Pirates of Doom #1


Zine - Pirates of Doom #1 (Toronto area hardcore zine)
Fanzine: Pirates Of Doom
Issue: #1,#2 (1985-86)
Country: Canada
This zine was done by John Barbisan, who would just starting to play guitar for Hype at the time. he had a few co-cospirators like John and Julius who would go on to start Sketchy Records and rob ben who would be known for his Scallen-esque like photos of the Toronto scene at the time. The zine had a skate sub text and this first issue had a cover drawn by Brian Walsby as well as a scene report on L.A. written by Mr. Walsby. This must have been shortly after he had moved to Raleigh. This first issue features an interview with Mike Marley and the Sailors who would go on to become Rocktopus. There was also an interview with DRI where Spike was looking an awful lot like David Lee Roth of Van Halen. Don, a.k.a. Reuben Kincade has a column in which he writes a bit about Pete Warner's suicide. There is an interview with DOA at a show they did on November 30, 1985 at Ildiko's. There is a good scene report that situates the zine at a time when the DMZ closed down but Ildiko's had just started doing shows. There is an interview with the Asexuals at one of their Toronto shows. Neil and John from Neon Rome are interviewed. There is a photo page and a column by Rad Man on skateboarding and a rant about how snowboards suck.

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