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2 | January 16, 2020 | 22nd century media healthy living


Why it’s important to have a primary care

doctor as a go-to resource for health

Primary care doctors

should be your go-to resource

for all basic health

care needs, says Amit D.

Patel, MD, who practices

family medicine at the

University of Chicago

Medicine Ingalls Memorial

Hospital. They assess

and treat everything from

chronic or recurring illnesses,

such as diabetes

and high blood pressure,

to acute sicknesses like

the common cold.

“A primary care doctor

is like the quarterback

of the team,” Patel said.

“But for any specialty

condition, we’ll pass a referral

on to a specialist.”

Patel said you should

see your primary care

doctor once a year,

whether or not you have a

chronic illness. This will

help your doctor become

familiar with your medical

history and proactively

ensure you’re getting

the appropriate care.

Your primary care doctor

can also be your central

resource for advice on

healthy living. Patel said

he’s recently offered advice

to patients who have

asked about herbal medicine,

fad diets, weightlifting

and cardio exercise.

“The most difficult age

group to convince to see

a primary care doctor is

18 to 35,” he said. “Most

people that age don’t deal

with chronic conditions,

and they feel like they’re


But a comprehensive

exam and discussion of

personal and family medical

history could lead to

additional tests or to the

discovery of a problem

you never knew you had,

such as an irregular heartbeat.

Regularly visiting a

primary care physician

could also prevent costly

trips to the emergency

room for serious conditions

that could have

been treated earlier.

“Specialists don’t offer

preventative care,” Patel


A primary care physician

can perform exams

for breast, prostate and

colorectal cancers; provide

screenings for cholesterol,

diabetes and

blood pressure; and make

sure you are up to date on


Your primary care

doctor should be someone

you trust and with

whom you feel comfortable

communicating with

about sensitive topics

such as sexually transmitted

diseases or family

struggles, Patel said.

“I tell my patients that

if you don’t feel comfortable

openly communicating

with your primary

care physician, you might

consider finding a new

doctor,” Patel said.

He said a good primary

care doctor will make

eye contact with you and

truly listen to your needs

and concerns.

Patients should ultimately

feel confident that

their primary care doctor

will provide them appropriate

and tailored medical

care, taking wellness

to the end zone.

To schedule an appointment

with Dr. Patel

or another primary care

physician, call (888) 824-


Submitted by UChicago

Medicine Ingalls, 1 Ingalls

Drive, Harvey.

Greenhouse takes a holistic approach to the

dispensary experience. We offer free weekly

wellness events like yoga and support groups as

well as educational programs so you can become

an expert in your own health and healing.

Call today to find out when the next

free information session will be held!











For more info visit 22ndcenturymedia.com/events

22ndCenturyMedia.com healthy living

22nd century media | January 16, 2020 | 3


















11250 S. Western Ave.

Calumet City

1600 Torrence Ave.


4742 Cal Sag Road


19550 Governors Highway


UChicago Medicine

Ingalls Memorial

1Ingalls Drive

Tinley Park

6701 159th St.


18127 William St.

South Holland

401 E.162nd St.

The University of Chicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial

is bringing comprehensive primary care for the entire

family to the Southland.

Each of our convenient locations provides patients with personalized, coordinated

care and direct access to leading experts across awide array of specialties.

Additionally, urgent care services are available in Tinley Park, Crestwood, Calumet

City and Flossmoor for the timely treatment of minor illnesses and injuries.

» Same-day appointments available » Walk-ins accepted » Schedule online

Call 1-708-915-2273 (CARE) or visit

UChicagoMedicine.org/Ingalls to schedule online.

4 | January 16, 2020 | 22nd century media healthy living


Tinnitus and hearing loss: What’s the connection?

Up to 15 percent of adults experience

tinnitus, which causes ringing in the ears.

The sound may seem to come from inside

the head, or from a distance, in one ear or

both. It may be steady or pulsating, but

only you can hear it.

Many people can tune out the distraction

using habituation techniques or

meditation, but tinnitus can become bothersome

for about 2 percent of the population.

Some people experience tinnitus occasionally,

some nonstop. It can ebb and

flow, and even spike with fatigue or after

consuming caffeine.

Scientists aren’t sure what happens

in our brain that causes these phantom

sounds. But we do know that the problem

is often linked to hearing loss and exposure

to noise. In addition, there are roughly

200 different health disorders that can

produce tinnitus as a symptom.

About 90 percent of people with tinnitus

also have some degree of hearing loss,

though many people may not even realize

they have both conditions. Tinnitus usually

follows the pattern of the loss. If one

has trouble hearing high frequencies, their

tinnitus is often a high-pitched ringing or

hissing. When the loss is in only one ear,

one will usually only have tinnitus in that

ear and it will go away if one gets a cochlear

implant in that ear.

Why would a loss of sound perception

cause phantom sounds? Let’s review the

pathway for sounds: A sound wave enters

one’s ear and arrives at the middle and inner

ear, the location of the cochlea, a fluid-filled

area with hair cells. The hair cells

turn the vibration in the fluid into electrical

signals that reach the brain through

one’s auditory nerve.

While most people with tinnitus have

hearing loss, only about 30 percent of

people with hearing loss experience tinnitus.

What has made them vulnerable? The

answer may be damage from noise.

Ear ringing and hearing loss

Most of us have experienced temporary

tinnitus—ringing in the ears after hearing

very loud noises. One study of amateur

rock musicians found temporary hearing

loss and tinnitus in both ears immediately

after band practice.

Loud noises can damage hair cells in

the cochlea and also the nerve that carries

information to the brain, known as noiseinduced

hearing loss. Sometimes the

sounds will appear after noise exposure

when one is young, go away, and return

later in life as one ages and a hidden vulnerability


Tinnitus is more common after the age

of 60 but can happen at any age. It is a

common complaint among U.S. veterans

returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, usually

traced to a traumatic brain injury, but

also possibly to battlefield and workplace


Protect your hearing to prevent tinnitus

Even if one doesn’t have hearing loss,

noise exposure can cause tinnitus, although

researchers don’t know exactly

how. One theory was synapse damage.

Synapses are how nerve cells communicate

with each other. In rodents, loud

noises can destroy synapses between inner

hair cells and auditory nerve fibers,

without causing hair cell loss or permanent

hearing loss. The same effect might

happen in people.

The bottom line: Noise pollution is

dangerous. Wear earplugs, earmuff-style

noise blockers or even a custom-fitted

device if one must spend time amid loud

noise. Lifestyle changes about noise exposure

can go a long way to prevent hearing


Tinnitus can be a sign of hearing loss

If one has tinnitus, they may also have

hearing loss–even if they haven’t realized

it. Get hearing checked by finding a hearing

specialist at one of South Suburban

Hearing Health Center’s four locations.

Addressing hearing loss can help ease the

intensity of tinnitus, and in some cases

hearing aids also can be programmed to

mask tinnitus by subtly amplifying other


Submitted by South Suburban Hearing Health

Center, 14316 S. Will Cook Road, Orland

Park. For more information visit southsubur

banhearing.com or call (630) 756-3260.

You’re Invited to aHearing Health Care


• Best-sounding, best-performing hearingaid

• Trackbrain andbodyhealth viathe newThrive


• Bluetooth smartphone streaming

• Built-in language translation

• 24 hours of superiorhearing on one charge

• Fall detection and alert messages to

pre-selected contacts


Health Center

14316S.Will-Cook Rd.

HomerGlen, IL 60491


Nationally Known

Hearing Aid

Expert, Kristin

Schardein, will be

available for our

special event –


Join us for our 3-Dayevent featuring a



Spaceislimited, so call earlyasappointmentswillgofast!

(708) 866-7377


40% OFF

MSRPonLivio ® AI

hearing aids

Expires 1/30/2020

22ndCenturyMedia.com healthy living

22nd century media | January 16, 2020 | 5

Mill Pond Dental putting patients at ease

For many, visiting the dentist is daunting and can cause

anxiety and even fear.

It is a fact Dr. Eric Young is aware of, and one he and

his team at Mill Pond Dental in Mokena are changing

one patient at a time.

“Our staff is focused on the individual patient. We

don’t see people as a number on a chart,” Young said. “A

lot of patients have had bad experiences in the past. We

cater toward fearful patients.”

That service starts with Mill Pond’s cozy office and

sensitive staff members, who are trained in patient comfort

and care.

To complement the staff, Mill Pond offers stress-relief

amenities, such as over-the-ear headphones, a warm

blanket and aromatherapy.

The services are important because Mill Pond stresses

preventative care with visits semi-annually to ensure

long-term oral health.

“We put a strong emphasis on prevention, making sure

patients are coming in frequently,” Young said. “It’s important

to establish preventative dentistry. People tend to


For new patients, that care begins with a comprehensive

exam including a full series of x-rays to determine

the needs of each patient.

From there, Dr. Young and Mill Pond build a personalized

treatment plan.

The process has been welcomed with open arms since

Mill Pond opened in Mokena two years ago.

After going to Loyola University for an undergraduate

degree, Northwestern University for his masters and

Marquette for a doctorate in dental science, Dr. Young

wanted to begin his own practice.

Young and company saw a need for a new modern

dental office in the southwest suburbs and set out to deliver

something that “stands out from everybody else.”

Mill Pond Dental Group is a general dental office that

provides preventative care and advanced services, such

as full-mouth rehabilitation.

“The community has been extremely welcoming and

very receptive to a new dental office,” Young said. “I was

happy to set up a business here.”

In 2020, Mill Pond will continue to focus on the patient

experience, while also expanding its dental implant


Young said the price for dental implants is on the decline,

allowing more and more patients to afford them

and improve their dental health and confidence.

“[Dental implants] have very functional and aesthetic

results,” he said, adding that Mill Pond offers free dentalimplant

consultation and staffs board-certified personnel

for the oral surgery.

Submitted by Mill Pond Dental, 18700 Wolf Road, Suite 200,

Mokena, open 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesdays-Thursdays, 9 a.m.-5

p.m. Fridays, and 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturdays. For more information

or to make an appointment, call (708) 722-1600 or visit


Written by 22CM Boost, the content-writing division of 22nd

Century Media, publisher of this special section and newspaper.

New Year, New You!

Your 2020 Dental Benefits are Available!

Call Today!


“After so many bad experiences, finding a place

like Mill Pond Dental finally put my adult fears

at ease! I was so comfortable. They made

me feel like my visit, and my teeth, really did

matter.” —Veronica

Dr. Eric Young & Family






79 Exam, X-Ray & Cleaning

New patients only, in the absence of periodontal disease. Offer expires in 4 weeks.

FREE Invisalign® Consultation

New patients only. Offer expires in 4 weeks.



Missing Teeth?

FREE Implant Denture Consultation

Call for details. Expires in 4 weeks.

6 | January 16, 2020 | 22nd century media healthy living


Valentine’s Special

$14 off

Gift Coupon

DruryLan -American in Paris


Paramount -Kinky Boots

One coupon perperson

mustattachoriginal coupon to

reservation form


Colony Productions brings music,

travel together to improve health

Did you know that exposing yourself

to music, any kind of music, stimulates

the brain cells and can add extra years to

your life? Music can also help retain your

memory. Music not only can improve your

physical health but your mental health, as

well. Yes, music impacts brain function

and human behavior including reducing

stress, pain and symptoms of depression,

as well as improving cognitive and motor

skills, spatial temporal learning and neurogenesis,

which is the brain’s ability to

produce neurons. (Pegasus Magazine article

from the University of Florida)

Here’s another interesting health note

from “7 Scientific Facts that Prove Travel

is Good for Your Health” (matadornetwork.com).

It’s true, those who travel tend

to have a longer life expectancy, whether

local or global, all forms of travel enhance

our lives and can actually increase our life

expectancy. Research shows that travel

reduces stress, keeps your body healthy

inside and out and boosts brain health.

Maybe that’s a bit of the magical, healthy,

ambience that St. Christopher Tours and

Music with Phil and Amy have been providing

for years. Phil and Amy continue to

deliver charming performances and musical

entertainment around Chicagoland

and vicinity get-a-ways like Starved Rock

Lodge and provide so many wonderful

opportunities for one day events like area

Theatre packages and experience amazing

pieces and places of Authentic America

with their unique one day ventures and

treasured overnight excursions.

