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Ashwagandha Improves Sleep

A study in India has found that taking 300 mg of an ashwagandha extract

twice daily helps people fall asleep faster and sleep better. Published in the

journal Cureus, the study tested a specific patented extract of ashwagandha—

KSM-66—found in several brands of supplements. The name of the extract

may be listed on the front of a product label or in the Supplement Facts.

CBD UPDATE: Dogs and Cats

CBD can help pets with anxiety, arthritis, seizures, and abnormal

growths, but dogs and cats don’t absorb it equally well, according

to a study led by the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine in

Ithaca, N.Y. Researchers tested hemp-derived CBD on eight dogs

and eight cats and found that compared to dogs, cats absorbed

only one-fifth the amount.

The study, published in the journal Animals (Basel), tested

safety and absorption. Researchers gave each animal an amount

based on weight: 1.1 mg of CBD per pound of body weight every

12 hours for two weeks. Dogs received the CBD in chews, and

cats received capsules containing CBD in fish oil. In a couple


cases, the capsules caused a problem when they broke before

being swallowed, making cats lick themselves excessively.


Blood tests showed that levels of CBD

A study of overweight and obese reached their maximum in 1.4 hours in

men in the United Kingdom

dogs but took 2 hours to peak in cats.

has found that exercise before

There was no evidence of harmful effects,

although a few dogs experienced loose

breakfast delivers greater health

stools and vomiting. One cat had

benefits than exercise after the

elevated liver enzymes, but it wasn’t

morning meal. “We found that

clear if CBD was the cause.

the men in the study who exercised

before breakfast burned

Researchers concluded that hemp

CBD seems to be safe. However,

they recommended

double the amount of fat than

monitoring liver

the group who exercised after,”

enzymes and

said lead study author Javier

watching out for

potential drug

Gonzalez, PhD. “Importantly,

interactions when

whilst this didn’t have any effect hemp CBD is

on weight loss, it did dramatically continually given

improve their overall health.”

to dogs or cats for

chronic conditions.

It turns out that morning

exercise on an empty stomach

brings about a greater sensitivity

to insulin, which reduces

JUST 4 CROPS, rice, wheat, maize,

risk for diabetes and heart

and potato, provide 60 percent of the calories currently

disease. Similar research is consumed by humans around the world. Historically,

planned with women.

more than 7,000 plant species have been used for food.

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