Central Valley Corvettes of Fresno - January 2020


Central Valley Corvettes of Fresno - January 2020


Volume 29 Number 1 January 2020

The Central Valley Corvette Club was

chartered in 1991 for the owners of the only

real AMERICAN sports car, the awesome

CORVETTE. It's a social organization with

activities that provide enjoyment for the true

Corvette lover.










Club activities include monthly meetings,

car shows, weekend Club activities,

overnighters, picnics, road rallies, summer

cruises, holiday get-to-gathers and more!

Eligibility for membership in CVC is

defined in Article III, section 1 of the

bylaws in part as follows: "Membership in

Central Valley Corvettes shall be open to all

Corvette owners who are sponsored by a

member in good standing. Additionally, a

prospective member must, within a three

month period, attend two consecutive

meetings, participate in two club sanctioned

social activities, pay current membership

dues and initiation fees, and be approved by

two-thirds vote of membership present at a

general membership meeting by secret


Sponsors shall be responsible for advising

prospective member of results. All members

must submit proof of personal insurance in

accordance with California State Law upon

application for membership, and all

members must be a member of the

association providing club liability insurance


A prospective member who does not have a

sponsor will be provided one by the

membership committee. Non-members may

not participate in more than three meetings

or two sanctioned activities as per CVC


CVC membership dues are $67.00 plus an

initiation fee of $35.00. Membership entitles

two members at the same address voting

privileges at meetings (provided they are in

good standing) and membership rights.

Please feel free to contact the membership

chairperson, LeighAnne Severance @593-

0208 284-6260 or any officer on the

following page.


Mike Lebda




Jeff Engelman




LeighAnne Severance




Kathy Marine




Lynne Henenfent



Mission Statement / Officers..... 2-3

A Word from our President.......... 4

Secretary’s Minutes.................. 5-7

CVC Officers History…..…….……... 8

Birthdays & Anniversaries............ 9

In the Garage w/ Charlie…….. 10-13

CVC Activities............................ 14

CVC Event Flyers.................. 15-17

CVC Christmas Party Pics….… 18-31

CVC Hayride/Dinner Pics…..… 32-36

Ed Dena’s Run Pics…………….. 37-43

From our Sponsor, Ed Dena....... 44


Dick Danielsen




Chuck Laningham




Linda Laningham




Charlie Fosnaugh



…a word from our President!

Well here we are with a new President, VP of

Activities (Jeff Engelman), and VP of Membership

(Leighanne Severance). Joining us for a second term

is our Treasurer (Lynne Henenfent) and Secretary

Kathy Marine). I see this year as an opportunity to

have a lo t of fun and look at ways to advance our

club’s identity in the social media arena. We need to

look at ways to streamline how we carry on business

and for that if you have any suggestions please bring

to me so I can take it to the board. I have already

asked Charlie for ideas on how we can make his job

easier. We have discussed some ideas and maybe

we will have something to present in the coming


This is the third board position I have held and who

knows maybe my last when I am impeached halfway

through my term. This club has become a major part

of our social life which I feel is good. I have made

many new friends and rekindled friendships with

some old friends. Our club has a lot to offer and I

hope some of our members realize that they too

have th ings to offer and share with our members.

Several people have been working on ideas for runs

and I hope they can become a reality.

Our membership has fluctuated for as long as I have

belonged to this club. We are down a little due to

many unexpected events. Several of you have done

a great job bringing in new members and I hope to

see us grow in the future. I feel that social media is

one way to reach potential new members. Keep up

the work in bringing potential new members to the


This ti me of year, we tend to be a little quiet

regarding runs but here is a rundown of what we

have so far. The New Year’s Eve Lunch and Movie

run, Super Bowl party, and club picnic with date to

follow soon. The president’s mystery run is still a

mystery, but I plan to have one before my term


Michael Lebda, President





The General meeting was called to order by Dick

Danielsen at 6:30 PM. Dick opened the meeting by

presenting a special person, Claudia, Yosemite Falls

Café waitress, with a holiday gift from the club in

recognition and appreciation of her service at our

meetings. Happy holidays and thank you Claudia.

