Pirates of Doom #2


Zine - Pirates of Doom #2 (Toronto area hardcore zine)
Fanzine: Pirates Of Doom
Issue: #1,#2 (1985-86)
Country: Canada
This is the second issue of this Mississauga zine. This issue starts out with an interview with Steve Goof from BFG. There was an interview with Sons of Ishmael. There is an interview with Don of Reuben Kincade who managed Hype. There is an interview with the singer and drummer from October Crisis. Hype gets interviewed, which makes sense given john was playing guitar in the band at the time. There is an interview with Charlie Brown's Wang who would become Missing Link. One of the few interviews with the amazing Social Suicide from Brantford. There are interviews with Samhain and 7 Seconds when they were through Toronto. There are some explanatory pictures of skateboard tricks and some pictures of Gang Green and SCUM.

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