Yogic Herald is a Yoga, Wellness & Mystical Tours magazine available in both digital and paperback versions. It is a monthly magazine that focuses on Health, Fitness and Wellness of the mind, body and spirit. The magazine covers news and updates from the Yoga, Ayurveda and Wellness Tourism industry apart from interviews with Yogis, articles produced by remote meditators, healers, wellness experts and Travel reporters. Led by an experienced editorial team, Yogic Herald aims at enabling readers solve their health and mind related issues as well as having a motivating read.

Yogic Herald is a Yoga, Wellness & Mystical Tours magazine available in both digital and paperback versions. It is a monthly magazine that focuses on Health, Fitness and Wellness of the mind, body and spirit. The magazine covers news and updates from the Yoga, Ayurveda and Wellness Tourism industry apart from interviews with Yogis, articles produced by remote meditators, healers, wellness experts and Travel reporters. Led by an experienced editorial team, Yogic Herald aims at enabling readers solve their health and mind related issues as well as having a motivating read.


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JAN. 2020



Road to



Science of


Catalyst of Change


for a Long and

Healthy Life

Making New Year









JAN. 2020




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14 Catalyst of Change

Pujya Swami Chidanand

Saraswati Ji

20 Yoga for a Long and

Healthy Life

By Shahnaz Husain

24 Repercussions of need based


By Chaina Karmakar

30 Making New Year

Resolutions Work

Here are three golden principles

of how to making your new

year resolutions work

By Om Swami

34 Sattva Summit 2019

A report on the 3rd annual

Sattva Summit

40 The Science of


By Acharya

Girish Jha




47 Happy Science :

The First Global Religion?

By Cate Montana

52 The Road to Eternity

Humanity needs to have a

Deeper Awareness of the


58 Nomadic Bong

Exploring the


By Argha Chakraborty

62 BaliSpirit Festival 2020

March 29 - April 5 in Ubud,


67 Ayucare for Winter

By Dr. Arindham Chatterjee


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Ishan Mukherjee

Ishan is a conscious writer, speaker

on Yogic sciences & inner travel,

Meditation Guide, Yoga Teacher, and

Mystical Travel Guide with over 10

years of experience. He has led Yoga

groups to different parts of the world

focusing on deep meditation,

autonomous Yoga, chanting and

other Yogic Kriyas.

Pankaj Jha

Is a Yoga enthusiast who loves

travelling and believes that

'knowledge shared is knowledge

gained'. This concept inspired him to

work for a Yoga magazine.

Prasanna Patasani

Is a lawyer, philosopher, poet and

Member of the 16th Lok Sabha of

India. Patasani has published 60

books, written 100 articles, and has

spoken in Japan, US and UK at

Oxford University on "the future of

human civilization".

Dr. Anil Jain

Is a Yog Guru, an expert in

Naturopathy, a social worker, a great

reformer and philosopher. An ex

member of Central Advisory Board

on Child Labor, Ministry of Labor &

Employment, Govt. of India.

Shashi Kumar

Is a global wellness practitioner with

over 14 years of hands-on

experience in the industry of Yoga,

Wellness and Spa. He qualified as a

Yoga teacher from the Bihar School

of Yoga and conducts Yoga retreats


Dr. Arindham Chatterjee

He pursued his passion for Ayurveda

and qualified as an Ayurvedic

Physician in 2007. He is a Health

Consultant, Author, Educator and

Panchkarma specialist who has

written many articles on health and


06 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

Acharya Girish Jha

Girish Jha has been teaching,

mentoring and promoting wellness

for people. He has been offering

services in the field of mind-body

non-pharmaceutical well-being and

illness management programs for

the last 35 years.


Is a professional photographer who

entered this industry in 2009 and

has been trying to converge a

product which has the best of image

capturing, presentation and


Dr. Sridhar Rao

He is our clinical specialist and hails

from a traditional Ayurveda family

in South India. An internationally

acclaimed physician and teacher, he

has conducted lots of seminars and

workshops for Ayurveda

practitioners and students


Mani Kaushik

A Yoga enthusiast by nature, living in

CIS since 1992 (Russia, Belarussia,

Kazakhstan, Kirghizia), Mani is an

adventure tourism lover and a

renowned name in healthcare

domain in Kirghizia.

Leonard Perlmutter

Founder and director of The

American Meditation Institute,

Leonard is the author of

“Transformation,” The Journal of

Meditation as Mind/Body Medicine

and the award-winning book “The

Heart and Science of Yoga® : A

Blueprint for Peace, Happiness and

Freedom from Fear.”

Ashwin Bharti

Ashwin Bharti is living and

spreading Osho’s vision of Zorba the

Buddha- a haven where celebration

and meditation melt into each other.

In his quest for self discovery he has

travelled the full circle, starting from

a glimpse of Satyam to Sundaram

and Shivam and back in a

wholesome way to Satyam!

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Catalysts Of







As practitioners of Yoga

& healing - tools to

awaken your true

potential and listen to

the universal

intelligence, we believe

it is the responsibility of


Earthians to take care of

our selves, our home,

our family (all

Earthians), each other.

We also perform healing

rituals for the planet

based on Universal




Sadhviji is a renowned speaker who

gives keynote addresses at large

forums. She has also been a speaker at

the United Nations, Parliament of

World Religions and many

international conferences and



Gwyn is life force fanatic and the

founder of Zenthai Shiatsu. He has

traveled extensively over the past 10

years teaching his passions at

festivals, workshops and retreats

around the world.


Tymi Howard 500 E-RYT is an

International Yoga Teacher, Certified

Holistic Health Coach, Owner of

Guruv Yoga Studios in the United



Kia is a devoted Yogini and teacher

who imparts her wonderful passion for

life and well-being in her teaching. She

is certified in the Ashtanga / Vinyasa

Flow tradition, as well as Kundalini


08 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020


In 1996, she traveled to India, the

birthplace of her grandfather, and

became dedicated to the path of yoga.

Janet blends the alchemy of her own

practice with decades of studentship.


Anand Mehrotra is a world renowned

visionary master, evolutionary

thought leader, and entrepreneurial

and social change trailblazer. He is the

founder and master teacher of Sattva

Yoga and Sattva Yoga Academy.


Nadine McNeil is a yoga teacher,

speaker, transformational coach and

humanitarian. Her mission involves

igniting others to create and dwell in

infinite possibility, and share the

tenets of yoga within communities

where it has been largely inaccessible.


She is committed to expanding

consciousness on the planet through

global community events focusing on

music, yoga, dance and all forms of art

that inspire peace in action.


American by birth, Indian by soul, and

global citizen by expression, she helps

people transform their limiting belief

systems and cultivate their most

fulfilling contribution to the world.


Maria is a native Italian living in Santa

Cruz, California. She has 26 years

yoga experience and extensive training

in Iyengar, Ashtanga and Forrest Yoga.

She has been teaching Yoga since


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Catalysts Of


Enlightened Yogis share

their wisdom online as

well as in


conferences. We also

spread awareness and

organize digital

campaigns for social

& planetary upliftment.

We believe in the notion

of Inner Peace to

Universal Peace.

Planetary peace along

with solution, tools and

awareness for

planetary health are

our goal.


Tommy Rosen is a yoga teacher and

addiction recovery expert who has

spent the last two decades immersed

in yoga, recovery and wellness.


Cat’s yoga journey began at the age of

eighteen at Boston University with a

meditation course knowing that the

key to healing was inside of her. Cat’s

work has taken her around the globe

including Bali, USA, Australia, Europe

and Asia.


Dayna Seraye a multi-passionate yoga

educator. She leads transformational

classes, trainings, retreats and

ceremony nationally and

internationally to support individuals

and communities in connecting and

awakening. Dayna is co-founder of

Hanuman Adventures and Hanuman

Academy, and Creative Director for

Hanuman Festival.


