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Welcome To Go See Silver - Silver Wainhouse's Magazine. Many people around the world simply say 'go see Silver' to anyone who needs to move forward with their lives and become their best selves. Silver’s extensive career as a coach, speaker, playwright and writer is impressive. Silver has included an Invitation To Work With Her. Enjoy her magazine and reach out to her at connect@goseesilver.com.

Welcome To Go See Silver - Silver Wainhouse's Magazine.

Many people around the world simply say 'go see Silver' to anyone who needs to move forward with their lives and become their best selves. Silver’s extensive career as a coach, speaker, playwright and writer is impressive. Silver has included an Invitation To Work With Her.

Enjoy her magazine and reach out to her at connect@goseesilver.com.


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1<br />

An Invitation to Join Me in My<br />

Astro Huddle<br />

2<br />

Listen to <strong>Silver</strong> on the Unlimited<br />

Beautiful Questions Podcast<br />

3<br />

“Amazing Grace Is Yellow” Merits<br />

Its Standing Ovation - A Play About<br />

The Life Of Beauford Delaney<br />

4<br />

<strong>Silver</strong>’s Creativity Showroom<br />

in Uzès, France<br />

Photo Source: MindValley Awesomeness Fest, Costa Rica<br />




YOU THE BIZ!<br />

I AM...<br />

We are connected; that’s<br />

why you’re here. Take your<br />

time, turn the pages and<br />

discover what we could do<br />

together and how we can do it.<br />

Creativity is my passion.<br />

I help people and businesses<br />

to discover, value and use their<br />

creativity to perform better.<br />

I guide you on the journey<br />

to reveal your core energies,<br />

desires, and purpose. When you value your<br />

uniqueness, I believe that you love yourself<br />

more, become more daring, and move beyond<br />

boundaries blocked by fear.<br />

When we work together, you walk away with<br />

a product, something that you can take to the<br />

bank. That includes the bank of self-worth and<br />

self-esteem, protecting your most valuable<br />

assets.<br />

I know that we could have some fun because,<br />

along with my various and different skills, fun<br />

is one of the things I bring to the table. Don’t<br />

you like it when it’s fun? Sure you do. Let’s<br />

work together and let the world know that<br />

WHAT’S<br />

INSIDE<br />

P06<br />

P10<br />

P22<br />

P26<br />

P28<br />

About Me<br />

Invitation To Work<br />

With Me On Your<br />

Successattude<br />

Beauford Delaney’s<br />

Pushed Me to Write<br />

His Story<br />

Amazing Grace Is<br />

Yellow Merits Its<br />

Standing Ovation<br />

Unlimited Beautiful<br />

Questions Podcast<br />

youtu.be/SSBDMVL0uUY<br />

COACH<br />




WRITER<br />








You The Biz!<br />

Doing it with love,<br />

@silverwainhouse<br />

connect@<strong>Go</strong><strong>See</strong><strong>Silver</strong>.com<br />

2<br />

…Something <strong>Go</strong>od 3

Ilive for the moment a client<br />

turns to me and confirms that<br />

I have helped them to create<br />

a better personal or corporate<br />

life. These moments are what<br />

fills my treasure chest.<br />

Coaching and mentoring is<br />

what I was born to do. And I deliver. Using my<br />

professional training as a coach, success as a<br />

writer, corporate jungle experience, stunning<br />

intuition, and astrology, I weave a unique<br />

package for you.<br />

My client list is impressive! Why not join it?<br />

I am global.<br />

Join me at the Creativity Showroom in Uzès,<br />

France where I connect with individuals and<br />

groups, at one of my events, meet me virtually,<br />

or arrange for me to meet you in your space.<br />

about.me/silverwainhouse<br />

connect@<strong>Go</strong><strong>See</strong><strong>Silver</strong>.com<br />

In the USA +1 917 806-0235<br />

In Europe +33 (0) 6 73 53 26 80<br />

Ronny Turiaf,<br />

formerly of the<br />

LA Lakers, stopping<br />

by to say hello. <strong>Silver</strong><br />

says he is so tall<br />

because his heart<br />

is so big!<br />

4<br />


BOUT ME<br />

Q A<br />

&<br />

silver wainhouse<br />

@silverwainhouse<br />

6. What’s your biggest challenge<br />

right now?<br />

WHAT<br />


1. When you awake in the morning<br />

do you get out of bed immediately<br />

or do you linger?<br />

2. What is your biggest fear?<br />

That the number of deaths from Covid 19 will<br />

increase because leadership in the United<br />

States has no plan. My family has lost people.<br />

I’ve children on the front lines.<br />

3. What three promises have you<br />

made to yourself?<br />

4. Is there a rule you’ve broken?<br />

I break rules all the time when it comes to<br />

style. I will at my age, wear a dress with a slit<br />

and red lipstick. And I rock it!<br />

5. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Which<br />

is your favorite?<br />

I’ve several and they are all related to touch<br />

and people together in a room.<br />

I am a hugger. I miss touch so much. And<br />

feeling the synergy created by people together<br />

in a room.<br />