Secretary – Kathy Marine – The November Annual

meeting minutes were read. Ruthie made a motion

to accept the minutes as read; Leighanne seconded

the motion.

Treasurer’s Report - Lynn Henenfent gave the

Treasurer’s report. She also stated $260.00 was

collect in raffle ticket sales. Everyone was in the

holiday giving spirit to the raffle. Freida spread

holiday cheer as she sold those winning tickets.

VP of Public Relations/Membership – Prior to

ending her 2019 VP of Public Relations/Membership

term, Ruthie introduced two revisiting guests of

Steve and Lydia Garcia: Randy Ray, and, Araceli and

Wayne DeCamp; all have attended two meetings.

Ruthie continued with announcing 9 birthdays and 5

anniversaries for December. Happy birthday was

sung with a joyous sounding noise. Three

anniversaries were in the drawing for a $25.00

Yosemite Falls Café gift card. With a loud rustling of a

paper bag instead of a soft jingling of Christmas bells,

Dave and Lori Dukes became merry winners of the

anniversary gift card. Congratulations!

At the latest, Club membership, dues and proof of

insurance were due by the December Ge neral

meeting. Ruthie reported that most members have

rejoined; lost a couple members but also gained

some new members. The newest members, Mike

and Jeannie King were presented with their

initiation bags and badges. Due to an unfortunate

circumstance, Jenn ie Schwan’s initiation fees and

dues will be reimbursed should she decide not to

continue with the club. Steve and Lydia Garcia,

and, Tom and Emily Piercy were presented with

$50.00 gift cards for sponsoring new members.

Welcome to the new members and

congratulations to all! Ruthie then reviewed the

responsibilities of being a new member sponsor.

Ruthie concluded her VP of Public

Relations/Membership responsibilities thanking

the club for allowing her to be a part of the CVC

Board. She then relinquished he r position to

Leighanne Severance, presenting Leighanne with

her new badge as the 2020 VP of Public


VP of Activities – Prior to Mike Lebda ending his

2019 VP of Activities term, he informed the

members of upcoming runs and activities. Each run

leader gave a brief synopsis of their run and

provided members with any updated information.

See Run/Activity Schedule published in the

newsletter for planned runs or contact run leaders

with any questions regarding their run.

As a follow- up to recently held runs, each run

leader reflected on the highlights for member’s


Linda Laningham and Freida Nulls planned a

fantastic CVC Holiday Party, held December 5 at

Pardini’s. The food was delicious, games were fun,

and music lively. Freida was on the prowl to get

everyone out on the dance floor… whether she

remembers or not.

Charlotte Renna held a Moving Away Pizza Get -

Together for Andy and Connie Anderson, November

22. Members filled her house to wish Andy and

Connie a safe and happy jour ney to their new home

in North Carolina. Charlotte thanked members for

contributing with their side dishes and desserts.

Charlotte Renna hosted an Annual Christmas

Hayride event, December 8. Approximately 50

people came to enjoy the neighborhood’s holiday

light displays and hayride tour around the

neighborhood, ate good food, and visited with each

other around the fire pits. Charlotte thanked Ruthie

for the chili and others that provided desserts. A

special thank you went to Keith and Debbie who

provide th e hayride trailer; also, Chuck and Patrick

who assist with trailer preparations.

Mike and Marylou Lebda lead 19 cars to Dinuba

December 14 to enjoy Ed Dena’s Annual Christmas

and Train Display at his dealership that was quite

extensive followed by a drive to his Classic Car

Consignment Show Room in downtown Dinuba.

The Dukes were able to participate on this fun day

which ended at IHOP for lunch.

Mike concluded his term, relinquishing his position

to Jeff Engleman as the 2020 VP of Activities,

presenting Jeff with his new VP of Activities badge.

Parliamentarian: Dick asked Charlotte Renna for her

input or comments. With a shout -out of “Good

Luck”, Charlotte thanked the two new officers for

accepting their Board positions and she thanked the

remaining current Board members for staying in

theirs. She then referred to the “In Memory Of”

boards displayed, expressing the Club still stands

proud after 28 years. Charlotte encouraged

members not to take life for granted; it can change

so quickly.

Old Business: Dick queried the room for old

business. None was offered.