Sheena is the founder of Growing

Younger Gracefully (GYG) workshops,

and creator of GYG Organic Facial and

Body Serums. A certified yoga

instructor, holistic life coach and reiki

practitioner, she has created unique

yoga classes and workshops dedicated

to those experiencing the death of a

loved one, loss of job, career, pet or any

of life's losses. Yoga for Living with Loss

is structured around the chakras for

developing coping tools.

10 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020


Across the globe, she is known for her

ability to re-connect individuals with

their inner body spirituality, helping all

who practice with her to access to

higher realms of consciousness and



Choc’s Nigerian heritage revealed the

benefits of healing through prayer and

the power of linking to elders in the

ancestral world.


Yoshi Aono is a yogi, guitarist and

humanitarian. He is the founder of

Hanuman Festival, Hanuman

Presents and Hanuman Adventures.

Yoshi`s humanitarian work spans over

a decade and has led him to Africa,

Haiti, Cambodia, Thailand and



Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is an

internationally recognized leader in

bridging science and spirit. Stem cell

biologist, bestselling author of The

Biology of Belief and recipient of the

2009 Goi Peace Award, he has been a

guest speaker on hundreds of TV and

radio shows, as well as keynote

presenter for national and

international conferences.


The founder of Alchemy of Breath,

Anthony has successfully taken

breathwork into festivals, yoga spaces,

the corporate world, prisons, the

Psychedelic Society, hospitals and to

the dying. His work is noted for its

application in the fields of addiction,

transformation, personal

empowerment, the integration of

psychotropic and plant medicine

experiences, and the opening of

humanity’s hope for a heart-centered

harmonious existence.

Ebony Smith

Ebony Smith is proudly nicknamed

“The Ghetto Guru”. She is a certified

Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor and

Wellness Coach. Born and raised in

the inner cities of Dallas, Texas! A life

changing experience with the practice

of Yoga compelled her to create Yoga

N Da Hood, a non-profit, wellness

outreach organization that teaches

people in under-served communities

the art of self-healing, self-talk and

self- love through the practice of Yoga

and Mindfulness.

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Catalysts Of







As practitioners of Yoga

& healing - tools to

awaken your true

potential and listen to

the universal

intelligence, we believe

it is the responsibility of


Earthians to take care of

our selves, our home,

our family (all

Earthians), each other.

We also perform healing

rituals for the planet

based on Universal




Pujya Swamiji is President and

Spiritual Head of Parmarth Niketan

Ashram, Rishikesh, India, one of the

largest interfaith, spiritual institutions

in India, leading and inspiring a

plethora of multifaceted service

initiatives worldwide.


Mystical visionary Deirdre Hade is the

founder of The Radiance Journey and

the co-author of The (not so) Little

Book of Surprises. Her website is



Om Swami is a mystic living in the

Himalayan foothills. He has a Bachelor’s

degree in business and an MBA from

Sydney, Australia. Prior to his

renunciation of this world, he founded

and successfully ran a multimilliondollar

software company. He is the

bestselling author of A Fistful of wisdom,

The Ancient Science of Mantras, A

Million Thoughts, Kundalini: An Untold

Story, A Firstful of Love and If Truth Be

Told: A Monk’s Memoir.


South African Karma Yogi, IndiPam –

Pamela Tosh – has been travelling

between Cape Town and India since

2013. IndiPam is devoted to uplifting

and caring for the homeless, poor and

Sadhus in this region. IndiPam

provides on-site home based care,

specialist foot care, first aid and

personal hygiene education.

12 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

Message from the


Shaurya is the dance of Rudra and Shakti also called Rudra

Tandava. It can be expressed in Mantra, Tantra, Astra-

Shastra, or in Martial art, or in musical and dance form. It

can also be utilized in various other purposeful and

missionary works such as society building, reforms and

nation building.

Prem is purity and also comprises forgiveness, selflessness,

being calm and loving, being inclusive and embracing, and

disengaging with impurity of self or others if required.

Practicing these two values along with ekagrata i.e.

undistracted concentration and flowing with the energy,

allowing the pure, higher and subtler self to take over, and

showing total discipline, commitment, and being humble,

respecting the masters and nature is the ultimate key to

success in life. If you do this, you made life meaningful for

yourself. Just try and you will know.

Yogi Ishan

Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 13


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for a Long and

Healthy Life

by Shahnaz Husain

There is no doubt that

daily exercise is

necessary for fitness

and longevity. In fact,

the ancient sages of India

advocated Yoga for preserving the

good health of the body. It was

included in the traditional healing

system of Ayurveda. The benefit

of exercises is acknowledged

worldwide. It is said to have an

overall revitalising effect,

improving circulation,

strengthening the body,

eliminating toxins and wastes and

also reducing stress. Importantly,

it can even help to control

medical conditions like blood

pressure and blood sugar, which

can lessen longevity.

The ancient Indian doctrine of

Yoga has attained universal

popularity today. In fact, it has

become very relevant to our

modern lifestyle, bringing about

harmony of body and mind.

Hatha Yoga, consisting of physical

exercises, is the most commonly

followed system. The Yogic

exercises or “asanas” are

particularly beneficial for

The Yogic

exercises or

“asanas” are


beneficial for


the body,

making it

flexible, supple

and youthful.

20 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

One of the advantages

of Yoga is that it can

be adjusted to suit age

and personal capacity.

strain on the body, an aerobic effect can

be achieved. In fact, the exercises end

with poses which aid recuperation,

calming the mind and bringing about

total relaxation. The best thing is that

there is no fatigue after exercising.

Instead, there is a feeling of physical

and mental exhilaration.

The yogic asanas are designed to keep

the spine and joints flexible and supple

and this goes a long way in delaying

age-related signs. As already

mentioned, it also includes exercises for

particular physical complaints, like high

blood pressure. There are numerous

other benefits. The posture improves

and so does suppleness and grace.

Muscles are toned and blood circulation

improves. It helps to induce relaxation

of both body and mind, soothing the

nerves and releasing mental tensions.

strengthening the body, making it

flexible, supple and youthful. They are

combined with breathing exercises,

thus improving oxygenation, purifying

the organ systems and inducing

relaxation of both body and mind.

One of the advantages of Yoga is that it

can be adjusted to suit age and

personal capacity. The duration and

frequency can be adjusted according to

the flexibility and stamina of the

individual. The duration can be

increased gradually. The other

important aspect of Yoga is that it

involves breath control and specifies

the inhalation and exhalation of breath

during the exercise. Thus, without any

Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 21


According to Yoga, the

body is the temple of

the soul. The appeal of

Yoga lies in its

numerous benefits.

We know that stress is a contributory

cause of many life threatening ailments.

Yoga not only helps to relieve fatigue,

but also allows recuperation of energy.

Thus, it has renewing and rejuvenating


According to Yoga, the body is the

temple of the soul. The appeal of Yoga

lies in its numerous benefits, as it works

on muscle groups, increases vitality,

tones the internal organs, stimulates

the nerve centres, relieves stress and

clears the mind. Yoga has become so

popular because of its relevance to our

modern lifestyle, in terms of delaying

the degenerative processes and

reducing stress. It is an ancient Indian

discipline and was considered the

traditional path to physical, mental and

spiritual good health. In fact, it has also

gained relevance today as a means of

attaining a well-balanced personality,

preserving youthfulness, as well living a

long, healthy life.

Indeed, in order to live a long and

healthy life, we need to follow a

programme of Yoga, so that it revitalizes

the body, relaxes the mind and

recharges the soul.

22 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

Yoga not only

helps to

relieve fatigue,

but also allows


of energy.

