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Maid in Essex

By Maid

in Essex

Providing clients with 5 star

quality service.

Our office team is made

up of Judith, Felicity,

Vicky and Edward;

but we have over

180 cleaning and

ironing ladies who

are registered with

us and who work

with our clients on

a regular weekly


All of our team

strive to provide every

client with a 5 star

quality service by:

l Establishing the client’s

individual expectations

and requirements before

we introduce any

cleaning or ironing

lady to them.

l The client

choosing how many

hours they require,

their preferred

cleaning or ironing

day and how they

want their maid to

work in their home.

l The client meeting

their maid prior to her


l Guaranteeing

10 Your Village


Making Life Easier For

Busy Lives Across Essex!

Maid in Essex has been established in Essex for nearly 20

years and have built an enviable reputation for introducing

reliable domestic cleaning and ironing ladies to clients

who simply don’t have time to clean and iron themselves.

I have no hesitation in

recommending Maid in Essex. I

have been with them for over five

years now and can vouch for their

reliability in providing maids of a

consistently high standard. Cover

is always provided for holidays

or sickness and requests are

accommodated wherever possible.

Any problems that have occurred

have been dealt with swiftly and


every client their clean or

ironing each week by

providing a substitute

maid if requested.

All maids are


and vetted

in their own

homes prior

to any client


not only

for your

security but to

establish their

own cleaning

standard, after all,

their own home will

say far more about their

cleaning standards than

any reference could

possibly say.

Our pledge:

We would not

introduce a cleaning

or ironing maid into

your home that we

wouldn’t be happy to

invite into ours.

Please contact us

on 01277 812220 to

arrange a visit.



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l Part ‘p’ registered

l Testing and Certification

l Domestic Alterations

and Installations

l Sockets, Lighting, Showers

l Commercial and Industrial

l New Build Projects

l Rewires

l Fault Finding

and Repairs

For a Free Quote call Brad on

07773 989309 / 01245 382590

Laburnum Way, Hatfield Peverel, CM32LP



l All Types Of Blinds

l Commercial - Fitted Wood

Venetians at The Lion Inn Hotel

Call Josh For A Free Quote

07583 606984


Oven Cleaning!

It’s a dirty job!

In Your Home

Why do it yourself ?

Based In



l For all your internal plastering needs

l A clean and professional service

l Revamp ceilings & walls with a re-skim

l Skim over artex

Call Jason for a free quote

01245 382361

07766 398280

Nounsley Road, Hatfield Peverel, CM3 2NG

Let Essex Ovencleaners restore the pride

In your kitchen Safely, Tidily, Quickly and

Put the sparkle back

We use non caustic, bio-degradable products

All makes, models and types of

Ovens H Hobs H Ranges H Agas H Extractors

Microwaves H Barbecues (May-Sept)

Contact Bryan on

01245 451003 or

07816 762869


Forefield Green, Chelmsford, CM1 6YU






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