Also, I try to remain optimistic about seeing<br />

my play, “Amazing Grace is Yellow,” on stage.<br />

And when that may happen.<br />

I linger. I often awaken around 6 a.m. but may<br />

remain in bed for an hour, even more. I tell<br />

my friends that I am with G.U.S. That is my<br />

acronym for Getting Up Slowly. I may journal,<br />

noting my dream and what else is coming up.<br />

I give gratitude for the day and when my feet<br />

meet the floor I have a direction for the day.<br />

I have an indoor morning exercise routine<br />

taught to me by a martial arts instructor,<br />

which takes about 20 minutes. Then I walk for<br />

an hour or so.<br />

That I will honor my body, embracing its<br />

imperfections. There is too much pressure to<br />

look a certain way. I have seen hundreds of<br />

bodies in my office ranging from professional<br />

athletes to people seeking relief from trauma.<br />

Each is a miracle; each is beautiful.<br />

That I can and will say no when it is<br />

appropriate for me to do so. I have a good gut<br />

sense. I’ve learned to listen to it. I know my<br />

worth and to ask for what I am worth.<br />

I don’t eat a traditional breakfast. My first<br />

meal of the day is around 11:30 or so. More like<br />

brunch. It is often oatmeal and fruit.<br />

I eat again around 3:30 or 4. It is a full meal.<br />

Dinner courses.<br />

Sweet potatoes are often included. I love<br />

them. I slice them like fries, drizzle them<br />

lightly with olive oil and bake high. Simple and<br />

good. I have been asked to bring them to<br />

pot lucks.<br />

7. What’s your favorite quote?<br />

“Live life as it everything is rigged in<br />

your favor.” - Rumi<br />

“Stumbling is not falling.” - (attributed<br />

to many)<br />

“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb<br />

a tree, it will think it’s stupid.”<br />

- Albert Einstein<br />

6 7

8. Your three favorite books?<br />

These will be my favorite today. This may be<br />

your hardest question. I love books and have a<br />

library spanning all four walls to the ceiling in<br />

my home.<br />

Blacks by Gwendolyn Brooks Gwendolyn<br />

Brooks was a poet who was awarded the<br />

Pulitzer Prize. We exchanged letters.<br />

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacquiline<br />

Woodson<br />

Lettres à Son Frere Theo by Vincent Van<br />

<strong>Go</strong>gh - Van <strong>Go</strong>gh’s letter to his brother,<br />

Theo. This book is in French. Van <strong>Go</strong>gh is<br />

one of my favorite painters.<br />

This list could change tomorrow. And WILL!<br />

9. What’s been your lowest point<br />

and how did you pull through?<br />

I have had several life-changing experiences.<br />

I had a brother who was murdered during a<br />

Thanksgiving vacation from university.<br />

I had to institutionalize my late husband,<br />

Austryn, when it became impossible for me<br />

to care for him alone; He had Alzheimer’s and<br />

was a genius. It was devastating to see the<br />

disease ravage his body. I’ve lost a child.<br />

To continue and pick myself up, I had to<br />

remind myself that I was alive and that I was<br />

alive for a reason. That reason speaks to<br />

my passion.<br />

My passion is to encourage and support folks<br />

on their life journey. I infuse them with what I<br />

call Successatude. I guide them on a journey<br />

of self-discovery and appreciation. I want<br />

them to end with a product created from their<br />

talents and skills that they can share with<br />

the world.<br />

10. When people hear your name.<br />

what do you want to come to their<br />

mind?<br />

I want them to see me as someone who gives<br />

them hope and encouragement. I want them<br />

to think that we could sit down together,<br />

co-create and that they will go away<br />

strengthened, and with something upon which<br />

they can rely.<br />

Unlimited Beautiful Questions<br />

Podcast & Book<br />


HAVE A<br />

GOOD<br />

DAY!<br />

I was young just like you”...then<br />

she looked at me with a look I’ll never<br />

forget...she said…”Ma’am - please tell<br />

me how you did it”... I said ‘baby, I<br />

think you’re going to be alright”<br />

I want to tell you a story about a bus ride…<br />

unlimitedbeautifulquestions.com<br />

youtu.be/4eRiT26TIM0<br />

8 9

SUCC<br />

ESSA<br />

TUDE!<br />



ME ON YOUR<br />


Successatude is the heart-centered attitude of self worth and value you<br />

carry at your core and broadcast to the world. It is a confidence you embody<br />

because you know that the world needs and values your contribution.<br />

Successatude makes you determined and unstoppable.<br />

Successatude has four pillars:<br />

The way and reason you intentionally enter any space.<br />

Sharing time with people who deserve it.<br />

Drawing strength from your ancestors and showing gratitude.<br />

Using your gifts so they may be seen and shared.<br />

<strong>Go</strong><strong>See</strong><strong>Silver</strong>.com<br />

<strong>Silver</strong> <strong>Wainhouse</strong> is a speech writer and speaker. Successatude is a topic<br />