About Author

Shahnaz Husain, pioneer and

leader of the herbal beauty care

movement, based on Ayurveda,

has received unprecedented

international acclaim for taking

the Indian herbal heritage

worldwide with a crusader’s zeal.

Today, as CMD of the Shahnaz

Husain Group of Companies, she

heads the largest organization of

its kind in the world with a global

network of franchise salons, spas,

beauty training academies, retail

outlets, as well as 375 formulations

for beauty and health care.

Shahnaz Husain has marketed

India’s 5000 year old ancient

civilization in a jar and created an

international market for

Ayurvedic beauty care. Shahnaz

Husain has received several

prestigious international awards,

including the “Outstanding

Ayurvedic Innovation Award” in

the British Parliament, and the

World’s Greatest Woman

Entrepreneur Award from Success,

the U.S. based Business Magazine.

She was also conferred Golden

Peacock Award in London, by

Theresa May and the Padma Shri

Award by the Government of India

for exceptional service towards the

country and distinguished

achievement in her chosen field.

Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 23


24 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020


of need based



elationship is the need of society. Every

relationship is need based, very few

experience the unconditional frequency. If

we look around whether it is mother-child,

father-child, sister- brother, husband-wife, friends,

lovers, every relationship has got its own beauty and

at the same time, some or the other complexities.

The most profound karma is with spouse or with lover

as it is based on physical intimacy, the chemical

reaction. Once the charm is over and the need is

fulfilled, they start scratching each other’s back. If the

need doesn’t get fulfilled then the misery is more and

we start blaming the other person for our misery, and


Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 25


Here the wisdom is to take the

responsibility of our own life and

start looking inward. Start with deep


What is the compulsive need of

any particular relationship?

Why do I experience

disappointment in any


What is the pattern or emotions

I repeat in any particular


Why am I not able to accept the

person in this relationship, the

way he or she is. What

expectations or emotions don’t

allow me to accept the form of


So, when our need doesn’t get

fulfilled through a particular

relationship, we experience

bitterness, disappointment etc.

26 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

Specifically husband-wife, lovers

move to another relationship

without resolving the pattern or

emotions and experience the same

disappointment. This is so intense

and overpowering that we can’t deal

with the present one and get stuck

without realizing. Sometimes we

don’t want to explore it any longer

because past hurts and

disappointment is larger than the

life itself and it prevents us from

celebrating the life we are leading.

Every relationship serves us and we

need to open up ourselves to

experience the beauty of that. Rising

above the issues, without getting

trapped in ego, we can explore a

meaningful, beautiful existence.

Surrender; don’t allow the logical

mind to overpower you and then

only free flow of love energy will


About the author :

Chaina is a gifted

Transformational Life Coach and

Spiritual Healer, whose mission

is to empower people to lead an

effortless life. She feels that “Life

always gifts us and human

misery comes from witnessing

the lack in it. It’s our attitude

that makes or breaks our life.

Once we understand and imbibe

this concept, life becomes

choice-less, effort-less.”

During her one-on-one and

group sessions, she heals DNA

thread or deep rooted pattern of

the family, Chakra balancing,

past lives, removal of familial

patterns and family curses and

Electromagnetic field balancing.

So far more than 30 Residential

and non residential programs

like Srijan and Chaitanya in her


28 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 29


Making New Year


Here are three golden principles of how to making your new year resolutions work

There are only 24

hours in a day. It

is important to

be reasonable

with your

expectations you

set for yourself.

Many of us make new year

resolutions with much

gusto only to see them

fizzle out within the first

week itself. And, the interesting thing is

that I don’t think it’s because we lack

the willpower, most of us have plenty of

it. Often, the reason is quite simple:

either you’ve made too big a resolution

straight up (for example, I will never

smoke or drink again) or you’ve made

too many resolutions. I’ll exercise 5 days

per week, plus, I’ll learn how to paint,

and I’ll meditate every day. I will also

sleep on time and not binge-watch

Netflix etc. Rather than making

resolutions per se, I’d like to offer you a

different approach that makes the best

use of the two of your most valuable

assets: mindfulness and motivation. If

you are motivated and you are mindful

of sticking to your discipline, half the

job is done. Before, I spell out the

details for you, here’s a little anecdote,

slightly paraphrased from Die Empty by

Todd Henry.

A man asked a group of people, “What

do you think is the most valuable land

in the world?”

Several people threw out guesses,

such as Manhattan, the oil fields of

the Middle East, and the gold mines

of South Africa, before the questioner

indicated that they were way off


30 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

He paused for a moment, and said,

“You’re all wrong. The most valuable

land in the world is the graveyard. In the

graveyard are buried all of the unwritten

novels, never-launched businesses,

unreconciled relationships, and all of

the other things that people thought,

‘I’ll get around to that tomorrow.’ One

day, however, their tomorrow ran out.”

Todd reminds us to not die full of our

best work, that we must empty

ourselves by doing those everything

creative or wonderful we always wanted

to do with our lives. He writes


How much work did you do today that

you will be proud of tomorrow? I don’t

mean just how you handled the big

things, but also how you addressed the

little, seemingly insignificant ones. Did

you make progress on what matters

most to you, or did you allow the buzz,

busyness, and expectations of others to

squelch your passion and focus?

Every day, when we put our tired heads

on the pillow to slip into the world of

sleep and dreams, if we could take a

moment and reflect back on the day

gone by and ask ourselves, “How much

work did I do today that I will be proud

of tomorrow?” chances are, our actions

tomorrow will look very different. This

simple question will make you pause

and understand how you used your

time today. Whether it’s a new habit you

wish to form or an old one you want to

drop, no matter you want to keep your

new year resolutions or be more

productive with your time, here are

three key points to remember:

Enthusiasm over optimism

Try not to bite more than you can chew.

Even with the biggest mouth, no one

has more than thirty-two teeth if you

see what I mean. There are only 24

hours in a day. It is important to be

reasonable with your expectations you

set for yourself. This is one of the most

common mistakes we make when

working on self-transformation: setting

unrealistic expectations out of wild


Optimism pays but being insanely

optimistic is often a recipe for disaster.

For, when we are unreasonably hopeful,

we tend to focus more on how things

may turn out (the outcome) and not

how we must shape them (our actions).

Enthusiasm is necessary, it keeps you

focused on the action, it helps you

Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 31


Say no to


that’s not

relevant to

your journey.

Anything that’s

not in line with

your priorities,

say no. Just say


32 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

remain motivated and curious. Overly

enthusiastic, sure, but overly optimistic,

think again.

So often you’ll hear things like, you can

do it, just set aside 20 minutes, or 10

min etc. Don’t fall for that temptation.

Examine the current demands on your

time and be reasonable about how

much you can really devote to anything

new. It helps to remember that

everything adds up. If you are serious

about finding the time to work on

things that are important to you, learn

to say no. Try and say “no” to everything

non-essential, non-core. It will save you

a lot of time, believe me. I politely turn

down 98% of all speaking invitations.

Even then, I struggle to find a few spare

moments. (I know it’s neither healthy

nor sustainable and I’m fast making

amends. After a long and tiring day, I’m

writing this post at midnight.) If you

wish to produce quality, you will need

to put in the time. There’s no other way

that I know of.

Important things first

Build your day around the things that

matter to you. This is just about the only

way to ensure that you will get them

done. And, it’s not the same as eating

the frog first. Because I’m not saying

that get the most difficult action item

out of the way before anything else

(though that surely helps). Instead, I’m

referring to creating your daily schedule

around the essentials. That is, what are

the top two or three things you must do

every day. Whether that’s exercising,

devoting time to learning a new

language, writing your dream book or

anything else at all.

Let’s say you always wanted to write a

book but just can’t seem to get to it.

