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From the pen of Prebendary Ben in Penn

Dear friends,

I hope this finds you well and you’re managing

to remain warm despite the onset of winter.

I suppose I am left with the dubious honour of

writing the Vicar’s letter for the last ever issue of

Penn Parish magazine. Before I tell you about

the future, let us for a few moments celebrate

what’s been achieved.

There has been a parish magazine here for over

100 years and we all want to say a huge thank

you to all the people, both alive and with God,

who have edited, written, distributed and read

the magazine over these times. The magazine

has served us well and was, for many many

years, a really superb tool bringing information

about our wonderful churches and parish to

hundreds of people.

One particular mention I would like to make

was being incredibly moved by issues of the

magazine from October 1917 and January

1918. These spoke of vicar Holden and his

time as a padre in the First World War. The

October magazine included a letter from

Holden explaining to the parishioners that he

was going to France which was accompanied

by a letter from the Bishop giving permission.

January 1918, shortly after his tragic death in

November 1917, showed a list of church staff

(with no vicar) and a letter from the Bishop

explaining what a wonderful man Oswald

Holden had been. I found myself thinking… a

century ago that would have been me. I am sure

that many of us have many happy memories

of the magazine and issues which we have

particularly appreciated.

As I say, our magazine has served us well and

for that we must give thanks. But what of the


Communication has changed and our parish is

doing what we can to keep in touch in the world

of today. You may well have already read the

first and second issues of our new bimonthly


The views, facts and opinions which appear in the magazine from time to time are the views of the author and

do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Clergy, the Editors or the PCC, its committee or

groups. Errors and Omissions Excepted. Your feedback is welcome. We may publish your views in future

editions of the magazine.

2 The Parish of Penn Magazine

parish newsletter. I hope you like it, I certainly

do. The intention is to distribute it more widely,

possibly alongside local newspapers. Up to now

about 500 people per month have received

the magazine, we are hoping that two or three

thousand will receive the newsletter and it will

be free of charge. If you live away would like

electronic copy please contact the parish office

and we can arrange that with pleasure. If you

know of a company that would like to advertise

in this newsletter please contact us, we would

love to hear from you!

One important advantage of the newsletter

is that, compared to the magazine, it will take

considerably less effort to prepare. Also, as the

newsletter will be free there will be no need

to have distributors and money collectors.

Hopefully, all this will mean that its future is

much more secure in the long term. A big thank

you to Sarah who has taken on the editorship

of this. She is doing a great job and please keep

her in your prayers and support her where you


We have an active social media presence.

If you don’t already, please do follow us on

Facebook - Saint Bartholomew’s Church Penn-

@stbartschurch. This Facebook page gives

a prayer each day and is a very good way of

keeping up-to-date immediately with events in

the church and what is going on around. There

is also the church website www.saintbarts. Our church is about to employ a new

computer system and our website will get a

good overhaul but please do look at it. It is a

very useful source of information.

And so, with thanks in my heart for many

hundreds of wonderful editions of our Parish

magazine but with hope in my heart for future

communications from our parish I sign off...

May God bless you,

- Preb. Ben in Penn

With special thanks to David Price and Denis Harper for photo contributions



10am Parish Communion with Hoodie Choir - Junior Church meets at 10am in the Oak Room

5.30pm Evensong

SUNDAY SERVICE IN ST. ANNE’S Family Service 11.45am ‘All Age Worship’ First Sunday Communion


1st Sunday Advent 1

2.30pm Holy Baptism Service

5.30pm Advent Carol Service

2nd Monday 9.45am Bears & Prayers (Lady Chapel)

10.00am Coffee Morning (Oak Room)

3rd Tuesday 9.00am Little Acorns (Oak Room)

4th Wednesday 1.45pm St Bart’s School Christmas Performance - Early Years (Church)

7.30pm Bible Study Group (Lady Chapel)

5th Thursday 10.30am St Bart’s School Christmas Performance - Early Years (Church)

2.00pm Butterflies Worship (Lady Chapel/Oak Room)

6th Friday 1.00pm Knit & Natter (Oak Room)

8.00pm Friday Night Youth Group (Church Hall)

8th Sunday Advent 2

9th Monday 10.00am Coffee Morning (Oak Room)

10th Tuesday 9.00am Little Acorns (Oak Room)

6.00pm St Bart’s School Christmas Performance – KS1 (Church)

11th Wednesday 10.30am Mothers’ Union Carol Service (Church)

6.00pm St Bart’s School Christmas Performance - Lower KS2 (Church)

7.30pm Bible Study Group (Parish Office)

12th Thursday 2.00pm Butterflies Worship (Lady Chapel/Oak Room)

