2017 - 2018 GMCT Annual Report


This Annual Report outlines the work of Müllers from March 2017 until February 2018.

Annual Report 2017-2018

Bringing prayer and care together to

transform lives and shape communities

Prayer Works & Actions Matter


From Left to Right

Phil Thomas (Training Co-ordinator), Lois McGinley (Missions Co-ordinator), Sarah Macfaden (Operations Co-ordinator),

Funsho Ojo (Charity Accountant), Jo Formby (Administrative Assistant), Dan Doherty (Charity Team Leader)

At the end of the prayer in Paul’s letter to the Ephesian church, he writes ‘now to him who is able to do immeasurably more

than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ

Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.’ (Ephesians 3:20). An expectant faith in God’s ability to do this

“immeasurably more” is at the centre of both our lives and our witness to Jesus in Bristol and across the whole world. George

Müller demonstrated this faith in all circumstances – whether in great fruitfulness or grim frustration, in both trials and

transitions, in the mundane and the remarkable – with constant commitment to prayer and action going hand-in-hand.

Cover Photo – ©Africa Naturally

As mentioned in last year’s report, we

were deeply affected by the sudden

death of Alan Jessopp in April 2017. It

has been a challenging year for the staff

team, with several changes. We have

been joined by Jo, Funsho and Dan,

and have said goodbye to Beth and

Ruth. We are grateful for all that Beth

and Ruth accomplished, and wish them

every blessing in the future. Despite

these changes, the staff team has been

strengthened and together we eagerly

await all that the Lord has for us; thank

you for supporting us, and standing with

us in prayer.

Partnering locally in the Bristol region,

we continue to see the story of George

Müller shared in schools, churches and

other locations. We hope to continue

to resource this creatively, particularly

the challenge of reaching school-age

children. Our new children’s booklet

(with a cartoon George) has been well

received, as has our increased social

media presence in which we encourage

the values of prayer, faith and action.

The staff team have been working hard

to update the museum so that we can

continue to tell the amazing story of

God’s faithfulness and inspire people in

the future.

This year Müllers is a key organisation in

facilitating Hope Bristol 2018, bringing

together different generations, with a

focus on young people, to build Bristol

into a City of Hope.

Partnering globally, we have been

delighted to see a deepening of

relationships with projects and SKI

partners as we pray regularly for those

working with vulnerable children, young

people and widows around the globe.

On a daily basis, we are committed to

praying specifically for their needs and

for God’s power to work through His

people, that they may meet the daily

challenges of their needy situations.

If you would like to join us in praying

daily for them, then please contact us to

receive our monthly prayer digest.

As we look forward, we are excited

about the next season, and as we pray

we expect God to continue to do that

“immeasurably more” of which Paul

spoke through all the partnerships we


Stewart North

(Chairman of Müllers)

Müllers is a working name of The George Müller Charitable Trust (founded in 1834) which

is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Registered Charity no. 1066832

Company no. 3471812. Registered Office: Müller House, 7 Cotham Park, Bristol, BS6 6DA.

Our Work 4

Partnering Globally 6

Five Talents 7

Africa Naturally 8

25:40 Romania 9

Haven Home 10

Jubilee Society of Mongolia 11

Papua New Guinea 12

Albania 13

Partnering Locally 14

Church Partnerships 14

Prayer Spaces in Schools 15

Hope Bristol 16

Equip Events 16

Seniors 16

Bristol Churches City Fund 17

Heritage 18

Practical Theology Course 20

Community Houses 23

News From the Trust 24

Review of 2017-2018 26

2 Müllers Annual Report 2017-18



Our Work

1 2 3 4


Müllers has been bringing prayer and

care together to transform lives and

shape communities since 1834.

Partnering in prayer for every aspect of

our work:

Strengthening Faith

Encouraging Hope

Enabling Love





Helping in the care of thousands

of orphans around the world


Helping in the outreach to a

whole generation of local and

unchurched children & youth.