Join St. Christopher Tours and Phil and

Amy this coming year and experience

for yourself what the fun and comradery

is all about. Be sure to check out today’s

ad and their website philnamymusic.com

with their developing calendar of events.

A one-day musical event highlights a

February matinee performance of Drury

Lane Theatre’s American in Paris (great

value with today’s ad coupon), Aurora’s

Paramount Theatre - Kinky Boots, The

Lyric Opera’s 42nd Street, Starved Rock

Lodge’s Phil & Amy’s Broadway Classics

(with one day and overnight opportunities),

White Fence Farm’s Christmas

Treasures with Phil & Amy. Additional

get-a-way previews include St. John, Indiana

– The Shrine of Christ’s Passion,

Joliet Prison Tour, Route 66 & Lincoln

Highway -one-day historic tours.

Overnight Motorcoach Luxury Bus

highlights include The Grand Canyon &

The Southwest Canyonlands National

Parks excursion, a favorite historic treasure

Mackinac Island, MI featuring three

days and two nights on the island with a

horse & carriage guided island tour including

a visit to The Grand Hotel, and a Fall

harvest & Christmas Tour to Michigan’s

Little Bavaria, Frankenmuth featuring a

tour of St. Lorenz Church and a visit to the

Silent Night Chapel. Additional overnight

previews include Nashville/Memphis,

(including a stay at Gaylord’s Opryland

Hotel), and a Canadian/America visit to

Niagara Fall & More. Call their office to

inquire on departure/return locations per

trip, special incentives for groups, small

groups and group leaders and early booking

advantages. Stay healthy and keep

music and travel in your life.

Submitted by Colony Productions, Oak

Forest. For more information, call (708) 687-

3302 or visit philnamymusic.com.

22ndCenturyMedia.com healthy living

22nd century media | January 16, 2020 | 7

New Lenox-based

business works to make

clothes dryers safer

Hidden buildup in a

clothes dryer vent

is fire hazard




Most people know they

need to clean out their

dryer lint tray between

each cycle, but what lurks

behind the wall is just as

important for safety and

avoiding fire traps, as well

as fully efficient dryer performance.

Joe Enzenberger,

owner of Dryer Vent

Wizard, opened his New

Lenox-based business in


Lint is the villain - lint

that has been allowed to

build up and linger too

long in the dryer exhaust


It is estimated by the

U.S. Consumer Product

Safety Commission and

the U.S. Fire Administration

that 15,500 fires associated

with clothes dryers

occur annually. These fires

account for an average of

20 deaths, 370 injuries and

more than $88 million in

property damage. “Failure

to clean the dryer vent”

was the leading factor cited

in U.S. Fire Administration


“It is something very

few people know about or

think about,” said Enzenberger,

whose company

specializes in dryer vent

cleaning, repair, alteration

and installation. “It is

the leading cause of dryer


Lint accumulation also

can cause dryers to stop

working or to work inefficiently.

A dryer vent

clogged with lint can add

as much as $18 to $24 per

month to energy costs.

“Improper venting

causes problems, as well,”

he said. “The dryer exhaust

duct and connections

should be made of rigid

metal or semi-rigid metal

and secured with metal

heat-resistant tape rather

than duct tape. I often find

plastic or foil accordiontype

material, which can

easily trap lint and is more

susceptible to kinks and


Warning signs include

• Clothes are taking more

than one cycle to dry, especially

jeans and towels.

• No lint visible on lint


• Dryer repeatedly stops

during a cycle.

• Clothes have moldy

smell after dry cycle.

• Clothes are very hot after

a dry cycle.

• The top of your dryer hot

to the touch while running.

• There’s excess lint left on

your clothing.

“This has been a consumer

education process,

but it’s hard to get the

word out,” Enzenberger

said. “Most don’t call until

they have a serious problem

with their dryer.”

He suggests people

treat clothes dryers as a

household item in need of

regular maintenance. Consumers

can protect dryer

performance and promote

safety by cleaning the lint

screen between each use,

ensuring the connection

between the dryer and

wall is made of compliant

material and remains

unkinked, and having the

dryer exhaust duct cleaned

regularly. Dryer manufacturers

recommend inspection

and cleaning at least


Now that the Holidays

are over, it is a great time

to have an inspection and

cleaning of clothes dryers

and dryer vent systems.

Another important tip –

never let clothes dryer run

when you are out of the

house or asleep.

Submitted by Dryer Vent Wizard.

For more information,

visit dryerventwizard.com or

call (815) 215-2090.



If your dryer takes longer than one cycle

to dry your clothes, then you may have a

fire hazard in your vent.

Dryer Vent Cleaning





SAVE $ 10




Call Today!




8 | January 16, 2020 | 22nd century media healthy living


Stay healthier and active longer by singing in a choir

Singing in a choir is a fun

and engaging way to remain

active and to stay healthier

longer. The Lemont-Homer

Glen Sounds Good! Choir is

part of the fast-growing international

trend of professionally

lead daytime choirs

for retirement-age adults.

A substantial body of

international research has

shown that there are psychological

and physical

benefits related to singing

in a choir. Studies cite many

benefits including reduced

stress levels and depression,

improved sense of

social well-being, and better

physical health. A joint

study published in 2008 by

Harvard and Yale Universities

found an increased

life expectancy of choir

participants. In the recently

released Chorus America

Chorus Impact Study, older

chorus members reported

both a better quality of life

and better overall health

than the general public.

Overall, choristers 65 and

older were more likely than

non-singers to report better

sleep, more energy, healthier

eating, increased concentration

and more pleasure

in everyday things. More

importantly, a 2005 study

found that the cognitive,

emotional, and social benefits

of singing in choir were

not affected by the person’s

level of expertise. In fact,

learning new skills, such as

the language of music, is an

additional cognitive benefit.

Registration is now open

for the spring session which

starts on Jan. 31. Rehearsals

are Friday mornings

10-11:30 a.m. at Christ

Community Church, 13400

Bell Road, Lemont. The 15-

week session will conclude

with a free concert on Sunday,

May 17 conducted by

Mary Doughty Mauch and

accompanied by acclaimed

collaborative pianist William


The spring repertoire

includes a wide range of

musical styles arranged

for four-part choirs and includes

Bridge Over Troubled

Water, The Storm is

Passing Over, Long Ago

and Far Away, What a Wonderful

World, How Can I

Please see choir, 9

Learn Social Ballroom Dancing


Enjoy the Benefits of Dancing

Exercise in aFriendly


Enjoy Social interaction

Relieve Stress

Succeed with our Unique

System of Teaching



Crook & Marker ® drinks are the only spiked and

sparkling beverages of their kind:

Zero sugar. 80 calories. Made with organic

alcohol. Overflowing with bold, refreshing flavor.


Developed by Fred AstaireHimself

Taught by our Certified Instructors

Guaranteed to Make your Learning Rewarding






Elite Rehabilitation Institute Of Joliet

1011 Essington Road Joliet IL, 60435


We Offer: • Chiropractic Care • Physical Therapy

• Massage Therapy• ARP Wave Therapy

• Dry Needling & Cupping Therapy

• We also treat patients for Workman’s

Compensation and Personal Injury Cases.

Elite Rehabilitation Institute Of Joliet |

Difficulty hearing on the phone?




22ndCenturyMedia.com healthy living

22nd century media | January 16, 2020 | 9

Tinley Court Catered Senior

Living is all about family

No one should be alone in

caring for their senior-aged

loved one. It literally takes

a village.

At Tinley Court Catered

Senior Living in Tinley

Park, we offer many support

resources so that you

or your loved one only has

to make the transition once

in your/their golden years.

Many of our residents are

long-term residents; some

have been here 12 years

and nine years even with

us through hospice care,

considering Tinley Court as

their home.

Our exceptional team of

caregivers offer personalized

care plans recognizing

that each individual is not a

cookie cutter circumstance.

We have the resources to offer

our residents, such as a

primary care doctor, nurse

practitioner, therapy group,

podiatrist, dentist, audiologist

and so much more IF

(not when) a need should

arise. Our residents are not

required to utilize these,

but it’s the convenience of

knowing these options are

available to them and it

gives their family members

a peace of mind knowing

that their loved one’s needs

are being met.


From Page 8

Keep From Singing, I’m

Gonna Sing When the Spriti

Says Sing, Kol Han’shamah

T’halel Yah, and Waitin’ for

the Light to Shine. Practice

CD’s are especially popular

with the singers who are just

starting to read music and

are included in the tuition.

Rehearsals include physical

and vocal warm-ups and

vocal training throughout

the rehearsal. Anyone interested

is welcome to come

to a rehearsal to see if it’s a

Throughout the years,

Tinley Court has refined our

services to our seniors so

they can be their best selves.

Our mission is to give our

residents a loving, safe and

caring environment in a

warm and homey setting.

If you’re looking for shiny,

new, all the bells and whistles

that is not Tinley Court.

At Tinley Court we feel we

excel in such areas as care,

detail to activities provided,

cleanliness, respect toward

the people that make up our

community and looking out

for the well-being of each of

our residents.

Not to mention the exceptional

financial aspect of it,

we are the best deal in town.

We are a private pay establishment

working with a

group that can help through

the process of obtaining financial

aid if you are a veteran

or surviving spouse of

a veteran.

In addition to providing

a permanent living environment,

we also offer respite

stay at Tinley Court, so if

you or your loved one is in

need of exceptional care for

only a short term period we

can help with that as well.

We believe in offering as

much as possible for the

great fit.

There is no audition. Lifelong

choral singers are welcome,

as are singers who

haven’t sung for a while,

as well as those who are

brand new to choral singing.

Mauch is a professional

choral conductor and master

teacher who also teaches

the popular summer enrichment

classes in sight singing

and vocal technique at both

the Concordia and Lemont


The Sounds Good! Choir

is a not for profit organization

that serves more than

best deal as possible. So

for one monthly fee we offer

not only the living space,

but three meals a day in a

dining room setting, all your

utilities (except for phone/

cable services), weekly

housekeeping, daily activities

that include outings and

live entertainment, staffing

24 hours/seven days a week

for the wellbeing and security

of all our residents.

Whether for a short term

stay or longer period of

time, Tinley Court Catered

Senior Living may be exactly

what one is looking

for. Tinley Court Catered

Senior Living in Tinley

Park is a community where

independence thrives and is

encouraged while compassionate

care and respect are

a given. Come see all that

Tinley Court Catered Senior

Living has to offer. Call today

to schedule a tour and

come feel the difference.

Submitted by Tinley Court

Catered Senior Living, 16301

Brementowne Road, Tinley

Park. For more information

or to schedule a tour,

call (708) 532-7800 or visit


500 singers in the Chicago

area. Singers come together

for a combined performance

at the historic Fourth

Presbyterian Church on

the Gold Coast. And, as an

added benefit, singers are

welcome to attend multiple

weekly rehearsals in different

locations. Registration

can be done online or at the


Submitted by Sounds Good!

Choir. For additional information

visit sounds

goodchoir.org or call (630)







Tinley Court offers a Unique Lifestyle of Catered Senior Living

All Residents monthly fees include:

• 3 Chef Prepared meals served to you by professional wait staff

• Full Daily activity program which includes entertainment & trips

• Wellness Center offering podiatry, therapy, x-ray, lab, hearing

& dental services without having to leave the building

• Weekly housekeeping

• Utilities

• Library, chapel, café, beauty/barber shop

• Walking distance to Tinley Park shops & restaurants

• Veteran’s Financial Assistance available



It means we understand that

each person has unique needs

and wants. At Tinley Court

those needs and wants will

be met with dignity,

respect and support.

Tinley Court strives to nurture individuality with a

sense of purpose in hopes of enriching one’s life. We offer

a support system like no other senior community. Staffed

24 hours for the well-being and security of our residents.

Most Affordable Senior Living on the Southwest Side!!!






Call 708-532-7800


16301 S Brementowne Rd.,

Tinley Park, IL 60477














Member of Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce Since 1994


10 | January 16, 2020 | 22nd century media healthy living


Water immersion therapy offers new pain management option during labor

Women’s Healthcare

of Illinois is relentless in

its pursuit to offer greater

options for labor and delivery.

