2016-2017 GMCT Annual Report


This Annual Report outlines the work of Müllers from March 2016 until February 2017.

Annual Report

2016 - 2017

...bringing prayer and care together to transform

lives and shape communities

Stewart North and Rob Scott-Cook

It is a huge privilege to be part of the team leading Müllers, with the principle of prayer and action hand-in-hand at our

core. I was honoured to become the Chair of Trustees for Müllers in June 2016, as Rob Scott-Cook passed on the baton

after leading the charity with great vision for 33 years, through some significant changes.

Prayer is the foundation of our

work as we partner with God’s

people in Bristol, across the UK

and around the world. Müller

encouraged believers to go to God

with a thankful heart, and we seek

to do this today as we pray for our

partners, our work and the world.

As we step in faith into what God

our Father is doing, He opens the

doors for His kingdom to expand,

as His people serve the most

vulnerable children and families

across the globe.

As a team at Müllers, we were

saddened by the unexpected death

of Alan Jessopp, our Missions

Coordinator, in April 2017. We

will remember his commitment,

his gracious generosity, and his

faithfulness to God’s call. A further

tribute is included on page 24.

Reflecting on the past, and

remembering what God has done

through the inspiring ministry of

George Müller motivates us to look

forward with faith and invest in

projects that will encourage the

next generation. These can be seen

in the growing and deepening of

partnerships in the Bristol Region

with churches, using the excellent

resources of Prayer Spaces in Schools

and Open the Book, and the inspiring

of churches, through our Equip social

media training events, to share good

news stories creatively.

Across the world there are many

obvious challenges brought about

by poverty, political instability, and

natural disaster; we continue to

pray daily and build relationships

with those who are facing these in

their own situations. We continue

to support those who are serving

God, many of them living in daily

dependence on Him to provide for all

their needs, as Müller did. It has been

encouraging to strengthen existing

partnerships, and build new ones

with organisations such as Send a

Cow, who are supporting orphans in


As trustees, we are grateful for a

gifted and dedicated staff team who

facilitate our work in resourcing

people and enabling mission, as we

see how prayer and action changes

everyday lives.

Stewart North

(Chairman of Müllers)

Müllers is a working name of The George Müller Charitable Trust (founded in 1834) which is a

limited company registered in England and Wales. Registered Charity no. 1066832 Company no.

3471812. Registered Office: Müller House, 7 Cotham Park, Bristol BS6 6DA

Our Work

Partnering Globally

Send a Cow

David Chaudhary Ministries

Iris Madagascar

Partnering Locally

Prayer Spaces in Schools

Open the Book

Pray for Schools

City Youth Vision

Hope Bristol 2018

Müllers Equip

Crofts End Rice Pot



Practical Theology



Community Houses

News from the Trust

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Müllers has been bringing prayer

and care together to transform lives

and shape communities since 1834

in the 19th Century, through to the

20th and into the 21st Century.

Partnering in prayer for every aspect

of our work:

Strengthening Faith

Encouraging Hope

Enabling Love





Help in the care of thousands

of orphans around the world


Help in the outreach to reach

a whole generation of local

unchurched children & youth.


Sharing the legacy of

answered prayer and God’s

provision through the George

Müller museum, family

history records, & literature


Practical Theology Course


Discipleship, Houses of prayer


Engaging 3rd agers, and

serving elderly and widows

locally and overseas



• SKI linked orphan work

• Significant partners working with


• Microfinance partners


• Partnership in prayer

• Supporting global mission


• Open the Book

• Prayer Spaces in Schools

• Pray for Schools

• Ministry with Children & Youth



• Partnership in Prayer

• Equip

• Links to Orphans of the World

• Seniors in the Community

• Needy People





• Globally serving Widows of the

World and locally serving the


4 Müllers Annual Report 2016-17 www.mullers.org 5

Josh & Nina

Cleaver, Ukraine

The Cleavers are running a Transition

Home for teenage girls leaving state

orphanages in Ukraine. They are also

working with every age group, from

baby orphans in a hospital through

to adults in the community. This year

Müllers stood with them in prayer

following a devastating fire, rejoicing

in the way that God worked as a

catalyst for deepening relationships

and answers to prayer. Reflecting

on their work they explained how,

“Müllers has been an absolute

blessing,” stating that

“the donor packs are very reassuring

to potential supporters. Knowing we

have extra prayer support is very

encouraging, as is the Scripture sent

with the monthly letter.”