6.00pm St Bart’s School Christmas Performance - Upper KS2 (Church)

15th Sunday Advent 3

5.30pm Come & Sing Christmas

16th Monday 10.00am Coffee Morning (Oak Room)

7.30pm Prayers for Healing (Parish Office)

17th Tuesday 9.00am Little Acorns (Oak Room)

7.00pm Highfields School Carol Service (Church)

8.00pm Bell Ringers Christmas Party

18th Wednesday 7.30pm Blue Christmas Service (Church)

7.30pm Bible Study Group (Parish Office)

The Parish of Penn Magazine 3


19th Thursday 10.30am Bears & Prayers Christmas Performance (Church)

1.00pm Butterflies Christmas Party (Oak Room)

20th Friday 9.30am St Bart’s School End of Term Service (Church)

11.00am Penn Hall School End of Term Service (Church)

1.00pm Knit & Natter (Oak Room) & Service in Church at 3.00pm

8.00pm Friday Night Youth Group (Church Hall)

7.30pm St Anne’s Carol Service by Candlelight with Hand Bells

22nd Sunday Advent 4

5.30pm Carols by Candlelight

23rd Monday 10.00am Coffee Morning (Oak Room)

24th Tuesday 2.00pm Crib Service

4.00pm Christingle featuring Hoodie Choir

Choir Carol Singing in Nursing Homes

11.30pm Midnight Eucharist

25th Wednesday 8.00am Holy Communion

10.00am All-age Christmas Communion

28th Saturday 2.00pm Wedding: Francis Setterfield & Samantha Smith

29th Sunday Christmas 1

4.30pm Holy Baptism Service

30th Monday 10.00am Coffee Morning

Friends of St Bart’s Quiz Night

On Saturday, the 10th of November the

‘Friends of Saint Barts and St Anne’s’ held

a quiz night in the Church hall. Despite the

weather we had a great evening and the

questions were suitably challenging and

interesting. They say fish is good for your

brain and so we had fish and chips office

for the evening which was very enjoyable.

I estimate the event will have raised about

£200 which, as always, will go towards the

church buildings and the choirs.

Please can I give a special thank you to Adam

Whitehouse for all his hard work in getting

everything together. He was a very enjoyable

evening and we’re all glad we went.

- Rev. Ben Whitmore

4 The Parish of Penn Magazine


Sunday 1st December 5.30pm Advent Carol Service

Sunday 15th December 5.30pm Come and Sing Christmas

Wednesday 18th December 7.30pm Blue Christmas Service - for people who find

Christmas difficult

Sunday 22nd December 5.30pm Carols by Candlelight

Christmas Eve 2.00pm Crib service - aimed mainly at children KS1 and

younger - also featuring our Little Cherubs



Christingle featuring Hoodie Choir

Midnight Eucharist

Christmas Day 8.00am Holy Communion



All-age Christmas Communion

Sunday 19th January 5.30pm Epiphany Carol Service


Friday 20th December 7.30pm Carol Service by Candlelight with hand-bells

Sunday 12th January 11.45am Christingle Service

Remembrance Experience

The Remembrance Experience ran on

Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th of

November. We hosted 44 Children from St

Bartholomew’s Year 6 on the Wednesday and

59 Year 5 Children from Springdale on the

Thursday, along with teachers and support


There were five stations that the children

rotated around before all coming together in

front of the Altar for the final station.

They looked at the history of the church and

the times it had stood through, and how

those things had influenced the building.

They looked at peace, how they found peace

and what it meant to them, and also looked

at the true story of Desmond Doss, a pacifist

who served as a medic in the Second World


They then carried those thoughts through

to the lady chapel where they wrote prayers

on the poppies which now hang from the

screen. They learnt about the history of the

poppy appeal.

They then visited the story of Rev’d Holden

who went to the trenches as a chaplain, but

gave every child in St Bart’s Sunday School a

photo of himself and asked for their prayers.

Here the children wrote prayers about their

current concerns.

6 The Parish of Penn Magazine

Then they looked at letters home, both from

Rev’d Holden and others, and considered

what they would want the people back home

to know.

Finally we came together to look at how we

remember, the things we collect to remind

us of happy times, and then we looked at

how Jesus asked us to remember him in the

breaking of the bread and in the wine.

All the helpers complimented the

engagement of the children in all they

activities. I would like to express my thanks to

all who gave up their time to help, I think we

got as much out of it as the children.

- Rev. Alison Storer


Christmas Cards

We now have packs of lovely Christmas cards available for you to

purchase with all proceeds going towards the Friends of St Bart’s and

St Anne’s who support our wonderful Choir and contribute directly

to maintaining our magnificent Churches.