The practice has a

reputation for providing

comprehensive and exceptional

care to meet the

needs of patients in the

southwest Chicagoland

area and Northwest Indiana,

and now it will offer

hydrotherapy as a pain

management alternative

during labor at Advocate

South Suburban Hospital.

This announcement

comes on the heels of

Women’s Healthcare of

Illinois’ recent addition

of nitrous oxide as a pain

management option for

expecting mothers.

“Our patients truly come

first in everything we do,”

said Beth Helme Smith,

a certified nurse midwife

with Women’s Healthcare

of Illinois, which has offices

in Mokena and Evergreen

Park. “We believe

women should have the

power to choose the best

options for their care, and

together we can make that

happen by offering attractive

choices like hydrotherapy.”

Water immersion hydrotherapy

is a safe and

effective non-pharmacologic

pain relief strategy

that provides greater relaxation

for women during

labor. The physiological

response to water helps

improve circulation and

eases pressure throughout

the body.

“Soaking in a warm tub

reduces stress, and the

buoyancy lessens a mother’s

body weight, allowing

her greater movement

and new positioning to

get comfortable,” Helme

Smith said. “Hydrotherapy

has also shown that

it can provide more efficient

uterine contractions

and improved blood

circulation, which means

less pain during labor

and more oxygen for the


Immersion in water also

helps lower high blood

pressure and increases the

mother’s ability to produce

endorphins, which

serve as pain inhibitors.

“As the mother relaxes

physically, she’s also able

to relax mentally, and this

lets her focus on the birthing

process and communicating

with our team,”

Helme Smith said.

The addition of water

immersion therapy is part

of a comprehensive midwifery

program offered

by Women’s Healthcare

of Illinois in collaboration

with Advocate South

Suburban Hospital. While

water births are sometimes

an extension of hydrotherapy

solutions, at

this point, hydrotherapy

will be used exclusively

for pain management.

“We could not be more

pleased to work with

Women’s Healthcare of

Illinois in our joint efforts

to ensure that women in

our community have the

healthiest possible birthing

experience,” said Jennifer

Doerr, clinical nurse

manager at the Women

and Infants Center at Advocate

South. “By promoting

shared decisionmaking,

we’re creating

solutions that meet the

individual needs of the

women in our care.”

Women’s Healthcare of

Illinois empowers healthy

women in Chicago’s

southwest neighborhoods

through expert care in gynecology,

obstetrics, midwifery

services, and more.

Submitted by Women’s

Healthcare of Illinois. Visit

our offices in Evergreen Park

and Mokena, call us at (708)

425-1907, or go to whcil




She is passionate and relentless in her efforts

to empowerwomen to makeinformed

decisions about their healthcare

and options forhaving healthy,


Contact us to learn more.

WHCILLINOIS.COM | 708-425-1907

22ndCenturyMedia.com healthy living

22nd century media | January 16, 2020 | 11

Help the body heal itself at R&R Acupuncture

The New Year is a time

for reflection and growth,

and many of us use Jan.

1 as a date to “start over,”

making resolutions to be

better than we were the

year before. The majority

of New Year’s resolutions

revolve around health —

to spend more time at the

gym, to eat better, or to

lose extra pounds from the


It is important to remember

that one of the keys to

being healthier is for one

to listen to their body.

Use the new year to get

out of the habit of brushing

off symptoms such as

pain, headaches, fatigue,

anxiety, poor digestion, or

any other discomfort in

the body. We live in such a

fast-paced and busy world

that we write off these

symptoms as “just something

I have,” rather than

finding the underlying issue

and helping the body

to heal.

Acupuncture promotes

your body’s ability to heal

itself by assisting in the

movement of your body’s

natural energy, known as

“Qi,” through the insertion

of very fine needles along

pathways in the body.

As long as energy and

blood are free to move as

they should, pain and illness

do not occur. The

needles guide Qi in the

proper direction to nourish

the body and stimulate

healing. Acupuncture has

been used to treat many

conditions, including but

not limited to chronic pain,

sciatica, stress and anxiety,

headaches and migraines,

insomnia, addictions, allergies,

colds and illnesses,

digestive discomfort,

fertility and menstrual

irregularities, pregnancy

support, and much more.

Acupuncture improves

symptoms by treating the

“root cause,” or the underlying

reason for your

problems, instead of simply

treating or masking

your symptoms. We create

a completely personalized

approach to healthcare:

your treatments will be tailored

to your lifestyle and

your body.

R&R Acupuncture, located

in Mokena, was

founded in 2019 by Rachel

Rosenhagen, LAc. “R&R”

commonly stands for rest

and relaxation, which encourages

our sessions to be

viewed not only as healthcare,

but also as a break

during the week. For our

business, the name R&R

stands for Relief and Renewal:

relief from pain and

disharmony, and renewal

of the body, mind and

spirit. Rachel Rosenhagen

began her journey with

acupuncture at the age of

13 while seeking relief

from chronic, unexplainable

nausea. She began

seeing improvements after

just one visit, and credits

acupuncture for giving her

the ability to lead a normal

and healthy life. She

is now able to bring relief

to others through acupuncture,

and help people to

feel their best in a state of

new health.

Submitted by R&R Acupuncture,

9405 Bormet Dr Suite 4,

Mokena. For more information,

please visit reliefandre


12 | January 16, 2020 | 22nd century media healthy living


10719 W. 160th Street

Orland Park, IL 60467

4220 W. 95th Street

Oak Lawn, IL 60453

(708) 226-3300

Fax (708) 226-3500


Experience Matters

30 Year’s Serving Your Community,

80 Year’s of Combined Orthopedic Experience

• University Level Care Close To Home

• Dedicated To Providing Comprehensive

Orthopaedic Clinical Excellence

George Branovacki, M.D.

Joint Reconstruction,

Revisions, Sports Medicine

David N. Garras, M.D.

Foot and Ankle Surgery, Sports

Medicine, Minimally Invasive

Surgery and Trauma

Emily Mayekar, MD.

Hand and Wrist Surgery,

Orthopaedic Surgery.

• Friendly and Courteous staff

• Efficient, honest and compassionate care

• Highly educated and well trained physician

and clinical staff

Luis J. Redondo, M.D.

Joint Reconstruction and

Sports Medicine

James P. Leonard, M.D.

Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy

and Shoulder Reconstruction

Michal Szczodry, M.D.

Spine, Scoliosis and

Orthopaedic Surgery

• Specialize In Nonsurgical And Surgical

Treatments For Any Type Of Orthopaedic

And Muscloskelal Problem Or Injury

• Physicians Have Received Specialized Training In

Orthopaedic Surgery And In Subspecialty Areas

Richard D. Lim, M.D.

Spine, Scoliosis and

Orthopaedic Surgery

Sung-Lana-Kim, M.D.

Physical Medicine and

Rehabilitation, Electrodiagnostic

Medicine and Pain Management

Valerie Rygiel, DO

Primary Care, Sports Medicine

• Highly skilled in minimally invasive and

arthroscopy techniques as well as the

latest technology

• Our practice and physicians will exhaust all

non-operative management prior to surgical


Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and Choice plans accepted.

Schedule your elective orthopedic procedure today!

Same Day/Next Day Appointments

To Schedule an Appointment Call (708) 226-3300

Midwest Orthopaedic

continues to serve for

more than three decades

When a group has been serving patients

for more than three decades and

have highly trained surgeons on staff,

they are likely doing many things right.

The staff at Midwest Orthopaedic

Consultants, with locations in both Oak

Lawn and Orland Park, has served the

region with more than 80 years of combined

orthopedic experience.

“Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants

brings university level ortho care close

to home,” said Todd Mensik, MOC’s

marketing representative. “All of our

surgeons are fellowship trained in a specific

body part making them more experienced

in treating the symptoms you’re


Back on your feet ranges of orthopedic

services are offered at MOC, including

injections, surgeries, MRIs and X-

rays, urgent care and physical therapy.

Both offices have all of the services

needed to diagnose and treat all types

of injuries.

“From X-ray to MRI to PT, we’re able

to get you back on your feet faster and

streamline your recovery,” Mensik said.

The keys to Midwest Orthopaedic

Consultant’s success are the doctors.

“They are caring, compassionate, educated

and motivated to get our patients

better and bring them back to the lifestyle

they’re used to,” he said, adding

that surgeons on staff continuously educate

themselves on the latest technology

to “help in your recovery process while

knowing their limitations.”

Roots in patient care

The practice began in 1995 when five

orthopedic surgery specialists from the

Oak Lawn area met to discuss changes

in the practice of medicine. Their principal

concerns were on improving patient

care, streamlining delivery of care and

maximizing outcomes for its patients.

As orthopedic surgeons, they “were best

fit to handle those challenges,” Mensik


Since that time, Midwest Orthopaedic

Consultants has grown and evolved.

While the practice started in a small

building in Oak Lawn, it very quickly

outgrew that site. Its primary headquarters

is now in a large center in Orland

Park and upgrades were done to a new

Oak Lawn location on 95th Street.

Affordable care

Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants

delivers affordable, quality and convenient

orthopedic care. Midwest Orthopaedic

Consultants provides one of the

few self-contained orthopedic facilities

in the nation, centered on assuring comfort

and convenience for its patients and


The goal of the physicians and staff is

to provide high-quality care and a comprehensive

range of diagnostic,

Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants

have been helping patients for more

than 30 years. Surgical and rehabilitative

services to meet all the orthopedic

needs of patients. This also includes

keeping up with the latest medical technological

advances, such as iPod joint

replacement technology and ultrasound

guided injections.

“Patients aren’t just a number, they

are family,” Mensik said. “Being a private

practice, we can still offer a personal

touch that is sometimes lost in larger

groups. They get to know not only their

provider but also the staff who assists in

their treatment.”

Submitted by Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants,

10719 160th St., Orland Park. For

more information, call (708) 226-3300 or

visit orthoexperts.com/

22ndCenturyMedia.com healthy living

22nd century media | January 16, 2020 | 13

Vascular Specialists

open new clinic in

University-level vascular care

you can trust,

just minutes from your home.

Tinley Park

Facility to treat vein

and artery disease

first in Chicago


Vascular Specialists is

pleased to announce the

opening of their new facility

in Tinley Park. Dr. Eugene

Tanquilut, president,

said, “This state-of-theart

facility helps patients

in the Chicago southwest

and south suburbs access

university-level vein and

artery care faster and more


The light-filled, full-service

facility is located at

8505 183rd St., in Tinley

Park, minutes from both

the Interstate-80 Harlem

Avenue and LaGrange

Road exits. There is ample

free parking. The 14,000

square foot clinic is fully

ADA accessible, with a

dedicated entrance for Med

Cars and ambulances. The

facility includes comfortable

waiting rooms, two

procedure rooms and eight

patient recovery bays.

Dr. Tanquilut and Dr.

Sanjeev Pradhan are board

certified and fellowshiptrained

vascular and endovascular

surgeons. The

team also includes board

certified family nurse practitioners

Alejandro Del

Real, Kristen Forsythe and

Danielle Roach.

“Our education, training

and experience makes us

the premier vascular practice

in the Chicago Southland,”

Tanquilut said,

Vascular Specialists

treats aortic aneurysms,

carotid artery disease that

causes stroke and transient

ischemic attacks, peripheral

and renal artery diseases,

deep vein thrombosis,

phlebitis and wounds that

resist healing. The team

treats diseases and medical

conditions of the veins

and arteries, performing

intravascular ultrasounds

and angiograms, dialysis

access maintenance and

wound care at the new Tinley

Park facility.

A section of the new

clinic is spa-like, devoted

to the treatment of varicose

veins. Vascular Specialists

offers sclerotherapy and

non-thermal vein treatment,

Venefit, Varithena

and VenaSeal procedures.

“Just like patients see

an orthopedic specialist

for broken bones, patients

should access the best

possible vein care; a fellowship-trained


surgeon to evaluate blood

vessels, rule out other

health problems and treat

disease,” Tanquilut said.

“These may seem like

simple procedures, but the

health of your leg veins

can determine quality of

life for decades to come,

ensuring you can walk and

stay mobile.”

