

(boys and girls school year 7+). Contact Dave

on 07548 574901.

Oakengates Townswomen’s Guild meet on

the 4th Thu of each month at the United

Reform Church at 7pm. Call 01952 261 207

for more info.


Sewing For Pleasure - Sewing Machine

Classes every Tuesday 7pm - 9pm, University

Campus Telford, Conference Centre,

Priorslee. TF2 9NN All abilities welcome.

Call Nicky on 01952 201502 for more details

or see our Facebook page facebook.com/


Tea & Natter at St. Peter’s Church, Church Rd,

Priorslee, 2pm-3pm, bring & buy with a draw.

Every 4th Thu of the month. Come and join us

for a chat with drinks & refreshments 50p – all

are welcome.

Family Praise at St Peters Church, Church

Rd, Priorslee: All-Age Worship, 2nd Sunday

of each month, 1/2hour service, 10-10:30am,

ideal for children! Contact Chris Harris 07941

961461 or email stpeterspriorslee@btinternet.


Carers` Group meets every last Tue of month,

2.30-4.30pm at the Old Fire Station, Shifnal.

Contact Ivy 01952 750228 (day only) for

more details.


Shawbirch Community Centre:

Mon-Fri: Little Chicks Pre-School 9am - 3pm

Mon: Youth Club 10-15 yrs (6–8pm)

Wed: Bridge Club (7pm – 10pm)

Fri: Telford Stage School - 5.45pm

The community centre is available

to hire evenings & weekends.

For further info. call 01952 248538.


Sheriffhales W.I. - Meet every 4th Thursday,

7.30pm at Sheriffhales village hall. For further

info contact Janet 07964 370679.


Royal British Legion Shifnal Branch. Meets

every third Monday at 2000 hrs at the War

Memorial Club 5 Ways Roundabout Shifnal.

Serving and ex_serving personal most


‘Live at Home’ in Shifnal, Albrighton and

surrounding villages - Reduces isolation,

and encourages independence and a better

quality of life for over 60’s. Now recruiting

volunteers with varying tasks, from driving,

to serving tea. 10 minutes here and there,

or a regular 5 hours. Please make contact to

join us as a member or volunteer on 01952

879873 or Rachel.powell@mha.org.uk

Shifnal Chorale mixed choir - Monday

evenings 7.30-9.30pm Trinity Church, Victoria

Road, Shifnal. New members welcome with

no auditions. Please contact Angela on 07916

870 839 or visit our website shifnalchorale.


Shifnal in Stitches - Informal knitting and

crochet group meeting at the White Hart pub

every first Tuesday of the month from 7-9pm.

All ages and all skill levels welcome. Find us

on facebook.com/shifnalinstitches or email


Shifnal Senior Citizens meet every Friday

afternoon in the Social Club in Curriers Lane,

Shifnal at 2-4pm Membership £6 per year. All

Senior Citizens are welcome.

Shifnal Tots and Toddlers meet every

Thursday 9:15am til 11am in term time at the

Youth Club, Bridgnorth Road. Children 4

years and under with their carers welcome.

Shifnal Tennis Club - Social play every Mon

& Wed 6.30 onwards. New members always

welcome including beginners or ‘back to

tennis’ , junior coaching available throughout

the week. Contact Merill Holt 07762 15270 or

Head Coach Ian Gillespie 07761 970759 for


LIVE AT HOME - Support for older people

offering friendship and company, activities

and entertainment, outings and visits, theatre

trips and exercise. Contact Rachel on 01952


Shifnal ART Group - Fri’s 10am-12. £5. Senior

Citizens Hall, Curriers Ln. T&C. contact Jim

01952 463211.

Get Shifnal On Line - Free computer

lessons are on offer from local volunteers in

Shifnal library. If you have no knowledge of

computers, but would like to learn at your

own pace, call 01952 461018 during Library

open hours..

Carers` Group meets every last Tue of month,

2.30-4.30pm at the Old Fire Station, Shifnal.

Contact Ivy 01952 750228 (daytimes only) for

more details.

Shifnal Men’s Link - Meet 3 times a year (Feb,

Jun & Oct) at Park House, Shifnal for a meal

with a guest speaker. Contact Chris Blake on

01952 463171 or email: info@shifnal-menslink.co.uk

Shifnal Ladies Link - Meet 3 times a year (Feb,

Jun & Oct) at Park House, Shifnal for a meal

with a guest speaker. Contact Sue Blake on

01952 463171 or email: info@shifnal-ladieslink.co.uk

Stagekids of Shifnal - for 6–16s meet every

Thu during term time at The Youth Club,

Bridgnorth Rd, Shifnal, 6–11 yr olds meet

at 6.45pm-8pm, 12–16 yr olds meet 8pm-

9.45pm. Contact Sandra on 01952 462759

Shifnal Millennium Sensory Garden - The

working party meets each month from March

through to the end of Nov. on the 1st and

3rd Sats and the 2nd and 4th Thurs 9.30am

- noon. Enthusiastic helpers most welcome.

Contact Angela - 01952 462627 for more

details or just turn up on the day.

Shifnal Flower Club meet 4th Tue of every

month at Shifnal Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Professional Floral Art Demonstrations,

Garden Visits & Outings, if you love flowers,

come & join us. Call Sue Munslow on 01952


Shifnal Flower Club Workshop is 3rd Tue

of every month at Curriers Lane Room,

Shifnal - 7.30pm. Learn how to produce

your own floral arrangement. Members £2,

non members £4. Call Chris Finlan on 01952


Shifnal & District Male Voice Choir meet on

Thu at 7.30pm at Idsall School (6th form

common room). New recruits welcome.

Contact Ged Heyes on 01952 586968, for

further details.

St Andrews Church, Shifnal - Every Tue 10am

– 12 noon Coffee and a listening ear in the

Brooke Room.

Trinity Methodist Church, Shifnal - Every

Wednesday 10am - 12 noon all welcome to

drop in for a drink & a chat.

Ladybirds tots and toddlers meet every

Friday from 10-11.30am at Trinity Methodist

Church, Shifnal. All children under 5 and their

carers are welcome.

St Mary’s Church Presbytery, Victoria Road,

Shifnal - Coffee Morning every Thu. All

welcome for a drink and a chat.

St Georges

Telford & Wrekin Arthritis Support Group,

meet bi-monthly at St. George’s Sports &

Social Club, Church St. 7.30–9.30pm. Also

organize trips with side lift coaches and a

5 days holiday once a year with disabled

access. Hydrotherapy sessions at the PRH

Thu 5–7pm, for members only. For further

details contact Mrs. Pat Watkins on 01952


at St Georges Methodist Church:

Mon - 4pm Rainbows / 5.45pm Brownies

(Contact: 01952 293944)

Wed - Snedshill & District Over 60’s Club -

meet 1pm (T: 618221 - Lois Bull)

1st Wed of every month - St Georges WI

meet in the Church Hall at 7pm - contact A.

Chetwood 01952 618353 for further details.

Thu - 6pm Guides / 7.45pm Morningside

Ladies Choir - Are seeking new members.