Sharing the legacy of answered

prayer and God’s provision

through the George Müller

museum, family history records,

& literature


Practical Theology Course


Discipleship, Houses of prayer


Engaging 3rd agers, and

serving elderly widows

locally and overseas



• Partnership in prayer

• Supporting global mission


• SKI linked orphan work

• Significant Partners - working

with Orphans

• Microfinance Partners


• SKI linked seniors work


• Open the Book

• Prayer Spaces in Schools

• Pray for Schools

• Ministry with Children & Youth



• Partnership in Prayer

• Equip

• Links to Orphans of the World

• Seniors in the Community

• People in Need




4 Müllers Annual Report 2017-18



Partnering Globally

Partnering Globally: East Africa

Five Talents – Project in East Africa

A grant from Müllers in 2017 enabled Five Talents to support the Embu Community

Development Trust in Kenya, as it seeks to become more sustainable. It enabled the

Trust to offer people a safe place to save money, access small loans and receive training

in financial literacy and business skills. This has affected 3,670 families, benefitting

almost 15,000 children.

Whilst the drought has been bad, these families have been encouraged to hear stories

from some of their older members as to how the help of the Trust has changed things

for them. Before the programme, their only option in times of crisis was to sell an asset

or borrow from a local loan-shark at up to 30% interest a month. Now 78% of their

members say they and their families can cope in emergencies like droughts.

©Africa Naturally

As we look back over the past year we are reminded of the privilege it is to partner with all of you through prayer and financial

giving. Your gifts have been a blessing to over 231 recipients both here in the UK and across the world. Your generosity has

enabled our global partners to make the most of many incredible opportunities to share the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ

and to demonstrate how God continues to answer prayer.

£1,344,263 - total given through SKI including:

£166,840 - amount given through Orphans of the World initiative

£58,400 - amount given through Widows of the World initiative

We would like to showcase a few of our global partners to give you a window into how God has been using some of your gifts to

change lives across the globe.

Eunice lives in a village where the last two rains have failed completely. She

used to rely on the profit from her harvest to purchase seed for the next season,

but persistent drought has left her only able to buy seed for a fraction of the

land she farms, meaning that she was becoming poorer each season. Three

years ago Eunice joined a Trust Group, and after six months of saving, she

borrowed a loan of £230 which she used to buy seed.

Three months later she had her biggest harvest in a long time – 100 bags of

maize compared to just 15 in the previous harvest. With the extra income, all of

Eunice’s three children are now able to go to secondary school, and she has kept

a few bags of maize in case of future emergencies.

Prayer Point - Please

continue to pray for

the team in Embu

and all whom they

seek to serve.

“We have so appreciated

the faithful support of

Müllers as we journey

together with Embu –

both your financial gifts

and your prayers. “

Five Talents


6 Müllers Annual Report 2017-18



Partnering Globally: Africa Naturally

Partnering Globally: 25:40 Romania

Africa Naturally –

Farming God’s Way

It all started in 2008 when Janet

and Gabrielle met Tanneken Fros, a

missionary with Mountain of Praise

(MOP) Church with a heart for orphan

care. They started growing rice to

feed the children and this led to the

formation of Farming for Orphans in

Mozambique (FOM). FOM helps to fight

food poverty and improve nutrition,

growing vegetables, fruit and rice for

the children, with the support of friends

in the UK through prayer and financial

donations. FOM also trains MOP church

members in a 12 month programme

called ‘Farming for Orphans

in Mozambique’, teaching and

equipping with ‘Farming God’s Way’

(FGW) and the food produced is

harvested for the children and carers.

FOM cares for 45-70 orphans at any one

time and it is estimated that there are

about 500 orphans in the region, and 1.6

million throughout the country.

One person who was trained on this

programme is ‘Momade’. This year

he is leading the new FOM team and

supporting our new Growing Hope

programme helping to train and equip

pastors and their church families. He has

helped to train over 20 people so far, and

has helped to produce over 3,500 kg of

vegetables for the orphans through




the FOM mission. The Growing Hope

Mission, started this year, trains and

equips Pastor’s with FGW and supports

them to help church family in need and

to then equip the wider community to

combat malnutrition for children and

show the love of Jesus.

Africa Naturally



25:40 ROMANIA was set up in April 2000 by Andrew and Jackie Howlett from the

UK. Their heart for the charity has always been to express the love of God to the

communities of the Jiu Valley in Romania through practical and financial aid. This is

one example of the projects in which they are involved:

House of Hope in Baru – run by Dani and Lili Radacanu

The House of Hope has now been running for 17 years and is currently home

to eight children. The last two children to join the home are two brothers who

arrived a year ago. They have settled in very well and the change in them both

has been great to see. They were given up by their father who had not been

able to find work and therefore had not been able to provide for them, and their

mother had left to work as a prostitute in Italy.