Providing exceptional

vascular care is Tanquilut’s


“Our staff and physicians

are the creme de

la creme, meeting remarkable

standards for

evidence-based medical

care,” Tanquilut said. “Our

hospitality is second to

none and every patient is

treated like family. In our

new facility, patients can

access high-caliber care

faster and closer to home,

in a comfortable, attractive


Submitted Vascular Specialists,

8505 183rd St. Tinley

Park. Find out more about

Vascular Specialists at vasc

specialists.org or by calling

(815) 824-4406.

Our new state-of-the-art facility

is now open in Tinley Park!

Poor circulation and acompromised vascular system will jeopardize

your health and your quality of life. With advanced education and

experience, board certified and fellowship trained Dr. Eugene

Tanquilut and Dr. Sanjeev Pradhan and Alejandro Del Real FNP,

Kristen Forsythe FNP and Danielle Roach FNP, will focus on you and

your lifestyle to recommend and implement treatment that will bring

you back to optimum wellness.

Visit Vascular Specialists for evidence-based diagnosis and treatment of:

• Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)

• Stroke, Carotid Artery Disease and Stenosis, Cerebral Vascular Disease,

including the new TransCarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR)

• Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)

• Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

• Renal Artery Arteriosclerotic Disease

• Phlebitis or Thrombophlebitis

• Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Venous Embolism and Thrombosis

• Varicose Veins

• Hemodialysis Care, including new Ellipsys® Vascular Access System

8505 -183rd Street, Suite A

Tinley Park ,IL60487




14 | January 16, 2020 | 22nd century media healthy living


Resolution solution to be

presented by 22nd Century Media

Healthy Living

Expo to return Jan.

18 to Tinley Park

Convention Center

Will O’Brien

Freelance Reporter

Early January means

resolutions, playoff football,

the arrival of winter

weather — maybe — and,

in Chicago’s southwest

suburbs, 22nd Century

Media’s Healthy Living


The fourth edition of the

annual, all-things-health

event is set for 9 a.m.-1

p.m. Saturday, Jan. 18, at

the Tinley Park Convention


The expo is to feature

healthy-cooking demonstrations,

speakers, workout

classes, upward of 70

vendors running the gamut

of wellness and more. As

usual, admission is free.

Attendees are asked to

register at 22ndCentury-


Organizers expect more

than 800 guests to take in

the activities, said Heather

Warthen, 22nd Century

Media’s chief events officer.

“It’s a great event for

capitalizing on New Year’s

resolutions and for people

who may have already

given up on those goals,”

Warthen said. “It’s a good

reminder that, ‘Hey, maybe

you shouldn’t give up

on those resolutions.’”

The day kicks off with a

cooking class led by chef

Tim Baran, of Joliet Junior

College’s culinary arts

program, and a presentation

on healthy eating tips

from Kimberly Kramer, a

If you go: Healthy Living Expo

9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 18

Tinley Park Convention Center, 18451 Convention

Center Drive

Fitness class schedule

• 9:30-10 a.m. Cardio Party with Britt

• 10-10:30 a.m. Fred Astaire

• 10:45-11:15 a.m. The Edge Fitness Club

• 11:30 a.m.-12 p.m. TRG Exclusive Fit Club &


• 12-12:30 p.m. Fred Astaire

• 12:30-1 p.m. TRG Exclusive Fit Club & Salon

Speaker schedule

• 9-9:30 a.m. Cooking demo — Chef Tim Baran,

Joliet Junior College Culinary Arts

• 9:35-9:55 a.m. “Healthy Eating Tips to Start

the New Year Right” — Kimberly Kramer, registered

dietitian, UChicago Medicine

• 10-10:30 a.m. Cooking demo — Carly Feldmeier,

Nurturing through Nature

• 10:35-10:55 a.m. “Stuck in a Rut? Meal Planning

Tips to Start the New Year Right” — Kimberly

Kramer, registered dietitian, UChicago


• 11-11:30 a.m. Cooking demo — Chef Tom Grotovsky,

The Unforgettable Chef

• 12-12:30 p.m. Cooking demo — Chef Tim

Bucci, Joliet Junior College Culinary Arts

UChicago Medicine registered

dietitian. Food-focused

programming continues

through the morning

and early afternoon.

“People get exposed to a

lot of ideas, like meal planning,

through social media

but may have no idea how

to start,” Warthen said.

“The speakers are there to

get them going in the right


Another portion of the

expo hall will be dedicated

to half-hour fitness courses

led by Fred Astaire Dance

Studio and TRG Exclusive

Fit Club & Salon, among


“We’ll have a lot of cardio

and dance, so it should

be a lot of fun,” Warthen


Healthy Living also is

to feature health screenings

and a blood drive led

by Versiti Blood Center of

Illinois. Blood donors will

be given $10 Noodles &

Company gift certificates

while the supply of certificates

lasts. The first 300

attendees will get a free

stress bag and tote bag.

Vendors cover a wide

variety of specialties, including

beauty, yoga,

chiropractic, rehabilitation,

scents and aroma,

traditional and holistic

medicine, food and, in a

Healthy Living first, cannabidiol,

or CBD. CBD is

a non-hallucinogenic compound

found in cannabis

that has rapidly grown in

popularity in recent years

and is thought to offer a

multitude of health benefits.

“We’ve seen a lot more

of these businesses popping

up,” Warthen said.

“One of our goals is always

to educate attendees

on what’s new in health.”

It’s part of a focus for

22nd Century Media on

getting the New Year’s

first month off the right


“We’re hoping to get everyone

together for a great

time and to get rid of those

extra Christmas cookies,”

Warthen said.


• 22nd Century Media

• Amare Global

• Audrey McFarlin

State Farm Insurance

• Beautycounter - Lauren


• Body & Brain Yoga,

Tai Chi

• Brannigan Chiropractic


• Caption Call

• Cardio Party with


• Cherish A Peace of


• Chiro One Wellness


• ClearCaptions

• Color Street - Tracy


• Country Financial

• Crook & Marker


• Edward Jones - David

Sesterhenn, Financial


• Elite Care Management

• Elite Rehabilitation


• eSCENTials Aroma

• Essentially 3B’s

(body + blends =


• Family First Medical


• Frankfort Circus


• Fred Astaire Mokena

• Greenhouse Group

• Happy Coffee with


• Health From Within

• Heartland CannAssist

- Quality CBD

since 2015

• Hempology CBD


• Humana

• ID Life

• Independently


• Irish Greens Farm

• It Works

• Juicy Luzy Sangria

• Kintsugi Wellness

• LeafFilter Gutter


• Lifestyle & Oils LLC

• Mercy Home for Boys

& Girls


• Nurturing through


• Oberweis Dairy

Home Delivery

• Parkview Orthopaedic


• Partner 4 Health

• Passanante’s Home

Food Services

• Physicians Immediate


• Power Crunch

• Power Home Remodeling

• Progressive Radiology

• Quidel

• Reign Body Fuel

• Renewal by Andersen

• Riverside Health

• St. Jude’s Children’s

Research Hospital

• Tea Bone

• TeMi Beads

• Tendaji Body Oils

• The Edge Fitness


• Thrive by Le-Vel

• Total Life Changes

• TRG Exclusive Fit

Club & Salon

• UChicago Medicine

Ingalls Memorial

• Ventimiglia Realty


• Versiti Blood Center

of Illinois

• Vitalife

• Young Living Essential


• Weight No More

22ndCenturyMedia.com healthy living

22nd century media | January 16, 2020 | 15

Let therapeutic massage be a part of a personal wellness plan

In this day and age of extended

work hours, household

chores, children’s

sports and other endless

responsibilities, what could

be better than taking a little

“me time” to pamper oneself

with a nice, relaxing

massage, right?

People may not be aware

that there is a lot more to

massage than meets the


Massage is the oldest

documented form of health

care. Who knew that archaeologists

have found

evidence of massage being

used in the cave drawings

of ancient cave dwellers?

These wall paintings show

people massaging each

other using various oils

and herbs.

Other ancient civilizations

in China, Egypt and

Greece have used massage

to prevent and treat illness

for 3,000-plus years.

In fact, the father of modern

medicine Hippocrates

himself was a great proponent

of massage and used

it in his own practice.

So what does modern

medicine have to say about

massage? Several recent

studies confirm that therapeutic

massage reduces

stress — a leading health

factor, improves immune

function, alleviates headaches,

helps prevention

and recovery from injuries,

improves post-surgical

outcomes, and relieves

the stress and strain associated

with pregnancy.

Massage plays an important

role in training the

body how to relax and help

improve breathing. Massage

therapists can focus

on lengthening and relaxing

muscles of the anterior

chest and neck which can

lead to improved breathing

capacity and muscle function.

This also assists the

opening of the chest area,

as well as the structural

alignment and rib cage

expansion needed for optimal

lung function.

We all know that massage

can benefit our control

over our stress levels,

but in addition to stress relief,

regular massage therapy

can help reduce pain,

increase energy levels and

improve overall physical

and mental performance.

What does all of this

mean? It means that massage

should no longer be

considered a luxury. Therapeutic

massage should be

part of everyone’s personal

wellness plan and that of

those they care about most.

Let me be a new and vital

addition to every family’s

healthy lifestyle along

with each of the health

and fitness professionals

at TheraCORE Physical

Therapy and Fitness Studio

on 159th St. in Lockport,

where we help people

achieve and maintain their

optimal health and fitness

goals. Remember, when

people have a massage and

then refer us a massage client,

they will receive $10

off their next massage!

Submitted by Cheryl Lozada

LMT, CBAT, of TheraCORE,

16622 W. 159th St., Suite

503, Lockport. For more

information, call )815) 838-

5071 or visit theracorept.






Ventimiglia Realty Partners



The most effective weight loss program is now THE most affordable!

Choose health & setup a consultation today:

844-988-8446 or VitalifeWeightLoss.com

New Lenox

352 West Maple St. Suite B

New Lenox, IL 60451


1350 Remington Rd. Suite J

Schaumburg, IL. 60173


Let our team help

you find your

dream home!

Your house may

be worth more

than you think!

16 | January 16, 2020 | 22nd century media healthy living


The Oaks Recreation and Fitness Center more than an average workout facility

Mokena Park District’s

Oaks Recreation and Fitness

Center offers a wide

variety of options to help

people reach their health

and fitness goals. Stop by

for a tour and one will find

a clean, friendly, familyorientated

facility. Individual,

couple, family, college

and senior memberships

are available. Membership

benefits include over

35 group exercise classes

weekly, childcare, scheduled

open gym, indoor

walking track, locker

rooms, towel service, Wi-

Fi and a one-hour equipment

orientation. Children

as young as age 10 can

utilize the Fitness Center

with our Fit Teen Program.

Group exercise classes

at The Oaks are designed

to be challenging for all

fitness levels and add variety

to your fitness plan.

Classes include cycling,

pilates, toning, cardiovascular,

various levels of

yoga, bootcamp and High

Intensity Interval Training

classes. Non-members of

the fitness center can participate

in any group exercise

class for a nominal


Discounted punch cards

are available for group

exercise, walking track,

or open gym. Specialty

programs such as Zumba,

Zumba Gold, Active Older

Adult, gentle yoga, Tai Chi

and ultimate athletic training

are offered as well.

Personal Trainers are

available to coach, challenge

and encourage members

along the way. They

can customize a fitness

plan to help each member

reach their goals safely and

effectively. Personal training

packages are available.

Need some extra motivation

to lose that holiday

weight? Try our small

group training programs

called Oaks Power Hour.

This is a great and affordable

way to work with

a personal trainer while

getting support and camaraderie

in a group atmosphere.

The Oaks Recreation

and Fitness Center offers

more than just fitness center

memberships. Come

in from the cold to use

the 1/12 of a mile indoor

walking track. It’s open to

the public. Free for residents

with proof and only

$3 for non-residents.

With two fieldhouses,

there are many opportunities

to stay active yearround

with scheduled

open gym time (fees apply

to non-members), and

programs from basketball

to floor hockey for youth

and adults. We also offer

indoor pickleball which

is free to Oaks members

and a nominal fee to nonmembers.

Call for specific


The Oaks can also provide

the space needed for

your parties with affordable

room rentals and field

house rental options.

