Welcome to 2020. For our first issue of a new decade, Cityscape has taken up the 5 Ways to Wellbeing as a kaupapa, or set of principles, underpinning our editorial direction for 2020 and beyond. If you haven’t heard of them before, the 5 Ways – Connect, Be active, Take notice, Keep Learning, and Give – have been taken up by mental health agencies and organisations around the world. There is extensive scientific evidence that if practised regularly, the 5 Ways will lift your wellbeing. The challenge is to find ways to introduce these actions into our daily lives. Between the covers of Cityscape we have curated a selection of experts local and international that can help. Supporting local businesses by getting offline and in-store is one way to connect with your community as well as be more active and giving – as consumers, we often make big decisions about where to spend our money on the basis of saving a dollar or two. Remember, when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance! We have all our regular features and contributors as well, and all that’s hot in beauty, cuisine, home and events.


Welcome to 2020 and the start of a new decade! Fancy a challenge? Join us in embracing the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

We dive deep into how to put this recipe for living a better life into practice. We preview the best of the summer

fests, including the fabulous buskers. And we have everything that’s hot in beauty, cuisine, home and events.









CONTENTS Summer 20



08 Lust List

This season’s essentials.

10 Word on the Street

Tip-offs, trends and more.

12 Chukka chic

Lexus Urban Polo is coming to

Hagley Park in February.

14 Sweet SOLE music

Sache Vee on the business

of music.

16 Meet the local

Lilly Cooper is the developer

behind The Colombo.

18 Tech it out

Hot offerings from the world

of cool technology. 34

20 Welcome 2020

5 Ways to Wellbeing

for 2020 and beyond.

22 Putting it into practice

How to build the 5 Ways

into your daily life.

23 For your consideration

The Consider Journal is a

curation of inspiration.

24 Dare to dream

We talk to kikki.K founder

Kristina Karlsson.

26 Bridging the divide

Life coaches Nancy Barclay

and Nenah Milne.

27 Herbs & health

Holistic treatments from

herbalist Deirdre Panapa.

28 Yoga yin & yang

Veronica King on how to find

your perfect yoga class.

31 Summer at its best

Get active! Christchurch in

the summertime.

34 Roll up! Roll up!

Festival season is upon us.

41 Songs sung wild

Musical sisters Nicola and

Rosie Dempsey are Flo & Joan.

42 Kings & queens

Cabaret artist Reuben Kaye is

set to scandalise Christchurch.

44 Beer to be different

Craft beer continues its rise to

artisanal prominence.


Word on the Street


Welcome 2020


Home & Lifestyle






Food & Drink




The Last Word

02 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Contents continued

Home & Lifestyle

49 Nature in a frame

Canopy Landscape Architects

embrace a tidy mess.

50 Home styling

The things we are coveting

this season.

51 Hot property

With Mary Turnbull.

53 Comfort colours

Rebecca Long from Resene

previews the smoky sunset

colours of 2020.


58 Elegant & edgy

Fashion Society's Abbey

Dickson brings the style.

60 Colours of nature

Deadly Ponies designer

Liam Bowden's inspiration.

62 Fashion edit

Summer in the city.


66 The good life

With Dr Libby.

67 Winding back the clock

Louise Highet wants her best

work to be undetectable.

68 Beauty edit

Time to pamper and protect.

Food & Drink

75 Salute to the source

Canterbury's vineyards make a

perfect summer get-away.

78 Asian persuasion

Cityscape reviews awesome

Asian fusion at The Dish.

80 Avocado advocates

Delicious deliveries from

The Avo Tree.


98 Cool cats

Scott Towers, aka Chopper

Reeds, of Fat Freddy's Drop.

100 Flying visit

The Mutton Birds reunite for

the Great Kiwi Beer Festival.



101 Living with my dad's porno

Jamie Morton's father writes

porn. Jamie mines it for

podcast comedy gold.

102 Breaking the ice

Icehouse's lead singer

Iva Davies.

105 What's on calendar

The city's hottest tickets.

109 Entertain me

Films, podcasts, music,

books & TV.

112 The last word

Deacon the Vampire.






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o, what are we going to call it,

S this new decade of ours? The

‘20s? That still evokes images of

flappers and beaded evening dresses.

The ‘20s 2.0? Maybe, but we need more

that rinse and repeat. Here at Cityscape,

we’re keen on The Decade of Living

Better. A mouthful, sure, but it captures

the zeitgeist of a city happy to draw a

line under the last decade, visited by

tragedy at each end.

To help guide you to that better life,

Cityscape has taken up the 5 Ways to

Wellbeing as a kaupapa, or set of

principles, underpinning our editorial

direction for 2020 and beyond. If you

haven’t heard of them before, the 5

Ways – Connect, Be active, Take notice,

Keep Learning, and Give – have been

taken up by mental health agencies and

organisations around the world. There is

extensive scientific evidence that if

practised regularly, the 5 Ways will lift

your wellbeing.

The challenge is to find ways to

introduce these actions into our daily

lives. Between the covers of Cityscape

we have curated a selection of experts

local and international that can help.

Supporting local businesses by getting

offline and in-store is one way to connect

with your community as well as be more

active and giving – as consumers, we

often make big decisions about where to

spend our money on the basis of saving a

dollar or two. Remember, when you buy

from a small business, an actual person

does a happy dance!

To get the conversation going, connect

with me and tell me how you are going to

put the 5 Ways into practice.


Mark Wilson



Summer 20


Andrea Rickerby


Mark Wilson


Jessica Allen


Tristan Brehaut


Jacqui Moorfield


Claire Ross


Cabaret artist Reuben Kaye will

rule supreme when he brings his

deliciously debauched show to

Bread & Circus – World Buskers

Festival from January 23.


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This season’s essentials






1 Freya Jewel Cove High Apex Bikini top (RRP $84.99) & Italini Bikini brief (RRP $64.99) from The Fitting Room 2 Chimi – Aqua

Sunglasses (RRP $169) from Fashion Society 3 Made in Mada Aziz hat (RRP $89) from Teepee 4 Gingko Mi Square Speaker (RRP $127)

from Teepee 5 CHCH tote bag (RRP $25) from Infinite Definite 6 Fjällräven Kånken bag (RRP $169) from Stencil 7 Ora Health & Wellness

Issue 03 - Mindfulness (RRP $18) from Pepa Stationery 8 2020 Daily Diary (RRP $59) from Pepa Stationery 9 Kathryn Wilson Blushing

Bride shoe (RRP $369) from Issimo 10 Apple Watch S4 (RRP $749) from Nutron

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Word on the Street




In today’s busy world it’s easy to lose sight of the little acts of joy like the

art of a good old-fashioned handwritten letter. At Pepa Stationery they’re

all about slowing down and appreciating the beauty of quality stationery

and thoughtful, independent design from across the globe. The friendly

team will help you choose unique ways to organise and bring positivity

daily. Make your letterbox the happy place it once was and brighten

someone’s day with a handwritten note!



Artisan small batch vapour infused

premium gin is made at Lyttelton

Distillery Co. It all starts with the

making of their own alcohol from

local grains and honey. It is delicious

and full of flavour from carefully

chosen botanicals including juniper,

manuka, wild thyme and citrus. No

artificial flavours are used. This is a

gin of the finest quality. Keep an eye

out for the soon to be released

blackberry gin, vodka and

limoncello range. This new and local

brand is available at Vino Fino.


Asian street food doesn’t get much

better than bings – savoury

Chinese crêpes made with mung

bean flour and stuffed with

delicious slow-cooked pork,

chicken or vegetarian options. Get

your fix at fast-casual Asian fusion

restaurant J-Bings, now in Lichfield

Street, tucked between Riverside

Market and Ballantynes.


Bijou inner-city cinema Lumière

will launch their exclusive Inner

Circle this year. If you’re a

cine-fanatic, you need to get in on

this one. You’ll get loads of perks

like exclusive screenings, every

eighth film free and regular

updates on what’s hot in new films.

The theatre complex boasts a

luxurious bar and ultracomfortable

reclining chairs.

Connect with us cityscape.christchurch cityscapemagazine_chch

10 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20

Chukka chic


The sun is shining and polo season has arrived, and

oh-so-cool The Colombo are getting right amongst it.

Lexus Urban Polo will take over Hagley Park on

Saturday February 29 and the sport of kings is the

perfect day out with your besties. The Colombo have

got your back with this fab event, because they’ve got

a killer prize pack up for grabs – Yas! If you stop by the

Sydenham digs from January 13 and enter your details,

you’ll go in the draw to win a day at Lexus Urban Polo

for you and three buddies, a dress (up to $400 value)

at one of the primo Colombo stores (Annah Stretton,

Collective, Identity or Repertoire), plus some stylish

shoes from Andrea Biani, a facial from Embrayce, hair

by Black, and makeup by Kara – how good?!

12 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20

13 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20





Budding musicians have a new path to a

career in music through SOLE Music

Academy, which opens the doors in February

on its new studio in Addington’s historic

Woods Mill building. SOLE’s founder, Sacha

Vee, will use her experience breaking into

the music industry to help her students get

ahead and avoid the same pitfalls.


ou’ve gained quite a

following in Holland after

taking part in The Voice of

Holland – how was that

experience? The Voice was an

awesome entrance into Europe but

it wasn’t the best part! It was all the

collaborations that happened after.

My biggest following is actually in

Poland due to my multi-platinum

collaborations with hip hop artist

O.S.T.R. We won Hip Hop Album

of the Year in Poland in 2017.

What brought you back to

Christchurch? I’m a Christchurch

girl! I’m returning home after three

years in Wellington studying my

Masters in Music Therapy,

and six years based in

Amsterdam performing

and releasing music all

over the world. I felt it

was time to start my

second dream and bring

the vision I’ve had for 10

years to life. What is your

inspiration for opening

SOLE Music Academy?

When I returned from

Europe, I wanted to

provide a service that I

needed when I was

starting out. Equipped

with a music degree, I

had the musical skills but

I had no idea about the

business side of music

and how to navigate that

mysterious world. I spent

many years and much

money figuring it all out and I wish I

had something like SOLE to guide

and support me. Tell us what SOLE

Music Academy has to offer

aspiring talent? At SOLE we offer

sessions in singing, songwriting

and producing, and this year we

will also offer music theory and

music business. Advanced students

are offered a chance to audition for

the artist development

programme, which helps them to

create a platform for themselves as

an artist. We help them to discover

their music vision, image, brand,

target market, we team them up

with the right producers to record

‘If you want a

career in music you

actually need to be

an entrepreneur’

and release their music, and we put

together a business plan with them

and give them the confidence to

run their business independently.

You talk about bridging the gap

into the music industry, how do

you achieve this? The gap is

between having the skills and

actually turning that into earning

money from music. At SOLE we

have current industry professionals

teaching our students. They learn

just how good they need to be,

they get insider knowledge and

they also are inspired by the music

their teachers are releasing. How

important is a guided pathway

into the music industry? Our

society’s view on music is that it is

just a hobby. Parents spend so

much money on music lessons and

then are surprised when their

talented child wants to pursue

music. There is a fear, which is

totally understandable, but that is

because people are not being

taught about the business side of

music. If you want a career in music

you actually need to be an

entrepreneur. You are starting a

business and therefore you need to

have a product that will sell.

14 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20

15 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Property developer Lilly Cooper has

been the driving force behind several

major city projects, including hip

boutique retail centre The Colombo. She

tells Cityscape what she has planned for

2020, and how a health scare has given

her a new perspective on life.

You made your name in

Christchurch as a property

developer – what have been some

of your more interesting and

challenging projects? Moorhouse

Ave Countdown – that’s because

supermarkets are notoriously hard

to build. The Colombo in Sydenham

was challenging – we went

unconditional on purchasing it the

day before the first earthquake.

And Hotel Montreal as well – the

five-storey building sank into the

ground from the earthquakes and

we needed to completely lift it.

Do you have any projects on the

cards for 2020? Yes, my peony

project! I have purchased a

very large paddock of the most

beautiful pink peonies, which will

have thousands of blooms. In

November we will have Peony

Month at The Colombo, where I






would love people to come from all

over town to see the beautiful

displays and learn a little bit about

peonies and floristry. Also, I’ve got

three large retail developments on

the go but I can’t talk about them.

Outside of work, what are you

passionate about? Travel; Europe;

beautiful large wooden boats;

weekends in Akaroa; and

gardening with my hens scratching

around me. You had a health scare

recently – do you want to tell us

about that? Yes, I have battled

with cancer and I have a new

perspective on life. At any age you

have to be clear about your future


and how you are going to get

there. My attitude now is don’t

stress, it could be worse. What’s

your favourite guilty pleasure?

Chocolate. Four essential things

in your handbag? Lipstick, leather

pencil case, chewing gum and a

Moleskine diary. Have you read

any good books lately? Yes, The

Land Gardeners: Cut Flowers, by

Bridget Elworthy and Henrietta

Courtauld. It inspired me to plant

flowers, and the photography is

amazing. After reading it I went

and bought the peonies. What

excites you about Christchurch in

the summer? Watching my son,

George (pictured left), play polo

throughout the summer. What

are you binge-watching at the

moment? The Crown and

anything on SoHo television.

You’ve got friends coming

from out of town. Where do

you go and what would you

do to show off the city in – two

hours: The Colombo, and lunch

at Hotel Montreal in the

courtyard. A half-day: Hagley

Park, a walk around our beautiful

new city, and Miro for lunch.

24 hours: Akaroa. Where do you

go to – Wine and dine with

friends: The Athens Yacht Club

in Victoria Street. Morning coffee:

Rona’s in Akaroa at the weekend,

with the newspaper. Shop up

a storm: The Colombo – it

has everything. Get away from

it all: Europe.

16 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


Hot offerings from the world of cool technology



If it’s an e-bike you’re after but a retro look is more your aesthetic, then

the Ella Ride by CUBE is the one for you. This uber-cool bike will have

you cruising around town in style – the Ella has been designed with

functionality, comfort and fashion in mind.



The NGĀ TARINGA headphones by

Moana Rd connect to any Bluetooth

device and deliver rich bass and

crisp highs thanks to patented

small-speaker tech. With buit-in

mic, noise cancelling, SD card reader

and FM radio these are the Swiss

Army knife of headphones.



Mount the Ring Video Doorbell next to your

entranceway and you’ll always be informed

of the comings and goings of your home.

This next-level doorbell will allow you to

see, hear and speak to anyone on camera,

all from your phone or tablet – smart!



A wireless speaker that doubles as

a garden lantern – how good! The

TikiTunes speaker offers six hours

of continuous play time and

produces a warm LED ambient

light that flickers just like the real

deal! Set the mood indoors, or

outdoors – you can get a pole that

threads into the bottom. All the

ambience with no fire risk.



The Planar 10 Turntable by Rega is

the crème de la crème of record

players. The sleek design is pleasing

on the eyes and it boasts some killer

features that will have your vinyl

sounding superb. It has an

ultra-lightweight core and a custom

tone arm that will create perfect

weighting and a smooth rotation.

18 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20

It’s the start of a new decade, and after a tough 10 years there’s a

lot to look forward to. Here at Cityscape, we have adopted the

5 Ways to Wellbeing as a kaupapa, or set of principles,

underpinning our editorial direction for 2020 and beyond.

We want to help our readers find ways to connect with each other

and the wider community; be active by finding a physical activity

they enjoy; take notice of the world around them and how they

are feeling; keep learning by trying something new;

and give by volunteering or joining a community group, or just

doing something cool for a friend or stranger. In this issue we take

a deep dive into the 5 Ways to Wellbeing and look at ways to put

them into practice. We also check out some of the city’s businesses

and clinics that can help you on your path to wellbeing.

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing were formulated in 2008 by a

UK think-tank tasked by the British government with

developing a set of rules for wellbeing similar to the ‘5+

a day’ fruit and vege rule.

The brief to the think-tank, the New Economics

Foundation, was: These had to be actions that anyone

could do; There had to be evidence that when

practised often they would make people feel better.

The foundation came back with its five actions and

extensive scientific evidence to show that if done

regularly, they will lift your wellbeing.

Since then, mental health agencies and

organisations around the world have picked up the list.

In New Zealand, the Mental Health Foundation

champions them through its website and various

publications, and has translated them into te reo. In

Christchurch, All Right?, a campaign launched in 2013

to support Cantabrians in the aftermath of the

earthquakes, reinterpreted them into eight different

languages: Farsi, Nepali, Chinese, Korean, Amharic,

Arabic, Hindi and Somali.

20 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


Connect With the people around you. With family,

friends, colleagues and neighbours. At home, work,

school or in your local community. Think of these as the

cornerstones of your life and invest time in developing

them. Building these connections will support and enrich

you every day. Be active Go for a walk or run. Step

outside. Cycle. Play a game. Garden. Dance. Exercising

makes you feel good. Most importantly, discover a

physical activity you enjoy and that suits your level of

mobility and fitness. Take notice Be curious. Catch sight

of the beautiful. Remark on the unusual. Notice the

changing seasons. Savour the moment, whether you are

walking to work, eating lunch or talking to friends. Be

aware of the world around you and what you are feeling.

Reflecting on your experiences will help you appreciate

what matters to you. Keep learning Try something new.

Rediscover an old interest. Sign up for that course. Take

on a different responsibility at work. Fix a bike. Learn to

play an instrument or how to cook your favourite food.

Set a challenge you will enjoy achieving. Learning new

things will make you more confident as well as being fun.

Give Do something nice for a friend, or a stranger. Thank

someone. Smile. Volunteer your time. Join a community

group. Look out, as well as in. Seeing yourself and your

happiness linked to the wider community can be

incredibly rewarding and creates connections with the

people around you.

21 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




The Cityscape team has

searched the city for ways to

build the 5 Ways to Wellbeing

into your daily life.

Keep learning

Music soothes the soul and the cool cats at

SOLE Music Academy want to pass their

knowledge on to you. These guys will help

you smash your music dreams. There’s no

better time than the present to learn a new

skill. The World Wide Web is chocker with

inspirational, motivational and educational

courses. Lucy Sheridan is a prime example.

She wrote The Comparison Cure, and her

online course will have you living like a boss,

staying in your own lane and never

comparing yourself with anyone else again.

Food is fabulous and if musical talent and

motivational courses aren’t your thing, we’ve

got something for you. Food Matters TV is a

community dedicated to the glories of food.

You’ll discover some primo recipes, yoga and

exercise programmes, documentaries that

are food- and health-related, interviews with

experts telling you how to live your best life

and helpful guided programmes. Challenge

everything! It’s the best way to expand your

mind. Gaia will help answer all life’s deeper

questions – this supportive online network is

empowering an evolution of consciousness.

Find stacks of titles that challenge modern

paradigms. Head back to the classroom and

learn a skill you’re actually interested in. If


The Big Leap:

Conquer Your

Hidden Fear and

Take Life to the

Next Level

Gay Hendricks

The Happiness


Gretchen Rubin

On Being Nice

The School of Life

from Pepa


face-to-face learning is more your thing,

Risingholme is a local community centre that

offers classes in anything imaginable. You

could pick up some new digital skills, learn

another language or dabble in some pottery.

The options are endless. Learn from the best

and at your own pace with an online

MasterClass. If cooking tickles your fancy,

you can follow along with the best of the

best, Gordon Ramsay, or if you’ve got a

passion for fashion and are keen to be a

strong leader, Anna Wintour of Vogue fame

will walk you through some creative tips.

There’s 70-plus creators, all at the top of their

field and ready to share their wealth of

knowledge and get you inspired – yas

motivation! Be kind, be inspired and don’t

get overwhelmed by this crazy life! Ruby

Jones is the author of thoughtful gift book

All of this is for You, which is full of heartfelt,

hand-lettered artworks and messages to

bring a smile to your face and give you the

boost you may need. She also runs

workshops to help you tackle anything.


Gift gratitude to yourself or that special

someone. Something as simple as making a

point to stop and look around each day to

find things to appreciate can really brighten

your day and make you remember not to

sweat the small stuff. A minimum of three

things you’re grateful for each day is a must!

Pay it forward It’s easy to get bogged down

in work and life, but something as simple as a

random act of kindness can make someone’s

day. Give out a compliment, pay forward

your daily coffee, smile at a stranger on the

street or give someone you care about a

phone call just to say hi. You’ll feel better for

it and so will they!

@happsters Positivity and puppies

@recipesforselflove Inspirational images

@ted Key takeaways from TED Talks

22 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Société Publishing’s latest limited edition is an eclectic collection of

encounters, stories and people from around the world. The Consider Journal

is designed to be a place of refuge from your busy schedule. Art director

Julianne Liebeck explains the thinking behind the concept.


hat is the inspiration for

The Consider Journal?

The Consider Journal is

really a collation of people, places

and things that have inspired us.

We’ve been lucky to come across

these people along our travels or

have been introduced to them, and

so we just wanted to bring them

together – with the intention being

self-reflection and exploration.

How does it differ from

other magazines? It’s a

tricky thing to put The

Consider Journal into

a particular box (which is how we

like it). We’ve called it a journal,

and terms like ‘book-a-zine’ have

been thrown about as well! It’s

completely free of advertisers, and

unlike a lot of magazines the

stories inside are not timesensitive.

We want someone to be

able to pick this up in 10 years and

for it to be as relevant as it is today.

You say the journal is more a

series of questions than

answers – how do you

hope readers will use

it? We don’t want to

be too prescriptive.

At the end of the day

we hope the readers

simply enjoy it! One

tip though is to take

your time rather than

going cover to cover.

What are some of your

favourite contributions?

The contributors are like

children – you’re not

supposed to have a

favourite! But I do

particularly enjoy our

poetry piece. And also

our article entitled ‘Who

Is Afraid of Change’, by

Angelos Varvarousis,

questioning a number of

the assumptions about

our economies and

lifestyles. How difficult

was it to keep the

publication free of

plastic? It was a little

tricky. It limited the

options with our finishes,

but it did push us to be

more creative, for

example in using the

‘We want someone to

be able to pick this up

in 10 years and for it

to be as relevant as it

is today’

hand-bound Japanese binding, and

in being one of the first to trial

printing the cover with a

water-based soft touch aqueous.

What in your own journey has led

you to publishing the journal? I’ve

got a rather busy mind and I was

looking for a quiet place – and

sometimes a whole book isn’t

manageable when you can only

pick it up for short times. And so

we created this collection of stories

as a place of refuge from our busy

schedules, to delve into a world of

creativity and considered thought.

Any tips for others looking to be

more conscious and considered?

Slow down – which I admit is

something I’m still trying to

practise! And making a deliberate

effort to seek out other opinions or

thoughts rather than the first one

you come across. Is there a

particular book or author that has

inspired you in your life or career?

Yes, The Outsider, by Albert Camus.

The person I would most like to

interview is… ? I would love to

have interviewed Melina Mercouri

(but she passed away in 1994). Joni

Mitchell would be right up there.

What do we need more of in

2020? I’d say in a lot of cases we

need less rather than more. ‘Going

slow to go fast’ really can work.

23 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


Dare to dream

Her own life story is testament to the power of

dreams. For kikki.K founder Kristina Karlsson, the

challenge for 2020 is to empower others to join her

in living their best life.


ow did you formulate your

mantra of ‘Dream Do Enjoy

Share’? Our purpose at

kikki.K is to inspire and empower

people through beautiful Swedish

design to live their best life every

day by dreaming, doing, enjoying

and sharing. I believe it all starts

with dreaming – if you could do

anything in your life, what would

you do? ‘Do’ is all about taking

action to make those dreams come

true. ‘Enjoy’ is about enjoying every

day and re-energising so you can

dream big and take action on those

dreams. ‘Share’ is all about sharing

your gift with the world. There is

always someone you can share

your magic with, someone who is

starting out in life, someone who

needs support, and there is always

someone less fortunate than you.

