How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work

herb2home As the most popular BC dispensary online, we’re committed to bringing you everything you need under one roof! We offer competitive prices and same-day delivery!


Canada’s #1 Online Dispensary

Meet the Founders

• HERB2HOME rose from a passion for delivering premium quality cannabis

products backed by outstanding customer experience.

• Our founders took their own experiences and knowledge to create a brand

dedicated to its customers. As we watched others around us benefit from

cannabis use, we became excited at the opportunity to share the amazing

benefits and healing powers of cannabis with the rest of Canada.

• As the world shifted towards the acceptance of the idea of medical marijuana

use, we began to see several businesses jump on the bandwagon. More and more

dispensaries popped up throughout Vancouver, and other major cities, that

offered high-quality cannabis product. Many of these businesses, however, failed

to deliver. They were capitalizing on the market, not invested in the industry.

• We took the time and investment necessary to deliver a premium brand of

affordable products that don’t sacrifice quality. We wanted to pair high-quality

products with the ultimate customer experience as we help customers unlock the

benefits of cannabis. We’re committed because we genuinely believe in the

industry and are pleased with the brand we have created.

Our Product Line

• Our premium line of products includes:

• Herbs

• Concentrates

• Edibles

• Chocolates

• Gummies

• Mints

• Chips

• Pills

• Vapes

• Derivatives

• Disposable Pens

• Bath and Body Products

• Infused Bath Bombs

• Medicated Pain Balms

• Pain Sticks

• Hybrd

• Indica

• Sativa

• Accessories

Never Sacrifice Quality with H2H

• H2H follows a strict quality control adherence policy that continually tests

our products to make sure you get the best quality every time you shop with


• We test all our products in-house. This ensures that everything we sell is the

premium grade we committed to delivering to our customers.

• H2H creates a better customer experience through state-of-the-art order

tracking, straight to your door delivery, and even same-day delivery in select


• At H2H, our customers always come first. We are here to listen to your

suggestions, requests, and even concerns. Our team is responsive and

dedicated to bringing you everything you need to make your experience with

H2H the best it can be.

Convenient Shipping Options

• H2H products are shipped right to your door.

• We even offer same-day delivery services for our customers. With just a

minimum of $50, orders placed before 2 PM on Monday-Friday with be delivered

the same day if your delivery address is in one of these cities:

• Surrey

• Langley

• Maple Ridge

• Abbotsford

• Our innovative tracking system sends text updates that notify you when:

• Your order is received

• Your order is confirmed

• Your order is on its way

• You’ll get updates throughout the whole process, so you know exactly when to

expect your shipment to arrive at your door.

We Make It Simple

• We understand that life is busy! That’s why we make ordering so simple.

• For customers 19-years-old and older, you can shop our convenient,

responsive online store.

• Browse through all our products quickly and easily.

• Add the products you need to our easy-to-use online shopping cart.

• Process your order with just a few clicks.

• Get innovative updates right to your cell phone.

• Find your premium quality cannabis products delivered right to your front


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