The story of George Müller has been an influence on the charity from its

inception, and it has led Andrew and Jackie to adopt the policy of not asking for

money or fundraising. As they reflected on their partnership with Müllers they

commented that “We have seen the faithfulness of God as our ministry has

been maintained over the years”.

©Africa Naturally

We asked Janet how partnership with

Mullers has affected this ministry:

“It has been essential. Helping us to

receive funds plus prayer support and

contributions from your general fund

have helped us with forward planning

(for example, for our recently installed

boreholes which will improve farming

production) and to make us sustainable.”

Prayer Point - Pray for those

orphans who have graduated from

a FOM apprenticeship and are

being trained for the enterprise

scheme. This will enable them

to set up micro-projects, such as

bee-keeping, so they can become

independent and support their

future families.

Andrew & Jackie Howlett


Prayer point - Please pray for

Andrew and Jackie as they

plan to expand their work with

families and particularly find

sponsors to enable children to go

to High School and University

8 Müllers Annual Report 2017-18



Partnering Globally: India

Partnering Globally: Mongolia

“Your generous donations this

year have been a great blessing

to Haven Home and the local

communities. Whatever Haven

Home is today, it is because

of your sacrificial giving and

fervent prayers for us. We

thank you from the depths of

our hearts for partnering and

standing with us to carry the

vision the Lord gave.”

Haven Home – “Where children have a home and a hope”

Haven Home, much like the Müller Homes, started from humble beginnings, with Benjibab

& Krupa Yelchuri taking so many children into their home that they were overwhelmed with

the need and had to find outside support.

They now have a ministry that houses, educates and cares for around 130 children. Haven

Home also supports the elderly and those in need in their local community, with food,

access to healthcare through a newly built medical centre, and boreholes to provide clean

drinking water.



Haven Home


Gospel for Tribal Social Service Society – India

Gifts given this year have contributed towards buying bicycles to enable

students to travel around and share the gospel. Sewing machines have

been given to girls to make garments to sell so that they can earn a

living. GTSSS cares for both children and vulnerable elderly people, and

is currently setting up a chicken farm to not only provide eggs, but also

bring in funds for the organisation as a whole.

Jubilee Society of Mongolia

The Jubilee Society is a Mongolian

Non-Government Organization, which

was founded early in 2001. It reaches

out to the poorest of the poor with the

aim of improving their health, education

and nutrition, and works alongside

individuals to help them find a regular

income for their families.

This year most of the gifts sent through

Müllers have been used to support the

elderly and widows. Seniors gather

together each week at the community

centres to exercise, talk, learn and play


Older people who were previously

quite isolated gather and spend their

time in fellowship, playing games and

developing relationships with each


Emergency relief, such as coal, food

and clothes, is provided during the

very cold winters.

Portable round tents are provided

where housing is urgently needed.


10 Müllers Annual Report 2017-18



Partnering Globally: Papua New Guinea

Partnering Globally: Albania

Simon & Ruth Potinu - Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Simon and Ruth established the Widows

Encouraging Widows Fellowship (WEWF)

two years ago; one of the regular

projects run by this group is a baking

class where the ladies learn how to bake

muffins, scones and rolls for their own

families and to sell locally.

The Potinus reported to us: “Little

shops outside people’s houses are

very common here in PNG. Many of

the widows are excited to learn how

to bake so that they can then sell their

goods to keep their families going.”

An unexpected ministry branch of

WEWF started in the midst of difficult

circumstances when one of the widows

with whom they work was sentenced to

prison due to a land issue that took place

years ago. She is seeking to have the

case appealed but is currently serving a

three-year sentence. Some of the WEWF

team recently visited her and were

given the amazing opportunity to lead a

church service for the 40 or so ladies in

the prison.

Prayer Point - Please pray for the WEWF projects: the

group’s ministry to those in prison; ovens to be purchased

for the women’s homes; and sewing machines for the sewing

classes that have been planned.

Simon & Ruth

Papua New


Ian and Caralee Loring -


Ian and Caralee are right at the heart

of their community in Albania and,

with their team, have planted eight

churches, and set up a safe house

for girls to be rescued out of abusive

situations. In addition, they help to run

children’s camps each summer and

have seen a growing work amongst

the elderly.

