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An Interview with:

The Dutch Passion Seed


by Stoney Tark

How to Make Good Feminized


by Mass Medical Strains


Blazin Forward

TDOG the Artist Creates Tribute

Art for Cannabis Nation

by Michael J. Smith

Mota Cup 2019

Crypto to Cannabis

by Jarett Ashley

New Faces, New Priorities

by Mike Crawford

Drop the Suit, Boycott Rev

by Mike Crawford & Grant Smith

Let Patients Grow

by Peter Bernard

8 Top Tips On Breeding Your

Own Cannabis

by Stoney Tark

Legalization leaders Call Vape


by Mike Crawford






2017 STASH Awards





By Support The Roots


- 10 ton hydraulic ram.

- 20,000 lbs of force.

- 4 x 125 Watt heaters. (500 watts.)

- 3.5” x 4.5” 6061 Alum. Blocks.

- 13.25”W x 8.25”L x 13.5”H.

- 54 lbs.


- 15 ton hydraulic ram.

- 30,000 lbs of force.

- 4 x 250 Watt heaters. (1000 watts.)

- 10” x 5” 6061 Alum. Blocks.

- 18”W x 10”L x 13.25”H.

- 135 lbs.


- 25 ton hydraulic ram.

- 50,000 lbs of force.

- 4 x 250 Watt heaters. (1000 watts.)

- 10” x 5” 6061 Alum. Blocks.

- 18”W x 11”L x 21”H.

- 170 lbs.

We SQUASH the competion with our industry

leading Sasquash Rosin Presses. All our machines

are hand crafted to perfection in So-Cal.

At Support The Roots we care

so much about your yeilds that we offer tech

advice / support to all of our customers

from Sasquash himself!


- Custom Colors

- Custom Engraved Blocks

-Polished Blocks

BOG Seeds are Available


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Get BushyOldGrowers Book

“Bonanza of Green”

An Interview with

The Dutch Passion Seed Company

Holland will always be famous for the Cannabis culture that originated there, with Amsterdam

Europe got started, their strains, cup successes, new projects and their thoughts on the




Dutch Passion were formally established in

1987, but the founder Henk van Dalen had

been collecting cannabis genetics since the

Amsterdam were often heavily seeded. This

gave Henk the chance to save the best genetics,

as well as cross and select new varieties.


That was really how Dutch Passion


market for cannabis seeds really started to



The Netherlands has had some interesting

times with cannabis laws. Even now it

liberal, famously so, with many cannabis


cannabis culture. Since then there have


tolerance of cannabis. On the other hand,



There is now a strong movement for controlled

and licensed commercial scale Dutch



by Stoney Tark


BETWEEN 1980-2000?

in the early days.




seeds was a huge kick-start for cannabis breeders in

Cannabis came from all over; India, Pakistan, Afghanistan,

Thailand, South America, North America etc. We

would look at cannabis lines from all over the world.

results when crossed.




veg but not cannabis.

Dalen, the Dutch

Passion founder, began

his research into the

cannabis seeds. Henk

studied Biology at University

so the science

behind genetics and

breeding was relatively

straightforward to


Our Classic Blueberry Strain is Timeless...


Henk was that, if left for several weeks beyond

normal harvest date, some mature





most fondly remembered for being the ones



over many years and have been fortunate


seeds, CBD seeds and outdoor seeds.




nothing like it was today.

In the early days we found that it was some




classics in our collection. Just 3? Well, Or-




available only in regular seeds. We think we

a large regular seed focus.

winning indica and sativa varieties. Strains

rich in THC and/or CBD. Indoor and outdoor

in research. If these come to fruition we will



Mazar Resin Profile is on Par

with Modern Day Strains.

ange Bud would have to be one.

Skunk with a great citrus taste and

classic which is still tough to sur-


with afghan genetics and a

massive smoke this is a best seller

forget Power Plant either, we like

to think that our original version

is still one of the best old school

classics available today. Easy to




Some of the recent USA variet-

a sweet tasting hybrid of Animal

Cookies and Wedding Cake. Crusted

with resin it's a THC rich beauty

THC levels to the limit She uses

genetics from an elite cutting of


We should mention another great

variety too, Auto Lemon Zkittle.

She grows under 20 hours of in-

from seed to germination. With

the intensely strong Zkittle genetics

this has become a recent best






Mokum's Tulip is our

Latest Hybrid from

USA Genetics.

now, and has been for several







cannabis seed out there waiting for the unwary buyer.

discover how good the very best auto genetics are. The main

indoor or outdoor harvest from autos faster than from



that Dutch Passion has been heavily involved with many

of the large licensed Canadian growers.

Of course, many use our genetics for their own growi-




rtant new announcements.


is a Favorite


the Team


by Mass Medical Strains

How to Make Good



As a passionate breeder, I have been making

seeds for many years, as well as trying out

seeds from all kinds of seed makers, and teaching

others how to do what I do. I am obsessed

with breeding plants because I love it, and not for

load of fun for everybody. I believe every grower

should have the experience of making seeds.

for growers and breeders. While I also love regular

seeds, there is a time and place for both. I do

a lot of work with regulars and a lot of work with


seeds, and teach you how to make your

own special feminized seeds.

Plants from feminized seeds will be 99.9% fe-

great for growers with limited space or number

of plants allowed. Starting from feminized seeds

means you are pretty much guaranteed all female

plants, whereas regular seeds will give

you both males and females at random (approx

50/50) like having a child.

Not all feminized seeds are created equal. Some

growers have had bad experiences in the past or

hear rumors about high rates of hermaphroditic

plants (plants which may have mostly female

plant, creating a potential disaster) however

these occurrences are due to platitudinous improper

breeding practices and overly sensitive

rushed plant selections which created inferior

seeds that have been properly produced by a

trusted breeder, or ones you have made yourself

with the proper techniques!

Seeds Developing in a Seeded Star Pupil Bud

Because I am so into producing the best possible

Feminized Seeds here at Mass Medical Strains

for years now, I have a lot of experience with

best of the best, the seeds which when grown out

pass all my stress testing and truly perform even

you guys a few of the techniques so you can try


Star Pupil - Feminized


making your own stable feminized

seeds as well. Seed making is an important

skill every grower should have

for self sufficiency reasons. It’s a great

experience to have as a grower!