Well, tell yourself that at x am or pm

every day, you will sit down to write,

and you won’t get up till you have

written 500 or n number of words. Base

your other activities around this one.

When the clock strikes that time, sit

down, turn off your phone, disconnect

from the world and start writing. You

can take any example, the philosophy

remains the same. Write down not only

what you must do on a daily basis but at

what time you will do it and for how long.

Ideally, your time allocation should be

mindfully done between important and

urgent things. In doing urgent things,

we often postpone and neglect the

important ones. Avoid this trap by

resolutely setting time for not just what

is essential to living (urgent) but life too


One day at a time

There’s an old story about a man

lamenting that he always wanted to

learn to play the piano, but could never

find the time because of his other


“Why don’t you start now?” asked his


“Are you kidding?” he retorted. “I’m fifty

years old! It’ll take me five years to learn

to play well. I’d be fifty-five by the time I

become even remotely proficient as a


His friend paused, then inquired “So,

how old will you be in five years if you

don’t learn to play the piano?” 2

This is perhaps the most important

point. Often our dreams are big and we

aspire for the highest, the best. In doing

so, we tend to underestimate how long

it’ll actually take us to reach our goal.

The journey appears long and daunting.

Just remember, if you won’t do it, it

won’t get done. And if you want to do it,

do the best you can with whatever time

and resources you have at hand bearing

in mind that what may seem like a little

effort today will matter when you do a

bit more tomorrow. It stacks up real


Nothing will happen if you don’t act.

The young Mulla Nasrudin was making

faces at other children in his school.

With his wide array of contortions, he

was scaring some and amusing others

until a teacher saw what he was up to.

“Nasrudin!” she bellowed. “Stop this!

When I was a kid like you, I was told if I

made ugly faces, it would freeze, and I

would stay like that.”

Mulla immediately relaxed his face, and

said, “Well, madam, you can’t say that

you weren’t warned.”

Now, you can’t say that you didn’t know

about how to live your life fully or how

to make the best use of your time. I’ve

shared with you the easiest way to the

best of my knowledge.

Say no to everything that’s not relevant

to your journey. Anything that’s not in

line with your priorities, say no. Just say


Be reasonable, prioritize and take a step

at a time.

About Author

Om Swami is a mystic living in

the Himalayan foothills. He has

a Bachelor’s degree in business

and an MBA from Sydney,

Australia. Prior to his

renunciation of this world, he

founded and successfully ran a

multimillion-dollar software

company. He is the bestselling

author of A Fistful of wisdom,

The Ancient Science of Mantras,

A Million Thoughts, Kundalini:

An Untold Story, A Firstful of

Love and If Truth Be Told: A

Monk’s Memoir.

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The 3rd annual Sattva Summit, took place

(November 7-13, 2019) at the Sattva Retreat, a true

healing sanctuary nestled in the Shivalik mountain

range of Rishikesh. This boutique conscious

gathering was a beautiful emergence of yogis from over 25

countries gathering to upgrade their level of awareness and

elevate the collective consciousness.

The Sattva Summit is not a yoga festival, it is an event that

offers a full spectrum experience. It was a week of magic, joy

celebration and deep evolution. Our days included supreme

wisdom teachings & Sattva Himalayan Kriya and Kundalini

yoga journeys with Anand Mehrotra, Kundalini yoga with

Gurmukh, yogic living workshops led by master Sattva Yoga

teachers, meditation, culture, art, vedic rituals and local

excursions to sacred sights.

Evening events included Bhajans, Punjabi drumming,

performances from the Nandadevi dancers of Garhwal region

and the Krishna Lila Rasa dancers from Vrindavan. We also

had a cinema night premiering the Road to Dharma, a

Himalayan adventure and wisdom docu- series due out in


Excursions to local temples, the Ganga and Sattva organic

farms provided a rich experience of local culture for Summit


This year’s theme was cosmic consciousness. We came

together and expanded into greater levels of consciousness,

coming home to the cosmic Self, the true Self.

Early bird tickets are available for the 2020 Sattva Summit. Visit

www.sattvasummit.com for more info

Annemarie Brown

Sattva Summit Director

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The pure


purifies the

thinking and

right thinking

perceives what

is good.

The Science of


Steps to secure Inner Peace

asanśhayam mahā-bāho mano durnigraham chalam

abhyāsena tu kaunteya vairāgyena cha grihyate

Krishna, the originator of yoga

says: O mighty-armed son of

Kunti (disciple and seeker),

what you say is correct; the

mind is indeed very difficult to restrain. But

by practice and dispassion, it can be


Eastern Wisdom is knowledge about

subjective reality. Every master helped

people at their time to know mind, body,

consciousness and existence. The brain is

gray matter, considered part of the body.

What we are learning is the result of 6000

years of research to make life better, free

from suffering (now termed stress and

stress induced disorders).

The master agrees with the disciple that

mind indeed is difficult to control. This is

one of the many ways in which masters

educate their disciples. But the next

40 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

The mind needs to

be educated to

qualify by

cultivating qualities

of contentment,

learning directly

from the teachers

of eastern wisdom,

self-enquiry and

regular practice of


statement by the master makes easy for

the seeker to take over the mind. It is like

talk-therapy in today’s world.

The master says there are two steps to

secure inner peace, happiness, love and

wisdom – regular practice with wisdom

(here practice means approaching near to

our true nature) and dispassion (leaving

behind causes of miseries like leaving

behind the house when driving to


Do we practice eating, evacuating bowels,

drinking water and other daily activities?

The ‘I’ is not associated with these daily

actions. But the moment we think of

mindfulness- we start asking unnecessary

questions: How long I should practice?

How many days? When and where? The

mind with these questions hardly succeeds

in mindfulness. The practice of

mindfulness becomes habit, and soon it

conditions the mind to use the practice like

taking pills for relaxation. The word

practice in eastern wisdom is upaya

meaning approaching near to true nature.

The practice in Eastern Wisdom is

approaching near to the true nature, away

from ‘I’ created by the mind. The mind

suffers from self-inflicted wounds of stress,

anxiety, pain and fear than anything

coming from outside.

The intellect is one of the four functional

aspects of mind. The thinking mind,

intellect, ego and memory are four

functional aspects of mind.

The Sanskrit word Buddhi means intellect

and awareness. Without self-awareness,

one cannot choose and decide. But when

intellect is impure, it chooses what one

likes, dislikes but not what is good. What is

good is right. The right here means – real,

eternal, inner peace, happiness, love and

wisdom (that never changes in life i.e. our

true nature).

When intellect declares, others (people,

place, possession, event, and time) are

responsible for miseries and suffering, the

intellect is impure, mind is lazy, crazy,

reactive and wandering and senses are

deeply attached to objects outside.

The mind is crazy, lazy, reactive because of

the desire. The intellect when pure chooses

what is good, real, eternal. The pure

intellect purifies the thinking and right

thinking perceives what is good.

This enables the brain to change, what

science says, ‘fire the brain to rewire it’. It is

important to know that eastern wisdom

has clear concepts about the mind and

science is progressively becoming clear

about the gray matter. The masters of

eastern wisdom declare that the

knowledge from any source are welcome

that leads to discovery of our true nature.

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Being a Seeker


pṛichchhāmi tvāṁ dharma-sammūḍha-chetāḥ

yach-chhreyaḥ syānniśhchitaṁ brūhi tanme

śhiṣhyaste ’haṁ śhādhi māṁ tvāṁ prapannam

I am confused about my duty, am besieged with anxiety and

faintheartedness. I am your disciple, and am surrendered to

you. Please instruct me for certain what is best for me.

