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Barry & Velda Lueders: A legacy of success
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Tucker Creek Vet: Potty Training your puppy
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Home is in the heart of the kitchen: Home of Brad Lacy
Dream Launcher: Dana Davin Ward
Winter Soup recipes you will love
Truth on the Go : Andrea Lennon
Beauty: New Skin for 2020 by Angela Jackson
Faulkner Fam: Spencer & Xochilt Hawks

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g e t y o u r t i c k e t s a t d e l i v e r - h o p e . o r g / d a r e 2 d r e a m 5

on the cover

A Legacy

of Success!

I can‘t imagine not having

a football or baseball schedule

attached to the refrigerator.

—Velda Lueders

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Velda and Barry Lueders are

nothing short of treasures to

the City of Conway. Coach

Lueders will hang up his whistle

at the end of this school year,

retiring after 35 years as a teacher

and coach. Velda frequently earns

accolades for her accomplishments

as a realtor. The two continually add

to their legacy and have no plans to

slow down.

The couple has two daughters,

Elisabeth Lawrence and Catherine

Parton, and a granddaughter, Zoe.

Velda is a realtor with Coldwell

Banker RPM Group. Barry has

coached and taught at Carl Stuart

Middle School and Conway High

School for the duration of his career.

Though he was a graduate assistant

before becoming a Conway Wampus

Cat, working with the University

of Central Arkansas (UCA) baseball

and Sugarbear basketball programs.

He also played for the UCA baseball

team from 1979 to 1980.

Barry currently teaches history and

coaches seventh grade football at

Carl Stuart Middle School and baseball

at the high school. May 22 will

be his last day with Conway Public

Schools. His last home baseball

game is May 8. Coach Lueders and

Assistant Principal Wesley Scroggin

are the only two remaining staff from

the original Carl Stuart faculty.

Velda loves being involved in the

community, serving on boards for

Haven House, Faulkner County

Board of Realtors, and Faulkner

County Home Builders Association.

“I volunteer for as many events as

possible. One of my favorites is

reading to kindergarten and first

grade students. Their little minds

are soaking it all in. The smiles and

hugs are so worth the time I spend

with them. I also volunteer with 7

The accomplishments do not

stop there! In September, at the

Arkansas Realtors Association

annual convention, Velda was

chosen as state Realtor of the Year.

Twenty-seven realtors across the

state were selected to represent their

respective boards. A committee

reviews each nominee’s application

and selects the subsequent winner.

“It is a huge honor; I am only the

second realtor from Faulkner County

to be awarded this recognition. My

good friend, Glen Rega, was also

recognized in 2009. In November I

was honored to represent Arkansas

at the national association’s annual

convention, which was held in San

Francisco,” she says.

This has been part of my life for 35 years. For

several years now, I have taught/coached many kids

whose parent or parents I had taught/coached years

before! When I was first hired, I coached football,

baseball, and girls and boys basketball,

Coach says.

other realtors to ring the bell for The

Salvation Army, work concessions

at basketball games, and just about

anything else I have to time to do,”

she shares.

With Faulkner County property

booming, it is a fantastic time to

work in real estate. “New construction

is everywhere; if there is an

available lot, blink and there will be

a foundation poured! The rehabbing

of older homes is very lucrative, and

I love that our historic area is seeing

so many renovations. Fifty-five plus

housing is growing in popularity, and

I hope we see more developments

for this demographic,” says Velda.

Velda’s real estate career has been

successful, particularly in recent

years. She served as president for

the Arkansas Realtors Association

in 2018 and as immediate past

president in 2019. “I was honored to

be part of the leadership team for the

association for seven years. I gained

so much knowledge from the leaders

I served with,” she says. Velda will

serve on the National Association

of Realtors Board of Directors for

2020-2022. “I am the first member

from the Faulkner County board to

serve in this position. I am extremely

excited about this appointment.” In

August 2019, she was also selected

as the Faulkner County Board of

Realtors Realtor of the Year.

In February 2019, Velda was

inducted into the Faulkner County

Board of Realtors Hall of Fame,

and in December she received the

Conway Chamber of Commerce

Women in Business Diamond

Achievement Award. “Talk about

a shock! It literally took my breath

away. I attend the luncheon each

year and am awed by the work each

person has done. I don’t feel like I

have accomplished nearly as much as

others have,” she says.

Velda truly loves her profession and

serving on committees at the local,

state, and national levels. As she says,

“Doing so keeps me involved with

members from across our county,

state and country. I truly enjoy the

political side of real estate. I also enjoy

traveling to Washington, DC each May

to meet with our elected officials. We

discuss issues that affect the real estate

industry in Arkansas.”

As for Coach retiring, Velda says, “I

can’t imagine not having a football

or baseball schedule attached to the

refrigerator. During baseball season,

8 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

there are many days we see each

other in the morning, and we may

not see each other again until the

next morning if I don’t get to attend

the game that night. Road games

usually mean getting home really

late.” She attends as many games

as possible, though she sometimes

has to miss if clients want to view

or list properties. “I have so many

great friendships that have developed

during baseball and football

seasons. I will certainly miss the

parents and the younger siblings of

the players,” she says.

He says he will miss the interaction

with his students and players most.

He will also miss his seventh-grade

hall “lunch bunch” group. “This has

been part of my life for 35 years. For

several years now, I have taught/

coached many kids whose parent or

parents I had taught/coached years

before! When I was first hired, I

coached football, baseball, and girls

and boys basketball,” he says.

“Many current coaches in the Conway

School District were students of mine,”

he adds. Among those coaches are

Coach Stephen Moore at Carl Stuart

Middle School, Coach Todd Kendrick

and Coach Chad Longing at Conway

Junior High, Coach Johnny Kennedy at

Conway High School, former Coach

Andrea Bailey-Fournier, and Coach

Chance Lefler at Ruth Doyle Middle

School. Not to mention a number of

former players who coach in other

districts around the state in in other

states. “Coach Kendrick was on my

first basketball team! It’s great seeing

each of them succeed. I will also miss

seeing former players who return

to visit with me during their breaks

from college and some even after they

graduate college,” he says.

Of Barry’s impact on her career path,

Andrea Bailey-Fournier says, “Coach

Lueders was my very first coach in the

Amazing Women

Deserve Amazing Care

Dr. Jessica Pullen, OB/GYN,

at Baptist Health Women’s

Clinic-Conway, delivers the

personalized, quality care women

need through all stages of life.

Dr. Pullen offers many services and procedures

specific to women’s health needs, including:

• Well woman care

• Pregnancy care

• Labor and birth care

• Menopause management

• Endometriosis, PCOS & other chronic conditions

• Acute treatment

• And more

To make an appointment with Dr. Jessica Pullen,

please call (501) 358-6941

For more information about Baptist Health-Conway,


625 United Drive, Suite 420

8 a.m. –5 p.m.

501-358-6941 9

He made such a huge impact on my life,

and I know I am just one of thousands. There

will never be another Coach Lueders!

—Andrea Bailey-Fournier

Conway Public School System, and he

left me with so many coaching strategies

I still use to this day. He had the ability

to captivate all of his players’ attention

and make those hard lessons really sink

in. One practice in particular, he started

calling me AB instead of Andrea. (He

said Andrea took too long to say when

he needed my attention.) It’s a nickname

that has stuck with me for over 25 years.

The day I signed my letter of intent to

play college sports, I knew exactly who

I wanted to invite. He made such a huge

impact on my life, and I know I am just

one of thousands. There will never be

another Coach Lueders!”

For her part, Velda has no plans to retire.

“I enjoy real estate and the relationships

with my clients too much. We are both

blessed with good health, and so for

now we are going to keep going!”

Conway christian









TIME: 8:30AM



FOR K2, K3 AND K4!




10 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020





Swetha Boddeda, MD, is a rheumatologist with

the newly established Conway Regional

Multispecialty Clinic. The clinic offers an

integrated and multidisciplinary approach to

specialty care.

We're not just growing—we're growing








Happy New Year

from First Security!

Pick up your 2020 calendar from any

First Security banking center today.

Member FDIC


fitness | wellness


12 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

Dear Future Self

Your Daily Movement

is Necessary Self-Care


Repeat after me “I am not being

selfish for making non-negotiable

time for my own movement

every single day.” Now that you’ve

taken the oath, let’s back up a bit. At

what point in our lives did we learn

that simple acts of self-care became

indulgent? When did it become a

guilty pleasure to do what it takes to

feel our best?

Life is full of stress and heavy responsibilities,

some days we carry the

weight of the world on our shoulders.

Research shows that exercise is the

key to managing stress. When we

move, the body releases endorphins

that elevate our mood and reduce the

cortisol stress hormone. Movement

is a form of medicine that offers

mental clarity and positive thinking.

Notice when you are fully immersed

in something active all your problems

and stress seem to disappear. Everything

becomes lighter.

I know what you’re thinking, sure

Robin, we know this is a fact…

easier said than done. But the truth is,

unless we take care of ourselves first,

we cannot live our full potential for

anyone else. Think of the oxygen mask

analogy you may have heard. On an

airplane, before takeoff, we always

hear the flight attendant reading the

safety instructions aloud, including if

the oxygen pressure in the cabin were

to change. In this case, oxygen masks

will drop down, and once they do,

the first step is to secure OUR own

oxygen mask before assisting others.

The oxygen depleting in the airplane is

our life, and my friends, we must make

sure WE are ok before being able to

make sure others around us are ok.

Tips for Making

Movement Your


Schedule exact times and days on

your calendar that you will get in

your workout. This time doesn’t get

cancelled and its nonnegotiable. I

highly recommend a group fitness

class or a personal trainer that can hold

you accountable to these times. When

someone else is involved in your

scheduled workouts, you will be less

likely to cancel on yourself.

Get up earlier to get your movement in.

No one is going to schedule an unexpected

staff meeting at 5am. It is tough

when that alarm goes off, to be honest

it never gets easier to get up, but it’s an

untouchable time slot for you and a

total win for your day that sets the right

tone. You won’t always be motivated

to wake up and put movement first,

motivation can and will fade. What

keeps your habit is the way you feel if

you don’t move for the day.