The most important thing is the plants

that you start with. In addition to

checking all the boxes (effect, flavor,

yield, and whatever else is important

to you as a grower and smoker)

the parent plants need to go through

extreme stress testing and be proven

stable females. The plants you wish to

breed with must be flowered both from

seed and from clone with as many

stresses as you can both rounds, and

only plants which will NOT hermaphrodite

under the most extreme stresses

can be considered to use as parents

for your seed lines. Any plants which

do hermaphrodite under stress, will be

a terrible candidate for use in breeding

and will likely create offspring with the

same or worse hermie problems in the

seeds you make. They must be discarded

in any breeding program.

For stress testing, please note that

sometimes a specific plant may herm

a bit on the first run flowered grown

from seed, but not hermie on the run

from clone, this plant still holds hermaphrodite

genetics! It cannot be

used. It must pass these stress tests

both from seed and from clone. Also,

plants which put out late bananas at the end of flower or if taken longer, are also very poor candidates

for breeding with in general and these problems can get worse (earlier, more frequent, etc.) in

the next generation. That’s why it is key to only breed with the most stable phenotypes. In my breeding

programs, if a specific gene pool has a high rate of hermies, even if I find one stable female that

doesn’t herm, I will generally avoid breeding with that line as it’s often got an underlying hermie gene

too. In the end, when you do make your cross, you have to grow the seeds you made and see how

stable they end up being because every combination of parents, even stable ones, is unique, and

some will work good and some may not. But when starting from stable plants you have a way higher

chance of creating a truly successful stable feminized seed line. I do the same stress testing on potential

parent plants when creating regular seeds as well.

A few recommended stress tests to use are as follows. Rootbound, overwatering, underwatering,

heat, cold, light intensity stress, pruning, topping, light leaks, changing light cycle by 12 hours every

week or two, intense defoliation, etc. etc. All the things you don’t normally want to do, are what you

Bubba Pupil Seeds Growing Inside a Bud.

want to do for your rounds of

stress testing to find your truly

stable female keeper plants.

Once you have found the plants

that will NOT hermie under ANY

stress, you can use them to

make some good seeds! Please

note that any seeds made with a

hermie plant will produce more

hermie plants. You must use

truly stable plants to start with.

Pay extra attention to the lower

nodes where hermie balls tend

to form, especially week 2-4 of

bloom. You must check every


Grape Pupil (PuTang x Star Pupil, Feminized)

I find that a stable keeper plant

that checks all the boxes (due

to my picky preferences) is

usually about 1 in 100 plants

when working with “good” genetics.

This ratio may be lower

or higher depending how picky

you want to be. If you have a

plant you like, try it out. To me,

the most important thing is if the

effects of the smoke are truly

unique and memorable, if it is

high quality stuff. Not only if the

flavor is good, but the way it

makes you feel has to be truly

special, euphoric, trippy, medicinal,

or otherwise enjoyable.

The feminized seed is created by “reversing” a truly stable female using Silver during the beginning of

flower which blocks production of Ethylene (female flowering hormone within the plant) and forces the

plant into becoming a “male” which grows pollen sacks. Inside these ballsacks is the feminized pollen

which will be used to fertilize another female plant and get it pregnant with seeds. You will need multiple

clones of your stable keeper plants to achieve this, and you will need at least a veg and a flower

area for timing purposes. Having an additional tent or space to do your reversals helps too, because

you’ll need to start to flower them two weeks earlier than the plants you’ll be pollinating.

You can reverse the plant you wish to get pollen from, and use that pollen on an identical clone of

that plant, to get pure “S1” (selfed generation one) seeds of just that strain with no outside genetics

crossed in. You can also use the pollen on any other clones you wish, to make a cross! For example,

if you reversed a Heavenly Sativa plant and put that pollen on your Grape Pupil plant, you would get

seeds of the cross “Grape Pupil x Heavenly Sativa” and if you put the Heavenly Sativa pollen on an

identical clone of the Heavenly Sativa plant you would get “Heavenly Sativa x Heavenly Sativa” aka


The process of the reversal is as follows. You

must make the Silver Thiosulfate solution yourself,

as it only lasts a few weeks once mixed.

You can easily get the ingredients online. It must

be kept in a cool dark place. Plants must be

sprayed in the dark, as the solution can deteriorate

in the light, faster than a plant can absorb

it, and so spraying the silver when lights are on

or sun is out, your reversal will often fail. You

must spray at night/lights off. In addition, reversals

are not easy. I usually reverse multiple

identical clones at once to make sure one works,

because occasionally some plants will not, for

some unknown reason, even when they all get

the same treatment. Plants which are difficult to

reverse are often the best ones to use for breeding

stable female plants.

Star Pupil Reversal

“First, a stock solution is made. It consists of

two parts (A and B) that are initially mixed separately,

then blended together. Part A is ALWAYS

mixed into part B while stirring rapidly. Use

distilled water; tap water may cause precipitates

to form.

Part A: .5 gram silver nitrate stirred into 500ml

distilled water.

Part B: 2.5 grams sodium thiosulfate (anhydrous) stirred into 500ml distilled water.

The silver nitrate dissolves within 15 seconds. The sodium thiosulfate takes 30-45 seconds to dissolve.

The silver nitrate solution (A) is then mixed into the sodium thiosulfate solution (B) while stirring rapidly.

The resulting blend is stock silver thiosulfate solution (STS).

This stock solution is then diluted at a ratio of 1:1 to make a working solution. For example, 100ml of

stock STS is added to 100ml of distilled water. This is then sprayed on select female plants.

The STS working solution is sprayed on select female plants until runoff. Do the spraying over newspaper

in a separate area from the flower room. You probably won't smell anything, but ventilate anyway.

You now have what I call a "F>M plant"; a female plant that will produce male flowers.

After the F>M plant dries move it into 12/12 immediately. This is usually done three to four weeks

prior to the date that the target (to be pollinated) plants will be ready to pollinate. Response times

may vary slightly depending upon the strain. More specific times can be determined by trial with your

own individual strains. A second, or even third application starting 1 week after the 1st app will aid in

reversing tough strains (recommended).”


To use the pollen, simply collect some and use a paint brush to apply it to female flowers anytime you

see white hairs, usually week 3 is best. If you keep your reversed plant in the same space as the flowering

females you will get a lot more seeds, but it can be messy. To avoid contamination, please note

South Shore CBD

Take Back

Your Health.


HighTimes Top 10 Strains 2019 - PuTang

that pollen moves far with moving air and wind,

as well as on clothes and skin. Water can be

used to deactivate pollen. Shut off all fans. The

pollen will take within a few hours and then

plants can be sprayed down with plain water to

deactivate any stray pollen. You can pollinate

just a single branch or two if you like, or pollinate

entire plants.