Here is just one story of someone who

has been helped by the safe house:

Gerta was born into a gypsy family,

the seventh of nine children of

mixed paternity. Her mother

frequently disappeared for months

at a time, so Gerta grew up begging

on the streets. She was met by

the team running the street kids

programme and was quickly

admitted into the safe house.

The team at the safe house have

reported that she has adjusted well

to her new environment and has

found a personal faith in Jesus. She

is grateful to Him for her new life

and her new family.

Ian & Caralee


Prayer Point - Please pray for the

Lorings as they look to take on

interns to help expand the work

of sharing the gospel to

the local villages, and as they

open up a new home for boys

in the autumn.

12 Müllers Annual Report 2017-18



Partnering Locally

being successfully used in our city. This

is one example that we’ve supported

prayerfully and shared:

We are prayerfully supporting

churches in the city as they serve their

communities, particularly encouraging

them to reach a generation of local

unchurched children and youth.

In our work in Bristol, it is a privilege for

Müllers to be part of “Building Bristol

as a City of Hope”, a Christian initiative

looking to provide a platform for the

Christian community to bring change

to their city. Projects like Hope Bristol

2018 and Bristol Churches City Fund

are strategic in meeting this goal, as are

national initiatives like Prayer Spaces

in Schools, which we are continuing to


Church Partnerships

We continue to support local

congregations in Bristol in their work.

Our Partnership Hub in February

on Social Action provided a great

opportunity to discuss specific

situations, as well as looking at how to

encourage a congregation to greater

community interaction. We also

discussed the opportunities that Hope

Bristol 2018 presents to the city.

We are inspired by the creative ways

churches are connecting with their

communities, and enjoy being able to

share models of engagement that are

Around Shrove Tuesday, Mustard Tree

Community Church ran a pancakethemed

event to bless families and

talk with them both about what the

church is doing, and could be doing,

in the community. At the event,

children and their families entered a

relaxed cafe atmosphere where they

enjoyed pancakes, crafts and games.

The event was publicised through

the local school via an assembly and

newsletter. Vouchers were made

available in the local school and

were also included in the church’s

newsletter, which was distributed to

the community prior to the event.

This meant that families could attend

the event for free as well as find out

what else the church was doing in

the area. All in all, the event provided

an amazing opportunity for the local

community to ‘taste and see that the

Lord is good’!

In the coming year we’re looking

forward to strengthening our prayer

partnership with local churches,

and equipping people through Hub

Gatherings, Training Opportunities and

our Local Line-Up e-newsletter.

Prayer Spaces in Schools

We supported Prayer Spaces in Schools

and Bristol Schools Connection by

hosting two training events this year;

one was in Almondsbury in November

and the other in Fishponds in April. The

events provided an opportunity to find

out how to get started with hosting

a Prayer Space, and to try out some

prayer activities which could be used

in schools. Attendance at events like

these is growing as more and more of

our partner churches consider running

Prayer Spaces in their communities.

Prayer Spaces in Schools is also growing,

with over 1 million children and young

people worldwide having used a Prayer

Space during their time at school, in

more than 30 countries.

In Bristol we have seen ten Prayer Spaces

happen this year in a range of locations

around the city, and these are just those

that we know about. We are excited

to continue to support the growth of

Prayer Spaces in our local schools, as

they provide a fantastic opportunity for

children and young people to experience

prayer in a safe, creative and interactive


14 Müllers Annual Report 2017-18



Partnering Locally

Hope Bristol

Mullers has been involved in the

preparation and planning for Hope

Bristol 2018, a city-wide mission aiming


1) Serve the local communities

of Bristol, showing God’s love in

practical ways and sharing the good

news of Jesus.

2) Build unity within the churches that leads to action

3) Inspire life-long mission in both our local volunteers and the people

coming to the city with Soul Survivor

Müllers is partnering with Bristol Noise and Soul Survivor, connecting with

churches across Bristol and heading the event’s steering group to work towards

the event’s success. To this end we have prepared for:

- Events for kids, young people and senior citizens

- 15 Family Fun Afternoons

- Community Projects across the City

We prayed that this event would have a significant impact on the city of Bristol

and its residents, while also inspiring the younger generation in mission.