We sing a variety of music for enjoyment. You

are welcome to come and join us. Parking is

available. Contact 01952 613007 for further


Thu - 9:30-11:30am - Little Fishes under 5’s

group. For all pre-school children and their

carers. Meets in the St Georges Methodist

Church Hall. £1.50 per family to include

snacks and drinks. Contact Kate on 07976


Telford - Town Centre

Monthly Craft Fair (2nd Sat of each mth),

9.30am-3.30pm at Meeting Point House,

Southwater, Telford. Free entry to over 25

stalls of local crafters and artists. Onsite café

serving breakfasts, lunch and afternoon teas.

Afternoon Tea at Meeting Point House,

Southwater - available Mon to Sat 12-3pm

in the vintage inspired tea room. £8 for two,

includes a pot of tea. The room is also great

for birthdays and celebrations as well as

local community groups. Call 01952 292268,

visit www.meetingpointhouse.co.uk or email



ATC meet at TA Centre, Territorial House,

Trench, Telford between 18.45 - 21.30 every

Tue & Thu night. Contact number for Sqn

01952 670720


11th Jan (Sat) - Telford Stamp, Card and

Coin Fair - Belmont Hall, Wellington Centre,

Telford, TF1 1LU, 9.30am to 2pm, free entry,

good range of stalls, free valuations, buy and

sell, home-made refreshments. Free adjacent

car park, train station close by, bus via Telford

Centre to nearby local bus station. Further

details from Richard Camp 01952 405458

16th Jan - Wellington History Group,

meet 7:30pm at at Wellington

Library. A talk by Lou Hall (Sunnycroft

Property Operations Manager)

'People In Glasshouses'. Entrance

free, but donations appreciated. www.


SUNNYCROFT - 200 Holyhead Road,

Wellington. CHRISTMAS - Festive

Decorations and Carol Singers. House,

tearoom and gardens open 10.30am -4pm

Fri-Tue 30th Nov to 23rd Dec. Normal

admission charges apply, N.T. members free.

The Telford Railway Modellers Group meets

every Wednesday, 7-9pm at the Old Church

Hall, Severn Drive, Dothill TF1 3JP. We run

all gauges N to O. All ages and skill levels are

welcome. Contact John on 01952 820376, or

Doug on 01952 810461

Telford Stamp and Card Club Meetings -

Stamp Club meetings are on the 2nd Monday

of each month, 7.30pm to 9.30pm, in the

Belmont Hall, Wellington. For more info call

Richard Camp on 01952-405458.

SPACES available at Wellington Brownies

- for girls aged 7-10, Mon 6:30-7:45pm,

Wellington Methodist Church - contact

Joanne Martin on 01952 254555

Wrekin Flower Club - Meet 3rd Wed of the

month at Belmont Hall Wellington TF1 1LU

at 2pm. Friendly Club who enjoy the skills of

National & International Demonstrators, Sales

Table, and a "cuppa". You will be made very

welcome. Contact Linda Hood 01952 252243.

Severn Harmony Ladies Barbershop Chorus

meets every Monday from 7.30-9.30pm at

Wellington Methodist Church,New Street,TF1

1LU for singing and fun. For more info.

contact Membership Secretary, Carol Shore

on 01952 597851 or 07792 862826.

Wellington, the home of The Telfordaires

Barbershop Harmony Chorus. Come and join

in with this friendly group of guys singing a

range of songs in harmony. Alternatively,

book us to entertain. We can make your event

go with a swing. We meet every Wed at 7:30

at the Old Hall School Wellington. For more

information visit our website telfordaires.

co.uk or phone 0845 463 1618 (standard rate)

Art and Craft fun for toddlers - every Friday

at 11am at Wellington Methodist Church.

Contact Kirsty on 07741 066858 or kirsty@

art4tots.com or visit www.Art4Tots.com for

further details.

Art for Enjoyment - at Wellington Methodist

Church - Tue mornings or afternoons, and

now on Thu afternoons as well, 1.30 - 3.30pm.

Call Liz Doody, the course tutor for more info.

or to book your place on 07970 709116.

Telford Lions Club - Meet on 2nd & 4th Monday

each month at 8pm, at the Whitehouse Hotel,

Watling Street, Wellington. To find out more

about us, our activities and how to join us, t:

0845 833 9585 or email telford.lions@yahoo.


Car boot sale – Every Sunday, Victoria Road

and Nailors Row car parks – Contact Tel

01952 380934

U3A Wellington - 2nd Thu of each Month

meeting at Belmont Community Hall,

Wellington - 2pm. Just come along and see

what’s on offer, or visit our website.

S.T.A.G.s (Strategic Tactical Adventure

Gaming Society) one of the biggest

wargaming clubs in the country. Historical as

well as Sci/Fanasty wargaming. We meet at

Belmont Hall in Wellington - see website for

more details: www.stagstelford.co.uk or call

01952 417747 .

Wellington Jade Singers ladies choir, meet

weekly on Thu evenings 7.30-9.30pm Union

Free Church Hall, Constitution Hill, Wellington,

TF1 3BA, contact Chris Harris 07941 961461 or

email jadesingers@btinternet.com

Wrekin Arts Photographic Club meets

every Friday at 8pm at the Belfrey Arts

Centre Wellington (Sep to Jun). Details from

Sheila Thomas on 01952 617170 or www.


Belmont Community Hall in Wellington -

meet every Fri 11.45am-4pm - Over 50’s, tea,

raffle, speakers, bingo etc.. £1.50 entry, also

lunch available at £3.50 at 12pm - cooked on

the premises. All welcome. For further details

contact Margaret Atkinson on 01952 877409.

The Wellington Girls’ Brigade meet every

Tue in term time from 6-8pm at Wellington

Methodist Church. All girls welcome from

5yrs+. For more info. call Tracey on 01952


Wellington Evening Townswomen’s Guild

meet on the 1st Tue of each month at 7.30pm

at Belmont Community Hall, Wellington.

Visitors welcome. Call 01952 276615 for more


Wellington Central Townswomen’s Guild

meet on the 2nd Tue of each month at 2.15pm

at the Carvers Close Community Room,

Holyhead Rd, Wellington. For more info call

01952 251 364.

Eyton & Wellington WI - Meet every 2nd Wed

of the month at 7:30pm in the Belmont Hall,

Wellington for speakers, friendship and tea &

biscuits. Visitors welcome. Call Judi on 01952

411801 for more details.

Grace Church Wellington - meets Sundays

at 11am in the Wellington Library. An

independent local fellowship. Visit www.


Other Areas

Telford Slings - trained babywearing

consultant offering sling hire, retail and

expert advice and fitting, in 4 locations

around Telford - see www.telfordslings.com

Apley Arena - Outdoor equestrian arena

50x30m with jumps to hire all year round £10,

07714 743369

Ironbridge Rotary – A friendly group of

men and women doing good and having

fun. Members from all over the Telford area.

Join us and make a difference. For more info:

ironbridgerotary@gmail.com or find us on

Facebook or the internet.

Garden Club - Kynnersley Village Hall, Telford,

TF6 6DX. Meet monthly, 2nd Friday of each

month at 7pm, we welcome members from

all around the Telford area Contact Hannah

talksherlock@gmail.com 01743 341949.

The Wolverhampton Phoenix Club for the

widowed - a club for both men and women

who are widowed and are ready to restart

their social life in a friendly supportive

atmosphere. We meet the 2nd Sunday of the

month at Codsall Village Hall at 7pm in the

summer afternoons and 2.30pm in the winter.