she shares with audiences.<br />

Photo Source: Charlois Lumpkin<br />

10 11

Creativity<br />

is a path to healing and healing is a path<br />

to love.<br />

There are four components to healing I’ve<br />

identified and address in my coaching and<br />

mentoring: Each is a vital component and has<br />

its own reward. I believe that you need them<br />

all to experience love.<br />

Would you consider joining me on<br />

a journey of self-discovery, selfappreciation<br />

and of self-love that you<br />

share creatively with the world?<br />

WE’RE<br />

GOING TO<br />

GROW, AND<br />

HAVE FUN<br />


GOOD USE<br />

OUR BEST<br />

SELVES.<br />

Love and appreciation for oneself<br />

and for others is my mission. This is<br />

the foundation of all that I do in my<br />

mentoring and coaching.<br />

We all have experienced creative<br />

flow. Remember the feeling? Totally<br />

engrossed in a task, we glance after<br />

what seems to have been a few minutes<br />

and are shocked by the much greater<br />

amount of time that has actually<br />

passed. We, in that instant, realize that<br />

we have travelled somewhere else.<br />

Another realm welcomed us and we<br />

arrived with confidence and total loss<br />

of self-consciousness. Released are<br />

expectations; we find ourselves in two<br />

positions simultaneously.<br />

We are as much witness as a participant.<br />

The act of creating, of making something<br />

and losing oneself in the process, is<br />

affirming and life-sustaining.<br />

You<br />

meet love<br />

to the<br />

extent<br />

and at the<br />

places you<br />

are healed.<br />

<strong>Silver</strong> <strong>Wainhouse</strong><br />


<strong>Silver</strong> with Sammy Shoebox Moses Taggert feeling the love<br />

During that time, our unrivalled true self<br />

emerges and the gifts and talents with<br />

which we are born, are untethered.<br />

They are TRUTH,<br />


12 13

Truth Beauty Joy Sharing<br />

The great enemy of<br />

the truth is very<br />

often not the lie,<br />

deliberate contrived<br />

and dishonest, but<br />

the myth, persistent,<br />

persuasive and<br />

unrealistic.<br />

John F. Kennedy<br />

How many non-truths about ourselves are burdening<br />

our shoulders? How many about others? Getting<br />

to the truth is about peeling away the layers and<br />

examining the origins of your beliefs.<br />

The truth is that you are not unlimited and that if<br />

you make up your mind, you can do anything is a<br />

falsehood. What is true is that you can do anything<br />

that is yours to do. By that, I mean that you can do<br />

anything within the confines of your abilities and<br />

talents and will. I do not care how much you believe,<br />

the odds are a gazillion to one that you could not<br />

beat LeBron James in a game of basketball nor beat<br />

Serena Williams in a game of tennis. But, I can easily<br />

imagine that there is something you do that they<br />

can’t. Work on developing that part of you.<br />

What lies are a part of you that do not serve your<br />

best self? What beliefs did your family pass on to<br />

you that are not true. These may include lies about<br />

money, about beauty, about other religions and<br />

other cultures and even about you. What have you<br />

shut your eyes to so as not to upset family members<br />

or yourself because it is easier to do that than to<br />

question and do the work digging for the truth<br />

demands?<br />

I lead you to meet yourself with tenderness.<br />

There is so much beauty in this world. I define<br />

beauty as a quality possessed by a person or<br />

thing that glorifies the senses. The ability to see<br />

and appreciate beauty is a skill. And beauty, once<br />

recognized, pulls something deep inside that makes<br />

you want to protect it. Ability to create beauty<br />

artistically is a gift from the divine.<br />

When is the last time you took time to admire beauty<br />

in nature? And did you connect to the fact that you<br />