There are people who claim, they know what causes the

miseries in their lives, still they are not ready to tread the path

of inner peace and happiness. There are rare people who

recognize the confusion, fear, anxiety, helplessness in their

nature (acquired by the mind) and ready to learn, educate the

mind. They transition from a person to a student to a disciple

to a seeker of peace, happiness, love and wisdom.

The seeker has an intense desire. The intense desire keeps

mind on the steps that help succeed in mindfulness. These

steps are:

Learning the principles aim at discovery of subjective


Contemplation and reflection that results on conviction

and removing the doubts and confusions of mind.

Regular practice with wisdom that translates the

intellectual understanding to awakening.

The above verse says the seeker never loses his focus to tread

the path during many challenges in life i.e. anxiety, confusion,

and suffering. Only the seeker cannot lose his/her faith in

oneself and succeeds. The seeker is always looking for

answer, within oneself.

We all have the same mind, still its expressions are different.

It is the mind with its impressions that makes us unique. But

the same mind, upon following the path of eastern wisdom,

recognizes the problems and seeks solution within. It says, ‘I

am responsible for suffering and happiness. How to help

mind change to secure and discover happiness within’. The

mind that blames, complains, reacts, and regrets, projects

worries is not ready for mindfulness.

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Getting the answers to

our questions

santoṣaḥ paramo lābhaḥ satsaṅgaḥ paramā gatiḥ |

vicāraḥ paramaṁ jñānaṁ śamo hi paramaṁ sukham ||

Contentment is the highest gain, good company (who

can guide to discover oneself) the highest passage,

enquiry the highest wisdom, and peace the highest joy.

All experiences happen in the mind. Experiences

change the brain; the brain changes our attitude and

behavior that shapes our personality. Behind

personality, there is our true nature. The mind cannot

reach there without specific qualities of contentment,

seeking company who knows the subjective reality i.e.

masters of eastern wisdom, self-enquiry (as explained

by the masters) and discovering peace free from

anything outside.

The mind needs to be educated to qualify by

cultivating qualities of contentment, learning directly

from the teachers of eastern wisdom, self-enquiry and

regular practice of calmness.

The most important out of four is self-enquiry. We

claim we are a thinking being by default. We did not

learn, how to think rightly. No one guides us what is

right vs. wrong thing. Which ever thought enters our

mind, we consider it is right. We reason to prove

thought pattern is right. These thoughts lead to wrong,

habitual and instinctual actions.

Self-enquiry means, we should answer the following


What is the goal of life? What is the goal in life?

What is suffering? What is the cause of suffering?

Who am I? What is the world? Is it for pleasure or

discovering peace within?

What are the positive and negative traits?

How to change the mind- thinking to live in peace

and happiness?

The above questions should always be addressed to

oneself and anyone outside. This helps us to work on

the mind, instead mind works on us.

The state of contentment is present deep within the

mind. Learning and educating the mind clears mind

from doubt, confusion and suffering. Regular practice

helps discover calmness within.

About Author

Acharya Girish Jha has been

teaching, mentoring and

promoting wellness for people.

He has been offering services in

the field of mind-body nonpharmaceutical

well-being and

illness management programs

for the last 35 years.

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Online :


Call : +91 8802007774

Complete the

application form



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Free India Delievery


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Amount __________________________Drawn in favour of BHUMA YOGA TRAVEL & LIVING PVT. LTD.


The First Global Religion?

The most influential and the fastest growing spiritual organization in Japan today

with over 12 million members across the world, Happy Science is a spiritual

movement dedicated to bringing greater happiness to humankind

by uniting religions and cultures to live in harmony.

Religion in Japan is


predominantly Shinto and

Buddhist. Traditionally,

Shintoism focuses on daily

rituals aimed at connecting the

practitioner to Japan’s ancient roots

and his/her ancestors, as well as the

divine essence that supports all

life—rocks, trees, animals and the earth

itself. Buddhism, of course, is based

upon the teachings of Gautama

Buddha. Practitioners follow his

teachings with the intention of spiritual

development leading to insight into the

true nature of self and reality.

As steeped in religion as Japan seems

to be on the surface, however, a large

percentage of followers of both Shinto

and Buddhism are not regular

practitioners. And a whopping 60

percent of the population, or 76 million

people, consider themselves

fundamentally irreligious, ascribing to

no faith at all.

Into this relatively agnostic modern

atmosphere arrives Ryuho Okawa,

global visionary, renowned spiritual

leader, Founder and CEO of Happy


The most influential and the fastest

growing spiritual organization in Japan

today with over 12 million members

across the world, Happy Science is a

spiritual movement dedicated to

bringing greater happiness to

humankind by uniting religions and

cultures to live in harmony. Strongly

based in the tenets of Buddhism as well

as Christianity, the fundamental

teachings of Happy Science can be

found in Okawa’s basic sutra (a set of

laws), The Dharma of the Right Mind.

Written in 1986 via automatic writing, it

was swiftly followed by a trilogy of

Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 47


works now considered the foundation

stones of Happy Science: The Laws of

the Sun, The Golden Laws, and The

Nine Dimensions: Unveiling The Laws of

Eternity. Today, Okawa is the author of

over 2500 books that have been

translated into 31 languages and sold

over 100 million copies worldwide.

“Master Okawa reveals the real truth

about where we came from, why we're

here, and where we’re going,” says Yoichi

Utebi, a member of Happy Science since

1990 and currently the Vice President of

HS Productions, LLC. “Those are really

the fundamental questions that

everybody has. By answering these

questions, we can overcome any issues

we may be having in our life. We can

understand the truth about this world,

the spirit world, how the system works,

the true meaning of this life today. We

discover we have a mission and that

there's a reason we’re here. We can find

the Buddha nature inside us—the deep

light which is inside every single person.”

Happy Science reveals one of the most

important and healing truths about life:

that divinity exists and that it is very

much alive inside everyone. Unlike many

ancient spiritual texts which are written

for a different era in consciousness,

Okawa’s teachings are incredibly

practical, simple, and deliberately

designed to be grasped by anybody in

the modern-day world. “That's his

secret,” enthuses Utebi. “It’s why

everybody is following him in Japan.”

Similar to Buddhism,

Happy Science

teaches that Right

Mind—the right way

of thinking—is the

prerequisite to

happiness and a

return to our divinity

and heaven.

48 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

Right Mind and the

Fourfold Path

Similar to Buddhism, Happy Science

teaches that Right Mind—the right way

of thinking—is the prerequisite to

happiness and a return to our divinity

and heaven. To accomplish Right Mind,

Okawa has developed The Fourfold

Path known as “The Principles of

Happiness,” four modern methods of

freeing ourselves from worldly worries,

stress and suffering that may, if

followed long enough, lead to

enlightenment. The Fourfold Path

consists of four interrelated principles:

the Principle of Love, the Principle of

Wisdom, the Principle of Self-reflection

and the Principle of Progress.

knowledge of divine truth and the

spiritual world which, through practice,

leads people to experiences, which in

turn become wisdom. The Principal of

Self-Reflection is based upon the Noble

Eightfold Path which Okawa has

restructured to suit modern people,

emphasizing the practice of selfreflection

to increase awareness of

wrong thoughts and inaccurate

perceptions about life and the divine

nature. The Principle of Progress

focuses on self-improvement and

success and attaining happiness through

positive action in the world that then

positively impacts others and society.

Similar to Christianity and the teachings

and example of Jesus, the Principle of

Love teaches people to achieve a gentle

selfless love for others— a love that

gives—that is also aligned with

compassion, the attainment of which

lies at the very heart of Buddhism. The

Principal of Wisdom emphasizes the

importance of gaining intellectual

“As humans, we do face a lot of issues,”

says Utebi. “After reading many of his

books and listening to his lectures, I

discovered that all these worries that I

had in my life kind of disappeared in

front of me. Yes, they still exist, but I’m

now able to handle and cope with

things and embrace my life in a very

positive way.”