With your support through the

Scriptural Knowledge Institution

(SKI), Müllers have sent over £1.4m

worldwide. We are proud to carry on

the work of SKI which was started in

1834 by George Müller. As George

was so often moved to rejoice and

praise God for the funds that were

received, we continue to thank God

for his ongoing provision; we are

grateful to all those who have been

involved in this way and appreciate

all those who stand with us in prayer.

The power of prayer has continued

to underpin the work of the Trust

and our partners over the last year.

It is always humbling to hear about

answers to prayer and how the

funds have been used to further

God’s kingdom. It’s been a privilege

for Müllers to act as a bridge that

joins together different churches,

organisations and individuals.

Our Orphans of the World (OoW)

initiative continues to bless the

poorest and most vulnerable people

across the globe. Our OoW recipients

work with orphans and children

who are most in need. It has been a

privilege for Müllers to give £216,000

through targeted grants to their work.

Pray that each child connected

with our partners would grow

strong physically, mentally and

spiritually. Please pray that each

child would know God’s love.

Pray for areas across the world

that are affected by extreme

climate events, such as drought,

and those serving in these areas.

Andre Chagas &

Samuel Santos,


Andre and Samuel are serving with

Open Hands Association in Brazil, a

charity committed to poverty relief.

They rehouse people from the slums

in purpose-built homes. Evaluating

their ministry, they highlighted how

“Müllers has been of great help by

facilitating the receiving and sending

of the gifts made by our supporters.

This has helped us to cover our

expenses allowing us to carry on with

the ministry.”

6 Müllers Annual Report 2016-17 www.mullers.org 7

Partnering Globally:

Müllers has joined together with two

local Bristol churches to financially

support and pray for Send a Cow’s,

Ugandan Orphan Project. We were

moved by the story of Kasiita who,

at age 15, had to care for his five

siblings when his parents died of HIV.

In order to provide for the family,

the three eldest children were forced

to drop out of school and work on

local farms, working long hard hours

for very little. Before they started

working with Send a Cow, they would

eat poorly and fall sick regularly,

often using money to buy medicine

rather than food, but when asked

about what they plan to eat each day,

Kasiita replied: “We believe in God

and in miracles.”

Since June 2016 it has been a privilege

families trained

to support the Ugandan Orphan

Project through our Orphans of the

World initiative. Send a Cow has

provided 400 families made up of

brothers, sisters and carers with

the practical training they need in

order to grow food, keep clean, stay

healthy, collect water, and thrive.

Their workers on the ground have

also acted as mentors to empower

the young people.

It has been a joy to pray for Kasiita

and his family, as well as others on

the project. We have thanked God as

they’ve learnt skills to improve their

hygiene, and planted vegetables on

their plot of land. We have stood with

them as the community have faced

difficulty through natural hardships

including drought. We have joined

them in praising God for the huge

cabbages they’ve grown, despite the

drought, which can be seen on the

back cover!

A highlight of this partnership was a

prayer evening held at Müller House

in February. We spent time lifting

up the Ugandan Orphan Project in

prayer, as well as interceding for the

needs of the wider African continent.

We look forward to continuing the

journey with our local partnership

churches and Send a Cow as the

project continues over the next four



Children from the Ugandan

Orphan project demonstrating

their Tip Tap (pictured right)

8 Müllers Annual Report 2016-17 www.mullers.org 9

Partnering Globally:

Partnering Globally:

With your support we have been

able to continue partnering, in both

prayer and monetary support, with

David Chaudhary Ministries in India.

This work runs a children’s home for

60 children, has compassion for local

widows and offers support to Pastors.

A new school at David Chaudhary Ministries

Our prayer journey this year has

included praying into the new school

project for resources, the right

staff, and continued favour with

the authorities, as well as regularly

remembering their ongoing work

in our daily staff prayer times. The

school (which is for primary-aged

children) opened in June. It is led

by four teachers and has over 70

children attending, some of whom are

from the home itself, and others from

surrounding villages.

Reflecting back over the past year,

one of their team expressed their

gratitude for those in the UK who

were partnering with them in their


“Thank you for your continued

support,– both through giving and in

prayer, for the ministry to children

and widows in India.”


During the past year it has been a

privilege to support and partner with

Iris Madagascar. They currently have

138 children living with them full

time, as well as supporting different

people in their community through

programs and projects, which include

feeding local children lunch three

times a week, running a school and

leading a house church.