The pack of 8 cards (2 copies of 4 different pictures) will cost £4. The

packs can be obtained from Sue in the Parish Office 01902 576809,

Revd Ben or Anne Edwards (01902 337478) The cards are all festive

photos from in and around St Bart’s and have been taken by a

member of our congregation.

Situations Vacant

Help requested by the following groups:

Friday Night Youth Club

The youth club runs fortnightly from 8-9.30pm, if you’d like to offer a

helping hand please contact Sam Hewlett-Lloyd -

Calling All Male Singers

To help Reverend Ben at Sunday morning service as he is currently

our only male singer!


Our bi-monthly newsletter is now underway, we are looking for new

and exciting ideas for content. If you have any suggestions for news

articles, features, or general information you’d like to see included

please email them over to

The cutoff for our January edition is 9th December, but general ideas

are welcome at any time.

Many thanks, Sarah. Newsletter editor.

8 The Parish of Penn Magazine

Knit and Natter Dates

December 2019

6th and 20th December

Knit and Natter Dates January


1.00-3.00pm Oak Room St. Bart’s

(unless otherwise stated)

3rd and 17th January

What’s On

Church Christmas Fayre

Saturday 30th November

12 - 3pm

Penn Townswomen’s Guild

Members of the Penn Townswomen’s

Guild enjoy regular meetings on the

second and fourth Wednesday of

the month, with first class speakers

in an atmosphere of friendship and

enjoyment. Visitors and new members

are always welcome.

For more information, contact

Mrs. Elsie Carter on 01902 339 657, or

Mrs. Kiston on 01902 338 351.

27th November:

‘Tis the Season’ - Keith Reynolds

Wednesday, 11th December

The Christmas Party

Come Sing Christmas

Sunday 15th December

Rehearsal 2pm

Concert 5.30pm

Tickets £3

available in advance

or on the door

V & W Events Penn Festive Fair

Saturday 15th December

1 - 4pm

£1 Admission

St. Bart’s Parish Office Opening Times

Monday: 9am - 12pm

Tuesday: 9am - 12pm

Wednesday: 9am - 12pm

Thursday: 9am - 12pm

Friday : 9am - 12pm

The Parish of Penn Magazine 9


The History of Advent

Advent has a long and rich history full of

depth and meaning, so long in fact is

it’s history, that it is impossible to state with

any certainty when it was first instituted. The

first mention of Advent is found in ancient

writings dating back to the sixth century,

with some anecdotal mentions as early as AD


Scholars believe that during the 4th and 5th

centuries in Spain and Gaul, Advent was a

season of preparation for the baptism of new

Christians at the January feast of Epiphany,

the celebration of God’s incarnation

represented by the visit of the Magi to the

baby Jesus (Matthew 2:1), his baptism in the

Jordan River by John the Baptist (John 1:29),

and his first miracle at Cana (John 2:1). During

this season of preparation, Christians would

spend 40 days in penance, prayer, and fasting

to prepare for this celebration; originally,

there was little connection between Advent

and Christmas.

By the 6th century, however, Roman

Christians had tied Advent to the coming

of Christ. But the “coming” they had in mind

was not Christ’s first coming in the manger

in Bethlehem, but his second coming in the

clouds as the judge of the world. It was not

until the Middle Ages that the Advent season

was explicitly linked to Christ’s first coming at


The word ‘Advent’ is derived from the Latin

word ‘Adventus’, there are many references

to the translation of the word to simply

mean arrival or coming, there are however,

at least two other Latin words that could be

translated in this way. Adventus though,

had a compelling range of meanings; from

of the verb advenio which is defined not

only as arrive, come to, but also as develop,

set in, and arise. Adventus itself also refers

to an invasion, incursion, ripening, and

appearance—all denotations that are rich

with implications for the gospel accounts

of Christ. The relationship between

adventus and military comings is especially

noteworthy. In ancient Rome, Adventus was

a technical term for the ‘glorious entry’ of an

emperor into his capital city.

Advent Today

The beauty of advent is that not only is it a

very old Christian practice, but it is a very

personal one, and churches have adapted it

to suit their local parishes.

The season of Advent lasts for four Sundays

leading up to Christmas. At that time, the

new Christian year begins with the twelveday

celebration of Christmastide, which

lasts from Christmas Eve until Epiphany on

January 6. Advent begins on Sunday that

falls between November 27th and December

3rd each year. Advent 2019 begins on

Sunday, December 1st and ends on Tuesday,

December 24.

The Advent season is a time of preparation

for our hearts and minds for the anniversary

of the Lord’s birth on Christmas.