are a part of nature and therefore its beauty as well?<br />

Look at mother earth and all who inhabit her as one<br />

organism. What do you think is your function in this<br />

system? What can you do to help the system survive?<br />

Where’s the kiss of beauty nature bestowed in you?<br />

I don’t<br />

think of<br />

all the<br />

misery,<br />

but of the<br />

beauty<br />

that still<br />

remains.<br />

Anne Frank<br />

Beauty’s<br />

currency<br />

is joy.<br />

inside.<br />

<strong>Silver</strong> <strong>Wainhouse</strong><br />

There is a thrill felt in the presence of beauty.<br />

A baby’s laugh, tender words from a lover, a<br />

breathtaking sky, all stir us emotionally. I want<br />

to take you back to the time when you created<br />

something and feeling joy, ran to tell -- to show your<br />

creation. Look at what I did! you said. I support you<br />

and encourage you so you create, without fear of<br />

judgement and to take pleasure in the process itself.<br />

Joy has been nixed in daily life. Too often we delay<br />

joy and pleasure for the weekend and are made to<br />

feel guilty about enjoying ourselves. This has been<br />

done on many levels.<br />

Laugh in your office and what looks do you get?<br />

Smile too much there because you know that the job<br />

does not display all that you are and that you have<br />

other means of self-expression and gratification.<br />

You might receive eye rolls. Nose to the grindstone,<br />

thank you very much is the culture.<br />

But, things are changing. When we give that much<br />

of our time, we not only want a say so, we want a be<br />

so workplace. I work with transitioning individuals<br />

who seek new ways and career paths using their<br />

experience and skills.<br />

We can and should experience joy in all areas and<br />

aspects of our lives.<br />

Where do you find it in yours?<br />

To get the<br />

full value<br />

of joy, you<br />

must have<br />

someone<br />

to divide it<br />

with.<br />

Mark Twain<br />

It is not about you. What? Right. It is not<br />

about you; it is about others and about how<br />

you connect and share with them. I am not<br />

talking about codependency when I talk<br />

about sharing with others what you have<br />

that they need. I am talking about healthy<br />

relationships and exchanges and maintaining<br />

healthy boundaries. There are things you are<br />

to share only after trust has been earned.<br />

It’s about you sharing what you have that<br />

others need via your gifts and talents.<br />

Burnout and disappointment result from<br />

misdirected energy. When you focus on you,<br />

your “tank” is emptied. When the focus is<br />

on what you have to share and match that to<br />

others in need, your “tank” is filled.<br />

Follow me on<br />

medium.com/silverwainhouse<br />

14 15



I coach people who have made the decision to invest<br />

in themselves to improve their lives. Often they are<br />

churning inside, wanting to make their mark in this<br />

world. I’ve been doing it for a few decades!<br />

<strong>Silver</strong> <strong>Wainhouse</strong> is a fount of insight and creativity!<br />

She has an uncanny ability to listen to your story, identify<br />

the areas on which it is crucial that you sharpen your<br />

focus, and suggest game-changing strategies and tactics<br />

that move you forward with clarity and efficiency. I’m<br />

currently weaving her sage advice into the branding<br />

strategy for two projects whose launch is imminent and<br />

am excited about the direction in which it is leading me!<br />

Monique Y. Wells, PhD<br />

Jack Canfield’s Program ‘Talking About Sucess’<br />

<strong>Silver</strong> <strong>Wainhouse</strong>’s multidimensional<br />

lens beams her<br />

intuitive magic of your talent to<br />

global audiences. Watch out- her<br />

energy is contagious.<br />

Evelyn Asher, Founder<br />

Wisdom Collective<br />

<strong>Silver</strong> is a connector and is founder of the Creativity Showroom based in<br />