The Oaks is open 5 a.m.-

10 p.m. Monday-Friday, 6

a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday, and

7 a.m.-8 p.m. Sunday. Stop

by today for a tour of the

facility at 10847 La Porte

Road, Mokena and receive

a free one-week trial membership.

Don’t miss our

January Sale: $0 to enroll.

That’s a $50-$125 savings.

All new memberships in

January will also be entered

into a drawing for a

chance to win a personal

training package valued at


Submitted by the Mokena

Park District. For more

information, call 708-390-

2343 or visit our website at






Enrollment in January!

Monthly fees & non-res rates apply.

Restrictions apply. Sale ends 1-31-20





One winner will be drawn from new

memberships in January.


50- $ 125





Two-week Trial Membership

Present this ad to receive a free trial membership.

Restrictions apply. Expires 1-31-20.




» Unlimited Group Exercise Classes

» Over 80 Pieces of Cardio & Strength equipment

» Large Free Weights Area

» Childcare and Open Gym

» Indoor Walking Track

» Member Discount for Zumba classes

The Oaks is located on La Porte Rd.

between Wolf Rd. and

Schoolhouse Rd. in Mokena.


22ndCenturyMedia.com healthy living

22nd century media | January 16, 2020 | 17




Award-Winning Health Care from

Experienced, Caring Professionals

Palos Hospital

Palos Health South Campus


18 | January 16, 2020 | 22nd century media healthy living


New option for colorectal cancer patients at Palos Hospital

Colorectal cancer is the third

most diagnosed cancer in the

US for men and women excluding

skin cancers, according to

the American Cancer Society.

However, the number of deaths

from colorectal cancer has been

declining over the past 30 years,

due in part to better screening

techniques and improved options

for cancer treatment.

Palos Hospital colorectal

surgeon Imad Qayyum, MD,

has seen firsthand the positive

outcomes for patients when

colorectal cancer is diagnosed

and treated at the early stages.

“Survival rates for colon and

rectal cancer have improved,”

Qayyum said. “Five-year survival

rates can reach over 90

percent for stage 1 cancer (the

earliest stage cancer). Also,

finding and dealing with cancer

in early stages can make chemotherapy

after surgery unnecessary.”

Dr. Qayyum is one of only

a few doctors in the southwest

suburbs who performs the

highly specialized transanal

minimally invasive surgery for

early stage tumor and polyp removal.

A relatively new option,

TAMIS, may allow patients

with early stage rectal cancer to

avoid undergoing major abdominal

surgery and having a section

of their rectum removed.

During TAMIS, since the rectum

is not removed — as in traditional

surgery — the chances

of adverse effects are reduced,

including fecal incontinence,

urinary issues, or sexual dysfunction.

Patients who have

TAMIS can usually go home the

next day.

For more advanced cancers,

Palos offers a full spectrum of

treatment. Laparoscopic surgery,

robotic surgery and small incision

surgery are all options, as

well as traditional colon surgery.

“Laparoscopic and robotic surgery

both allow for small incisions

to take out a portion of

the colon or rectum,” said Dr.

Qayyum. “In many cases they

allow for faster recovery and

quicker discharge from the hospital.”

The first defense against

colorectal cancer is early detection.

If you have no personal or

family history of colorectal cancer,

the American Cancer Society

recommends screening tests

beginning at age 45. Screening

can include a stool-based test

or a visual exam. Talk to your

doctor about the best option for


According to the National

Health Institute, the annual incidence

and mortality rates for

colorectal cancer have dramatically

declined over the past 40

year, partly due to increased

screening for colorectal cancer.

“The topic of colon cancer,

and screening for cancer

is becoming less taboo, so it’s

easier to talk about treatment

options,” Qayyum said. “Also,

the surgical techniques we use

today for colorectal cancer are

an improvement even over just

15 years ago, in most cases allowing

patients to return to their

normal routine more quickly.”

Be sure to visit your primary

care doctor as soon as possible

if you display any signs or

symptoms of colorectal cancer.

Need a primary care doctor?

Call our physician referral line

at (708) 226-2300 or visit pal


Palos Hospital will host a free

event, “Keys to Colon Health,”

at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 24

in the hospital auditorium. This

event features Dr. Imad Qayyum,

who will offer practical

suggestions for optimal colon

functioning as well as how to

reduce your odds of developing

colon cancer. Call (708) 226-

2300 to register.

Submitted by Palos Health, 12251

South 80th Avenue, Palos Heights.




All the usual reasons to invest

with Edward Jones. Plus one.

Dave Sesterhenn Financial Advisor

7632 West 159th Street

Orland Park, IL 60462



Now investors in Orland Park, Orland Hills

& Tinley Park have one more reason to

feel confident about their financial future.

Contact Financial Advisor Dave

Sesterhenn and experience how Edward

Jones makes sense of investing.


Member SIPC

22ndCenturyMedia.com healthy living

22nd century media | January 16, 2020 | 19


Weight No More

- Orland Park! -



Obesity Medicine combines

science-based medicine with

individualized treatment,

for better, healthier outcomes

Our system uses some or all of Dr. Rife’s 5-point

approach to weight management, including:

• Nutrition • Physical Activity • Surgery

• Behavior • Medications

“A personal path to a better you.”

Start Your Journey to

Healthy Weight Today!


Dr. McKinnon

Dr. McKinnon is

dually boardcertified


Family Medicine

and Lifestyle



ndently owned and


ed since 1999






• We manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood

pressure and perform minor procedures, such as:

» Mole Removals

» Skin Tags

» Pap Smears

» IUD Removals



10755 W. 163rd Place, Orland Park

www.WeightNoMoreOrlandPark.com • www.RifeFamilyMed.com

M: 8:30-6:00 • TU: 8:30-6:00 • W: 8:30-7:00 • TH: 8:30-5:00 • FR: 8:30-4:00 • SA: 8:30-12:00




20 | January 16, 2020 | 22nd century media healthy living




2020 EXPO

9 a.m.–1 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 18

Tinley Park Convention Center -

South Exhibit, 18451 Convention

Center Drive, Tinley Park



• 70+ vendor booths

• Community Blood Drive presented by Versiti

Blood Center of Illinois - donors receive a $10

coupon for Noodles & Company

• FREE 30-minute workout sessions

• Speaker Sessions

• Free tote bags* presented by Hempology CBD

Store *guaranteed to the first 300 attendees

• Enter to win a free door prize from one of our

vendors at the 22nd Century Media table

• Free stress balls* presented by Elite Rehabilitation

Institute *guaranteed to first 300 attendees


For more information, visit


Get a fresh approach to weight

loss at Weight No More

January is traditionally

the time for New Year’s

resolutions, new beginnings

and fresh starts. And

Weight No More Orland

Park, is a fresh approach

to weight loss and maintenance

of a healthy weight.

Unlike other programs or

diets one may have tried,

Weight No More is a medically

supervised approach

to help people get to their

ideal weight, and help

them stay there.

“We work with our

weight maintenance clients

as we would with any

of our family medicine

patients, from a sciencebased

medical perspective,

not from the latest diet or

exercise fads,” Dr. Susan

Rife, owner of Weight No

More Orland Park, said.

“One of biggest advantages

of seeing a medical professional

for weight loss

and maintenance is that we

can help you cut through

the clutter and confusion

of fad diets that seem to

pop up every day.”

There are other distinct

differences to a medical

weight loss program, too.

Only a medical professional

can design a plan

for someone that includes

medication and prepare

and clear them for weight

loss surgery should they

and their provider decide

that surgery would be the

best option.

“There have been vast

improvements in safety

and efficacy in the past few

years in both weight loss

medications and surgical

techniques,” Rife said.

The process is very

straightforward, and they

keep it simple to help

people stay on track. The

initial visit is a dedicated

30-minute appointment for

someone and their medical

provider to discuss questions,

concerns and goals,

and ultimately devise an

individualized plan together

that suits them best.

New patients with Dr.

Rife also get an initial

physical as part of the first

visit, to help their medical

provider understand their

specific needs.

“Obesity is a major problem

in our country,” Rife

said. “And many chronic

medical conditions are a

result of poor diet and low

physical activity.”

The medically based

Weight No More approach

can include medications

and includes advice and

counseling on diet and exercise

behaviors. In some

cases, surgery might even

become the best option.

Interestingly enough, to

improve a chronic condition,

studies have shown

that a reduction of just 10

percent of one’s weight

can have a major impact

on their health.

Submitted by Weight No

More - Orland Park. For

more information, visit the

website at WeightNoMoreOr

landPark.com, or call to

make an appointment at

(708) 873-1187. Weight No

More – Orland Park and Rife

& Associates Family Health

Care are located at 10755

W. 163rd place, in Orland

Park. Most insurances are

accepted, and they are open

every day except Sunday.

22ndCenturyMedia.com healthy living

22nd century media | January 16, 2020 | 21

We mend

broken hearts.

Nearly half of all Americans have some form of heart disease. If you or

someone you love is one of them, let Silver Cross Hospital mend your

broken heart. From prevention programs to open heart surgery and

aftercare, we’ve brought together the latest technology and the finest

heart specialists in one place.... for all of your heart care needs. Why

travel when we have exactly what your heart needs, right here, right now.

To learn more about our total heart program, visit SilverCross.org/Heart

22 | January 16, 2020 | 22nd century media healthy living


Get screened at Silver Cross Hospital and learn how to prevent heart disease

Silver Cross Hospital’s

Love Your Heart Screening

is Feb. 22. One out of

every four deaths in the

United States is from heart

disease; that’s why Silver

Cross Hospital encourages

area residents to reduce

their risk of cardiovascular

disease by following a

healthy lifestyle and getting

screened regularly.

Take these steps now to

adopt a heart-healthy

lifestyle by

• Eating a healthy diet (limit

fat, sugar, salt; eat

plenty of fruits and veggies)

• Maintaining a healthy

Body Mass Index

Established in 1996, Elite Care Management

is a recognized leader in home care services

• Doing 2.5 hours of moderate

exercise every

week. (Even 10-minute

increments of brisk

walking can help keep a

heart healthy).

• Learning your numbers

(blood pressure and cholesterol


Best of all, on Saturday,

Feb. 22, one can find out

With decades of experience, Elite provides a range of home-based services with special expertise in

providing care to survivors of catastrophic illnesses and injuries. Whether you are a referral source,

a potential patient, or a candidate for employment, you can look forward to exceptional service

from our company.

Elite’s integrated team approach to case management is based on partnership among the patient,

the family, doctors from all evaluating disciplines, and Elite’s clinical coordinators. The goal of this

approach is to achieve maximum levels of recovery and independence for patients of all ages.

For more information on Elite Care Management

contact Sarah M. at 630-364-7330

or visit elitecaremanagement.com

how healthy their heart

is for just $45 at the hospital’s

Love Your Heart

screening. The baseline

cardiac risk assessment

will include measurements

of total cholesterol including

HDL and LDL levels,

blood glucose level, triglyceride

level, blood pressure

and body fat; and a

12-lead EKG.

Guests will also receive

a heart-healthy breakfast,

important health information,

giveaways and more.

Plus, free lectures by

heart specialists will discuss

ways to minimize

your heart disease risk factors,

eat healthier and exercise.

Seating is limited so register

early for Love Your

Heart at silvercross.org

or by calling (888) 660-

HEAL (4325).

Get your heart scanned

Calcification in the coronary

arteries is the earliest

indicator of heart disease.

The good news is that

calcium artery scoring at

Silver Cross Hospital and

Silver Cross Health Center

in Homer Glen can predict

heart disease long before

symptoms even start.

Calcium artery scoring

is a quick, painless exam

that uses high-speed CT

scanning to measure calcium

deposits in one’s heart.

It’s ideal for men over age

45 and women over age

55 who smoke, have high

blood pressure, high cholesterol

or a family history

of premature coronary artery


The scan produces a

score that identifies one’s

level of calcium deposits.

A higher score means one

has more plaque in your

coronary arteries, putting

one at greater risk for a

heart attack. Find out your

risk and what you can do to

lower it.

Who should get screened

• Family history of heart


• High cholesterol

• High blood pressure

• Smoking habit

• Physically inactive

• Diabetic

• Overweight

• Men over 45

• Women over 55 (postmenopausal)

To schedule your $49

Heart Scan today, call

(815) 300-SCAN.