What do you think is the power of

dreaming? My own personal

experience has shown me what can

be achieved when someone takes

action to work towards their

dreams. I had no previous business

experience or money but I

imagined what my dream life could

look like and set about making it

happen. I believe that something

magical happens when we dream

and something even more powerful

happens when we write those

dreams down on paper. By

dreaming, I truly believe we can

help make the world a better place.

Now you are on a mission to

encourage people the world over

to create and follow their own

dreams – how does kikki.K fit into

that mission? My big crazy dream

is to inspire 101 million people to

write down three dreams and go

and chase them, and through

kikki.K we have been able to reach

so many people and make a

difference in so many lives. Our

products help to inspire and

empower people to live their best

lives every day, helping them get

closer to their dream life. My book,

Your Dream Life Starts Here, has

now been carried across to a diary,

a planner and a journal to help

people get started and stay on

track when chasing their dreams.

We also share a percentage of the

profits from my book and selected

products with Dr Tererai Trent’s

foundation to support her dream of

providing access to quality

education for children in rural

Zimbabwe. Success stories like

yours can be intimidating for

some people – do you think

anyone can achieve what you

have? Absolutely. We can all dream

and do things we are passionate

about, whatever that is for each

person. I started kikki.K by writing

down what was important to me

at the time:

• A career I’d love driving to work

for every Monday morning.

• Something that would keep me

in touch with my family and

friends in Sweden.

• Something that could be a

business of my own.

• An income of $500 a week.

I then started taking action on my

dreams and eventually came up

with kikki.K – I started my own

business in a new country, in a

second language, without a

network, family or friends. And on

top of that, no business knowledge

or money. So yes, if I can do it,

anyone can but you have to have

the passion and absolutely love it,

as it requires lots of hard work,

making a lot of mistakes and

persevering when things get tough.

Did you ever think you’d end up

where you are now? I had a big

dream and a clear vision but I

didn’t know how hard it would be,

how fun it would be or any idea

about the challenges I would have

to face. It’s good to not know what

you don’t know, though. The best

thing is that I still love what I get to

do every day. Who’s your personal

hero? There are so many people I

admire so this list could be long. If I

had to choose one person it would

definitely be Dr Tererai Trent. She is

a big dreamer like me, and by

sharing her story we are inspiring

other people to dream while also

supporting her schools in rural

Zimbabwe. The Tererai Trent

International Foundation provides

access to quality education for

24 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


‘My big crazy dream is

to inspire 101 million

people to write down

three dreams and go

and chase them’

children regardless of their gender

or socio-economic background,

and I am so proud that a

percentage of profits from my

book and selected kikki.K products

helps to support this. Is there a

particular book or author that has

inspired you in your life or career?

I love reading and being inspired by

others, so I think it’s impossible to

choose one. The ones I love and

re-read every year are The

Happiness Project by Gretchen

Rubin, What I Know For Sure by

Oprah Winfrey, The Slight Edge by

Jeff Olson and Principles: Life &

Work by Ray Dalio. I could go on

and on and on! For your podcast

you have interviewed many

inspiring people – any that

particularly stand out? Ah, I love

them all, all for different reasons

and inspirations – I don’t think I can

choose just one, but I loved my

interview with Dr Tererai Trent – her

story is just remarkable. I also loved

the episode with Robin Sharma.

When I interviewed him it was 3am

due to different time zones but

when I drove home at 4am I was

just feeling so inspired. Who is

there that you most want to

interview for it? Again, there are

so many people on this list. At the

top, though, are Oprah, Richard

Branson and Stella McCartney.

I can’t leave the house without …

My gold pen and a notebook. I take

notes all the time – I write down my

thoughts, ideas and dreams, and

always want to capture them in my

notebook. I also always have a copy

of my book, Your Dream Life Starts

Here, in my bag as I am constantly

meeting people who want to start

living their dream life and I believe

my book is a great starting place

for them to do that. If you could

give the world one lifestyle tip,

what would it be? To take time to

dream about what you want from

your life and to dream in all areas of

your life. What food will you never

get tired of? I lived on soup in the

start-up days of kikki.K and still

love it. What advice would you

give to your younger self? To

dream big, and once you have

done that, dream even bigger and

take action on those dreams every

single day. If you weren’t doing

what you are now, what would

you want to be? I actually can’t see

myself doing anything else – it

would always be something around

inspiring people to live their best

life. How do you relax? I spend

time walking in nature, reading

books and spending a lot of time

on my own. I love my full life but

need some solitude and self-care in

between it all. What’s your

personal goal for 2020? And your

business goal? My personal dream

for 2020 is to be the fittest I have

ever been, and my business dream

is to continue working on my big

crazy dream to inspire 101 million

people to write down three dreams

and then go and chase them.

25 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




Life coaches Nancy Barclay and Nenah

Milne are the perfect team to help mothers

and daughters navigate the treacherous

teenage years.


ew relationships can be as

fraught as that between

mother and teenage

daughter, and yet it is also one of

the most important for the mental

wellbeing of both. Helping to rebuild

those relationships is what drives

life coaches Nancy Barclay and

Nenah Milne. They’re not mother

and daughter but they may as well

be – Nancy is an experienced life

coach who works with teenagers

and parents and has four children

who are teens or have been through

those years. Nenah is a 19-year-old

qualified life coach who works with

teenage girls. Being so close to the

age of her clients means they relate

to her and listen to what she says.

Nancy and Nenah’s own

relationship began when Nenah

was studying towards her life

coaching diploma through the NZ

Institute of Business Studies. She

was keen to connect with another

life coach focused on youth, and

Nancy was impressed with Nenah’s

passion, intelligence and

authenticity. They teamed up to

run a workshop for mothers and

daughters and found their similar

ways of thinking and working with

clients meant they worked well

together right from the start.

Ahead of their next Mother &

Daughter Weekend Workshop, on

February 15 – 16 at The Tannery,

Nancy and Nenah answer some

‘Life coaching

empowers people to

handle whatever life

throws at them’

questions about what they do

and why. What is life coaching? It’s

massive! It covers all areas of your

life. Everyone needs it, from school

kids to executives. It enables

people to see themselves clearly,

see where they are now, and gain

confidence about what they want.

It helps people find the resources

to succeed because it pushes them

beyond their limiting beliefs and

opens their perspective to what is

possible. Why is it important?

Because it supports people and

teaches them to manage their life

in the best way possible. Life

coaching empowers people to

handle whatever life throws at

them – and life does that. It

prepares people for life, rather than

being an ambulance at the bottom

of the cliff. Why focus on mothers

and daughters? We all have

relationships that are challenging.

Because we work with teens, we

are very aware that their mothers

are a big part of their lives. When

the mother/daughter relationship

isn’t going well, it’s just another

thing to get in the way of

self-worth for both of them.

Building strong family

communication and connections

empowers both the teen and the

parent and can be used in other

challenging areas of their lives. We

are doing multiple jobs in

one workshop!

26 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


DP Herbals’ Deirdre Panapa turned from

nursing to being a clinical herbalist so she

could offer clients a more holistic treatment.


hat is a clinical herbalist?

There are many types of

herbalist practising

throughout the world with their

own unique focus. A clinical

herbalist or medical herbalist uses

plant-based medicine, therapeutic

supplementation, diet and lifestyle

to help affect positive change in a

person’s health. What drew you to

it as a career? Prior to being a

clinical herbalist I was a registered

nurse. It gave me a very good

grounding in anatomy, physiology,

clinical reference ranges and

medications. However, after

20-plus years I was ready to move

on to a more holistic approach.

You offer live blood analysis, or

Hemaview – what are the benefits

of that? I have been doing live

blood analysis for many years now

and I am always fascinated at the

depth to which you can look into

someone’s wellbeing. By taking

only one drop of blood from a

small finger-prick we can see in real

time many parameters such as iron

deficiency or inflammation, for

example. What’s the most

common problem people come to

you with? Digestive problems,

respiratory issues, low immunity,

decreased energy, hormonal issues,

stress – the list is extensive. Like a

doctor I see not one but several

problems in one presenting client.

Often the people that come to me

are suffering from chronic diseases

where modern medicine has been

unable to help. I also get referrals

from GPs for this reason. What’s

the biggest struggle you face with

your profession? Most people who

come and see me are motivated –

they want to change and to follow

the advice given. However, this is

not always possible as the

supplements and herbs that I want

to prescribe are not funded. So

some people turn to the internet,

diagnose themselves and spend

money on something that is

ineffective at best. I feel frustrated

and sad that some people who

need natural healthcare, often our

most vulnerable, are not able to

have it. Should I stop taking my

medicines and just go natural?

The short answer is no. Never stop

taking prescription medications

without first consulting your

doctor. However, the real question

is can I manage this myself without

always needing medication and GP

‘Often, the people that

come to me are

suffering from chronic

diseases where modern

medicine has been

unable to help’

visits? The answer for some cases is

yes, but this can only be done

under the careful planning of

someone such as a qualified natural

health practitioner and your GP.

Do you see a place for

supplements? Absolutely! The way

we live our lives mean that we are

in constant depletion. Our soils are

also devoid of nutritional minerals

in many places in New Zealand. The

biggest question is really around

the quality of the supplements out

there. Rule of thumb – cost really

does dictate a better quality

product as you are often paying for

research and development.

27 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



There is a yoga class to suit everyone.

To help you find yours, Veronica King of

Grassroots Yoga examines the various

practices and what they involve.


here are many different ways to

practise yoga and meditation. Each

practice has its own effect and

impact on your wellbeing.

Depending on your stage of life or how

your life is at any given time, there is a

yoga practice to support your needs.

If you’re a beginner, look for a

beginner’s class or course. These teach the

basics and can lead to a lifelong practice,

but if you start in a class that feels too

hard, you are likely to give up or worse,

cause an injury. Most yoga classes are

described as either ‘alignment’ or ‘flow’

based. Alignment is a more static practice,

with attention on the finer details and

longer holds. Flow-based classes are fluid

and dynamic movement. Generally they

will include more planks, push-ups and

downward-facing dog as transitions

between the poses. Both these class types

build strength, stamina, cardiovascular

capability and flexibility.

For a more calming class, try yin yoga or

restorative yoga. Restorative yoga uses

props such as bolsters, blocks and

blankets. You remain in long supported

holds so you achieve complete relaxation.

Restorative yoga is a wonderful solution to


fatigue or chronic stress, and can be

practised by all (beginners included). Yin

yoga has you in long holds and involves

more stretch sensation. Yin is perfect for

really tight athletic bodies and busy minds.

All yoga practices teach you to bring your

attention to your breath as you move.

Your yoga class may include a short

meditation or breath technique, called

‘pranayama’ as part of the class. Classical

meditation is generally from a Buddhist

tradition and is practised seated.

Mindfulness uses more scientific and

psychology-based language to help you

practise awareness in your daily life. If you

find it difficult to meditate seated, Yoga

Nidra is a guided meditation that is

generally practised lying down. It works on

your subconscious experience/programme

and is referred to as yogic sleep.

Make sure you try different types of

yoga and different teachers to find the

practice and teacher that resonates for

you. Just because you didn’t like the first

class or teacher doesn’t mean yoga isn’t

right for you. Look for certified teachers

who can support you to find the right

class and style.


Here’s a great idea from

our friends at Pepa

Stationery. Nominate

someone you think

would benefit from a

bunch of letters of

encouragement and

inspiration. Each month

the Pepa crew choose a

nominee and then it’s

over to you and your

fellow letter writers to

flood them with an

outpouring of

anonymous affirmation.

Pop in to Pepa, use their

pens, paper, stickers and

glitter, and brighten

someone’s day!

1 Cut out the

facing page.

2 Think of a pal you

want to connect with,

or look up who Pepa

has nominated as its

monthly Pepa Post


3 Take some time to

hand-write them

a note.

4 Take it into a Pepa

store to post.

5 Feel fab knowing that

you’ve made

someone’s day.

Good Life Project Stories, conversations,

resources and community.

Up for a chat Health, wellbeing,

relationships and mindset.

Mind Matters More

With Dr Andrew Maleknia.

28 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


Artist and writer Ruby Jones came to prominence in the wake of the March 15

mosque shootings for her illustration calling for unity. A Time magazine cover

followed, and now Ruby has shared a book of heartfelt, hand-lettered artworks and

messages, two of which we reproduce here. All of this is for You: A little book of

kindness is published by Penguin.

30 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20





Summer at its best



With the Port Hills in our backyard,

we have a smorgasbord of fantastic

walks and hikes to choose from.

Get amongst Mother Nature, drink

in the stunning scenery and get

your heart pumping with a few of

our top picks. The granddaddy of

Christchurch walks is an oldie but a

goodie – the Bridle Path between

Christchurch and Lyttelton is a

great alternative to driving through

the tunnel, and there’s always the

promise of brunch to get you to the

other side of the hill.

Another track that’s popular with

fitness fanatics but a little less

strenuous than the Bridle Path is

Rapaki Track. You’ll be rewarded

with expansive views over to Quail

Island on your way up and the city

and coastline on your descent.

While you’re there, a 10-minute walk

up to the Mount Vernon summit is

well worth the extra effort.

If you’re a hardcore adventure

junkie then the Crater Rim

Walkway promises jaw-dropping

vistas of the entire length of the

peninsula, while Godley Head is

another stunning walk that’s more

of a leisurely stroll. Setting off from

the Urumau Reserve Track

junction, the 2½-hour walk will take

you past the historic gun

emplacement buildings at the

heads and along the ridgeline of

the 120-metre cliff face, through

the Buckleys Bay Scenic Reserve.

For something a little further

afield there’s Mount Herbert, the

highest peak on Banks Peninsula.

Either catch the ferry from

Lyttelton or take a leisurely drive

around the bays to Diamond

Harbour, where the track begins.

This is an easy walk, traversing

farmland that winds its way gently

up to Packhorse Hut, where you

can stay overnight to break up the

4½-hour journey or

continue on to the

summit, where you’ll

be greeted with


360-degree views

of the peninsula.

For a day trip out

of town, Mount

Grey, just 15

kilometres west of Amberley, is

another laid-back full-day walk

across 1,700 hectares of native

forest and tussock grasslands

within the Ashley Forest. Take

either the Mount Grey track

through black beech forest or the

Red Beech track along the

ridgeline, both ending with views

across Pegasus Bay.

So slap on some sunscreen, pack

some water and snacks, throw a

change of clothes in your bag for

unpredictable weather and head

for the hills!


Another great way to explore the

city is to get out on a bicycle.

Christchurch has over 48

kilometres of dedicated

cycleways for you to

explore. So don your

helmet and check out

such options as the

Quarryman’s Trail

(city centre to

Halswell Domain –

8.5km), the Coastal

Pathway (Ferrymead

31 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


Bridge to Moncks Bay – 3.5km) or

the Heathcote Expressway (city

centre to The Tannery – 3.5km).

The Quarryman’s Trail starts at the

Antigua Boat Sheds, where if

you’re not in a rush you can hire a

canoe or kayak and enjoy a relaxing

meander down the Avon.

The warmer months invite

carefree bike rides along the

causeway, which has been

resurfaced and replanted, from

Ferrymead Bridge to Moncks Bay.

If you’re in the mood for a stroll

along the beach, continue on just

around the corner to Sumner.

The addition of the Ferry Road

cycleway means the Heathcote

Expressway is now rideable from

the central city through to The

Tannery in Woolston. Follow the

cycleway along Wilsons Road and

Charles Street, then

follow Mackenzie

Avenue to Woolston

and on to The Tannery.

For something more

challenging, there’s the Te Ara

Ōtākaro Avon River Trail, an 11km

mountain-bike trail linking New

Brighton and the central city that

snakes through the residential red

zone and alongside the Avon River.

If you or your visitors need to

hire some bikes, head to Action

Bicycle Club in Walker Street. They

have city, mountain-bike and

e-bikes for hire, so there is

something for everyone. They also

stock a full range of new bikes and

accessories, and can repair and

service your bike if it has been too

long hanging in the garage!





Summer just ain’t

summer without ice

cream. Knock your

taste-buds for a six with

killer gelato and sorbet.

Check out Utopia Ice in

their new central-city

store, or visit them when

you are next in Sumner

– the queues snaking

through their leafy

courtyard are testament

to their popularity.

Ice cream legends Ben & Jerry’s

have brought their world-famous

wares to Christchurch. Head to

their Oxford Terrace Scoop Shop,

on the fringe of Riverside Market,

and check out any of their epic

range of flavours.

Using organic milk courtesy of

happy, free-roaming cows in

Rangiora, Rollickin’ Gelato serves

up sensational flavours like Pop’s

Lemon Pie alongside innovative

dairy-free sorbet flavours.


Whip out your dapper

threads and dress to

the nines for this

summer’s Lexus

Urban Polo in

Hagley Park on

February 29. As well

as witnessing the skill

and pace of some of

the world’s best polo

players, spectators will also be

treated to a not-to-be-missed

music lineup. Lexus Urban Polo is

played on a significantly smaller

playing field, which brings the

game as close to spectators as

possible, so close in fact that they

can high-five the players as they

ride past!


When summer’s sizzle cools with

the odd rainy day, there’s still

plenty to amuse in and around the

city. It’s a joy to spend the morning

or afternoon at the slick central

library Tūranga. Escape into a

good book or interact with the

touch-sensitive Discovery Wall, a

digital representation of Ōtautahi,

where you can swipe your way

through a virtual world of photos,

videos and fascinating facts about

our city.

The cinema is a fab place to

retreat to when the skies open up.

Lumière, in the Arts Centre’s

former West Lecture building next

to the Great Hall, specialises in

art-house and classic screenings

and is in the safe hands of city

32 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


cinema legend Nick Paris. There are

two entrances, one off Rolleston

Avenue and the other from one of

the courtyards in the grounds of

the former Canterbury College.

Rainy days are perfect for gallery

hopping, broken up with a spot of

lunch and an afternoon coffee and

sweet treat. All within strolling

distance, check out the latest in

modern art at CoCA and The

Central Art Gallery in the Arts

Centre or see what’s on offer at the

Christchurch Art Gallery, where

you can pick up a styley designer

gift and end your day with a

swanky dinner at Universo

Brasserie & Bar.

Relive your youth and channel

your inner pinball wizard at

Arcadia Retro Arcade and Pinball

Emporia, where you can also kick

back with a game of pool or hone

your board game skills. Fancy the

chance to escape reality? The team

at CodeBreakers are masters at

setting up quirky, challenging and

entertaining scenarios for you to

escape from. Themes include

becoming a real-life James Bond,

or stealing the Mona Lisa.


Bread & Circus – World Buskers

Festival brings its wonderful brand

of madness to the city once more.

The festival, which runs from

January 23 to February 16, will

feature a mix of ‘hatted’ and

ticketed shows, with a programme

jam-packed with some of the best

talent from Aotearoa and across the



world – 60 artists will deliver 40

shows across 25 action-packed days.

For a fun, free family day out,

Deep South Lazy Sundays in the

Botanic Gardens is a fab way to

spend an afternoon. Grab a rug,

pack a picnic basket and rock on

up to the Archery Lawn for some

live local muso talent on five

consecutive Sundays starting on

January 19. The season closes on

February 16 with a real treat – NZ

Opera performing with

professional Christchurch choir

Atlas Voices.

For a firm fave with Christchurch

folk, be sure to mark February 15 in

your diary for the annual Sparks

event in Hagley Park, where sparks

fly in the skies and on the stage

courtesy of the Christchurch

Symphony Orchestra.

Leighs Construction Outdoor

Cinema in the North Quad at the

Arts Centre kicked off in December

and ends on February 8. There are

two screening sessions each

evening throughout the season;

one for the family at 5:30pm and

another general entry at 8pm.

Entry is by donation.

Shakespeare’s classic tale of

star-crossed lovers, Romeo & Juliet,

will be performed in the picturesque

surrounds of Mona Vale Gardens

this summer by the talented

thespians of Top Dog Theatre.

Expect traditional costumes, a large

cast and live music.

Get the wind in your tresses

with a trip to New Brighton when

Deep South Kite Day lifts off on

January 25. Marvel at the sky as it

explodes with an array of gigantic

colourful kites.


Explore what’s new on the retail

and hospo scene as you duck and

dive around the city’s laneways on

a Lime scooter. Whizz around

Cathedral Square and stop off for a

game of jumbo-sized chess; have a

go at the world’s first giant,

outdoor arcade game system,

Super Street Arcade, opposite the

Vodafone building; then pop on

over to the Margaret Mahy Family

Playground to let your inner child

run wild; or take the family out for a

round of mini golf at the nearby

City Putt and Cruise.

On a budget this summer or just

fancy keeping it real? The

quintessential Kiwi summer grub,

fish ‘n’ chips on the beach, is always

a winner, especially if you find a

sheltered spot in the dunes to

watch the sun set. Another cheap

‘n’ cheerful al fresco option is

making use of the communal

barbeque areas at the Margaret

Mahy Family Playground, the

Botanic Gardens or Spencer Park,

or pack a picnic basket and head

for the hills. Victoria Park has

expansive views across the city, as

does the Sign of the Kiwi, or for

rolling manicured lawns and

majestic oak trees, Mona Vale

offers a backdrop that’s a little

more refined.

For the full story, visit

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34 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


BEST OF THE FESTS Tap our top picks – a mix of

eats, beats and culture to keep your summer (and

autumn) pumping.





You thought the 2019 edition of the

World Buskers Festival was insane?

Think again, because the 2020

edition is tapped to up the ante by

unleashing a wealth of local and

international talent when it takes

over the city for a massive 24 days.

The extravaganza will play host to

a smorgasbord of heavy-hitters on

the entertainment scene. Where:

Various central-city venues. When:

January 23 – February 16. Why:

Epic performances from some of

the world’s top buskers.




Make a beeline for the North Canterbury Wine & Food Festival,

dubbed the “coolest little wine festival in the country”. The

annual event showcases the region’s top drops and seasonal eats courtesy

of a wealth of eclectic food vendors and wineries. This year’s powerhouse

collective includes The Boneline, Greystone, Black Estate and Pegasus Bay

Winery, all of whom have racked up a ton of accolades. Wander amongst

the idyllic oaks, soak up the rays and indulge in North Canterbury’s finest

produce from local favourites like Inati and Twenty Seven Steps. Explore

the Makers Market and get crafty with the best local artisans and

craftspeople... all to the slick tunes and entertainment that’ll keep the

good vibes going all day long. Keep an ear out for the smooth sounds of

Anika Moa, a lineup of North Canterbury DJs and festival faves The

Eastern. Where: Glenmark Domain, Waipara Valley. When: Sunday March

8. Why: Your chance to indulge in some of the best wine and produce in

the country. Kids: Your little festival-goers party for free.





Beer lovers rejoice, the

hoptastic Great Kiwi Beer Festival

will once again take over Hagley

Park. With a well-earned reputation

for being the country’s largest

outdoor beer festival (and some –

in fact, we – would say the best),

it’s easy to see how this fabulous

festival will wow with its debut in

Hamilton this year, too. Come

prepared for an epic afternoon and

evening dedicated to the nation’s

favourite amber liquid – you’re sure

to finish a cheeky bevvy or two.

Navigate your way through more

than 40 craft brewers serving up

beers and ciders – add in some of

the region’s and city’s top eats and

shoulder-tap some of the country’s

best musos including The Raddlers,

Dragon, Summer Thieves, The

Mutton Birds and Your Indigo, and

you’ve got one heck of a

beerstravaganza. Where: Hagley

Park. When: January 25.

Why: Uh, the best beer and cider

you can wrap your sweet li’l

taste-buds around! Info:

35 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20





Kick back to the sounds of summer

at this day-long festival, a

celebration of music and food set

within the 1900s replica township

of Ferrymead Heritage Park.