The four Sundays of Advent, the Advent

wreath & the Advent candles

Week 1: Hope (or promise)

Week 2: Preparation (or waiting or prophecy)

Week 3: Joy (or peace)

Week 4: Love (or adoration)

The Advent wreath, four candles on a wreath

of evergreen, is shaped in a perfect circle to

symbolise the eternity of God and his infinite

love. In some churches, four purple candles,

one for each week in Advent, are used with

10 The Parish of Penn Magazine

one larger white candle in the middle as the

Christ candle. Other churches prefer three

purple or blue candles with one candle being

rose or pink, to represent joy.

Here at Saint Bart’s we use four purple candles

to represent the four themes of Advent. The

first for the Advent hope, the second for the

prophets, the third for John the Baptist and

the fourth for the Virgin Mary, and finally the

Christ candle at the centre is white.

Eve or Christmas Day reminding Christians

that Jesus is the light of the world. The order

and exact wording vary among churches, but

the wreath continually reminds us of whom

we are called to be as followers of Jesus.

There is no right or wrong way to observe

Advent as long as you’re coming to God with

a sincere and open heart.

- Sarah Slade

The colour purple - or more accurately violet,

is used as it is a liturgical colour that signifies

a time of prayer, penance, and sacrifice. If

you look around St Bartholomew’s over

the advent period you will notice purple

hangings, and the Stoles of our clergy will

also feature the colour.

We are particularly lucky to have in our

possession at St Bart’s, a wonderful cast iron

Advent wreath on which we display our

candles, designed and made by a young

man in the congregation called Robin Ling.

For a while Robin had his own forge and was

able to make the whole thing himself. The

fact it’s made by ‘one of us’ is a particularly

special feature and makes it a particular joy

to use. Over the years it becomes increasingly

covered in candle wax which adds to it’s

character, displays the passage of time

and becomes ever more significant and

important to our church.

During each Sunday of the Advent season,

we focus on one of the four virtues Jesus

brings us: Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. Others

consider the lighting of the first candle to

symbolise expectation, while the second

symbolises hope, the third joy and the fourth

purity. The Christ candle is lit on Christmas

Advent Wreath - made for St Bartholomew’s Church

by Robin Ling

The Parish of Penn Magazine 11

Prayers for Advent

1st Week of Advent

Lord Jesus, light of the world,

born in David’s city of Bethlehem,

born like him to be a king:

be born in our hearts at Christmas,

be King of our lives today.


3rd Week of Advent

Lord Jesus, light of the world,

John told the people to prepare,

for you were very near.

As Christmas grows closer day by day,

help us to be ready to welcome you now.


2nd Week of Advent

Lord Jesus, light of the world,

the prophets said you would bring peace

and save your people in trouble.

Give peace in our hearts at Christmas

and show all the world God’s love.


4th Week of Advent

Lord Jesus, light of the world,

blessed is Gabriel, who brought good news;

blessed is Mary, your mother and ours.

Bless your Church preparing for Christmas;

and bless us your children, who long for your



Food for thought at Advent!

My understanding of Advent is that it

is a period of time that focuses on

expectation and the anticipation of Christ’s

birth in the season leading up to Christmas,

although it is also seen as a period of fasting,

self reflection and prayer as a means of

preparation, commencing at the start of

December. A tradition we have adopted is the

Advent Calendar which began when German

families in the mid-nineteenth century started

counting the days until Christmas by tallying

chalk marks on a door or wall. Since then

we now a huge variety of Advent Calendars

- religious and non religious incorporating

chocolates, toys and other gifts. I am not

a fan of the highly commercialised ones,

preferring the traditional scene, and simply

opening a window to see what picture is

hidden behind it. Maybe you might like to

consider an alternative this Advent , having

a Reverse Advent Calendar. I recently picked

up this idea and it involves having a bag or

box in the kitchen and instead of opening

something is to put a food or household item

in every day with the view to donating the

bag to The Well Foodbank - we have a trolley

at the back of the church that is regularly

emptied. It could be a great family activity

decorating a box, children choosing an item

from the cupboard, talking with them about

the importance of giving and sharing - Food

for thought this Advent I hope!

- Kay Stokes

12 The Parish of Penn Magazine

Following the success of last year’s event we

held a massed local Primary School choirs

singing day on 18th October at St Bart’s

Church. St Bart’s, St Benedict’s, Woodfield,

the Royal and Goldthorn Park Schools came

along and there was a lot of excitement

about the day. The music, recordings and

lyric sheets were sent to schools, giving

them plenty of time to learn and practice the

music. The day was led by Carly and consisted

Massed Choir Event

of warm ups, singing, choir techniques and

rehearsing the songs all together.