We have a varied program of entertainment

and we also organise monthly lunches at

local pubs, day trips and holidays. For more

information phone Jim 01902 846696.

Age UK Lunch Clubs - are held every month

at 10 different locations. Ring Age uk Telford

(01952 201803) for more details or check out

the website: www.ageukshropshireandtelford.


IT Class (for older people) run every

Wednesday 3-5pm at Brookside Community

Centre. Contact Diane Douglas 01952 201803

ext 001 or diane.douglas@ageukstw.org.uk

Whist Drive - Every Fri, at Buildwas Village

Hall, 7pm prompt - everyone welcome, Call

01952 242009 for details.

Telford Sign Cafe - want to practice your

signing or are you a Deaf Sign Language

user who would enjoy helping us! Enjoy

a coffee and a chat. All abilities welcome.

Meet 3rd Fri of month from 7pm, at The

Home Organisation Coffee Shop, Lightmoor.

Contact Nikki: nikkibackhouse@googlemail.

com, 07791 724827

Wrockwardine and District Garden

Club - Meet on 1st Thu of each month at

Wrockwardine Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Little Wenlock WI - meet 1st Wed of every

month - in the Village Hall at 2pm, new

members welcome - contact Diana on 01952

244136 for further details.

Severn Sisters WI - Meet every 3rd Wed,

7-9pm at Longdon On Tern Village Hall.

For further info contact Paula Pierce 07841

528543 E: severnsisterswi@gmail.com, view

facebook page at Severn Sisters WI

Volunteer and Make a Difference - if you could

help Guide Dogs locally with fundraising,

sighted guiding or other volunteer roles,

please contact Valerie Jobes on 01189 838

756 or valerie.jobes@guidedogs.org.uk.

Further info can be found at www.guidedogs.


The Wrekin Decorative and Fine Arts Society

meets at the Cold War exhibition hall at RAF

Cosford Air Museum on the 3rd Mon of the

mth at 2pm. Visitors £5. Contact: Louise

Nixon 01746 783517 - www.nadfas-wm.org.


Telford and Wrekin Ladies Circle is all about

fun and friendship – trying something new,

relaxing with friends, fundraising & great days

out. If you are between 18-45 and want to

know more contact us at: tandwladiescircle@

hotmail.com - 07961 961475 or find us on


Wrekin Writers meet 3rd Sat of month 9

till noon. Large friendly group that’ll help to

motivate you with your writing. Visit www.

wrekinwriters.co.uk or call Darren on 01952


To submit an entry to this feature please

email your details to:

fleur@inandaroundmagazine.co.uk -

please put subject as WHATS ON on the


(Space is VERY limited, so brief details ONLY)


Local Health, Sport


at Admaston House Community Centre (for further info.

contact Moira Hoath on 07722 213264):

Mon: Yoga (evenings) Contact Janet Evans on 01952


Wed: Weight Watchers 5.30pm & 7pm

Thu: Gentle seated and standing exercises for older

people. 10.30-11.30am. Qualified tutor £2.50, call Diane

Douglas on 01952 201803 for details.

Thu: Slimming World - 9.30am, 5.30pm & 7.30pm Contact

Sharon on 07775 512563


Apley Arena, Outdoor equestrian arena 50x30m with

jumps to hire all year round £10, 07714 743369

Church Aston

at Church Aston Village Hall:

Wed 9.30-10.25am Easy tone - over 50s & beginners

Wed 10.30am-11.15 - Kettlebells Class - all over body

workout using kettle shaped weight. Contact Kim on

07795 225017

Thu 11am Medau Movement & Dance exercise with

Rosemary 01785 822442.


Have fun – keep fit. Short Tennis Prime Time Club (over

55’s). Tue and Fri 5-6pm at Phoenix Sport & Leisure

Centre, Dawley. First taster is free, membership £5 and

each sesssion is £2. Please contact Peter on 01952

274657 Margaret on 019852 274535 or Keith on 506616.

Touch Rugby - Telford RFC, Hinkshay Road, Telford TF3

3BZ. Wed 7pm ages 14 to adult Men and Women no

previous experience required. £free. Just fun and fitness

to be had!

Ballroom Social Dance Class - Dawley Town Hall, Sun 7.30-

10.30pm. Call Donna on 01952 567920

Dawley Badminton Club meets on Tues 7:30-9:30pm at

Holy Trinity Academy, Teece Dr, Priorslee, Telford TF2

9SF. We support a good club standard of play using

feather shuttles. New members and visitors are welcome.

Please come along on Club Night or contact the Club

Secretary on: info@dawleybadmintonclub.co.uk / www.


Slimming World (Tue 9:15am & 11:15am) at Dawley Bank -

Call Paula on 07791 743509

Pilates Mon 7-8pm at the Pheonix Sports Centre, Telford

Langley School. 36 block of 6 consecutive classes or £7

pay-as-you-go. Contact Beryl on 07971 875372 or 01952

462896 or email beryl.feely@gmail.com.

Mons’ - 8-10pm - The Ironmen & Severn Gilders Morris

dance team – great fun, all welcome, men and ladies,

at The Telford Langley School, Duce Drive, Dawley, TF4

3JS. Contact us through our website www.imsg.org.uk or

e-mail secretary@imsg.org.uk

Dawley Christian Centre:

Mon - GKR Karate 6.30-8pm

Tue - Keep Fit 10-11am, Badminton Grp 7-9pm

Wed - Zumba 8-9pm

Thu 9am-12pm Help 2 Quit Smoking


Bums n Tums fitness class - at Silver Threads Hall,

Donnington 6.30-7.30pm. It would suit all fitness levels

and is great fun! Contact Cheryl on 07714 610591 or



Yoga, Pilates and a New Exercise Class for people with

mobility issues in the new studio at Edgmond Village

Hall, Shrewsbury Road, Edgmond, Newport, TF10 8HU.

Mon: Pilates at 6pm; Wed: Pilates at 5.30pm and Yoga

at 6.30pm. New exercise class for people with mild to

moderate mobility issues from Monday January 13th at

1.45pm. Cost: £6 PAYG or £30 (£5) for 6 classes paid in

advance. Call or text Denise on 07875 661045 or email

denisepheasant@hotmail.com to book.


Tai Chi Classes - Starting Thu 16th Jan for beginners -

from 2.00 – 3.00p.m. at Hadley Community Centre, 30

High Street, Hadley, TF1 5NL. £5 per session. Contact

Andrew on 07871 594460 or email: Goughie62@outlook.


Gentle Exercise (for older people) - at the Methodist

Church (Hadley) 2-3pm Mondays. £2.50 per session, all

abilities welcome.

Exercise Class at Hadley Community Centre

(Hadley) Tue 1:00-1:45pm (for older people, but

a little more physical). £2.50 per

session, all abilities welcome.

Slimming World - at HLC, Hadley

- 5.30pm & 7.30pm Contact Sharon

on 07775 512563

Daisy Birthing classes: Active Antenatal classes on Sat 10-

11:30am at HLC. Suitable for all pregnant mums. Email:

janette-davey@thedaisyfoundation.com or phone 07808


Thu mornings at Telford Thai Boxing, Hadley - 10-11am

Yoga and 11:15-12:15pm Pilates. All ages and fitness levels

welcome, including complete beginners. Contact - 07852

144119 or email iandglittleford@btinternet.com.