New Business: Dick queried the room for new

business. Debbie Garrison announced a Valentine

Lunch at Cattleman’s Restaurant is being planned.

Details available at January’s General meeting.

Dick relinquished his 2019 President position

thanking the 2019 Board members, Charlotte,

Linda, Chuck, Mike Henenfent, and Freida for their

club involvement; and Charlie who is an asset to

the club. He then presented Mike Lebda with his

new badge as 2020 Club President. As Mike took

the microphone,

presented Dick

with a plaque in

recognition and

appreciation of

his work on the

Board and his new Past President badge. Mike

continued with inspiration for a fun new year with

runs in the works. More details to be announced

January/February. He also asked for volunteers to

organize the Kroekerville Picnic (May) and Holiday

Party (December). Give away no clues, Mike’s

President’s Mystery Run is still a mystery.

Sergeant-of-Arms: Chuck Laningham “two-buck

Chuck” fell a little short, collecting only a $1.50, but

there will be no coal in his stocking as he was being

mostly… not naughty…but nice.

Sunshine and Clouds: It’s a magical time of year so

with holiday merriment, Linda Laningham - listened -

as members shared their joy to the world. It was

joyful to hear Sue Comer was home, doing well, and

looks forward to having visitors. As Linda wished a

Merry Christmas to all… to all a good night… the

meeting got closer to an end.

Next General Meeting: To be held at Yosemite Falls

Café, Tuesday, January 21, 2020, at 6:30 PM.

Next Board Meeting: To be held at Lebda home,

Tuesday, January 28, 2020, at 7:00 PM. Members

are welcome to attend Board meetings. Please

inform Club President of your attendance.

General Meeting Adjourned: Skip made a motion

to adjourn meeting at 7:33 PM. Fred seconded the


Respectfully submitted:

Kathy Marine, Club Secretary

All raffle prize donations are appreciated. Thank

you to the following members for their donation:

Danielsen, Derringer, Engleman, Fosnaugh,

Garrahan, Garrison, Hayes, Henderson, Jarvis, King,

Laningham, Lebda, Marine, Null, Olson, Parks,

Piercy, Severance, Tavares, White

Freida Null won a cash Prize!

Dick Danielsen also won a cash prize!

New Members Jeannie & Michael

King received their CVC Members bag

from sponsors Steve & Lydia Garcia.