There was a concert in Church on the evening.

About 200 children sang and they made a

fantastic confident sound. The Hoodie choir

and evening service choir sang too. Everyone

really enjoyed themselves and the whole day

was a great success.

- Rev. Ben Whitmore

“Save the Seven Cornfields” update

On Friday 8th November a meeting with

over 60 concerned people from across

Wolverhampton and neighbouring areas

met in the Oak Room.

The purpose was to update people about

the campaign to prevent large scale housing

development on the Seven Cornfields and

hear their views on actions to prevent it


There was an excellent input from an

adviser to Worcestershire’s Campaign to

Protect Rural England Group. He advised the

meeting that to be more effective they need

to set up a group with Chair, Secretary etc.

It was unanimously agreed to set up such

the campaigning group and the following

people were appointed.

Chair Arko Sen

Secretary Caroline Shee

Treasurer Matthew Holder

It is early days in the group’s existence. It will

need support and help in the coming months

to maximise its effectiveness. Please don’t

hesitate to talk to me about how you can

help to protect the most precious Greenbelt

land of The Seven Cornfields.

- Jon Norden

A planning document outlining the area of land which developers are eyeing up

An artist’s impression of how the proposed housing development will look.

Picture: BHB Architects

The Parish of Penn Magazine 13

In 1747, in a Moravian Church in a town

called Marienborn, Germany, Bishop John

de Watteville handed a lighted white candle

with a red ribbon around it to the children

of the service, the final prayer “Lord Jesus,

kindle a flame in these children’s hearts, that

theirs like Thine become”.

It wasn’t until over 220 years later in 1968

that John Pensom (fondly remembered as Mr

Christingle and quite a character) brought

the inspiring Christingle service to England

in aid of The Children’s Society. Pensom

initially met opposition with suggestions

that the making of the Christingle was too

complicated - they were wrong, Christingle is

now one of the most popular services of the

year, especially with children, and is widely

celebrated throughout the UK by all kinds of

churches. It is a good opportunity to do some

Christmas crafting whilst thinking about the

meaning behind the festive season.

What is Christingle?

Though there are several sources for the

origin of the word Christingle, the most

widely used English translation comes from

the combination of the words ‘Christmas’ and

‘Ingle’ an old Scots word for fire, and quite

simply means; ‘Christ-Light’ or Christ the light

of the world.

- Sarah Slade

Christingle Services

St. Bartholomew’s - Christmas Eve at 4pm

featuring The Hoodie Choir.

St. Anne’s - Sunday 12th January at 11.45am

A fundraising collection will be taken in aid of

The Children’s Society.

The bellow illustration demonstrates the five main elements of the Christingle

14 The Parish of Penn Magazine

Kids Corner - How to Build a Christingle

You will need:

1 large orange

1 wax candle (or a battery candle / glow stick)

A length of ribbon or red sticky tape

(I purchased 1 meter from Hobby Craft for 19p)

4 cocktail sticks

Some soft sweets and / or dried fruit

A small square of foil

Some cellotape

Step 1

Check which way the orange sits most upright - this is

the way up you will want the Christingle to sit.

Ask an adult to cut a cross in the top of the orange,

cut relatively deep into the orange to allow the candle

to sit securely.

Step 2

Wrap the ribbon around the centre of the orange and

cut to length. Secure with a small piece of cellotape.

Step 3

Carefully thread the sweets and dried fruit onto the

four cocktail sticks to about half way down, make sure

to cover the spike at the end of the cocktail stick.

Step 4

Place the foil over the top of the orange and firmly

push the candle down into the cross you cut earlier.

The foil is there to stop the wax running onto your


Step 5

Push in the 4 cocktail sticks evenly around the orange;

North, East, South and West.

Your Christingle is complete. It is best to make

your Christingle only one or two days before the

Christingle service.

Contrary to usual practice, Caterpillars at

St Bart’s, Penn, don’t usually turn into

Butterflies!... I started St Bart’s “Caterpillars”,

19 years ago, in 2001. It was an off-shoot from

St Bart’s Ramblers, which had begun in 1993,

with 4 of us enjoying a walk together, when

we had time. Ramblers gradually attracted

more people to these monthly rambles

over the years, and in 2000, I compiled and

organised a Millennium Canal Walk, an

additional monthly walk, with 5 mile circular

walks exploring selected stretches of the

Staffs and Worcs Canal. Having got used to 2

organised walks per month, some Ramblers

were disappointed that in 2001, we would

be back to only one walk per month! So,

thinking of my own Dad’s abilities at that

time, I came up with the formula for a new

group – “Caterpillars”! Start with coffee in a

tea shop! Walk no more than 2 miles! Then,

instead of carrying lunch as the Ramblers did,

we would finish with lunch together in a pub,

or garden centre, etc! It was a formula that

has worked very well over the years, and has

been a very useful outreach for the Church.