Indoor Bowls - Mon & Tue 2-4pm, at Hadley Restrooms.

New members VERY welcome, free trial available. For

more details contact Roger on 07955 852 534.

Gymnastics Classes - Monday to Saturday, for beginners

- advanced gymnasts. Contact: 07905 956644 or email


Piloxing (Boxing, Pilates & Dance) - Mon 6.30-7.30pm.

Zumba - Thu 6.30-7.30pm. Hadley Methodist Church,

£3.50. All abilities welcome! Debbie 07891 686812


Fudoshin karate club - Training Tuesdays and Fridays.

Fully qualified and insured instructors training in the

Shindo Jinen Ryu style of karate. Weapons also taught,

including nunchaku, sai, bo, kama and tonfa. Contact Nick

Mellor 4th Dan on 07815 959368.


Mindful Meditation - Sooth mind, body and spirit. £5.

At The GorgeTherapy & Training Centre. For more info

contact: Diane 01952 881151 www.you-in-mind.co.uk


Yoga - Wednesdays 7-8pm at Ketley Community Centre,

Holyhead Road, Ketley, TF1 5AN. Friendly class, suitable

for all abilities and beginners are especially welcome. £5

per class, no need to book. Contact Debbie on 07790

006815, email debbieyogaone@gmail.com or see my

website: www.yogaone.co.uk

Over 50’s Class @ Ketley Methodist church, Waterloo

Road, Ketley. Thursday 10-11am. Suits all fitness levels

and is a great place to meet new people. £3 per session.

Contact Cheryl on 01952 371325 or email cheryljauncey@


Slimming World - Ketley Methodist Church on Tue at 5.30

& 7.30pm.


Clubbercise and Legs, Bums & Tums - Tuesday evenings

Lawley Primary School Arleston Lane TF4 2PR. All fitness

levels welcome age 16+. Contact Kim - 07724 087516. Or

find us on Facebook 'Kimmy J Fitness – Fitness The Fun


Baby Yoga at St. Johns Church Hall, Lawley – Mon 1-2pm,

Adult Yoga Mon 8.15 to 9.15pm. Contact Michele on 07970

731174 or email info@mitchytitch.co.uk. www.mitchytitch.


Mummy Movers - St Johns Church Hall, Wed: 7.30-8.30pm

& Thu: 10.15-11.00am. Call: Laura 07929 154 536 / laura@

mummymovers.com Website: www.mummymovers.



Clubbercise - Fun Fitness with Amanda - Leegate

Community Centre, Leegomery ,Telford. Monday's 7-8pm

£5 Pay as you go. Contact Amanda 07780 515 350

CJ's Dance Fit - Mon & Wed 6.30pm and Thu 9.45am &

11am at Leegomery Methodist Church, Hadley Park Road,

TF1 6QG. Also an Age UK class on Thu at 1:30pm. Call

07793 777659 or email: claire.jervis74@gmail.com for

more details.

Lightmoor Village

at Oak Tree Centre, Lightmoor Village:

Wed: Help to Quit Smoking 5.30-6.30pm - for app’s call

Rachel 07979 540496

Sat: Dance Classes 9-10.15am (7yrs+), 10.15-11am (3-6yrs)


Lilleshall Trampoline Club - Tuesdays at Lilleshall National

Sports Centre: (8-14 year olds) excluding school holidays

- Trampoline Foundation: 6 - 7:30pm & Trampoline

Development: 7:30 - 9pm. £5 a session. Contact us on

01952 603003

Lilleshall Quick Sticks Hockey - Sundays 10-10:45am (7-9

year olds) at Lilleshall National Sports Centre. £30 for 7

weeks. Contact us on 01952 603003

Yoga at Lilleshall National Sports Centre Monday 5.30pm,

Wednesday 5.30pm & 6.45pm, Friday 10.30am. Pilates

Monday 6.45pm and Friday 9.30am. Call: 01952 603003

to book. www.allgenerationsyoga.co.uk for details

Lilleshall Village Tennis Club - Welcomes new members,

Tues, Thurs evenings & Sunday mornings. Junior & Adult

Coaching – Saturday afternoons. Complete beginners

course for Adults - Tues pm. For further details contact

Pauline Coffey on 01952 604757

Lilleshall National Sports Centre - Sutherland Badminton

Club - Tue evenings 8.30 - 10.30pm New members

welcome. Contact: Amanda Haselock - 01952 677590

Premier Badminton Club are seeking new members. Tue

evenings from 7:30pm at Lilleshall National Sports Centre.

Contact Anthony 01952 526520 or Rob 01952 840453

www.premier badminton.co.uk

Lilleshall Hall Table Tennis Club - meet Mondays during

term time, 6.30-7.30pm for Juniors, 7.30-9.30pm for

Adults, in Jubilee/Ford Hall at Lilleshall National Sports

Centre. Adults £5, Juniors £3 per week. Coaching available

for all abilities. Call Louise 813924 or Don 416048.


Bootcamp/Interval training classes at Bridal Road, Bridal

Court, Madeley. Every Tue & Thu 7-8pm. Suits all fitness

levels and great fun. Contact Cheryl on 01952 371325

Yoga at The Anstice 10am to 11am on Wednesdays. Call

Jemma on 07483 370257. www.allgenerationsyoga.co.uk

for details.

Slimming World- Jubilee House, Madeley High St, Wed at

3.30,5.30 & 7.30 and Sat 8.30 & 10.30am.


at St John’s Church Muxton:

Bumps n Babes (NCT) 12.30-2:15pm (fortnightly), sessions


Slimming World - Mon (9.30, 5.30pm & 7.30pm) contact

Celia Powell 07575 123666

Wed: Over 50’s Aerobics (10am)

If you would like further info. on the above activities -

contact the church on 01952 670033


Various Fitness classes at The Body Barn in Newport,

Shropshire's biggest outdoor fitness facility - see website

for full details at: www.thebodybarn.co.uk or call Danny on

07894 569571.

Slimming World (Thu 9:30am, 5:30pm & 7:30pm) at

Newport Cricket Club - Call Debbie on 07472 282975

Tai Chi - Gentle exercise to improve flexibility and balance,

relieve stress and aid relaxation. Suitable for adults of all

ages and abilities. Cosy Hall Tuesday am. Contact Dilys

01952 588838 / dilysd407@gmail.com

Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Clubbercise, Box-Fit, Circuits,