Through years of making feminized seeds, I

have created some of my most amazing

(healing, potent, and famous cup winning!)

seed lines and stabilized some amazing traits.

I’ve also made some crosses which were so

bad I threw them all away and didn’t let anyone

else grow them! Seed making is always an

incredible journey. Please put a lot of thought

into your actions. Intentions go a long way.

Every seed is a gift, and holds unlimited potential

within. The more seeds you grow and

make, the more amazing things you will see.

Some plants when bred with will create consistent

offspring, and some will open up a world of

unique variation in every seed! There is endless

detail to the breeding experience, this article

was just a basis on the technique of creating

a feminized seed so you can try it yourself. A lot

more goes on in “professional” breeding but these

basics are essential to doing it proper. Have fun!

My Feminized strain “PuTang” which I first completed

in 2017 has recently been named first in High-

Times Magazine’s Top 10 Strains of the Year 2019,

and won first Place Flower at Commonwealth Cup!

Lots of amazing strains come from feminized seed,

and I highly recommend the Grape Pupil right now

which is one of my personal favorites, it is a feminized

backcross of my PuTang and it’s Star Pupil

parent plant.

If you guys want to try any of my best

Feminized (or Regular) seeds, visit

for more information and

where to find!


PuTang Reversed

Commonwealth Cup First Place Flower


plant nutrients


Premium, all natural plant nutrients

Get 10% off + a FREE Suite Leaf T-shirt

with any order on www.SUITELEAF.COM

Use code GREENLEAF10 @ checkout


The balancing act of intricately cut pieces of paper on the sides of the trash, can nearly

resemble an Alexander Calder mobile, as I walked up to Todd’s desk to empty his

trash. Always the stray orange peels and fancy looking paper cut sharply that guaranteed

a paper cut especially when trying to empty the can after another hardcore night

of LSD and bud we affectionately nicknamed Rance Muhammitz after the character in the

Frank Zappa movie “200 Motels”.

It was 1997 and I had just turned 20 and I remember

thinking that this nearly 40-year-old dude who I

met through my Mom was ancient and just another

Designer working in the office building I cleaned for

a night job.

At the time, Todd (as we now know as TDOG the

Artist), was renting office space in Detroit. A graphic

designer/brand developer, having just relocated back

from Los Angeles. He was spinning his wheels like

the rest of us in the mid to late 90’s. I remember not

thinking much of him because he had the patience

to talk to my Mom the owner of the company that

cleaned his office, and because I was a young punk

who had yet to learn the lessons and benefits that

come when you find a way to respect your elders.

Little did I know that now nearly twenty-three years

later our paths would take us on a journey

that not even a true

Dead Head could

deny has been a long

strange trip into a totally

different world.

Had that initial


not happened

where we both

learned we

shared the nearly 9,000-year-old custom of cannabis

consumption, who knows where we would be today?

Blazin’ Forward

This creative ‘Strain Brain’ known to family and childhood

friends as Todd Pearl but to the masses as Tdog

the Artist, came back to his home state of Michigan

in 1997. Having been born and raised in the Detroit,

Todd had roots in Michigan but like most people of

his talents; after college he had California dreams,

and this led him to the City

of Lost Angels, LA, after a

short stay in Santa Cruz,

CA in 1979. Staying away

nearly 20 years this talented

designer built a reputation

and a client list that produced

design work, from

Springsteen to Snoop Dog. Contracted by the

top record companies (Columbia, Epic,

Capitol, Polydor and Interscope/

DeathRow), radio stations,

colleges, law firms, to

restaurant chains, and

yes, even illustrating

children books,... and

every fun, creative

Inset: National print ad debuting

Snoop’s fi rst single; designed by

the Tdog/T.Pearl in 1993.


photo: Sly Vegas Photography

Left: TDOG with Frenchy Cannoli and the Mendodope Band in Seattle at the Hempfest

2018, Pictured right: Commissioned art to honor and pay tribute to their signature strain.

project, in between. Tdog’s art doesn’t take

long to find someone who requires is distinct

skills. He’s maintained a steady flow of work

with clients throughout the global cannabis

community and beyond. His choice to dive

in fully and take on this vision-quest and

pay tribute to every worthy strain known to

mankind is his path realized. This idea bubbled

up from the primordial ooze of his 40

year advocacy of weed, and he’s been at it

now for over three and half years, destined

to never stop drawing.

Breeders and Dispensaries all over the

country and yes, globally, have been utilizing

TDOG’s art. Not only for promotional

purposes, but also for personal commissions,

packaging design for Mother Earths finest

herbs, cannabis event posters. His latest

venture, an apparel line, TDOG ® Brand

( launched this past August,

and coming this 2020; 2tokes by TDOG.

Diving into the Cannabis Industry in 2016

nearly twenty years after California became

the first Medical Marijuana state had put

Todd a little behind momentum that was

occurring. No problem, the cannabis gods

have bestowed some mad creative mojo on

this talented artist, got him in the groove,

and he hasn’t stopped since. Given that

TDOG tends to be a “people magnet” typeof-person,

the success with his Cultivar/

Strain tribute designs have quickly taken

off and are much in demand, so it seems.

His first website took

off in 2017 and the pictures of Tdog alone

explain who he is and why this marriage of

Art and Cannabis is perfect for him.

Creatively Percolating

In some ways I am responsible for Todd’s

demise or success in his quest to draw a

unique strain design for every known worthy

Cannabis variety on the planet. While the

original idea was limited to strains in my own

garden, when presented to Todd, the idea

flowered quicker than my plants. The idea

came early in the spring of 2016. The original

intention and concept of strain design was


Cannabis strains like

Gorilla Glue #4 are having

to change their strain title

due to trademark or copyright

infringement with the

glue company. TDog has

purposely stayed away from

marketing or merchandising

names that might cause a

confl ict, regardless of the

legitimate tribute aspect.

Logo design for HaenepOGKush of WA state; and poster art for

Uncle Stoner’s USA Squashoff Solventless live rosin events

that patients and dispensaries, where growers took

their overages, would be able to visually see the

Growers unique label tied not only to his or her garden

but also to the strain

itself. Labels on containers

were almost non-existent

at the time in Michigan and

not very visually appealing

yet anywhere in the industry.

Todd quickly got his

foot in the door at dispensaries

across Michigan and

beyond with his energy and

TDOG’s fi rst strain tribute design

knowledge of the plant and

its benefits for medical patients.