Uniting the community through the

magic of music, this hip festival

showcases a curated selection of

feel-good New Zealand and

international artists with music

courtesy of Ladyhawke, Lord Echo,

Troy Kingi, Tiny Ruins, Delaney

Davidson and Barry Saunders and

many more set to unleash their

tunes on the Nostalgia stage.

Wander through the vintage

streets, treat yourself to a wealth of

primo eats and drinks, soak up the

entertainment of the roving theatre

and peruse artisan goodies. Let the

good times roll! Where: Ferrymead

Heritage Park. When: February 15.

Why: Experience a laid-back

festival in a unique environment.





Get your groove on and

make for Electric Avenue Music

Festival at Hagley Park, where

you’ll get to soak up 12 hours of

back-to-back tunes. Bringing sizzle

and heat by way of an array of local

and international musical talent,

the 2020 edition sees

heavyweights Ben Harper & the

Innocent Criminals nabbing the

headline spot. When it’s time to

recharge, wrap your taste-buds

around the food and drink goodies

on offer. Where: Hagley Park.

When: February 22. Why: 12 hours

of high-octane bangers. Info:


Comedian Chris Parker will be

mining a rich vein of family

embarrassments for his Buskers

Festival show. Not that you would

call it family-friendly though.

What can we expect from your

show, Iconique? I can’t help but

laugh at this question. It reminds

me of my parents every year asking

with dread about what awful,

embarrassing aspect of our family

I’m going to talk about on stage

this year. Truth is, so many stories

about my family. There are also a

few songs and a lot of my giant

hands flapping around on stage.

This show is high impact. You’ve

listed Judy Garland, Barbra

Streisand, Dolly Parton and Patti

LuPone as icons of yours – will

this show pay tribute to them? I’m

not sure if this will pay tribute to

them, but I’m seriously trying to

harness some of that magnetic star

energy they have. If my presence is

even half as luminous as Dolly

Parton’s wigs, I’ll be happy. Who

else inspires you? I’m mainly

inspired by very talented cool

friends. OK, sorry, I’ve made you

cry with my beautiful, earnest

answer. What would be your

dream collaboration? I’m dying to

be in more music videos and

fashion shows. They are just the

most indulgent art projects. Who

doesn’t want to see my size 14 feet

walk for Valentino – lol! You’re

originally from Christchurch,

what’s your go-to spot in town?

Well, as a teen I was such a local at

Java, honestly I thought I was

everything drinking my giant

36 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


Alt-pop songstress Mousey has a

new album in the works and

a spot on the RDU stage at

February’s Nostalgia festival.



If you’re like us and always frothing top-notch music from local

and international artists, then Fat Freddy’s Drop’s annual summer

performance is the one. This year they’re taking it nek lev by bringing

some of the coolest cats in the Australasian music scene including hip hop

queen JessB, the signature melting pot of sounds from L.A.B. and

legendary Aussie street performer Dub FX among some other crazy-good

artists. It all goes off on Waitangi Day, so you know there’ll be some chill

vibes and great times to be had. Don’t worry if you’ve cut one too many a

shape on the d-floor, the wealth of eats and bevvy stalls that’ll be out in full

force will keep your energy levels high, so you don’t miss a thing. Where:

Hagley Park. When: February 6. Why: Fat Freddy’s Drop, duh? Info:

mochas there. I love the new

Riverside Market, and always make

an effort to get out to Coffee

Supreme while I’m in town. You

have a podcast, The Male Gayz,

where you and Eli Matthewson

discuss different aspects of queer

Aotearoa – what do you hope fans

take away from this? Basically our

goal is to make the content we felt

was lacking when we were coming

out growing up. Our goal has been

to never take ourselves too

seriously. We let others tackle the

tricky stuff so we can be queer

kids’ outlet for a laugh. Highlight of

your time as a comedian so far?

I debuted in Edinburgh this year,

which is such a tough festival for

comedians. So to come out of that

festival with a few sellout shows

and five-star reviews was a total

highlight. Do you have any pre-

and/or post-performance rituals?

I like to perform my show with one

glass of rosé, hahaha. But usually

before a show I’m just filled with

frustrating anxiety. Afterwards I like

to eat my body weight in terrible

food. What advice would you give

to your younger self? No one can

rock three-quarter pants, adults

can be wrong, invest in Apple, and

travel more. If you could invite any

three people living or dead to a

dinner party, who would they be?

Because I’ve done the show so

many times and sadly never got to

meet them, I’m dying to meet

Hudson and Halls, and then maybe

Freddie Mercury for fun. Are there

any other Buskers Festival acts

you’re hoping to catch? Always

Pax Assadi – he’s so funny – and

icon, legend and star Cal Wilson.

Late last year you released your

album LEMON LAW and toured

New Zealand for the first time – is

there anything else in the works?

Yes, I’m writing my next album at

the moment. Any highlights from

your first New Zealand tour?

I loved hanging out with the band.

The whole tour was soul food for

me. How did you come up with

your stage name, Mousey? “The

girl with the mousy hair” from

David Bowie’s ‘Life On Mars’. You

grew up in Christchurch – did this

help your music career? It helped

me grow as a musician.

Christchurch is a really safe space

to get better. I was able to upskill

without the industry voices

distracting me. All of my friends

here are really supportive, talented

and inspirational. What’s your

favourite local venue to perform

at? Blue Smoke really values the

performers that come to play.

Where’s your favourite hangout?

I feel very at home at Vesuvio. Any

underground Kiwi acts you think

people should be listening to?

Pickle Darling, There’s a Tuesday

and Blue Nude. You have a really

defined sense of style – where do

you take inspiration from? I’m

inspired by so many artists. I love

Radiohead, Gorillaz, Sufjan

Stevens, Angel Olsen, The Beatles

– the list is 1000 artists long.

Nostalgia, Ferrymead Heritage

Park, February 15

37 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20





Get your gin on at this

year’s two-day instalment of

Gindulgence. There’ll be a load

of top-notch Kiwi gin producers

bringing the goods, plus stellar

international brands. And some

of the best food trucks in town are

showing up for this one. Where:

Ilam Homestead. When: March 28

– 29. Why: The best gin around!





The Jazz & Cabaret

Festival promises six days packed

with awesome entertainment

delivered by 80 different artists.

Previously known as the Jazz &

Blues Festival, this event has had a

makeover for 2020 and with it you

can expect some amazing covers

and tribute shows – we’re talking

Joni Mitchell, with Julia Deans

bringing some honey-sweet

falsetto; The Doors, with popular

cover band Lizard King; a Sting/

Police cover show and a stack more

to be announced. You’ll be buzzing

over the artists and events.

Where: Various locations.

When: May 19 – 24. Why:

Something to please everyone and

sophisticated smooth sounds.






Come March, GROW

Ō TAUTAHI will celebrate

our region’s love of all things

gardens and outdoor living. Where:

Botanic Gardens and Christchurch

Art Gallery When: March 14 – 22.

Why: Plants are cool, yo! Info:

If you’re into good food, fresh produce, top-notch beer and wine

and a little bit of learning, then this is the one. Cruise to the

oh-so-pretty Banks Peninsula and get amongst all the fabulousness that

will be on offer. There’ll be 70-plus stalls – expect cooking demonstrations,

a mystery box cook-off judged by celebrity chef Simon Gault, craft, tasty

treats and delicious drops. You can get your groove on at the Cassels Lil’

Smoke Stage, where six musical acts will be playing some primo tunes.

The best part – if you do want to indulge in a few cheeky bevvys, there’s a

free shuttle service throughout the day from the Diamond Harbour Ferry.

Where: Orton Bradley Park. When: February 22. Why: A relaxing day in a

spectacular setting. Info:


Touring New Zealand is in

musician Barry Saunders’ blood

– he’s played everywhere, he says.

The bard of the back roads talks

to Cityscape before his gig with

Delaney Davidson at February’s

Nostalgia festival.

You’re known for your relentless

touring, either solo or with The

Warratahs – any plans to slow

down? I’m touring less these days

but it’s still good to be out there.

You can run out of land pretty

quickly in New Zealand so it’s good

to do different things. Is there

anywhere in New Zealand where

you haven’t played? I’ve never

played Stewart Island or the

Chathams but I’ve been

everywhere else. What’s your

go-to spot in Christchurch? Banks

Peninsula bays – I spent a lot of my

teenage years around there and I

have just written a song called

‘Tumbledown’, which is a picture of

those times. I’m also a big fan of

the poet Denis Glover, who wrote

about a lot of the places. Any plans

38 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Kiwi legends Dragon are bringing

their hits to Christchurch in

January for the Great Kiwi Beer

Festival. OG and bassist Todd

Hunter reflects on a life in the

service of the rock gods.

What is the current lineup? Mark

Williams plays guitar and sings as

only he can. Pete Drummond plays

drums impeccably, plays

keyboards, sings harmonies,

wrangles Ableton loops and filters

all at the same time. Bruce Reid is

our Canadian guitar slinger. The

sounds he can wrench from his

Gretsch Country Gentleman guitar

are neither country nor gentle. You

seem to be enjoying being back in

front of an audience again? We

love playing and to that end we

play every weekend of the year bar

a few for family things. Our total

focus is on being a working band.

It must be a wonderful feeling

being drowned out by the

audience on anthems like ‘April

Sun in Cuba’. It certainly is. We

couldn’t do it without songs like

‘April Sun’, ‘Rain’, ‘Are You Old

Enough’, ‘Still In Love’, ‘Young

Years’ etc. Is Dragon like Phar Lap

and pavlova – Australians have

claimed you as their own? We are

our own little League of Nations –

to return to the recording studio?

Yes, this year – I want to record

some new songs. Tell us about the

first Warratahs gig? It was a rainy

Thursday night at the Cricketers’

Arms in Wellington – seven people,

of whom two were bar staff.

What’s your favourite way to

spend a Sunday afternoon?

Walking through Wellington – such

a good walking town. I have a lot of

history there now. Any new Kiwi

artists that have caught your

attention? Caroline Easther and

her album, Lucky – great poetic

songs. Do you have a pre- and/or

one Aussie, two Kiwis and one

Canadian – so the ‘ours and theirs’

thing has died down a bit. Any new

Kiwi artists that have caught your

attention? Love the fact that Alien

Weaponry sing in Māori. Tell us

about your first gig as Dragon?

It was at the Great Ngaruawahia

Rock Festival in 1973, New

Zealand’s first big festival. We were

crap. Do you feel the ghosts of

your brother Marc and

keyboardist Paul Hewson on

stage with you? Yes, when there is

a huge crowd singing it feels like

Marc and Paul are there and that

they live on through their songs.

Any plans to return to the

recording studio? Yes, we are

working on a new album. What’s

your go-to spot in Christchurch?

Walk till I’m lost and find a coffee.

I’ve always loved Christchurch ever

since the band played here in 1973.

Great Kiwi Beer Festival, Hagley

Park, January 25

post-show ritual? Roll a ciggy and

talk to myself: Can I do this? I’m

shit! No! I’m all right! Will anyone

like this? Stop, it’s all OK, and out of

your hands anyway. It’s all cool!

Who are your musical heroes? All

the good people I have played with

– Adam McGrath, Delaney Davison,

Sam Hunt – and many others,

known and unknown, all people

who lived for the song, were who

they said they were, and took it to

the people.

Nostalgia, Ferrymead Heritage

Park, February 15


Get your noodle on at the Night Noodle

Markets (Feb 6 – 15), where you’ll find an

array of Asian flavours as well as

entertainment and a bar. Kick back at

Selwyn Sounds (Mar 7), which winds back

the clock with epic retro offerings from

Icehouse, 10cc, Midge Ure and more.

Celebrate film and check out some damn

good flicks at the NZ International Film

Festival (Aug 6 – 23), at Lumière and the

Isaac Theatre Royal. For all those lovers of

literature, diary the WORD Festival (Aug

25 – 30), which will again feature some of

the world’s top novelists, thinkers,

journalists, poets and storytellers.

Out-of-town festivals worth travelling for

include Soundsplash (Jan 17 – 19, Timaru),

One Love (Jan 25/26, Tauranga), Okains

Bay Music Fest (Jan 25), St Jerome's

Laneway Festival (Jan 27, Auckland),

Wellington Wine & Food Festival (Feb 1),

Shipwrecked Music & Arts Festival (Feb 7

– 9, Auckland), Marlborough Wine & Food

Festival (Feb 8, Blenheim), Art Deco

Festival (Feb 19 – 23, Napier), New

Zealand Festival (Feb 21 – Mar 15,

Wellington), Splore Festival (Feb 21 – 23,

Auckland), Hokitika Wildfoods Festival

(Mar 7), Auckland Arts Festival (Mar 11

– 29), WOMAD (Mar 13 – 15, New

Plymouth), Dunedin Fringe Festival (Mar

19 – 29), Jim Beam Homegrown (Mar 21,

Wellington), Bluff Oyster and Food

Festival (May 23).

39 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




TOP 10

So many acts, so little time –

the buskers are in town from

January 23. To help you choose

from the action-packed

programme, Cityscape brings

you our top 10 picks.

Bread & Circus – World Buskers Festival

23 Jan – 16 Feb,


High energy, camp

as anything and full

of filthy humour,

this cabaret show

will have you on

your toes. The

explosion of

sequins, lashes and

teeth that is

Reuben Kaye will

dazzle, delight and

tickle your funny




Expect the

unexpected at this

masked moving

feast. Think

medieval banquet

meets adult Alice in


– that’s about the

only hint you’re




A cabaret show like

no other, Blanc de

Blanc brings

acrobatics, vintage

glamour and

titillating acts that

will infatuate and

delight you. This

high-end spectacle

will have you



This Japanese

comic is mindbogglingly


and will have you

laughing at every

cheeky and


moment. You won’t

find any chit-chat

here, just physical

comedy and loads

of interactive





They’re suave,

seductive and

smooth as silk.

Prepare to be

spellbound by the

Modern Māori

Quartet, who

channel the revival

of ‘rat pack’


entertainment of

bygone eras with a

proud heritage of

Māori traditions.





This mixed bag of a

show will leave you

scratching your

head. Each show is

different and will

present a lucky dip

of favourite

routines and

renegade numbers.




Bringing classic

Kiwi humour to the

table, this cocky

comedy trio will

bring together their


writing, poor acting

skills and hilarious

wit. Expect a

unique, multicultural

and funny

point of view.



These comedic

sisters perform

some dark and

waggish songs that

are sure to make

you giggle. Expect

songs about

anything from

saving the bees to

meeting men and

drinking too much.




Less of a

performance and

more of a tiki tour

of the city’s finest

breweries, the

Buskers Brewery

Tour will be led by

beer aficionado

Keith Preene. Join

the bus full of

buskers and be

entertained as the


takes you for a few

cheeky bevvys.



The sweet, soothing

sounds of the

Grammy Awardwinning


Bublé will be

performed by a trio.

The dazzling

renditions will

include some

smooth dance

moves, tight

harmonies and

dashing good looks.

40 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Nicola and Rosie Dempsey are the real sisters behind musical comedy duo

Flo & Joan. Their Buskers Festival show promises to be a scream.


hen did you first start performing

together and how did it go? We

started four years ago and the first

show wasn’t a disaster, so we did another

show. That wasn’t so great. And now we’re

coming to New Zealand. Is there any

inspiration for your music? We just keep our

ears and mouths open and let the inspiration

find us. Then we swallow the nice bits and

shout it back out as songs. We also listen to a

lot of Bette Midler and Billy Joel. What can

fans expect at your Before the Screaming

Starts performance? No screaming, mostly

music, gags – fingers crossed. We will be

wearing clothes. We will have washed our

hair. We don’t move a lot so if you find

move-y comedy jarring then we’ve got you

covered. You recently released an Amazon

Prime Special, Flo & Joan Alive on Stage

– how was that experience? It was wild.

Thank you for asking. It has so many of our

favourite songs in it and felt very us, and

everyone that worked on it with us made it

look better than we could have imagined. A

very good experience. Would special again.

Everyone should watch it now. How much do

you know about New Zealand and

Christchurch? We’ve never been and know

nothing about it. We plan to leave with

‘We will be wearing clothes.

We will have washed our hair’

exactly the same knowledge of the country

as we came in with. Anyone you’d like to

collaborate with? Bert and Ernie from

Sesame Street. Who do you find funny?

Children with no discernible talent. Highlight

of your career so far? We just performed for

Prince William and the Duchess of

Cambridge as part of the Royal Variety

Performance. Not sure if they enjoyed it but

her hands were as soft as an angel’s wings

and that’s all we needed to take from the

experience. Do you have any pre- and

post-show ritual? Rosie says to Nicola “I

hope you have the worst show of your life”

and Nicola says to Rosie “I hope you fall off

the stage and nobody helps you get up.”

Best way to relax and unwind? Reading

poetry on the toilet. Are there any other

Buskers Festival acts you’re hoping to

catch? Reuben Kaye, Melanie Bracewell, and

honestly everything. We’re so excited to see

new weirdos we’ve never seen before. That’s

mostly why we’re coming.

41 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20

‘If you have any

men who like

making bad

decisions then

I think I'll be

just fine’



Cabaret artist Reuben Kaye is set to scandalise Christchurch with

his performances in the World Buskers Festival. This master of

the single entendre shares his dreams and desires with Cityscape.

42 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



his will be your Christchurch

debut, what can we expect?

Possibly the first case of New

Zealand deporting a cabaret artist

on a morality violation. I don't know

how useful expectations are – my

father had certain expectations of

me and now he owes my mother

20 bucks. (It was a very cheap

alimony payment). Are you

looking forward to checking out

anything around town? If you have

any men who like making bad

decisions then I think I'll be just

fine. If masculinity is a prison then I

just dropped the soap. Fashion

must be a big part of your show

– will we see multiple outfit

changes? I don't know what kind of

show you think this is. Costume

changes? Sounds kind of gay to

me. You’ve worked with some true

queens in the burlesque world,

what’s that been like? Look, being

surrounded by beautiful scantily

clad women was all my parents

wished for me. If only they'd been

specific. Honestly though, the

powerful femmes of burlesque

taught me so much about

acceptance, the power of the

human body, self-love and

self-care. In fact, now all I do is care

about myself. What type of

preparation goes in to your

shows? A lot of drug tests. What is

your biggest inspiration? My last

blood test. Any idea what artistic

direction you’ll take next? This

assumes I have one now. At the

moment my artistic direction is like

cooking spaghetti – you turn

everything on high, mash it

together and then throw it against

a wall to see if it's cooked. Also my

mother is looking over my shoulder

telling me I'm doing it wrong.

What’s the funniest moment

you’ve had on stage? Every night I

try and crack my band up and the

moments when they crack after

hearing the show so many times,

that's a great moment. Also if they

laugh I dock their pay. Is there

anyone you’d love to collab with?

The Argentinian men's water polo

team and an industrial-size vat of

coconut oil. Either that or 1970s

Bette Midler, before she got

contracted to Disney. What does

2020 have in store for you?

Hopefully not getting chased out

of Christchurch with pitchforks and

flaming torches. But apart from

that – Glory! (with or without

holes). Are there any other

Buskers Festival acts you’re

hoping to catch? There are other

acts in the festival apart from me?

43 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




aring to be different is the

mantra of the new league of

craft brewers delivering us

an ever-expanding offering of

bodacious micro-breweries,

boutique fill stations, brew pubs,

bars and bottle stores. To wet

your whistle for the smorgasbord

of suds that is the Great Kiwi Beer

Festival, Cityscape talks to a

four-pack of local brewers and

beer merchants about what

trends 2020 will bring, and their

No. 1 beer and food match for

summer. To round out our

selection, beer guru Ralph

Bungard, of Three Boys Brewery,

looks at what is behind the rising

tide of sour beers.



How have things been going since

you opened in Riverside Market?

The market has been awesome.

We've had great support from our

local and international customers.

The various breweries that make up

the Canterbury Brewers Collective

have been a huge help as well. As

well as being a fillery, customers

can take a seat at the booth and

sample a brew – that must be

proving popular? The seats at our

bar have been really popular. Many

of our guests are international

travellers. They sit and have a beer

and share their stories of their trip

through New Zealand. Your tasting

trays encourage people to try





something new – how

adventurous are they proving to

be? Many of our customers are

new to the beers of Canterbury so

they usually get our staff to pick

the beers. We always throw in a

more strange beer to challenge

their taste-buds. What are your

top 5 recommendations for this

summer? Scoundrels and Rogues’

Morally Bankrupt Pear Cider,

Southpaw Stablemate Hazy IPA,

Brewmoon El Citrico APA, Three

Boys Sour & Salt Gose, Wilderness

Brewing’s Rustic Pale Ale. What

are some interesting trends in

beer? The Gose/sour style beers

and super-hazy IPAs have been

really popular. How willing are

consumers to try these new beer

styles, or is it still IPA all the way?

Our customers are always keen to

have a go with a new style of beer

but many go for a classic IPA as

that's a beer they know and love.

What is a typical week for you?

The market environment is always

different. Every day has something

new and no two days are the same.

What do you enjoy most about

your work? Sharing the beers from

Canterbury with our customers and

promoting the small local breweries

that make up the Canterbury

Brewers Collective. Are there any

perks to the job? One of my

favourite things to do is to try all the

interesting new beer samples that

the breweries drop off to me. What

excites you about Christchurch in

the summer? Just to see the people

of Christchurch out and enjoying

the new city has been a thrill. We

have a new heart in downtown

Christchurch and it's pounding.


44 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20






What’s coming in 2020 at Kaiser

Brew Garden? We’ve got a couple

of exciting styles coming up in

2020. We’re introducing a Saison

especially for the Kaiser Brew

Garden – this style really reflects

this time of year and is about

celebrating the Canterbury harvest.

It’s a classic style with our New

World Kaiser spin. Something

different we’re bringing out is our

Hoppy Weinstein – a collaboration

of beer and wine. This is a pale ale

matured with Awatere Valley

Sauvignon Blanc and Nelson

Sauvin hops in French Oak barrels

– it’s really quite special. And we’re

really excited to be bringing back

our popular Tangerine Dream. We

use late-harvest Gisborne

tangerines to make a fresh

citrus-infused lager with hints of

ginger and spice – it’s delicious.

This was last brewed a couple of

summers ago and it was really

popular, so we know there’ll be a

few people keen to get their hands

on it again. What’s your beer and

food match for this summer?

I love the Kaiser IPA with a

chargrilled fish taco topped with

mango, pineapple and mint salsa.

What are some interesting trends

in beer? The New Zealand craft

beer industry is heavily influenced

by North American styles, so we’re

always watching what they’re up

to. I’ve been interested to see

people pushing the boundaries of

beer by introducing cocktail

ingredients; we’re obviously

playing in that same space with our

collaboration between beer and

wine. We’re influenced by our ties

with Giesen Wines, which lets us

innovate by introducing

winemaking techniques and

ingredients, like using different

types of barrels and yeasts. What’s

the most unusual trend coming

through? Something we haven’t

seen much of in the New Zealand

market yet that I find really

interesting is beers influenced by

salt brine. Saline characteristics in

beers that serve hot, dry climates,

done with the right fruit like

peaches, can be really quite

something. How willing are

consumers to try these new beer

styles, or is it IPA all the way? The

pale ale revolution is still upon us

so the likes of IPA is still a major

player. But two decades into the

craft beer boom, the marketplace

is far more accepting of artisan

flavour combinations and

ingredients. Are there any perks to

the job? Obviously the opportunity

to have brewery-fresh beer at

home in my fridge to share with

friends and family! Now that the

Brew Garden is open, we’re also

really excited to have a spiritual

home where can we share the

experience and our craft with the

wider public. What is the work

environment like? Our brewery is

relatively small so we’re a tight-knit

crew. The team have been together

since day one, so to be working

with such loyal and dedicated team

members is really special. Our skills

are all different, but we pull

together to achieve the same goal

– we’re forever chasing the Holy

Grail of the ultimate beer

experience. What excites you

about Christchurch in the

summer? The Brew Garden makes

a great spot for people-watching

and the key thing for me is that

people are so relaxed and enjoying

time with their families.