Iris Madagascar was pioneered by

Caroline Thomas, who is from Bristol.

We have been supporting Caroline

as a recipient since 2012 and have

loved standing with her as the vision

has grown. Caroline started the work

to take in abandoned babies and

orphans as well as street children

and homeless families. Over the past

few years we have received stories

and prayer requests for the different

babies and children and it has been

an honour to prayerfully watch them

grow. Caroline reflected on the past

year that she was

“continuously grateful for you

[Müllers] and the support, spiritual

and financial, that you have given us

which allows us to continue to do what

we do here in Madagascar!’

10 Müllers Annual Report 2016-17 www.mullers.org 11

Left, a ‘Fizzy Forgiveness’ demonstration. Above, Prayer

Space in Schools training. Right, Pendennis Good News

Team telling the story of Joseph.

Hope Bristol 2018 Launch


In Bristol Müllers is partnering with churches and organisations, prayerfully working in the city as George Müller did

back in the 19th Century. During the year we’ve been resourcing people and enabling mission by encouraging the

excellent resources provided by three national organisations: Prayer Spaces in Schools, Open the Book and Pray for

Schools. We are working towards our Spiritual Orphans goal, of reaching a whole generation of unchurched children

and young people, by working together with our partners. We have facilitated City Youth Vision and the launch of Hope

Bristol 2018, and we also continue to run Equip events.

Prayer Spaces in Schools

Hosting a Getting Started event

in September, with Prayer Spaces

in Schools and Bristol Schools

Connection, was a great opportunity

to equip and encourage people to

host an amazing prayer space, and

help serve the wider spiritual life

of their local school. With example

stations, presentations from those

with experience of running a Prayer

Space, and time to ask questions, it

proved to be an inspiring evening

together. The event was attended by

people ranging from those who had

never worked in a school or created

a Prayer Space, to some seasoned

school workers. We focused on how

Prayer Spaces give children and

young people an opportunity to

develop skills of personal reflection

and to explore prayer in an open,

inclusive and safe environment. We’re

excited to continue supporting the

Prayer Spaces in Schools initiative in

Bristol and to see more children have

the opportunity to engage with prayer

in a fun and exciting way.

Open the Book

Teams from local churches go into

schools across the Bristol region

presenting the Bible in a way that

is both accessible, and enjoyable

because it encourages participation. It

has been a privilege for us at Müllers

to see Open the Book used in schools

across Bristol.

Pendennis Good News Church shared

their experience:

“We’ve been going in since April 2016.

The school love having our assemblies,

they even invited us in to do an extra

one for their Harvest Assembly in

the autumn. Our favourite story so

far has been Joseph the dreamer!

The children love being involved:

11 brothers wearing tea towels on

their heads and we borrowed 2 camel

costumes for the traders.”

They also said:

“We laugh a lot during rehearsal, and

we know the kids are remembering

the stories, because they tell us. At

Christmas we had a photo booth at the

community parade ‘Christmas on the

Hill ‘ and some kids recognised us and

told us how much they enjoy the Open

the Book stories.

My top tip for people considering going

into school is... Don’t worry that your

acting skills aren’t good enough. We

have got less nervous, more creative

and braver. We all bring different skills

and abilities, and some teachers are

often keen to join if we need them.”

12 Müllers Annual Report 2016-17 www.mullers.org 13

A night of City Youth Vision prayer, hosted at Müllers

Pray for Schools

Joining with Pray for Schools in their

vision of seeing every school in the

UK becoming a ‘prayed-for’ school, we

are encouraging individuals, churches

and organisations in Bristol to link

up and pray for their local school. If

you’re already part of a prayer group

that prays for your local school,

consider registering it on the Pray for

Schools website. We look forward to

marking Pray for Schools fortnight in

May 2018 and continuing in prayer

throughout the year.

We remain committed to our network

of Müllers Partnerships, consisting

of churches and organisations across

the Bristol region, that are bringing

prayer and care together to transform

lives and shape communities. In

January we invited our partners to

join us for lunch to discuss and shape

what Müllers partnership will look

like going forward and how we can

be more effective in resourcing and

enabling them. Preparations are

underway to clarify and reaffirm our

local partnerships in the coming 18


City Youth Vision

The formation of City Youth Vision

(CYV), in September 2016, saw an

initial gathering of over 60 people at

Müller House for an evening of prayer

for young people across the city.