The first two drawings Todd did were of the popular

strain Girl Scout Cookie and the lesser known

Pink Panties. Todd had been known to draw some

crazy illustrations and characters as he added the

necessary flare to one of my own personal tattoos,

but strain designs on cans and jars for the everyday

cannabis farmers and dispensaries seemed like

an easy way to identify product and its growers.

Because of new recreational laws taking off at

the time too, labels were becoming mandatory in

the industry for tracking and testing results to be

displayed so it seemed like a win-win for Tdog and

the industry where good branding is needed. The

business of Brand Development has been slow to

date for Todd, but the promise and possibilities of

the burgeoning cannabis culture not only in America

but also abroad, seem like far too much fun to

pass up for the artist, both then and now.

Love more, Fear less...

the TDOG philosophy

Sitting here at Starbucks waiting for Todd to make his

appearance, I tried to reflect on our time together

and what his mojo is. Walking into Starbucks with a

smile almost as wide as his eyes, I knew I was in for

a treat. “Love more fear less ® ” is a phrase that Todd

actually owns the trademark to, and seeing him

on what looks to be a bit more than a micro dose,

I start to understand. As with most artists, Todd

finds the indulgences of life and time with people

to be his reason for existing. He seems to have this

TDOG at the Emerald Cup 2017 with

The Soil King, Patrick King. Pictured on

the right is the custom piece he created

as thank you for all his volunteer work

to the community after the 2017 Santa

Rosa fi re. The strain design pays tribute

to his signature cultivar honoring his

mom who had passed. It’s this sort of

passion that attracts TDOG’s interest in

what he’ll draw.



clients make his art very personal to the beholder. His

art reflects that almost symbiotic relationship he finds

in the ether of the client’s requests. Paying tribute to

cultivar/strains in the Cannabis Industry has been a

Durban Poison, one of his first strain designs. “I draw pencil to paper. I use a

very fi ne graphite, so I can do all my detail. I do a high res scan of the sketch

and use that as my template to complete on the computer.”

unending stream of ideas that are prevalent in his

art, but when you actually hang out with him the

energy becomes almost stifling for some. I remember

at Hemp Fest 2018 walking up to Jinx Proof and

Ms. Rose who have known Todd for a while. Todd

was in rare form with all the Cannabis Celebs he had

worked for or known for years in close proximity. I

remember having to pull Ms. Rose aside and let her

know that Todd had just drank some mescaline tea

I had made for the day. As the laughter rolled out

of her, she slowly backed away too. The eagle had

landed and she just let him spread his wings and fly.

The Tdog is a good dog!

Be that as it may, Todd will always seem to find time

for his clients, friends, and family. His busy nature is

probably the one thing that keeps him in this game

and doesn’t let him fall victim to “Stoner Laziness”

that sometimes is prevalent in the Cannabis Industry.

As mentioned before too, his ability to listen and

match made in Heaven for Tdog’s art and proves to

have a very interesting future. His first run at a Cannabis-themed

apparel and merchandise brand is on!

You can see his tribute art come to life and is now

available for his loving fans to wear loud and proud.

Check out the story the background and process of

how this mad artist, You have to see the time-lapse

videos he does of the drawing of his art.: and definitely visit the e-commerce

site I was just checking it out

and damn, if he’s now selling bud

hats. As the man says, “Aw Hell

Yeah”. His love for the cannabis

nation and community beyond is

evident. In his artistic chops and

definitely in his friendship with

the community. Educate, elevate, celebrate is his

motto. I couldn’t agree more for the true soul of the

culture and the access to Mother Earth’s finest herb.

Cannabis will heal the planet, TDOG won’t stop

drawing, as long as we all keep growing. Cheers!

learn from not only the outside world at large, but his

About the writer:

Self-described Psychedelic Renegade, Mike Smith entered the Cannabis industry at a

young age of 15 in 1991. From the beginning Mike has had a passion not only for the

Cannabis Plant itself, but the enormities of benefits that came from his responsible use.

Mike grew his first two plants in 1994 in his dorm room at Ferris State University. Since then

he has had many successful small grows and in 2016, he started his first big professional

grow to supply two Dispensaries and three Patients in the Detroit area. Starting PST Farms in

St. Clair Shores, Michigan with his lifelong friend in 2016, Mike found a lot of success in the

Detroit area and inspired Tdog to draw every strain known to man or at least in my gardens.

Recently finding himself working in the Commercial Cannabis Industry; Mike thought he

found his dream job. Unfortunately, though, because of the quantity over quality issue that

seems prevalent not only in Detroit, but in a lot of the American Commercial Cannabis Industry,

Mike left the Commercial side of Cannabis. He is now back in the mix setting up a new grow space to concentrate on growing and breeding

unique hybrids and boutique flowers more closely resembling what you would find in Amsterdam. Mike’s motto is “you’re only a drop away

from true happiness” which is inspired by his use and love of psychedelics. He is a firm believer in the idea that psychedelics hold the answers to

all the mysteries of the universe and our evolution as a species. He is a graduate with Distinction from the University of Michigan with degrees

in Anthropology and Psychology.


Based in Michigan, just outside of Motown, when

he’s not drawing, and making us smile with his art,

he’s traveling around the cannabis nation, bringing

40 years of fun-loving advocacy to help educate,

elevate and celebrate the cannabis community.

Mike: You say you’ve designed over 80

known cannabis strains so far. How do

you go about illustrating each strain?

TDog: Only ‘worthy’ cannabis strains!

(he’s smiling) First and foremost, I do my

research, I have my reference books like

The Cannabible by Jason King, I’ll dive

into the internet to get the alleged facts

to the country of origin, the genetics and

its travels, the breeder/growers. I’ll make

my notes, I’ll take a nice bong rip, and

the real fun begins. I still draw with a

pencil on paper. I use a very fine graphite,

so I can do all my detail. I then do a

high res scan of the OG sketch and use

that as my template in the virtual world.

It feels like the cannabis gods have

tasked me to document this amazing

journey this herb has taken. it’s important

for me to experience the benefit of the

cultivar before I start creating.

you are! Those who love the plant, who

live true to their soul, and simply want

to make a decent living, take care of their

family and friends, and have Mother

Earth’s healing medicine be part of that

journey. Let’s do this right! Being true to

our ‘roots’ (He’s smiling again) I tell the

‘nation’ and the people I meet. I’m not in

this to just get high. I’d like my art to educate,

elevate, and celebrate the Cannabis

community and beyond. It’s time to end

the double standards, decriminalize our

lifestyle, have a level playing field for all,

and let this amazing plant, Save our world.