Submitted by Silver Cross

Hospital, 1900 Silver Cross

Blvd. For more information,

visit silvercross.org.


LED Light Sculpting Therapy

Lose at least 2” today:

- No Dieting

- No Exercise

- 100% Satisfaction

- Money back Guarantee





1301 N. Plum Grove Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60173


Orland Park’s physical therapy


Start your journeytoapainfreelifetoday

Request aFreeInjuryScreen

Call: 708-981-3715 |Email: OrlandPark@ImpactPhysicalTherapy.com

15441S.94thAve. Orland Park,IL60462















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Learn about Country Financial’s life insurance policies

Protection for

loved ones

For an additional Country Financial

and Country Life Insurance

Co. offers an optional Return

of Premium Rider for our

20-year and 30-year term Life

Insurance policies. If someone

dies while their policy is in force,

their beneficiaries will generally

receive the tax-free death benefit

(subject to the terms of their


Get your premiums back

If ones policy is still in force

at the end of the level-term period,

their premiums will be

returned tax-free. One may use

their returned premium however

they wish, such as to pay for

college or a child’s wedding, to

supplement retirement income,

to pay off a mortgage, buy a vacation

home or to fund or start a


• Take Cathy’s situation, for example.

She wants to protect

her family, but also have the

potential to get something


• Cathy is 35 years old and wants

to purchase $250,000 in 20-

year term life insurance. She

qualifies for the “Preferred,

Non-Tobacco” health rating.

• At the end of the 20-year term,

with the Return of Premium

rider, she would get back

$10,250, tax-free, to use to

meet whatever her needs are at

that time.

Convert to a permanent policy

As life goes on, one might

want to consider coverage that

lasts longer. With a Country Term

Life Policy, one may be eligible

to convert to permanent coverage.

People can do so before the

end of the level premium period

or age 65, whichever is earlier.

Even if one’s health changes

during their conversion privilege

period, they can get a permanent

policy that we offer at the time

of converting, without a medical

exam if one doesn’t increase

the death benefit. Further, before

the end of one’s term can elect to

have the premium amount paid

toward the new policy.

What happens if I die before the

level-premium period end?

One’s beneficiary will receive

the policy’s death benefit (taxfree),

minus any outstanding

loans plus loan interest, subject

to the terms of the policy. The

premiums paid will not be returned.

Certain restrictions apply and

one should refer to their term

life insurance policy or rider, or

speak to their Country Financial

Representative, for availability

and further details. This is not a

statement of coverage or offer

of insurance. One may not receive

the full returned premium

amount if they convert at age 65

and have not reached the end of

the level-premium period.

Term Life Insurance Policies

and Return of Premium Rider issued

by Country Life Insurance

Company, Bloomington.

Submitted by Gary Bronner Country

Financial, 827 S. State St., Lockport.

Call (630) 863-4775 for more


Comprehensive State-of-the-Art Orthopaedic Care

Fellowship-trained specialists in joint

replacement, sports medicine, spine

surgery, hand and wrist surgery, foot

and ankle surgery, pain management,

neurology and rheumatology.




Keep a look out

for your favorite

coupon book!

All ads will also appear digitally on each publication’s website.

✓ Mini-Incision Joint Replacement

✓ Robotic-Assisted Surgery

✓ Wide-Bore MRI

✓ Physical Therapy

✓ Worker’s Compensation

Palos Heights • Oak Lawn • Mokene • New Lenox • Joliet

(708) 361-0600 or (815) 727-3030 • www.parkviewortho.com

Reach more than 88,000

homes and businesses in

our coupon section!

Appearing Feb. 27

• Reserve your ad by Jan. 31

• Approve your ad by Feb. 6

Please call 708.326.9170 to reserve your ad



The Remedy Group (TRG) brings both The

Remedy PPT and Remedy Salon together

to form TRG Exclusive Fit Club & Salon.

We are primarily an exclusive membershipbased

personal training studio offering

premium one-on-one training services. We

also provide fitness coaching membership

options to provide each member access to

the personal training experience. The club

also houses a small salon & barbering suite that provides haircare

services by appointment only. Schedule a complimentary membership

or personal training consultation for more details.

Call today! Feel It...Flex It...Be It!


4849 167th St., Lower Level • Oak Forest, IL 60452


Farrah Bledsoe - Owner


24 | January 16, 2020 | 22nd century media healthy living


Tips from a pro for weight-loss success

StatePoint Media

Losing weight is often an

idea rather than an undertaking,

suggests a recent Gallup

Poll, which found that while

51 percent of adults want to

shed pounds off their frame,

only 25 percent say they are

seriously working toward

that goal.

“With so many trendy diets

advertised, identifying

accurate and insightful information

is one of the biggest

hurdles for many would-be

dieters,” says Carrie Elkins,

division manager for Jenny

Craig, who leads a team of

expert consultants who have

been providing weight loss

and healthy eating advice for

more than 35 years. “Many

looking to lose weight begin

their chosen programs with

good intentions, but when

push comes to shove, they

have trouble staying motivated

and quit before their

goals are reached.”

Having access to a combined

team of experts who

spend their days helping

others achieve their weight

loss goals, Elkins is wellpositioned

to share key tips

for success:

• Define your “why”: Identifying

why you want to

lose weight can provide

the necessary inspiration

you need to help you get

started and stay focused.

Write these reasons down

and post them somewhere

handy for a boost of encouragement,

such as by

your running shoes or on

the refrigerator.

• Make it easy: You’ll be

more likely to succeed if

you select a weight loss

program that doesn’t pile

on stress to an already hectic

routine. For example,

with Jenny Craig, a week’s

worth of meals can be delivered

at once to your

home, saving you time

you’d otherwise spend in

the grocery store and planning

and preparing meals.

Such programs can also

take out the guesswork of

losing weight, eliminating

the often-arduous task of

evaluating meals for calorie

count and nutritional


• Join a community: To stay

accountable, gather or join

a group of those committed

to your success. Don’t

be afraid to share your

journey with friends, family

and even social media

followers. Research

published in the Journal

of the American Medical

Association discovered

that individuals who follow

structured weight

loss programs that include

support are more likely

to be successful. Take the

concept one step further

by looking for weight loss

programs that offer ongoing

expert guidance and

critical support. One such

program, Jenny Craig,

includes one-on-one customized

support from

dedicated consultants who

help them stay focused,

learn healthy eating habits,

talk through challenges

and track progress.

• Don’t let plateaus sidetrack

you: Weight loss plateaus

are common and, unfortunately,

often lead to trying

drastic and unsustainable

options -- like dropping

calorie intake. This can

cause people to boomerang,

or worse, give up

entirely. The scale is only

one marker of improved

health, so if the number

isn’t budging, don’t despair

-- stick to your plan

and evaluate healthy ways

to push through the plateau.

• Don’t yield to “quick

fixes”: While juice cleanses

and diets like keto seem

to be all the rage, remember

that such quick fixes

can be extremely hard to

maintain. For long-term

results, commit to a sustainable

regimen that allows

you to have options,

make amendments and

feel flexible in your schedule.

For more weight loss tips

and resources, visit jenny


Experts say that you can

make reaching a weight loss

goal easier by selecting a

program that fits your lifestyle,

and seeking out support

that keeps you accountable.


Yoga Tai-Chi

9204 W. 159th St.

Orland Park, IL 60462

Phone. 708-226-0245




Let us help you stay young for 100 years!

1400 Ravinia Pl, Orland Park, IL 60462 • 708-966-4413

Helping you protect what

matters Take most charge of your future

Joel Wrzesinski

Orland Park I 708-645-5007


We protect it.

You live it.

I’m here to help life go rightso

you can enjoy it, while I

help protect it. Let’s talk about

your life insurance options.


Valerie Martin

Orland Park I 708-789-6027




Audrey McFarlin Ins Agency Inc

Audrey McFarlin, Agent

13301 S Ridgeland Ave., Palos Heights, IL 60463

Bus: 708-371-3555

State Farm Life Insurance Company (Not licensed in MA, NY or WI)

State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Licensed in NY and WI)

Bloomington, IL


22ndCenturyMedia.com healthy living

22nd century media | January 16, 2020 | 25

How simple steps may prevent Type 2 diabetes

StatePoint Media

More than one in three Americans

-- over 84 million people

-- have prediabetes, which is a

serious condition that often leads

to type 2 diabetes and other significant

health problems, such as

heart disease and stroke. Despite

its prevalence, nearly 90 percent

of people with the condition

don’t know they have it. The

good news is that prediabetes

can often be reversed. The first

step is learning your risk, say experts.

As part of its efforts to lead

the charge in preventing chronic

diseases and confronting public

health crises, the American

Medical Association (AMA) is

encouraging all Americans to

learn their risk for type 2 diabetes

and take action accordingly

during November, which is Diabetes

Awareness Month.

“Preventing type 2 diabetes

starts with ensuring that people

are aware of their risks for developing

the disease and advising

them on interventions,” says Dr.

Patrice A. Harris, M.D., M.A.,

president of the AMA. “Research

shows that people who

are aware of their condition are

more likely to make the necessary

long-term lifestyle changes

that can help prevent or delay

the onset of type 2 diabetes. The

AMA is focused on improving

the health of the nation by leading

the charge to prevent chronic

disease. As the cornerstone of

that effort, we are committed to

helping America achieve no new

preventable cases of type 2 diabetes.”

A one-minute self-screening

risk test available at DoIHave-

Prediabetes.org can help you

determine where you stand. The

AMA encourages those with

high scores who learn they may

be at risk for prediabetes to consult

their doctor to confirm a

diagnosis, as well as to find out

how lifestyle changes, such as

losing weight, eating a well-balanced

diet that includes a variety

of foods and being more physically

active can help prevent

type 2 diabetes. For additional

resources, visit amapreventdia

betes.org and cdc.gov.

The prevalence of adults diagnosed

with diabetes more than

doubled in the past 20 years,

making it more important than

ever that Americans find out

whether they have prediabetes.

Armed with that knowledge,

they can take steps to manage or

even reverse the condition.

When’s the last time you had


Schedule an appointment

to learn how spinal health

affects your overall wellness.



Start where you are today and build a healthier tomorrow.


Carolyn W. Rayner, MPH, RN

Certified Health Coach

Oak Forest Executive Center

5320 West 159th Street, Third Floor

Oak Forest, Illinois 60452

Nurse Health


Group Classes &

Individual Sessions

708 206-9455

Enjoy Resturant-Quality

Foods... At Home!



26 | January 16, 2020 | 22nd century media healthy living


10 doctor-recommended health tips for the new year

StatePoint Media

Four in 10 adults in the

U.S. have two or more

chronic diseases, according

to the Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention.

While certain

conditions and risk factors

are beyond one’s control,

the new year is the perfect

time to consider the many

lifestyle choices you can

make for improved health.

“With too many holiday

sweets and not enough exercise

likely in the rearview

mirror, now is the perfect

time to consider your personal

goals and how you

can make positive health

choices in the coming

year,” says American Medical

Association (AMA)

President Patrice A. Harris,

M.D. “The good news

is that there are a few easy

steps you can take that will

set you on the right track

for a healthier 2020.”

To get you started,

Are you getting all your vitamins? Revamping your diet in 2020

StatePoint Media

the AMA is offering 10

wellness tips for the new


1. Steps you take now can

help prevent or delay

the onset of type 2

diabetes. Learn your

risk by taking the selfscreening

test at DoI-


2. Be more physically active.

Adults should do

at least 150 minutes

a week of moderateintensity

activity, or

75 minutes a week of

vigorous-intensity activity.

3. Visit LowerYourHBP.

org to better understand

blood pressure numbers

and take necessary

steps to get high blood

pressure – also known

as hypertension -- under

control. Doing so

will reduce your risk of

heart attack or stroke.

4. Reduce your intake of

processed foods, especially

those with added

sodium and sugar.

Eat less red meat and

processed meats, and

add more plant-based

foods, such as olive oil,

nuts and seeds to your

diet. Also reduce your

consumption of sugarsweetened


and drink more water

instead. Drinking sugary

beverages -- even

Getting all the vitamins

and nutrients you need

each day is one of the most

important things you can

do to feel your best.