Uzès, France. There, in addition to a stream of clients and visitors, she<br />

welcomes members of GLOBAL ARTS FORCE, artists dedicated to human<br />

rights and justice and B.O.S.S.E.S Blacks on Stage and Screen.<br />

Happiness Hooked - <strong>Silver</strong>’s book to be released in 2021. Look for it!<br />

Arriving from all continents, <strong>Silver</strong> welcomes them to her “Creativity<br />

Showroom” in southern France, where as creativity developer, she meets<br />

you where you are. Whether coming to regain footing after a life-changing<br />

experience, to start or advance a project, or to explore how to find and use<br />

the best version of yourself, you will leave fortified after your experience.<br />

<strong>Silver</strong> feels that creativity and the use of one’s talent, is the number one<br />

component insuring success in personal and corporate life. With <strong>Silver</strong>, you<br />

emerge with a new awareness of how your skills and talents can be best<br />

put to use. If you think that you have neither skill nor talent, <strong>Silver</strong> takes<br />

you on a journey of self-appreciation. You gain internalized confidence<br />

finding the part of yourself meant to lead. The problem solver in you will<br />

be fortified. When you leave the “Creativity Showroom,” you step out with<br />

the self you are born to express and share with the world.<br />

Having deconstructed your fear and doubt, and worry, you emerge with<br />

enhanced emotional intelligence. FEAR, she says, is what happens when<br />

feelings eliminate attainable results. You kick off your shoes and play with<br />

the muse, using your imagination. You have fun with her. And you learn<br />

that fun has value.<br />

At the Creativity Showroom, imagination is in charge. And about that<br />

imagination, she tells me the best quote about imagination you will ever<br />

hear. “Worry is just poor imagination! she says.” That gem is from my<br />

friend Ali Fowler. Smiling widely she says that it pays to have good friends<br />

who are wise and that you may very well find them when you participate<br />

at the showroom.<br />

Remember to JUMP<br />

even when you’re afraid!<br />

Whenever l take big<br />

jumps, l call on <strong>Silver</strong><br />

<strong>Wainhouse</strong> because she’s<br />

an accelerator.<br />

Gahmya Drummond-Bey,<br />

Oprah Winfrey ambassador at<br />

The Creativity Showroom<br />


WITH ME<br />



connect@<strong>Go</strong><strong>See</strong><strong>Silver</strong>.com<br />

Photo Source: thriveglobal.com/stories/is-your-sun-in-cancer/<br />

16 17

You Have<br />

One Bow, But<br />

Many Arrows.<br />

<strong>Go</strong><strong>See</strong><strong>Silver</strong>.com<br />

Last day in France spent<br />

with the EPIC <strong>Silver</strong><br />

<strong>Wainhouse</strong> in Uzes!!<br />

Woke up this morning<br />

surrounded by old books<br />

and literally thought I’d<br />

died and gone to heaven!<br />

Amazing conversation,<br />

brainstorming, healing,<br />

insights and even more<br />

stunning sights! Merci<br />

beaucoup ma Cherie -<br />

we’ll be back<br />

When<br />

Your Name Is<br />

Called, Who<br />

Shows Up?<br />

<strong>Go</strong><strong>See</strong><strong>Silver</strong>.com<br />

Natalie Alexia<br />

Photo Source: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1872100696385375<br />