SUSTAINABLE AS! Taking sustainability to the next level is the aim of micro-brewery and taproom The Fermentist,

in Sydenham. Their Kiwi Pale Ale is the first certified carboNZero beer in the country, which means every emission

that results from growing the grains to refrigeration in your home is accounted for. CarboNZero yes but flavourzero

no – there’s some serious notes from the Southern Cross and Motueka hops, balanced with 100 percent NZ

malt. Sustainability is a big challenge for a brewery – you can go through a lot of energy and resources making beer.

The Fermentist is happy to be the test bed for innovation and new ideas that can make a real difference in the

industry. The two biggies for sustainability are The Fermentist’s seasonal, plant-based menu, and its commitment

to sourcing everything from local suppliers, which supports those working on local solutions.

45 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



What’s new at your brewery? The

brewery itself is new! We have only

just purchased it and I am super

excited about brewing on this

awesome system. I’ve also got

some new seasonal beers for

summer including our new hazy

IPA Stablemate, which sold out so

fast I had to brew another, and our

new Botanical Brut. What’s your

beer and food match for this

summer? Can’t beat a juicy, smoky

cheeseburger from The Burger

Joint matched with our Say Hey

Kid IPA, or a spicy laksa at Level

One Craft Beer & Coffee Bar with

our classic Gold Medal New

Brighton Lager. What are some

interesting trends in beer? Trendy

beers like Hazy IPAs and Sours

continue to be popular, but an

interesting trend is a move back to

the classics like NZ lagers. People

are trending towards a quality

product rather than a gimmick.

How willing are consumers to try

these new beer styles, or is it still

IPA all the way? IPA and APA still

make up a lot of what we produce

and sell, but people are certainly

more and more interested in

variety. I think if you have a quality

product, regardless of style, people

will be interested in trying it. I try to

make really flavourful beers, so

even if it’s not a typical IPA, it still

packs a punch. When people visit

the brewery and chat about

flavours and brewing as they try

some different beers, it can really

open their eyes. What is a typical

week for you? Brewing beer,

filtering beer, kegging beer,

cleaning, cleaning, cleaning,

cleaning… I try also to make time to

study for my Diploma in Brewing

level 6. What do you enjoy most

about the work? The beer! That’s

what makes all the crappy cleaning,

being really, really hot or really wet

and cold worth it. I love it when

people drop in to fill up a rigger at

the brewery and want to chat

about beer. I love handing over

something I have made to

someone who is just as passionate

about it as I am. Sipping a cold

glass of pilsner at the end of a long

day is pretty magic too.


Read the full Q&A with

our beer experts online.



What’s new at your brewery? In

terms of production, we are scaling

down our list of ‘core range’ beers

and having a greater number of

one-batch brews. We want both

our trade and taproom customers

to have a new and interesting

experience every time they deal

with Brew Moon, so it’s more

variety and less of the same old.

What’s your beer and food match

for this summer? We’ve just made

another of our beer and grape

fusions, called Hop-over-Vine. Its

75% pale ale and 25% riesling juice

fermented in a tank together. It’s

fresh, slightly sweet and a little bit

tart, and pairs up very well with

whitebait fritters. There’s a little bit

of acidity as a result of the riesling

juice, which almost makes the

lemon slice on the fritters

redundant. What are some

interesting trends in beer? Sours

and hazy beers are both interesting

Connect Sitting in the sun drinking beer and talking with your

mates is a great way to reconnect. Put January 25 in your diary – that’s

when the Great Kiwi Beer Festival will once again take over Hagley Park.

Come prepared for an epic day dedicated to the nation’s favourite amber


46 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20

trends right now. Which we are

personally very thankful for

because they are both delicious!

Sour beers often include fruits,

herbs and spices and are really tart

and fresh (some liken them more to

ciders than beers). Hazy IPAs or

New England IPAs are really

aromatic, fruity and juicy beers that

look a bit like fruit smoothies. They

are much softer and more

approachable than the traditional

West Coast IPA due to a scaling

down of the hop bitterness. How

willing are consumers to try these

new beer styles, or is it still IPA all

the way? Our biggest sellers are

still the classic styles like pale ales,

pilsners and IPAs. But consumers

are certainly the ones driving the

movement towards interesting new

beer styles. Breweries are

essentially very reactive; we watch

what is moving well in our own

taprooms or craft bars and take our

lead from that. What is a typical

week for you? As a brewery,

probably about 30 percent new

product development, trialling,

costing etc, and 70 percent making

sure we have a good supply of keg

and packaged stock of our ‘core

range’ styles. As mentioned before,

we are starting to see this balance

out more and more as we take the

focus off packaged and core range

stock and try to create more new

brews to keep things fresh and

interesting for our customers.

What do you enjoy most about

the work? There is huge variation

in the day-to-day, given the size of

our brewery team. Everybody

helps out over all sides of the

business so no two days are the

same. There is also huge variation

in styles of beer we make, which

also keeps things fresh. One day

we might be picking fruit for our

new sour; another day we might be

making a hazy IPA with interesting

new hops; another we might be

putting an imperial stout into

barrels for ageing. Are there any

perks? Access to tasty beer and

pizza is a pretty good perk!

There are five basic flavours that we

detect on our tongue: salt, sweet,

bitter, sour and umami (savoury).

Not all of them, however, have been

using the same PR firm! Sweetness

has had it all over the opposition

and for good reason, because at an

evolutionary level, sweetness tells

us we are on to something packed

full of energy – exactly the food you

need when running away from lions

on the Savanna, less important

when sitting on the sofa!

Sour taste, on the other hand,

sends us an important signal that

we are about to swallow some acid.

Sounds bad when you say it like

that, but it can indicate that we are

getting some essential nutrients

such as ascorbic acid, otherwise

known as vitamin C. Recently,

however, sour has got a new PR

team and they are using fermented

beverages such as kombucha and

beer to win back lovers of tart.

Sour beers are not new but their

popularity has increased

dramatically thanks to the crafty

boutique brewers looking for an

angle that differentiates them from

the mainstream multinationals.

There are two common ways to

make sour beer. One uses yeasts

such as Brettanomyces (Brett to its

best friends!), which naturally

produce acids during fermentation.

Sour the new sweet

Sour beers are the new thing this summer and

perfect for a hot day, says Ralph Bungard.

You might be familiar with beer

styles such as Lambic and Saison

that rely on Brett-like yeasts. The

second uses bacteria, the same

types used to make yoghurt, such

as Lactobacillus for example.

In the business of brewing, using

bacteria is called “kettle souring”

(for reasons I won’t bore you with),

and it is the method most favoured

by brewers because it’s quick and

it’s easy to control the tartness.

The main kettle-soured styles

about town are the Berliner and the

Gose (pronounced “goes-uh” as in

Rosa). Often you will find them

with a fruit addition, which is quite

traditional, the fruit flavours

working so well with the acidic

punch of the underlying beer.

At Three Boys, we have a Gose in

its pure unadulterated form – tart

and slightly salty with a lovely

bready, herbal character, and the

same beer with a dash of

passionfruit pulp. Both are

gorgeous, award-winning beauties!

Sour can be a bit of a leap but take

your time and I’m sure you will be


Sour beers are great thirstquenchers

and are well worth

searching out on a hot day. How

about this Kiwi summer we make

“sour as” our new “sweet as, bro”?

47 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20

Home & Lifestyle


Switch from four wheels to two with

one of Bespoked Cycles’ sleek

custom-built bikes. Starting with one

of four different framesets, Bespoked

Cycles rock a huge number of build

combos including unlimited colours

to choose from. You can design, build

and spec your bike from scratch with

high quality Factory Five

components. Tailor your bike to fit

your own style and aesthetic, add

flip-flop hubs so you can switch

between fixed and freewheeling

options or take your pick from their

range of primo prebuilt custom bikes.


Rewilding our urban landscape. P49


Fast cars and cool boxes. P50


With Mary Turnbull. P51

48 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




‘Rewilding’ our urban landscape

benefits flora and fauna. Canopy

Landscape Architects’ Julie

Greenslade and Paul Roper-Gee

explore options for a tidy mess.


ontemporary landscapes in

Christchurch are often

minimalist in design, with

clean crisp lines, large lawns and a

reduced palette of plant species set

out in massed blocks. This design

approach is very effective visually

and practically, but it can be lacking

in biodiversity and is of limited

benefit to our urban wildlife.

In recent years there has been

growing awareness of the

importance of encouraging nature

within our urban landscape, and a

move towards “rewilding” public

landscapes and private gardens,

with a looser, less manicured

aesthetic. However, this wild

approach can be perceived as

messy and undesirable, especially

in publicly visible areas.

A key feature of natural systems

is complexity. Massed plantings

and lawns are the antithesis of

complexity, and are in fact

biological deserts. Much more

beneficial ecologically is

maintaining a variety of plant

species, including flowers that

provide nectar and pollen for

pollinators, and leaving leaf litter in

place to enrich soil and provide

habitat for insects.

At Canopy we enjoy designing

contemporary and clean-lined

landscape schemes but are also

keen to see more “wildness” and

nature incorporated into

Christchurch’s gardens and

landscapes. Can the contemporary

and nature-inspired design

approaches be successfully

combined? American landscape

architect Joan Nassauer has

proposed one possible solution,

which she calls “Cues to care”. Her

research suggests that if a

biodiverse or “messy” landscape is

set within a frame of more

manicured or obviously maintained

landscape, it is then understood

overall as a landscape that is well

cared for.

Ways we can frame our

nature-inspired landscapes include:

• Mown edges or mown paths

through wild lawns.

• Using bold patterns through the

natural landscapes.

• Surrounding wild spaces with

contrasting clipped shrubs or


• Strategic placement of garden

structures or architectural

elements in the wild landscape.

This approach can also be applied

to the broader city. The proposed

Green Spine within the Ōtākaro

Avon River Corridor in the Red

Zone is a fantastic opportunity

for rewilding our city within a

“tidy frame”.

49 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20





Home Styling

The things we are coveting

this season.






1 BMW M8 Gran Coupe (RRP $326,900) from Christchurch BMW 2 Melanie Drewery Dipper Plate Set (RRP $44) from Teepee

3 'Where's the Honey' (POA) from RightSide Gallery 4 Rome outdoor sofa (from $5519) from BoConcept 5 Napoleon Chilly

Bin (RRP $199) from Infinite Definite 6 Alvar Aalto Tea Trolley (POA) from Matisse 7 Carrie LED Lamp (RRP $399) from

Infinite Definite 8 Booster BBQ Grill 100 Anthracite By Roshults (POA) from Simon James

50 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




It’s the time of year when

feet get itchy and change

is in the air. Whatever

property move you are

considering, be sure to

consult the experts.

‘It might be time to upsize or downsize, or to

consider buying an investment property’


ew Zealand’s traditional

summer shutdown can

make for a slow real estate

market as people head away to

their holiday haunts and enjoy time

with family and friends. Beneath

the surface, though, there’s a lot

going on – as people finally get a

chance to draw a breath and relax,

they get to reflect on their life and

circumstances and whether the

time is right for a change.

There’s nothing like checking out

the window of the local real estate

agent in your favourite holiday

hotspot to get the feet feeling

itchy. Chilling out and chatting with

partners and friends also gets

people thinking about the year

ahead. Refreshed and relaxed,

we’re in a good space to set some

goals for the new year.

For some, the decision will be to

buy their first home. For others it

might be time to upsize or

downsize, or to consider buying an

investment property. Whatever the

case, the advice and services of a

good real estate professional will

ensure you are fully informed and

in control.

If you are ready to buy your first

home, be aware that the

combination of low interest rates

and assistance through Kiwisaver

mean this end of the market is very

competitive. You will need to be

ready to act when you see

something that suits your needs, so

make sure you have done your

research and lined up your finance.

Some might start to realise the

nest is a bit full these days, or

alternatively a bit too empty, with

mum and dad rattling around in the

family home. Upsizing and

downsizing in response to these

changes can be stressful, which is

where professional advice can be so

helpful, ironing out any difficulties

and ensuring the whole process

runs as smoothly as possible.

Buying an investment property

is all about the head, not the heart.

Age, location and how much

maintenance is needed are

important factors for rentability

and profitability, and again it’s a

good idea to get expert advice.

If you are looking to make a

property decision, I am a phone

call away.

51 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


Home in the heart

Fletcher Living is forging ahead with its plush One

Central development in the heart of the city. The

latest homes to come to market are in Liverpool

Terraces, nestled between Rauora Park and

Hereford, Cashel and Madras streets. Pedestrianfriendly

green spaces frame this selection of one-,

two- and three-bedroom homes, which are close to

the hospo and retail hotspots of Lichfield Courtyard,

The Crossing, Little High Eatery, The Terrace,

Riverside Market and EntX. Each of the 58 homes in

the development has its own balcony and/or

courtyard, and the high acoustic ratings of the

double-glazing and insulation keeps them quiet and

warm. Prices range from $429,000 for a onebedroom

home with a car park (these have all sold)

to $849,000 for three bedrooms, two bathrooms

and a garage. The high-spec construction includes

distinctive Italian veneer bricks, which bring a touch

of Tuscany to the whole vibe.



The versatile jet ski has

become a summer

holiday staple for many

Kiwis due to the

combination of stability,

value for money and –

OK, we admit it – the

need for speed.

Advances in hull construction mean

the latest models of personal

watercraft from industry leader

Sea-Doo are even more stable and

resistant to scratches and hull

damage. The 2020 GTI models also

gain a larger 152-litre storage area

thanks to a redesigned top deck

and nose, an 8.8-litre storage

pocket with a waterproof

compartment for phones, and for

the first time the option of a

factory-fitted Bluetooth audio

system. One thing that hasn’t

changed is the Sea-Doo ‘closedloop’

engine cooling system. Other

brands of personal watercraft take

in water for cooling, so if you’re in

the sea you have saltwater all

through your engine. Salt corrodes,

and the inside of an engine’s

cooling system is no place for that.

Check out Sea-Doo’s new range of

personal watercraft and rev up

your summer fun!

Connect with us cityscape.christchurch cityscapemagazine_chch

52 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20







Resene consultant Rebecca

Long previews the smoky,

sunset colours of 2020, perfect

for your home sanctuary.












picy terracottas, enduring blues, soothing

neutrals and ornate golds are some of the

glorious hues in Resene’s The Range Fashion

Colours 2020. Colours are becoming smokier and

we’re seeing a continued rise in sunset hues.

1 Resene Cleopatra Rich, ornate, timeless and regal,

the gold of Resene Cleopatra will provide a warm,

inviting backdrop on the dullest days. Full of

personality, it celebrates our continued desire to

express our individuality. Resene Cleopatra is the

perfect vibrant hue to inject into a custom geometric

mural, half-and-half wall or even your front door.

2 Resene Fast Forward With an increase in fast-paced

lifestyles, we’re seeking further comfort from our

homes. Brooding, deep-sea blues such as Resene Fast

Forward allow us to feel grounded and are perfect

hues to build a timeless sanctuary. Resene Fast

Forward is supremely versatile and always delivers a





contemporary look. 3 Resene Sunbaked A timeless,

weathered terracotta that embraces the heat of

summer. Its spicy, rust hue pairs beautifully with the

popular greenery trend and adds warmth and class.

Up-cycle mismatched furniture with Resene Sunbaked

and introduce plush, comfortable fabrics for the

ultimate summer reading nook. 4 Resene Sea Fog This

versatile white with a hint of grey is best used with the

smoky, muted tones of today. Rebelling against bright

whites, it gives a fresh approach without appearing too

stark. Resene Sea Fog helps create a restorative space

that soothes the senses and the mind. 5 Resene Just

Dance and Resene Smoulder Resene Just Dance was

a popular choice in 2019 and that will continue into

2020. Its gentle blend of mango and apricot pairs

effortlessly with the warmer, sun-kissed neutrals of the

season. Contrast with deep, sophisticated ruby reds

such as Resene Smoulder for a decadent approach.

53 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Bikes | Central City

Enjoy getting out and about like you

never have before. Action Bicycle

Club in the central city curates a

wonderful range of products that

make cycling fresh, modern and

exciting again. From the latest in

electric bike tech to simple elegant

city classics, and all the bike

accessories you could ever need –

Action offers each client a bespoke

and fascinating way to experience

riding a bike.

8 Walker Street 03 261 9197


Tech Store | Central City

Find high quality service and the

right technology for your needs at

Nutron. They are Apple authorised

resellers and service providers, who

specialise in Apple, HP, Beats and

smart home products. They have you

covered, whether you need multiple

MacBooks set up for your business or

are purchasing an iPad for your little

one – they offer ongoing support,

too. Nutron are your destination for

all your premium tech needs!

678 Colombo Street 03 353 2232


Pools/Landscaping | Christchurch

If you’re after more than just a

pool, Leisure Pool dealers Lagoon

Pools offer superior products with

the latest technology and lifetime

warranties. The pools are such a

great space for the whole family to

enjoy, especially as the weather heats

up! Lagoon Pools offer packages that

can include the surrounds. They also

work closely with landscapers and

architects to ensure you achieve a

stunning and practical outcome.

PO Box 16329, Christchurch 0800 927 282

54 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Home | Christchurch

Based in Christchurch, Flooring

Frontier has a team of locals who

love working in their trade. With

13 years’ experience in the flooring

trade, Tyson Tia founded Flooring

Frontier in 2013. Since then the

team has worked on community

projects for churches both locally

and internationally, done commercial

work and installations on countless

residential properties. The team

have been grateful to have worked

throughout New Zealand, meeting

and working alongside some

inspiring and hardworking people.

Flooring Frontier love to see homes,

businesses and spaces transformed

by adding beautiful flooring.

Bringing in texture, warmth and your

own personal style, they supply a

wide range of products and services

to suit every project and take pride

in the flooring that they recommend

and install.

Aiming to run every project as

smoothly as possible, Flooring

Frontier work closely with suppliers

and clients to deliver a fast,

carefree and quality service from

start to finish.

027 345 2264


Homewares | Woolston

An eclectic mix of locally made and

imported homewares, gifts and

toys are on offer at the oh-so-cool

Teepee. In their wee 50 square metre

spot at the beautiful Tannery you’ll

discover premium artisanal products

such as Japanese pottery, French

soaps, African baskets, Turkish

towels, Danish candles and the

best that New Zealand has to offer

including linen clothing, essential oils

and ceramics. Teepee is the perfect

spot to pick up a gift or treat yourself!

The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road 03 389 6585 FB/teepeehome

55 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Interiors | Sydenham

Eco Frame and Mirror’s friendly

team offer an extensive range of

custom framing services – from

small photographs to large object

framing, they can do it all! Some of

their most popular framing includes

memorabilia, which can include

sports jerseys, medals and other

items of sentimental value. Eco also

specialise in mirror sales and can

create the perfect mirror to suit your

home. They can even hang your

mirrors or frames for you!

394 Colombo Street 03 377 0223


Florist | Halswell

Moffatt’s has been supplying flowers

for over 30 years. Their shop is

nestled between the greenhouses

where their beautiful roses are cut

daily. They also stock an extensive

range of cut flowers including

lilies, peonies, freesias, orchids and

gerberas as well as a large range of

gifts and plants. Their florists create

stunning bouquets for any price

range or occasion, and can deliver

overnight New Zealand-wide.

Open 7 days. See website for hours.

1 Candys Road 03 322 7975


NZ-Made Homeware | Beckenham

The Mohair Store is here to brighten

up your world with their luxurious

range of 100% NZ-made Mohair

and Alpaca throws. Snuggle up in

their super soft Alpaca scarf range

and keep warm with hand-picked

Possum and Merino accessories. If

you love NZ-made natural fibres,

then you will be spoilt for choice at

The Mohair Store. Use their local’s

discount code ‘goat’ to shop online

at their special prices and enjoy free

shipping anywhere in New Zealand.

140 Colombo Street 03 943 1639

56 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Cover up but stay cool with this

Kowtow Swimwear Primary Sarong,

from Infinite Definite (RRP $199).


Fashion Society's

Abbey Dickson. P58


Deadly Ponies'

Liam Bowden. P60


Hottest picks for

balmy days. P62



Fashion Society’s Abbey

Dickson brings her inimitable

sense of style to her

Christchurch boutiques. She

prides herself on helping her

clients reignite their passion

for fashion.

WHAT I’M ...


Marc Jacobs, Kiss

kiss bang bang

Listening to:

The Boss Babes

Style Muse:

Olivia Palermo


ow did Fashion Society get started?

I have always envisioned running and

owning my very own boutique. In

February last year the opportunity arose to

buy Deval in Christchurch. To make it feel

more like my own, we decided to rebrand to

Fashion Society to give the business a refresh

and new light. What’s the vision for your

brand? I want my clients to feel like they can

be elegant and edgy with their style. The

labels in Fashion Society are all timeless and

pieces I love to wear myself. What do your

boutiques specialise in? We have a large

range of international labels you can choose

from, like Camilla, SAM New York, Anine

Bing, Cami NYC, and Zadig et Voltaire to

name a few. We’re also lucky enough to have

our very own factory attached to the back of

our Tannery store where we specialise in

producing customised leather and slink

jackets for women and men. So if you want a

different colour or some style tweaks, no

problem, we can customise it just for you.

What are the trends for this season? I love a

comfy sneaker that can be worn dressed up

or down for any occasion. We’ve just got the

58 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20

Madeworn rock tees in, which I love

pairing with my Paige exposed

button jeans, which are very on

trend this season. You regularly

travel to Australia and the US on

buying trips – how do you decide

what to bring back? I love to get

into the new-season clothes myself

and really envision how the pieces

in my store work together and tell a

story. I have been in the buying

industry for five years now so I

have a great understanding of

which pieces my clientele would

love and that would look good on

both the ‘mother and daughter’.

How did you get started in

fashion? I knew at high school that

fashion was the career for me. I

started in retail, managing a store

in Queenstown before heading to

Melbourne and then Sydney, where

I spent six years at high-end Bondi

boutique Tuchuzy. Do you have an

outfit in mind for the summer

season? The new Cecilie

Copenhagen range is perfect for

this summer and we have a

beautiful range of colours and

styles to choose from. I love that I

can dress it up with a heel for a

night out or dress it down with

some flat shoes. What’s your one

essential fashion piece? My go-to

is the Smythe Duchess blazer – the

detail in the back is so feminine and

fun. What’s your favourite thing to

do on a Sunday? I love walking

over the Bridle Path and grabbing a

coffee in Lyttelton. What’s special

about your stores? We pride

ourselves on looking after our

customers, offering upcoming

trend advice, building your

seasonal wardrobe and showing

you options that are perfect for

your style. Our clients are

encouraged to take their time and

enjoy a tea or a coffee and indulge

in our high-end fashion luxury

labels. If you’re from out of town,

feel free to call us and we’ll pick

you up from the airport.