Since then we have stood with CYV as

they have mobilised prayer, mapped

youth engagement and services

across the city and encouraged

sharing of resources. Moving forward

we will continue to support the work

of CYV, particularly in the coming year

as they join with Hope Bristol 2018.

Hope Bristol 2018

Hope Bristol 2018 is a citywide

opportunity to reach out and show

God’s love in practical ways. Over

175 church leaders and youth

leaders attended the launch of

Hope Bristol 2018 held in February.

Müllers supported the launch and is

partnering with Bristol Noise, Soul

Survivor and HOPE for the five-day

mission at Easter: Tuesday 3rd –

Saturday 7th April 2018. For more

information, please visit:


Müllers Equip

Equipping members of local churches

remains a key element of Müllers

focus. The Müllers Practical Theology

Course remains a key tool for this

(see full report on pages 20-21).

We have also led a range of Equip

Social Media Training events over the

year on Facebook and Twitter. They

were attended by people from local

churches and charities who were

keen to develop their organisations

platforms on social media. It was

a joy to encourage them on their

journey of communicating effectively

in a digital age, and build a sense

of partnership and community

by sharing our experiences. More

information on Equip including

upcoming events are available on our

website at www.mullers.org/equip.

Pray for continued opportunities

to share about faith with

unchurched children and young

people across Bristol.

Please pray for Hope Bristol 2018,

that many would see God’s love

as we reach out across the city.

Please pray for the practicalities

of the projects, including local

churches and individuals

catching the vision, youth groups

signing up to take part and the

team working behind the scenes.

14 Müllers Annual Report 2016-17 www.mullers.org 15


Crofts End Rice Pot Project






An inspiring example of our Orphans

of the World Initiative at work, we’ve

been partnering with a local church

to stand with them in prayer, match

fund, and facilitate giving to an

overseas project. They shared this


Crofts End Church (CEC) is an

independent community church of

approximately 85 people, based in

the St George area of Bristol. CEC

has been partnering with Müllers

for almost two decades, and has

benefitted greatly from their support

in a wide variety of ways, two of

which will be briefly mentioned here.

During the past year our partnership

with Müllers has taken on a new

dimension with the establishment

of ‘The Ricepot Project’. This is an

initiative, administered through SKI,

to support school children in Ghana.

Our church has given funds, raised

from gifts and donations, to provide

160 hot school meals per day at The

High Priest Academy which is run by

The Living Word of Faith church in


Following requirements imposed

by the Ghanaian authorities for all

schools to provide daily nutritious

meals for students, The Living Word

of Faith church approached CEC for

assistance with meeting this need for

the large number of poor children

it serves. As a result, ‘The Ricepot

Project’ was established with a target

figure of £5,000 for the academic

year. Support for the project was so

generous that this target was reached

in just three months with additional

financial support from Müllers.

This has enabled not only food to

be provided but also the supply of

cooking rings and gas to replace the

very smoky and disruptive open wood

fires that were previously used.

A second way in which we have been

partnering with Müllers is through

enrolment in the Practical Theology

course. In the forthcoming year CEC

will again be utilising this excellent

resource to train two young men as

they undertake a new ministry to

young adults in the church.

Although Crofts End is a small church,

it seeks to go ‘the extra mile’ in terms

of local and international impact, and

we are grateful for our partnership

with Müllers in this, as together we

seek to, as the writer of Hebrews says

“fix our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer

and perfecter of faith.”

Find out more at:


16 Müllers Annual Report 2016-17 www.mullers.org 17

George Müller’s story is one that

continues to inspire people around

the world, telling of a God who

is the same yesterday, today and

forever. He was a husband, father,

pastor, carer of orphans, founder

of an international charity and a

missionary. His lasting legacy of faith

continues to enthuse many, and it is a

privilege to be able to tell his story to


One visitor has described our

museum at Müller House as “an

interesting museum, which although

in one small room of a house, has a

very big story to tell!”

Over the past year we have received

1181 visitors, among whom were

182 schoolchildren. We continue

to receive visitors from all over

the world and many of them have

recounted how stories of George

Müller’s life continue to encourage

them in their discipleship journeys.

One visitor from the United States

remarked that it is:

“A bold and inspiring faith that

reminds me of the power of prayer.”

During the year we also had the

opportunity to tell George Müller’s

story to 260 school children across

Bristol, through classroom visits.