18 19



Astro Huddle is <strong>Silver</strong>’s new program created<br />

for groups. In it she applies her knowledge of<br />

astrology, business, and myotherapy to produce<br />

this tool for personal and business growth. She<br />

breaks people into groups using their dominant<br />

core element--keepers of the flame, guardians of<br />

the tools, those who ride the winds and those who<br />

swim the rivers. With astuteness, <strong>Silver</strong> the sage<br />

she is, leads a joy filled journey ending in growth<br />

and confidence for the group and/or business.<br />

This program can be modified for individuals and<br />

is part of her premium coaching plan.<br />





<strong>Silver</strong>, after analyzing your natal astrology chart,<br />

will provide you with comforting, hands-on<br />

advice employing her decades of experience<br />

as a professional astrologer, her certifications<br />

in coaching, and her thirty years as a hands-on<br />

healer. You will emerge strengthened, know<br />

how to tap into your creativity reservoir and a<br />

newfound belief in yourself to handle all of what<br />

life has to offer you. Astrology readings are done<br />

virtually via video<br />



BONUS: $650<br />






Through STORYTELLING YOU, the essence of<br />

who you are and your message meets the page.<br />

<strong>Silver</strong> has an extraordinary ability with words<br />

and has helped many people start and finish<br />

their manuscripts, plays, content writing, books,<br />

speeches, and magazine articles.<br />

Writing on your own can be difficult, requiring<br />

a great deal of discipline and focus. Imagine<br />

having <strong>Silver</strong> as your writing companion to share<br />

your words, get immediate feedback and build<br />

accountability. This will get your writing project<br />

completed and out into the world.<br />

Check out the outstanding review in this magazine<br />

of her work, “Amazing Grace is Yellow,” for which<br />

she received a standing ovation! <strong>Silver</strong> is also a<br />

feature writer and editor with Something <strong>Go</strong>od<br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>s and is helping many entrepreneurs<br />

to get their message out into the world. She can<br />

help you as well. Wherever you are on your writing<br />

project, with <strong>Silver</strong>, you will advance and finish<br />

with a product about which you can be proud.<br />




<strong>Silver</strong>’s mentoring program, GET MONEY FROM IT, will<br />

guide you to discover ways you can identify and exploit your<br />

natural gifts, talents and abilities and will help you, with<br />

her team of experts, to take an idea from concept to market.<br />

Her team includes a research specialist who does research<br />

and branding for the top 10 companies in the world, and a<br />

book marketing specialist who reads and criticizes books<br />

professionally and who sees 50,000 books a year, selecting<br />

which ones will sell.<br />

Receive coaching and mentoring over the course of an entire<br />

year. This coaching will additionally:<br />

Identify if your brand says what you want it<br />

to say.<br />

Help you to select your brand ambassador.<br />

Guide you to identify all resources and your best<br />

use of them.<br />

Reveal how you and/or your company<br />

communicates and how you learn.<br />

Identifies your position in the marketplace.<br />

Suggest the best risk to take.<br />

Identify ways to adapt quickly and smartly.<br />

Build and bond your team.<br />

Co-create ways to grown using creativity.<br />

Help you to discover your power generator when<br />

all seems lost.<br />


<strong>Silver</strong> <strong>Wainhouse</strong><br />

is a fount of insight<br />

and creativity! She<br />

has an uncanny ability<br />

to listen to your story,<br />

identify the areas on<br />

which it is crucial that<br />

you sharpen your focus,<br />

and suggest gamechanging<br />

strategies<br />

and tactics that move<br />

you forward with clarity<br />

and efficiency. I’m<br />

currently weaving her<br />

sage advice into the<br />

branding strategy for<br />

two projects whose<br />

launch is imminent and<br />

am excited about the<br />

direction in which it is<br />

leading me!<br />

Kris Kleindienst, co-owner<br />

Left Bank Books , Inc.<br />

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ON OCT 16, 2019 at Columbia University in Paris, the reading of the play “Amazing Grace is<br />

Yellow” written by <strong>Silver</strong> <strong>Wainhouse</strong>, received a standing ovation.<br />

“Amazing Grace is Yellow” is being prepared for a full production in the United States and France.<br />