Aw Hell yes! Happy Holidaze and healthy,

prosperous new year to all.

Thank you

Cannabis Nation!

Mike: What has been the most unexpected

part of this creative journey of yours?

TDog: Definitely, the new friends I’ve

made, the old friends reunited, and the

new friends I can’t wait to sesh with and

learn from. I’ve made some very special

friends along the way. You know who

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New Faces, New Priorities

On our live-streaming

show and podcast The

Young Jurks, we recently

interviewed the faces of five

winning municipal campaigns,

four of whom were first-time

candidates, about how they

won their seats and what

they hope to achieve in office.

Below are some of their

responses; they’re in no particular

order, we just thought

they were the most relevant

comments for our politically

active readers.

“I didn’t take anything for

granted,” Cambridge City

Councilor-elect Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler

said. “I knew we

had a lot of support. We did a

lot of door knocking, but I was

blown away on election day.”

by Mike Crawford

Social justice, housing are priorities for freshly elected city

pols: “You can’t speak up on the development issue if you are

taking a lot of money from developers”


What made you stand out?

Sobrinho-Wheeler: I’m a renter like two-thirds of

Cambridge residents, and now we have a representati[ve]

on the City Council. I walk, bike, and

take public transport living in a city where the T

is dysfunctional. The Red Line broke down and

caught fire in the last six months, buses are constantly

getting caught. While the City Council has

free parking behind City Hall.

Boston City Councilor-at-Large-elect* Julia Mejia:

As a first-time candidate with no political background,

I didn’t have the big heavy-hitters on my

side. That we have come this far speaks volumes

to what is possible; it goes to show that anybody

can do this. I think we are changing the face and

look of what politicians look and sound like.

What made the difference for you to win a

seat in your first-ever campaign?

Sobrinho-Wheeler: The movement for sure,

Boston [Democratic Socialists of America] DSA,

they had so many door knockers for us, and [the

Sunrise Movement], we had 30, 40 with Sunrise

come out door knocking, pushing a Green New

Deal in Cambridge, and now we are going to

bring these movements more into City Hall.

Mejia: This has been about activating folks to

participate. A lot of people who had never voted

voted for the first time and felt that their vote really

mattered; people who have never worked on

campaigns before who volunteered, I really want

to keep that energy going.

Malden City Councilor-elect Amanda Linehan:

We made a huge effort to reach out to renters,

the Chinese community, other folks that traditionally

get ignored.

What helped you get back in?

Cambridge City Councilor Quinton Zondervan:

It was about justice, it was about

taking action on climate change, and it was

about housing. … We need rent control

and I think voters have clearly indicated

that is a priority right now.

How do you plan on following through

in office?

Boston City Councilor-elect Liz Breadon:

People are very concerned about the

housing issue and that was my number

one issue. Back when I started in January,

and it really resonated with people on the

streets and on the doors, I made a decision

to run a grassroots campaign that was

largely funded on the local level and not to

take money from big developers, that also

resonated with people. You can’t speak up

on the development issue if you are taking a lot

of money from developers.

Mejia: It wasn’t so much about winning but how

we win. That really mattered to me; we set out to

engage the least likely and we have, and I feel

really good about our work.

Linehan: I have a slate of affordable housing

items that I’d like to get done, like finally adopting

an inclusionary ordinance in Malden, starting

down payment and security deposit assistance

program, setting up an affordable housing trust

fund for the first time.

Making sure that this gets done the right way is

my top priority.

*Mejia unofficially beat Alejandra St. Guillen for

the fourth at-large Boston City Council seat by 8

votes. A recount is underway at the time of this


Mike Crawford is a Massachusetts medical cannabis patient,

founder of The Young Jurks and

You can listen to The Young Jurks or

wherever else podcasts are streamed. This article was produced

with support from Midnight Mass and The Young Jurks, where

your contributions are greatly appreciated and help us deliver

more local coverage.


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By Mike Crawford & Grant Smith

Drop the Suit, Boycott Rev

Mass Cannabis Community to Gather to Boycott Big Cannabis


On Friday, December 6th, city councilors, consumers, small business owners, and equity proponents will gather to announce

a boycott of Cambridge and Somerville based dispensary group, Revolutionary Clinics with a demand that they

drop their lawsuit against the city of Cambridge.

From the Drop the suit: Boycott Rev Clinics event page:

“Revolutionary Clinics (a corporate RMD) is trying to sue to stop a first in the nation priority period for equity applicants in

Cambridge (unless corporate dispensaries are allowed into the priority queue).

We, the consumers, small business owners, and equity proponents of Massachusetts this grotesque lawsuit, which clearly

seeks to put corporate profits ahead of communities who have been most impacted by the war on drugs.

For context; in a milestone Massachusetts victory for small business, the Cambridge City Council granted local entrepreneurs

certified as “Economic Empowerment” applicants a 2-year priority period to recreate wealth within their community

following a September 2019 vote.

However, because corporate profits would be impacted by that proposal, Revolutionary Clinics (and their lawyers) are

demanding a Judge rule that no town or city in Massachusetts should ever be able to have another such priority period

going forward (unless corporate RMD’s, who never suffered at the hands of the drug war, are included).

As such, we are calling a collective BOYCOTT on Rev Clinics UNLESS:

-Rev Clinics drops the lawsuit against social equity”

On the latest episode of The Young Jurks, an interview with the lead organizer of the “Drop the Suit” event, Joseph Gilmore,

President of Mass Recreational Consumer Council (MRCC), we’ve selected pertinent quotes from the guest, host

and listener call-ins.

Joseph Gilmore, President Massachusetts Recreational

Consumer Council;

“We are calling for a collective boycott against Revolutionary

Clinics, which is the dispensary currently engaged in a

lawsuit against the city of Cambridge for their involvement

with the Cambridge Equity Ordnance (which is meant to

benefit people who have been incarcerated by the war on

drugs and really create a market exclusively for people who

have economic empowerment status).

That equity ordinance gives a two year priority period, for

those seeking recreational cannabis licenses in Cambridge,

to applicants who are designed by the state with “economic

empowerment” status. That status is meant to reflect the

disproportionate harm that certain communities suffered as

a result of the war on drugs, and Cambridge followed the

guidance laid out by the Cannabis Control Commission as

to implementing a priority period, reasonable in length, for

those applicants.

