Greenleaf 1219_REV_proof


Bubba Pupil Seeds Growing Inside a Bud.

want to do for your rounds of

stress testing to find your truly

stable female keeper plants.

Once you have found the plants

that will NOT hermie under ANY

stress, you can use them to

make some good seeds! Please

note that any seeds made with a

hermie plant will produce more

hermie plants. You must use

truly stable plants to start with.

Pay extra attention to the lower

nodes where hermie balls tend

to form, especially week 2-4 of

bloom. You must check every


Grape Pupil (PuTang x Star Pupil, Feminized)

I find that a stable keeper plant

that checks all the boxes (due

to my picky preferences) is

usually about 1 in 100 plants

when working with “good” genetics.

This ratio may be lower

or higher depending how picky

you want to be. If you have a

plant you like, try it out. To me,

the most important thing is if the

effects of the smoke are truly

unique and memorable, if it is

high quality stuff. Not only if the

flavor is good, but the way it

makes you feel has to be truly

special, euphoric, trippy, medicinal,

or otherwise enjoyable.

The feminized seed is created by “reversing” a truly stable female using Silver during the beginning of

flower which blocks production of Ethylene (female flowering hormone within the plant) and forces the

plant into becoming a “male” which grows pollen sacks. Inside these ballsacks is the feminized pollen

which will be used to fertilize another female plant and get it pregnant with seeds. You will need multiple

clones of your stable keeper plants to achieve this, and you will need at least a veg and a flower

area for timing purposes. Having an additional tent or space to do your reversals helps too, because

you’ll need to start to flower them two weeks earlier than the plants you’ll be pollinating.

You can reverse the plant you wish to get pollen from, and use that pollen on an identical clone of

that plant, to get pure “S1” (selfed generation one) seeds of just that strain with no outside genetics

crossed in. You can also use the pollen on any other clones you wish, to make a cross! For example,

if you reversed a Heavenly Sativa plant and put that pollen on your Grape Pupil plant, you would get

seeds of the cross “Grape Pupil x Heavenly Sativa” and if you put the Heavenly Sativa pollen on an

identical clone of the Heavenly Sativa plant you would get “Heavenly Sativa x Heavenly Sativa” aka


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