Equip Events

Social media training provided free of

charge to local churches and charities

continues to be a helpful resource.

These Equip events focused on Twitter

and Facebook and gave organisations

practical guidance to encourage them

to reach out into their communities

using digital technology. The events also

provided encouragement to us as we

were able to hear firsthand about the

range of charities and churches that are

serving the city of Bristol and beyond.

If you’re interested in these Equip Events,

then you can find information about

upcoming sessions on our website



Supporting and working with seniors

remains a vital part of Müllers’ ministry.

This work began a long time ago when

we realised that former ‘Müllers Orphans’

often faced a new challenge in their later

years due to having little or no immediate


In the coming months we will be thinking

about how we can expand our work for

the benefit of seniors. In particular, we

will consider how Müllers can encourage,

resource and support local churches to

serve older people. Please continue to

pray for us as we seek to partner with

local churches in this valuable ministry.

Bristol Churches City Fund

With recent economic austerity, and cuts

in funding on multiple fronts, the church

in Bristol is creatively responding to the

big social needs in the city. Over recent

years, Christian organisations sought

to support the Council authorities by

demonstrating God’s response of love

to human need. We have been pleased

to be involved with a new initiative,

called Bristol Churches City Fund, which

wants to show Christian generosity

to financially support a response

to four growing social needs across

the Bristol Region. These needs are:

homelessness, food poverty, debt

support and refugee work.

While Müllers does not involve itself

in any of the fund-raising aspects

of the Churches City Fund, we are

nevertheless providing all the required

governance involved in receiving the

funds, considering applications and

releasing monies to organisations

working in one of these four areas. We

are delighted to be doing this work free

of charge, allowing every penny given to

the Fund to directly benefit the people

being served by the various supported

projects. The Churches City Fund has

three core values:

Strategic Unity - the impact and

reporting of this fund will send a message

to the city that the church in Bristol is

of one mind and resolve in its care for

the poor, the disadvantaged and the


Abundant Generosity – it is hoped

that the Fund will not divert monies from

other channels, but that the Christian

community in the city will give abundantly

to help combat these social ills.

Resource Multiplication – it is hoped

that the Fund will have a powerful

and visible impact, providing hope

in hopelessness, opening the door to

further transformative opportunities and

showing that the Body of Christ united is

more effective than lone Christians acting


To find out more, please visit


Prayer Point –Please pray for the

team as we develop our Church

Partnerships and Equip Events

in the coming year.

Please pray for the work of the

Bristol Churches City Fund as they

respond to social needs across

the city.

16 Müllers Annual Report 2017-18



Heritage - Leaving a legacy of prayer, faith & action

The George Müller Museum at Müllers’

Hub in Cotham continues to draw

people from around the globe. Over the

last 12 months we’ve had

1,150 visitors, including 13 class

visits to the museum with 378 school

children and 1 visit to a School to talk

to 90 school children

this year’s visitors have been particularly

interested in our needlework samplers,

and the history of the New Orphan

Homes on Ashley Down. One visitor

from the USA commented:

‘What a great man George Müller

was! We are sampler enthusiasts and

admire his care and education of the


We are excited that God continues to

use George Müller’s story to inspire and

excite people. We hope to redesign

our museum soon, including more

interactive elements and displaying a

selection of the orphan records that are

currently locked away in our archives.





to the museum with

378 school children


to a School to talk

to 90 school children

This year we have recreated George Müller as a cartoon character, along with two children, to tell the

story of Müller’s care of orphans in the 1800s and his faith in God. The new children’s booklet, entitled

George Müller and His 10,000 Children includes a cartoon, entries from Müller’s Narrative and a map of

Bristol highlighting places important to his story. A new page on our website, www.mullers.org/extra,

features the characters along with new videos, a timeline and a photo gallery. We have been delighted

to hear about cartoon George popping up in classrooms and children’s church groups in Bristol and

beyond, even overseas.

We are, as always, most thankful to our

volunteers Graham Steer and Julian

Marsh for their tireless work in delivering

talks on George Müller.

Our orphan records continue to be a

valuable resource for those researching

their family history. We are grateful

to have the opportunity of providing

people with documents that paint an

often very detailed picture of their

relatives’ circumstances and their time in

Müller’s Homes for Children. Several of

Prayer Points - Praise God for

the continued impact of George

Müller’s story, inspiring faith

and action around the world.