Kettlebells, Body Pump, Fit-Steps, Yummy-Mummy’s,

Relaxation, Tone & Sculpt ALL available at Pulse Fitness

The Ballroom High Street Newport. Pay As You Go Classes

Available Plus Pre-Paid Class Cards. Call Nikki 07967

343728 or email nikkiwitty@ymail.com

Forton Cricket Club - Fancy playing cricket, we have two

senior teams, ladies team and junior teams - for more info

contact Clive 01952 825447 or cliverjones1958@gmail.com

Nova Utd FC based in Newport, looking for new players for

2017/18,Training Saturday mornings 9-10.30 Shuker Fields,

Ages 7 to 16yrs, all abilities welcome, for more details visit

our website www.novaunitedfc.co.uk

Martial Arts Club (Aikido) - Aikido at Burton Borough Sch,

Newport. Mondays 7-9pm - Adult classes. Contact sensei@

meijyukan.co.uk website www.meijyukan.co.uk T: 0845 678


Badminton Newport - We’re a friendly, mixed aged

badminton club and enter league teams too. We meet on

Thursdays 7.15pm-9.15pm at the Burton Borough Sports

Hall, Newport, TF10 7DS. Please contact Sue: 07813 677 347


sue_rutter@btinternet.com Junior Badminton Club - we

have places available for U11’s who want to learn how to

play badminton. It’s £4 per week and includes coaching by a

Badminton England accredited Level 2 coach. Saturday (10-

11am under 11’s and 11-12 under 15’s) in term time at Burton

Borough School, Newport. Contact Des Machin on 07949

192038, E: desmachin@hotmail.co.uk

Farmhouse Shotokan Karate Club, Moreton Millennium

Community Centre and Burton Borough School, Newport

- Tues, Fri & Sun. For all ages and abilities. Fully qualified

and insured Instructors. First Lesson Free. Contact 07890

349451, email shropshirekarate@gmail.com or visit www.


Yoga Classes at Trinity Church, Wellington Rd, Newport:

Mummy & Baby Yoga - Thu 1.30 – 2.30pm. Dru Yoga

classes - Fridays 7 - 8.30pm. Contact Kate on 07989

514317, yogamebaby@yahoo.co.uk www.facebook.com/


Salopian Skimmers Frisbee Club are looking for new Male &

Female players of all abilities. Wed night at Adams Grammar

Sports Hall. 18.30 to 20.00. First 3 sessions Free. For more

info email drew.barlow@live.co.uk or join us on Facebook.

Women’s Circle for Spiritual Development – are you

looking to connect to like-minded spiritually awake women


& Fitness Classes

& deepen your connection - then this group is for you. 1st

Fri of month in Newport – Contact Romella 07894 812440


Tai Chi Classes - Starting Mon 13th Jan for beginners

- from 7.15–8.15pm at The Wakes, Theatre Square,

Oakengates, TF2 6EP. £5 per session. Contact Andrew

on 07871 594460 or email: Goughie62@outlook.com

Have fun – keep fit. Short Tennis Prime Time Club (over

55’s). Wed 7-8pm at Oakengates Leisure Centre. First

taster is free, membership £5 and each sesssion is £2.

Please contact Peter on 01952 274657 Margaret on

019852 274535 or Keith on 506616.

Telford Fight Factory - Muay Thai, Boxing, Strength

& Conditioning. At The Ice Lounge, Eden Complex,

Cannongate Road, Oakengates. Fun, family friendly

class, age 7-70yrs, Mon 6-7, Wed 7-8. Contact Stuart

Whiston 07786 115899 or fb

Telford & Wrekin Lawn Green Bowling Club - Est 1982 at

Hartshill Park - Oakengates. Club nights Thurs - starting

6pm. Competitive and social bowling against other

Midlands clubs. New members welcome. Contact Roger

Rowley on 01952 612574.

Slimming World (Sat - 8am & 10am) at Oakengates Rest

Rooms, Charlton Street, Oakengates, Telford TF2 6BD -

Call Paula on 07791 743509

Martial Arts Club ( Aikido ) at Oakengates Leisure Centre.

Mon & Fri 7.45 / 8.45pm Juniors ( 7yrs+ ). Mon & Fri 7.45

/ 10.00pm Adults. New members always welcome. First

lesson is free. If you would like more info contact us on:

07929761302. Email us on suekeithhayward@sky.com


Shawbirch Community Centre:

Tue - Antenatal Yoga (5:30-6:30pm), Yoga (7-9pm)

For further info. contact us on 01952 248538.


Slimming World - Shifnal Village Hall, Wednesday’s

5:30pm and 7:30pm . Contact Fay 07729 307 813

Swimming Lessons - Duck N Dive Limited - Baby,

preschool, afterschool & adult swimming lessons across

various locations in Telford & Shifnal. T: 01952 301012,

Email:info@dndswim.co.uk, Web:www.dndswim.co.uk

Line Dancing Classes at Shifnal Memorial Club on Tue

at 7.30pm.

Meditation followed by group activity every Thu 7.30-

9.30pm at Citizen’s Hall, Curriers Lane, Shifnal. £8pp.

Contact Norma on 01952 463876 or email Jehandra@

yahoo.com or Facebook -Jehandra Holistic Healing for

more details.

Tue mornings at St Andrews Youth Club, - Yoga 9:30

- 10:30am and Pilates 10:45 - 11:45am. £5 per class or

£8 for both classes. Thu mornings at Shifnal Village Hall

- Yoga 10-11am, £5 per class. All ages and fitness levels

welcome, including complete beginners. Contact Gill on

07852 144119 or email iandglittleford@btinternet.com.

YOGA every Thu at Trinity Methodist Church, Shifnal

Yoga Mixed Ability 7.10pm, Beginners yoga 8.20pm and

Pregnancy Yoga 6pm to 7pm. Baby yoga on Wednesday's

at St. Andrews Church 1pm to 2pm.. Contact Michele on

07970 731174 or email agyogaandpilates@gmail.com.

www.allgenerationsyoga.co.uk for details

Adult Fitness Classes at Idsall Sports Centre – METAFIT

- Mon 6:30-7.15pm, YOGA - Tue 5.30-6.30pm, CIRCUITS -

Wed 7.30-8.15pm, METAFIT - Thu 6.30-7.15pm. Everyone

welcome! 1st Class FREE !!! 01952 460499

Shifnal Bowling Club - Social Bowling every Thu morning

10.30am-12.30pm. Junior Coaching Sat morning 11-12. All

are welcome to our club young & old. Contact Graham

McCarthy 01902 372 955 for details.

DANCE class 10.30 Wed at St Andrews Youth Club Hall.

Exercises & routines for fitness & fun, over 50s, £5. More

info www.shifnaldance.moonfruit.com Spaces limited so

please contact Sally 01952 461768.

Pilates Mon 10-11am at the Trinity Methodist Church Hall.

Tue 7-8pm at Kemberton Village Hall. £36 block of 6

consecutive classes or £7 pay-as-you-go. Contact Beryl

on 07971 875372 or 01952 462896 or email beryl.feely@


Shifnal Cricket Club - Junior cricket coaching - All Stars

(age 5-8), U9, U10 and U11 boys and girls training on a

Friday 6pm. Monday 6:15pm - U13 and Tue 6:15pm for

U15. Also women's Soft Ball for beginners and Hard

Ball for improvers - Fri 6pm. For details please email


Idsall Badminton Club meet at Idsall Sports Centre,

Shifnal - Tue 7-9pm. All we ask is that you play to a

reasonable standard.

Ceroc Modern Jive and Salsa class nights at Shifnal Village

Hall. Every Monday (exc Bank Hols) 7.45pm - 11pm. New

members always welcomed and no need to bring a partner.

Contact Mike on 07990 554459, email cerocmidlands@

aol.com or visit www.cerocmidlands.co.uk

St Georges

Clubbercise - Fun Fitness with Amanda - Priorslee Scout

Hut , Snedshill, St George's Telford. Wednesday morning

class 10-11am. £5 per class. All levels of Fitness welcome,

ideal beginner's. Contact Amanda 07780 515 350

Total Body Tone 6.20pm & Clubbercise 7pm

- Wednesdays at St Georges Sports & Social

Club TF2 9LU. All fitness levels welcome age 16+.