Be realistic. Any movement is a win.

Even 10-15 minutes of walking is

better than zero and is an instant mood

booster. It is amazing what a few

minutes of any movement can do.

There will be days that will be over

scheduled. It will seem that everything

is pulling at you and trying to make

itself priority. When this happens, stop

and ask yourself if you’ve taken care of

YOU yet today. Then, repeat the oath,

and get moving!

Robin Dayer

At what point in our

lives did we learn that

simple acts of self-care

became indulgent? When

did it become a guilty

pleasure to do what it

takes to feel our best?

—Robin Dayer 13

Kinsey Baker

Focus on Your Food


Creating better habits is no easy

task! No matter how important

it is, adding something new to

the daily routine can be a challenge. As

a busy mom with a hectic schedule—I

totally get it! My go-to advice for

those wanting to live healthier and

more confident lives is always “Focus

on your food.” Why? Because we are

already going to be consuming food

anyway. Learning how to fuel our bodies

correctly is the most time-efficient path

to better health. Below are my top 5 tips

for better nutrition habits.

1: Learn your macronutrient needs.

It’s so important to view food the way

your body does! There are no “bad”

foods—just some that are more nutritious

than others. It’s important to do

your best to get as many whole foods in

your diet as possible. Your body views

your food as proteins, carbs and fats


• Carbs are the preferred and primary

fuel source for the body.

• Protein is utilized to build lean


• Fats are important for many reasons,

and consuming healthy fats does not

make us fat. Healthy fats provide us

with energy, help create and balance

hormones, and form our brains,

nervous systems, and cell membranes.

2: Switch your mindset from ”dieting“

to fueling your body. Calorie restriction

over time damages your metabolism.

When you consistently eat in a calorie

14 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

deficit, your body goes into starvation or

preservation mode and maintains bodily

functions, but body composition (getting

leaner) is put on the back burner.

3: Use effective and proven nutrition

strategies. Try intermittent fasting!

Intermittent fasting gives the body a

break from digesting, allowing insulin to

return to its baseline level so that it can

begin to burn fat as fuel.

4: Realize that true change is a

process. It is impossible to drop 5lbs of

fat overnight. Real change is a process

where you focus on your goals and

pursue progress over perfection. Show

yourself some grace!

5: Don‘t do it alone. Anything is

easier when it is done with a good

support group. We NEED connection,

authenticity and accountability from

like-minded individuals. Thankfully in

today’s online world, it is possible to

connect even when schedules don’t

align. I lead online nutrition groups with

local women, as well as women across

the country!

Kinsey Baker is a Central Arkansas

native. She is a certified nutrition coach

and personal trainer, A Schwinn certified

spin instructor, a FASTer Way to Fat

Loss coach, an elementary teacher, and

momma to her daughter Skylar. Kinsey

loves live music, art, and exploring our

gorgeous Natural State!

My go-to advice for those wanting to live healthier

and more confident lives is always ”Focus on your food.“

Why? Because we are already going to be consuming

food anyway. Learning how to fuel our bodies correctly

is the most time-efficient path to better health.

—Kinsey Baker, Certified Nutrition Coach 15

Bringing Sexy Back!



Sexy can best be summarized as

confidence. Lifestyle can best be

summarized as the way a person

or group of people live.

A new decade has arrived, and it’s time

to prepare mentally for a new year that

will help shape and form your next 10

years to be your best yet. It’s another

chance for you to set New Year’s resolutions

and go after them with a renewed

sense of energy, passion and enthusiasm.

Whether young or older, there’s one

New Year’s resolution that I love to hear

from anyone… fitness!

All across Conway and America, gyms

and training studios are full of new

members who are motivated to become

more fit and look sexier. Now that may

not be status quo, but after almost 10

years of being a personal trainer, when I

ask individuals what their main motivation

is for wanting to get in better shape,

90-95% of the time the driving force is

to look sexier, feel better and look even

better naked. I’m going there because it’s

the truth. Why is that a very motivating

and energizing New Year’s resolution?

Because sexy can best be summarized

up in one word… Confidence!

Let’s look. When you feel and look sexier,

you have a certain “SWAGGER” about

yourself, feel more energized, and even

have a desire to be more productive in

your career and/or personal life. When

you walk into a room, prepared for a

meeting or speech, you just feel that when

you enter the room your presence will be

felt. To be honest, it’s rewarding because

at the end of the day, you put in the work

to look and feel how you do. Whether

young or older, you should feel a sense of

accomplishment and hold your head high!

Here are Dr. FiT ‘s 5 tips to

Bringing Sexy Back in 2020:

1: Make fitness a lifestyle and not a


2: Visualize and create an image in

your mind of how you want to look

and feel.

Patrick ”Dr. FiT“ Jamerson

3: Put in the work and be intentional

with your nutrition.

4: Track your progress by how your

clothes fit, and how you look naked.

5: Have fun and enjoy your ”Bringing

Sexy Back“ journey.

Turn up the JT and Bring Sexy Back!

When I ask individuals what their main motivation

is for wanting to get in better shape, 90-95% of the

time the driving force is to look sexier, feel better and

look even better naked.

—Patrick ”Dr. FiT“ Jamerson

We have the perfect gift for your Valentine!

16 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020 17

usiness leadership

The 2019 Women in Business honorees are as follows (row 1, from left): Donna Seal, Outstanding Woman in Business;

Velda Lueders, Diamond Achievement Award recipient; Melissa Allen, Outstanding Woman in Nonprofit; (row 2, from

left) Jamisa Nuness-Hogan, Outstanding Woman in Business; Rebekah Fincher, Outstanding Woman in Business;

Cinda Montgomery, Outstanding Woman in Business; and Rita Birch, Outstanding Woman in Business.

Seven Honored at Women

in Business awards luncheon

25-year real estate veteran Velda Lueders

receives Diamond Achievement Award


18 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020


Presented by the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce

The 2019


Women in Business

The Conway Area Chamber of

Commerce’s eighth annual Women

in Business Awards took place

Tuesday, Dec. 10, at Centennial Valley

Events Center. The sellout event honored

five Outstanding Women in Business, an

Outstanding Woman in Nonprofit, and a

Diamond Achievement Award recipient.

The 2019 Outstanding Women in

Business are Rita Birch, Arvest Bank;

Rebekah Fincher, Conway Regional

Health System; Jamisa Nuness-Hogan,

Kids World Child Care Center; Cinda

Montgomery, Yours Truly Consignment

Inc.; and Donna Seal, LCSW. Melissa

Allen of CAPCA is the 2019 Outstanding

Woman in Nonprofit. These women

“embody high standards of excellence,

dedication, and accomplishment to their

respective organizations, industries, and

to the business community.”

The selection committee consisted of

women executives outside the state of

Arkansas: Jereta Halstead, California

Chamber of Commerce (Sacramento);

Shae Janner, Brenham/Washington

County Chamber & CVB (Brenham,

Texas); and Jennifer Johnson, Fresno

Chamber of Commerce (Fresno,


Additional information about the

Outstanding Women in Business and

Nonprofit follows.

Velda Lueders

Coldwell Banker RPM Group

Velda Lueders of Coldwell Banker RPM Group is the 2019 Diamond

Achievement Award recipient. This award is presented to an individual

with at least 25 years of professional experience who has inspired and

empowered many generations of women and who has had a positive

impact on those in her profession and in the community.

Lueders has worked in real estate for more than 25 years. In an

industry where men held the leadership positions for many years,

Velda now prides herself on not only her success in business, but most

importantly on the relationships she’s built with her colleagues and

clients. Recognized by her peers in the industry as a successful Realtor

and effective leader, she has served as the president for the Faulkner

County Board of Realtors twice, was inducted into the Faulkner

County Hall of Fame, and received recognition as the Faulkner County

Realtor of the Year as well as the Arkansas Realtor of the Year.

Diamond Achievement Award

Winner: Velda Lueders

Favorite Book: Anything by John Grisham

Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream! And slipping away to spend time with my

grand-daughter Zoe.

Perfect Evening: Laundry done, clothes ironed for the next day,

kitchen cleaned, a good book, and a couple hours just to read!

Favorite Quote: In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Sprinkle kindness everywhere. 19




Jamisa Nuness-Hogan

Kids World Childcare Center

With over two decades of experience in the childcare industry, Jamisa

Nuness-Hogan oversees a staff who share her dedication to the

well-being of children and families. Kids World Childcare Center

accommodates over 100 children each day, providing families with

a safe and engaging environment that is ripe with growth. As owner,

Jamisa is particularly moved with children she once cared for, grow

up, have children of their own, then return to her for their care. With

the support of her loving husband James, Jamisa has enriched the

lives of countless families, in addition to her own, which includes 11

children and 24 grandchildren.

Guilty Pleasure: Purses and food

Favorite Quote: When you learn, teach. When you get, give.

Recommended Reading: Becoming by Michelle Obama

Perfect Evening: Snuggling up on the couch with a soft, warm blanket,

tv remote, book, phone and a bottle of Moscato!




Rebekah Fincher

Conway Regional Health System

As Chief Administrative Officer, Rebekah Fincher is responsible for

strategy, growth and business development for Conway Regional Health

System, one of the largest employers in Faulkner County. A collaborator

by nature, Rebekah has worked with her team to achieve growth in the

number of the hospital’s providers, spanning across seven counties. With

accomplishments recognized by those within as well as outside her local

circle of influence, she recently received the C.E. Melville Young Administrator

of the Year Award, presented by the Arkansas Hospital Association.

Perfect Evening: Dinner with husband John, of nine and a half years,

and son Ethan Parker who just turned three

Guilty Pleasure: Southern Most Pasta from Pasta Grill

Recommended Reading: bedtime stories with Ethan Parker

Favorite Quote: Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in

all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can,

to all the people you can, for all the ways you can, for as long as you

can. —John Wesley

20 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020




Cinda Montgomery

Yours Truly Consignment, Inc.