‘I knew at high school

that fashion was the

career for me’





1 Smythe Duchess Blazer (RRP

$1,249) 2 Cecilie Copenhagen Shirt

(RRP $149) 3 Paige Hoxton Crop

Exposed Button Fly (RRP $489)

4 Intentionally Blank – Willow Black

Snake (RRP $399) 5 Gucci Green

Sunglasses (RRP $599)



59 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


ow did you get into making

bags? I fell into it really. I

studied graphic design but

really also wanted to study

sculpture. I enjoyed using my

hands and creating something a bit

more tactile using interesting

materials. We had a tannery near

our house and they had a scrap bin

where you could take anything you

wanted, so I started making things

and selling them at a university

market. I started off making coin

purses, key rings and mouse pads

– anything that would be small

enough to make out of a little scrap

piece of leather. The biggest piece

would be about the size of an

envelope. I didn’t know anything to

begin with. I taught myself how to

cut and sew and pattern-make – it

would have been a lot easier if I had

gone to fashion school. I think I’ve

always been interested in creating

more than just a poster, I wanted to

create a bit of a world. Some of the

bags are still made in Auckland.

We’ve set up an offshore factory

that’s run by us, managed by us

and owned by us. We were using a

number of overseas manufacturers

in Italy, China and France. We were

confident and had done checks

and got audits done on the

factories to make sure they were

meeting our standards but we were

a small fish in a big pond for them.

They didn’t move fast enough for



You know a Deadly

Ponies bag as soon as

you see it. Cityscape

talks to designer Liam

Bowden about what

inspires him, and about

his label’s fab new space

in Ballantynes.



us, we didn’t have 100 percent

confidence about all of those

things so we decided to open up

our own factory. That’s in Chiang

Mai, in Thailand. We found a long

time ago that in terms of the skills

required to make the technical

products that we wanted to make,

there wasn’t the expertise in New

Zealand. Unfortunately over the 15

years that we have been around,

that manufacturing industry has

closed down and the skills have

gone. About five years after we

started, the bottom dropped out of

the whole tannery industry and

every six months there was another

tannery closing. That was beneficial

to us because we were able to buy

a lot of their machinery and set up

our factory. But then the seesaw

went too far the other way and

everything had to be imported and

if there was anything wrong or any

delays, the lack of flexibility with

the business became unsustainable

really. Does having your own

factory make it easier to meet

your sustainability goals? I think

that’s what led us to want to open

up our own factory. That direct

involvement is what gives us

confidence around being

sustainable – we are

paying the wages, we

are building the building

that it’s in, it’s solar

powered so it’s going to

be off the grid. It’s our

supply chain. And then

in terms of leather and

the other materials that

we put in, we have

special standards that

our suppliers have to

meet so we only work

with gold-standard

approved leather

suppliers. And as we go

we can smell a bad egg,

really, in terms of

factories and people

that we work with. What

was the inspiration for

the Resort 2020

collection? A lot of it

was about colour. We

60 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


were looking at the natural

camouflage of the animal kingdom,

so that came through in blues and

corals and the hyper-real colours

that are available within nature for

camouflage. So that was the

starting point and from there we

developed the materials and the

silhouettes. From our archives we

brought back a molten style in

small and medium. Sometimes

there‘s only so much you can do

with a shape and a bag and so

rather than reinvent the wheel

we’ve probably got something in

‘We want to be excited

by what we create just

as much as our

customers do’

our back catalogue that we can

reference. What’s coming in bags?

Like everything it does have a bit of

a cycle. It goes huge then it goes

tiny then it goes practical then it

goes hands-free and back and

forth. I think it’s very driven by

lifestyle so as technology gets

smaller and we need fewer things I

think it will be related to that. In

terms of trends or styles, people

are getting more adventurous in

terms of colourways. We used to

know that people would just buy

our black bags time in and time out

but the new collection we

soft-launched in our own online

store and the blue crocodile bag

sold out almost immediately, which

surprised us. They want something

that is more adventurous. We’ve

never liked to produce the safe

items and options, we want to be

excited by what we create just as

much as our customers do. But it’s

always nerve-racking – this crazy

blue, do we order 100 of those, or

how many? Sometimes we have to

take a punt ourselves.

Do you have a favourite from the

new collection? It’s a mixture –

probably anything in the new blue

crocodile. We’ve done a

Mini Scurry tote in the

croc which I think is

probably my favourite. In

terms of shape I do like

the Midi Molten, the

shape from our archives

that we’ve blown up. And

then also we’ve

developed a new python

leather that is really

amazing, it’s got about

four different colourways

through it – those would

be my favourites. We’ve

done python for a little

while now but that’s a

new colourway of it. It’s

quite an extensive

process that goes into it.

Normally a python

pattern is printed onto

the leather but with this

there’s about 40 different

steps to make it feel and

have the touch of python so it has a

scaly effect to it and it has the

shine and scales, so as close you

can get to the real stuff without

having to actually kill a snake. Tell

us about the new space in

Ballantynes? The space has been

designed in collaboration with

Katie Lockhart, who has worked

with us on a number of different

projects and pop-ups and all of our

interiors. So it’s a mix of oak and

redwood, more classic simple

colours and then these Brancusiinspired

big wooden plinths that

are cut out of a full redwood tree

that was lying in a paddock. We

got Grant, a craftsman that we use,

to carve them with a chainsaw to

create these unusual, textural

shapes. It’s also reflective of the

rest of our retail fitouts.

61 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



With seemingly

endless balmy

summer days on

the horizon, we

round up the

hottest picks.




4 5 6

7 8 9

1 Seer & Wilde Meli Tiered Sundress (RRP $299) from Infinite Definite 2 Aloe Vera shirt (RRP $199) from Untouched World 3 CROSS MY MIND

Dress (RRP $729) from Trelise Cooper 4 Ronnie Romper Chambray (RRP $239) from Uncommon Ground 5 Sea breeze tea dress (RRP $369) from

Kate Sylvester 6 Cecilie Copenhagen dress (RRP $299) from Fashion Society 7 Bee bag (RRP $79) from Kate Sylvester 8 Arizona Suede Washed

Metallic Aqua Birkenstock (RRP $200) from Uncommon Ground 9 Reebok Club C 85 (RRP $150) from Issimo

62 Summer 20


How did Uncommon Ground get

started? It was born out of a desire

to bring what we thought

Christchurch was missing –

clothing that is fun! It’s still a baby

– we've just celebrated our second

year since opening. Now we've

established ourselves in the lovely

spot that is The Tannery, we'd love

to get involved with our customers

on a more personal level with the

likes of styling nights. Watch this

space. What brands are you most

proud to stock? It's hard not to say

all of them! Sugarhigh Lovestoned

is pretty exciting. It's exclusive to

Uncommon Ground in New

Zealand. There are so many brands

– Hansen & Gretel, Beach Knickers,

C&V Jewellery, Brie Leon, Jaggar

The Label, and also Indigo & Iris,

because they donate 50 percent of

their profits to the Fred Hollows

Foundation. What do you look for

in a brand? A good point of

difference and quality items that

will last for years. Something that

'sparks joy', as Marie Kondo would

say. What are your top 5 pieces

for the season? Of course

Birkenstocks! EVA ones too, if

you're spending time around the

water this summer. A good pair of

denim shorts paired with a tee, an

easy floaty dress, and some

sunnies to finish the look. What

trends do you see coming

through? Puff sleeves don't seem

to be going anywhere, which is OK

with us! Denim shorts that finish

mid-thigh for an easy, relaxed fit.

What’s one piece of fashion

advice you would give our

readers? Go with your gut – you

look best when you feel like you!



The cool cats at Rhémy are changing things up with a

female approach to leather accessories. Each unique

piece is handmade and made to last, which reduces

environmental impact. We love a conscious brand and

Rhémy are passionate about working towards a more

ethical, sustainable and transparent fashion industry –

yas! All the dreamy belts, handbags and other goodies

are made in New Zealand using European machines

and techniques.

63 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Fashion/Accessories | Burnside

NZ lifestyle fashion brand

Untouched World believes you don’t

have to give up great design to be

good to the planet. They specialise

in timeless, multi-tasking pieces for

men and women, in beautiful fabrics

and fibres that are easy on the earth.

Famous for their exquisite knitwear,

each piece is designed and created

in their Christchurch workrooms.

They are the first and only fashion

company to be recognised by the

UN for sustainability.

Flagship Store & Café, 155 Roydvale Avenue 03 357 9399


Fashion/Accessories | Woolston

Uncommon Ground is a women’s

multi-brand boutique that has

gained a reputation around town

for being a little different. Whether

you’re after something a bit funky

or wardrobe staples, Uncommon

Ground caters to all kinds of needs!

They have the largest range of

Birkenstocks in Christchurch and

stock local and international labels

such as Blundstone, Brie Leon,

Hansen and Gretel, Rue Stiic,

Sugarhigh Lovestoned and more.

Shop 11, The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road 03 389 4507


Fashion | Central City

Founded in 2008, Infinite Definite is

an independent high-end streetwear,

fashion and lifestyle store. Owneroperators

Jono and Sarah Moran

curate an eclectic mix of designers

and products hand sourced by them

from New Zealand, Australia and

around the world.

246 High Street 03 371 7465

64 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


Detox your mind and skin with the Ginger & Me

Mindfulness Facial from Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day

Spa. Clear your head with a guided meditation while

your skin gets some serious R’n’R in the form of an

indulgent mask that soothes, cleanses and brightens.

Get your glow on and book your mini-escape today!



With Dr Libby. P66


Louise Highet Aesthetics. P67


Pamper and protect. P68

65 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




We know what we need to do, so why don’t we

just do it? Here’s a few common obstacles.

‘There is so

much gold in


what is really

driving our choices’


he beginning of a new year

signals a time for many

people to assess where

they’re at and to set some

intentions for the year ahead.

When it comes to health, many

people declare that this is the year

they are finally going to make their

own health a priority and make

some changes. And things usually

start off so well. But despite the

best of intentions and great

knowledge, it doesn’t always last

and many people return to some of

their less supportive habits. Have

you ever wondered why?

Something I love to explore is

why we do what we do, even

though we know what we know.

There is so much gold in

understanding what is really

driving our choices because from

this place, it becomes much easier

for us to make sustainable changes

that support our health. So let’s

look at a few common reasons why

you might struggle to put your

knowledge into practise and what

you can do to help.

You haven’t reflected on your

‘why’ It’s natural for change to feel

difficult or uncomfortable at first, so

connecting the change you want to

make with your ‘why’ is so

important. Take some time to

reflect on this and perhaps use a

journal to capture your thoughts.

Think about what you are really

wanting to achieve and what this

change will mean for you. How

does this change link with your

values? Where will you be in a

year’s time if you make this change?

Where will you be if you don’t? It

can be helpful to revisit this during

those extra challenging days.

You’re all in (or all out) When

we’re super-motivated to start the

year off well, it can be tempting to

try to overhaul everything in our life

at once. But if we’re not able to

sustain it all we can often feel like

we’ve failed and have to ‘start

again’. Commit to one or two small

changes first, and then go from

there. Small, incremental changes

can add up over time to make an

enormous difference to our health.

Your measures of success aren’t

supportive When we’re making

changes, we tend to want some

way of tracking our progress. The

problem is that if we focus only on

one specific measure, it can be easy

to think that what we’re doing isn’t

working if we don’t see this one

measure immediately change in

the way we were hoping. A good

example here is total body weight.

Yet there could be other changes

happening that indicate that what

we’re doing is incredibly beneficial,

such as improved energy, a clear

complexion, a more even mood,

clearer thinking, better digestion …

the list goes on! Focus on how you

are feeling and celebrate all the

wins along the way.

66 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




For Louise Highet, good skin treatment

should be undetectable but effective.

At her clinic, Louise Highet Aesthetics,

she prides herself on natural results

for her clients.

Describe your approach to

cosmetic medicine? Natural is key.

My main goal is to ensure my

clients look and feel rejuvenated

and refreshed, but the treatment

should be undetectable. I take a

holistic approach to cosmetic

medicine, looking at the total face

and addressing all elements of the

ageing process. I take my time and

pride myself on attention to detail.

Skin health is also incredibly

important to me when working

with clients to achieve skin

confidence. Why are the

treatments important? Feeling

good about yourself is incredibly

important. Feeling confident and

the best version of you is

something everyone deserves to

prioritise. Cosmetic treatments can

work to enhance what you have

already been gifted, or soften the

signs of ageing and wind back the

clock if treatments are done well.

Your focus is on natural,

harmonious results – how do you

achieve that? I believe harmonious

results take a multi-modal

approach. Botox, fillers, medicalgrade

skincare and skin

rejuvenation treatments work

synergistically on all facets of the

skin, and combining these

anti-ageing modalities is the way

to natural results. I also think taking

a conservative approach is key, and

working with clients over time to

build on their results. It should be a

journey, not just a quick stop-off.

You offer an initial consultation

– that must be helpful for those

‘The most common misconception is that cosmetic

treatments make you look fake or overdone’

unsure what they might be

getting themselves into?

I encourage all new clients to

attend an initial consultation. This is

a great way to build a trusting

relationship, discuss the client’s

concerns and goals and to

establish a plan of care. I like to

ensure my clients are fully

informed. An initial consultation is

always a safe place to discuss

anti-ageing options specific to you,

as we are all unique! What advice

do you have for someone who’s

never been to a cosmetic

medicine practitioner? Do your

research – word of mouth or

referrals are always a safe option.

Don’t feel ashamed to schedule

initial consultations with a few

practitioners until you find

someone you feel comfortable

with. Ensure the practitioner is

either a qualified registered nurse

or doctor who is using approved

products and has safety policies

and procedures in place. Most

importantly, find someone that

listens to you and with whom you

have similar aesthetic goals.What’s

the most common misconception

about cosmetic medicine? The

most common misconception is

that cosmetic treatments make you

look fake or overdone. This is sadly

a large barrier for a lot of people

who could experience such positive

outcomes from these non-invasive

treatments. Are you noticing a

growing interest in cosmetic

medicine among men?

Yes. As we start to take a more

preventative and positive approach

to ageing, men are seeking

treatments to maintain their

appearance. How and when did

you get into the beauty business?

I completed my Bachelor of

Nursing in 2009. I started my

career in dermatology and

cosmetic medicine in 2012. I

opened my own cosmetic clinic

in early 2018. What’s your

favourite treatment? Injectables

– as it is such a blend of art and

science. Every face is different,

requiring different treatment

techniques to build each unique

result. The positive impact these

subtle treatments have on my

clients is why I love what I do.

Read our full Q&A with

Louise at

67 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Yves St Laurent Libre

(RRP $183) from




Kiki Health Marine Collagen

Beauty Blend (RRP $79)


Suntegrity Natural

Moisturising Face Sunscreen

& Primer (RRP $79) from


Pamper and protect this summer

4Laura Mercier Paint Wash

Liquid Lip Colour in Vermillion

Red (RRP $48) from MECCA



Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum

from House of Beauté

DP Dermaceuticals Micro Derm

Exfoliant (RRP $69) from



Ultra C10+ Firming Serum from

House of Beauté


Hydra Plus

Sleep-In Mask (RRP $79)


9Bondi Sands Aero Liquid Gold

Aerated Self Tanning Foam

(RRP $29) from Bondi Sands


Morphe 35G Bronze Goals Artistry Palette

(RRP $40) from MECCA


Ginger&Me Neurocosmedics

Advanced Collagen Booster

(RRP $99)

Take time to recharge over the summer and put your best face forward for 2020!

68 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



THINK ZINC Do you know the sun is the No. 1 cause of skin

ageing? Wrinkles, sunspots and pigmentation (and don’t even get

us started on skin cancer!) are all bestowed upon us by the sun’s

harmful rays, even in cloudy weather and through windows.

Adding sunscreen to your daily skin routine is an absolute must, but if

this brings to mind greasy, chemical-laden lotions, you may be using

the wrong one. So let’s break down the difference between physical

and chemical sunscreens. Chemical sunscreens use ingredients such as

oxybenzone, octinoxate and avobenzone to create a chemical reaction

in the skin, absorbing the sun’s rays and converting them into heat.

However, this reaction can cause skin irritations, and concerns have

been raised about these chemicals after it was discovered they are toxic

to coral reefs. Physical sunscreens, as the name suggests, use mineral

barriers to physically shield skin from UVA and UVB rays, such as zinc

oxide, a healing mineral used for hundreds of years to treat burns,

rashes and infections. Remember the neon green zinc from the early

‘90s? Luckily we now have versions that aren’t as thick, fluro or ghostly

white. Natural suncare brand Suntegrity has just launched in New

Zealand a range of face and body sunscreens without the toxic

chemicals, using protection from 20 percent zinc oxide without the

white-out factor. The nourishing primer or tinted moisturisers are the

perfect way to mix mineral SPF 30 into your daily routine, with

botanical extracts, anti-ageing properties and antioxidants to soothe

and protect your skin at the same time. Visit the website to learn more

about Suntegrity and to find stockists.



You won’t find any men at Female Federation’s gyms,

which are full of motivation and support so you’ll be

looking good and feeling better. The belief at Female

Federation is in working together to achieve a common

goal – helping you to breath deeper in that yoga class

and work harder when you’re in your gym sesh. These

fitness gurus have top-quality gear and loads of group

fitness classes. When you’re done sweating it out, you

can stop by the onsite massage therapist.



Robyn Prinsep is at the helm of House of Beauté and is

passionate and knowledgeable about all things skincare

and beauty therapy. She has over 30 years of experience

and will help you achieve your best skin. The beautiful

Merivale salon is where you’ll discover Ultraceuticals

cosmeceutical facials and skincare along with

specialised services like Microdermabrasion, LED light

rejuvenation and Oxygen hydrating facials, all designed

to instantly improve the look and feel of your skin.

69 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Yoga | Woolston

At Grassroots Yoga and Health,

experienced teachers take you on a

journey to be the best version of

yourself through yoga, wellbeing

and by belonging to a friendly and

heart-felt yoga community. The

studio is inside the beautiful

Tannery building and is open seven

days a week with free and

convenient parking on-site. Discover

for yourself how Grassroots can

support, nourish and improve your

wellbeing through yoga.

The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road 03 389 8113


Gym | Ferrymead/Redwood

9 Humphreys Drive 03 962 0060, 478 Cranford Street 03 352 9696

Female Federation’s goal is to

help the community become fitter,

healthier and stronger. Locally

owned and operated, Female

Federation are the largest women’sonly

gym in town. They’ve just

opened a second gym and both are

equipped with everything you’ll need

to succeed including a wide range

of group fitness classes, personal

training, 24-hour access, child

minding, Wi-Fi, smoothies and so

much more, you won’t want to leave!








70 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Health/Beauty | Merivale

Your destination for all things

luxurious and pampering,

Christchurch’s premier day spa has

designed a range of glorious spa

experiences designed to take you

on a journey of relaxation. You are

welcome to book a luxury spa service

or purchase a gift voucher online.

Ask about their famous Corporate

Spa Retreats, Wedding Packages and

the Champs-Elysées Diamond Club.

Mention Cityscape when making

your booking!

110 Papanui Road 03 365 3630



Hair | Central City

Fabulous for you. Fantastic for the

planet. Earth Organic is the central

city’s first vegan and sustainability

focused salon. Their products are

100% plant-based and no products

are tested on animals, so you can sit

back and relax whilst knowledgeable

and creative senior stylists carry out

your fabulous hair edit. Their stylists

have over 30 years of experience and

are committed and passionate about

all things hair!

181 High Street 03 365 7393



Appearance Medicine | Central City

A professional, intimate and discreet

space for women and men to

discuss anti-ageing and rejuvenation

options. Louise Highet Aesthetics

offer personalised treatments for

everyone – the aim is for you to look

and feel refreshed, but for it to be

undetectable. Louise believes the

key to natural results is less is more,

setting skin goals over time and

assessing the total face.

177 High Street, Suite 7, Level 2, 021 220 8850

71 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Hair | Central City

Headspace is a long-established and

contemporary inner-city hair salon

offering a full range of professional

services within a stylish and

sophisticated environment. Clients

enjoy a comfortable atmosphere,

surrounded by beautifully appointed

decor. Every effort is made to make

clients feel as relaxed as possible,

resulting in a wonderful experience

that’s still very affordable. Keep an

eye out for when they launch their

Dapper brand and barber service.

7/245 St Asaph Street 03 366 1896



Health/Beauty | Merivale

Knowledgeable experts, personalised

treatments and powerful products

come together to help you put

your best self forward. Their skin

therapists specialise in premium

anti-aging treatments including

Dermapen microneedling, LED and

advanced facials alongside classic

relaxing spa treatments. Looking

for the ultimate gift? Spoil them with

a luxurious spa voucher from

Nicola Quinn!

209/211 Papanui Road 03 355 6400


Hair/Makeup | Central City

True Grit are true experts, providing

an exquisite service within the

walls of a fabulous environment.

Experience the truly creative, skilful

professionalism of their team of

dynamic Masters, Style Directors and

New Generation stylists! Take your

pick from their extensive services

including their wedding package –

the event before the event! Book a

free consultation with their style and

makeup experts. True innovation,

true passion, true hair!

87 Manchester Street 03 377 7889

72 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




Beauty | Avonhead

This warm and friendly beauty spa is

your oasis from the outside world.

The knowledgeable therapists cater

to your every need. Whether you

require maintenance treatments or

want to address skin concerns, they

have a specialist who can advise and

implement the right course of action

to have you looking and feeling your

best! Located in Avonhead, it’s easy

to find with ample parking. Book

online or simply swing by and say hi!

45 – 47 Merrin Street 03 358 8410


Hair | Addington

In the on-trend suburb of Addington

you’ll find the sleek and stylish Soho

Hair. The salon brings a touch of New

York to town and the creative and

experienced team will leave your hair

feeling healthy and fresh, and looking

fabulous! Client relationships are a

focus at Soho and director Sarah

Marsh is determined to make you feel

at home in the outstanding space.

You’ll be in safe hands with the

fashion-forward Soho team, who can

make your hair goals a reality.

359a Lincoln Road 03 962 0285


Nail Salon | Bryndwr

Nails By Tomo is helmed by leading

nail professional Tomoko Tsuji who

has over two decades of Japanese

nail art experience. She caters to all

your nail needs including manicures,

gel polish and gel, acrylic, pedicures

and stunning nail art using only the

finest quality products from Japan

that not only look amazing but also

improve nail health and strength.

Open Monday and Wednesday to

Saturday, and until 8pm on Thursday.

Bookings are recommended.

7/250 Clyde Road 022 194 6055

73 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20

Food & Drink


Cityscape tours the terroir. P75


The Dish reviewed. P78


Riesling, rosé and pinot noir. P81


Bursts of colour and healthy

goodness are on the menu at

Untouched World Kitchen.

74 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20

Salute to the source

How lucky are we to have such fantastic wine country

right on our doorstep? Canterbury’s vineyards make for

the perfect summer get-away, either for a day or longer.

Hop aboard as Cityscape tours the terroir.



Several wineries in the Canterbury

region have elevated their cuisine

offerings to the point where they

are known almost as much for their

food as their wine. There’s not a lot

that can beat a languid al fresco

session over some top drops and

outstanding fare out in the

beautiful Canterbury hinterland!

Draw straws for sober driver, then

head for:

Black Estate Crafting

characterful drops, Black Estate is a

family-owned and operated winery,

tasting room and restaurant.

Savour the sumptuous

combination of fine, locally sourced

fare with their exquisite wines while

drinking in the equally impressive

vistas across the rolling Waipara

hills. Their expressive winemaking

process is reflected in their

spectacular seasonal dishes, which

earned them the Cuisine magazine

award for Best Winery Restaurant

2019 and two Hats in the Cuisine

Good Food Awards. With a

delicious range of gourmet dishes

and perfectly aged or current

organic wines available, you’ll be

spoilt for choice!

Pegasus Bay Owned and

operated by the pioneering

Donaldson family, Pegasus Bay is

often referred to as the leading

producer of fine wine in the

Waipara region (and country). The

prime location of the vineyard

provides shelter from the elements,

allowing for intense flavour

development and optimal ripeness,

resulting in bold, complex and

full-flavoured wines. The winery

restaurant matches the exceptional

quality of their wines; from 2008 –

2012 it was named New Zealand’s

Winery Restaurant of the Year by


75 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


Cuisine magazine for five

consecutive years, also picking up

the gong in 2015 and 2016. Select

your wine to lunch with following a

tasting at the cellar door, or leave it

to the experts with a professionally

paired suggestion from the

outstanding menu.