Please pray for us as we work

on redesigning the George

Müller Museum, and continue to

develop our Schools resources.

George Müller Museum

Open by Appointment

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Monday to Friday

(except public holidays)

To arrange a visit please telephone

0117 924 5001 or email:



18 Müllers Annual Report 2017-18



Practical Theology Course

In his first epistle, Peter encourages his beleaguered readers, tempted to return to a pre-Christian lifestyle, to “prepare your

minds”. It is noteworthy that he underscores the importance of the intellectual, or mental, and not just the emotional: often

we can elevate the heart over the mind, but the New Testament is clear that they both have a part to play in the life of faithful

discipleship (Rom 8:5-6; Eph 4:23; Phil Phil 2:2; Col 3:2; 1 Thess 3:13; Heb 13:9; Jas 5:8).

The Practical Theology course seeks to enable the students to have their minds prepared and their hearts strengthened as they

Examine the Bible, Encounter Jesus, Explore Theology, Evaluate Presuppositions and Engage Culture. It is our hope that by

doing so the learners will cultivate—by the grace of God—deep roots that enable them to lead fruitful lives for the Lord.

After last year’s more chronologically

mature intake, this year’s course has

seen a return to the norm of students

in their 20s and 30s. We have welcomed

ten students from eight different local

churches, as well as 13 young people

from across the South-West who have

been part of a New Wine Discipleship

Year (https://www.new-wine.org/

mission-areas/discipleship-year). As

always, it has been a pleasure and

privilege to see these sisters and brothers

in Christ attentively studying the Bible

and seeking to apply it to some of the

pressing issues of the contemporary


The American author and educator

Parker Palmer writes that “Good teaching

is an act of generosity,” and we have

benefitted from the generosity of

many other teachers this year, whose

inspiration, knowledge, depth of ministry

experience and passion for their subjects

have made the course such an enriching

experience for the students.



In addition to the Tuesday Practical

Theology course, we run a monthly Year

Two discussion seminar for those who

wish to continue to prepare their minds

and strengthen their hearts. We have

discussed issues as diverse as the nature

of evil, the impact of digital technology

on discipleship, Christian service, and the

book of Nahum. One of the highlights

of the Year Two programme was the

opportunity that six students had to

visit Samm and Andy Cheesman, one

of Müllers’ SKI partners, in Szeged,

Hungary. We had the opportunity to lead

a cross-church day conference, as well as

ministering in Sunday worship to Sion

20 Müllers Annual Report 2017-18



Practical Theology Course

Community Houses

Pentecostal Church during our four day

visit. All of us found the trip to be both

physically demanding and spiritually

enriching, and it was an honour to meet

brothers and sisters from an oftenoverlooked

European context.

Thank you for your prayers regarding

the remodeling of the course, and

accreditation with a new Awarding Body.

This process has gone very smoothly,

which is testament to the prayer support

we have received. Please continue to

pray for the course, and that students

would graduate from it with their hearts

strengthened and their minds prepared

for a life of faithful discipleship in a world

that is largely marked by indifference to


Prayer Point - Pray that the

students will cultivate

deep roots that will enable

them to lead fruitful lives

for the Lord.

Our three community houses continue

to thrive as places of prayer, hospitality

and witness. The residents appreciate

their partnership with Müllers and are

grateful for the opportunity to steward the

buildings as intentional communities. Each

of the houses is an inspiration to a wider

network of community houses in Bristol,

while also attracting interest nationally and


The following is an edited summary of one of

our community leaders’ reflections on some

of the reasons for this appeal: We currently

have 22 residents ranging from one to 60

years old. They live out our stated values as

a Christian community and we are in the

process of reviewing with each member how

those values are owned and lived out.

We strive to be:

• A place of witness. As Christian

Communities with a visible rhythm of life,

especially at meal times we are a distinctive

witness to all who visit our home. Guests see

a community not just eating together but

sharing stories and prayers at every meal

time. In addition, whenever someone from

the house talks to a colleague or friend about

where they live, it inevitably raises questions

about faith and life. I see these Community

Houses as the equivalent of the New

Testament era “church in the home” (or oikos).