That proposal, at the core of Cambridge’s equity ordinance,

is important because this is the first time that any City in the

entire country put this together, but Revolutionary Clinics

believes that the city of Cambridge shouldn’t be able to

have this priority period. In fact, they believe that no town in

the entire state should be able to have an equity period of

this nature.

I personally know a lot of advocacy groups (and a lot of

people in the community) who fought really hard for the language

in MGL chapter 94 G section 484; it was in that law,

created when marijuana was legalized, that mandated that

we create meaningful participation in this industry among

communities that were harmed by the war on drugs. Out of

that law, in turn came Economic Empowerment and Social

Equity status.

So, if the state created this status for communities harmed

by the drug war, and if we haven’t seen more than 1 or

2 applicants from those communities granted licenses in

Massachusetts, then creating the kind of exclusive market

for those applicants (as was done in Cambridge) is one

pathway to ensure those people are the ones to get licenses.

However, Revolutionary Clinics believes they should be on

an equal footing with those who are in those social equity

programs…that they should be prioritized because they got

there first. They’ve maintained their monopoly on medical

cannabis sales since medical passed. These were the

people who had enough money to get in to that market, and

now they’re in a position to transition to recreational use

and attempt to monopolize that market. As such, we believe

that the adult use market should reflect the social justice

goals of Question 4 rather than giving priority to the people

who have had the money all along (such as these RMDs).

Fundamentally, this is where we’re drawing the line; if

groups like these RMD’s are going to fight against the people

who were designated to benefit from this recreational

law, and if those RMD’s want to put their profits ahead of

those people (and equity on the whole), we’re drawing the

line in the sand and loudly saying no.

These RMD’s want to protect their investment. They want

to continue their monopoly even if its at the expense of


The Young Jurks Host, Mike Crawford:

“So, just to be clear what we’re talking about here; the City

of Cambridge decided that existing RMD’s (registered medical

dispensaries) that are already open should not get the

leg up in priority licensing for recreational cannabis. In turn,

the City of Cambridge has decided to make those RMD’s

wait two years and instead they gave an exclusive window

for the first two years to those with Economic Empowerment

status. So now, the big dispensary in town, Revolutionary

Clinics, is suing the City of Cambridge that could

put programs/priority periods such as this at risk (as just

happened in Boston where the fear of this kind of lawsuit

resulted in that city choosing not to have a priority period

for those EE or SE applicants).

This group, the Commonwealth Dispensary association

members, has made a lot of money already. We know

that there is a lot of money involved here because of the

campaign that these dispensaries waged against this equity

ordinance in Cambridge. They spent money on the big time

lobbyists, they spent money to “rent” medical cannabis

patients to come out in “patient t-shirts”, etc.

So people need to show up Friday night, I know I’m going

to be there; 6pm, 45 Mt Auburn St in Cambridge.

People are really quite interested in this; this is about doing

a boycott of Revolutionary Clinics (a medical dispensary

in Somerville and Cambridge) because they are suing the

city of Cambridge because Cambridge put forth an equity

ordinance that says, “you know what big cannabis, you

have to wait two years before you can open your recreational

store, because we’re going to try to let the small

guy, the local, the people who have been most harmed by

the drug war, have an opportunity here. To actually have a


The reality is that these big dispensaries are already open,

they already have a leg up on location, they have a leg up

on money, they have a leg up on relationships, they have a

leg up on every aspect of the permitting process. If it wasn’t

for this moratorium in Cambridge, those big companies

would simply monopolize in Cambridge just like they do in

other localities with this kind of priority period. Cambridge

decided to do something different, to try to give the small

guy and opportunity, and for that they have decided to sue.

They have tried to scare every other city and town by doing

that and, as I was saying, it should be the opposite.

If these guys had any sense they would expand the market,








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because they are taking a hit right now; they are not taking

that hit from social equity or by economic empowerment

applicants. Their profits right now are taking a hit because

of the traditional market, and because of the state of Maine,

and they are never going to have a chance if they continue

this big cannabis cartel.

As we have seen, most of the callers who have been

calling in have been engaged in, effectively, a boycott

already. That’s not even because of this specific lawsuit, it’s

because of the prices, because of the mindset, and because

of the business practices. The reason why this is so

obvious to so many of us is that we’ve seen this behavior

occurring over a period of years. We’ve seen who these

dispensaries are.”

Grant Smith:

“This Cambridge situation actually goes to a much larger

issue; the priority period that was passed in Cambridge

for Economic Empowerment applicants is really a crucial

program because, for those who are not aware, on the

state level there are not a lot of economic empowerment (or

social equity) businesses that have been licensed. I think

out of every single approved state level license, only 1 of

them, right now, is an EE applicant (and they are not even

open yet).

The reason why this is happening is that, although these

Economic Empowerment applicants have priority status

on the state level, there are so many municipal hurdles

involved in the process that only the big corporations are

really getting through that process.

Therefore, in turn, as to this priority period in Cambridge,

I’ve heard from a local Economic Empowerment applicant

that her lawyer advised her that, after the priority period

was signed into law in Cambridge, the big companies

started pulling out of Cambridge. As a result, her lawyer

now feels she has a far better chance of getting through the

municipal permitting process in Cambridge and, eventually,

obtaining her state license. “

Lauren Pespisa:

“I just wanted to say that I support the boycott; one thing

that annoys me about Revolutionary Clinics is that its located

where the old “Out of the Blue” art gallery used to be in

Central Square.

So, because of that, when I walk by the Revolutionary Clinics

property in Central it reminds me of gentrification. These

big business dispensaries coming out and kicking out the

little guy. I would much rather some local shop open up in

that space if they have to kick someone local out (like the

Out of the Blue gallery) they should at least try to bring in

someone local to replace them.

As a result, I am behind what you guys are doing and I

appreciate you very much for taking the time to let people

know about this issue. I support the boycott 100%.”

Too Smoofe:

“I’m an artist from Boston and I just wanted to call in; I hear

you guys talking about equity and everything, man. I just

wanted to say I support MRCC and Dark Media Matters;

those guys are the man, they really put on for the community.

There is not really a lot of support for black people

out there, so I really appreciate what MRCC is doing. Its

hard for black and brown people, and we really just want to

stand up for the community. Joe, MRCC, Dark Media Matters,

these guys are doing this kind of thing all the time and

they’re really the biggest people in the community.”

safety and security revolution.

