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BIM Solutions for

Steel & Concrete

Design, Model, Coordinate, Visualise, Simulate and Manufacture

RCC / Steel 3D Modelling

Rebar / Steel / Pre-cast Modelling

BIM Coordination

Concrete / Pre-cast / Rebar

Shop Drawings

Steel Fabrication Drawings

Bar Bending Schedules Quantity Take-offs

4D / 5D Animation for bids and construction

Structural Design for Steel / Concrete

BIM Automation

Table of


About Us


Concrete Modelling, Rebar Detailing & Drawing Services 2

Concrete Structural Model 2

Concrete Shop Drawings 2

Rebar Detailing & Construction Reporting 3

Construction Visualisation 4

Steel Design, Modelling, Detailing & Drawing Services 5

Techture Engagement Workflow & 3-Stage Quality Process 6

Using integrated workflows for design and construction, we, at Techture

focus on delivering value through quality outputs. We continually look at

ways and technologies that can help our clients see visible results.

About us

Techture is a ISO 9001:2015 Certified consulting firm working to provide

collaborative solutions in the field of Architecture, Engineering and

Construction by leveraging Building Information Modelling (BIM) and allied


We provide extensive Design, Coordination and Project Management

services for construction projects across the globe and have provided

lifecycle BIM solutions for more than 350+ projects including Hospitality,

Commercial and Healthcare projects, Infrastructural projects like Smart cities

and Elevated Metros and large scale Industrial structures including Hydro

Power Plants and Heavy Steel structures.


“ state-of-the-art

Techture’s aim is to augment the present construction

process by developing custom solutions through

technology in the global market.


Valuet of Projects












centres in




Concrete modelLing, rebar detailing & drawing services


3D modelling of concrete structures

Precast modelling

3D Formwork modelling

3D Rebar modelling & detailing

Concrete & Pre-cast shop drawings

Formwork shop drawings

Rebar detail drawings and BBS

4D/5D construction phasing

Concrete structural model

Techture offers a cost-effective solution with a

mix of design, modelling and drawings for

structural consultants to develop structural

models for cast-in-situ, precast, high rise,

residential and commercial projects.

Location: Dubai

Area: 33,000 Sq.m. each

Category: Hospitality

Scope: Structural BIM, Architectural BIM

Interior Design BIM, MEP BIM Model

Coordination and Clash Detection,

Architecture & ID Shop Drawing

generation and RFI Management.

Concrete shop drawings

Our team prepares shop drawings for the

placement of the reinforcing steel with precise

details on bends, shapes and lap splices to

meet the requirement of specific projects. Any

issues regarding project constructability are

tackled instantly before the first piece of rebar

is bent or sheered. Rendered visualisations are

often used to help our contractors visualise

the structures.

Location: USA

Category: Hospitality

Scale: 120 Rooms Hotel

Scope: Structural BIM, Architectural BIM,

Design Drawings.


Rebar detailing

Techture has advanced expertise in rebar detailing - 3D rebar modelling, drawing

and estimation using Revit Structures. We offer services which following

industry standards ASTM, ACI, CRSI, AASHTO, RSIO, BS 8666 to structural

engineers, rebar fabricators, detailers, general contractors, concrete contractors,

and designers.

We focus on rebar detailing for medium to large projects comprising of large

foundations and superstructures. E.g. stadiums, bridges, school buildings, public

buildings, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, auditoriums, hospitals, parking

garages, and more.

Construction reporting

Estimate and BOQ

Planned vs Actual

BIM is a powerful tool to extract quantities and costs anytime along the lifecycle

of the project. Visual and financial reporting makes use of this information.

Techture offers project directors and estimators a full service of extracting

quantities and costs for bids, procurement, review & report progress and

evaluate billings from subcontractors.

Techture team provides the right expertise required to use BIM for 4D construction sequencing, VR

walkthroughs, and extracting construction quantities during the project which is useful not only for

communication with stakeholders but also for procurement and billing.


Construction visualisation

4D / 5D construction schedule

Engineered visualisation for design review

Project Managers at Techture have an experience of merging complex project

schedules with information-rich 3D models, to gain project insights for better

project planning and tracking.

Techture performs seamless integration between Primavera and BIM, along with

providing rendered visualisation solutions for actual site status.

Engineered visualisations and VR walkthroughs are an effective aid to design

review meeting, to walk through the installations, make measurements, make

comments and even change the model on the fly. Linking the model to the cost

factors can realise the impact of changes to cost of the project.

Location: India

Area: 43,000 Sq.m

Category: Commercial

Scope: Structural BIM, Architectural BIM, MEP modelling,

Clash Detection, 5D BIM Simulation, Construction

Scheduling, Project Tracking

Location: Brazil | Area: 4000 Sq.m

Capacity: 10,000 tons/day

Category: Industrial

Scope: Structural BIM, Architectural BIM, MEP BIM, Clash

Detection, Photorealistic Rendering, Video Walkthrough.


Steel design, modelLing, detailing and drawing services

Steel design, structural value engineering & design validation

3D modeling of steel structures

3D steel connections detailing

Fabrication drawings

Steel shop drawings

4D / 5D construction phasing.

Steel detailing

Our steel detailers are well versed in using the latest versions of software, which

include Revit Structures and Advanced Steel. Steel projects often have complexities

which need custom design and detailing solutions. Our steel structures team has

the expertise to propose unique impellent solutions that help the engineers to

manage the design aspects effectively. It also helps the fabricators who carry out

the manufacturing process.


Techture engagement workflow

Project Award Technical Kick off Project Initiation Review & Querry


Project Award

Finalisation of

Quotation & Scope

of work

Transition from

sales to delivery

lead and team



Collect Inputs –

models, drawings,

specifications &


Set up CDE

Deploy team

Agree deliverables

& timelines

Review & confirm

project inputs

Agree project


Model & drawings

checks against


RFI’s & Queries


Resolutions agreed

Interim deliveries

Submit interim


Get comments

through BIM 360 or

marked up PDF

Provide updated

deliverables for


Milestones Review


Milestone based or

periodic meetings

Review deliverables

and implement


Track progress &

take action

Final Delivery and


Final delivering


Approval of works

clos eout of

projects &

submission of all



QC1: Project Lead QC2: Quality Lead QC3: UK Coordinator

Models Review

Model Authoring


Visual Check

Standard checklist

Integrity checks

Model Checks

Sheets Review

Sheet Checklist

Present review

Annotation check

Integrity check

Associative check

Models Review

Model standard check

Dynamo and Model

Audit check

Sheet Review

Client Objective


Submission check list

Sheets Review

PDF Sheet Review

BEP Based Review

Coordination check

Submission check list

Visual Review

Sheet Review

Client Objective


Client Comments

Visit us at

Techture Pvt. Ltd.

1st Floor, Junipers - Hemant Building,

Plot No. 2, IT Park, South Ambazari Rd,

Nagpur - 440022, Maharashtra, India

+91 913 009 2843

Techture Consulting Pvt Ltd.

+65 9886 6519

Techture Ltd.

+44 755182 7708

Techture Project Management Services

+971 523 451 120

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