Fiddler’s Green Vineyard &

Bistro If you are on the hunt for a

spot to pull up a pew and while

away a couple of hours, then

Fiddler’s Green Vineyard & Bistro is

for you. With head chef Viv van

den Bosch at the helm, you can

expect a tasty combination of

European-inspired and Kiwi

favourites as well as comforting

pub-style dishes that will entice

and delight. Take your pick from

their selection of wines or indulge

in others from the surrounding

Waipara Valley.

Other wineries with cuisine

offerings include: Melton Estate

– enjoy their signature Sparkling

Riesling with a hearty antipasti

platter. Waipara Springs Winery

and Café – boutique wines

matched to a sensational menu.

Waipara Hills – fresh, seasonal

dishes that pair perfectly with their

award-winning wines.



What better way to try wines than

at the source? You’ll find regular

cellar door hours at Greystone

Wines, where they also have

vineyard tours from 11:30am every

weekday, which come to an end at

their new private tasting den. Also

in Waipara is Muddy Water, where

the cellar door is in operation from

10am – 5pm daily (don’t miss their

Sugar Daddy Riesling) and Terrace

Edge Vineyard & Olive Grove, a

family-run organic vineyard whose

tasting room is open Thursday to

Sunday 11am – 4:30pm and

showcases their pinot gris and

other varieties. Torlesse Wines

opens daily from 11am – 5pm.

Connect Organise a

day out with your besties and get

along to the North Canterbury

Wine & Food Festival at Glenmark

Domain on March 8. This showcase

of the best of the Waipara region

makes for a superb day of food,

wine and music.

Further Waipara winery visits are

possible by advanced appointment

at Georges Road Wines, who are

happy for you to try their syrah,

pinot noir, pinot gris, riesling, rosé

and noble riesling; Pyramid Valley

Vineyards, who love to meet their

customers and show off some

product providing you can give

them a little bit of warning; and as

time allows at Bell Hill Vineyard

and Bishops Head. North of

Waipara you’ll find the Cheviot

tasting room of Mt. Beautiful

Wines, where you can also order

up a platter from their Two Rivers

Café (open daily) to go with

tastings of their artisan drops; and

Hanmer Springs’ Waiau River

Estate, formerly known as Marble

Point, where the cellar door is open

Friday – Monday, 10am – 4pm, and

where they’ll knock you up a tasty

cheese platter – or you can

endeavour to create your own – to

go with their multi-award winning

wines and great views over the

Waiau River Valley. In Selwyn you

can head for the ‘taste and buy’ of

Rossendale’s medal-winning drops,

open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm

Take notice Give your taste-buds a new experience by

venturing outside your tried and true. Chic central-city wine bar Not

Without You serves over 70 varieties of wine and more than 30 craft

beers. With an industrial chic décor, NWY exudes quiet sophistication with

a story that is uniquely Kiwi. Head to the Arts Centre for another chance

to broaden your palate. The vino will be flowing at Cellar Door all summer

long with the opening of this new bar in the School of Art building, which

overlooks the picturesque South Quad. This laxed spot has a focus on the

tasting experience as well as celebrating the provenance and personality

that any good drop offers.

76 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




and weekends by appointment; the

boutique, family-owned Lone Goat

Vineyard for tastings including

sauvignon blanc, pinot gris,

chardonnay, riesling and pinot noir

vineyard tours by arrangement;

and Straight 8 Estate, whose cellar

door is open daily and also houses

a family heirloom and classic

vintage racing car after which the

vineyard is named – a 1935 Railton

Light Sports.


Is heading back to the city in the

evening just too distressing a

prospect? Make it a proper

getaway with boutique, onvineyard

accommodation… bliss.

Award-winning Black Estate has

a real hideaway B&B available on

its Waipara Valley vineyard. The

views are vast, expanding from the

garden and vineyard to the

majestic Southern Alps. Trail- and

mountain-bikes are provided for

you to use while staying. At

Darnley Corner Wines in Waipara

you can stay in their delightfully

converted vineyard shed

overlooking their boutique

vineyard. Annie’s Loft & Studio

offers secluded B&B

accommodation at the Waipara

River Estate; Dunnolly Cottage is a

modern, private spot with a garden

overlooking the Dunnolly Vineyard;

and at House of Ball you can enjoy

a tranquil retreat at their artisan

vineyard operation in a stunning

spot. For a super lux escape, the

Greystone PurePod, perched

above the Greystone Wines

vineyards, features glass walls,

ceiling and floor, meaning there’s

something to see everywhere you

look; while The Old Glenmark

Vicarage is a truly wine-focused

destination, with

boutique rustic


options and their own

wines to try, making it

a great base for your

exploration of the

Waipara vineyards.


Take the effort out of

organising things

77 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20

yourself (and give driving

duties to someone else!)

with a wine tour. Explore

Waipara has a mission to

share their passion for

“the wines, the people

and the region of

Waipara” and they do

this with bespoke,

wine-focused tours. The

tours are a full day and

include lunch as well as a

fabulous selection of

wineries and wines.

Through Explore Waipara,

you can meet the people

that make North

Canterbury “the coolest

little wine region in the

country”. Other tour

options are available

through Waipara Wine and Craft

Beer Tours.

If you prefer the gentler pace of

cycling from vineyard to vineyard,

Natural High offers a one-day

Waipara Wine Tour by cycle. Or you

can take the self-guided option of

Hurunui Trails’ Waipara Valley

Vineyard Trail.

To hire a bike, head to Action

Bicycle Club in the city’s Walker

Street. They have city bikes,

mountain-bikes and e-bikes for

hire, so there is something for

everyone. They also stock a full

range of new bikes and accessories,

and can repair and service your

bike if it has been too long hanging

in the garage!

Be active

The brainchild of Pegasus Bay

Winery’s Ivan Donaldson, the

Pegasus Bay Vine Run (Jan 26)

raises funds for the New Zealand

Brain Research Institute. Do good for

others and for yourself by registering

for this fun 6km and 10km run or

walk. Once you’ve reached the finish

line you’ll be rewarded with a free

bottle of Pegasus Bay’s finest to take

home and live music to chill out to,

with a glass or two of wine or beer

on the winery’s lawn.

Asian persuasion

A sleek interior and excellent design complement a menu bursting with

flavour and dietary options at Montreal Street’s The Dish.


hoices, choices – the

extensive menu at The Dish

boasts so many Asianflavoured

delights that we were

going to have to do some serious

study before ordering. Would it be

the fresh oysters with chilli jam and

crispy shallots? The Peking duck

roti sliders with plum sauce, pickled

cucumber and iceberg lettuce?

Grilled salmon salad with chilli jam

sauce, mango salsa, lemongrass

and mint? Or roasted half duck

with house-made sauce, spinach

and pumpkin puree?

Choosing was going to be thirsty

work, so we ordered a drink each

from the extensive selection of

wines, craft beers, ciders, cocktails

and non-alcoholic choices. We

opted for a glass of the Rongopai

Chardonnay, from Hawke’s Bay,

and a bottle of Boneface Brewing’s

Hoptron APA. As it should, the beer

arrived with some poured into a

chilled 250ml glass and the rest still

in the bottle, keeping it lively and

also guaranteeing provenance.

The Dish identifies itself as Asian

Fusion. More specifically, the

predominant influence is Japanese

and this is reinforced by the interior

design, which rocks an

unmistakeable Tokyo chic with

minimalist black walls and clean,

uncluttered finishes. The smooth

jazz coming through the sound

system added to the air of


That we could hear and

appreciate the music was

testament to the restaurant’s

excellent acoustic design. Hard

walls and a polished aggregate

floor could have made

conversation difficult but acoustic

ceiling treatments that perfectly

match the Japanese aesthetic

ameliorated this. Even when the

restaurant filled up, including two

long tables of chatty workmates

enjoying a festive celebration, we

could still easily converse over

the top of it.

Back to the menu. The wide

selection of vegetarian, vegan and

gluten-free dishes is supplemented

by many other offerings with a

vegan or gluten-free alternative.

From the ‘Small Plate’ section, we

opted for deep-fried chilli squid

with The Dish sweet chilli sauce,

and steamed bao bun, tempura

eggplant, black fungus, sesame oil

and Vietnamese pickles. Our waiter,

Amy, followed up with some

sharing plates so we could both

sample the deliciousness. The

sweet chilli sauce that

accompanied the deep-fried squid

was a rich well of flavours, with

earthy ginger notes tempering the

sweetness – if they put it in a bottle

we would have some at home, for

sure. The Vietnamese pickles lifted

the steamed bao bun and tempura

eggplant to sublime.

Choosing our mains was equally

fraught. We finally chose the

wok-fried scallops and fish,

lemongrass, spinach and green

beans from the ‘In the Ocean’

section of the menu, and beef

cheek Massaman curry with

kumara mash and roti chips from

the ‘Beef & Lamb Lover’ section.

The scallops and fish were superbly

complemented by the sweet and

spicy liquor from the wok. For us,

though, the piece de resistance

was the beef cheeks Massaman –

meltingly tender beef cheeks in a

rich curry sauce, topped with

crunchy, irresistible roti chips.

‘The Vietnamese

pickles lifted the

steamed bao bun and

tempura eggplant

to sublime’

Time for another drink. This time

we opted for the Babich Irongate

Chardonnay, also from Hawke’s

Bay. Oakier than the Rongopai, it

had enough muscle to cope with

the strong flavours of the scallops

and the Massaman curry. Our other

choice was a glass of the Te Mata

Estate Syrah, an excellent example

of what has become one of New

Zealand’s signature wine styles.

Quite sated after our mains, we

paused before considering the

dessert menu. By now the

restaurant was buzzing and most

tables were full but the service

didn’t skip a beat. When Amy

returned for our dessert choice, we

opted to share the matcha crème

brulee with mochi ice cream, fruit

salad and dried raspberries. It

arrived with a suitably crunchy top

of caramelised sugar, which when

cracked revealed the soft green

of the custard, made with finely

powdered green tea leaves.

This matcha delivered the

requisite sharp bite followed

by lingering sweetness.

So many amazing flavours, so

many dishes not sampled – we are

already planning our return visit.

The dilemma will be between

plumping again for the beef cheeks

or diving deeper into the other

options. Choices, choices!

The Dish, 376 Montreal Street,

03 925 9787,

78 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20

79 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20





The team at The Avo Tree

are passionate about

supplying Kiwis with the

best avocados the Bay of

Plenty can produce.

Owner-director Thorley

Robbins shares some

tips on how to eat them

at their best, and how

you can get them

delivered all year round.


hat drew you to growing

avocados? I was brought

up on a small avocado

orchard, so essentially I was born

with the trees in the backyard. As a

company we don’t grow our

avocados. We buy them from a

large number of boutique lifestyle

growers spread across the western

Bay of Plenty. Generally, this results

in a fruit that is less intensively

farmed, which usually means less

spraying and quite often no sprays.

You are obviously fans – what do

you love about them? Everything!

Its nutritional goodness is arguably

unrivalled. Combine that with the

taste and texture and you have the

perfect food! Its unique fat content

creates a mellow, smooth flavour

that is unlike any other fruit, and

the texture then complements this

flavour. It’s versatile and doesn’t

take much to make it good. Take

avocado on toast as an example –

it’s simple and it’s incredibly tasty.

Tell us about your subscription

service? We pick the fruit, we put

them in the box and they arrive in

perfect condition on your doorstep.

The customer has full control of

their orders. This means they can

change the box size, change the

frequency, change the dispatch

day, pause it if they are on holiday,

skip an order if they have too many

avos or cancel it if you’re crazy.

They can control it however they

like. We dispatch every day but

repeat orders on Monday, Tuesday,

Wednesday and Friday. Honestly,

its simplicity is its value. Why do

you think your avocados are in

such high demand? The fruit is in

such high demand because of its

nutrition and flavour. Ours are just

the best of the bunch. They are

reliable both in delivery and quality

of fruit. We offer a range of size

fruit and boxes, which allows us to

suit a large range of customers.

Consistency is key in any business

and it’s the same for us. How do

you know if an avocado is ripe?

Everyone has their own technique

and it is just what you are used to

or comfortable with. However, we

think the best way with the Hass

variety is first the visual indication

(darkening) and then touch. They

should gently ease under slight

pressure. We have a great ripening

section on our website that helps

with the whole process. Colour, feel

and time all come into play so if

you are unsure, reading this is the

perfect start! Do you have any tips

for ripening them? Never

‘If you know what you

are up to, it is so easy to

get good avos every

single time’

refrigerate green avocados. Ripen

them in the box in a shady spot,

and when they are 80 percent ripe

or getting dark and with a slight

ease to pressure, then refrigerate

them. They will hold in perfect

ready-to eat condition for at least a

week. If you know what you are up

to, it is so easy to get good avos

every single time. What’s your

favourite way to eat them? Tough

question. We have a huge range of

fantastic recipes on our website.

However you really can’t go past a

good guac, or avo on toast. At the

moment I’m into avo on Better

Bread sourdough, topped with

lemon, Lucky Lucky noodle chilli

oil, salt and pepper. You’ve got a

range of avocado-based skincare

products as well – what can you

tell us about them? Yes! All our

products are NZ Avocado

oil-based, which we believe sets

them apart from other natural

skincare available. We are updating

the range and working on a new

set of products.

When you are supporting a small business, you are supporting a dream!

80 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




RIESLING 2017 The orange zest aroma so

characteristic of North Canterbury rieslings is

here in abundance, and a small amount of

spritzig from retained natural carbon dioxide

adds extra liveliness.


co-fermentation of Riesling (53%), Pinot Noir

(22%) and Chardonnay (12%), with a bit of

Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc in the mix

as well, has resulted in a summer stunner

from Black Estate.


PINOT NOIR RESERVE 2018 This pinot noir

was aged for 17 months in the barrel, with the

last three months spent resting in a specially

imported American oak barrel from Jack

Daniel’s Distillery. The wine is elegant yet

supple, with a silky texture, good acid

balance and smooth tannins on the finish.



With 400 hives around the city, Gold Fern

Honey are your local beekeepers. Producing

sweet raw honey, and beeswax products –

try it for a taste of Christchurch!



During late spring and early

summer, crop fields in the South

Island come to life with the

golden flowers of premium

rapeseed. Pure Oil New Zealand

cold-press the oil from the seed.

No chemicals. No heat. The oil

retains its cold pressed flavour

and high nutritional benefits.


Spirits/Distillery | Sydenham

Gin, whisky or vodka? There is a

treat for everyone this summer at

The Spirits Workshop Distillery in

Sydenham. Best known for their

fabulous Curiosity Gin, these distillers

are certainly talented craftsmen. Pop

in to the cellar door for a tasting,

book a tour, soak up the smells, see

the stills and enjoy your own private

masterclass – you’ll learn to talk the

talk like a true ginthusiast. Buy gift

vouchers online or give them a call to

book your local distillery experience.

11 Sandyford Street 021 336 416

81 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




Amongst the stunning backdrop of the Waipara Valley

in North Canterbury you’ll discover Black Estate.

Serving local organic food with delicious wines to

match, Black Estate’s vineyards are organic and

biodynamic, and grown by hand. Recently awarded

Cuisine magazine’s Best Winery Restaurant, this social

spot is the perfect place to wine and dine while taking

in the view.



Family-owned brewery and taproom Brew Moon

Brewing Company is located in Amberley, North

Canterbury. Pouring 16 of their own beers on tap, there

are fresh and funky seasonal brews sitting alongside

delicious classic styles. Brew Moon also pour a range of

wines from the Waipara Valley and serve up pizzas

fresh out of their wood-fired oven. Park up inside and

watch the brewery activity, or grab a seat in the

sun-drenched courtyard outside.



Sumner’s favourite artisan ice cream

parlour has brought its tasty treats

to High Street. This true hidden

gem scoops up unique ice creams

and waffles made from scratch with

local and organic produce. Striving

to serve the best ice cream, you’ll

discover plenty of vegan and glutenfree

options – forget Hokey Pokey,

Utopia Ice serves real NZ flavours.




Canterbury Brewers Collective is

New Zealand’s smallest tavern and

is located in the hip Riverside

Market. They specialise in locally

made craft beers and ciders. You

can pull up a stool and enjoy a beer

at the chilled out bar or take a

container of brewery-fresh beer

home, seven days a week.




In the registry building of the Arts

Centre, Zen Sushi & Dumplings will

impress you with their wide range

of options including PYO sushi,

nigiris, pan-fried or steamed

dumplings, donburi, salads and

Japanese curries. Free range

products and the best locally

sourced ingredients are used to

spoil your taste-buds.

82 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




Southpaw Brewing Company are inspired by beers

found whilst travelling overseas. The team blend this

inspiration with local ingredients to create unique

American-style beers. Their flagship beers include Uncle

Charlie APA and the gold medal-winning New Brighton

Lager. The Christchurch brewery offers rigger fills, tours

and monthly events – keep an eye on their Facebook

page for the latest brewery event. Or catch them at the

Common Ground Friday Markets in South Brighton.

83 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Delicatessen | Sydenham

This deli/café and wine bar serve up

primo familiar alternatives to suit

everyone – their ‘meaty’ products

are made from substitutes including

wheat protein and bean. Their BBQ

packs are the perfect option for

a summer barbeque – containing

everything you need for a fabulous

plant-based feed! The pack will

have your taste-buds buzzing with

faken, chorizo bangers and BBQ beet

bangers. Delicious! Be sure to check

out the extensive range on offer.

105 Orbell Street


Gourmet Food Store/Catering |


20 Colombo Street 03 982 1399

taste@twenty stocks a tempting

array of fresh produce, Vic’s breads,

Hummingbird espresso to go

and beans, preserves and pickles,

vinegars and olive oils, free-range

eggs and milk. They also offer their

own range of pestos, hummus, aioli

and delicious ‘real’ food... and some

say the best coffee in Christchurch,

all made with love and a smile.

Catering is also available, from finger

food for your function to tasty ‘man

food’ for your work shout.


Gourmet Meats | Cashmere

Cashmere Cuisine is an

award-winning boutique butchery

specialising in top quality cuts, roasts

and small goods. All their meat is

free-farmed and sourced locally.

Their highly qualified butchers

are passionate, and treat customer

service as of paramount importance.

With a balance of traditional and

modern techniques, they keep

up with the latest food trends

and seasons.

18 Colombo Street 03 332 6071 or 021 224 4590

84 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



International | Sydenham

5th Street, brought to you by the

team behind Christchurch’s iconic

café Hello Sunday, present a bespoke

lounge-style restaurant with a

constantly evolving menu that allows

you to explore the pleasure of shared

dining, matched by a well-crafted

and eclectic range of boutique,

natural and family-owned wines.

Expect the same customer service

people have come to enjoy from

Hello Sunday, only in a night

dining experience.

5 Elgin Street 03 365 9667


New Zealand | Central City

50 Bistro offers inspired bistro food

with modern flavours, excellent

wines and a great bar. Executive Chef

Antony Page leads the kitchen team,

designing seasonal menus that utilise

the best local produce. The menu

at 50 Bistro offers a large variety

of dishes, featuring classics twisted

with their own 50 flair.

The George, 50 Park Terrace 03 371 0250


Gastropub | Merivale

One of the hottest spots in

Christchurch, Aikmans Bar & Eatery

is a local favourite and is the ideal

venue for a stylish meal or relaxed

catch-up with friends at the bar.

With an expansive sun-drenched

courtyard and a heated louvred area

– sit back, relax and enjoy whatever

the weather. Small plates, platters,

brunch, dinner or drinks, Aikmans

caters for all from 11am each day.

154 Aikmans Road 03 961 6545

85 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Japanese/Bar | Central City

Pull up a pew and get ready to share

in the relaxed atmosphere of Bar

Yoku. Enter through the hanging

curtains in to the moody restaurant

and you’ll be transported to another

world. These guys serve up the

ultimate traditional Japanese street

food in an authentic environment.

Their focus is yakitori, which means

‘grilled bird’ – you’ll find some

zinging chicken alongside other

options. They also sell some primo

Wagyu beef, which is sourced locally.

20 Welles Street 021 071 2338 FB/baryokusakeandyakitori


Ice Cream Parlour | Central City

Open 7 days till late, Riverside Market, Corner Lichfield Street and Oxford

Terrace 03 365 2865

Ben & Jerry’s is known the world

over for its huge variety of original

flavours chock full of chunks and

swirls. They’re also celebrated for

doing their part to make the world

a better place – sourcing free-range

and fair-trade ingredients, adopting

climate friendly practices and backing

community initiatives. The new

Riverside store serves up plenty of

euphoric flavours that taste delicious

in their baked waffle cones – don’t

forget to add some toppings!


Steakhouse/Swishy Bar |

Central City

A popular New York style steakhouse

known for premium, local produce,

seasonal menus and delicious

cuisine. Check out Hugh’s Whisky

Library for a nightcap or perhaps

The Terrace for one of their famous

cocktails and delicious platters. For

the full Bloody Mary’s experience

you can’t go past their flagship

Prime Rib carved at your table every

Wednesday and Saturday.

30 Latimer Square 03 943 5937

86 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




Café | Central City

This unique 2-storey space in New

Regent Street serves fresh, seasonal

and healthy food daily, all made with

local produce. They offer cabinet

goodies, the best burgers and fresh

food prepared on the spot, and a

small selection of NZ wines, craft

beers and beverages – not to mention

amazing coffee! The menu changes

seasonally to ensure you get vibrant

flavours and fresh produce. New

seating area now open. Book now!

1 New Regent Street


New Zealand / Central City

Cook ‘N’ With Gas is a classic

old-school bistro that explores

modern New Zealand cuisine.

They dazzle your senses with

amazing flavour profiles and

cutting-edge cuisine and their

dedicated team have created a

destination that has become a firm

favourite with locals and visitors alike.

Experience one of Christchurch’s

most well-known restaurants and

enjoy the atmosphere which is

Cook ‘N’ With Gas.

23 Worcester Boulevard, 03 377 9166



Japanese | Central City

Fine Japanese cuisine has returned

to the heart of the city with Cookai

Japanese Restaurant open at The

Crossing. Their sushi train is a hit

with the kids and loaded with more

than 60 delicious dishes including

vegetarian and vegan options. You

can also order a Cookai classic like

Soft Shell Crab or Tempura Sushi

and wash it down with a traditional

sake or wine. Available for functions.

Open seven days.

Level 1, The Crossing, 166 Cashel Street 03 343 2860

87 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Asian Fusion | Central City

Attentive service and an inviting

atmosphere is what you’ll find at The

Dish. This sophisticated space has

only recently opened its doors. The

team have worked hard to create

a special place where you’ll feel at

home as you indulge in some of the

amazing fare served up daily. It’s the

perfect spot to create memories with

friends and family. Tempt yourself

with some of their Oysters or Beef

Cheeks and sip on something from

their extensive list of drinks.

376 Montreal Street 03 925 9787


Restaurant | Central City

With its buzzing, local vibe, Earl

captures the essence of the city

lifestyle while still delivering an

around-the-clock sense of occasion.

The friendly all-day venue brings fine

but casual dining to Christchurch

and focuses on doing simple things

well with its menu inspired by the

flavours, energy and relaxed vibe

synonymous of the coastal European

culture. Your inner-city local bistro

that’s all about good food, good wine

and good times!