Cinda Montgomery is the proud owner of Yours Truly Consignment,

Inc. Over the past 20 years of business, the store has expanded seven

times and welcomed items from over 26,000 people. Investing in

the next generation of leaders, Cinda’s staff of 30 largely consists of

local college students whom she leads with high expectations for

work ethic and customer service, but also with an understanding

that learning from the mistakes we make is what’s most important. A

favorite of area customers and consigners alike, Yours Truly Consignment,

Inc. was recently honored as the 2019 Outstanding Small

Business in Conway.

Recommended Reading: The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Perfect Evening: Spending time outside with my husband Greg, with

our 3 fur babies

Favorite Quote: Do small things with great love. –Mother Teresa

Guilty Pleasure: Pecan Pie. Despite my allergy to chocolate, I tell

myself my last meal one day will be M&Ms! 21




Rita Birch | Arvest Bank

Rita Birch oversees Business Development for Arvest Bank. In her 28

years in the industry, she has had the opportunity to serve as team

leader, offering training for those just starting out in banking, as well

as coaching members of the community to achieve their goals through

financial courses offered through United Way. Rita takes pride in her

dedication to helping others, and perfected the practice of hard work

to the time she spent growing up on a dairy farm. To her colleagues,

she is the smiling face of their business. To her husband, Rob, she is a

loving wife and mother to their two children, and considers their three

grandchildren to be the light of her world.

Favorite Quote: This too shall pass

Guilty Pleasure: Shopping shopping shopping!

Perfect Evening: Spending quality time with family

Recommended Reading: The Bible




Donna Seal | Donna Seal, LCSW

As a consultant, national speaker, small group leader at church, or

as a therapist, Donna Seal has shown patience, understanding and

encouragement, positively shaping the lives of those who she meets

for over 24 years. In addition to working with individual clients,

Donna has a heart for healthcare organizations. She co-founded

HEART Consulting Group (Healthcare Employees Achieving Results

Together) to design strategies to improve patient satisfaction and

improve employee morale, further expanding the scope of hearts

she’s touching and souls she’s emboldening.

Perfect Evening: Dinner at home with my husband of

50 years, Jim, as well as our children and grandchildren.

Favorite Book / Recommended Reading:

The Search for Significance by Robert McGee

Guilty Pleasure: I enjoy a good Netflix series

Favorite Quote: Nothing can separate us from the love of

God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:39

22 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020





Melissa Allen | CAPCA

Melissa Allen is the Community Programs Director for the Community

Action Program for Central Arkansas. For more than ten years, Melissa

has worked to empower families to transition out of poverty. Outside of

witnessing positive transformations in the individuals with whom she

works, Melissa acknowledges the implementation of Project Homeless

Connect which included the help of more than 50 organizations and

100 volunteers, Student Market and Reality Enrichment and Life Lessons

Simulation as some of the most effective tools in CAPCA’s work. Melissa

is the loving mother of two sons and the proud Mimi of her grandson.

Favorite Quote: If you are lucky enough to find a way

of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.

Guilty Pleasure: Cheese dip

Perfect Evening: Spending time working on

rebuilding my 1971 travel trailer.

Recommended Reading: Anything by Iris Johansen

or Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb

Conway Regional Health System

congratulates our

Chief Administrative Officer


for being named a 2019

Outstanding Woman in Business!

Thank you for your leadership,

passion, and service to our community.

We are proud of you! 23

About the Event

This year’s speakers were the first

seven women to be named Secretary

in Arkansas state government.

This past April, Governor Asa

Hutchinson signed into law the

Transformation and Efficiencies Act

of 2019, bringing about a historic

transformation and reorganization of

state government agencies, boards, and

commissions – the first reorganization

of state government in nearly 50 years.

A cornerstone of this effort was the

reduction in cabinet-level agencies

from 42 to 15, resulting in a more

modern and efficient way to operate

state government without cutting any

services. Fifteen cabinet secretaries

were appointed to lead each agency,

and seven of these 15 positions are

held by women:

In conversation with broadcast journalist Melissa Dunbar Gates, the seven female

cabinet secretaries for the state of Arkansas shared with the audience of more than

300 their career paths and other life experiences (row 1, from left): Secretary Becky

Keogh, Secretary Elizabeth Thomas Smith, Secretary Jami Cook, Melissa Dunbar

Gates, (row 2, from left) Secretary Wendy Kelley, Secretary Stacy Hurst, Secretary

Amy Fecher, and Secretary Cindy Gillespie.

Department of Correction:

Wendy Kelley

Department of Energy and

Environment: Becky Keogh

Department of Human

Services: Cindy Gillespie

Department of Inspector

General: Elizabeth Thomas Smith

Department of Parks, Heritage,

and Tourism: Stacy Hurst

Department of Public Safety:Jami Cook

Department of Transformation

and Shared Services: Amy Fecher

The 2019 Women in Business awards

luncheon was presented by Windows

USA and Window Mart. For more

information about Women in Business,


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always on




“I am in the



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our V-day


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pet care



to potty SECRET training

your puppy

to housetraining

your puppy

There are a lot of myths out there about There properly a lot housetraining of myths your out fur there baby. about Here is the properly real secret housetraining

to making sure

that your puppy is eliminating (peeing and pooping) appropriately — and both you and your pup are happy in the end.

your fur baby. Here’s the real secret to making sure that

your puppy’s eliminating (peeing and pooping) properly—

Here’s the good news: Your dog’s Frequent outings

Punishment is a no-no

wired to make potty training and Puppies both can’t you typically and hold your their pup bladders are happy Never strike in the your puppy end. or rub her nose

possible. But it’s up to you to set her for extended periods, so make accommodations

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Here’s the good news: Your dog’s Frequent outings

Punishment is a no-no

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den, but obviously not so small • Make sure you can be counted on your dog. If you’re being consistent

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to soil the crate, she’s sending her

brain the wrong message.

no medical causes for the problem

and offer more tips.


Source: Kathryn Primm, DVM


2725 COLLEGE AVE • CONWAY • 501-329-2940


physican spotlight

Conway surgeon gets to walk

in his patients‘ shoes, thrilled

by high-tech orthopedics

After 30 years of replacing hips

and knees, Dr. Tod Ghormley

experienced orthopedic surgery

from the other side of the table.

By the time he gave in and decided to have

a hip replacement earlier this year, he could

barely tie his shoes, and anti-inflammatory

medicine was part of his daily routine.

“Running too many marathons finally

caught up to me,” he said.

Ghormley was waiting on technology.

Having performed a new minimally

invasive direct superior approach for

hip replacement in conjunction with the

Mako robotic arm assisted hip replacements

for five months, he was convinced

that it was what he wanted for his own

surgery. “I wanted someone to do mine,

and no one else in Arkansas was using

both of those procedures like I did at

that time,” he said. Ghormley found a

colleague in Shreveport to perform the

procedures to replace his hip.

Ghormley was back to work in a week

and taking the stairs the day after surgery.

His wife, Mimi, had traditional hip

replacement surgery in Little Rock six

28 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

2020 Spotlight on Local Medical Professionals

years earlier and it took her three weeks

before she could walk the stairs.

“I look at my hip today and it’s a miracle,”

said Ghormley. “That’s why I just love

being an orthopedic surgeon. I had a

hip that hurt every day. Now I walk fast

without pain. It is a blessing to live in

times in which this technology exists.”

One of his passions is learning new

technology. “In 30 years of practice, there

have been many innovations,” he said.

“Every year, in all my years of surgery, I

do newer, more innovative procedures.”

He said the most significant new

technology is Mako robotic arm assisted

orthopedic surgery for hips and knees.

“It’s a game changer. Our patients have

less pain, less soft tissue injury and much

faster recovery time,” he said. “The robot

sets boundaries; it doesn’t let you touch

certain structures of the knee. Knees fit

like a glove; they are more balanced. Hips

have precise placement of the socket and

greater stability.” In addition to Ghormley,

Orthopedists Scott Smith, MD, and Grant

Bennett, MD, perform Mako hip and knee

replacements out of Conway Orthopedic

& Sports Medicine Center. While the

technology is relatively new to Conway

and to Arkansas as a whole, Ghormley

predicts that robotic procedures will

become the norm within five years.

DNA Driven

It was in Ghormley’s DNA to become

an orthopedist. Born into a family

of medical professionals, he told his

mother he wanted to be a physician at

age 6. After completing a stint in the

US Marine Corps, Ghormley decided

on orthopedics after his sister, a surgical

nurse, let him observe a number of cases

in an operating room.

He enrolled at the University of Houston

for undergraduate school and left two

years later for medical school at the

University of Texas, Galveston. He

fondly recalled studying his medical

books while listening to the waves on the

beach. An orthopedics residency at the

Texas Tech School of Medicine followed.

“I just really love doing every type of

orthopedic surgery,” said Ghormley.

Arkansas Connection

Tod and Mimi Ghormley chose Conway

for the orthopedics practice and their

home after Tod met Rick McCarron,

an Arkansan, during residency training

in Lubbock, Texas. “We discussed that

Conway needed an orthopedics practice.

Mimi and I loved the community and

told him we would move here only

if he would join us,” said Ghormley.

Together, they established what would

become the Conway Orthopedics &

Sports Medicine Center. The center was

acquired by Conway Regional Health

System on Jan. 2.

“Rick McCarron is such an even-keeled,

godly man. It’s been a blessing to

practice with him and our other

partners for 30 years,” said Ghormley. He

remembered being called up for overseas

Dr. Tod Ghormley

medical corps duty during Operation

Desert Storm early in their practice. Dr.

McCarron took emergency medical call

every night by himself during this period.

Their partnership thrived, and today the

clinic has five orthopedists, a podiatrist,

three physicians assistants and one

advanced practice nurse in practice at its

Club Lane location.

Tod and Mimi Ghormley have been

married for four decades. They have two

adult children: Megan, 34, a counselor

in Fayetteville, and Ben, 37, a worship

minister at New Life Church, a son in

law (Garrett) is a pastor at New Life

Church in Fayetteville, and a daughter

in law (Megan) who is an advanced practice

nurse on a cardiac intensive care unit

in Little Rock. He added, “We have five

adorable, rambunctious grandchildren

who are under seven years old who keep

us young and on the run.”