• Releasing ministry. One of the key things

that life in a Community House facilitates

is the release of people into ministry. This

could be fast-tracking new Christians into a

place of service; for example, Mel, who has

been a Christian for just one year, now helps

to lead an Alpha group in her local church,

as well as serving in a youth ministry, being

empowered to witness as she works in a

tough job as a nurse in Horfield Prison. It can

also include encouraging those who have

been Christians for longer to find their place

in ministry; Dan, a recent graduate who was

not involved much in ministry, now leads a

group for 18 year olds based in the House.

He very much enjoyed being on the Müllers

Practical Theology course.

Furthermore, we are able to support

Christian workers, who are often lowly

paid, by supporting them prayerfully and

practically, and sometimes subsidising

them. Many residents are supported in this

way: Hannah, who leads a national Student

ministry ‘Just Love’; Sam, who was supported

by the household to serve with Hope 18;

Steve, who runs a children’s football ministry

while finishing a Masters’ Degree in Sport

and Christian outreach; Matt who manages

North Bristol foodbank; Amelia who is doing

a New Wine Discipleship Year; Jo who is

doing an internship with Woodlands Church;

and Tina, who serves in Youth ministry at


• Supporting people. This is an invaluable

part of what the Community Houses offer,

despite bringing many challenges as those

with backgrounds of addiction, alcoholism or

mental health are welcomed and supported.

One of our household is in a six-month

‘rehab’ style Christian ministry; another has

been alcohol free for seven months after

long battles with a life controlling problem;

one member of the house manages disability

and mobility challenges; and another was in

recovery and, after something of a ‘crash’, has

been supported by us through an alternative

lifestyle outside community.

• Prayer. Prayer is a key value and practice

for our household, and our rhythm includes

a weekly prayer time for the Persecuted

Church, as well as daily devotional practices.

We have seen some wonderful answers to

prayer this year.

• Hospitality. Our house continues to be

a base for a post-16 youth group, a weekly

children’s football ministry in the back

garden, a venue for city-wide Youthwork

planning meetings, Church leader’s

meetings, Student BBQ’s and a host of other

events. At daily shared meal times guests

sometimes outnumber residents, and we all

take it in turns to cook.

• Neighbourhood. We continue to build

links with our immediate neighbours. Once

a term we go into a local school to provide

cakes and drinks for the staff, and build

bridges with the school. We are grateful

that for part of the year our football project

was able to move from our garden to a local

school. Some of our immediate neighbours

have become close friends and it’s been

good to see them drawn into our life, some

even volunteering to support Christian

charities with which we have a connection.

Although the Community Houses were not

around in George Müller’s day, they fit well

within the ministry of the work today, in

which we follow Müller’s belief that ‘prayer

counts, and actions matter.’

22 Müllers Annual Report 2017-18



News from the Trust


SD North (Chairman)

EJ Marsh (Vice Chairman)

AC Davies (Company Secretary)

QTS Elston

EFC Small

DJ Powell

JN Kingston

TD Grieve

Former Directors:

George Müller (Founder) (1834-1898)

James Wright (1898-1905)

George Frederick Bergin (1905-1912)

William M Bergin (1912-1930)

Alfred E Green (1930-1940)

Thomas Tilsley (1940-1952)

John McCready (1952-1958)

James J Rose (1958-1986)

Joseph Cowan (1986-1988)

Robert L Scott-Cook (1988-1994)

Julian P Marsh [Chief Exec] (1994-2008)

Keith Hagon [Chief Exec] (2008-2012)

Robert L Scott-Cook [Hon Exec Chair] (2012-2016)

Stewart D North [Hon Exec Chair] (2016-present)

“See, I am doing

a new thing!”

ISAIAH 43:19

This is a season of change at Müllers, with much to look

forward to and many things for which to be thankful. We

have greatly appreciated Stewart North’s leadership this

year as he has continued in the role of Chairman. The staff

team has seen the departure of Beth Dobson, who moved

to Liverpool to study a Master’s degree in Dance Practices,

and Ruth Cooper, who has taken a management role at Crisis

Centre Ministries after serving diligently in the role of Charity

Accountant for five years. However, we have welcomed Jo

Formby to the role of Administrative Assistant, and Funsho

Ojo as the new Charity Accountant; both Jo and Funsho

bring a wealth of skill and experience to the team. In October

Dan Doherty was appointed to the role of Charity Team

Leader. Dan has quickly found his feet, forming an effective

working relationship with both the staff and trustees. We are

grateful for his management and team working skills.