Each year, we have drawn up a programme

of our monthly walks, tending to go further

St Bart’s “Caterpillars”

St Bart’s Ramblers on the Ingleton Waterfall Walk in Yorkshire.

in the summertime, and exploring more local

areas when the days got shorter. We varied

the day of the week for our walk, so that

everyone, allowing for other commitments,

could come to some, if not all of the walks.

Prior to 2001, the Ramblers all met at our

house, just after Christmas, for our annual

Planning Meeting. However, when we were

joined by the newly formed “Caterpillars”, in

2001, we had to have our Planning Meetings

in the Oak Room, as our house wasn’t big

enough to hold everyone!

A walk in Mary Stevens Park, Stourbridge.

16 The Parish of Penn Magazine

As Leader, I have always been keen to

delegate, and am very grateful to all the

valiant Caterpillars who have spent much

time and energy in organising coffee and

lunch venues, and walks! Together, over the

years, we have visited such a wide variety

of places – lovely countryside, parks and

gardens, interesting towns and cities. We’ve

usually travelled by cars, but sometimes by

train, bus or tram. We have explored all the

local counties over the years, even travelling

by train over to Aberystwyth, and then,

on other occasions, along the beautiful

Cambrian Coast! During the first 10 years

of Caterpillars, we also organised a short

holiday each year, staying in Yorkshire, then

Derbyshire, the Lake District and the Wye


After leading and organising Caterpillars for

the last 19 years, we are not running out of

ideas, but of energy! It sounds as though

some of the Caterpillars will continue to

organise walks, occasionally, maybe on a

more informal basis. For more information,

please refer to St Bart’s Blog, or contact Alison

& Damian Samuels, 01902-342453, or email :

It has been a great joy and a big part of our

lives, for me to have started and led this

group for so long. It is still very well attended

Canal walk near Kinver

and much enjoyed by everyone. Caterpillars

have brought in many people over the years

– especially recently bereaved, but also

single people, couples, retired and those at

work, their children and sometimes their

grandchildren! We have always tried to be a

very welcoming and caring group, offering

support and building up new friendships

in a Christian setting. We had a wonderful

gathering of past and present members of

Caterpillars, recently, at The Bell, Trysull, and

it was lovely to hear their stories of how much

they have appreciated Caterpillars over the

years. We do hope this outreach continues in

Penn. Anyone of any age is welcome.

- Maureen Harper

Visiting Winterbourne House, Birmingham.

The Parish of Penn Magazine 17

Bears & Prayers is an event involving the

Bart’s Busy Bees Playgroup who use the

church hall, and is lead by Val Plant. It takes

place in the Lady Chapel every other week

at either 9.45am or 12.45pm. There is no set

day as Busy Bees have different children at

each session and they want all of them to

experience coming into church.

The children walk across to church with

Busy Bees staff and sit in the Lady Chapel.

We sing our favourite nursery rhymes and

have a Bible story told in a child friendly and

interactive way. Then we say some very loud

thank yous to God for the things that we are

grateful for – mums, grandparents, friends,

carrots, bikes or even diggers! We end by

singing “God loves you” to remind us that

God does, indeed love us.

Bears & Prayers

Bears & Prayers time lasts about 20 minutes

then the children and staff go back to the hall.

On occasion there are over 40 children, too

many to sit comfortably in the Lady Chapel,

so the under 3s have their time first and then

everything is repeated for 3-4 year olds.

It is a lovely, sometimes chaotic, event and

we are very happy for you to join us – just

watch the Blog for our next date.

Busy Bees will be putting on a special “Busy

Bees does Christmas” for their parents

and carers on Thursday 19th December at

10.30am in the main church.

- Valerie Plant

18 The Parish of Penn Magazine

The prayer shawl ministry at St Bart’s has

been busy knitting and distributing

prayer shawls. Since David Primrose (Director

of transforming communities for Lichfield

Diocese) visited St Bart’s earlier this year and

took 9 prayer shawls to Drake Hall prison

for women, we have sent a further 23 in

2 batches. I will be sending a further 10+

shawls every 3-4 months as requested by the

prison chaplain.

In July we were able to give all 11 confirmation

candidates a shawl and in September 10

shawls went off with young adults leaving

6th form and starting the next stage of their


In October I had the pleasure of attending

a diocese run conference on dementia.

