Halcyon Days 2019 - Issue 16

Promoting the poetry of Gregg Dotoli, Mary Bone, Sarah M. Prindle, Stella Mazur Preda and photography of Monique Berry,

Promoting the poetry of Gregg Dotoli, Mary Bone, Sarah M. Prindle, Stella Mazur Preda and photography of Monique Berry,


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Halcyon Days - 2019 Issue 15 | 1

Halcyon Days—Issue 16

Founder | Monique Berry | Hamilton On Canada


Gregg Dotoli

11 Yes, Now I Remember

Mary Bone

4 Halcyon Sky Fire

8 Halcyon Memories

13 Halcyon Snow Angels

Monique Berry

7 Photography |“Silence”

Sarah M. Prindle

10 Stitching Us Together

Stella Mazur Preda

7 Ice Storm Blues

14 Backyard Guest

Mary Bone

Pg 4, 8, 13

Sarah M. Prindle

Pg 10

Stella Mazur Preda

Pg 7, 14

Halcyon Days Magazine

ISSN: 2291-0255

Frequency: Quarterly

Publisher | Designer: Monique Berry

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Twitter: @1websurfer


Halcyon Days - 2019 Issue 15 | 2

Cover & inside | schame87—stock.adobe.com

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Halcyon Days - 2019 Issue 15 | 3

Halcyon Sky Fire

By Mary Bone

I was in awe looking at the aurora borealis,

the northern lights.

It was fascinating to see the auroral corona.

There was glory all around.

The brilliant colors displayed, green, red, blue,

pink and purple.

Halcyon days were upon me,

With great brilliance.

The atmosphere held magnetic energy

With its own natural beauty.

The air was chilly as I gathered my shawl

around me.

What a sky fire in the heavens!

Mary Bone has been writing poetry and short stories since the age of twelve. Her poems have been published at

Oklahoma Today Magazine, Vita Brevis Press, Family Friend Poems, Literary Librarian, Spillwords, Literary

Yard, Best Poetry Website and other places. Mary enjoys drawing and painting in her spare time.

Halcyon Halcyon Days - 2019 Days Issue - 2019 15 Issue | 4 16 | 4


Halcyon Days - 2019 - 2019 Issue 1516 | | 5


Halcyon Days - - 2019 Issue 16 15 | | 6

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Ice Storm Blues

by Stella Mazur Preda

mired in dreams

pebbles pelt windows…

I wake to the realization

not pebbles icy granules

pound the panes

trees wear crystallizing raindrops

translucent ice beads weigh heavy

boughs arch toward white earth

tempestuous winds ravage —

sever branches strip bark

raw wounds exposed souls bared

tangled in a web of emotions

thoughts fragment —

I witness nature’s destruction

stand in awe of exquisite beauty —

perplexed by her mysteries

Stella Mazur Preda is a resident of Waterdown, Ontario, Canada and is the owner and publisher of Serengeti

Press, a small press publishing company, located in the Hamilton area. Since its opening in 2003, Serengeti Press

has published 43 Canadian books. Serengeti Press is now temporarily on hiatus. Stella Mazur Preda has been

published in numerous Canadian anthologies and some US, most notably the purchase of her poem My Mother’s

Kitchen by Penguin Books, New York. She is a current member of Tower Poetry Society in Hamilton, Ontario

and The Ontario Poetry Society.

c Silence—HalcyonPerspectives | 2019 Monique Berry

Halcyon Halcyon Days - 2019 Days Issue - 201916 Issue | 7 15 | 7

Halcyon Memories

By Mary Bone

My memories thrive

On halcyon days and nights

Heavenly quiet


Halcyon Days - 2019 - Issue 1615 | 8 | 8

Halcyon Days Halcyon - 2019 Days Issue - 2019 16 | 9 Issue 15 | 9


Stitching Us Together

By Sarah M. Prindle

Needles weave

over and under

in and out

pull several pieces

into a single quilt.

Black squares

white squares

blue stripes

red stripes

somber crosses

yellow stars

and crescent moons

held together

with tiny threads

of kindness

and love.

Sarah M. Prindle received an Associate’s Degree in English from Northampton Community College. She loves

reading everything from historical fiction and memoirs, to poetry and mysteries. She hopes to someday publish

her own novels and poetry collections on these different topics.

Rose Waddell—stock.adobe.com

Halcyon Days - 2019 Issue 15 | 10

Halcyon Days - 2019 Issue 16 | 10

Yes, Now I Remember

By Gregg Dotoli

We somehow were happy kids

Matched like nick and knack

Laughed until laugh wasn’t enough

We became us

Gregg Dotoli has studied English at Seton Hall University and Computer Programming at NYU. He is a White

Hat Hacker and works, keeping organizations safe. His first love is the Arts and he enjoys the rich culture of

NYC. Gregg has been published in many international periodicals, zines and anthologies.


Halcyon Halcyon Days Days - 2019 - 2019 Issue Issue 15 | 1611

| 11

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Halcyon Days - 2019 Issue 15 | 12

Halcyon Days - 2019 Issue 16 | 12

c aleksashka — stock. Adobe.com

Halcyon Snow Angels

By Mary Bone

Telling a story on canvas of children

Making snow angels outside.

Arms were outstretched creating wings

In the snow.

My watercolors, oils and pastels

depicted the Halcyon angels

In their dazzling peace and tranquility.


Halcyon Days Halcyon - 2019 Days Issue - 2019 16 | 13 Issue 15 | 13

Backyard Guest

by Stella Mazur Preda

exquisite graceful

dressed in red fur

she gingerly manoeuvres tops

of snow-weighted bushes

nestles her body

curling tightly

into deep snows

almost obscure —

I stand at my window

not believing what I see —

a red fox has taken residency

in our backyard

the next two weeks

she leaves occasionally

yet always returns

as spring melt begins

she vacates her snow nest


Halcyon Halcyon Days Days - 2019 - 2019 Issue Issue 16 | 15 14 | 14


Halcyon Days - 2019 Issue 15 | 15

Halcyon Days - 2019 Issue 16 | 15


Halcyon Days - 2019 Issue 15 | 16

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