These visits enable us not only to

describe the historical circumstances

of Victorian orphans, but also to

recount George Müller’s faithfulness

to God. We are thankful to Graham

Steer, one of our willing volunteers,

for leading these visits.

In addition to explaining Müller’s

story, we have continued to answer

a steady stream of Family History

requests from people looking to learn

more about their relatives’ lives. Many

of those who have contacted us have

been thankful for George Müller’s

meticulous record-keeping, and

have been touched by how well their

relatives were cared for in the homes.

In the coming year we hope to

develop a new range of children’s

material to accompany our teaching

resources, as well as thinking about

how to update our museum to make

it more relevant and accessible for

the 21st century.

For further information about our

museum, school visits, and family

history requests, please see our


Children of all ages are welcome at

the George Müller museum. With

activities that uncover what life would

have been like for a Victorian orphan

in the New Orphan-Houses.

“I was given a copy of George Müller’s book and was totally inspired by his

utter conviction and faith in God. I was delighted, on googling him, to learn

that the good work he started continues.”

Please pray for us as we consider

how we can update our museum

to make it more relevant and

accessible for the 21st century.

Please also pray for continued

opportunties to share George

Müller’s story with all ages.

George Müller Museum

Open by Appointment,

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Monday to Friday (except public


To arrange a visit please telephone

0117 924 5001 or email:



18 Müllers Annual Report 2016-17 www.mullers.org 19

Matthew 28


Then the eleven disciples

went to Galilee, to the mountain

where Jesus had told them

to go. 17 When they saw him,

they worshiped him; but some

doubted. 18 Then Jesus came to

them and said, “All authority in

heaven and on earth has been

given to me. 19 Therefore go and

make disciples of all nations,

baptizing them in the name of

the Father and of the Son and of

the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching

them to obey everything I have

commanded you. And surely I

am with you always, to the very

end of the age.”

The Great Commission

In the great commission, Jesus asked

his followers to ‘make disciples of all

nations’ by baptising them into the

trinitarian life of God and ‘teaching

them to obey everything I have

commanded you.’ It is noteworthy

that Jesus did not say that teaching

people was the goal, but teaching


This fine distinction is something

that the Practical Theology course

seeks to uphold. We don’t seek to

fill people’s heads with knowledge

and information, but the ability

to understand how to obey that

knowledge. One student has reflected


“The nature of the course is just what

it says on the tin, theology that is

practical. We don’t just learn about

prayer or worship; we get to practice

it. It is a place to ask the hard

questions that we have grappled with,

or to attempt to answer them if we

think we have a valid view (which we

should expect to be able to back up!).”



This year has seen 15 students, many

of them from later in life, embark on

a journey of learning what the Bible

says, and reflecting on how to live

obediently in the light of it. One of

them said,

“Attending the Theology course has

transformed how I study and interact

with the Bible. I have gained a lot

more confidence in discussing my faith

with others. It is a great course and I

would highly recommend it to others.”

Another student commented that,

“The course has reignited my love of


Pray that the course continues to

have an impact on the students.

Please pray for the 2017 course

as we have had to remodel in

order to be accredited by a new

Awarding Body.

20 Müllers Annual Report 2016-17 www.mullers.org 21

And Third-Agers

Supporting and reaching out to

seniors and 3rd agers remains a vital

part of Mullers’ ministry. This year

we have partnered in prayer with

those who are working in this field,

both locally and overseas, as well as

contributing £36,000 through SKI to

our Widows of the World recipients.

We look forward to strengthening

these partnerships, carefully

stewarding our resources towards

this important and often overlooked


In India, one partner reports that:

“there is no benefit system and unless

families help, widows and the elderly

are left to fend for themselves so

it’s wonderful to be able to support

this group too. Thank you for your

generosity in this area.”

It’s a privilege to be able to stand

with those who are helping to provide

and encourage widows in their

communities from India to Rwanda,

Cambodia to Bristol. The provision

of food parcels, blankets, shelter

improvements and training are

making a life-enhancing contribution

to the lives of widows around the


This year we have prayerfully and

financially supported Freddie and

Anne Gallichan, as they continue to

deliver church services in elderly

homes in the Bristol region. Each

month they share the story of Jesus

with around 200 residents and staff.

It is a joy for Müllers to continue to

stand with them, as well as pursuing

new partnerships with local churches

that are connecting with seniors.