128 Lichfield Street 03 365 1147



New Zealand | Central City

Sophisticated, sociable and relaxed,

Fiddlesticks is one of the city’s best

retreats. This distinctive restaurant

and bar provides an inviting

atmosphere for whiling away some

time. Dine al fresco and watch

the street-side activity from their

sheltered courtyard, or join friends

in one of the intimate dining spaces.

The talented kitchen crew provide

sensational in-season and local fare.

48 Worcester Boulevard 03 365 0533

88 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Bar/Restaurant | Lincoln

The Flaming Rabbit is a slick eatery

located in Lincoln that owes its name

to the dark tale of blazing bunnies

that were said to have spread a fire

across the scorched lands of the

Selwyn District. Head in for breakfast,

opt for a light meal or sink your

teeth into the perfectly aged South

Devon beef – courtesy of the onsite

dry aging cabinet. Weekly specials

include a burger special, Monday to

Wednesday and happy hour, Monday

to Friday from 4 – 6pm.

3 Vernon Drive 03 321 7265


Café | Sydenham

Hello Sunday is a delightful piece of

reclaimed Christchurch. One of the

city’s best brunch restaurants, they

emphasise creative, fresh flavours,

great service and excellent coffee.

Enjoy a little bit of Sunday – each

and every day!

6 Elgin Street 03 260 1566 Find them on Facebook


European/Beer Garden | Central City

Enjoy summer at one of the newest

hospitality hotspots, Kaiser Brew

Garden. Boasting a stunning setting

on top of the Riverside Market, the

Brew Garden is the spiritual home

of Kaiser Brothers Brewery beers.

Experience the on-site microbrewery

(yes, you can even put down

a brew with Brewing Captain Dicky

Fife), or simply enjoy the all-weather

living garden with a fine wine in hand.

And the delicious Bavarian-inspired

menu will not disappoint! Prost!

Level 1, Riverside Market, Corner Lichfield Street and Oxford Terrace 03 366 6100

89 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Japanese | Addington

Renowned for their authentic and

delicious Japanese cuisine and for

being the first Japanese restaurant to

boast a sushi train in the city, KUMO

is at the forefront of Japanese dining

in Christchurch. With an assortment

of dishes on their menu, you can dine

on traditional sushi or take your pick

from their selection of main dishes as

well as highly tempting desserts.

351 Lincoln Road 03 339 0886


Café / Central City

Take your café experience to new

heights down at Lemon Tree Café, a

boutique and contemporary space

that offers an array of sweet and

savoury treats. Sip on a killer coffee

in their quirky fitout – the perfect

spot to pull up a pew, relax and catch

up with friends. Treat yourself to one

of their brunch specials or indulge

in one of their high teas packages.

Lemon Tree Café can also host your

next special event!

234 St Asaph Street 03 379 0949 Find them on Instagram



Cosy Pub/New Zealand | Avonhead

Enjoy the legendary hospitality of

the West Coast in a relaxed, fun

and friendly venue that serves

exceptional gastropub fare

alongside Monteith’s famous range

of craft beers. Perfect for any

occasion, this classic Kiwi ‘local’ has

specials 7 days a week and supplies

their own premium South Devon

beef with their exclusive paddock-toplate

operation. Your friendly local

on the corner!

Avonhead Mall, 210 Withells Road 03 358 8184

90 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Café/Restaurant | Central City

Located in the stunning refurbished

Midland Building, previously home

to Christchurch favourite Caffe

Roma, is Miro – Best Café winner at

the 2018 Hospitality New Zealand

Awards for Excellence. Their menu

offers restaurant-style brunch and

lunch with a contemporary twist, as

well as barista-made Allpress coffee,

a selection of teas and breakfast

cocktails for that extra morning pickme-up.

Miro open for dinner too so be

sure to stop by and check it out!

176 Oxford Terrace 03 925 9909


Café | Central City

Moment is situated in the heart of

the CBD, with a clean minimalist

atmosphere drenched in sunlight.

Their menu sets the bar high with a

kaleidoscope of colour and flavours

your taste-buds won’t forget. You’ll

find twists on café classics, including

their famous eggs benedict. Offering

an abundance of gluten-free,

vegetarian and vegan options that

will leave you spoilt for choice.

85 Manchester Street 03 261 4141


New Zealand/Cosy Pub | Merivale

No.4 Bar & Restaurant has a lively

atmosphere every day of the week.

Take a seat in a candlelit corner,

pull up the couch in the library, or

celebrate with friends in one of the

covered outdoor courtyards. When

you’re comfortable, check out your

dining options. Brimming with

fresh, seasonal and locally sourced

delights, the menu has earned No.4

an exceedingly good reputation.

Drop in for exceptionally good beer,

food and stories.

4 Mansfield Avenue 03 355 3720

91 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



South East Asian Cuisine |


7 Normans Road, Strowan 03 355 3909, 257 High Street, Rangiora 03 313 4276 &

47 London Street, Lyttelton 03 925 9335

Experience tasty South East Asian

cuisine at any of Nom Nom Kitchen’s

three cosy and fully licensed

locations. They offer an array of

sensational dishes and are also

gluten free, vegan and vegetarian

friendly. With a great range of

cocktails, wine and beer on tap also

available, Nom Nom Kitchen are

perfect for your next family catch-up

or special occasion. Their Strowan

location is open 7 days.


Winery/International | Amberley

Named New Zealand’s best winery

restaurant 8 times in the past 11 years

in the Cuisine NZ Good Food Awards,

Pegasus Bay offers an unforgettable

experience. The menu is influenced

by the best of local produce, and

changes to take advantage of

seasonal offerings. Start things off

with a free tasting and discover the

breathtaking gardens.

263 Stockgrove Road 03 314 6869 Bookings recommended


Argentinian | Central City

The Polo Bar is the perfect setting

for breakfast, afternoon aperitifs,

or to enjoy delicious shared plates

from late afternoon. Inspired by

Argentinian cuisine, they offer a

menu of various sharing plates

of selected meats smoked and

chargrilled for a unique flavour.

Delicious vegetarian dishes are

also on the menu, which changes

regularly so they can use the freshest

local ingredients to create their

mouth-watering dishes.

351 Montreal Street 03 943 8555

92 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Modern Chinese | Central City

Up your summer eats at inner-city

dumpling bar Sister Kong. Nestled

down the funky Victoria Street

laneway you’ll discover some nextlevel

fare and neat decor. Inspired

by Hong Kong eats and late-night

Chinatown bars in New York, these

guys serve up thirst-quenching

craft beers that accompany their

mouth-watering dumplings. Wrap

your mouth around their homemade

dumplings, the Bao Mac, Chilli Wings

or lunchtime combos – all using

fresh, locally sourced produce for

you. The menu boasts options for

everyone, too, with vegan, vegetarian

and gluten-free goodies available.

Just follow the waving neon cat

down the lane at 123 Victoria Street.

Pull up a seat in the sun and enjoy!

123 Victoria Street 03 421 6494


Spanish/Bar | Central City

Imagine the stunning sights, unique

sounds and delicious smells of

beautiful Spain, and that’s exactly

what you’ll find at the newly

opened Salut! Salut! This wee

establishment serves up some of the

most authentic tapas in town and

vino you’ll be dying to wrap your

taste-buds around. Bustling with

atmosphere and good vibes, Salut!

Salut! offer a menu that is as simple

as can be, just traditional Spanish

finger food and a wine list to match.

20 Welles Street 021 071 2338 Find them on Facebook

93 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




Pizza/Swishy Bar | Central City

Spagalimis Pizzeria & Bar is the oldest

restaurant in Christchurch. Visit them

for a meal or just a drink in the historic

Ironside House, built in 1899. With

their menu of 50 delicious pizzas

and a full bar and cocktails available,

there’s something for everyone! Enjoy

outdoor dining on the deck area, the

live sport playing at the bar, or book

their private dining room for your

next function. Open Mon – Tue 4pm –

late, Wed – Sun 11am – late.

32 Salisbury Street 03 379 7159


Restaurant / Central City

Located on Christchurch’s famous

Spanish Mission architecturally styled

New Regent Street is Story, a small

social hub offering exquisite culinary

fare by way of chefs Shafeeq Ismail

and Jamie Bennett. Open seven

evenings a week from 5pm, dine in

the light and classic space, pull up

a pew and take your pick from their

premium beer and wine range or

keep it relaxed with a tasty bar snack.

8 New Regent Street 03 261 9441


European | Merivale

Located near the city and with

stunning views of Hagley Park,

Strawberry Fare offers something

for everyone. They open early with

delicious breakfasts and their own

roasted coffee; a perfect place to

start the day. Lunch and dinner are

served 7 days, and their famous

desserts are available any time

you fancy. Free-range and organic

produce is used whenever available.

Enjoy a friendly, relaxed service that

also caters to all dietary needs.

15 Bealey Avenue 03 365 4897

94 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




Japanese | St Albans

Immerse yourself in some culture

from the Tomi family as you dine

on traditional Japanese cuisine.

Tomi has a wide range of Japanese

sake and a comprehensive wine list,

and offers a delicious selection of

authentic specialty Japanese dishes.

76 Edgeware Road 03 377 8028


Restaurant / Addington

Images: @thesocialproject_agency

Using only the freshest produce

from local growers, Town Tonic’s

constantly evolving menu can

cater to all dietary requirements

and boasts exceptional plant-based

dishes. Situated conveniently close

to Horncastle Arena and The Court

Theatre, Town Tonic is the perfect

place for pre- and post-show drinks

and dining. Book online via their

website and keep up to date

with their latest events on their

Instagram @towntonic_

335 Lincoln Road 03 338 1150


European | Central City

“Cantabrians should feel proud

that on Christchurch’s showcase

tourist street, 27 Steps is serving

our visitors – and us lucky locals –

the best produce of the province

with confidence, panache and

unpretentious sophistication.”

The Press. The tiny bar and extended

outdoor area downstairs and the

restaurant upstairs are open seven

nights a week for dinner or drinks

from 5pm. Private lunches are also

available on request.

16 New Regent Street 03 366 2727 Find them on Facebook

95 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20




European | Central City

Equal parts edgy Euro-chic and

sun-drenched tropical escape,

Universo Brasserie & Bar sets the

scene for a gourmand experience

you’ll be hard pressed to forget.

Choose one of their sensational

cocktails and peruse their expertly

crafted seasonal menu that offers a

raft of tempting dishes for breakfast,

lunch and dinner. Tasty cabinet fare

is also available to take away. Open

seven days from 9am.

Cnr Worcester Boulevard and Montreal Street 03 379 5214



Café | Burnside

A favourite with locals, and now with

a fresh new look, Untouched World

Kitchen is the perfect oasis away from

the hustle for a delicious breakfast,

brunch or lunch. Dine al fresco in the

peaceful garden setting, or cosy up

by the fire with a coffee and tasty

treat from the cabinet. Located just

5 minutes from Christchurch Airport

with plenty of off-street parking.

Enquire about catering options and

private functions.

155 Roydvale Avenue 03 357 9499


Pub | Central City

A welcoming neighbourhood yet

inner-city local pub, Welles Street

serves up not-your-average bar

snacks and has a crafty drinks list to

quench your thirst. The beautifully

converted warehouse is designed to

facilitate a good time on your terms –

you can sit up at the bar with a huge

plate of crunchy hand-cut chips while

enjoying one of the more than two

dozen local and international beers

on tap, or enjoy a game of pool or an

arcade game in the laxed atmosphere.

44 Welles Street 03 366 0172

96 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Fat Freddy's Drop. P98


Legendary Kiwi band

the Mutton Birds. P100


The season in culture. P105


Pioneering Kiwi electronica duo Pitch Black –

Paddy Free and Mike Hodgson – will be burning

up the stage at Electric Avenue on February 22.


Cool cats

Saxophonist Scott Towers, aka Chopper Reeds, gives

us the skinny on Fat Freddy’s Drop and their latest

release ahead of their headlining show in

Christchurch on Waitangi Day.

our latest album, Special

Y Edition Part 1, has dropped

– tell us how it came

together? It’s a pretty even mix of

road-tested numbers that have

been honed over the last 18 months

on tour and studio workouts that

came from jam sessions. We’ve

always wanted to do an audacious

large-scale release and a two-parter

seemed the right way to go. Can

fans expect to see a Part 2 drop in

2020? Either late 2020 or early to

mid 2021. Or perhaps some other

time. Heck, we don’t know either,

but it will happen. How did you

come up with the name Fat

Freddy’s Drop? The longwhispered

mythology about the

band name is correct – a long hazy

weekend of music-making, some

recreational drugs and counterculture

cartoons all combined.

You’re quite a large band – is it

difficult to get all seven members

in the same place at the same

time? No. We’ve got a good

understanding amongst the group

of how best to work, and that

means intense sessions in the

studio to write, record or rehearse

and then a complete break from it

all. All it takes is a few emails and a

car ride/flight and we’re into it.

How did Fat Freddy’s form? It was

a loose collective of musicians who

jammed together in various guises

in Wellington in the mid to late ‘90s

and then things got more serious

and the lineup solidified. The last

change to it was 12 or 13 years ago.

Can you tell us about your first

gig? Well, my first gig with Fat

Freddy’s Drop was in London at the

Fabric nightclub. None of the OG

horn players made the trip over so I

got called in to cover. It was

nerve-racking but also incredibly

fun. You’ve performed together

98 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


now for over 15 years – what

keeps the chemistry alive? It’s

actually the performing – finding

new ways to present a song. And

listening to each other. On any

given gig at least a couple of the

band happen to be in blinding form

– that’s pretty cool to witness up

close. That and the audiences we

have – they are uniformly amazing

all over the world. You seem to be

always chasing summer, spending

plenty of time in Europe when the

colder weather sets in here – how

is tour life? Hard, boring,

exhausting, exhilarating, luxurious,

lonely, thrilling, educational,

emotional – it’s just what we do.

You’ve performed the world over.

Where has been your favourite

city to perform? I love playing in

Lisbon – amazing city and great

fans. How do you think your Kiwi

roots have influenced your music

and career? It’s hard to say

whether the band could even exist

if we weren’t based here. I think the

sound we get is unique because we

are isolated from the stringent

musical rules of some established

‘scenes’ overseas. But yeah, we all

live here so an NZ perspective is

definitely in there somewhere.

Fat Freddy’s is now a whanau with

partners and children – any rising

talent coming through the ranks?

All of them are awesome in their

own right. That said, Hopepa’s son,

Benny Salvador, is a great

up-and-coming house and techno

DJ. What are your thoughts on the

New Zealand music scene? It’s full

of amazing talent that people need

to support. Having a thriving local

arts scene can only do good things

for the wider community. This

year’s Music Awards finalists and

winners were a pretty good start

– jump in, people, try it out! Who do

you dream of doing a collab with?

‘The long-whispered

mythology about the

band name is correct’

Unfortunately Prince has died, so

D’Angelo? Badu? Kaytranada?

BadBadNotGood? Khruangbin?

That list is endless... What’s your

go-to spot in Christchurch? Penny

Lane Records. Do you have a preand/or

post-show ritual? I try to

listen to the other bands before the

show – that’s always inspiring. And

after, a cooooooold beer. What’s on

the cards for Fat Freddy’s in

2020? More of everything – this

year was kinda quiet (recording

aside). So more gigs, more writing

and recording, more touring and

more holidays.

Fat Freddy’s Drop, Hagley Park,

February 6

99 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


‘There are more

than enough

Mutton Birds

songs I reckon …

it’ll be great to

delve into it all

with the benefit

of hindsight’

Flying visit

Legendary Kiwi band The Mutton Birds will reunite

for the Great Kiwi Beer Festival in Hagley Park on

January 25. Don McGlashan tells Cityscape

excitement is building and so is the set list.


ou’ve described reforming

as being like putting on an

old coat you haven’t worn

for a while – how’s the fit? Good

so far. We won’t actually start

rehearsing till Alan the bass player

arrives from the UK but people are

already suggesting songs for the

set list and ideas are flying back

and forth. Excitement is building!

Will the Christchurch gig be the

first by the reformed band? No, it

looks like there’s a Dunedin show

before the Christchurch one, so

when we get to you we’ll be matchfit,

hungry and ready to leave

everything on the stage. Do any of

you actually like muttonbird, or

tītī? If yes, what’s your favourite

way to eat it? Not sure about the

other guys, but I do like

muttonbird, either triple-boiled,

roasted, then served on fresh white

bread with some watercress; or

(much less time-consuming)

ordered as a delicious entree at

Fleur’s, Moeraki. Will the playlist

be all Mutton Birds or will there

be some of your solo material as

well? There are more than enough

Mutton Birds songs I reckon. That’s

10 years of writing and recording,

and it’ll be great to delve into it all

with the benefit of hindsight. I think

that apart from the well-known

ones that we’ll definitely play, we’ll

find some seldom-played ones that

deserve an outing. Any new

treatments for the old classics?

Bound to be! It seems many of

your Kiwi fans came to love The

Mutton Birds while in London on

their OE – what are your best

memories of that time? So many:

fish and chips in Arbroath,

Scotland, before the Dundee gig;

Colin and Philip from Radiohead

turning up to our set at the

Borderline on Tottenham Court

Road; having to go and have beer

and mussels in Calais for one day

every few months to freshen up our

UK work visas; finding the Topp

Twins waiting in the rain outside

our show at the Shepherds Bush

Empire, and seeing the happy looks

on their faces when we hustled

them to the front of the queue…

What are you bingewatching at

the moment? The strange,

anarchic British TV show Flowers.

Hilarious, frightening and brilliant.

Any new Kiwi artists that have

caught your attention? There are

so many Kiwis making fantastic

music right now. I’m loving Tiny

Ruins’ latest album, and Marlon

Williams and Emily Fairlight. The

list goes on. What advice would

you give to your younger self? “If

someone who looks like a much

older version of you sidles up to

you in a dark alley, and it seems as

if they’re about to give you advice,

run for it.” Any plans for while

you’re in Christchurch? I’d love to

head out along Ferry Road towards

New Brighton and drop in on Ant

Elworthy and the “Stretchy”

animation team, who are doing

beautiful work on Kiri & Lou, the

kids’ TV series that I’m helping my

old Front Lawn mate Harry Sinclair

make. What’s your favourite way

to spend a Sunday afternoon? If

I’m in Christchurch and it’s a nice

day, walking around to Boulder Bay

from Taylor’s Mistake. (Who was

Taylor? What did he do wrong? Did

someone ever point it out to him,

or was everyone too polite?) After

this tour, what is on the cards for

the rest of 2020? I’ll be hard at

work on my next solo album. I’m

hoping to release that in the

second half of the year.

The Mutton Birds,

Great Kiwi Beer Festival,

Hagley Park, January 25 2020

100 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



as a bit of a laugh and has now taken over Jamie

Morton’s life. Cityscape talks to the podcast creator

about sharing his dad’s pornography with the world.

There must be some challenges in

turning an audio podcast into a

stage show? It was quite difficult

to think how we were going to do a

live show, how it was going to work

and how it was going to be

different to just the podcast.

What’s exciting is that we’ve got a

wealth of stuff that my dad has

written that he’s never released or

shown anyone so we’re going to

delve through that. And we’re

going to get the audience to help

us make sense of this work, so

we’re going to employ them to tell

us where we want to go next with

the story and if we want to do a

little more of this or a bit more of

that. We’re going to use the

audience as if they’re the editor

that my dad never actually had

with the book, and try and make

him a better author in the process.

Do you think the audience will

have any real idea what they are

in for? I don’t think they’re going to

be realising how crazy the writing

is because it is the weirdest stuff

he’s ever written. Hopefully, if you

like the podcast you’re going to be

able to come and revel in the fact

that you’re in this world. And if you

haven’t ever listened to the

podcast before, it’s a great place to

start because we are open to

virgins of my dad’s work too. What

is it about the three of you that

makes it all work? I dunno, I think

it’s because we are genuinely three

mates. We aren’t comedians, we

were never setting out to make

something that was a comedy

show really, we just make each

other laugh and we just hoped that

other people would find this story

funny. And I think maybe that’s it

– it’s our authenticity, that we

aren’t trying to one-up each other

with our jokes, we just genuinely

want to make each other laugh and

through that the audience laugh,

and people like that. This has taken

over your lives, hasn’t it? I try and

make it not my entire life. We all

still have our day jobs, and that’s

been really nice to keep everything

a little bit normal. But it is certainly

a crazy tangent of my life, yeah.

Have you thanked your dad for

what’s happened? Of course,

every day. I thank him for being

crazy. And what’s nice is that he’s

part of the business with us so he

gets to be involved with it all which

is great. It’s like a cottage industry,

isn’t it? It’s basically the family

business now, I’m not going to lie.

We’re going to start getting my

sisters to do some presenting as

well on the show. That will be fun.

What does your mum think of it

all? Mum – yeah, do you know

what, she’s really cool about it. She

doesn’t listen to it, she doesn’t

want to involve herself in the whole

porn aspect but I respect that, it

makes sense. But she’s really proud

of us and I think now that it has got

to this point she gets it a bit more.

They both come on tour with us

and they see the audiences get so

excited. For my mum she’s like, this

thing you wrote in the garden shed

is actually bringing a lot of joy to

people and that’s really nice. .

What has been the most surreal

moment in it all? A surreal

moment was having our faces on

billboards all over LA for our HBO

show – that was crazy. Down

Sunset Boulevard – that was mad,

seeing your face huge. Doing the

Royal Albert Hall was a pretty big

night, just because that’s such an

iconic building in London. The fact

that we got to talk about

pornography in the Royal Albert

Hall was pretty crazy, the fact they

let us in was a surprise in itself.

What would you be doing

otherwise? I loved the job I had

before, and I still do it so I would

just be doing that, which is

directing TV stuff, commercials, but

it’s certainly a more interesting life,

having pornography in it. I’ve just

always thought it’s healthier to not

have my whole life dictated by my

dad’s erotica. Did you ever think

you would have even said that

sentence? Exactly – the fact that

that is even part of my life is

worrying enough, right? It can’t be

the whole of it.

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Isaac Theatre Royal, January 22

101 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


Breaking the ice

The power of ‘search’ has delivered Icehouse and its lead singer, Iva

Davies, a slew of young fans to swell its concert audiences. Iva tells

Cityscape how hard it is to pick a set list to please everyone, and his

favourite thing about popping over the ditch for a visit.


re you enjoying being back

on the road with Icehouse?

Indeed. We’re in a rather

luxurious position in that we don’t

play grinding, demanding

schedules now so every time we

play it’s a bit of a novelty. I was the

one who initiated the discussions

about playing in New Zealand. We

always have a great time in New

Zealand, it’s such a beautiful place.

No doubt things are a bit more

restrained on tour this time

around? We were never a

completely mad band although I

must say that at one point on one

of our tours there was an all-points

broadcast for us for both the North

and South Island and we were

banned from staying in any hotel in

New Zealand until the record

company managed to negotiate a

way out. Is it a greatest hits

concert or a mix of old and new?