Contact Kim - 07724 087516. Or find us on Facebook

'Kimmy J Fitness – Fitness The Fun Way'

HIITPad Fitness 4 week Intensive Academy. Morning

and Evening groups. Held at Bailang, St Gower Street

Trading Estate George's, Telford. For more info and next

course dates visit www.hiitpad.co.uk

Karate and Self-Defence at 1st Priorslee & St. Georges

Scout Hall, Snedshill Way, St. Georges on Friday's

7.30pm to 8.30pm. Family-orientated, from beginner

to black belt and beyond. Adults £3 Under 16s £2.50.

Contact Zanshin-do Karate Chief Instructor Steve Lowe

6th Dan Black Belt for further information by emailing


"Koshi Wind-Chime Relaxation and Healing" Come

for Healing and Relax to beautiful sounds. £5 each. St

Georges & Priorslee Parish Centre. London Rd, TF2 9LJ.

Every 4 wks Thu 7.30pm. Booking essential 07974 196

421 Nikki

Slimming World - St Georges Sports & Social Club. Thu

9.30am, 11.30pm, 5pm and 7pm. Contact Celia Powell

on 07575 123666

at St Georges Methodist Church:

Tue 5-7pm Synergy Dance Troop (Contact: 01952


Wed - 10.30am Pilates (Tel: 412924) / 1.30pm


Total Body Tone & Clubbercise - Monday evenings at

Grange Park Primary School Grange Avenue, Stirchley

TF3 1FA. All fitness levels welcome age 16+. Contact Kim

- 07724 087516. Or find us on Facebook 'Kimmy J Fitness

– Fitness The Fun Way'

Telford - Town Centre

AQUABABIES - Swimming lessons for children aged 12

weeks to 3 years. Lessons held at The Park Inn hotel on

Mon, Tue, Thu and Sat from 10am. To book your FREE

trial lesson contact Lisa on 07598 617442 or Stuart on

01543 572855


Yoga - Wednesdays 9.30am - 10.30am at Wrockwardine

Wood and Trench Parish Hall, Church Road, Trench,

TF2 7BQ. Beginners welcome, friendly class, mats are

provided, all abilities catered for. Come along and try it,

first class is free. £5 per class. Contact Colleen on 07860

231668, email nourishholisticwellbeing@gmail.com or

look on the website www.nourishholisticwellbeing.com

Yoga - Mondays 7-8pm at Our Lady of the Rosary

and St Luke Church Hall, Church Road, Trench, TF2

7HG. Friendly class suitable for all abilities and

beginners are especially welcome. £5 per class, no

need to book. Contact Debbie on 07790 006815, email

debbieyogaone@gmail.com or see my website: www.


Interval Training class that suits any fitness levels - 6:30

to 7:30pm. At The Labour Club, Gibbons Rd, Trench.

Proven to burn more fat than any other form of exercise.

Also great fun too! Class costs £3.50. Contact Cheryl

07714 610591.


Pilates / Yoga-lates at TCAT Dance Studio, Thursdays

6.15pm. All levels, men & women welcome. Contact

Lesley on Fitfabnfun@gmail.com

Clubbercise - Fun Fitness with Amanda - Telford Arena

Nighclub, Tan Bank, Wellington TF1 1HD. Tuesday's

7-8pm. New Funky step class - Thursday's 7-8pm

(booking Essential) . £5 pay as you go. All levels of

Fitness welcome . Contact Amanda 07780 515 350

Mindfulness and Relaxation - cultivate mindful presence

and inner stillness. Weekly workshops incorporate

mindful activities, meditation and relaxation, which

will enable you to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit.

Tuesday's 7 - 8pm at Wellington Methodist Church.

Session price £7. Contact Lorraine: Lorraine@affinityand-beyond.co.uk

or 07898 823339 for more info or to

reserve a place.

Yoga with Lynne in the Committee Room, via Wellington

Library. Mon - Mixed ability 7- 8.30pm / Wed Beginners 7-

8pm . Contact: www.yogawithlynne.org or 07506 695443

Wrekin Shotokan Karate Club, at Wrekin College Sports

Hall, Wellington: Wed 6:30pm; Sat 10:30am; and at Sport

TCAT Mondays 7:30 pm. Learn authentic Japanese

Shotokan karate from team of black belts lead by 6th

Dan, Shotokan Karate International Federation, Japan.

Contact: Tony on 07841 839372.

Severn Spokes Cycling Group - We are a small, friendly

and welcoming group of cyclists who run regular, easy

paced rides from Wellington through the quiet lanes of

Shropshire and beyond. Contact severnspokes@gmail.

com or visit www.facebook.com/severnspokes and/or

our website www.severnspokes.com

Telford STAGS Walking Football - Normal Football rules

except NO RUNNING! We play on a Monday morning

9.45 at the 4g pitches to the rear of AFC Telford Utd. All

over 55's welcome. Also summer sessions Thu at 18.45.

Contact Roy Vincent 01952 245407 for further details.

KAPAP - Martial Arts Club held at TCAT, Haybridge Rd,

Telford, TF1 2NP on Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm. First

session free trail. Contact Paul - paul@kapaptelford.

co.uk or 07737 825263.

Immerse School of Diving - we have a training and

club diving session on a Friday evening at 8:30pm at

Wrekin College pool. Call 0777 377 1619 or email: info@

immersediving.com; visit www.immersediving.com find

us on Facebook www.facebook.com/immersediving.

An active and friendly scuba diving club, we cater for

beginners through to professional level divers, and

charge no membership fees or surcharges on your club


Slimming World - Wed & Thu at The Glebe Centre, Glebe

St, Wellington, 5.30 & 7.30. Call Heather on 07737

734347 01952 289386 or just pop along! All welcome.

Piloxing - techniques of boxing and vertical pilates with

some dance moves. Fridays 6-7pm at Charlton School

- £4. For more info contact Annette on 07866 021030.

Wrekin Tennis Club - Social play every Tuesday &

Thursday evening starting at 7-9pm & Sunday 11am-

1pm. Based at Oakengates Leisure Centre New players

welcome, Contact Alan Pritchard at: alanp52@yahoo.

co.uk or 07596 984442 or visit our website, www.


Telford Community Tennis Club, Junior tennis coaching

lessons at Bowring Park, Wellington on Sun - 10-11am (4-

7yrs), 11-12am (8-10yrs), 12-1pm (11-16yrs). We also have

sessions for adult members of all abilities.


E: bob.kerr@telfordcommunitytennisclub.co.uk

Friendly Badminton group playing 7-9pm every Thu at

TCAT Sports Hall are seeking new players to join them.

Come along and try a few taster sessions at £5 per

night. Contact Jenny Varley (evenings 6-7pm) on 01952


Wellington Badminton Club - Sports Hall at Ercall Wood

Academy, Wellington. Club nights - Tuesday 8 - 10pm. All

welcome. Contact Jerry Seymour (Chairman) on 01952

261008 or email jeremy.seymour9@gmail.com Website:


Other Areas

Taoist Tai Chi Society of GB - All ages and abilities

welcome. See taoist.org.uk for information and

availability of classes or phone 01952 597685.