Let Patients Grow

By Peter C. Bernard

Hardship medical marijuana cultivators face new obstacles


Cultivation for medical cannabis patients

has been, to date, something

that anyone with a medical cannabis

card has been able to do without a numerically

defined plant count. Under

a hardship provision in the law, never

enforced by the Department of Public

health, allows for a cardholder to cultivate

more than the 6/12 limit adult use

laws allow.

The problem is, the DPH never

wrote any regulations around hardship

cultivation. Instead they issued a memo

stating that anyone with a card could

cultivate under hardship. This was

done before Question 4 was anything

but a dream. Law enforcement railed

against it and continued to bust people

cultivating under the law. I personally

know some folks who were subjects in

these kinds of cases. Their grows were trashed. Their houses and lives were turned upside down. They got the opportunity

to help some lawyers make Porsche payments.

Then Question 4 came along and allowed even more people to grow weed. Walpole Chief John Carmichael must

have had a throw down scream out loud temper tantrum over that one. Question 4 made it worse for hardship cultivators.

Law enforcement started using the adult use limits to trash medical grows, completely ignoring the still-in-effect DPH

memo. You see, people like our good friend Chief Carmichael would take away everyone’s home grow rights, no matter

what the reason you’re growing. Got cancer? Tough luck. Got epilepsy? Too bad, so sad. Got chronic pain? Shut up and

go eat your opiates.

The Cannabis Control Commission is looking at something that would effectively end hardship cultivation for medical

patients. You probably haven’t seen it, because mostly only nerds like me actually read the regulations, but there’s

some interesting language in the newest set of cannabis regulations released this fall. There is a whole section on hardship

cultivation for patients, and it isn’t pretty. You start off with a $100 license fee, annually. Yes, I said license. You have

to submit a grow plan. You have to let someone from the Commonwealth inspect your grow space. You have to agree to

inspections whenever the Commonwealth feels like making one (but hey, they give you notice so its all right). Oh and you

get to let the police into your house any time they feel like maybe you’re selling weed.

Did I mention that Chief Carmichael is on the Cannabis Advisory Board and helped develop the language? Oh

yeah. There’s that.

Hardship cultivation should be as simple as registering with the CCC. Considering financial reasons will ultimately

be the only qualifier left, a license fee is stupid. For that matter, trying to regulate a home grow like a licensed cultivation

facility is stupid, too. These regulations seem to be designed to nullify medical hardship cultivation. In this way, prohibitionists

can destroy medical hardship via unreasonable and impractical regulations. It puts Chief Carmichael one step closer

to his dream of eradicating all home grows.

What can you do, you ask? You can let the CCC know how you feel about it. You can drop them a line end let

them know that they can’t regulate a home grow like it was a licensed commercial grow. Remind them that hardship cultivation

isn’t a license type. Most of all, remind them that thousands of people rely on hardship cultivation for their medication.

Remind them that the people voted, and the prohibitionists lost. Remind Chief Carmichael that he is a law enforcement

officer, not a legislator. Here is how you can reach the CCC. Tell them I said hello!

Peter C. Bernard is a medical cannabis patient, the president of the Massachusetts Grower Advocacy Council, and a

contributor to and The Young Jurks. You can listen to The Young Jurks on itunes or wherever

else podcasts are streamed. This article was produced with support from Midnight Mass and The Young Jurks, where

your contributions are greatly appreciated and help us deliver more local coverage.









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8 Top Tips On Breeding Your Own Cannabis

by Stoney Tark

Breeding For Heavy Resin Production.

Breeding Cannabis plants is a joyful experience that is often highly rewarding. In a world

with the best genetics around, wanting to tweak an old clone, or create a new strain

entirely is easily done in the comfort of your own home.

Below are my top tips to consider when it comes to breeding Cannabis.


Desired Traits

Before you have decided on the fancy name of

your new strain, you should consider what desired

traits you actually plan to bring forward. Are

you making the strain for yourself or others? Or

is your project based on enhancing growth structure,

yield capabilities, terpene profile, overall effects,

resistance to pathogens and plant disease?

My top tip here is find two strains that are compatible

to your criteria of desired traits. Often

times a Cannabis plant will display hybrid vigour

when it is paired with another similar in one of

these categories mentioned above.

Grow Many Small Plants In The Early Stage

No matter what size your growing space is, from

a small tent to a converted basement, growing as

many seeds at once will allow you to work with a

higher number of plants. Ultimately, the chance to

find a wider of expression of genetic traits, both

good and bad is much larger with a higher plant


My top tip here is to grow small plants in little

pots, until you able able to visually notice certain

keepers based on growth structure, or you are

able to sex the plants. You will only need to find

2-3 male keepers and 2-3 female keepers from a

50 plant pheno hunt.

Use Regular Seed Lines

If you are new to growing Cannabis and this will

be your first attempt at breeding, then use regular

sexed seeds to start with. Femenised seeds were

created as a way to preserve the Cannabis plant

in a female form. They have many advantages

commercially, however for breeding, you will want

to use male and female parental lines and work

into an F1 line that also offer male and female


My top tip here is to invest in regular lines only from the top seed banks. Not all of them will offer

regulars as the demand for femenised seeds in comparison to enormous, however the price will be

almost half of the femenised line and you will be able to plant 20-30 regular seeds without breaking

the bank

Label Pots Correctly

This is one of the most important things when keeping organised and working with multiple plants at

once. Depending on how many strains you are growing you will need to label them accordingly with a

name and number. An example is “ Grandaddy Purple #1 “ until you get to “ Grandaddy Purple #20 or

whatever the number you have is.

Use a permanent marker pen to write on the side of pots, or white sticky labels to show the number of

each. This is important to get in the practice of this now, so when you narrow down the keepers, you

will refer to that number throughout the project, and later write male or female.

Mothers and Fathers

Once you get to the stage of growing out your plants and have a good idea of which you want to bring

forward, you should take a clone of each and label it the same # number. The reason is to revert back

to these are parental lines, incase you plan to remake the seeds, or to backcross the same male later


My top tip here is to keep

the clones under a CFL,

LED or low powered HID.

The aim of the game is to

keep the plants growing at

slow speed until you need

to come back to them. If you

decide to turn one female

into a large sized mother

then this is easily done,

however keeping small cuts

of males and females early

on will keep your options

open as you progress with

your project.

Pollinate Using A Paint


When you look at pollen

under a microscope, it will

buzz and vibrate around.

Pollen is designed to find

a female flower and it only

takes one spec to cause for

the development of a seed.