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A Life of Divine Purpose

Serious, studious, devoted to learning,

Okawa excelled scholastically growing

up, eventually going on to study law at

The University of Tokyo. In an effort to

discover the purpose and meaning of

life, in addition to his law and finance

studies, he read books on philosophy

and religion and sociology, consciously

modeling himself after such great

thinkers as Plato and Socrates.

Then, on a spring day at age twentyfour,

he had a spontaneous spiritual

awakening. “Suddenly, I sensed an

invisible presence with me in the room,

and almost simultaneously understood

by intuition that whatever it was, it

wished to communicate with me. I ran

to get a pencil and some blank cards.

My hand holding the pencil began to

move as if it had a life of its own. On

card after card it wrote the words, ‘Good

News, Good News, Good News!’ ”

Despite constant communion with

higher beings and a fierce, growing

determination to somehow help

humanity, Okawa continued a normal

career path, entering the world of

international finance and trade, quickly

rising through the ranks and moving to

New York City. But after just six years,

the call of spirit became too strong to

resist. Shortly after his 30th birthday in

1986, he decided to leave the world of

high finance and found Happy Science.

In March 1991, the organization was

formally recognized as a Japanese

religion dedicated to “bringing

happiness to humanity by spreading the

Truth," by uniting people and inspiring

global peace and harmony beyond all

disparities of ideology and religion.

“From our point of view, there is no

reason to fight one another, because we

50 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

all came from the same origin,” says

Utebi. “The only difference is that when

Jesus and Muhammad came down to

earth, the time, place, and culture were

totally different. Those teachings do not

speak as clearly to modern society

anymore. But if we can understand each

other and be more open-minded about

our differences, there is no reason for us

to fight.”

Today there are over 500 Happy Science

temples all over the world and over

10,000 missionary houses. Outreach to

local communities by members

depends on local needs, but often

includes the support of schools and

donation of textbooks to small villages

that can’t afford them. As well, Happy

Science and its members are well

known for providing global relief

following earthquakes, hurricanes and

other natural disasters.

“I know it may not happen in the next 10

or 20 years,” says Utebi, “but we believe

Happy Science is going to become one

of the major religions on earth in

decades to come...”

Coming to North America this fall, the

Japanese spiritual film Immortal Hero,

is based on the true story of Ryuho

Okawa, the best-selling author and

global visionary, renowned spiritual

leader, and Founder and CEO of Happy

Science. Okawa suffered complete heart

failure, yet literally came back to life

through the force of his own mind and

will in order to complete his mission on

Earth to help uplift humanity. Since

then, his life and his works have

inspired millions. A VOD Release will be

available early 2020, for more

information visit www.immortalhero.com.

About Author

Cate Montana is the author of

The E Word: Ego,

Enlightenment & Other

Essentials, and Unearthing

Venus: My Search for the

Woman Within. Her first novel,

a spiritual love story titled

Apollo & Me, just came out this

year. She is also a writing coach

and editor and lives on the

island of Maui.


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Road to


Major Line & Beyond









Within the worldwide turmoil

caused by natural disasters and

devastation of the human spirit,

people of beauty and justice in

their hearts have been striving to pursue another

path for the creation of the beautiful new world.

MARTH is one of them. He is a New Age artist who

creates beautiful healing music with heartfelt

messages to the world as if led by the great force

of the universe.

MARTH had the first chance to play with the

orchestra and choir in Prague, Czech, on

11.11.2018. for the project of “Minor Line – The

Road to the East” to do a studio and a live hall

recording at Dvorak Hall of his composition.

Having rooted at Jindai, Awajishima Island in

Japan, where they succeed the old Jewish

legends, he mentioned some history of Europe

and the Bohemian in the album. MARTH tells us

the reason why.

“Within the separated societies (the egoistic

world), conflict, competition, and comparison are

Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 53


Appreciating such

promise with God,

“Never harm

others, even if hurt

by them”, four

million people are

said to have


Isaiahnagid, who

was a priest and a


54 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

common. The people who have such

awareness that everything is connected

as one cannot act as such. It is because

to ruin people, to whom it appears as if

others will ruin themselves. They, who

never accept it, may have lived in a

movable house or hid in deep in the

mountains or moved to far islands. They

never wish to control others or be

controlled by them.”

Among such people, Isaiahnagid may

have been, as a leader of his people. He

left his homeland, which was in great

danger of being attacked by enemies

and headed for the land in the east

about two thousand six hundred and

fifty years ago. Appreciating such

promise with God, “Never harm others,

even if hurt by them”, four million people

are said to have followed Isaiahnagid,

who was a priest and a prophet.

The migrating people left national

anthems in a minor key on their way to

the east. “Minor Line – The Road to the

East” is an album with a compilation of

rare minor-line songs selected from

about two thousand songs of MARTH

music collection.

And in May of 2019, MARTH made a

recording of a new project, “Major Line

– the Road to the East” at the Czech

National Symphony Orchestra (CNSO)

Studio in Prague. And two months later,

in July, he had a live recording at

Smetana Hall in Prague. As a big theme

song for this project, he sang a song

titled, “The Road to the East - to make a

land of love, to be a model world”,

expressing profound thought of


In India, they

have had its

essence as

“Veda,” and in its

more familiar

form, yoga has

been appreciated

and loved by

people of the


Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 55


The Road to the East-

To make a land of love, to be a model world

I headed for the east

to make it a planet of love

to create a land of beautiful heart

We will be a model of the world

when we love people

when our loving friends live in a smile

Love your neighboring countries, love your


love your father, love your mother

support your friends, make the world loving

together with all people

create a beautiful world

Then, you will surely feel true freedom

Then, you will surely feel true love

Create a beautiful land

Make your friends happy

This time now you can love your

neighboring countries

to realize true peace

This time now you will love everything

to create eternal peace

to love your neighbors is a great pride

We wished our country would be a model of the


We loved our enemies and wished for peace

We wished for smiles of people of the world

Respect your neighboring countries,

Embrace other countries,

Embrace your father,

Carry your mother on your back,

Let your friends win,

Support your brothers and sisters,

Love your sister,

and embrace your brother.

56 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

Lyrics & Music: MARTH

For the children of a distant

future, we will trust this song

for a world of love

Then, you will surely realize your true dream

Then, you will live forever beyond life

Create a beautiful country,

Make your people happy.

That is what your great father wished for,

Now I embrace his wish within

Now I know that is love within all people's


For the children of a distant future, we will

trust this song for the millennium of love.

Dedicated to dearest I.naghit


MARTH often sings about the oneness

of the universe; the law of love, in his

song, that we can protect us, our

families, friends, and countries only

when we love neighbors and

neighboring countries, to say nothing of

“The Road to the East - to make a land

of love, to be a model world”.

MARTH sings along with the magnificent

performance of symphony and choir as

if trying to awaken the biggest wish for

love and peace hidden deep within the

hearts of all people of the world.

Some people classify MARTH music as

“Healing Music”. Others call it “New Age

Music”. And in this summer, his new

releases were picked up as “Classical

Music New Release” by the staff of

Spotify, which is the biggest digital

music platform in the world. He stands

equivalent with such prominent

classical music composers as Bach,

Mozart, Beethoven, Dvorak, and so on in

the playlist. Not only great musicality of

MARTH but his manifestation of the

truth which ruled the universe since the

time of Ancient Jew, not so, of superancient

civilization called Mu in

expressed in his music touched the

hearts of people. It is the law of the

universe, the truth of the world of

oneness that everything is unknown,

mystical, that there is neither the self

nor the other, floating in the ocean of

elementary particles, and the beautiful

reality to express the very substances of

all things.