The keynote speakers and leaders of the

discussion groups were all living with

dementia. They were all offered and chose

a prayer shawl at the end of the day. This

was initially after some misgivings from one

of the organisers as she was uncertain how

some of them would react as they were not

Christian. Their reaction to the gift was very


We have also donated prayer shawls to care

home residents, members of Monday coffee

morning and Mother’s Union.

If you would like a prayer shawl for yourself

or to pass on to someone, please contact

myself, Iris Mills, Sue in the office or one of

the church wardens. If you would like to knit

a shawl, please contact myself or Iris.

I have asked a couple of people to write their

experience of passing on prayer shawls.

Prayer Shawl Update

Iris wrote:

“Prayer shawls are a blessing. Earlier this year,

two new ladies started to come to St Bart’s.

I gave them each a prayer shawl and they

loved them. A friend of theirs who lives in

Farnborough comes to St Bart’s when she visits

also had a shawl. Now comes the surprise, the

vicar at the church she goes to in Farnborough

comes form Penn and visits St Bart’s when she’s

home. A shawl is on its way to her. The church

is now in the process of setting up a knitting

ministry after being lent a book on prayer shawl

ministry by Saskia. Thank you God for the ladies

who knit and dear Saskia who keeps us going. “

- Iris

Geoff wrote:

“I was given a Prayer Shawl some time ago and

always found it a comfort when I felt lonely or


More recently I have been in the position to give

out Prayer Shawls to those that I know. It’s like a

chain reaction, the more you give out the more

you think of those who would benefit from one.

Recently I gave someone a Prayer Shawl and

her sister who was connected to a local church

immediately recognised what it was and asked

to be put in touch with Saskia. They have now

started to make their own Prayer Shawls.

And, so the story goes on and on and the Prayer

Shawl Ministry continues grow.”

- Geoff

Thank you to everyone who knits and

distributes prayer shawls. The ministry would

not be possible without all of you. If you

would like to know more, please get in touch.

- Saskia

The Parish of Penn Magazine 19

20 The Parish of Penn Magazine

From the Registers


James Henry Stuart Foster

Mia Rose-Ann Mae Tranter

Isabella Louise Tranter

Georgiana Elizabeth Slade


Cedric John Lewis (Ced)

Aged 90 Wulfrun Rose Nursing Home

Michael Robert Dalton (Mick) Aged 73 Rideway Drive

Alma Gwinevere Duncan

Aged 84 Athol House Nursing Home

We shall remember all these people in our prayers

Church Attendance October 2019

6th October

13th October

20th October

27th October


Under 16


Under 16


Under 16


Under 16

5.30pm 8.00am 10.00am 6.30pm St. Anne’s Total

















































The Parish of Penn Magazine 21




Fun, confidence building drama classes for

children aged 5 – 18 years*

Perton Fordhouses

Wednesfield Penn



~ All staff fully trained and DBS checked ~

No auditions ~ Dressing Up ~ Make Friends

- High quality, professional curriculum taught in all classes

Classes are great fun and very affordable – payment plans

are available from as little as £27.50 per month

Contact the Wolverhampton office on:

07597 605 222

*Classes for ages 5-11 available in all locations. Please ring office for

classes available to 12-18 year olds



The Parish of Penn Magazine 23

24 The Parish of Penn Magazine


The Parish of Penn Magazine 25


Free Sales and Lettings Advice

Experts in probate sales

01902 575555


David Skitt and Julie Wright


Property Maintenance


(24 hour Service)

Kitchens • Bathrooms

Blocked Drains, Sinks & Toilets

Plastering & Rendering

Roofing • Flat and Tiled

Fencing • Slabbing • Block Paving


UPVC Windows & Doors

Guttering • Fascias & Soffits

Gardening Work

8 Butts Road, Penn

Wolverhampton WV4 5QD

Tel: 01902 345287

Mobile: 07504 824313

26 The Parish of Penn Magazine

Phil Dalton &

Paul Rogers

Carpentry & Building


Local and reliable service

No job too small

T: 01902 620 237 M: 07925 329001



Greenway House

Residential Home for the Elderly

Tel: 01902 330444 / 330777

103 Springhill Lane, Lower Penn,

Wolverhampton, WV4 4TW

We offer permanent and short stay residence, respite

care and day care (subject to availability)

*12 individually designed rooms with en-suite facilities

and TV points *Nurse-call system *24 Hour personal

care *Separate lounge and dining room *Conservatory

overlooking landscaped gardens *All diets catered for *5

person lift *Hairdressing salon *Disabled facilities

As a family owned business we provide a family

orientated select home in beautiful surroundings

supported by our dedicated and caring staff

If you would like to join us for coffee and look around our

Residential Home, please telephone to arrange a visit.