It‘s a game changer. Our patients have less pain, less soft tissue injury and

much faster recovery time. The robot sets boundaries; it doesn‘t let you touch

certain structures of the knee. Knees fit like a glove; they are more balanced.

Hips have precise placement of the socket and greater stability.

” —Dr. Ghormley 29

medical profile

Bledsoe Chiropractic

30 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

What is the name of your practice?

Bledsoe Chiropractic

What is your location?

1155 Front Street, Suite 1, Conway

Number of employees? 17

How long have you been in business in Faulkner

County? Proudly been open 2 years as Bledsoe Chiropractic

in beautiful downtown Conwa, and 15 years total

as a chiropractor.

Are there any key employees you want highlighted?

Four fabulous licensed massage therapists, so we are able to

offer massage Mon-Thurs 9-6, plus two or three Saturdays

per month. We have a fantastic rehab department to help

stretch, improve posture, laser and tape. We have two

doctors after adding Dr. Caitlin Haley Corona in July 2019

— #DoubleTheDoctorsDoubleTheHope. We have many

other helping hands to help complete our vision of Giving

Hope Through Healing!

What products/services do you offer? Chiropractic

adjustments both by hand and instrument available,

therapy, laser, taping, rehab, and massage therapy. We

also specialize in fitting for custom orthotics and even

custom flip-flops! We sell vitamins and supplements by

Pure Encapsulations. We offer CBD cream and all-natural

anti-inflammatory combo of gel cap and topical cream

1-TDC that is deeply penetrating for all joint and muscle

pains. We also sell pillows to help rebuild the cervical curve

and improve sleep.

How does your practice/business impact Faulkner

County residents and the healthcare community? We

strive to give hope through healing, so we want you to

have an amazing experience both physically, spiritually and

emotionally. We love our patients like family and shower

them with positivity so they can get maximum results

quick! We help people go beyond just getting old, to feeling

good and functioning well up to 100!! We love taking

care of babies, kids, athletes, teenagers, moms/dads, and



Bledsoe Chiropractic

(501) 504-6999

We also want to make an even bigger impact within

our community by giving back to Deliver Hope & the

Bethlehem House. We love supporting lots of organizations

here in Faulkner County by sponsoring 5ks, charity

events and more. We love Conway & the people of our

community. We want to be involved in a bigger way each

year giving back on behalf of the patients who support us

and allow us to do what we do! 31

medical profile


Conway Behavioral Health


John C Leach, MD

Director of Adolescent Psychiatry

at Conway Behavioral Health

Where do you work/practice and

where is it located? Dr. Leach currently

works at Conway Behavioral Health, and

soon will also begin work for Little Creek

Behavioral in Conway.

When did you begin practicing/

working in Faulkner County?

Dr. Leach has been practicing in the

Central Arkansas area throughout his

career but began working in Faulkner

County in April of 2018.

Why did you decide to pursue a

career in medicine? Dr. Leach decided

to pursue a combined career in medicine

and innovation in the memory of his

grandfather Dr. Albert Lindsey Bicknell

and his father Shannon McKay Leach.

Where did you receive your education

and how long have you been

working in your field? Dr. Leach earned

a BS in Biological Engineering and MS

in Biomedical Engineering from the

University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

in 2006 and 2008. After completing

master’s research in nanoparticle

vectored chemotherapeutics, he obtained

a Medical Doctorate from UAMS in 2012

and received the Marie Wilson Howells

Award for most outstanding performance

in the Behavioral Sciences. During his

second year of residency he was honored

with the Wise Award for his work to

better Resident Mental Health and he

served as the Chief Fellow in his final

year of Child and Adolescent Fellowship.

Have you had any notable training

or any board certifications?Dr. Leach

completed an adult psychiatry residency

and child and adolescent psychiatry

fellowship at UAMS, is a dually licensed

medical doctor in the states of Arkansas

and Florida, and is Double Board Certified

by the ABPN for General Adult and

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Why did you choose Faulkner

County? Dr. Leach chose Faulkner

County because of the unique opportunity

with Acadia Healthcare to create

state-of-the-art child and adolescent

acute and residential programs to better

serve the children of Arkansas as well as

those from the rest of our country.

What do you love most about your

career? What I treasure the most about

my job is the opportunity to make

meaningful, positive change in the lives

of my patients. Every day I am blessed

with the opportunity to return a smile to

a face, a child to a parent, and a parent

for their child. The most wonderful

words I’ve ever heard came from a

mother with a tearful smile as she told

me, “I have my son back.”

How are you involved in the community?

Given the underserved nature

of mental health and the needs of our

community, I spend the majority of my

non-family-time working directly with

patients or working with administration

to expand the care-systems for our


Do you have any hobbies or favorite

activities? My favorite non-work

activities center around my family, my

wife, and our three children. Of those,

my weekly hike up Pinnacle Mountain

with my eldest daughter Ashlynne

is something I particularly cherish. If

you ever see someone trudging up and

down Pinnacle Mountain with a giggling

seven-year-old piggy-backing on his

shoulders, chances are its Dr. Leach and

his daughter Ashlynne.

32 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

medical profile

Leslie Lamb

Heritage Living Center


became the Administrator at Heritage Living

Center 3 years ago, after a 30 year career in

Physical Therapy (23 years at Heritage Living


In November of 2019, Heritage Living Center

was named the recipient of this year’s HIMSS

Davies Award of Excellence. Heritage Living

Center was proud to be recognized as the first

long-term post-acute care Davies Award of

Excellence recipient in the history of this award.

The award recognizes the application of health

information and technology to substantially

improve clinical care delivery, patient outcomes,

and population health. The Davies Award

program promotes better health through

IT usage by recognizing and sharing cases,

model practices and lessons learned on how to

effectively leverage information and technology

to improve patient outcomes.

Lauren Talbot, Reliance Healthcare EHR Solutions

Consultant, and myself presented Heritage

Living Center’s positive patient outcomes to

the National HIMMS award panel in August.

We were humbled to accept this award and

acknowledge the deep dedication of our staff to

the well-being of our residents as the primary

driver of our success.

Heritage Living Center will be recognized

during the 2020 HIMSS Global Health Conference

& Exhibition, which takes place March

9–13 in Orlando, Florida.


Heritage Living Center

(501) 327-7642 33

medical profile


& Balance Center

34 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

What is your location?

2425 Prince Street, Suite 3

Conway, AR 72034

How long have you been in business

in Faulkner County?

Operating in Conway since 2018.

What‘s next for FYZICAL?

FYZICAL IS MOVING! We are moving

just down the street to 8 Medical Lane in

Conway. The new space is 4,000 sq ft,

and will include state of the art Balance

Rail Systems. FYZICAL will be one of the

only balance rail systems in Arkansas.

How does your practice/business

impact Faulkner County residents

and the healthcare community?

FYZICAL is a medical-based balance

and therapy clinic with a broad range

of expertise, including treatment for

musculosketal conditions, balance and gait

disorders, post-operative rehabilitation,

work-related injuries, women’s health, and

vestibular rehabilitation.

Ryan Williams, Owner/CEO

Wendy Williams, COO, PTA

Seth Harrell, DPT, Clinic Director

Dr. Logan Kucginski, DPT

Lori Mize, PT, DPT, WCS

Jordyn Hess, Office Manager

Jacklyn Brinkley, Operations Manager



& Balance Center

(501) 733-3037

Rendering of new building. 35

medical profile

Superior Health and Rehab

Vickey Kirkemier,

Adminstrator (right)

Where do you work and where is it

located? Superior Health and Rehab,

625 Tommy Lewis Drive, Conway

When did you begin practicing/

working in Faulkner County? 1989

Why did you decide to pursue a

career in medicine? I became a nurse

in 1984 and then a long-term care admin

in 1986.

Where did you receive your education?

I attended the University of Central

Arkansas and Morrilton Community

College - UACCm.

Why did you choose Faulkner

County? I moved to Conway in 1989 to

work in a long-term care facility.

What do you love most about your

career? The people and the families.

Your community involvement? I am

the district vice president for American

Health Care Association, which means I

help organize events for this district, like

Senior Olympics and the Queen Pagaent.

Do you have any hobbies or favorite

activities? I love boating and travel.

Anything else you‘d like to share? I

was a 2019 Women in Business award

winner from the Conway Chamber of


Amber Mace, DON (left)

Where do you work and where?

Superior Health and Rehab in Conway

When did you begin practicing/

working in Faulkner County? 2000

Why did you decide to pursue a

career in medicine? My mother was a

nurse and my dad was a pharmacist.

Where did you receive your education

and how long have you been

working in your field? LPN, Pines Tech,

1997; RN, Baptist Health, 2000

Why did you choose Faulkner

County? I moved here when I got

married. My husband is from here.

36 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

What do you love most about your

career? Helping our patients.

Do you have any hobbies? I like to

read, shop and travel with my family.


Superior Health & Rehab

625 Tommy Lewis Dr.


501.585.6800 37

medical profile

Conway OBGYN

What are your locations?

College Avenue:

2519 College Ave., Conway

Conway Regional Medical Center:

525 Western Ave. Suite 303, Conway

How does your practice impact

Faulkner County residents and the

healthcare community? Conway

Regional Health System broke ground in

September 2019 on the construction of

a $13 million medical office building to

be located at the northeast corner of the

hospital’s campus. The 42,530 squarefoot

building will house the Conway

Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, which

currently works out of two offices.

This new building will allow everyone

to be together under one roof, thus

streamlining our patient care. It will be a

state-of-the-art facility creating a better

overall experience for our patients.

Our practice was the first OB/GYN office

established in Conway, and we have

always incorporated the newest research

and best treatment options for each

individual patient. We stay on the cutting

edge of technology and were the first in

Conway to offer Da Vinci robotic surgery,

in-office ablations, Mona Lisa touch laser,

as well as many other procedures.