Many growers are unaware

Purple Plants are a Popular Trait Breeders Look for.


of how much pollen a male Cannabis

plant can produce, and how

easy it is to cover an entire crop


My top tip here is to carefully use

a small clean paintbrush, to gather

dusty pollen from the male pollen

sac, and to gently dust the female

pistil. Within a day all of the white

hairs that were touched with pollen

with turn to a mature brown. This

technique saves an entire crop being

cross pollinated and allows you

to designate certain branches, and

to grow flower at the same time..

Clean Up and Label Seeds Properly

Once your seeds begin to pop out

of the calyx and reveal their mature

and ripe shells, you can hang

the plants up to dry and to leave

for around 5 days. It won’t take

long for the plant to become totally

dry and for the seeds to fall out in

abundance as you begin to handle

the plant.

My top tip here is to clean up your

seeds properly and to get rid of all

the bits of plant matter. A good way

to do this is to blow over the seeds

with a hair dryer and allow the

heavy seeds to sit and the lightweight

bits to blow away.

Working With Different Generations

Once you have found the parental

lines (P1), now you will be able

to create first generation seeds

(F1) and second generation (F2)

and so on. As far as what will be

found once you venture into these

lines in terms of desired traits,

will showcase the best and worst


My tip here is to focus on stabilizing

your chosen seed line and

work hard to create solid progeny.

Once you do pheno hunt inside the

F2-F4 generation, be prepared for

months and months of work and

often times coming straight back

to the drawing board. Creating a

proper line takes time and dedication,

as well as lots of resources

and patience.

The Floor Plan and Plant Training

Applying plant training techniques

during the vegetative state can

promote large canopies and

increase yields. However, many

growers will have a system that involves

vegging for a short time and

flowering the plants closely together

in a Sea of Green formation.

Our top tip here is no matter which

way you choose to grow your

plants from veg to flower, some

strains will be much better suited

for plant training than others, in

the same way others will be best

suited for S.O.G and others for

SCROG. Usually a seed bank will

explain in the description about the

strain, or you will have a general

idea gathered from the genetic

lineage. Afghani and Kush hybrids

will always work well grown closely

together, whilst sativas are more

prone to excessive plant training

and require much more growing


Autoflowering Strains For The Win

It seems that the popularity of

automatic Cannabis strains in the

U.S, is catching up with the European

market now autos have

earnt a solid reputation. Basically,

automatics do not depend on a set

photoperiod such as 18/6 or 12/12

and as the name suggests will

flower automatically.

Given the right environment, autos

can produce some high grade


Our tip tip here is to grow automatics

both indoors and outdoors. If

you have a separate vegging room

where plants are kept under 18/6

until transplanting into a flowering

room, then adding automatics in

the room will ensure a ready to

harvest crop as you are working on

your photoperiod plants. Outdoors,

the possibilities are endless with

automatics and one reason why

they are so popular in South America

and Spain.

High Priced Seed Packs

The price of a boutique Cannabis

strain has never been so high,

with a ten pack ranging from

$100-$200 with no guarantee of

anything insane coming through.

Often times growers are left highly

disappointed after cashing out an

entire month's wage on multipacks

hoping to find the Holy Grail of


Our top tip here is to also think

about the other breeders who

work extensively hard behind the

scenes. There are so many talented

and up and coming breeders

out there, who may not have

the deepest pockets, or training

when it comes to marketing and

branding yet are breeding some

next level hybrids. Just because a

pack of seeds does not have the

most attractive packaging, or the

biggest Instagram following, don’t

always assume you need to hand

over $150 and more to feel you are

getting the fire.

Good luck growing your next

Cannabis strain, and do

plenty of research

beforehand about the

breeder, seedbank, which

growing format is best suited,

plant structure,

aroma, flowering time,

resistance and cannabinoid




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Legalization leaders Call Vape Ban

“microcosm of historic cannabis prohibition”

by Mike Crawford

Urge Cannabis Control Commission to Lift Moratorium

The leaders of the 2016 Massachusetts cannabis

legalization campaign today urged the Cannabis

Control Commission to end the moratorium on

legally-manufactured cannabis vape devices,

calling the ban an “unnecessarily broad, scientifically

unsupported measure that is driving consumers

toward dangerous products and diverting

tax dollars to other states.”

“The vape ban is a microcosm of historic cannabis

prohibition, comprising all of the factors that

made prohibition a vast failure. It guarantees

illicit market domination via unsafe products peddled

by unregulated sellers, it snubs consumer

protections offered by licensed testing labs, and

it hurts the Massachusetts economy by pushing

buyers into other states,” said Jim Borghesani,

former communications director for the legalization


Borghesani also urged regulators to evaluate

recent information released by the state Department

of Public Health with “justified skepticism,”

citing the slapdash rollout of the information and


the agency’s blemished history regarding cannabis


“It should be recognized that the DPH oversaw

the most problematic rollout of any medical cannabis

system in the nation. Now we see them

releasing vague findings they then quickly retract

under intense public scrutiny. It should also be

recognized that this is Gov. Baker’s administration

providing—and then backpedalling from—information

favorable to and supportive of the ban

he originated,” Borghesani said.

Will Luzier, former legalization campaign manager,

pointed out that no legally produced vape

product manufactured and tested in Massachusetts

has been found to contain Vitamin E acetate,

the substance identified by the U.S. Centers

for Disease Control and Prevention as a likely

cause of vape-related lung ailments.

“One of the central objectives of legalization is

ensuring product safety and consumer protection

through testing performed by regulated, licensed

labs. It is counterintuitive, and dangerous, to

bypass the safety system put into place by voters

and to send consumers straight to the illicit devices

that researchers deem to be causing these

health problems,” Luzier said.

MCR Labs, a licensed cannabis testing laboratory

in Framingham, used high-performance liquid

chromatography to test 105 samples of marijuana

vape cartridges from both the regulated and illicit

markets. While some illicit products returned results

with more than 50 percent Vitamin E acetate

by weight, there were no positive screens from

samples submitted by producers licensed by the

Cannabis Control Commission.

While numerous states have enacted restrictions

on tobacco and cannabis vape products, none

have approved the broad ban originally ordered

by Baker.

Baker co-founded the official legalization opposition

campaign committee in 2016.

“As it assesses this moratorium, which has not

been duplicated in any other state, the commission

should not only recognize the danger it

poses, but also the absence of supportive science

and the historic anti-cannabis stance of the

person who originated it,” Borghesani said.


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