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My top tip here is to invest in regular lines only from the top seed banks. Not all of them will offer

regulars as the demand for femenised seeds in comparison to enormous, however the price will be

almost half of the femenised line and you will be able to plant 20-30 regular seeds without breaking

the bank

Label Pots Correctly

This is one of the most important things when keeping organised and working with multiple plants at

once. Depending on how many strains you are growing you will need to label them accordingly with a

name and number. An example is “ Grandaddy Purple #1 “ until you get to “ Grandaddy Purple #20 or

whatever the number you have is.

Use a permanent marker pen to write on the side of pots, or white sticky labels to show the number of

each. This is important to get in the practice of this now, so when you narrow down the keepers, you

will refer to that number throughout the project, and later write male or female.

Mothers and Fathers

Once you get to the stage of growing out your plants and have a good idea of which you want to bring

forward, you should take a clone of each and label it the same # number. The reason is to revert back

to these are parental lines, incase you plan to remake the seeds, or to backcross the same male later


My top tip here is to keep

the clones under a CFL,

LED or low powered HID.

The aim of the game is to

keep the plants growing at

slow speed until you need

to come back to them. If you

decide to turn one female

into a large sized mother

then this is easily done,

however keeping small cuts

of males and females early

on will keep your options

open as you progress with

your project.

Pollinate Using A Paint


When you look at pollen

under a microscope, it will

buzz and vibrate around.

Pollen is designed to find

a female flower and it only

takes one spec to cause for

the development of a seed.

Many growers are unaware

Purple Plants are a Popular Trait Breeders Look for.


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