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that patients and dispensaries, where growers took

their overages, would be able to visually see the

Growers unique label tied not only to his or her garden

but also to the strain

itself. Labels on containers

were almost non-existent

at the time in Michigan and

not very visually appealing

yet anywhere in the industry.

Todd quickly got his

foot in the door at dispensaries

across Michigan and

beyond with his energy and

TDOG’s fi rst strain tribute design

knowledge of the plant and

its benefits for medical patients.

The first two drawings Todd did were of the popular

strain Girl Scout Cookie and the lesser known

Pink Panties. Todd had been known to draw some

crazy illustrations and characters as he added the

necessary flare to one of my own personal tattoos,

but strain designs on cans and jars for the everyday

cannabis farmers and dispensaries seemed like

an easy way to identify product and its growers.

Because of new recreational laws taking off at

the time too, labels were becoming mandatory in

the industry for tracking and testing results to be

displayed so it seemed like a win-win for Tdog and

the industry where good branding is needed. The

business of Brand Development has been slow to

date for Todd, but the promise and possibilities of

the burgeoning cannabis culture not only in America

but also abroad, seem like far too much fun to

pass up for the artist, both then and now.

Love more, Fear less...

the TDOG philosophy

Sitting here at Starbucks waiting for Todd to make his

appearance, I tried to reflect on our time together

and what his mojo is. Walking into Starbucks with a

smile almost as wide as his eyes, I knew I was in for

a treat. “Love more fear less ® ” is a phrase that Todd

actually owns the trademark to, and seeing him

on what looks to be a bit more than a micro dose,

I start to understand. As with most artists, Todd

finds the indulgences of life and time with people

to be his reason for existing. He seems to have this

TDOG at the Emerald Cup 2017 with

The Soil King, Patrick King. Pictured on

the right is the custom piece he created

as thank you for all his volunteer work

to the community after the 2017 Santa

Rosa fi re. The strain design pays tribute

to his signature cultivar honoring his

mom who had passed. It’s this sort of

passion that attracts TDOG’s interest in

what he’ll draw.



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