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As a passionate breeder, I have been making

seeds for many years, as well as trying out

seeds from all kinds of seed makers, and teaching

others how to do what I do. I am obsessed

with breeding plants because I love it, and not for

load of fun for everybody. I believe every grower

should have the experience of making seeds.

for growers and breeders. While I also love regular

seeds, there is a time and place for both. I do

a lot of work with regulars and a lot of work with


seeds, and teach you how to make your

own special feminized seeds.

Plants from feminized seeds will be 99.9% fe-

great for growers with limited space or number

of plants allowed. Starting from feminized seeds

means you are pretty much guaranteed all female

plants, whereas regular seeds will give

you both males and females at random (approx

50/50) like having a child.

Not all feminized seeds are created equal. Some

growers have had bad experiences in the past or

hear rumors about high rates of hermaphroditic

plants (plants which may have mostly female

plant, creating a potential disaster) however

these occurrences are due to platitudinous improper

breeding practices and overly sensitive

rushed plant selections which created inferior

seeds that have been properly produced by a

trusted breeder, or ones you have made yourself

with the proper techniques!

Seeds Developing in a Seeded Star Pupil Bud

Because I am so into producing the best possible

Feminized Seeds here at Mass Medical Strains

for years now, I have a lot of experience with

best of the best, the seeds which when grown out

pass all my stress testing and truly perform even

you guys a few of the techniques so you can try


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