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Based in Michigan, just outside of Motown, when

he’s not drawing, and making us smile with his art,

he’s traveling around the cannabis nation, bringing

40 years of fun-loving advocacy to help educate,

elevate and celebrate the cannabis community.

Mike: You say you’ve designed over 80

known cannabis strains so far. How do

you go about illustrating each strain?

TDog: Only ‘worthy’ cannabis strains!

(he’s smiling) First and foremost, I do my

research, I have my reference books like

The Cannabible by Jason King, I’ll dive

into the internet to get the alleged facts

to the country of origin, the genetics and

its travels, the breeder/growers. I’ll make

my notes, I’ll take a nice bong rip, and

the real fun begins. I still draw with a

pencil on paper. I use a very fine graphite,

so I can do all my detail. I then do a

high res scan of the OG sketch and use

that as my template in the virtual world.

It feels like the cannabis gods have

tasked me to document this amazing

journey this herb has taken. it’s important

for me to experience the benefit of the

cultivar before I start creating.

you are! Those who love the plant, who

live true to their soul, and simply want

to make a decent living, take care of their

family and friends, and have Mother

Earth’s healing medicine be part of that

journey. Let’s do this right! Being true to

our ‘roots’ (He’s smiling again) I tell the

‘nation’ and the people I meet. I’m not in

this to just get high. I’d like my art to educate,

elevate, and celebrate the Cannabis

community and beyond. It’s time to end

the double standards, decriminalize our

lifestyle, have a level playing field for all,

and let this amazing plant, Save our world.

Aw Hell yes! Happy Holidaze and healthy,

prosperous new year to all.

Thank you

Cannabis Nation!

Mike: What has been the most unexpected

part of this creative journey of yours?

TDog: Definitely, the new friends I’ve

made, the old friends reunited, and the

new friends I can’t wait to sesh with and

learn from. I’ve made some very special

friends along the way. You know who

Follow the mad artist on instagram: @tdogtheartist

Pictured: TDOG visiting

C-dub at Detroit Diesel

OG, Sharing bong rips

with Weed Boggs at the

Boston Freedom Rally

2018, and me with

my wife, Lisa, before

heading to Capt Kirk’s

Daboween event.


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