Better Nutrition January 2020



Doctor’s Best CoQ10 Gummies

Give yourself a happy heart. Coenzyme Q10 contains antioxidant properties that

help support heart function and promote energy production in the cells. CoQ10

is very important for the creation of energy, muscular contraction, and protein

synthesis. These gummies give a healthy boost to your heart and immune system.

Life Extension Curcumin Elite

You’ve heard of the superfood spice called turmeric. Well, turmeric gets its power

from natural botanical compounds called curcuminoids—and the more curcuminoids

you absorb, the better. Curcumin Elite delivers over 45 times more free curcuminoids

(the easiest to absorb) and has 270 times better absorption of total curcuminoids,

making it the best curcumin supplement ever.

Host Defense MycoShield Sprays

MycoShield sprays are perfect for people on-the-go! They feature a combination

of 5 polypore mushroom species—agarikon, reishi, chaga, birch polypore, and

turkey tail—in five delicious flavors: Winter Mist, Cinnamon, Citrus, Peppermint,

and Licorice Root. These convenient sprays are perfect for anyone seeking

a quick immune boost!

Bio Nutrition Black Seed Tea

Bio Nutritions’s new black seed tea is a robust-tasting tea that

may be helpful for balancing blood sugar and maintaining a

healthy immune response. It may be served hot

or cold. So enjoy a cup today and check out the

company’s other premium quality teas.

Bluebonnet MaxiONE Multivitamin

New and improved MaxiONE—now in vegetable capsules—is bursting

with over 25 crucial nutrients, including B vitamins and some of their

coenzyme forms, at higher potencies based on today’s science. These

non-GMO multis also feature energy-boosting herbs, organic veggies,

and plant-based enzymes. Available in iron and iron-free options.

NOW AlliBiotic CF

NOW non-drowsy AlliBiotic CF is an herbal combination formulated to support

a healthy immune system. This comprehensive botanical formula features garlic

extract, plus elderberry, olive leaf extract, and oregano oil.

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