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Salt Geek Society


2020 marks an exciting year for Cornish Sea Salt. To let you

into all of our plans would take many more pages, so instead

I’ll keep it focused on our key missions for next year:

The Salt Geek Society

I am often affectionately referred to as the Salt Geek in the office. A clever blend of

respect towards my knowledge for all things salty, mixed with the irony of the

pointlessness of such grey matter filler. At the end of the summer I was presented

with a t-shirt with Salt Geek emblazed on the front. Although sized to fit a previous

me, demand for the geek t-shirt and conversations that came with it were flowing. One

dinner party later, with our friends Imogen and Ivan at their restaurant Native, we

were convinced it was the start of a salty movement we had to continue. We’ll need to

come up with a funny handshake. It’s simple to join our Salt Geek Society, just flip to

the end of this edition and take the taste test.

Smoked Salt Expansion

After a number of the big retailers picked up on our Smoked Sea Salt we have been

working hard to increase the output from my homemade smoker made out of a

recycled crashed lorry. Each batch takes 3 days to smoke to fully allow the flavour and

colour to develop in the sea salt flakes. If you are a fan of fruit wood smoky flavours

please do seek it out. Sprinkle on butter melting over vegetables to give a smoky,

buttery richness.

Zero Waste

We have been supplying zero waste retailers with our sea salt for a number of years.

Silo’s new restaurant opened in London in late 2019 and was our first customer to

receive salt in 100% paper bags. The basis for Silo is a restaurant without a bin - such a

great idea and the experience of the food is so much better for it. In 2020 we will be

launching a new retail refill pack for the flakes. The bag will be 100% paper and so very

much compostable

Refill Station

Packaging wise we know that our sea salt tubs are a good option compared with glass,

especially if reused. This year we are launching our first mobile refill station, allowing

you to refill the tubs with our sea salt rather than left-over soup or basil plants. If you

are interested then its movements can be tracked on our social media.

Philip Tanswell

Managing Director & Chief Salt Geek, Cornish Sea Salt Co.

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