The good news is that

you don’t need to devote

hours each week to meal

prep to ensure you’re

healthfully getting essential

vitamins. As you make

your 2020 plans to revamp

your diet, here are a few

things to keep in mind:

• Don’t follow fads: When

it comes to your wellness,

it’s best to rely on

basic science, not the

latest fad diets or sports

drinks and supplements

that rely on added sugars,

fillers, preservatives,

artificial flavors,

sweeteners, dyes, and

negatives. Look for

products that transparently

list all their ingredients.

• Drink your vitamins: Did

you know that liquids

are the most bioavailable

form for your body

to absorb nutrients? For

complete health on-thego,

consider drinking

your vitamins. One effective

solution is Drink

Nutrient, which offers

single-serve stick packs

that make it easy to get

the essential vitamins

you need. Among its offerings

is Vitamin Coffee,

a natural sustained

energy booster made

from 100 percent Colombian

Arabica coffee

that offers 50 percent of

your daily essential vitamins

in each serving.

Served hot or cold, it’s a

good choice for anyone

who needs a caffeine

boost without the crash.

Or, to get 100 percent

of your daily essential

vitamins and 610 mg of

electrolytes in one go,

consider Vitamin Booster+,

which contains real

fruit juice, less than

one gram of sugar, and

is only 15 calories per


• De-stress: Too much

stress can compromise

your body’s ability to

absorb nutrients. So,

take steps to relax and

unwind. Whether it’s

through meditation,

journaling, cooking or

jogging -- discover what

hobbies and wellness

100% fruit juices -- is

associated with a higher

all-cause mortality

risk, a new study published

in JAMA Network

Open suggests.

5. If your health care professional


that you need antibiotics,

take them exactly

as prescribed. Antibiotic

resistance is a serious

public health problem

and antibiotics will

not make you feel better

if you have a virus,

such as a cold or flu.

6. If consuming alcohol,

do so in moderation

as defined by the U.S.

Dietary Guidelines for

Americans -- up to one

drink daily for women

and two drinks daily

for men, and only by

adults of legal drinking


7. Talk with your doctor

about tobacco and e-

cigarette use (or vaping)

and how to quit.

Declare your home and

car smoke- and aerosol-free

to eliminate

secondhand exposure.

8. Pain medication is personal.

If you’re taking

prescription opioids

or other medications,

follow your doctor’s

instructions. Store

them safely to prevent

misuse and properly

activities help you reduce

your stress levels

and be sure to make time

for them.

• Refuel wisely: If you hit

the gym frequently, you

likely have tried one or

two sports drinks and

know how important it

is to refuel quickly and

wisely after a workout.

For optimal high performance,

consider upgrading

your drink of choice.

With double the electrolytes

of leading sports

drinks, Liquid Nutrient

has a potassium-to-sodium

ratio intended for

high-quality hydration,

as well as amino acids

for mental focus and

muscle repair.

• Maximize meals: To

dispose of any leftover


9. Make sure your family

is up-to-date on vaccines,

including the

annual influenza vaccine

for everyone age

six months or older. If

you’re pregnant, you

can receive the flu vaccine

during any trimester,

but should receive

the Tdap vaccine early

in the third trimester to

protect yourself against

flu and whooping


10. Manage stress. A good

diet, sufficient sleep

(at least 7.5 hours per

night), daily exercise

and wellness activities,

like yoga and meditation,

are key ingredients

to maintaining and

improving your mental

health, but don’t

hesitate to ask for help

from a mental health

professional when you

need it.

maximize meals, make

sure the bulk of the

calories you consume

are not “empty.” Empty

calories, such as added

sugars and solid fats,

contain little to no nutritional

value. Fill up on

dark leafy vegetables,

berries, nuts, seeds and

good-for-you fats like

avocado and salmon,

while avoiding chips,

cakes and other junk


Don’t let your busy

lifestyle get in the way of

ensuring you’re getting all

the nutrients you need to

feel your best. This new

year, resolve to revamp

your diet for optimal nutrition.

22ndCenturyMedia.com healthy living

22nd century media | January 16, 2020 | 27

Simple ways a Keto-friendly diet can set you up for success

StatePoint Media

Chances are you’ve

heard of the keto diet. Its

popularity has soared in

recent years, adding it to

the list of diets many people

try, especially in the

New Year. The keto diet

is founded on the belief

that when your body is in

a state of nutritional ketosis

-- a metabolic state in

which fat provides most of

the fuel for the body -- you

will lose weight. But what

if you could take a less

drastic approach?

In his newest book,

“The Keto-Friendly South

Beach Diet,” world-renowned

cardiologist Dr.

Arthur Agatston explains

that you can follow a lowcarb,

high-fat, qualityprotein

keto-friendly diet

without having to reach

and sustain a state of ketosis

-- and still reap the

weight loss benefits.

Here is how this approach

can set you up for weight

loss success

• It Follows Proven Principles:

Following the

proven principles of

the low-carb/goodcarb,

good-fat, healthyprotein

approach of the

original South Beach

Diet, the keto-friendly

version layers in science-backed

elements of

the keto diet’s higher fat

intake, ultimately allowing

for more variety in

the diet than strict keto

in the form of nutrientdense

carb choices like

non-starchy vegetables

and beans.

• It Takes You into Fat

Burning Mode: “When

a person eats too much

sugar or quickly digestible

carbs, their insulin

levels increase. If this

happens over time, the

body responds by going

into fat storage mode,

making it very difficult

to burn fat and lose

weight,” says Dr. Agatston.

The keto-friendly

approach shifts your

body from “fat storage

mode” into “fat burning

mode,” leading to

weight loss.

• It’s Flexible: Trying to

maintain any strict diet

for the long-term often

makes people stop dieting

and regain weight.

Because of the highly

satisfying foods and

the lack of required

adherence to specific

ketone levels, the Keto-

Friendly South Beach

Diet allows for a variety

in food choices, which

may be more sustainable

over time compared to

stricter keto diets.

• It Offers Structure: For

those looking for a bit

more structure, South

Beach Diet offers a

keto-friendly version of

their meal delivery plan

that comes with fully

prepped chef-inspired

foods that nourish and


“Structure can make

the keto-friendly lifestyle

more approachable,” says

Courtney McCormick,

registered dietitian and

manager of Clinical Research

& Nutrition for

South Beach Diet.

For more keto-friendly

insights and keto-friendly

recipes, visit palm.south


As you head into the

new year, remember, the

first step to losing weight

is finding a plan that works

for you. A keto-friendly

diet can set you up for success

in a way that’s friendly,

flexible and achievable.

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“mystery illness” and have tried everything?

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Tips for relieving joint pain in the new year

StatePoint Media

The health benefits of

regular exercise are undeniable,

and the U.S. Department

of Health and

Human Services recommends

30 minutes of exercise

at least five times

per week. However, highimpact

exercises like running

and weight training

can lead to joint pain, especially

if you have a joint

condition. The good news

is that smart exercises with

low impact can alleviate

joint pain and deliver the

same health benefits.

Here are a few tips to

consider for a healthy start

to 2020:

Keep Moving

Trying to protect your

joints by not moving actually

does more harm than

good. Regular exercise can

actually help joint pain and

ease symptoms of chronic

joint conditions, according

to the Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention.

Just be sure to talk to your

doctor about your exercise

plan before you get started.

Go low Impact

You don’t need to put

tremendous weight on

your joints or jump up and

down in order to break

a sweat or elevate your

heartrate. When you’re already

in pain, this type of

exercise can actually make

things worse. Instead, opt

for high-quality, low-impact


There are now exercise

machines available

for home use that provide

the same quality lowimpact

workout you’d get

in physical therapy. Consider

the Teeter FreeStep

Recumbent Cross Trainer,

a seated exercise machine

that takes the weight off

the joints while torching


Unlike other recumbent

machines which can

be bad for the knees, the

FreeStep mimics a natural

stepping motion that prevents

knees from traveling

over the toes, as well

as stabilizes the back and

hips. And you don’t have

to sacrifice workout quality

– in fact, research shows

that FreeStep users burn

17.4 percent more calories

than when using a recumbent

bike at the same level

of effort. Beyond calorie

burn, it also offers fullbody

resistance training,

which is especially important,

as weak muscles can

be a root cause of pain.


It may seem obvious,

but ensuring that you drink

the recommended daily intake

of water is vital to reducing

pain in your joints.

Proper hydration helps

your body eliminate wastes

and toxins that can lead to

painful joint conditions.

Plus, it helps to keep the

joints lubricated and flexible,

reducing friction and

inflammation and helping

to maintain healthy tissue.

Stretch daily

Stretching increases

flexibility and range of

motion, improves movement

and function, reduces

pain and stiffness and prevents

further injury. Just

remember to move slowly

and keep it gentle.

At the very least, spend

a good five to 10 minutes

in the morning stretching

your hamstrings, quadriceps,

calf muscles and hip


For a free photo guide to

“5 Daily Stretches to Relieve

Knee & Joint Pain,”

plus a code for $75 off the

FreeStep (good through

January 31, 2020), visit


With the right exercises

and maintenance program,

you can improve your

health and get a stronger

body, without pain.

For healthier eating, grill more in the new year

StatePoint Media

Planning to follow a trendy

diet like keto in 2020 or simply

want to eat right? There’s good

news -- grilling can be a great

option for you to kickstart eating

healthier in the new year. Indeed,

the American Heart Association

recommends it.

“Grilling is a year-round way

of life, bringing together family

and friends,” says Jeff Thiessen,

president of Pit Boss Grills.

“Luckily, those watching their

diets can still get healthy foods

with the fun and flavor of a backyard


Use these tips to make healthier

meals prepared on the grill

• Let your spices do the heavy

lifting: You can add exciting

and bold flavor to any recipe

using seasoning mixtures.

Spice up foods like veggies or

lean meats with seasoned rubs

or marinades for amazing flavor

without all the calories.

• Eat fresher: Round out recipes

by including fresh vegetables.

For the best flavor and highest

nutritional value, look for

locally-grown produce. Vegetables

make an excellent addition

to any meal as grilled kabobs

or chopped up and tossed

in your favorite chili.

• Be versatile: A healthy diet is a

versatile diet. Look for a grill

offering multiple cooking options,

including baking, roasting

and smoking, such as Pit

Boss Grills. Their 8-in-1 versatile

grills allow you to do it

all with one-of-a-kind hardwood


• Try it yourself: For a delicious

spin on a favorite barbecue

classic, try this Healthy Hawaiian

Pulled Pork, right from

the Pit Boss playbook.


• 2 cups aloe leaf juice

• 1 teaspoon coriander, ground

• 2 teaspoons cracked pepper

• 1 teaspoon cumin

• Dash of salt

• 4-6 garlic cloves

• 1 3-inch ginger, fresh

• 1-2 limes

• 4 cups no sodium added chicken

bone broth

• 1/4 cup olive oil

• 4 teaspoons paprika

• 6-8 pounds pork shoulder/butt

• 1/2 sweet onion

• 2 packets Truvia

• 2 tablespoons Truvia Nectar


• Set grill to “smoke.” Once the

pot catches, turn the grill up to

300 degrees F. Make sure your

flame broiler is closed, you’ll

want to use indirect heat.

• Add spices to a bowl. Set aside.

• Grate ginger into a separate

“wet ingredients” bowl. Mince

garlic cloves and dice onions

into the same bowl. Juice

limes and add chicken bone

broth, aloe leaf juice, Truvia

and Truvia Nectar. Mix and set

bowl aside.

• Add the oil to your Pit Boss

Cast Iron Roasting Pan and

coat the bottom and sides.

Place pork inside.

• Coat pork with dry rub.

• Pour wet ingredients around

the pork. Cover with lid and

set on the grill.

• Check every couple hours,

basting if needed. When internal

temperature reaches 195

degrees F (after 6-8 hours),

it should easily start to pull

apart. Don’t pull apart the

whole shoulder yet.

• Remove roasting pan from grill

and set aside for 1 hour. Remove

lid to help speed cooling.

• Once cooled, shred pork into a

separate bowl, removing fat. If

adding marinade for additional

flavor, skim fat off the top

and discard.

• Pair with fresh grilled veggies,

delicious fruit or make tacos

or salads, and voila!