And this same truth has been

transcended in a different form in the

world. In India, they have had its

essence as “Veda,” and in its more

familiar form, yoga has been

appreciated and loved by people of the

world. And now, the healing science,

transcended from ancient times, has

been revealed more in such field as

quantum mechanics and quantum


Humanity needs to have a deeper

awareness of the oneness, selflessness,

the quality of unreality, and so one of

the universe, which MARTH repeatedly

expresses in his music. It is inevitable

for us to choose love and justice, and to

change directions of the societies and

civilizations now for this reason.

MARTH Music seems to have been

supporting people of love in the world

to move them to true transformation of

humanity, going beyond any boundary,

and disparity such as languages,

religion, politics, national borders, and

so on.


And now, MARTH Music has gained

hundreds of thousands of followers at

World No1. Meditation app. “Insight

Timer”. They regularly use our music as

a background music for daily practices

of yoga, meditation, and grief care,

sleep music. The sound of the

orchestra, the piano, guitar,

accompanied by the nature sound such

as the ocean waves and birds, has been

inviting listeners to the truth of oneness

beyond words and national boundaries

even now.

Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 57




Exploring the Uncharted-Sattal

Travel Diary 28 Jun 2019

A short trip to a usually famous destination

is not the itinerary of my preference.

Breaking the ritual, we planned to travel to

one such known tourist place this time.

Sattal, being one of the well known tourist

places in Nanital region; people from

nearby cities rush here in summers to

avoid the scorching heat waves and relax

by the beautiful lake side.The serenity of

the hills let you unwind and forget the

chaotic city life.

While a tourist would have been happy

with the offering, the traveler in me was

eager to find something different.

Something with which I can connect and

become one with the nature. Unmistakably

Sattal offers things which you can't

imagine, and the way to explore is to go


Stay at Sattal-Ditch the

Hotel for a Hill Retreat

Sattal Retreat

The retreat is situated at a hill top and

offers mesmerizing views of the Sattal


The retreat is at about 5 min walk from

the parking spot in the valley.

For trek lovers, your may decide to

walk up or down from the lake directly.

Though, you should check-in and

freshen up first before heading for the

trekking expeditions.

58 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

Road less traveled

in Sattal

Trek in the Forest


Sattal offers

things which you

can't imagine,

and the way to

explore is to go


Region around the lake is surrounded

by dense forest, and one can explore

the forest trails by paying a fee of Rs.10

per person. The opportunity in hand

was hard to leave, and we decided to

walk on the road less traveled.

The idea to take such a trail seemed

boring for the first 5 min and we

thought it was just another of those

tourist spots. But our thoughts were

marked incorrect by the mother nature

and we were gazing at the pristine view

with-in no time.

The jungle trail is everything from

usual walk to amateur trek to steep

climbs; the fresh cool air of the dense

forest keeps you energized while you

seek path to go deeper in the jungle.

Boating in the Sattal Lake

When you are at the lake side, boating

becomes one of the mandatory

activities to do. And with so many food

options how can one not visit the place

and take a dip.

The stairs to the lake is flooded with

food stalls with variety of options to

choose; and interestingly it was more

fun for me as I was visiting the place

after five long years, thus was able to

remark on how the place has


Mahadev temple

in Mukteshwar is

probably the

highest spot of


from where you

get the view of

the entire city


Doing the Obvious

When you are traveling with the ladies,

you can't skip the obvious and mall

road in Bhimtal offers some good

options; en route when traveling back

to the retreat.

The view of beautifully decorated

aquarium in Bhimtal lake called for a

change in plan and we accommodated

it by spending the evening by the lake

side with the company of some

steaming hot Momos & Maggie.

Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 59


Travel Diary 29 Jun 2019

When at home I would love to sleep

those extra hours on a weekend, but at

a place like this it becomes terribly

difficult to do the same. With a gallery

offering view of the early sun with cool

breeze and an area dedicated for yoga,

it would be a crime to lazy around in bed.

On top, I would have attempted to miss

each and everything mentioned, if it

was not supposed to be followed by a

delicious breakfast.

Once you are done filling your stomach

you have varied option to choose from

and head for. You can be conventional

and head for the famous Nanital to

enjoy the mall road, boating at the lake,

shopping at the Tibetan market, ecopark

visit or you can take the road to

Mukteshwar which is approximately 2

hr.s away.

I believe, adhoc is the way one should

travel when exploring mother nature;

and with this thought in mind we

started for Mukteshwar with a planned

detour for Bhalu Gaad Fall.

Bhalu Gaad Fall

A perfect trek spot for people of all age

groups, as you walk through paved path

for majority of section. There are 3 small

water crossings which also doubles up

as a spot to sit and relax. A small dhaba

serving steaming hot food was like

oasis, and we were quick enough to not

miss the opportunity and order plates

of rajma rice and maggie.

I would suggest you to visit the fall as

early as possible, as later in the day the

fall is too crowded to take a dip.

60 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple

Mahadev temple in Mukteshwar is

probably the highest spot of

Mukteshwar from where you get the

view of the entire city scape. One you

reach the entrance of the temple, you

will be greeted or rather caught by a

few guides who are willing to take you

through the place. We skipped hiring a

guide as my agenda was to explore

rather then travel point to point.

At the temple entry gate you will see step

leading you to the top location of the

Mahadev temple and en route you may

relish the lemon water made from giant

lemons. Once you reach the top, you will

be greeted by the spectacular views

which may lead even an atheist to pray.

Eatery not to be Missed

While there are many cafes and

restaurants in and around Bhimtal

where you can satisfy your taste buds,

but very near to Bhimtal market is this

medium sized bright colored shop

(MUMMA's BIRYANI) which attracted us

so much that we parked our car to

check it out.

The biryani was surprisingly priced at

Rs. 90 Only. Skeptical about the quality

of the meal, we ordered only a plate

which was served to us in a very

humble manner by the shop owner.

And one spoon of the delicious biryani

made us order another plate, which

was then followed by 2 more plates.

That marked the end of the day and

our journey to the beautiful Sattal,


About Author

Argha Chakraborty,

A travel enthusiast

with plans of

becoming a globe

trotter. I have

traveled across many

destinations in India

and am eager to set

my foot on the world

map. Ultimate

bucket list is to drive

down from India to


Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 61


March 29 - April 5 in Ubud, Bali


62 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

More than 300 workshops over 7 days/8 nights

Day and night music performances with

international conscious artists

Nestled in Bali’s beautiful nature

Bali. One of Asia’s biggest Yoga

Festivals is celebrating its 13th

edition: from March 29th to

April 5th 2020 the world is

invited to join the conscious yoga event

BaliSpirit Festival on the tropical island

paradise Bali. During seven days and

eight nights more than 300 workshops in

yoga, dance, personal development,

healing and martial arts will take place,

complemented by day- and night time

music, a dharma fair and amazing

organic food. As in the previous years,

the venue will be at Purnati Center of the

Arts, surrounded by Bali’s outstanding

lush green rice fields and jungle patches,

just 15 minutes south of Ubud.

From yoga to meditation, dance,

breathwork, healing and martial arts, the

festival takes the participants on a

journey of intense experiences and

personal discoveries. Local and

international presenters share their

wisdom, all enhanced by the community

support and Bali’s spiritual energy.

Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 63


Explore Different Practices of Yoga and


As the event is a Yoga festival, a big amount of

workshops are dedicated to the yogic way of life

and different modalities of the yoga world.

Presenters teach sessions in both classical styles

like Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Hatha,

Jivamukti, Ashtanga and new fusion styles as

Heavy Metal Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Afro Flow,

Children's yoga and more. Additionally, there are

also classes which encourage to sit still, or/and

direct the attention inward. These different

meditation classes help the attendee to return

home to the self.

