NZPhotographer Issue 27, January 2020


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F5.6, 1/1250s, ISO1250

that gets excited when opening a map and thinking

“where to next”. I am at my absolute happiest with

a pack on my back and a camera in my hand, and

welcome any new adventure that comes around the

next corner.

When I travel, I travel light - I have a backpack and

that’s it. Everything I take with me has to be carried on

my back, so camera gear is at a minimum. All I take is

a Manfrotto travel carbon fibre tripod, my Canon 80D

(I have a 5D mark IV which stays at home) and two

lenses; the Canon 24-105mm f4 L USM and the Canon


Myanmar was part of my adventure last year where

I also visited Madagascar and Sri Lanka. Three

countries as different and as diverse as you could

get, but it was the extra ordinary journey into the

conflict area in the Shan Military Zone that makes my

memories of Myanmar more special.

I was travelling through this beautiful, but troubled

part of the country with a photography tour guide

and a local photographer, who, through his contacts,

had applied for and organised the safe access for us

through the Hoya Region to meet and photograph

Hill Tribe Women of the Htekho Tribe who have been

subjected to atrocities by the Burmese Army for


On our journey by car, through the hilly mountainous

country, we passed through check points the higher

we climbed. (Before the road was pushed through,

the tribe we visited, had a four day trek to get to

civilization). Opening the windows, the car was

instantly filled with the scent of fresh pine from the

forest. The undergrowth was covered in a carpet

of wild sunflowers and cardamom, the latter being

harvested by the locals in the area. The peaceful

scene belies the tension that I was feeling though -

traveling through conflict zones is not a daily thing for


The village is located on a steep hillside, dry and dusty

without a blade of grass to be seen. We were met

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