1992 Chuck Vencill Terry Capurso Andy Anderson Charlotte Renna Mike Paul

1993 Terry Capurso Chuck Vencill Sondra Aniotzbehere Chuck Laningham Clayton Olson

1994 Charlotte Renna Keith Garrison Richard Mullins Jerry Mitchell Sue Comer

1995 Andy Anderson Stan Qualls Richard Mullins Cheramay Qualls Debbie Garrison

1996 Keith Garrison Mike Curtis Steve Smitha Tanya Mitchell Mike Crafton

1997 Keith Garrison Mike Curtis Marilyn Goodall Linda Laningham Mike Crafton

1998 Mike Curtis John Bird Joyce Kroeker Linda Laningham Patrick Garrahan

1999 John Bird Skip Severance Joyce Kroeker Dorothy Gregerson Patrick Garrahan

2000 John Bird Skip Severance Tamanee Krazan Dorothy Gregerson Ed Hokokian

2001 Pat Garrahan Mike Curtis Tamanee Krazan Carrie Threet Ed Hokokian

2002 Tamanee Krazan Craig Hansen Dale Comer Pam Hansen Joe Renna

2003 Charlotte Renna Craig Hansen CJ Curtis Pam Hansen Joe Renna

2004 Debbie Garrison Rodney Ainsworth Julie Sons Diane Ainsworth Jill Kroeker Rosen

2005 Debbie Garrison Ron Miller Julie Sons Peggy Cook Jill Kroeker Rosen

2006 Peggy Cook Jim Agar Mike Curtis Lynne Agar Terri Parks

2007 Jim Agar John Johnson Andy Anderson Lynne Agar Terri Parks

2008 Jim Agar John Johnson Lynn Massingham Sheryl DeMello Debbie Garrison

2009 Charlotte Renna Keith Garrison Scott Parkin Sheryl DeMello Debbie Garrison

2010 Charlotte Renna Scott Parkin Mary Case Linda Laningham Dave Case

2011 Linda Laningham Patricia Garrahan Jan DeMello Sheryl DeMello Judy Capurro

2012 Linda Laningham Keith Garrison Jan Pflepsen Sheryl De.-Terri Parks Judy Capurro

2013 Craig Hansen Pam Hansen Jeff Levine Terri Parks Fred Parks

2014 Craig Hansen Pam Hansen Skip Severance Kim Fosnaugh Fred Parks

2015 Gary Pflepsen Skip Severance Dick Danielsen Debby Anderson Mike Lebda

2016 Gary Pflepsen Skip Severance Charlotte Renna Debby Anderson Mike Lebda

2017 Andy Anderson Dick Danielsen Charlotte Renna Terry Johnson Dick Johnson

2018 Andy Anderson Dick Danielsen Dick Johnson Terry Johnson Darlene Derringer

2019 Dick Danielsen Michael Lebda Ruthie Danielsen Kathy Marine Lynne Henenfent

2020 Michael Lebda Jeff Engleman LeighAnne Severance Kathy Marine Lynne Henenfent

Tom Piercy Jan 8 th

David Sons Jan 10

Debbie Garrison Jan 22

Tom Jarvis Jan 22

Lori Dukes Jan 30

Larry King Jan 30

Janet King Jan 30

Don Olson Jan 31

Mike & Diane Hayes Jan 3 rd 1962 58 YRS

Charlie & Kim Fosnaugh Jan 17 th 1975 45 YRS

Dale & Sue Comer Jan 27 th 1968 52 YRS

Jim & Peggy Bandy Jan 30 th 1988 32 YRS

‘In the Garage’ w/Charlie

C7 Corvette Stingray

The Complete Reference, Facts, and History

The C7 generation of Chevrolet Corvette was produced between 2013 and 2019 for

the model years 2014 through 2019. As the name implies, it's the seventh-generation

Corvette and the first since the C3 to use the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray name.

The C7 Corvette took a few of its general design cues from the previous C6 Corvette,

including keeping the exposed headlights. However, much of its styling was a dramatic

departure from all previous models. Its look was highlighted by a more muscular and

angled front end and C7 Corvette taillights that deviated from the traditional

arrangement of two sets of round lenses. The first C7s hit the market in the third

quarter of 2013; the last of the C7s were sold in the first half of 2019. It is widely

expected to be the last frontengine Corvette in light of its successor -- the C8 -- moving

to a mid-engine layout. Development of the C7 Corvette Chevy began the C7

development in 2007, but the financial crisis and General Motors' bankruptcy delayed

the model considerably; it wasn't until late in 2012 that Chevrolet announced that the

C7 would debut in January of 2013. It was originally set to debut as a 2011 model.

The C7 almost became the first Corvette with a mid-engine layout, but potentially high

development costs (when G.M. had little expendable capital) kept the C7 in the

traditional front-engine / rear-wheel-drive setup. The C7 instead featured a new 6.2-

liter small-block V8 engine that made 455 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft. of torque in base

form. A seven-speed manual transmission was offered as well as a six-speed G.M.

automatic. The smallblock V8 included a cylinder deactivation system for fuel

management and continuously variable valve timing. The new powerplant helped the

C7 to accelerate from zero to 60 in 3.8 seconds. The suspension on the C7 was an

independent double-wishbone setup with unequal length, plus transverse fiberglass

mono-leaf springs.

C7 Styling and Reaction

As previously mentioned, the C7 took its styling in a different direction from all previous

generations, despite keeping a few elements such as the exposed headlights. Perhaps

the biggest difference was the squared-off rear end and non-round, trapezoidal

taillights that were similar to those on the Camaro at the time. The aggressive and

angular appearance was a source of disappointment for many Corvette fans, though

G.M. said it was a deliberate move aimed at attracting a younger audience than

traditionally bought Corvettes. The C7's rear end was also highlighted by four tailpipes

mounted at the center of the lower bumper. Along with the aggressive back end, the

C7 featured a large number of creases and vents around the body for aerodynamics.

