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Welcome to the new high

Danish designed

herb accessories



Hello, we are HØJ.

Meaning “high” in Danish, the HØJ philosophy reflects everything we want to

achieve; higher quality products, higher production standards and higher experiences.

That is our obsession and we have crafted our products meticulously

around it. Welcome to the new high.

What gets us out of bed in the morning?

HØJ exist for one reason and one reason only; to change the way humans

connect with the herb by creating better tools to do so. Period. What we do is

complex, but why we do it is simple.

We strive to achieve this by creating magical products that transform the user

experience at each stage of the herb’s journey; as it is grown, prepared, enjoyed

and learnt about.

So far, this unique approach has guided the design of two products –


As our own story unfolds we know a lot will undoubtedly change but, one thing

we can promise won’t, is our values. They guide everything we do, and you will

feel them each time you use our products. They define us, and we would love for

you to take a look at them...

Highest Regards





Available in two sizes:

Ø66 mm / 2’6” | Ø55 mm / 2’1”

KLIP [kli-p]

The Grinder

Protect the herb, preserve the high.

KLIP is a grinder only by name, having been fundamentally

re-imagined for the first time in over 110 years. This isn’t an

evolution, this is a revolution. Welcome to the new high.

Built to last,

with a lifetime warranty to prove it.

We designed KLIP with our own hands and have built it to

last. So, if something goes wrong, ever, we’ll sort it. It’s as

easy as that.

Considerately Crafted.

It is in our blood to care for those using our products and

second nature to treat the planet kindly as well. It’s why,

amongst other things, KLIP is produced and packaged naturally,

with materials which are either grown or recyclable.

That’s just the Nordic way.



Slice in Danish

Danish Design.

Simple, useful, better. That’s what Danish design means to

us. It’s the reason we see our products as tools, designed to

improve each life they touch, and why we are never satisfied

with ‘okay’. It’s a heritage we draw inspiration from, and a

philosophy you’ll feel when you use KLIP.

Slice, don’t grind.

Unlike traditional grinders, KLIP doesn’t crush the herb. It’s

far too advanced. Instead, patent-pending custom built dual-blades

finely slice through it, creating a much more fluffy

consistency for smooth burning as well as protecting the

herb’s integrity. This results in a more potent herb that burns

more evenly. You’re welcome.



Magnetic Magic

A cure to complexity

When developing KLIP we were determined to make it

accessible for all, including those with limited dexterity. This

meant we had to create a product so intuitive that no matter

who you are will be able to use it. So we did. That’s why KLIP

patent-pending system opens magnetically with a twist of

only 10-degrees and why, unlike the quarter-turn system most

grinders are built upon, can be effortlessly spun in 1-degree

increments. For most, this simplicity is delightful to experience,

for some, its life-changing.

Make it your own.

KLIP has a patent-pending magnetic accessory system,

ensuring you can achieve the right high every time. It comes

with three different control discs and three different meshes

– fine, medium & coarse – all of which lock effortlessly

into place with our magnetic snap system. This means fine

herb for cones, coarsely cut herb for pipes and everything in

between. Enjoy it your way with just a snap.



3 Products in 1

Pro Edition

With an additional aluminum chamber that fits

magnetically into place to expand KLIP, providing

extra space for you herb or the room to

add a Mesh Ring. The modular design allows

unlimited extension, letting you customize how

you prepare your herb.

Basic Edition

KLIP in it’s most portable form, that still slices rather

than crushes the herb to provide a fluffier consistency

that better retains its potency and burns more

evenly. Made from four parts of aluminum that

clip together magnetically around stainless steel

blades, the grinder turns with almost no friction.

Funnel Edition

This design patented aluminum funnel attaches

to KLIP’s slicing chamber magnetically, enabling

herb to be transferred easily and without spillage.

Precision engineered to work with KØL, the

shape matches the pipe’s bowl perfectly.



Large KØL


Available in two sizes

150 mm / 5’9” | 113 mm / 4’4”

KØL [kow-l]

The Pipe

A cleaner, cooler high.

This is a pipe like you’ve never seen before, rebuilt entirely from the inside

out for a smoother experience. Welcome to the new high.

Respectfully created

We aim to make the best products in the best way, respecting the planet and the people on it.

That’s why we make KØL out of recyclable aluminium and package it in cork.


KØL [kow-l]

Cool in Danish

Built to last,

with a lifetime warranty to prove it

We designed KØL with our own hands and have built it to last.

So, if something goes wrong, ever, we’ll sort it. It’s as easy as


Coughing, that’s just bad design.

KØL’s unique cooling system is built right in with, for the first

time ever, a micro-channel design incorporated into the aluminium

body itself with an added re-usable filter. This patent-

pending approach effortlessly strips heat from the herb

mechanically - requiring no water - and results in a significantly

smoother experience. This means less coughing there

and then, as well as going forward. Cool right.


KØL [kow-l]

Cools your Smoke

A shark out of water

Inspired by the scales of the Mako shark, KØL’s carefully crafted interior is

structured so that air flow is forced into a flux of vortexes. This is one of the

reasons that the Mako shark is the fastest of its species, allowing maximum

efficiency that, within the length of the pipe, can be leveraged to trap a far

higher proportion of herbal impurities. Think of KØL like your very own set of

gills, filtering for a cleaner high every time.

Magnetic magic

Better still, the inside of the pipe is accessed by simply snapping it open.

Hidden magnets hold the core together, gripping firmly while in use and

allowing direct access when finished. Snap, wipe, done. Magic.

Snap and wipe

Most pipes are a hassle to clean and need regularly replacing, but that’s not

our style. We design products to be used for a lifetime. So, simply snap open

KØL’s patented design and give it a quick wipe, or wash it in the sink with

your pots and pans. This is the last pipe you’ll ever need.



We forge products

through unrelenting


We design products

inspired by Nature.

We Respect the

planet and the

people on it.

Through simplicity

we distill everything

to it’s purest form.





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