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real junior tennis

Find A Way To Win

Create Offense From

Defensive Positions

Having A Junior Serve

At Age 19... Oh No!

2019 Lil Mo


Serveitup August 2019 1

Tennis Talk




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“the show must go on”

Now is the time to get back to work. Your dreams and your goals, never takes

vacations, or lay around waiting on you to make up your mind. Everything is

time sensitive, and the longer you wait around to make up your mind, the more

likely you are, to lose it.

You have been given the opportunity to start afresh and anew with your game,

your attitude, and your life, all over again. All the mistakes and errors you’ve

made are in the past behind you.

Make a plan to work on the things that you’ve been struggling with. The show

must go on, are you ready? Remember this is your life and if you don’t like the

way it is going, YOU can change.

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2 Serveitup August 2019

Our Credo

in this issue #48

February 2020

Serveitup is the quintessential junior tennis magazine. We intend

to promote and showcase only junior tennis players 18 and under.

Serveitup lays claim to the fact that we are real junior tennis.


Cover Story:

Who Is Leila Hunter

Serveitup is the most unique, dynamic, cutting-edge junior tennis

publication on the planet. Our vision at Serveitup, is to transport

you every month, on an exciting journey into the remarkable lives

of real junior tennis players. We will tell their stories and reveal

who they are. You will know about their Lifestyles, Fashion, Tournaments,

Health & Fitness, Achievements, Equipment, Instructions,

Goals, Passions, Training Methods, Travel and much more, before

they become the next tennis superstars.

We will strive for excellence in every issue. Every publication will

be specifically designed to deliver the most relevant resources to

educate, motivate, empower, showcase and interact with all junior


Aces And Faults.


Cover Story: Who Is

Leila Hunter.

tennis players. We will chronicle the lives of the junior players, as

they begin their pursuit into that elite world of tennis stardom.


Your Weaknesses Are

Gonna Be Exposed.



For this reason Serveitup is totally free and 100% juniors. We will

promote junior tennis players, whether they play the junior circuit

or the pro level. We intend to affect junior tennis globally by getting

Serveitup into the hands of current and future junior tennis

players. That makes Serveitup a must read for every player... and

their parents? So get all your photos and content ready, and send

them to




Confident Players

Never Rush.

Work On Other Areas

Of Your Game

Insert Competition In

Everything You Do.




Create Offense From

Defensive Positions.

Find A Way To Win.

Matches Are Easier

The Harder You Train.


Having A Junior Serve

At Age 19 Is A No No.


Photo Of The Month.


Tennis Talk

“too many extremes”

Aces and

6 Serveitup August 2019

These Are Only Faults!

Every junior tennis player look

forward to playing a tournament

in beautiful weather without the

threat of rain.

But these ideal situations, may

not be ideal to the players, and

it can go from one extreme to


In wanting to finish tournaments,

directors have asked players to

play anywhere from tie-breaks

to abbreviated sets in order to

get everything completed.

The other extreme is asking the

players to play three matches in

one day. That is two out of three

sets with regular scoring.

This is just not acceptable, and

players don’t have any say about

it - they either play it or default.

And of course no one wants to


This is one of the reasons many

players get injured, and have to

pull up lame and retire in their


The body need more time to rest

and recover to avoid injury.

Now is the time when you are a junior tennis

player, that you should be working on

correcting your weaknesses. Avoiding or

trying to hide them just so you can win,

will only lead to major problems later on.

Deal with them now, or eventually they

will expose you.




confident players NEVER rush!

It’s so very easy to recog-

er, comes to a match, goes

match, they are very patient

their bag, and storming off

nize the confident from

through their pre match rou-

and meticulous with every-

the court. On the other hand,

the non-confident players,

tines, and then relaxes with

thing they do. Even after the

for the non-confident play-

before, during and after a

a book or music until their

match, they ‘re not distraught

er, everything is completely

match. The confident play-

match is called. During their

over a loss, by snatching up

the opposite.




Leila Hunter


Mekhi Gbedey

Instagram: @gogo_hunter

Instagram: @mekhigbedey

you need to work

on other

areas of your game

besides your


Lots of junior tennis players have been

seriously affected by the snippets of what

social media shows, of the pro players.

Social media mostly shows a pro player

winning a shot with a monster forehand.

So everytime a junior player gets on the

court, they are working on improving their

forehand, and neglecting other areas of

their game.

That’s a big mistake! your game has many

more areas to it, than your forehand.

You think throwing your racket in anger,

frustration and disgust, makes you

so cool. Don’t you know how stupid you

look having to walk behind the racket,


you look

everytime, to pick it up, after you threw

it. Now that’s dumb! Apart from that you

get a racket abuse violation.

having to pick up your racket

after you threw it

Competition is the reason players

train so hard for many years, to be the

best. Without competition, you can

never be tested, and you can never

become the best. Start cultivating

competition in everything you do...

on and off the court, so it becomes

second nature.



in everything you do!

This is for all the players who need to

guage their games as to where they

are. The game will answer it for you.

having a junior serve

at age 19 is a

No No!

Cover Story

From USA with love

Instagram: @gogo_hunter


Leila Hunter started playing tennis at the

age of 5. She will turn 10 April 30th of this

year. She was born in Southern California,

but we moved to Georgia when she was


We currently live in Keysville, Ga. which

is a suburb of Augusta. During the week

she trains in Atlanta and comes home for

the weekends.

She is being trained by Fred Haynes. He

is the father of Angela Haynes who also

mentors Leila and was a top 100 player

in the WTA in 2005.

This past September, Leila competed and

won the Little Mo 9u National Championship.

She also won the same event as an

8-year-old making her a back to back Little

Mo National Champion.

She followed that feat by competing in

the Little Mo Florida International event,

in December.

Leila successfully defended her 8u singles

International Championship by winning

the 9u singles International Championship.

Along with, first place in doubles and

mixed doubles completing the hardfought

trifecta. Leila is ranked 3rd in her

class according to





Take your game to the next level, by

observing pro strategies. From any

defensive position on the court, they

are able to play aggresively and play

offensively. Playing that way, will take

your game up to a world class level.



from defensive positions


a way to


You can win with the game you have

right now, because winning has to do

with an attitude. If you give your game

to a positive forward thinking mentally

tough person, they will take it and

win with it. So stop berating yourself,

and find ways to win.

the harder you train

the easier your matches

This is in the same vein as the more

cruel the war, the quicker it will end.

If you train hard, with everything you

got, and give it your all, winning will

become easier and easier. But it also

holds true if you don’t give it your all.



2019 Lil Mo

U9 Champion

Never have your

heels on the


Photo of the Month

Artist: Cat Lee

follow her on instagram @colacatlee

signs of things

to come!

Julia G

in the heart of


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