This was a large design departure from previous generations that had streamlined

styling with few creases save semi-functional gills. Even the new exposed headlights

had a more intricate and angular design than the C6 Corvette.

2014 Model Year Equipment, Changes and Editions

The new C7 Corvette featured a carbon fiber hood and then fiberglass composite for

the majority of the rest of the car. Aerogel developed by NASA was used to stop

transmission heat from getting into the cabin. Panels on the underbody were made

from carbon-nano composite while the chassis was constructed from hydro-formed

aluminum. Indirect LED technology was used in the formation of the taillights. Despite

the full use of light materials in constructing the C7, it wasn't any lighter than the

previous C6 generation.

The 2014 Corvette offered the following models and special editions:

◾ Corvette C7 Stingray Coupe

◾ 3LT Interior Package

◾ Z51 Performance Package

◾ C7 Corvette Stingray Convertible

◾ Corvette Stingray Coupe and Convertible Premiere Edition

◾ Gran Turismo, Atlantic and Pacific concepts

2015 Model Year Equipment, Changes and Editions

The 2015 C7 model year saw the introduction of an optional eight-speed automatic

transmission for all models. The new Corvette Z06 was reintroduced for this year as

well. It featured a new 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine that made 650 horsepower

and 650 poundfeet of torque. For this generation, Chevy made the Z06 available in

both a coupe and a convertible. Dual-mode exhausts became standard for Z51

Corvettes. A performance data recorder was a notable equipment addition and

included a 720p H.D. camera, self-contained telemetry recorder and dedicated SDcard

slot in the glove box. The PDR system had several modes, including track mode,

sport mode, touring mode and performance mode. These were essentially modes

aimed at competition drivers to help improve lap times.

The 2015 Corvette offered the following models and special editions:

◾ Z06 and Z07 Performance Package

◾ Z06 Convertible

◾ Corvette Stingray Atlantic Design Package

◾ Corvette Stingray Pacific Design Package

◾ Corvette C7.R

The last model in this list was a racing version of the Chevrolet Corvette Z06. It

included a 5.5 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine, which was made specifically for this

model. It had 491 horsepower and a modified suspension to allow for wider tires and

a larger brake system.

2016 Model Year Equipment, Changes and Editions

This model year saw the phasing out and removal of four colors and the addition of

one color. Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic was removed in December 2015. January

2016 saw the removal of Night Race Blue, and then Shark Gray was removed some

months later in May. The end of 2016 saw the removal of Laguna Blue, which was

replaced by a new color called Admiral Blue. Only 336 total C7 Corvettes were made

in this color, including 221 Stingray models and 115 Z06 models. Otherwise, nothing

else for this year was changed.

The following models and special editions were released for the 2016 model year:

◾ Twilight Blue Design Package ZLD

◾ Spice Red Design Package ZLE

◾ Jet Black Sueded Design Package ZLG

◾ Z06 C7.R Edition ZCR

The special design packages were all available on 3Lx trim models and included

different options for Z06 and Stingray models. Despite the color names of the

packages, each package had several choices in actual exterior colors for the car. The

last special edition was only available with the 3LZ trim and was mostly an appearance

package despite the name. However, it ended up being fairly rare as only 650 cars

were produced between the coupe and convertible editions. The convertible was the

rarest at only 80 produced.

2017 Model Year Equipment, Changes and Editions

Nothing significant was changed for the 2017 model year; a total of 32,782 C7s were

produced. This year did see the introduction of the brand new Grand Sport model,

which was a mix of the Z51, Z06 and the Stingray components and body styling (the

body style was mostly modeled on the Corvette Z06).

The Grand Sport featured the following design elements:

◾ New Grand Sport wheel design with 19x10 front wheels and 20x12 inch rear wheels

◾ Pilot Super Sport summer tires by Michelin

◾ Brembo brake system

◾ Magnetic ride control and an electronic limited-slip differential as standard features

◾ LT1 V8 engine producing 460 horsepower with dry-sump oiling system and

performance active exhaust system

◾ Seven-speed manual transmission with rev match

◾ Optional Z07 package with different tires and brakes

The Grand Sport also had a Heritage Package, code-named Z15, that included various

additional design features and six available colors. Finally, there was also a Grand

Sport Collector Edition, code-named Z25. These were limited to only 1,000 vehicles

and 850 of those were released in the American market. This edition was mostly

cosmetic with special interior designs.