Experience Deep Healing

While overall inner healing processes can take

place when attending the festival, there is the

option to book private sessions with one of the

holistic healers located in the Healing Huts area.

And then there are even more workshops focusing

especially on healing. Be it sound-healing in the

evening hours with views over the rice fields and

the rising moon, Wataflow treatments teaching

water therapy in the pool or Thai- and Esalen

Massage presentations and hands-on workshops

– healing is part of BaliSpirit Festival, whether

actively experienced or passively felt.

Another aspect of the festival which supports the

inner healing but also personal development are

talks and seminars. Experts of different fields of

life sciences and coaching give ideas, examples

and inspiration on how to overcome obstacles

and grow.

Connect through Music and Dance

Of course, also dancing can be healing. And there

is a lot of dance at BaliSpirit Festival. Be it moving

to Afro-Brazilian beats, joining that HipHop class

or more spiritually oriented ones like 5elements

Lorem ipsum

dolor sit amet.

Amet tempor clita

consequat eum

rebum consetetur

64 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

dance – it is a great part of the festival where

attendees can get grounded, can shake their bodies,

release trauma or move into different spheres.

The line-up of musicians performing at BaliSpirit

Festival includes spiritually-inspired artists gathered

from all over the world like Rising Appalachia,

Chancha Via Circuito, Digital Afrika, Crussen, Yaima

and so many more. They perform during day- and

nighttime to create a connected and intimate concert

experience that leads into deeper relation, brighter

joy and truly sacred celebration.

2020 Line-Up

Expect more than 300 workshops of amazing

teachers, speakers, healers, performers, dancers and

unique souls, carefully curated to offer you the most

transformational and memorable experience ever.

The 2020 Line-Up consists of recurring presenters

such as Tymi Howard, Jeffrey Armstrong and Shiva

Rea, Sarina Jain in the dance category, outstanding

martial artist Alfred Kendrick and a lot more. And

there are also new teachers enriching the BaliSpirit

Festival program with their inspiration and

movements like Jason Worton, Eka Kailash, and

Cheri Rae Russell

Festival Ticket Options

Attendees can choose between full one-week festival

tickets, 3-day and day passes. For music lovers there

are special music passes, allowing to join a few

workshops and giving access to all music

performances. It is a festival for everyone. For singles

and groups, children, teens, families, experienced

yogis and beginners alike. The extraordinary variety

of the program combined with the spiritual and

beautiful natural setting makes it an unforgettable


About BaliSpirit Festival

Founded in 2008 with about 150 attendees, BaliSpirit

Festival has grown to one of the best yoga and music

festivals in the world, counting more than 5000

attendees during the last editions, including 1,000

Balinese and Indonesians and visitors from 60 other

nationalities. Following the Hindu principle of Tri Hita

Karana: Harmony with God, Harmony with

Community, Harmony with Nature, BaliSpirit Festival

aims to awaken and nourish each individual’s

potential for positive change within, leading to

positive change in our homes, in our communities,

and around the world. More information:


Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 65




Know how to protect your health with

a cup of herbal tea

Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 67





By Dr. Arindham Chatterjee

Talking about Tea & Yoga, I have found green tea a

very common preparation in Yoga studios. Green

tea is very light and healthy. But I’d suggest one

thing – the gap between a yoga session and any

sort of consumption must be at least 1 hour. There are some

other great variations of tea, particularly herbal tea, that have

become quite famous of late. I have tried ginseng tea and

found it extremely refreshing. In fact, if any tea has given me

the maximum energy and vitality, I’d be unhesitant in naming

ginseng tea. It is without doubt my favourite.

Having said that, I must confess here that while I have been

able to prepare tulsi tea, ginger tea, and gur gur chai (butter

tea) at home with the raw ingredients, I have been relying on

packaged ginseng tea for its preparation. Ginseng roots

required to make this kind of tea have stayed out of my reach

till date. But the availability of good quality herbal tea in the

market these days has made the task of tea passionistas

easier. Particularly those who look at tea as a healer rather

than as a feeler. In fact, herbal teas are good alternatives to

regular tea, simply because they are caffeine-free and have

numerous health benefits. They have been imbibed nearly as

long as written history extends.

There is nothing more satisfying and enjoyable than the fresh

taste of herbal tea. This delicious and nourishing beverage

makes a lovely compliment to your morning, revered

companion in the afternoon and helps us relax (which we all

deserve) in the evening.


Herbal Tea is an herbal infusion made from dried flowers,

leaves, seeds or root. Generally it is made by pouring boiling

water over the plant parts and letting them steam for a few

minutes. The seeds and roots can also be boiled on a stove.

These are then filtered and sweetened if desired and served.

This kind of chai has many health benefits and is often

consumed for its physical or medicinal effects especially for

their stimulant, relaxant and seductive properties.

68 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 69



Firstly, Tea fulfils the water

requirement of the body if

consumed 2 or 3 times a day, as

many people don’t drink plenty of

water, and if sufficient amount of

water is not consumed then many

problems can occur.

The tea made from Mint aids in

relaxation; relieves stress, and

helps proper digestion.

Basil Tea or Tulsi chai is prepared

by putting about 1 to 2 spoonfuls

of basil leaves in 250 ml of boiling

water. Then it should be steamed

for about 2 minutes. Drink 2 to 3

cups of basil tea a day, best after

each meal. It helps treat intestinal

colic, gastric ulcer,

bloating/swelling of the abdomen,

anorexia, urinary tract infections,



lesions and


in the mouth.

70 www.yogicherald.com Jan. 2020

Similarly the Cardamom tea or Elaichi

chai helps, for it eases stomach

cramp, stimulates digestion, and

reduces gas and flatulence.

Cardamom is the queen of spices and

the flavour is absolutely ecstatic.

Fennel tea (Saunf ki chai) is beneficial

for appetite, and also soothes sore

throat and cough.

Ginger tea helps improve circulation,

relieves cold and flu, and regulates

blood sugar.

Rosemary tea is good for joint pain

and headache. Also stimulates liver.

Green tea has a super effect on health

as this tea inhibits the growth of

Cancer cells. It is a powerful anti

oxidant, kills Cancer cells without

damaging the healthy cells, reduces

the Cholesterol level, and helps to

reduce thrombosis.

Cranberry tea is good for Urinary tract

infections. Drinking one or two cups

of herbal tea is very beneficial for

health and is the solution for many

daily problems like stress, indigestion,

cough, cold, bad circulation etc. If you

drink more than one cup of coffee per

day, try replacing some of that coffee

with herbal tea. Most herbal tea

doesn’t have caffeine. However green

tea does. But green tea too has many

health benefits.

The traditional Indian chai prepared with

milk is actually considered toxic and that’s

why I always stayed away from it. But

herbal tea sans milk is quite the opposite

and considered to be a great detoxifier. In

fact, it has been found that herbal tea

helps to cut the body fat by 50%, and is an

extremely effective energy drink.

I’ll admit it; I’ve not always been the biggest

fan of herbal teas. Sometimes, they can

taste very plain. But time and again, I have

stumbled upon a blend that changes my

mind. It’s possible for caffeine-free blends

to be every bit as delicious as a tea-based

one. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of trial

and error. And considering the benefits that

they bring to us, it's worth every bit.

Jan. 2020 www.yogicherald.com 71




ZORBA @ Over 300+ programs are designed and

organized throughout the year to foster spiritual and

creative growth. In close communion with nature we

offer courses and residential retreats in meditation,

wellness therapies, creative arts, music and a lot more.

Zorba The Buddha in association with YOGIC HERALD


FEEL FREE TO CALL @ + 91 8802007774 or email us info@yogicherald.com

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