Swimming Lessons - Duck N Dive Limited - Baby,

preschool, afterschool & adult swimming lessons across

various locations in Telford & Shifnal. T: 01952 301012,

Email:info@dndswim.co.uk, Web:www.dndswim.co.uk

Dance Fit at Hollinswood every Friday 2.45pm-3.30pm,

call Diane Douglas on 01952 201803 for details.

Sutton Heights - Music4health singing for all ages and

stages every Sat. Fee £10. 11am-12 and sound healing at

2pm-3pm please book before day. Contact Linda 01952

680232 or visit www.lindaangelis.com

Telford Green Gym - Want to get and have Fun? Don’t

like the Gym try the Green Gym.Improve your fitness

and general well being by getting involved in practical

conservation.The Telford Green Gym offers activities all

over Telford On Tue, Wed and Thu. Contact The healthy

Lifestyles Hub 01952 382582

Arriba Wellness Club - Community Weight Loss

Challenge at Fitness First, Telford. Call Lisa Harris on

07580 434325.

Yoga for Pregnancy in Albrighton - Weekly classes every

Mon 8-9.15pm. Gentle exercise from weeks 15-40 of your

pregnancy. Methodist Church Hall, High St, Albrighton

WV7 3JA. Classes from £7. Call Rebecca Jenks on 07890

543 508.

To submit an entry to this feature please

email your details to:

fleur@inandaroundmagazine.co.uk - please

put subject as CLASSES on the email.

(Space is limited so brief details please)




‘The Gentlemen’ follows American expat Mickey

Pearson (Matthew McConaughey) who built a highly

profitable marijuana empire in London. When word

gets out that he’s looking to cash out of the business

forever it triggers plots, schemes, bribery and

blackmail in an attempt to steal his domain out from

under him.

Date: 3rd January 2020

Genre: Action

Cast Members: Matthew McConaughey, Charlie

Hunnam, Michelle Dockery


When the ruthless leader of a dangerous

drug cartel threatens to disrupt Miami, Mike

Lowery and Marcus Burnett must join an elite

team to bring him down.

The Bad Boys are back together for one last

ride in the highly anticipated Bad Boys for


Date: 17th January 2020

Genre: Action

Cast Members: Martin Lawrence, Will Smith




IA World War II satire following an awkward young

German boy raised by a single mother, and whose

only ally is his imaginary friend Hitler. His naive

patriotism is tested when he meets a young girl

who upends his world views, forcing him to face his

biggest fears.

Date: 3rd January 2020

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Cast Members: Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell,

Rebel Wilson


After losing his wife seven years earlier, the

eccentric Dr. John Dolittle (Downey), famed

doctor and veterinarian of Queen Victoria’s

England, hermits himself away behind the high

walls of Dolittle Manor with only his menagerie of

exotic animals for company.

But when the young queen (Jessie Buckley,

Wild Rose) falls gravely ill, a reluctant Dolittle

is forced to set sail on an epic adventure to a

mythical island in search of a cure, regaining his

wit and courage as he crosses old adversaries

and discovers wondrous creatures.

Release Date: 7th February 2020

Genre: Adventure

Cast Members: Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland

Please note that release dates are subject to change and some previews may be shown earlier.


Notes from your local

Muxton Councillor

With the demolition of the Ironbridge Power Station

cooling towers the view from the bridge along

the Severn will be somewhat similar to that when

the bridge was constructed almost 250 years ago.

Hopefully any development of the power station

site will be below the tree line so as not to intrude

on this historic view. With stringent planning rules

and regulations to preserve the area for future

generations the beauty and heritage of the Gorge has

been secured.

Survivors of Child Exploitation (CSE) are now giving

evidence to the Independent Inquiry Telford Child

Sexual Exploitation (IITCSE). There has been a delay

of several months while Telford and Wrekin Council

established a support network for those giving

evidence. If you wish to give evidence or have relevant

information then please contact the witness support

service Base 25 on 01902 572040 or 07495266899

or e-mail empower@base25.hush.com all contact is

treated confidentially.

May I take the opportunity to

wish you all a Happy, Healthy

and Peaceful New Year!

Cllr. Nigel Dugmore (Muxton Ward)

T: 01952 380237 M: 07528 979395

E: nigel.dugmore@telford.gov.uk

Cllr Nigel Dugmore



Do you have leaflets or flyers

that you would like delivered

with this magazine?

Reaching a total of *30,000 select homes

across Telford, Newport & Shifnal areas

You can choose the areas you want - call for

a list of areas to choose from








per 1000 +VAT

*Delivery rotated

between 2 areas

reaching 15,000 homes

each month.

For further details please contact

Fleur Abel on 01952 603457

E: fleur@inandaroundmagazine.co.uk






3 Letters

















4 Letters
















5 Letters





6 Letters


1. The Scarlet Letter

2. 3

3. The speed of


4. Arkansas

5. Manchester

6. The Shamen

7. C


8. An AA battery

9. Louisiana

10. Carat, Cut, Clarity

and Colour


Shakespearean Lovers

1. Othello

2. Two Gentlemen Of


3. The Tempest

4. Richard III

5. Twelfth Night

6. As You Like It

7. Hamlet

8. Much Ado About


9. A Midsummer Night’s


10. The Taming Of The



Across: 1 Farmer, 7

Academia, 8 Arc, 9

Enlist, 10 Tank, 11 Obese,

14 Bootees, 16 Guilder,

17 Franc, 21 YMCA,

22 Isobar, 23 Ode, 24

Colliery, 25 Priory.

Down: 1 Fiasco, 2

Raceme, 3 Radio, 4

Cartoon, 5 Testator, 6

Sinn Féin, 12 Blue moon,

13 Syllable, 15 Decibel, 18

Arroyo, 19 Comedy, 20



Here is one

possible solution

(others may exist)

(others may exist)










1. Skull

2. Clavicle

3. Sternum

4. Humerus

The bone match is....

Femur - A

Humerus - C

Sternum - D


5. Coccyx

6. Femur

7. Radius

8. Tibia


Healthwatch visit

Dementia Care Home



One in six people over the age of 80 has

dementia and 70% of people in care

homes have dementia or severe memory

problems. There will be over one million

people with dementia in the UK by

2025, and there are over 40,000 people

in the UK under 65 living with dementia


Dementia is of particular concern in Shropshire

due to its large and growing ageing population. As

the Shropshire Dementia Strategy 2017-2020 puts

it, “As far as Shropshire health conditions go, we

believe that dementia is a “sleeping giant”… one

that has begun to wake up. Projections show that

by 2031, 45% of the South Shropshire population

will be over 65 years of age and will be among

the three oldest populations across England and


Healthwatch Shropshire, the local health and social

care consumer champion, have carried out a series

of visits to care homes who provide dementia care

across the county to learn more about the care

they provide and to identify areas of good practice.

In their report just published they found that:

• Overall the residents and relatives were happy

with the care they were receiving at the homes

they visited.

• End of Life Care is seen as an essential part of

providing Dementia care.

• Homes are encouraging and supporting residents’ use of

information technology to help them keep in contact with

relatives or friends.