Our goal at Conway Obstetrics &

Gynecology is to offer our patients

quality medical care in a safe and

comfortable setting. We have both male

and female providers on staff to accommodate

all patient preferences. We focus

on providing excellence in women’s

healthcare and wellness for each and

every patient. There are many stages

women encounter in relation to their

health and well-being, and our team of

medical professionals offer support at

each of these stages.

Visit our website for all services offered.

Dr. Andrew Cole

Dr. Phillip Gullic

Dr. Lauren Nolen

Dr. Katy Cox

Dr. Keitha Holland

Dr. Carole Jackson

Katie Boyd, APN


Conway OBGYN

(501) 327-6547

38 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

medical profile

Dr. Swetha Boddeda

Rheumatologist, Conway Regional Multispecialty Clinic

Dr. Boddeda, a Rheumatologist,

recently joined the Conway

Regional Multispecialty Clinic,

located inside Conway Regional

Medical Center.

Education: Boddeda received her

internal medicine residency training

at the Indiana University Health Ball

Memorial Hospital in Muncie. She then

went on to complete her Rheumatology

Fellowship at the University of Mississippi

Medical Center, where she received

the SAFMR Fellow merit award. Boddeda

was selected for the Young Investigator

Research Travel Award in 2019.

What inspired you to enter into the

medical field? I have always been

compassionate about people. My childhood

best friend’s father was a doctor.

We lived close by and I kind of grew up

watching him. I was always fascinated

by how people would present so acutely

sick and walk out of the hospital happy

after treatment and how doctors can

make a difference in one’s life.

Why did you choose rheumatology?

During my medical rotation on rheumatology

I discovered that a relative who

passed away from an unknown disease

actually had Lupus, which is treated by

rheumatologists. I enjoy rheumatology

because many times you have to think

outside the box as we specialize in

hard-to-diagnose diseases.

What do Rheumatologists do? What

conditions, besides rheumatoid

arthritis, do you treat? Rheumatologists

diagnose and treat musculoskeletal

disease and systemic autoimmune

conditions commonly referred to as

connective tissue diseases. I treat a wide

variety of autoimmune and inflammatory

diseases like lupus, Sjogren’s syndrome,

Scleroderma (Systemic Sclerosis),

Dermatomyositis, Polymyositis, Polymyalgia

Rheumatica, Septic Arthritis.

Sarcoidosis, Gout and Pseudogout gout,

fibromyalgia, and others.

What do you enjoy the most about

being a doctor? I’m a patient listener

and I enjoy when my patients tell me

that they have found a doctor who is

listening to them. That makes me feel

good and motivates me to be a better


Why do you choose to live and

practice medicine in Conway? When

I finished my medical training I was

looking for a place closer to where my

husband, Neal, lives. He is finishing a

fellowship in hematology-oncology

at LSU in Shreveport, and I felt like

Conway Regional would support me in

establishing my practice here.

How can you best help the community?

I know I can make a difference

here because people were spending so

much time traveling for rheumatology

visits. Currently, we can make same-day


What are your hobbies? I’m a full-time

mom with two daughters, Kriti, five, and

Vibha, three months, and I want to spend

as much time as I can with them. I also

love to shop any time, any day.

Any words of advice about autoimmune

diseases? I recommend for my

patients to watch out for any symptoms

like unexplained fevers or unintentional

weight loss, skin rashes that are not

easy to figure out, and swollen joints as

potential symptoms for autoimmune

disease. Timely diagnosis is important.

These diseases are prone to cause

significant organ damage if not caught

in the early stages.


Conway Regional

Multispecialty Clinic

501.358.6145 39

medical profile

Kenneth Murphy, MD, FACS, DABS

Doctor of Medicine; owner/operator of the Murphy Clinic

Where do you work/practice and where is it located?

The Murphy Clinic, 719 Front St., Conway – a medical

cannabis certification clinic.

When did you begin practicing/working in Faulkner

County? I had a General Surgery practice 1987-2009 in

Conway. Since then I have held Medical Director, Physician

Advisor, Physician Assessor and Chief Medical Officer

positions with various companies.

Where did you receive your education? Undergraduate,

UA Fayetteville; medical school, UAMS (MD graduate). I’ve

worked in almost every area of healthcare, including Public

Healthcare and have a broad knowledge of the healthcare


Any board certifications? Diplomate of the American

Board of Surgery (DABS). Fellow of the American College

of Surgeons (FACS). Member of the American Association

for Physician Leadership.

Tell us more about Medical Cannabis and your clinic. Pattie

and I opened the Murphy Clinic last spring after much thought

and research. Our 40+ years in healthcare (she is a Registered

Nurse Practitioner) have shown us that there are many unmet

needs in the field. One of them is symptom relief.

Our patients are people with chronic pain, PTSD, severe

arthritis, neuropathy, fibromyalgia and other conditions for

which traditional treatments involve medications – often

opiates – that are less-than-successful and often have undesirable

effects. They are folks who want desperately to enjoy more

normal days doing yard work, playing with grandkids, working

at a job and the like; many just want to get out of the house for

a change and to not be incapacitated by their conditions.

Since it appears that using cannabis for medical conditions is

here to stay, we decided to bring our practice philosophy to

this area. Medically, we evaluate each patient carefully to be

sure that medical issues and needs are legitimate and meet

Arkansas law standards, and that cannabis will be one of the

tools of treatment and not a recreational thing.

We believe in personal, friendly and complete care for each of

our patients and that service is a privilege at which we excel.

Medical care today has become a field where answering

machine recordings, long waits for appointments, hurried

visits and unanswered questions have become standard; we

are “old school” and are here to provide answers, information

and that “down-home style of care” to people in our living

area and beyond, while trying to dispel some of the misunderstandings

about medical cannabis in Arkansas.

The medical cannabis landscape here will surely change in

the coming years as new laws are passed and larger amounts

of true scientific research become available, and the Murphy

Clinic will be here to help educate during the changes.

When you call the Murphy Clinic you will get a real person

who will answer your questions or find the answers to them;

we want every patient to walk out of the door feeling more

hopeful than when they walked in, and believing that they

have a new and dependable resource they can count on.


719 Front St., Conway

501-766-4768 (4POT)

40 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

medical profile

Jay Howell, MD

Conway Orthopedics and

Sports Medicine Center

Where do you practice and

where is it located?

Conway Orthopedics and Sports

Medicine Center, 550 Club Lane

What is your professional

title?Orthopedic Surgeon, Hand

and Upper Extremity Specialist

Why did you decide to

pursue a career in medicine?

I have several family members

in medicine who encouraged

me to explore the field. I

realized after some time that

medicine was the best way for

me to most effectively use the

brain God gave me.

Where did you receive your education and how long

have you been working in your field?I went to medical

school at UAMS in Little Rock. I began a five-year residency

in Orthopedics at Hamot Medical Center in Erie, PA in 2005.

I completed my residency, followed by a one-year surgical

fellowship in hand and upper extremity surgery at the

University of Alabama School of Medicine in Birmingham.

How long have you been in practice in Faulkner County?

I have practiced in Faulkner County since August 2011.

I moved here with my wife, Hannah, and one–year-old

baby after I completed my fellowship in hand and upper

extremity surgery.

Why did you choose Faulkner County? I grew up in Fort

Smith and my parents still live there, and Hannah grew up

in Wynne where her family lived. We were looking for a

practice location somewhere in Central Arkansas. I was

drawn to the Conway Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Center because I really got the impression that they were

a solid group of Christian men.

What do you love most about your career?Orthopedics

is a field where you can cure specific problems. The best

thing is that many patients feel better right away after treatment—whether

it be a shot, quick procedure, or a surgery.

Is there any advice you would like to offer the public?A

lot of problems happen with late diagnosis. I would encourage

people to get evaluated early. We have urgent care in our office

every week day. You can walk in and at least get an x-ray and

an initial evaluation. It’s hard to know if something’s broken

based on what it feels like or looks like; you need an x-ray.

How are you involved in the community?I coach soccer

and baseball for my kids’ teams. Our family is involved in

church at Fellowship Bible Church. I also provide on-site

medical coverage for Greenbrier High School football.

Any hobbies or favorite activities?I play tennis a few

times a week whenever I can. My whole family enjoys

tennis. It’s great because my seven-year-old daughter enjoys

playing tennis almost as much as my 75 year-old parents.

Tell us about your family.Hannah is a pharmacist. We actually

met each other while we were both in graduate school at

UAMS. We have two children: our daughter Emery is seven

years old and loves soccer, and our son Brody is nine years

old, and his favorite sport is baseball. Hannah works part time

at both MedCare Pharmacy and Cornerstone Pharmacy. She is

also very involved in the PTO at the kids’ school.


Conway Orthopedics &

Sports Medicine Center 41

at home

The Heart of the Home

is in the Kitchen in Brad

Lacy‘s Conway Home

42 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020


Local Businesses

Used for the Remodel:

Luke Porter, contractor

Quality Construction,


Lumber One, flooring

Zellner‘s Appliance & TV,


Describe the ”before“ space.

The before space was a kitchen,

breakfast nook, and half bath that I

remodeled when I bought the house

in 2001. The house was built in 1924,

and the original kitchen was extremely

small and included a wood burning

stove and a brick flue that still existed.

I tore out the flue to open the space a

bit, but for the most part the kitchen

was very small.

The half bath and breakfast nook

also cut up the overall space. In 2012

I added on to the north side of the

house, and on the first floor had a

media room and full bath, but you

couldn’t see into the kitchen from the

new room because of existing walls.

What was the inspiration or goal

of the remodel? I don’t cook a lot,

but when I do it is for a lot of people. I

love for my home to feel like home to

my friends and family. People always

gravitated toward the kitchen but its

size limited the number of people who

could be in the room. I wanted to

remove the half bath, open up some of

the walls and improve the flow of the

house with the kitchen, media room,

dining room, and living room.

How long did the remodel take?

We started with demo on January 8th

and I wanted it to be finished so that

I could host lunch at my house on

Easter Sunday, which was April 21st.