The Parish of Penn Magazine 27

28 The Parish of Penn Magazine


Media & Marketing matters

Marketing * PR * Rebranding

*Web Design *Social Media

*Media Communications

Get your voice heard!

Whatever your business &

whatever your budget

Contact Vicky: 07812 443401

or Georgie: 07712 258213

E: hello@themwordmedia.


• Computer problems?

• Running slow?

• Need some help on upgrades

or new systems?

• Onsite or free collection service

• Free Diagnostics

For all your IT problems call Buttontech

- we provide a fast, friendly & reliable

IT service for home users and small


Go to to see

what support services we offer.

Tel: 01902 565403

Mobile: 07811 191958



Dementia Cafes

Information and support in a

relaxed atmosphere.

For people living with dementia

and those who live with them and

/ or care for them to attend

• Newbridge, Linden House

first Tuesday of month 10am - 12

• Bilston People’s Centre

First Friday, 2pm -4pm

• Wednesfield

2nd Tuesday of month 10am - 12

• Blakenhall

(Drop in advice for Asian Families;

Punjabi speaking support worker)

2nd Wednesday of month 10.30am

- 12.30

For further information call

0121 521 3020

search ‘cafes’ on

Showroom Portway House,

Stream Rd, Kingswinford DY6 9NT

The Parish of Penn Magazine 29

Parsons Plumbing &

Property Services

Member Institute of Plumbing

*Complete Bathrooms

and Shower Rooms

*Tiling and Plastering

*PVC Fascia Soffit Gutters

*General Property Maintenance

Free No Obligation Quote

No Call Out Charge

Stewart Parsons - Proprietor

Tel: 07773 420838

01902 341959





Locally based

Fully insured

No job too small

Occasional or Regular

assistance given

Free no obligation quotes

Telephone James Saunders

Tel: 01902 341 650

Mobile: 07811 058007

Have you made

a Will?

Have you made

an LPA?

Friendly, personal service from local

solicitor with over 30 years’


Telephone me for a free informal

discussion about Wills, Probate and

Lasting Power of Attorney

Vincent Oakley, Solicitor

01902 743333

Free Home Visits if needed.

Des Fellows


2 Station Road, Wombourne

Tel: 01902 893711

Visit our website:-www.


All types and qualities of Carpets,

Cushion floors, Flotex supplied

and expertly fitted.

Variety of rugs stocked

Carpet whipping and fringing

service available.

Supplier of Roller - Vertical -

Venetian Blinds.

30 The Parish of Penn Magazine

St. Bartholomew’s Church Contact Information



St Bartholomew's and St Anne's Churches -

Saturday and Sunday Services - see inside front cover for details. 576809

Daily Prayers - 9am - all are welcome

Baptisms and Weddings etc. 576809

Thanksgiving after Childbirth Arrangements through the Parish Office 576809


Vicar The Reverend Prebendary Ben Whitmore 332351

Curate Reverend. Alison Storer, 12 Foxlands Avenue, Penn 330662

Associate Minister The Reverend Roberta Maxfield, Swan Bank 01902 834023

Reader Michael Hibbs, 57 Showell Lane, Penn 893234

Parish Office Mrs Sue Cole 57 Church Hill, WV4 5JB 576809

Youth and Children's Worker Sam Hewlett-Lloyd - Youth Minister

Parish Safeguarding Co-ordinator Pauline Hollington 07881 911107

CHURCH OFFICERS (and other useful contacts)

Church Warden Anne Edwards 337478

Church Warden Adrian Morey 335236

PCC Secretary Charlie Nobbs

Treasurer Dean Plowman, 39 Woodhall Road 651183

Gift Aid Secretary Barbara Edwards, 12a Lea Manor Drive 336822

Morning Service Choir Leader Carly Birchell 576809

Morning Service Organist Gary Cole 576809

Evening Service Choir Leader Julia Bishop 576809

Evening Service Organist Paul Carr 576809

Change Ringers - Tower Captain - Dave Whitfield 07774 635140

Junior Church Richard Vernon 339254

Magazine Editor Sarah Slade

Regular Magazine Advertising Jon Norden 331450

Church Hall Bookings Donna Williams 576809

Oak Room Administrator Parish Office 576809

Barts Busy Bees Manager: Lorna Evans 07855 915289

Little Acorns Toni Smith 07515 862063

SAMARITANS 08457 909090

CRUSE (Wolverhampton & Dudley Cruse Bereavement Care) 01902 420055

The Parish of Penn Magazine 31

The Parish of Penn Magazine

is closing its doors in December 2019



For more information please contact the office on

01902 576809

or the magazine team at

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