Please pray for us as we explore

ways in which Müllers can both

continue to encourage, resource

and support local churches

to reach out to seniors, and

encourage our overseas partners

who minister to them.

The three Community Houses owned

by Müllers in Cotham value prayer

and worship as highly distinctive in

their intentional approach to everyday

living. They encourage discipleship

in one another and provide supportive

care to those who need extra life


A wide range of ages and

backgrounds are found in the houses

and each house provides space for

those that may have particular needs.

The houses welcome those working

in Christian Ministry and others that

work in the wider community.

Müller House currently has 14

adult and three child residents, and

continues to provide rooms for a

full-time volunteer church worker,

and an asylum seeker. In the past

year they have hosted weekly youth

groups, a support group for those

recovering from marital breakdown,

and other regular church groups. This

hospitality is typical of all the houses

as guests are welcomed regularly for

meals, and meeting rooms are made

available for groups and gatherings.

Ashley Down House usually has

20 residents in its community.

Discipleship and Christian Ministry

are key to the household and it has

been great to see this continuing to

bear fruit. A new venture they have

started this past year has been a

Christian kids’ football club, where

children have received football

training in the garden interspersed

with Christian teaching. At any day in

ADH you might find a prayer meeting,

a band practice, a lunch gathering

and a volleyball match all happening

simultaneously in the gracious and

welcoming environment of the house.

In each house, the residents meet

regularly to pray for the wider church,

local community, city of Bristol and

those in need across the world. They

regularly share communion and pray

for one another as they live together

in religious communities.

Please pray for strong rhythms of

prayer, worship and discipleship

throughout the year in the

Müllers Community Houses.

Pray for opportunities for them

to be salt and light in the wider


22 Müllers Annual Report 2016-17 www.mullers.org 23

From the


Former Boys and Girls Reunion

Alan Jessopp

This year Rob Scott-Cook stepped

down as Chair of the Trustees. Rob

had served the charity, in a variety of

roles, for 33 years. We are grateful

for all that Rob gave to the Trust in

terms of oversight and, of course,

through his faithful prayer support.

Rob shared,

We had a wonderful time at our 2016 Reunion with Old Boys

and Girls from the Müller Homes. It was fantastic to see longtime

friends reunited, some of whom who had never attended a

reunion before.

At the start of our time together, we gathered to hear from

Stewart North (the new Müllers Chair of Trustees) who explained

that we had chosen to decorate in red, white and blue to mark

the Queen’s 90th Birthday. He also invited our guests to take

away a copy of a book called “The Servant Queen and the King

she serves”, a book that was written as a tribute for the occasion

telling of her reign and faith in God.


SD North (Chairman)

EJ Marsh (Vice Chairman)

AC Davies (Company Secretary)

QTS Elston

EFC Small

DJ Powell

JN Kingston

TD Grieve

Müllers has seen some significant

changes this year: the sad and

unexpected death of our colleague

Alan Jessopp; the addition of two new

members of staff; the appointment of

two new trustees to the board, and a

new Chair of trustees.

We are sad to share the news of Alan

Jessopp’s sudden and unexpected

death on Good Friday, 14th April

2017. We will always be thankful for

Alan’s friendship, and grateful for the

diligence and dedication he showed

in his work at Müllers as Missions

Coordinator, serving for just over

10 years. He often said that he had

the best job in the world, frequently

commenting on the privilege it was to

work at Müllers. We continue to pray

for his wife Claire, that she and their

family will continue to know God’s

presence and peace. It was lovely

to hear how Alan was valued by our

ministry partners, with many of them

recounting stories of his service over

the years. Our thanks go to all who

prayed for us as we dealt with the

loss of our friend and colleague.

Our two new staff appointments

are Lois McGinley, picking up the

mantle as Missions Coordinator, and

Beth Dobson, who joined us in the

role of Administrative Assistant. Our

Trustees’ board was strengthened by

the addition of Tigist Grieve and Josh


“It is wonderful to realise that you

never retire from praying and I look

forward to continuing to pray each day

for Müllers.”

Stewart North took over from Rob

as Chair of the Trustees, having

served as a Trustee for eight years.

He first became involved in Müllers

in September 1997 when he did

the Müllers Practical Theology

Course alongside his work at Bristol

International Student Centre (BISC).

Amongst all these changes we have

clung to the truth of Hebrews 10:23,

“Let us hold fast the confession

of our hope without wavering,

for he who promised is faithful,”

and we have been reminded of the

phrase that underpinned the work of

George Müller: God is faithful still and

answers prayers still.