Expressions of interest are to be directed to silver@goseesilver.com<br />





He whispered and shouted when I tried<br />

to ignore him.<br />

I listened. Beauford reminded me that<br />

the stories of people of color die with<br />

them and that I was charged to tell his.<br />

Tell them who I was and what I tried to<br />

do he said. Tell them what I journeyed<br />

to find, he said.<br />



We visit cemeteries for a reason. We think of<br />

them as places of peace. On the way to a burial<br />

place we notice others, taking in their ages and<br />

read inscriptions of people we didn’t know.<br />

Why? Because messages ride the winds that<br />

cross cemeteries; and we go there to receive<br />

them. We breathe them in and they bury inside<br />

us claiming space.<br />

I went to the Thiais cemetery located outside<br />

Paris, to see the newly laid tombstone marking<br />

the grave of Beauford Delaney. Beauford<br />

grabbed me quickly and has not let me go. He<br />

took up space inside me and jumped around.<br />

I had listened and then I saw. An<br />

exhibit of six paintings of Beauford’s<br />

was being held at Galerie Intemporel.<br />

Eagerly, I purchased my ticket for the<br />

three hour train ride from Nîmes to<br />

Paris. On October 10, 2018 I saw the<br />

colors unfiltered by a computer screen<br />

or book print. I had to let others know<br />

of Beauford’s mastery.<br />

We are an increasing number of people<br />

studying, appreciating and sharing<br />

what we know of this great artist.<br />

And consider yourself warned. Open<br />

yourself to a mere bit of his story, and<br />

you will not be unmoved.<br />

So, I picked up my pen because of a<br />

challenge. I had said that a play should<br />

be written and was challenged to be<br />

the one to write it. Beauford made me<br />

notice colors, and to want to listen<br />

again to songs he liked with newly<br />

tuned ears. The title came easily. He<br />

told me.<br />











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Joseph was so inspired by the play<br />

Amazing Grace is Yellow that he created a<br />

series of paintings. The cast rehearsed in<br />

his space and he was able to witness the<br />

unfolding of the play. He surprised <strong>Silver</strong><br />

with a painting he titled victory after the<br />

standing ovation.<br />

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B.O.S.S.E.S.<br />

BLACKS<br />

ON STAGE<br />


The actors who brought the words I wrote in<br />

Amazing Grace is Yellow are supreme professionals.<br />

They worked hard and should be recognized for their<br />

skill. They are:<br />


A graceful presence embodying light shining<br />

outward. Those who surround him can feel his warm,<br />

humble spirit and a bright smile. With the gift of<br />

creativity, he strives to remind those with passions<br />

to express love and humility. JaQuincy is from<br />

Compton, California.<br />


Audrey is a French actress who worked in<br />

communications before deciding to pursue<br />

acting. She studied acting both in English and in<br />

french at cours Florent, culminating with several<br />

performances at Bouffes du Nord. Lately, she starred<br />

in Maya une voix at Essaion and is created an English<br />

speaking theater company. Cygnet Theater, that<br />

will present it’s third production Much Ado About<br />

Nothing at the end of the month at the beautiful<br />

Jardin des Arenes de Montmartre.<br />


Vanessa is a french actress. After a<br />

master’s degree in English; she briefly<br />

imagined herself as an English teacher<br />

but her true calling got in the way. She<br />

profoundly fell in love with acting She’s<br />

been working and training in Paris (both in<br />

English and french) at Studion Pygmilion.<br />

Atelier Blanch Salent and Paris Meisner<br />

studio. She recently performed in Maya<br />

une voice, a tribute to Maya Angelou.<br />

She’s performed in award-winning short<br />

film Barbara directed by Yannick Privat.<br />

feature film. Un jour mon Prince F Access<br />

(TV series ) Malawa (F) The Gypsy Woman<br />

told my mother (SF). She regularly plays<br />

in radio dramas (Viper’s Dream) Hair<br />

peace love and war; A martian odyssey on<br />

French national broadcasts.<br />


Patrick Rameau is a professional actor<br />

whose work has been seen all over the<br />

world. He has worked on stage; film<br />

and television. His work Rosairies as<br />

a Playwright has also been produced<br />

off-broadway. He has completed his<br />

film script The Fall currently in the preproduction<br />

phase. Patrick is especially<br />

proud of his school Actor Without Borders<br />

opening this fall with the first rehearsal<br />

workshop of Othello.<br />


As an artist. He is always looking to get<br />

involved in inspiring projects; with a<br />

goal as an actor is to serve great stories<br />

and impact people on a big scale. Faith,<br />

authenticity and love are the words he is<br />

trying to live by every single day.<br />

Photo Credit: <strong>Silver</strong> <strong>Wainhouse</strong><br />

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Review by Michael Tingay - GlobalAffairs Specialist<br />