2018 Model Year Equipment, Changes and Editions

The 2018 model year began production in 2017 in June. It was discontinued at the

end of July due to a plant shutdown that lasted until October. This model year saw the

continuation of the Stingray, Grand Sport and Z06 models. This was also the year

Chevy announced the ZR1. Like the Z06, it too used a supercharged 6.2-liter V8

engine, but it made 755 horsepower and 715 poundfeet of torque. The ZL1 came with

a seven-speed manual transmission or an eight-speed automatic. It was further

differentiated from lesser Corvettes with unique carbon fiber bodywork that was aimed

at providing more cooling to the car's systems, plus a large rear spoiler. Other

upgrades included Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes, a unique exhaust system and

unique wheels. Initially, the ZR1 was only revealed as a coupe, but a convertible

version was eventually revealed as well. Chevy sold 9,686 Corvette models for 2018

-- the lowest number since 1959 - - largely due to the short production time. Nothing

significant was changed during this year, but there was yet another special edition in

the Carbon 65 or Z30 Edition. This limited edition was made to commemorate the 65th

anniversary of the Corvette. It was available in a new color of Ceramic Matrix Gray

and could be had via the convertible and coupe body styles of either the Grand Sport

3LT trim or the Z06 3LZ trim. Most everything in this special edition was cosmetic.

2019: Final Model Year

G.M. announced that 2019 would be the last model year for the C7 Corvette. The lastever

C7 production model -- a black Z06 coupe -- was auctioned off on June 28th,

2019. A special edition was released in this model year called the Driver's Edition of

the Corvette Grand Sport. It included four different paint schemes chosen by the

drivers on the Corvette racing team.

See our Eight generations of Chevy Corvette gallery

Previous generation: Corvette C6

Next Up: Corvette C8

Article By Autolist Staff | November 7, 2019




It was a fun 2019, but now it's time to get going for 2020. There are some fun events already

planned, but there is room for many more. If you are thinking about a run for the first time,

myself and the board are available to help. You can also think about teaming up with someone.

I can also help you with the flyer for the newsletter if needed. Before locking in a date for your

run be sure to let me know so I can make sure there are no conflicts with other events.

Thank you!

Jeff Engleman, VP Activities, Central Valley Corvettes

Date(s): 2020 Upcoming Events: Meet at: Run Leaders:

Jan 11 th Tom Mehlo’s Classic Chevy’s 8:00 am King’s

Feb 2 nd Super Bowl Party (49ers vs.?) 2:00 pm Lebda’s

Feb 14 th Valentine’s at Cattlemen’s TBA Garrison’s

Mar ? Laughlin Run TBA Garrison’s

Apr 25 th Clovis Rodeo Parade & Lunch 7:45 am Fosnaugh’s

May 3 rd CVC Summer Picnic/Kroekerville Noon CVC Board




Dominos 2nd & 4th Thursday of the Month

Private Chevy Car Collection

This is a very rare collection given the fact that

prior to 1937 Chevrolets were made of wood

frames and wooden internal body parts meaning

they didn’t survive.


We will depart Carl’s Jr. at 8:30am and head to

the big city of Strathmore where the private

collection is located on a farm just out of town.

After viewing the collection, we will head to

Visalia for lunch at Triangle Drive-in.

There will be a signup sheet at the November

meeting. If you have any questions contact

Larry King 559-908-0495

Lebda’s Super Bowl Party

(Dominos for the Ladies)

February 2, 2020

Start time about one hour before kick off.

$5 per person to cover Hot Dogs,

Non-alcoholic Drinks, Popcorn, and Chips.

Signup deadline is the January meeting.

That will also be the deadline for payment.

If you would like to bring a dish or desert,

indicate it on the signup sheet.

Any questions call Mike or Mary Lou

@ 559-298-7993

PS. Don’t forget to bring Money.






Cattlemen’s Luncheon Menu


Questions call Debbie – 559-355-9548 or email Keithgar@aol.com

Photos by Emily & Charlie

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