With the help of my contractor (Luke

Porter), his family, my mother, and my

friends Andrea Lennon and Joey and

Syndal Cook, we had everything ready

by the end of the day on Good Friday

(April 19).

Describe some of the materials/

finishes used in the remodel. I’m

a fan of British Colonial everything

(furniture, finishes, etc.). Over the years

my entire house has been remodeled

to reflect it. All the woodwork is

stained in Bombay Mahogany.

Luke’s team created a new coffered

ceiling in the kitchen to mimic those in

the original dining and living rooms.

He also did those in the media room in

2012. Quality Construction Design did

the cabinetry, and I wanted the new

butler’s pantry (former breakfast nook)

to have louvered doors and reflect that

British Colonial look.

I chose a ceramic tile for the floor from

Lumber One that is the best-looking

replica of Carrara Marble that I have

ever seen. It looks real. The countertops 43

44 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

are real carrara marble, which isn’t the most durable choice,

but I like the way it looks and try to be careful with it.

Overall, I wanted the kitchen to look as though it fits with

the rest of the house. We also did a window seat in the

butler’s pantry that has storage underneath and mimics the

original window seats in the dining and living rooms.

I bought all my appliances from Zellner’s. They were great

and ordered everything for me. The refrigerator and dishwasher

both have cabinet fronts and blend really well. The

stove and vent hood are a centerpiece of the room, I think.

Was the space altered, enlarged, or additional

features added? If so, please describe. I removed the

half bathroom and removed a couple of other walls. I also

realigned some doors so that from the kitchen, you can see

into every other room on the ground floor. The new space

is so much bigger and features a large center island with bar

height seating for four. I was never able to actually sit and

eat in my other kitchen. I like having a place to sit. 45

scene | heard

Do you love your new space? Tell

us about it. It is the best thing I’ve

ever done to the house. It really feels

like a different house now. It functions

so well, and I’ve had several dinners

at my house and have had upwards of

30 people in the kitchen at one time.

I love the stove, especially the griddle

as well as having two ovens. I took the

time to look at a lot of other kitchens

in the homes of my friends and took

good ideas from all of them.

I don‘t cook a lot, but when I do it is for a lot of

people. I love for my home to feel like home to

my friends and family. People always gravitated

toward the kitchen but its size limited the number

of people who could be in the room.

—Brad Lacy

I also worked with my favorite artist,

Sean Shrum of Jonesboro, to come up

with something special for the blank,

grass cloth wall. I knew I wanted a

picture of the Halter Building and

downtown Conway but couldn’t find

the exact angle that I had in mind, so

I sent him a few pictures, and he put

them together to come up with the

view you see today. It’s incredible and

gives me a daily reminder of how much

I love this city. I couldn’t be happier.




We build beauuful custom websites that

increase customer engagement and will grow your











46 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

0099 234 5678900


D I G I T A L M O V E M E N T M E D I A . C O M



at home | christmas








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48 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020


The Dream Launcher

A dream is a photograph that God imprints

on your mind, but it must be developed!

—Dana Davin-Ward


a picture… it will lastlLonger.”

Everyone remembers that old


saying from our childhood! One

day in my prayer time, I heard those words

in my heart. I love looking at photographs

from the past. Memories of people, places

and of fun times had, of dreams fulfilled…

that’s what photographs do. They take

us back in time. But a dream is much

like a photograph, it’s just a photograph

of a monumental event that hasn’t yet

occurred, a picture of your future.

Habakkuk 2:2 says, “Write the vision and

engrave it so plainly upon the tablets that

everyone who passes by may be able to

read it easily and quickly as he hastens

by.” The dream is the vision engraved

and imprinted on your mind but it must

be developed.

We first see the dream in our minds eye,

then we develop the vision much like a

photographer develops their photographs.

Developing a photograph in most circles

is a foreign concept. In today’s world, we

just click a button on our phone or camera

and email or text the photo to anyone we

wish or print it out on our own computer,

but developing a photograph the oldfashioned

way is a process; much like the

developing of the dream that God has

imprinted on the inside of us.

First an image is taken. Then prints are

created by shining a light through a

negative onto special photo paper in a

dark room. In order to bring the negative,

light and paper together, a device

called an enlarger is needed. Creating

color prints requires working in total

darkness. The paper spends some length

of time in the developer before the image

appears clearly on paper.

The image is the dream or vision. The

enlarger is God and the developer

represents the situations and circumstances

in our lives that bring about the

dream or bring the dream that has been

lying dormant in our hearts and minds to

the forefront. God’s light shines through

our negative circumstances, often in the

dark places of our lives and the dream

is developed. He enlarges the vision

that He has placed in our hearts and the

dream comes to fruition.

A dream is a photograph

that God imprints on your mind,

but it must be developed! ”

Dreams are often born from negative

circumstances. Just like a photograph

started off as a negative before it became

the picture we love to enjoy, trials in our

lives may be the catalyst for the birth of

a dream. The light of God is shown into

our lives, often in the darkroom of the

unknown. God Himself is the enlarger

who develops the dream within us. How

often do we feel and see the dream and

then find ourselves stumbling in the dark,

feeling our way along, asking for guidance

and clear direction. We are in the

darkroom. The dream is being developed.

Have faith. The Enlarger is at work!

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Faith is

taking the first step even when you don’t see

the whole staircase.”

Be encouraged as we begin a new year…

a new decade. God is indeed the Dream

Launcher in our lives and you are not

forgotten. During your processing time

of the development of your dream,

remember that God is behind the scenes,

working in ways that you cannot see. He

is hard at work, developing the dream

inside of you!

Dana Davin-Ward founder and CEO of Isaiah 30:18 Ministries, a non-denominational

women’s ministry where “women helping women” is their motto. She is the co-founder

and Community Outreach Director of The Harbor Home for Women in Conway

and is passionate about helping see women once bound by sin, shame and

addiction find freedom through the love and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 49

good taste

Staff Picks: Favorite

Winter Soups You Will Love


50 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020



When it’s cold

outside, a hearty

pot of soup always

hits the spot. Warm up

with trusted, delicious soup

recipes submitted by some

of the Faulkner Lifestyle staff.

Staff Favorites from:





PattiCakes Spinach

Mushroom Soup

I love all of the soups at

PattiCakes Downtown, but the

Spinach Mushroom Soup is by

far my favorite! I go with my

co-workers once or twice a week

because we love it so much.

—Courtney Boudreaux


1 pound butter

5 pounds mushrooms

1 pound spinach, roughly chopped

1 ½ cups flour

10 cups chicken broth

4 cups heavy cream

1 tablespoon salt

1 teaspoon pepper

¼ teaspoon nutmeg

½ teaspoon cayenne pepper


Saute mushrooms with melted butter.

Add chopped spinach. Stir until


Mix flour in 2 cups of warmed

chicken broth.

Add flour mixture and remaining

chicken broth to pot. Add remaining


Stir until temperature of 165F reached

for five minutes. Yields 23 cups. 51

One whiff of a savory aromatic soup and

appetites come to attention. The steaming fragrance

of a tempting soup is a prelude to the goodness to

come. An inspired soup puts family and guests in a

receptive mood for enjoying the rest of the menu.

—Louis P. De Gouy


Tomato Bisque

A dear friend shared this

recipe with us. The soup is a

simple, flavorful, one-pot meal

chock full of vegetables. It is also

a great accompaniment to a

grilled cheese sandwich.

—Leah Ashby & Linda Mars


4 tablespoons unsalted butter

1 medium onion, finely chopped

1 medium carrot, finely chopped

1 celery rib, finely chopped

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

3 tablespoons all-purpose flour

4 cups chicken stock or canned

low-sodium broth

2 cans (14 ½ ounces each) diced

fire-roasted tomatoes, drained

3 tablespoons tomato paste

2 teaspoons sugar

¼ cup heavy cream

Salt and freshly ground white pepper

to taste

½ cup garlic or cheese croutons, for

garnish (optional)


In medium saucepan, melt 2 tablespoons

of the butter. Add chopped onion,

carrot, celery and garlic, cover and

cook over moderately high heat, stirring

occasionally, until the vegetables are just

beginning to brown, about 5 minutes.

Sprinkle the flour over the vegetables

and stir over low heat for 1 minute,

or until flour is fully incorporated. Add

chicken stock, tomatoes, tomato paste

and sugar and bring to boil. Cover

partially and cook the soup over moderate

heat, stirring occasionally, until the

vegetables are tender, 15 minutes.

Transfer half of the soup to a blender and

puree until smooth. Return the puree to

the saucepan, add the heavy cream and

cook until soup is just heated through.

Season with salt and white pepper and

swirl in the remaining 2 tablespoons of

butter. Ladle the soup into bowls, garnish

with croutons and serve.

52 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

Hearty Italian

Sausage Soup

A friend served this at a party,

and I loved it. She found the

recipe off the Premium cracker

box! I love it because it’s easy,

pretty and tasty. It is my son’s

favorite, so I make it a lot!

—Shari Hoover


1 pound ground Italian Sausage

1 onion chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 teaspoon Olive Oil

2 cans (14-ounces each)

25% Less Sodium Chicken Broth

1 soup can water

1 can (15-ounce) cannellini beans,


1 can (14.5-ounce) stewed tomatoes,


1 cup rotini pasta, uncooked

1½ cups baby spinach

½ cup KRAFT 2% Milk Shredded

Mozzarella Cheese

PREMIUM Saltine crackers


Cook sausage, onions and garlic in

oil in large saucepan for 10 minutes,

stirring frequently.

Add the next 4 ingredients. Bring to

a boil.

Stir in pasta; cook 8 minutes or until

tender. Remove from heat.

Stir in spinach; cover. Let stand 5


Top with cheese.

Serve with Saltine crackers. 53

Spicy Sweet

Deer Chili

With three hunters in my family,

I’m always looking for a good

recipe for venison. My husband

found this recipe online and

shared it with me. When I read the

ingredient list, I was in. The flavor of

this chili is unique and delicious!