International Herald Tribune, Editor Financial Times,<br />

former correspondent<br />

The three-act portrayal of the<br />

life, work, struggle, end and era<br />

of Beauford Delaney struck a<br />

series of chords when presented<br />

in 2019 in English in France.<br />

The appeal of diversity is one<br />

chord. Marginalization of artists<br />

everywhere is another. Then there<br />

is the universal paradox that no<br />

amount of pain extirpates human<br />

capacity to produce beauty.<br />

The drawing power of the gay, black<br />

American 20th-century painter<br />

was manifest in the diversity of<br />

people at Reid Hall on Columbia<br />

University’s campus in the French<br />

capital. Paris residents aged<br />

in their eighties, one of whom<br />

had known the artist in person,<br />

rubbed shoulders with millenials.<br />

Nationals from around the world,<br />

uncategorisable as to backgrounds,<br />

persuasions, tastes and motivations<br />

fell under the spell of Patrick<br />

Rameau, Haitian-born bilingual<br />

actor and arguably in the context,<br />

alchemist. As Rameau penetrated<br />

the role of Beauford Delaney via<br />

the printed page and the spoken<br />

word, his voice infused <strong>Wainhouse</strong>’s<br />

words with joy, horror, remorse and<br />

anguish.<br />

The marginalization of black<br />

American artists is a poignant<br />

theme for Europeans. In the<br />

twentieth century France paid<br />

respects to 60,000 dead US soldiers<br />

for coming to the rescue during<br />

two successive world wars by<br />

welcoming Americans who stayed<br />

on, regardless of skin color. The<br />

French ignored the racist rules<br />

imposed on Americans in their<br />

own country and welcomed their<br />

musicians, dancers, writers and<br />

painters of color. It’s tough to<br />

thrive as a foreign artist in France<br />

as Beauford Delaney’s memory<br />

attests.<br />

Neither despair nor madness<br />

negates the universal paradox that<br />

out of pain can emerge beauty.<br />

This must be the transcendence<br />

that the playwright is reaching for<br />

in this play. In the opinion of this<br />

writer <strong>Wainhouse</strong> achieves flashes<br />

of genius in her capacity to imagine<br />

herself inside the soul of a man who<br />

died in 1979. That is not nothing<br />

in the creative hands of black<br />

American woman living in France in<br />

the 2020s.<br />

That the cast of actors and, in<br />

empathy, the audience should<br />

join together to sing the anthem<br />

that is ‘Amazing Grace’ was to<br />

this writer, predictable. What was<br />

unpredictable was the swelling of unaffected<br />

emotion at the end building into a standing<br />

ovation that took the actors and playwrightdirector<br />

<strong>Wainhouse</strong> quite by surprise.<br />

The October 16 2019 event that underpins<br />

this article was the first of five readings<br />

using professional actors, each individually<br />

sponsored by private arrangement, in Paris,<br />

London, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles.<br />

If a play is a product, then the plan to test<br />

it in five major global cities in the form<br />

of sponsored professional readings is an<br />

innovation to be welcomed by actors and<br />

audiences alike. London, New York, Atlanta<br />

and Los Angeles represent distinct creative<br />

ecosystems.<br />

Takeaway food<br />

for thought: could<br />

<strong>Wainhouse</strong> do for<br />

Beauford Delaney<br />

what Lin-Manuel<br />

Miranda has done<br />

for Alexander<br />

Hamilton?<br />

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and reset her life for her next chapter.<br />

People go see <strong>Silver</strong> <strong>Wainhouse</strong> when they<br />

want to advance a project or to get a sense<br />

of direction for themselves. And the list of<br />

people who have seen her is impressive. <strong>Silver</strong><br />

is a multi-disciplined creativity doyen who<br />

draws from her client’s courage & hearts.<br />

She has helped craft their Ted talks, helped<br />

professional athletes heal, and is a writer<br />

whose play, Amazing Grace is Yellow, received<br />

a standing ovation in Paris.<br />

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Thank you for meeting me on the pages of my magazine.<br />

Recently, I was asked to be the closing speaker at an event honoring<br />

the late author, Richard Wright. His granddaughter, Ellen Hervé Wright,<br />

requested my presence.<br />

In addition to his novels, Richard Wright wrote beautiful haïkus. Ellen<br />

sent me one she wrote herself thanking me and I would like to share it<br />

with you because it mirrors my feelings.<br />





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