Former Chief Executive Julian Marsh then asked for a show of

hands to see which homes were represented at the event. We

enjoyed a buffet lunch and afternoon tea, and the whole day was

filled with conversation and laughter. We even enjoyed a singa-long

and a Clubs demonstration by an Old Boy who could still

remember the sequences from his time in the homes.

Former Directors:

George Müller (Founder) (1834-1898)

James Wright (1898-1905)

George Frederick Bergin (1905-1912)

William M Bergin (1912-1930)

Alfred E Green (1930-1940)

Thomas Tilsley (1940-1952)

John McCready (1952-1958)

James J Rose (1958-1986)

Joseph Cowan (1986-1988)

Robert L Scott-Cook (1988-1994)

Julian P Marsh [Chief Exec] (1994-2008)

Keith Hagon [Chief Exec] (2008-2012)

Robert L Scott-Cook (2012-2016)

[Hon Exec Chair]

Stewart D North

[Hon Exec Chair]


24 Müllers Annual Report 2016-17 www.mullers.org 25



During the past year we have been thankful to God for his provision and the continued donations we receive from

people who would like to support different ministries worldwide. From these donations we have been able to reclaim

£132,518 in Gift Aid.





With your support through the

Scriptural Knowledge Institution we

have sent £1,438,000 to 231 different

Christian workers and Organisations

in 52 different countries worldwide.

This includes Müllers own grants of

£216,000 to our Orphans of the World

recipients and £36,000 to our Widows

of the World recipients.

As a team we believe, as Müller

did, that prayer is significant to the

1 2 7

. 5 H O U R S


work we do and we spend time

each morning praying together. We

regularly receive prayer updates and

have sent, via post and email, 4932

Prayer Digests worldwide.

We locally partner with churches,

charities and organisations and aim

to work with them to bring change

to the city of Bristol. This year our

Practical Theology Training Course

was attended by 15 people and in











1,968 HOURS OF


total they completed 1,968 hours of

training. In addition to this we were

able to run Social Media Training

which was attended by 40 people.

The Heritage of Müllers remains a

vital part of the work we do and we

have welcomed 1181 visitors to our

museum including local school visits.

We are continually encouraged to

hear how the story of George Müller

inspires people worldwide.


Many of our supporters leave their

mark through their enduring support

of the charity over many years,

through prayer and recounting the

story of George Müller to those

around them. The gift of a financial

legacy is another way to make a

difference. If you are considering

leaving a legacy, there is some

useful information on our website

(www,mullers.org) or call us on


Gift Aid

We value being able to maximise gifts

received through Gift Aid. If you’re

a UK tax payer contact us for more

details as special rules apply for

Scriptural Knowledge Institution (SKI).







Total Income for 2016/2017:


Rental Income & Mortgage Interest: 5%

Investment Income: 17%

Legacies: 2%

Sale of Property: 26%

Donations: 50%

Total Expenditure for

2016/2017: £1,693K

Gifts to Christian Workers and Organisations: 87%

Property Costs: 2%

Heritage: 2%

Training: 1%

Managing Investments: 3%

Governance: 2%

Church Partnerships: 2%

Other: 1%

Net Gains on Investments

for 2016/2017: £1,062K

Looking Forward/Our Future

We remain fully committed to prayerfully resourcing people and enabling

mission. Operating as a bridge that joins together different churches,

organisations and individuals. Remaining rooted in our history we are

seeking to actively share the legacy of answers to prayer.

We plan to strengthen relationships with our global and local partners,

continuing to support them in prayer and share Good News stories from

around the world. There are also exciting projects on the horizon as we

are preparing to work alongside the Mayor’s office in facilitating a City

Fund, which will release resources to help projects across Bristol. We are

also championing Hope Bristol 2018, a five-day mission, partnering local

churches with young people from across the country to show God’s love in

practical ways across Bristol.

These figures show the restricted, unrestricted and expendable endowment funds for the year ended

28th February 2017. They are taken from the audited Trustees Annual Report and Statements for the

year ended 28th February 2017. The full document is filed with charity commission and is available

from their website.

26 Müllers Annual Report 2016-17 www.mullers.org 27

Orphan Care spanning three centuries from the 19 th Century to the 21 st Century

Müllers, Cotham Park,

Bristol, BS6 6DA

0117 924 5001




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