—Andrea Lennon


1 package ground deer meat

(approximately 2 pounds)

2 cups chopped sweet onions

1 chopped bell pepper

2 chopped garlic cloves

1 can pinto beans with jalapeño

peppers (with juice)

1 can regular pinto beans (drained)

2 cans kidney beans (one drained and

one with juice)

2 cans hot Rotel diced tomatoes

(I use one hot and one regular)

3 teaspoons chili powder

2 teaspoons cumin

2 teaspoon thyme

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 cup of honey


Brown meat with onion, bell

pepper, and garlic. Drain if needed.

Add Rotel tomatoes, pinto and

kidney beans, chili powder, cumin,

thyme, salt, and cinnamon. Stir and

simmer for 25 minutes.

Remove from the heat and add the

honey. Let chili stand for 10 to 15


Serve alone or over rice or spaghetti.

I also serve with cornbread

and crackers.

Note: When we are out of deer

meat, I make this chili with one

pound of sausage and one pound

of hamburger meat.

54 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020 55

truth on the go

As we enter 2020, we need to remember that

sometimes life is messy, relationships are hard, people

are difficult, and stories are broken. Like Hagar and

Sarah, we have to figure out how to navigate broken

relationships and shattered dreams. Through it all,

God remains the same. He is the God who sees,

knows, loves, and provides exactly what we need.

—Andrea Lennon

56 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

The God Who Can See


The Old Testament story of Hagar is

a story of brokenness. The background

information sets the stage

for her brief appearance in scripture. I

think it’s safe to say that Hagar’s life had

more “downs” than “ups.”

In Genesis, God called Abram, later

known as Abraham, to leave his

homeland and go to an unknown place.

Thankfully, God showed Abraham the

way. The call came with a promise. God

would make Abraham the leader of a

new nation who would be known as

God’s chosen people. Abraham would

have as many descendants as stars in the

sky. Abraham obeyed God and took his

wife and nephew with him. They set out

and found the new land called Canaan.

Life moved along and Abraham learned

important lessons. God continually

reminded him of the promise. “I will

make your offspring like the dust of

the earth, so that if anyone could count

the dust, then your offspring could be

counted.” (Genesis 13:15-16)

The promise must have sounded good

to Abraham and his wife Sarah. But,

there was one big problem. Sarah never

became pregnant. Year after year, one

faithful reminder after the next, there

was no child. Each month that passed

must have had hopeful moments

followed by incredible defeat.

Enter Hagar into the story. Hagar was

the maidservant of Sarah. (In Old Testament

times, it was not uncommon for

men to have multiple wives and for the

primary wife to have a helper.) One day,

Sarah had an idea. Since she couldn’t

get pregnant, Sarah would give Hagar to

Abraham and build a family through her.

Abraham agreed and Hagar became

pregnant. Immediately, problems

surfaced between the women. Hagar

despised Sarah and Sarah mistreated

Hagar. Abraham provided no leadership

throughout the messy situation. The

end result was Hagar running away.

Hagar was alone in the desert when an

angel of the Lord appeared to her. The

conversation was significant because

Hagar learned that God had a plan for

her. Let that truth sink in. Hagar who

was the very definition of an outsider

had a place in God’s story.

The angel told Hagar to go back to Sarah

and submit to her. Hagar was told to

name the boy in her womb Ishmael.

Further, Hagar learned she would have

many descendants. For a lady who

found herself in a tough situation, this

news must have meant the world to her.

Her response is one we need to hear.

Hagar said to God, “You are the God

who sees me? I have now seen the

One who sees me.” (Genesis 16:13)

Hagar went back to Sarah’s house and

bore a son to Abraham. Several years

later, Sarah finally became pregnant

and gave birth to Isaac. He was the son

of God’s promise.

When Isaac was a baby, Ishmael mocked

him. The tension in the family was real.

Sarah asked Abraham to send Hagar

and Ishmael away. After a conversation

with God, Abraham agreed. Hagar and

Ishmael were given food and water and

sent away to fend for themselves.

Once again, Hagar found herself in the

desert. She was out of food, water, and

options. She was weeping and waiting

for her son to die. In that moment, God

came to Hagar and opened her eyes.

Hagar saw a well streaming with water

so she got up and enjoyed a drink. For

the rest of their lives, God provided for

Hagar and Ishmael in the desert.

It’s been a tough road for the descendants

of Isaac and Ishmael. What has

remained the same from Genesis until

now is God’s ability and willingness to

see the person no matter their background

or nationality. Not one person

in history has gone unnoticed by God

and not one promise has gone unfilled.

As we enter 2020, we need to

remember that sometimes life is messy,

relationships are hard, people are

difficult, and stories are broken. Like

Hagar and Sarah, we have to figure out

how to navigate broken relationships

and shattered dreams. Through it all,

God remains the same. He is the God

who sees, knows, loves, and provides

exactly what we need.

The life of Hagar teaches a valuable

lesson to us. In the middle of our broken

lives, we can see the One who sees us.

(Think about that for a moment!) We

can look to God and His plan. When we

understand this truth, our lives are no

longer defined by our mess. Instead, our

lives are defined by our God.

Andrea Lennon: An “on the go” kind of girl who loves Jesus, Andrea’s life

calling is to teach women to know the truth, live the truth, and share the

truth. Her passion is honest conversation about the topics that drive our

lives and how we can weather the storms through the love and power of

our Lord and His Word. Connect with Andrea at 57

An entertainer's dream!

Large kitchen with wonderful island

open to hearth room;

Formal dining room &

living room with

coffered ceilings & replace.

Large master suite;

Huge game room;

Guest suite on main level;

Amazing backyard

with brick patio,

beautiful pergola on

over an acre lot.

58 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

Lori Quinn, Realtor, GRI, ABR, GRLA

Coldwell Banker RPM Group-Conway

Conway Office:

609 Locust Street



New Year New Skin for 2020!

If your New Year’s resolution is to be

healthier, please don’t forget to include

your skin! Whether you are starting a

new skin care regimen or just looking to

see what might be missing in your current

routine, resolve to make 2020 the best yet

for the health of your skin.

Studio Skin’s list of minimal resolutions to

help you maintain a healthy complexion

throughout the year.

Resolution #1 – Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just for summer and should

be worn throughout the year, as there is

still damaging ultraviolet radiation around.

Sunscreen should be broad-spectrum

offering protection against UVA and UVB

and at least SPF 15. Regular sunscreen use

will help prevent the development of skin

cancer and premature aging.

Resolution #2 – Keep Things Clean

Makeup bags are a breeding ground

for bacteria. Makeup brushes should

be cleaned at least on a monthly basis,

preferably once a week. Bacteria can build

up on the surface from constantly being in

contact with our skin. Products should not

be used past their expiration date.

Resolution #3 – Use A Serum

Facial serums are concentrated, clear,

gel-like solutions applied to the skin, which

are made up of small molecules. This

means that they are absorbed quickly and

penetrate deep into the skin. They have a

high concentration of active ingredients

such as antioxidants, vitamins, or peptides.

For example, an antioxidant serum can

help limit damage caused by pollution and

ultraviolet light.

Resolution #4 – See A Dermatologist

Dermatologists provide expertise checking

your moles and rashes, and skin cancer

screenings. Please get a head to toe check

once a year.

Resolution #5 - Drink More Water

This is probably on your list of resolutions

already, but drinking more water is vital

for healthier skin. Our bodies are made

up of about 70 percent water. Stick to the

8×8 rule; eight ounces of water, eight times

a day. The more hydrated you are the

healthier and younger the skin will look!

Resolution #6 - Stick To A Routine

Once you find your ideal skincare routine,

write it down on a piece of paper and stick

it on your bathroom mirror for a gentle

reminder to not skip your routine. Do your

routine as soon as you get home. After

cooking dinner and a Netflix binge, the last

thing you want to do is a skincare routine.

Don’t put it off until you’re ready for bed.

Resolution #7 -

Keep Your Cell Phone Clean

Scientists at the University of Arizona

discovered that cell phones carry about ten

times more bacteria than most toilet seats.

Think of how often you touch your phone

and subsequently touch your face. GROSS!

Clean your phone, wash your hands and

break-up with breakouts this year.

Resolution #8 - Change Pillowcase

Your pillowcase can collect tons of

bacteria, so you should change your

pillowcase at least twice a week.

Resolution #9 - Moisturize!

The harsh cold weather is here to stay for

a few more months. Applying lotion or

oil to your skin helps locks in hydration,

and helps prevent dry, cracked skin. The

long-term benefits of moisturizing, like

anti-aging and even skin tone, are good

reasons you should moisturize every day.

Sticking to new year’s resolutions can be

hard, but if you start by making small

changes, you will eventually see wonderful

changes with your skin. If you want to start

the new year on the right track, consider

visiting Studio Skin to treat yourself to a

professional facial or skin peel.

Angela Jackson, Licensed

Aesthetician, offers

microcurrent facials and

other anti aging facial

treatments at Studio SKIN

in downtown Conway. 59

come from away into the woods

Bard Ball

FEBRUARY 1, 2020, 7 PM


heavy hors d’oeuvres · drinks · live entertainment · silent and live auctions · live music


Broadway’s De’Lon Grant, star of

the hit musical Come From Away


AST alum Jess Pritchard


Judge Troy and Karla Braswell





• Tickets including an exclusive cocktail reception with

De’Lon Grant from 6-7 pm: $100 per person; $1000 for table of 10

• Tickets for the event only: $75 per person; $800 for table of 10




60 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020




the arts

2020 Bard Ball

Judge Troy and Karla Braswell

As the juvenile court

judge, we partnered with

AST to create a program

for at risk youth. This

Shakespeare Theatre Group

allows youth to be exposed

to the arts and gives them

the opportunity to learn,

work on self-esteem and give

back to their community

by performing at nursing

homes and senior centers.

—Judge Troy Braswell



Recently I was able to talk with

Judge Troy and Karla Braswell

about their involvement with

Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre and their

upcoming role as co-chairs of our annual

Bard Ball, which will be held February

1st onstage and backstage of Reynolds

Performance Hall. It was obvious to me

when selecting co-chairs that these two

were the ones for the job.