As a staff team we continue to meet daily to pray for the

work of both our partners and ourselves. It remains a

privilege to uphold the belief that God answers prayer and

strengthens his people to serve in practical ways.

Prayer Points

Please pray for continued unity and

collabartion among the staff team

as we seek to work out new rhythms.

Former Boys and Girls Reunion

It has been exciting for us to continue to meet with some of the former residents of the Müllers’ Orphan Homes. The annual

summer reunion was a wonderful success, gathering many former Orphans, with their friends and family, for lunch and an

afternoon cream tea. The guests had the opportunity to look around the museum and hear what work the charity is involved

in today. One of our memories of the day is of seeing former Müllers Orphans looking through old photographs, recognising

themselves or their friends. It was a privilege to witness their reactions, both smiles and tears.

As always, it was fascinating to hear their memories, and we are now trying to record these so that we have a permanent record.

One person commented that during the war, bombs fell nearby and yet not even the windows of the orphanage blew in!

Müllers Orphans rarely had any trouble in acknowledging that there must be a God of love who was watching over them.

24 Müllers Annual Report 2017-18



Summary of the Year

Total Income for 2017/2018

Unrestricted General Funds:





The past year, from 1st March 2017

to 28th February 2018, has been an

incredible testimony of God’s provision

of funds, prayer support, new staff

members and further developing the

work of Müllers which comprises:

With your support sending £1,344,263

worldwide through SKI to 231 recipients


£166,840 sent through Orphans of the

World Initiative








£58,400 sent through Widows of the

World Initiative

4,397 Prayer Digests Sent Worldwide

27.5 Hours spent in Morning Prayer

6 Team Members working at

Müllers’ Hub

8 Trustees

65 Family History enquires

1,150 Museum Visitors

13 Class Visits to the museum with

378 schoolchildren





27.5 HOURS


1,310 children’s booklets, ‘George

Müller and His 10,000 children’


1,096 visits to our Kid’s Extra Page on

our Website spending an average of 3

minutes learning about George Müller

and life as an Orphan in the Homes.


Many of our supporters leave a legacy

through their enduring support of the

charity over many years, through prayer

and recounting the story of George Müller

to those around them. The gift of a financial

legacy is another way to make a difference.

If you are considering leaving a legacy,

there is some useful information on our

website mullers.org or call us 01179245001.

Gift Aid

We value being able to maximise gifts

received through Gift Aid. If you’re a UK

tax payer contact us for more details as

special rules apply for Scriptural Knowledge

Institution (SKI).

Looking Ahead

This year we plan to be working

hard on our heritage – helping more

people to discover, and rediscover, a

faithful God who answers prayer. We

are redesigning the George Muller

museum in the hope that it will inform

and inspire people of all ages about the

historic and current work of Mullers.

We will continue to ground all that we

do in prayer, trusting in God’s guidance

for our future and are excited about the

next season.


Donations: 5%

Legacies: 2%

Rental Income & Mortgage interest: 21%

Investment income: 71%

Family Records & Sale of books: 1%

The charity also administered restricted

funds of £1,225K representing legacies and

gifts received for specific Orphans of the

World, Widows of the World missionaries,

specific local events and projects.

Total Expenditure for 2017/2018

Unrestricted General Funds:


Orphans of the World grants: 31%

Widows of the World grants: 11%

Community Living: 9%

Governance: 1%

Communications: 6%

Seniors: 2%

Heritage: 16%

Local partnerships: 12%

Training: 12%

Net Gains on Investments for

2017/2018: £117,000

(In Expendable Endowment Fund)

Prayer Point – Please pray for our regular work including

local partnerships, global partnerships, the Practical

Theology Course and all the work behind the scenes. Also

pray for the development of the heritage aspect of our work

including refreshing our museum.

The above figures are taken from the audited

Trustees Annual Report and Statements for the

year ended 28th February 2018. The full document

will be filed with the Charity Commission in due

course and will be available from their website

26 Müllers Annual Report 2017-18



Bringing prayer and care together to transform lives and shape communities

Müllers, Cotham Park,

Bristol, BS6 6DA

0117 924 5001




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