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When I leap out of the bed in the morning… well that might be a bit of an exaggeration. I almost crawl out of bed and all my joints are aching, feeling rigid and full of pain.

2020 January

Happy New Year!

Costa del Sol, S.L.



When I leap out of the bed in the morning… well that

might be a bit of an exaggeration. I almost crawl out

of bed and all my joints are aching, feeling rigid and

full of pain.

Anni Dahms

Owner of the retail chain


Nurse- & Health specialist, Biopath

and Nutritional Adviser.

You should, in my opinion, not stuff

yourself with pain relieving medication,

unless it’s highly necessary. All

pain-relieving medications have side

effects and many of them can be addictive,

leading to lethargy, stomach problems,

and a feeling of nothing being

important, weight problems, and many

other symptoms.

I have a small morning ritual when I

swing my legs over the side of the bed,

then I say to myself: “I’m happy, joyful,

grateful, and content”. I find it difficult

to say it wholeheartedly, when my

entire body is aching. I’ve decided to

do something about it, so that I can, to

the best of my ability, feel like my old

self, whilst sharing the options for pain

reduction with my readers.

One of the reasons why I wish to

share these options of relieving pain is,

that even just when it comes to arthritis

are there roughly 70% of us over 50

years of age, that have some kind of

arthritis related pains in at least one


Self help

You can do a lot to ease or relieve your

pains. It will give you are lovely feeling

of “taking matters into your own

hands”, and make you feel responsible

for your own wellbeing. Natural painrelieving

remedies are often not as

powerful as the allopathic ones, and it

will often take longer for the effect to

kick in. However, they are less poisonous

and safer in the long run, and at

the same time will they contribute to

regenerate the body.

We all know pain, it’s simply a part of

life. If you feel some inexplicable pain,

then it’s very important to consult your

doctor, so that he may be able to identify

it and possibly treat it. It’s often

seen that the pains are reduced, once

you’ve had a proper physical examination

and an explanation of the causes

of the pains. 1

Collagen UCII

One of the newest products discovered

in the fight against arthritis is collagen,

which can provide a greater mobility and

flexibility. Collagen is a natural protein,

which keeps your joints together and

aids the elasticity, so you can easily move

around. Collagen is, in addition, important

for cartilage production and reparation.

New studies from USA, have

shown that a special kind of

collagen UCII is helpful with

arthritis and if you suffer from

pains in your lower back, sciatica,

and especially worn out

knees. UCII is used in the daily

dosage of 40 mg, preferably

together with other

inflammatory reducing

agents, such as turmeric,

Boswellia, and



MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

is a powerful anti-inflammatory

agent. It reduces muscle spasms

and inflammations. It can sometimes

bring permanent relief, making

it so the pains never return. Other

than treating arthritis and back

pains, can MSM also work exceptionally

well when treating fibromyalgia.

A dosage of 1 – 2 grams can be

taken as a preventive measure.

If you are experiencing severe

pain, then you might want to

start with 3 grams a day. Every

third day you can increase the

dosage with 1 gram until you feel

a betterment. However, I would not

recommend that you take more than

6 grams daily. Distribute the dosage

throughout the day.

To avoid an irritable stomach it

might be best to take the MSM

together with food.

You will find MSM naturally

in green vegetables,

fruits, and seeds.

MSM has a mild blood

thinning effect, so if

you are currently taking blood thinning

medication, then consult your

doctor before taking MSM.


Boswellia has been used for countless

years in the ayurvedic medicinal tradition.

The remedy has, in the past 30

years, also found its way to the western

world. It originates from an Indian

tree. Boswellia is a very anti-inflammatory

and pain-relieving agent. It has

been shown to be effective with many

different types of arthritis.

You can start with 1500 mg 3 times

daily when experiencing strong pains

and then adjust the dosage after 6

weeks, down to 500 - 750 mg 3 times



Curcumin is from turmeric root and

is likewise a good anti-inflammatory

product with pain relieving properties.

It may be beneficial to choose a curcumin

product with added black pepper,

as it increases the rate of absorption

significantly. However, there does

exist some curcumin products, where

the curcumin is encapsulated in microscopic

balls, which better transports

the substance into the blood, making

the curcumin much more absorbable

and increases its function.

