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Chicken Tray Bake

Chicken with stuffed

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As a chef with a keen

interest in green-living,

I’m often asked how a

kitchen can become more

eco-friendly and waste

less, or offer people advice

about how they can cook

more sustainably. For me

the simplest answer is to

shop locally and buy produce in season, and

to always aim for zero waste when

preparing ingredients or cooking a recipe.

Great ways to do this include; using Cornish Sea Salt to

preserve the harvest; fermenting, pickling, or curing, plus

planning your meals carefully to avoid over-ordering on

ingredients. Also, a basic grasp of butchery means that you

can make the most out of more cuts of meat. I’m a proud

member of the Carcass Cartel, and myself and other chefs

in this nose-to-tail inspired group, love using Cornish Sea

Salt to enhance forgotten cuts of meat and show people

that you can avoid food waste.

In this edition of Seasoned I’m going to show you a

step-by-step for jointing a chicken - if mastered, this

simple skill means you can break down a whole bird into

more than one meal. You can use the carcass for stock, the

breast for skewers or the thigh for a tray bake. Even the skin

can be used as a tasty seasoning rather than wasted, by

making your own chicken salt. As we all know,

sustainability is also about eating more seasonal vegetables,

so we’ve come up with some innovative recipes for you to

enjoy this spring. Finally, the eco-ingredient of the year is

seaweed, so I’ve developed a few interesting recipes that

show you how to use seaweed in butter, hollandaise sauce

or even on sweet potato toast.

James Strawbridge/

Development Chef & Salt Sommelier, Cornish Sea Salt Co.

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