Our past co-chairs have included folks

like Brad Lacy, Lori Quinn, and President

Houston and First Lady Jenny Davis.

Clearly all of these Conwegians share a

passion for our community, for UCA, for

the arts, and for the common good. Troy

and Karla exude such dedication, so I

wanted to get to know them better. If we

were all as committed as they are, there

would be no limit to the great strides

we might make. Here is some of what

I’ve learned about this wonderful couple

and their dedication to the arts in our


How did you become

acquainted with AST?

Karla: We first became acquainted with

AST when we moved back to Conway

and saw performances taking place

throughout the community.

Troy: As the juvenile court judge, we

partnered with AST to create a program

for at risk youth. This Shakespeare

Theatre Group allows youth to be

exposed to the arts and gives them

the opportunity to learn, work on

self-esteem and give back to their

community by performing at nursing

homes and senior centers. It’s always fun

to see a kid upset that they are going to

some boring class and then come back

smiling about what they have learned

and their new found interests.

​What about AST ‘s

mission speaks to you?

Troy: AST’s mission to engage and

enrich the community goes hand in hand

with juvenile court’s mission to engage

the community to provide support for

at risk youth and their families. We live

in an amazing community. Individually,

we each have a responsibility to give

back, serve and provide opportunities

for others. When organizations like AST

and Juvenile Court partner, we see real

reform and change in lives. This has a

long term benefit for us all.

Do you have a history in theater?

Karla: While neither of us have a strong

history in theater, we did meet in a theater

class while attending UCA. Obviously,

theater has had a greater impact on our

lives than we realized! We also attended a

show on Broadway a couple of years ago

and really enjoyed the experience.

As co-chairs of the Bard Ball, what do

you hope to accomplish?

Troy: We want to help bring awareness

to the overall mission of AST, highlight

AST’s impact in juvenile court, and

encourage people that have never been to

the Bard Ball to attend. The entire experience

is truly unique for our community.

Karla: Theater class brought us together

20 years ago. We want Conway to see

how AST and theater brings people

together to make a difference.

Favorite Shakespeare play?

Favorite musical?

Troy: Macbeth​(obvious political

connection there, huh?); Karla

prefers ​Romeo and Juliet 61

Karla: We have really enjoyed watching

the movie/musical​ Into the Woods ​with the

kids. They love it! Our daughter loves to

dance around the living room and sing.

We’re excited that this the theme of this

year’s Bard Ball and will be the featured

musical in AST’s 2020 season.

What do you hope that attendees will

experience at Bard Ball 2020 besides

an enjoyable evening?

Karla: Theater is more than dressing up

and playing a role. It provides a stage in

our community for people to use their

talents and gifts to support those who

are less fortunate. The Bard Ball is an

excellent opportunity to come together

for a common cause and support the

arts in our community.

How do you see AST making an

impact in our community and region?

Troy: AST provides countless opportunities

for aspiring actors to learn and study

their craft and eventually travel across

the country to share the beauty of

theater. It’s so great to see those very

students return to Conway to share their

stories and life lessons. You can see how

much they appreciate the support and

the chance to make a difference.

What do you think having a

professional theater in our town adds

to Conway and the UCA community?

Troy: A strong professional theater adds

culture and diversity of thought to our

community. As we continue to grow in

size, we also must grow in our ability

to provide diverse opportunities for

young adults. A strong theatre provides

these young adults the chance to use

their gifts to make a lasting impact in

their community.

Why should folks support this cause?

Troy: Theater, and Shakespeare in

particular, offers the unexpected—the

ups and downs of life. Theater also

reminds us that looks can be deceiving.

We can have different ideas, interests, or

political views but we can come together

for a common purpose. We see at risk

youth in the same place in their lives.

They don’t feel like they belong. They

don’t look the part. But then they are

given a chance and an opportunity to

thrive. The next thing you know, a star

is born. This is why the partnership with

AST is so important. That’s why we

support AST and why we are asking you

to join us for this year’s Bard Ball.


Tickets and tables can

be purchased online at​or by

calling Mary Ruth Marotte

at 501-269-9428.

720 S. Harkrider St.

Conway, AR 72034


62 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

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Harbor Home Black & White Gala 63 63

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Christmas Coffee

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FREE ESTIMATES • 501.329.1680

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Century 21 Legacy Realty Arkanseals 5K Raises $6,500 for Easter Seals

Century 21 Legacy Realty of Conway,

Arkansas has a big heart for people

with disabilities. Principle broker,

Mark Burrier, wanted to use his success in real

estate to help others, so he teamed up with

Easterseals of Arkansas after learning a little

about them from our parent company. He did

some research into the organization and was

highly impressed not only with their services,

but with the fact that they take it a step farther

to change the perception of disability entirely!

He felt like their goals were in sync with his

goals for his own company, so he wanted to

get involved and see how he could help!

Easterseals of Arkansas has countless

programs and services like specialized

school classes, outpatient therapy, job

training, and independent living for these

amazing people who want to be on their

own but need help with a few things. They

help some very talented individuals, and

this is evidenced by their annual art show

where you can buy beautiful artwork made

solely by their clients!

In 2018, Burrier called upon his staff

to help him get ready for the 1st Annual

Century 21 Legacy Realty Arkanseals 5K!

He was met with great enthusiasm from

his staff and was touched by their willingness

to volunteer their time for this cause

that meant so much.

Burrier followed suit in 2019 with a

bigger and more successful 5k, a larger

team of volunteers, and even added live

entertainment! We had so many sponsors

from large industries to small businesses

who wanted to help! Everyone who knows

what Easterseals does was more than

happy to lend a hand, money, or to race for

the cause! We are doing it again in 2020

and want it to triple this year’s turnout!

Thank you to each and every sponsor!

I asked Mark Burrier what makes

Easterseals so important to him and to

his staff, and he replied, “Here at Century

21 Legacy Realty, our legacy is about

lifting each other up, staying positive, and

working hard so that we can ALL succeed.

I feel that Easterseals has that same legacy.

I see their clients’ successes, their dreams

coming true, and their lives improving

by leaps and bounds because Easterseals

gives them the tools, knowledge,

resources, and encouragement to know

that they can do anything! This organization

is a life changer and something I feel

honored to be part of! Their clients touch

my heart with their positivity, talent,

independence, and their overall attitudes.

I’m very happy to help!”

robin stauffer | owner & art director

501.730.6725 | conway, ar 67

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Women‘s Leadership Network Luncheon

68 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

Voted best Men’s formal wear

in Central Arkansas.

Our staff will help you

select the perfect tuxedo rental

for your next big event. 69

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Faulkner County

Board of Realtors

Banquet & 2020

Board Installation

The Faulkner County Board of

Realtors recently recognized their

outgoing 2019 board members,

installed the 2020 board and the president

Brittney Burks at their December

banquet and installation.

Voted Arkansas’ Best Florist

For More Than 20 Years

(501) 329-6663

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Since 1886

810 4th Avenue


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We are here

to serve you!

Noah, Brandon, Jesse,

Blake, Sara & Chris


New Home

Let's find your

dream home today!



501-730-2857 71

Velda Lueders

609 Locust Avenue - Conway, AR

faulkner fam

Our Faulkner Fam:

the Hawks Family

72 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020


Spencer, Xochilt, Samantha,

Selena and Sebastian Hawks

Where are you from? Spencer from

Conway and Xochilt from Houston, TX

Where do you work? Xochilt &

Spencer both work at Coldwell Banker

RPM GROUP; Spencer also works for

Arkansas State Legislature.

How did the two of you meet?

John Pettus, a friend of the family

and Spencer’s spiritual mentor, did

marketing for Xochilt’s restaurant. John

told Spencer that he should ask her out

on a date. The rest is history!

How long have you lived in Faulkner

County? Spencer over 30 years. Xochilt

has been here since high school.

What schools do your children

attend? Conway Christian School

When you get a date night where

do you go? Mike’s Place or Pasta Grill!

Although our last date we went for

pedicures and then went to Bulgogi

Korean BBQ on Oak Street.

When you shop local (for fun) what

stores are always on your list? Bell

and Sward, Your’s Truly. The Kitchen

Store and Simply Sweet Kids

Describe parenting in one

sentence. Parenting is the stewardship

of souls that God blesses us with to care

for and train.

What are your favorite things to do

as a family? Traveling and creating

new experiences

What activities are your children

involved in? Most consistently music,

dance, and gymnastics, but they also

play soccer during the Spring.

What is a favorite inspirational

quote/scripture that is important in

your family? “Sana, Sana, Colita de

rana. Si no sana hoy, sanara mañana.”

Translated: “Heal, heal, little toad tail. If

you don’t heal today, tomorrow will be

your day.” Said whenever a child bumps

their head, skins a knee, etc... It means it

will get better.

What do you love most about

living in this community? Conway

is a vibrant and growing community

that embraces diversity and has a

Philadelphian (brotherly love) charm.

Xochilt‘s favorite inspirational quote:

Sana, Sana, Colita de rana. Si no sana hoy, sanara mañana.“ Translated: ”Heal,

heal, little toad tail. If you don‘t heal today, tomorrow will be your day.“ Said

whenever a child bumps their head, skins a knee, etc… It means it will get better. 73

74 faulkner lifestyle | winter 2020

Selling Central Arkansas

for 65 years...

the best is yet to come!

The Aviation Pioneers Squad

Scott Kelly

Rocio Gonzalez Torres

Luke Bannister



A Growing Health System for for a a Growing Community

New New Medical Offices

More Specialists

Expanded Access Access

Innovative Services

Jimmy Head, MD, Foot and Ankle Specialist

At At Conway Regional, our our team team of of talented orthopedic surgeons and and specialists are are dedicated

to to helping you you regain mobility and and recover from from injury injury and and disease. We We are are bringing you you the the

most most advanced technology, comprehensive experience, and and world-class care. care.

We’re not not just just growing—we’re growing together.


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