To shop grills, as well as find

cooking tips, grilling resources

and additional recipes, visit pitboss-grills.com.

By following the keys to

healthy grilling, you can create

guilt-free meals in 2020.

22ndCenturyMedia.com healthy living

22nd century media | January 16, 2020 | 29

A unique approach to care by providing daily joy

You are no longer alone

in caring for your loved

one with Alzheimer’s,

dementia, or other types

of memory loss. At Evergreen

Senior Living in

Orland Park, we offer The

Legacy: Memory Support.

Our team of trained caregivers

offers personalized

care and a unique approach

to caring for seniors with

memory loss.

“My mother knew that

there was something going

on with her short term

memory,” said one resident’s

daughter. “It’s hard

to be a 24-hour caregiver.

[Evergreen Senior Living

team] have learned to

work with my mom and

how to take care of her.

My relationship with her is

fabulous now.”

At Evergreen Senior

Living, Legacy Living

means that you are making

sure that your loved one is

cared for in the best way

possible based on their

needs. When you choose

Legacy Living, your

promise to care for your

loved one is fulfilled.

Evergreen Senior Living

Wellness Coordinator

Pauline McGrath echoes

these sentiments saying,

“We have a great team of

caregivers, of nurses, of

staff that really love our


At Evergreen Senior

Living The Legacy: Memory

Support, we let each

day gently unfold, taking

into account each seniors’

preferences and comfort

levels. Our person-centered

programming promotes

socialization during

a time that can feel incredibly

isolating. The Legacy:

Memory Support staff,

who come in each day

refreshed and revitalized,

take care of the day to day

tasks so you can go back to

your favorite role in your

loved one’s life – family.

This unique approach

works in tandem with our

unique campus, which has

been created to strategically

cater to our residents

with memory loss. Every

detail at The Legacy:

Memory Care has been designed

with your loved one

in mind.

Walking paths are designed

in a continuous figure

eight, so residents can

always find their way to

their destination. Customized

memory boxes hang

outside of apartments to

help residents know they

are home. Bathrooms are

set at an angle in the apartments

so that residents

have a clear idea of how

to enter and exit. Kitchen/

dining areas are built for

smaller groups to ensure

less noise and interruptions

and more individualized


Evergreen Senior Living

is a part of the Heritage

Health family, one

of Illinois’ leading senior

healthcare providers. With

55 years of successful care

for seniors and 54 nursing

homes and assisted living

centers across the state,

our memory care expertise

is extensive. Throughout

the years, we’ve taken

the time to refine our approaches

so our seniors

with memory care needs

can be their best selves,

and our families can have

peace of mind. We call our

unique approach, Life Unrehearsed.

Evergreen Senior Living

in Orland Park is a community

where independence

thrives, and compassionate

care is always


Submitted by Evergreen

Senior Living, 10820 183rd

St., Orland Park. For more

information or to schedule

a tour, visit www.EvergreenSLC.com/OrlandPark

or call (708) 479-1082.




Come out of the cold and into the

warm and welcoming

campus of Evergreen Senior Living.

Schedule atour today byphone or online.


(708) 479-1082 • 10820 183rd Street • Orland Park, IL

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Looking for a healthy New Year’s

resolution? Don’t overlook your eyes

Statepoint Media

The most ambitious time

of year is upon us: the time

to set New Year’s resolutions.

All the parties have been

hosted, the marshmallows

have been toasted

and you’ve binged on your

new favorite TV show the

entire month of December.

Now you’re asking yourself,

“What do I want to accomplish

this year?” A New

Year’s resolution is, for all

intents and purposes, a good

thing. Now consider this

twist on the standard resolution

format: opt for a few,

small, lifestyle wins rather

than mounting an all-out

assault on your current habits

– more resolution-lite,

if you will. Choose resolutions

that have clear start

and end points, and that are

attainable for you. Most of

all, resolutions should make

you feel good – that’s the

whole point, right?

“A resolution that checks

all the boxes is to get an eye

exam,” says VSP network

doctor, Jennifer Chinn.

If you have loved ones

in mind, bring them. Their

eyes will thank you.

Here’s why:

• It’s Easy: With a comprehensive

eye exam,

there’s no uncomfortable

warm-up, pep talk or preparation

period. Making an

appointment is easy: you

simply show up and your

eye doctor tests different

aspects of your vision and

eye health. Save the maximum

effort for a goal further

down your list, knowing

an eye exam is a small

investment of energy that

reaps huge health rewards.

• It Doesn’t Take All

Year: You can be certain

that unlike most resolutions

where some level of

delayed gratification is the

motivator, a comprehensive

eye exam provides immediate


• It’s Really Healthy:

Beyond ensuring great vision,

an eye exam offers an

incredible look into your

overall health. In fact, an

eye exam is often the first

line of defense when it

comes to protecting your


During your visit, the

eye doctor will examine

your eyes to check their visual

acuity (or how clearly

you see), and for any signs

of eye conditions like dry

eyes, digital eye strain,

glaucoma, cataracts and

macular degeneration.

“More significantly, a

comprehensive eye exam

gives eye doctors an unobstructed

view of the eyes’

blood vessels and optic

nerves, both of which can

give away signs of chronic

diseases like diabetes, high

blood pressure and even

some cancers years before

a person shows symptoms,”

notes Dr. Chinn.

Unfortunately, many

outward signals of diseases

and conditions don’t appear

until some damage has occurred,

making eye exams

powerful, preventative tools

to keep tabs on what’s quietly

happening in your body.

To find an eye doctor near

you, visit www.vsp.com/


You don’t need 20/20 vision

to see that the case for

a 2020 eye exam is clear.

Make this the year you

commit to an annual trip to

the eye doctor.

Why a personalized diet can help you achieve better results

StatePoint Media

From custom-designed

sneakers to tailor-made

sunglasses, the trend of

personalization is going

head-to-toe, and for good

reason, making its way to

the world of weight loss

and wellness.

Specifically, researchers

have been studying two

converging topics in recent

years. One is the importance

of body type in determining

the combination

of fats, carbohydrates and

protein that will provide

the best results for a given

individual. The other is

the variability of results

associated with a single

diet -- the idea that if two

people start the same diet

at the same time, their results

could be drastically


On top of that, consumer

research shows that people

overwhelmingly prefer

personalized experiences.

Sixty percent of consumers

agree that personalization

is essential to weight

loss and overall wellness.

Here’s what to know

about why personalized

diets are becoming so popular

and how to find the

right diet for you:

The importance

of body type

The places your body

stores excess fat may be

the single greatest predictor

of health outcomes.

This is the concept behind

Nutrisystem’s assessment

of the four most common

body types: “Apple,”

“Pear,” “Hourglass” and


“We’re going a bit old

school here, because these

categories have stood the

test of time for a reason.

They provide crucial information

on how you

respond to food intake

and can help you to adjust

what you eat based on

your goals,” says Courtney

McCormick, corporate dietitian

at Nutrisystem.

Body type can also influence

how macronutrients

like fat, protein,

and carbs are processed.

To fulfill your individual

needs, first determine your

body type, food preferences

and goals, then look

for a weight loss plan that

takes these important factors

into consideration,

such as Nutrisystem.

One size does not fit all

The DIETFITS study,

a large, randomized research

study comparing

low-fat versus low-carb

dietary patterns found no

difference in weight loss

between them. But drilling

down into the data,

one can see great variability.

Some dieters gained

weight while others lost

a lot. But it’s not always

about weight outcomes, as

recent research has shown

that factors such as body

shape may play a bigger

role in the determinants

of health risks than body

weight alone.

For instance, a woman

who is apple-shaped tends

to carry her extra weight

in the mid-section. She

would see best results on

a lower-glycemic nutrition

plan that is lower in

refined carbs and higher in

healthy fats and protein.

“Research shows that

one size does not fit all

when it comes to weight

loss and disease prevention,”

says McCormick.

“That’s why we’ve created

a unique, personalized approach

that’s easy to follow

and designed to help

participants lose weight

and get healthy.”

For more insights on

how to personalize your

diet and maximize results,

visit leaf.nutrisystem.com.

While it’s no secret that

achieving one’s weight

loss goals is challenging,

personalizing your plan

can help make things easier,

ultimately providing

you a greater chance of


22ndCenturyMedia.com healthy living

22nd century media | January 16, 2020 | 31

Stem cell therapy now available in Tinley Park

Dr. Ed Beyer, of Beyer

Natural Health Solutions,

has partnered with

Dr. Scott Hanlon, D.O. of

Little Company of Mary

Hospital and Predictive

Biotech labs, to offer

FDA-regulated human

umbilical cord stem cells

to patients suffering from

chronic degenerative arthritis,

osteoarthritis and

rheumatoid arthritis that

can cause debilitating pain

in the following areas:

• knees

• hips

• neck and low back

• shoulders

• elbows

• hands and feet

Dr. Beyer has been practicing

functional medicine

in Tinley Park for over 30

years. When asked why

he decided to venture

into stem cells he said, “I

have had my eye on the

potential of stem cells to

regenerate broken down

joints ever since my father

passed away from the

consequences of an FDAapproved

drug he was

taken for arthritic pain. At

that time, stem cells were

in their infancy stages.

With the advancement of

research, that is no longer

the case.

“Now, when it comes to

proper, and I emphasize

proper, stem cell therapy

for regeneration of arthritic

joints, there is simply

no better option. Research

now confirms this, and

we are seeing it on a daily

basis in our clinic. People

with ‘bone on bone’ joints

told they need surgical replacement

are finding relief

and avoidance of surgery

with proper stem cell


He went on to say even

Mayo Clinic uses stem cell

and regenerative medicine.

He further states that “the

future of joint repair is

here now.”

Dr. Beyer and Dr. Hanlon

know that there exists

a lot of false information

and misunderstanding

when it comes to stem

cells. For this reason, Dr.

Beyer is holding free informational

seminars in

the area that answers the

following questions:

-What science and research

say about what

stem cells can help and

what can’t they help?

-Is the FDA involved in

stem cell therapy?

-Which type of stem

cells should be used to regenerate

arthritic joints?

-Are there any dangers

to stem cell therapy?

-Does insurance cover

this type of therapy?

-What kind of results

can be expected, and how

long will they last if I am

a good candidate for stem

cell therapy?

These one hour seminars

are being offered free

of charge at the following


• 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 21,

and 11 a.m. Saturday,

Jan. 25, Tinley Park

• 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 28,


• 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb.

4, Naperville

• 11 a.m.. Saturday, Feb. 8,

Oak Lawn

The Tinley Park seminars

will include a discussion

on stem cells, as well

as erectile dysfunction.

Seating is limited, so register


Submitted by Dr. Edward

Beyer and Dr. Scott Hanlon.

For more information, visit

beyerstemcellinstitute.com or

call (708) 315-2151.

A fun new way to get moving!

Beginner circus classes for all

ages. Aerial, hoops, and ground

act options to fit your schedule.

Registration for the next

session begins January 19th.

Limited spots available!

700 Center Rd Frankfort Il 60423



Protection for the Unexpected

Mariel Singson | 312.596.1250


Richard Rodriguez | 312.728.5000


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FREE*caption phone!

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Call now: 866-246-7850

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Call 708-349-0400

or visit dinnerwithdoctors.com

for location and to register

(free for you and up to 3 guests)

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Are STEM CELLS the Answer

To Knee, Hip, Back & Shoulder Pain?

Avoid Surgery...Regenerate before you operate!


If you suffer from ANY of the

following symptoms YOU


• Knee Pain

• Arthritis

• Back Pain

• Hip Pain

• Neck/Shoulder Pain

• Swollen, Stiff & Sore Joints

• Elbow, Wrist and Hand Pain

• Ankle and Foot Pain



To reserve your place, please call

(708) 315-2469

Beyer Stem Cell Institute

17023 S. Harlem Ave • Tinley Park, IL


Tuesday 1/28 in Beverly at 6:00pm

Tuesday 2/4 in Naperville at 6:30pm

Saturday 2/8 in Oak Lawn at 11:00am


Tuesday 1/21 at 6:30pm

and Saturday 1/25 at 11:00am

(The Tinley Park seminars will discuss stem cells and erectile dysfunction)

Visit our website at www.beyerstemcellinstitute.com

for details and other upcoming seminars.

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