• •Many homes have separate Dementia units and they found

that purpose built care homes were more Dementia friendly

in terms of the environment and décor. One non-purpose

built home scored very highly.

• Activities on offer varied from home to home.

• Residents were supported to make choices e.g. what to eat

or wear, or how to personalise their bedrooms at all eight

homes and their communication needs were taken in to

account whenever they were being asked to make choices.

Lynn Cawley, Healthwatch Shropshire Chief Officer, said “It

is really important that those living with dementia in care

homes receive the care they need. Our role is to listen to their

experiences and identify where things are working well and

where things could be improved. The visits were carried out

by our trained volunteers, they observed the environment and

talk to residents, their families and staff in the homes.

This project focused on dementia care but we are always

keen to hear about people’s experiences of care homes and

domestic care services and would ask people to get in touch.”

The full report can be found here: https://www.


Healthwatch Shropshire is the independent consumer

champion for health and social care in Shropshire. It gathers

the views and experiences of patients, service users, carers,

and the general public about services including hospitals,

GPs, mental health services, community health services,

pharmacists, opticians, residential care and children’s services.

It also has statutory powers that it can use to influence service

provision by encouraging improvements.



General Garden & Household Maintenance

• All Types of Fencing

• NPTC Qualified - All Types

of Tree Work Undertaken

• House Clearances

• All Work to a Very High Standard

For a Free Quote call Andy on..

01952 606756 or 07929 950091

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No job

too small!

Contact: David Copeland

M: 07866 455 993 T: 01952 404 635

E: copelandelectricals@gmail.com

We care for your home!

• Kitchen fitting

• Replacement internal/external doors

• Replacement stair rails & spindles

• Skirting/architraves/shelving

• Stud walls

• Adjusting/easing doors

• Decking/garden structures

• Wooden porches / extensions

Contact us for a free quote on:

T: 07739 584 264

E: contact@pmcarpentry.org

Switches, Sockets & Lighting

Replacement Consumer Unit

Outdoor Lighting

Full and Part House Rewires

Emergency Call Outs



Dave Sylva Guitar Teacher

Telford based Guitar Teacher with 23 years playing experience

Offering 30 minutes or 1 hour lessons

Mobile teaching available within a 20 mile radius

Teaching students from Ages 7+

DBS certified

07891 853 746



Are you interested in

delivering this magazine?

Contact us to join our waiting list

for delivery people?

Call Fleur Abel on 01952 603457

or email: fleur@inandaroundmagazine.co.uk





painting / decorating

garden work


Lettings approved

CKN Property Maintenance

Call today for your free quote.

call Karl on: 07914 492367

E: cknhomeservices@gmail.com

swim. bike. run

No job

too small





Rubble Removal

07341 259 627



Have you ever wanted to

take part in a triathlon or a

multi sport activity?

If you’re interested in joining our club or would like to come along to try

one of our coached training sessions either at Oakengates Leisure Centre

or Much Wenlock Swimming pool then we’d love to see you. We aim to

encourage our members to achieve their best, whether it is improving on

race times, entering their first triathlon, or simply trying something new.



Qualified - grade 8 drum kit and

percussion, with grade 5 theory.





E: info@telfordtri.co.uk


£10 per

half hour


For more details text Sammy on: 07821 894 810

or email: me@sammyshaw.co.uk


You have two minutes to find all the words of

three or more letters that can be made from the

letters above. Plurals are allowed, proper nouns

are not. The 6 letter word will always be just a

normal everyday word.

3 letters: 15 • 4 letters: 14 • 5 letters: 4 • 6 letters: 1

A touch of


luxury every

Systems Ltd day

Water softeners • Drinking water systems

Servicing • Filter changes • Salt delivery

Tel: 01952 22 88 44

Mobile: 07597 370662 • Technical: 07514 069332


Installation of Fires & Stoves


DFlue Linings

DLog Burners


DChimney Work

DRoof Work





Hetas approved installer of Solid Fuel Chimney Systems

Call Lee on 01952 276417 or 07813 921907


We don’t have big flashy adverts or pushy salesmen; we’re a friendly,

local and ethical family run business.

We guarantee to buy any property, in any location, in any condition,

very quickly with cash. We’ll pay all your fees and there are no

viewings, boards, adverts or hidden charges. Give us a call for an

instant guaranteed valuation. We can halt repossessions and help fix

your debt problems.

We can buy TODAY • Call Geoff now 01952 370042

Orwell & Sons





Domestic & Commercial

UPVC Doors & Window Repairs & Maintenance

Fast Response • No Call Out Charge • Free Quotes

City & Guilds Accredited MPL • Corgi Registered

CALL 07557 90 22 94

24 Hours • 7 Days a week

PJ's Re-upholstery Services

Grandfather, Father & Son - 3rd Generation Upholsterer

If your spring goes ping give us a ring!

Antique or Modern

Sofas & Chairs

Dining Chairs

Springs & Repairs







07802 491651

01952 610828




Evenett and Bishop Opticians

3D Eye Scans Available

Our OCT Scanner captures both a

photograph and a cross-sectional

scan of the eye at the same time

Large range of frames including Childrens

All types

of contact



35 High Street, Newport. TF10 7AT • T: 01952 810 808


Shropshire’s Premier

Dog Care & Cardio Specialists


Delivered monthly within this magazine

Reaching a total of *30,000 select homes across Telford, Newport & Shifnal areas

You can choose the areas you want - call for a list of areas to choose from







Dog Adventure Walks

Dog Running

Pet Drop-Ins

07904 717898 info@dog-jogs.co.uk www.dog-jogs.co.uk


per 1000 +VAT

*Delivery rotated between 2 areas

reaching 15,000 homes each month.

For further details please contact Fleur Abel on 01952 603457

E: fleur@inandaroundmagazine.co.uk • www.inandaroundmagazine.co.uk

TEL: 01952 604285




Kynnersley Drive, The Hincks,

Lilleshall, Newport TF10 9HS



T: 01952 820085


15% OFF Collection - only on orders over £15 after 9pm




*Please present this voucher. Valid until 31-10-19

Maxiumum 6 people. Not to be used with any other offers.

Adams House, 7 High St, Newport TF10 7AR

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Oakengates Carpets....................................35




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Borland Roadliner Ltd..................................51


Local Councillors.......................................... 94


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Kitchen Depot............................................. 100

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Water Softener



Kalidescope.................................................... 45


Hadley Park House Hotel...........................27

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APH Windows................................................75

R & R Services............................................... 69

Trotfield Windows.........................................65

One of the finest

Showrooms in Shropshire

Full Fitting




2 Storey


• Gas and electric fires

• Multi-fuel, log burning and gas stoves

• Large selection of fire surrounds (wood, limestone & marble)

• Wide choice of quality brands to choose from

f i r e p l a c e c e n t r e

Castle Trading Estate, Holyhead Road, Priorslee, Telford TF2 9NP • FREE Parking

T: 01952 620189 • Email: enquiries@grateideas.co.uk



Family owned with family values

A friendly, professional service to offer you a wide range

of high quality bespoke kitchens, manufactured

locally, at great prices.

Contemporary Modern Classic Traditional

Call into your local showroom: Global House, Off Trench Road, Telford TF2 6PD.

We also have showrooms in: Hemel Hempstead Shrewsbury Wolverhampton

Visit us online at:



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