It’s always tricky to pick a set and

that’s because we are blessed by

having more hit songs than we

have time to perform, which is a

great position to be in but

inevitably somebody’s going to

miss out on something they really

wanted to hear. The set list is going

to be loaded fairly heavily with

things that people would like to

hear because they have been

highlights. But on the other hand

there are surprises in that there are

certain songs that work better as

live songs than they did as

recorded songs. And they may not

be songs that had a high profile

such as top five hits or whatever

but they work particularly well in a


live show environment and the

band love playing them. And what

about the fans – a mix of old and

new? Indeed they are in what I find

an incredibly surprising way. I

guess it’s best typified by a story

from about 2011 – we started

playing again in 2010 or so and we

hadn’t played for 16 years. There

was this festival in Sydney called

Homebake and they got 20,000 to

30,000 people in the audience. We

were approached by the promoter

and he said he would like us to play

at Homebake and he would like us

to play our first album, Icehouse,

and by the way most of the

audience are in their 20s. I was in

absolute shock and I said to this

promoter ‘Are you completely

insane? This is going to die a

thousand deaths because that

album is 35, nearly 40 years old

and the audience you’re talking

about won’t even have been born

when that album was released.’ We

went ahead and played and I

approached the stage with fear

and loathing because I thought it

was a formula for disaster. Anyway

about three songs in, Steve the

bass player said to me ‘Look at the

front row’. And the front row was

full of 18-year-olds singing every

single word. It's the power of the

internet and the way in which

20-year-olds these days go looking

for music. Do you have any

favourite spots in New Zealand

that you are looking to visit? My

favourite thing about visiting New

Zealand is that there are surprises

every time, and my expectation is

of that being the case again. I

remember one time we played

outside Queenstown to about

17,000 people and it was overcast

and drizzly but we had a fantastic

time. Then our last concert on that

tour we performed in blazing heat.

Selwyn Sounds, Lincoln Event

Centre, March 7

Connect with us cityscape.christchurch cityscapemagazine_chch

102 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



Don Service is the talent behind RightSide Gallery in

Addington, where you’ll discover more than just paint on

canvas. The stunning space has been a long-held dream for

Don, who has always wanted a workshop and showroom

where he can make designs and do various other jobs such

as art repairs, frame making, design and build items for

shopfitting and stretching clients’ art, building plinths for

sculptures and have a base for his art hanging business.

This funky studio is home to a collection of pieces made

using form, texture and colour. Don loves to work with solid

timber, steel and rust, and plywood, which he uses to create

shapes that play with the eye, cast shadows and look

amazing. RightSide is also a showroom for Don and fellow

artists he has met through exhibiting at art shows around

the country. All are very talented, motivated and cool. Some

of the other artists on show include Joel Hart, Rachel Rush,

Charles Hannah, Hamish Anderson, Glen Jorna, Sarah

Albisser, Stef Gray, Yana Meech and Hamish Brotherstone.

RightSide is a viewing by appointment gallery and will also

be available for solo shows and new artists looking for an

exhibition space. Be sure to check out the ever-evolving

gallery and enjoy the art on offer.

14 Tyne Street, Addington, 021 238 1501



Margaret Atwood, author of cultural phenomenon

The Handmaid’s Tale, has released its sequel, The

Testament, which picks up 15 years later. To celebrate

its release, Atwood will take to the Christchurch Town

Hall stage on February 12 for In Conversation with

Margaret Atwood, where she will share her insight,

humour and intellect. Atwood will delve into her career

and diverse works, while explaining why she has

returned to the fictional world of Gilead.

103 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



If Dolphin Friendly aren’t on your radar, get them there, stat! The uber-cool

Christchurch outfit bring psychedelic rock vibes and will have you singing

along to their catchy tunes in no time. They’ve opened for banging Aussie

bands Lime Cordiale and Skeggs, plus Kiwi legends Shapeshifter, too. Their

new single ‘Find Me’ has just dropped and it is full of good vibes. Lead singer

Sam Mander says, “It’s basically just a summer banger that came to inception

one night over a couple of tins in the garage, and with some fine-tuning we

thought it had the potential to get people frothing”. Known for their

high-energy onstage and messages of sustainability and “unf*ck the world”,

Dolphin Friendly are kings at sweet and intimate shows. Catch them at

Soundsplash Timaru on January 17 or Electric Avenue on February 22.




Throw some colours, dance to

music from various DJs and enjoy

traditional Indian games, cultural

performances and festive Holi

delicacies at Holi-Festival of

Colours, a traditional Indian holiday.

Grab your all-white attire and head

to Hagley Park on February 29. Holi

is widely recognised as a day to

forgive, look ahead and celebrate.

Find it on Facebook



A festival showcasing Banks

Peninsula’s food, beverages, arts,

produce, crafts, music and more on

February 22 at Orton Bradley Park.

Featuring 70-plus stalls, with six

music acts taking to the Cassels Lil’

Smoke Stage, and celebrity chef

Simon Gault judging a mystery box

cook-off. Get set for a relaxing day,

the Banks Peninsula way!




Bestselling author Jung Chang will

present a talk at 6pm on Saturday

29 February at Charles Luney

Auditorium. Best known for Wild

Swans, she will present her new

book, Big Sister, Little Sister, Red

Sister: Three Women at the Heart

of Twentieth-Century China.



Christchurch’s biggest annual

fireworks display will bedazzle the

city when Sparks bangs into action

at Hagley Park on February 15. The

sky will be lit up to the Christchurch

Symphony Orchestra and other

special muso guests as your ears

and eyes are treated to a free

performance of classics and

modern-day jams.

104 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


What’s on




EXHIBITION Works by Ōtautahi

artist Bill Hammond will be on

display at Christchurch Art Gallery

until mid January. Christchurch Art

Gallery, Until Sun 19 Jan,


PERFORMANCE This sparkling

adaptation follows the loveable

characters Badger, Ratty, Mole and

Toad as they embark on an

adventure for all ages. The Court

Theatre, Until Sat 18 Jan,






gig in Rauora Park will deliver

some ultra-chill vibes. The

Response will bring their signature

indie sound, while Adam Hattaway

and the Haunters will bring a

relatable slow-jam sound to the

stage. Botanic Gardens, Sun 12 Jan,


FESTIVAL Check out the best of

what the rural community has to

offer as well as the hundreds that

travel to the event from Canterbury

and beyond. Awa-Iti Domain, Sat 18




COMEDY Team Porno will hit the

stage, delving into the Belinda

Blinked erotica saga, a porno

written by Jamie Morton’s father.

This outrageous comedy event will

feature never-before-heard

material and plenty of surprises.

Isaac Theatre Royal, Wed 22 Jan,



Showcasing the talents of some of

New Zealand and the world’s best

performing artists along the streets

and in a range of venues. Various

venues, Thu 23 Jan – Sun 16 Feb,


The signature smoky and sweet

sound of Lauren Daigle will fill

Christchurch Town Hall. She’s

bringing a new stage production,

design and set list to highlight her

raw vocal power and stage

presence. Christchurch Town Hall,

Sat 25 Jan,



hoppiest celebration of craft beer

with some of the leading names

and faces in the industry. All of

your brewing dreams will come to

life with more than 300 varieties of

beer on tap, live music and

interactive workshops. Hagley

Park, Sat 25 Jan,


Support the New Zealand Brain

Research Institute and join in the

Vine Run. Set against the

picturesque backdrop of the hills,

valleys and vineyards of Pegasus

Bay Winery. Pegasus Bay Winery,

Sun 26 Jan,


RACING SPORT The South Island’s

largest classic motor racing event

will zoom in to town. There will be

more than 200 cars from the late

1920s through to the 2000s. This

one is not to be missed. Mike Pero

Motorsport Park, Fri 31 Jan – Sun 2


Connect with us cityscape.christchurch cityscapemagazine_chch

105 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


released its highly anticipated

sequel The Testament and will take

the stage to talk about it.

Christchurch Town Hall, Wed 12



NEWMAN MUSIC ‘Sail Away’ with

Randy Newman in his first-ever

tour of Aotearoa. Supporting the

release of his latest album Dark

Matter, he’ll bring some old

favourites too like ‘Short People’

and ‘Rednecks’. Isaac Theatre

Royal, Thu 13 Feb,



A-HA MUSIC The Norwegian trio

are headlining their first New

Zealand show with special guest

Rick Astley. They will perform their

hugely influential debut album,

Hunting High and Low, in full,

including the No. 1 hit ‘Take on Me’.

Horncastle Arena, Sat 5 Mar,


FESTIVAL/MUSIC Fat Freddy’s Drop

are stopping by for their annual

summer appearance and are

bringing some of the coolest cats

with them. Bop along to the laxed

sounds of JessB, L.A.B. and DUB

FX and enjoy the Waitangi Day

vibe on offer. Hagley Park,

Thu 6 Feb,


FESTIVAL Noodle lovers rejoice –

the Night Noodle Markets make

their return and have an array of

Asian flavours to choose from.

North Hagley Park, Thu 6 – Sat 15




celebrate the release of their latest

album, Dancing Under the

Dogwoods, Tattletale Saints will

bring their boundary-pushing,

rolling jazz-influenced sound to the

stage. Blue Smoke, Sun 9 Feb,



the classic Romeo and Juliet in the

picturesque surroundings of Mona

Vale Gardens. The large cast and

live music will give any

Shakespeare fan a performance to

remember. The Mound Lawn, Mona

Vale Gardens, Wed 12 – Sat 22 Feb,



The Handmaid’s Tale author has

WIN! We have two double passes to give away to

the opening night of Top Dog Theatre’s Summer

Shakespeare season of Romeo and Juliet (Mound

Lawn, Mona Vale Gardens, Wed 12 – Sat 22 Feb). To

enter the draw, email with

‘Romeo and Juliet’ in the subject line and tell us your

favourite Shakespeare play. Entries close January 31.


UK hellraisers The Stranglers are

touring and bringing Aussie-based

Kiwi legends Mi-Sex. Let loose and

enjoy a night of original sound and

effortless cool. Christchurch

Town Hall, Thu 13 Feb,



Hagley Park get lit up as Sparks

brings the goods. The Christchurch

Symphony Orchestra will perform

alongside other fabulous artists.

The night will end with a bang with

a dazzling fireworks display. North

Hagley Park, Sat 15 Feb,


Knight will perform her melting

pot of music on the Town Hall

stage. Get ready to sing along to

hits including ‘Midnight Train to

Georgia’. Christchurch Town Hall,

Sat 15 Feb,


MUSIC A curated selection of New

Zealand and international artists

with some incredible local food,

craft drinks and markets will be on

offer. Ferrymead Heritage Park, Sat

15 Feb,



Year of the Golden Rat will be

celebrated with a cultural, colourful

106 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


parade that will include lions,

dragons, dancers and drummers.

Cathedral Square, Sun 16 Feb,

find it on Facebook


FAMILY Pop by and explore one of

Christchurch’s newest regional

parks. This walk through eight

hectares of planted native forest

will be run by Styx Living

Laboratory Trust. Styx River,

303 Radcliffe Road, Sun 16 Feb,


PERFORMANCE Pack your picnic

basket and head down to the

Botanic Gardens as NZ Opera put

on a primo performance.

Christchurch Botanic Gardens, Sun

16 Feb,



star Jonathan Van Ness is bringing

his world tour to New Zealand for

the first time. Serving up

cirque-du-so-gay-realness, it will

be a night full of laughs and high

energy. Christchurch Town Hall, Tue

18 Feb,



queen Deborah Frances-White will

be joined by some killer guests for

a live recording of the popular

podcast, The Guilty Feminist. Isaac

Theatre Royal, Tue 18 Feb,



Zealand stage debut, David Suchet

will present Poirot and More: A

Retrospective, which will highlight

the actor behind the detective and

the many faces he has portrayed.

Christchurch Town Hall, Wed 19 Feb,


Enjoy the food stalls, rides and

music while learning more about

the wetlands and estuary

environments. McCormacks

Bay Reserve, Sat 22 Feb,

find it on Facebook


DESIRE THEATRE This classic play

will have you feeling all the feels.

The storyline follows Blanche

DuBois as she arrives in New

Orleans, desperate for a place to

stay. The Court Theatre, Sat 22 Feb

– Sat 14 Mar,



to rock as legendary shock-rocker

Alice Cooper rolls into town. You’ll

be delighted and maybe a little

frightened as you enter the

Nightmare Castle, where the

revamped setlist includes classic

hits, some select deep album

tracks and new music. Horncastle

Arena, Sat 22 Feb,


The biggest electronic music

festival of the year will roll into

town again. You’ll be able to catch

electric blues/folk/reggae rockers

Ben Harper & The Innocent

Criminals, Aussie electronic duo

Peking Duk and Kiwi pop legends

Drax Project among loads of other

talented acts. Hagley Park, Sat 22



FESTIVAL Relax against the

picturesque backdrop of the Banks

Peninsula, where you can indulge

in some of the best produce the

region has to offer.

Orton Bradley Park, Sat 22 Feb,


FESTIVAL Jung Chang, bestselling

author of Wild Swans, will present

a talk about her latest book, Big

Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister:

Three Women at the Heart of


Market | Sockburn

The Riccarton Market is Canterbury’s

most established, vibrant market.

The market has over 200 stalls

covering fresh fruit and veges,

flowers, plants, antiques, clothing,

arts and crafts, books and much

more. The market also offers a food

court, and features local talent

performing on stage each week.

165 Racecourse Road 03 339 0011 Open: Sun 9am – 2pm

107 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


Twentieth-Century China. Sure to

be an interesting night! Charles

Luney Auditorium, Sat 22 Feb,


Punk rockers Stiff Little Fingers will

return to New Zealand to celebrate

40 years since the release of their

debut album, Inflammable Material.

Ngaio Marsh Theatre, Tue 25 Feb,

MY BABY MUSIC Dutch-Kiwi trio

MY BABY will have you hypnotised

with their iconic dance moves and

killer stage presence. Blue Smoke,

Fri 28 Feb,


PARTY FESTIVAL Latin street food,

cocktails, live music and

performers will be out and about in

this fun and colourful atmosphere.

New Regent Street, Central City,

Sat 29 Feb,


FESTIVAL Throw some colours,

dance to music from various DJs

and enjoy traditional Indian games,

cultural performances and festive

Holi delicacies on this traditional

Indian holiday. North Hagley Park,

Sat 29 Feb, find it on Facebook


The sport of kings is trotting into

town and will showcase a fantastic

fusion of urban polo and a

not-to-be-missed music lineup.

North Hagley Park, Sat 29 Feb,




opening of the Lamb & Hayward

Masterworks Series for 2020,

Symphonic Dances will be

conducted by Benjamin Northey.

Christchurch Town Hall, Sat 29 Feb,




PERFORMANCE Central-city library

Tūranga will play host to this

site-specific work. Tūranga, Wed 25

– Sun 29 March,


MUSIC Alternative-country group

Cowboy Junkies are returning to

New Zealand for the first time in

more than 20 years. Isaac Theatre

Royal, Sun 3 May,


MUSIC Six days packed with

awesome entertainment delivered

by 80 different artists. Various

locations, Tue 19 – Sun 24 May,



Zealand Ballet will capture the

spirit and power of the brightest of

lights in the night sky. James Hay

Theatre, Fri 12 – Sat 13 Jun,


MUSIC/THEATRE You know this

musical will be good as it was

written by ABBA songwriters

Benny Andersson and Björn

Ulvaeus, with lyrics by Tim Rice.

Isaac Theatre Royal, Fri 19 – Sun 21




Director Lindy Hume and the NZO

team explore the class and gender

politics of this landmark opera.

Isaac Theatre Royal, Thu 16 – Fri 24




curated selection of the latest

offerings from auteurs local and

international when the NZIFF hits

town. Lumière and Isaac Theatre

Royal, Thu 6 – Sun 23 Aug, nziff.


FESTIVAL Diary the WORD Festival,

which will again feature some of

the world’s top novelists, thinkers,

journalists, poets and storytellers.

Various locations, Tue 25 – Sun 30




RNZB will perform a beautiful take

on the compellingly dark, classic

novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses.

Isaac Theatre Royal, Fri 28/Sat 29




iconic fairy-tale Sleeping Beauty

gets a reworking by the oh-sotalented

Royal New Zealand Ballet.

Isaac Theatre Royal, Thu 19 – Sat 21



CONCERT Seminal Scottish band

Simple Minds return to New

Zealand, this time with Orchestral

Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD).

Horncastle Arena, Wed 9 Dec,

WIN! Cityscape has a fantastic prize pack to give away to the North Canterbury Wine

& Food Festival, the “coolest little wine festival in the country”, being held at Glenmark

Domain on Sunday March 8. The pack includes two festival tickets, a $40 gift voucher for

Utopia Ice, and a selection of Brod Kvas naturally fermented probiotic drinks. To enter the

draw, email with ‘NC Wine & Food’ in the subject line and tell us

your favourite North Canterbury drop. Entries close February 21.

Take hold of your night-life with the Cityscape App. Your personal gig guide in your pocket.

108 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20


Nick Paris from Lumière

reviews three of the best

from the current crop of

cinema releases.


Guy Ritchie (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) is

back with a vengeance and a pitchfork in the ground! An

English drug lord wants to cash out of his weed business

to a bunch of Oklahoma’s dynastic billionaires. The

marvellous script (co-written by Ritchie) has the stamp

of High Noon and Quentin Tarantino all in one. Hugh

Grant is a screamer playing against type. He thinks he

has all the chips in this poker game but nobody told

Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell or Jeremy Strong.


Beating the drums for Herzogian darkness, the German

auteur strikes gold with a man that replaced the ageing

fossils of Russia and became a young, earnest leader

espousing transparency and more democracy. Trawling

through archival footage, Werner Herzog captures the

backstory with stunning efficacy and at times very

candid moments with its subject.


It’s been a long time between drinks for oblique helmer

Terrence Malick to summon the chutzpah of Days of

Heaven and Badlands. His latest, A Hidden Life, based

on a true story, is set in a little paradise in Austria where

invading Nazis force a conscientious objector, Franz

Jägerstätter, to arrive at a stark choice – to break his

silence and risk everything or pledge allegiance to save

his life. High up in the mountains of Radegund, Malick

responds with a heavy gravity of light and dark. To those

who witness it, this is within a whisker of genius!

109 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20





& LOIS LILLY Jean Patchett was

both model and muse, a famous

face from New York’s vibrant

mid-century popular culture and

the most successful high-fashion

model of her time. This book

explores her career and its scope in

words and images.


ANGELO Megan Angelo’s debut

novel traces the stories of three

women navigating the tricky and

treacherous territory of social

media influencers. This darkly funny

story reminds us that even if we

obsess over famous people we’ll

never meet, what we really crave is

genuine human connection.



A modern-day woman is inspired

by notes left by her home’s previous

owner, a quintessential 1950s

housewife. As she discovers

parallels between this woman’s life

and her own, it causes her to

question the foundation of her own

relationship, and place in society.



What we’re hoovering up on the small screen.



Image: Disney

01 – SOUTH PARK One of the most iconic animated

series around, South Park has recently landed on

Netflix for your bingewatching pleasure. Along with

multiple seasons, you’ll discover a curated list of the

best episodes from throughout the years – there’s

plenty to laugh at! After 23 seasons, the show is still

relevant, hilarious and totally on-trend!

02 – THE MIND, EXPLAINED Expand and

understand your mind with this uber-interesting

series on Netflix. Narrated by Emma Stone, each

episode examines a different theme relating to the

human brain. Have you ever wondered what’s going

on when you’re dreaming, what causes anxiety, or

how remembering things works? This series will give

you the answers and explain the complex brain.

03 – THE MANDALORIAN Star Wars is back in full

force with the primo series The Mandalorian. You can

thank this space western for the gift of the super

cute Baby Yoda. This series picks up five years after

the events of Return of the Jedi and follows a lone

Mandalorian bounty hunter. You can get your Star

Wars fix on Disney+ – the last episode in the series

has just dropped. Expect a banger of a finale!

110 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20



The killer tracks on

high rotation in the

Cityscape office.


‘Kamo Kamo’

Special Edition Part 1



EDITION PART 1 Iconic Kiwis Fat

Freddy’s Drop have delivered the goods

once again as their fifth studio album,

Special Edition Part 1, hits the streets. It

features six sonic tracks with some real

digi drops. The rotation taps into the

signature smooth sounds we’ve all

come to love from Fat Freddy’s. The

album has dropped just in time for their

summer jam in Hagley Park. Special

Edition Part 1 is out now, and certainly

worthy of your undivided attention.


Summer tunes just got a whole lot

better with kitsch queen and country

and soul singer/songwriter Tami Neilson

tapped to drop a banging new album

on Valentine’s Day. CHICKABOOM! will

pack a punch, with stripped-back tunes



OUT This five-part series

follows the story of The

Big Day Out festival. It

covers everything from

securing Nirvana in its

first year to the festival’s

tumultuous downfall in

2014, and all the killer

times in between.

serving up some sweet sounds. Teaser

track ‘Hey Bus Driver!’ has already

racked up a ton of streams – the upbeat

tune plays true to Tami’s signature style.

Her unique country twang and boppy

beats will be on your high rotation.


February is looking mighty fine as the

empress of synth-pop, Grimes, releases

a long-awaited new album on the 21st.

Miss Anthropocene follows on from Art

Angels and if the released teaser track

‘So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth’ is

anything to go by, this is going to be

the one. Grimes has described the

uber-cool sounds as “ethereal nu

metal(ish)” and it will also feature the

killer single ‘Violence’. Grimes is known

for visual art, too, so expect some

amazing artwork with this album.


‘Chase the Devil’

War Ina Babylon


‘It Might Be Time’




Lucky Shiner


‘6’s to 9’s’




KARLSSON Stationery

and organisation queen

Kristina Karlsson of Kikki

K brings simple, practical

and useful insights to the

table. She focuses on the

power of dreaming to

create a future you love.

111 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20

‘It’s easier to

hunt fans than



Fresh (in vampire years) from killing it in vam-com

What We Do In The Shadows, Deacon the Vampire

has a bloody good World Buskers Festival show lined

up to suck in a legion of Christchurch fans.


ell us about your journey to

becoming a vampire. No!

That’s what my show is for.

Come to the show, lazybones! But I

will tell you how I innovated the

marketing of cardboard boxes. It’s

totally my invention: a full set of

differing sized cardboard boxes all

inside each other like a Russian

doll. It was a genius innovation in

the 1800s. We’ve heard you’ve

been searching for an old

girlfriend – how’s that going?

Urgh! Don’t ask! Those things one

finds so endearing at first, like her

drunken belligerence or her

spontaneous hot-headedness, do

slowly lose their rosy lustre over

time. What’s it like living with a

garlic intolerance? Fine. “See garlic

– avoid garlic” I always say. What’s

the most common misconception

about vampires? That we leave

blood all over our faces! So gross!

Who does that? Not me. Well, just

that one time during the film when

we took the piss out of Nick and

did it for the cameras. Are you

expecting a letter from the Queen

on your 200th birthday? Does she

do that? That could be cool. I

wouldn’t be upset if she didn’t – I

mean, I am a vampire. What do

you do to relax and unwind? I

hang in my closet. Or in other

people’s closets. There are some

nice closets around

Wellington. What are the

pros and cons of

vampire life? Everything

I thought would be

awesome slowly turned

to turgid bullshit. Even

bullshit stuff just

remained bullshit or got

even worse. So it’s just

constant bullshit stuff all

the time, ugh. Any

victims in mind on your

Christchurch visit? I’ve

heard there is a Deacon

Fan Club in Christchurch.

This is mainly why I’m

coming down. It’s easier

to hunt fans than

non-fans, although

they’re not as much fun

to hunt. Fans simply

stand there looking excited. If they

do run away, it’s just because they

are merely pretending to run away.

You know you will always catch a

fan. It’s less exciting, a bit like if you

were a rich hunter with a huge gun

in a giraffe pen. Ugh. What’s your

favourite guilty pleasure?

Hypnotising bus drivers to take me

directly home, but I don’t feel guilty

about it. What are you listening

to/binge-watching at the

moment? I’m listening to David

Bowie’s Blackstar. I’m watching a

playlist of sunrises and sunsets that

Stu sent me. I actually listen to

Bowie AND watch sunsets – so

languid and romantic. Are there

any other Buskers Festival acts

you’re hoping to catch? No. I only

like weird, awful, macabre stuff. I

prefer to feel deeply unsafe at the

theatre. But I’m sure there are

plenty of fun and informative

shows for all you wincing

lightweights out there.

112 CITYSCAPE.CO.NZ Summer 20

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