Omega 3

I’m also becoming aware that I have

to add some oils to my joints. If you

are in doubt as to whether or not

you have sufficient omega-3 in your

blood, then you can visit many different

laboratories such as “Synlab” here

in Fuengirola and have the omega-3

content measured in your blood. You

don’t need any referrals or doctor’s

notes to have the tests done.

Fish- and linseed oils are my personal

favorites for covering my need

for omega-3, but for vegans there also

exists different omega-3 products made

from algae.

Make sure that you buy a high quality

fish oil.

If you prefer your omega-3 from cod

liver oil, then eat it in the middle of a

meal, so you don’t get acid reflux.



An old and well-known remedy

for osteoarthritis in especially knees

and hips, is glucosamine, which

can help stimulate the formation

of articular cartilage. If you decide

to start taking a glucosamine product,

then keep in mind that it can

take between 3 – 4 weeks before

you feel any relief. The dosage

is roughly 500 mg 3 times daily.

Glucosamine is often combined

with chondroitin, which is a naturally

occurring substance in articular

cartilage. The two agents have

been shown to work well together,

but many people have also benefitted

from taking a pure glucosamine


Horse chestnut

If you are suffering from tired and

heavy legs, then it could be a good idea

to take a horse chestnut extract, which

improves the function of the venous

valves, that prevents a backflow of the

venous blood. Horse chestnut is a seed

from the chestnuts on the horse chestnut

tree. It is slightly blood thinning

and helps to bring the edema away

from the legs through the kidneys.

It can be a good idea to combine the

product with Pycnogenol, which is an

extract from the French pine tree.

There exist different composite products

for heavily swollen legs, with

pine bark and grape extract. Butchers

Broom originates from the lily family

and have a similar effect on the circulation

in the legs. However, you should

be careful with this product if you suffer

from heightened blood pressure.

Gotu Kola is an Asian medicinal plant.

It strengthens the peripheral circulation

and aids tired and heavy legs. It

can heal vein inflammation and night

cramps and can be very powerful when

combined with Pycnogenol..

The diet

Whatever the cause of your pain might

be, is it important to have a healthy

diet. The diet has a great significance

for all types of hurt.

Ginger, which is also present in many

different pain-relieving medications, is

very good to use in your daily diet. The

same goes for chili and peppermint.

Avoid all sugary products and artificial

drinks, such as soda, energy drinks, and

the like. You should also avoid artificial

sweeteners. Make sure to drink plenty of

water. You should also ensure that your

diet consists of a lot of unprocessed

foods without chemical additives, taste

enhancers, colorants, and preservatives.

I unfortunately also believe that it’s

best to eliminate coffee, especially if you

have blood-type 0. You should stick to

whole grain products as much as possible

and plenty of green vegetables. Eat

plenty of both garlic and onion. If you

are a meat eater, then eat less meat. Only

drink small amounts of alcohol.

Make sure that you eat as much alkaline

food as possible, you could perhaps

drink an alkaline tea.

Having too much acid in the body can

be highly pain provoking.

Pains may also be caused by some

kinds of allergies. This can be hard to

examine. It could for instance be an

intolerance to wheat or dairy products.

Some people are also hypersensitive to

the nightshade family. The nightshade

family consists of tomatoes, potatoes,

peppers (not black pepper), eggplants,

and tobacco. It can be difficult to steer

clear of the abovementioned products.

If you think a hypersensitivity might be

a cause of your pains, then you must

avoid the products for at least 3 – 4

months. Afterwards you can see if it

makes a difference in your pains. It

could be well worth the hazzle.


• It’s important that you keep a normal weight. If you find

this difficult, then you might want to seek help and get

the best possible support, as there can be many different

causes of obesity.

• Music can be pain relieving, so you could perhaps find

some music you like and get into the habit of listening

to it daily.

• Exercise is also pain relieving. It improves circulation

and when exercise is performed in accordance to ability,

not too extreme, then it activates the body’s own painrelieving

medicine called endorphins.

• It could also be very valuable to seek out reflexology

treatment, also known as zone therapy. As we have

points, both on our hands and feet that, when massaged,

can reduce stress and pain.

• There exists countless creams and gels you can apply.

They are easily absorbed by the skin and into the tissue,

where they relieve pain.

• There are also different pain-relieving band aids.

• Louise Hay writes about pains:

Guilt. “The feeling of guilt will always seek punishment”.

A new thought pattern could be beneficial here: “I’m

lovingly letting go of the past. I’m free and so is everyone

else. Everything good is in my heart now”. 3

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