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2 | January 23, 2020 | 22nd century media private school guide


Woodlands Academy inspires female leadership

Modest gains in the

number of women holding

top leadership positions in

the nation’s top 1,000 companies

was seen between

2018 and 2019, according

to a study conducted by

Korn Ferry, a global organizational

consulting firm.

The analysis found that

across the most prominent

C-suite titles in several industries

an average of one

quarter (25 percent) of the

top leaders are women.

That is up slightly from a

year ago, when 23 percent

of leaders in the studied

C-suite positions were


Woodlands Academy’s

“Imagine Yourself in

the C-Suite” program,

Blue Ribbon Sacred Heart School educates children’s hearts, minds

Following an exciting

2018, when we won

the National Blue Ribbon

Award for Academic

Excellence, Sacred Heart

School continues its long

tradition of educating children’s

hearts and minds.

We are a family

Every day the entire

school comes together to

pray, build community,

learn from each other and

celebrate successes.

As a Sacred Heart

School community, we believe:

• We are made in the image

& likeness of God;

• We are a family;

• Our time together matters;

• We are always learning;

• Challenges are opportunities.

The Sacred Heart


Sacred Heart’s 3rd-8th

grade ASPIRE test scores




Developing strong minds through faith,

love and a premier education


2, 3, 4 AND 5 YEAR OLDS

Call us for more information & to schedule a tour!

1401 Wagner Rd • Glenview, IL 60025

(located within Saints Peter & Paul Church)



are above the national and

Archdiocese averages.

With scores in the top

15th percentile in the nation,

our students continue

to perform at the Blue

Ribbon Award level.

We educate well rounded,

service focused students.

For example, this

year’s 7th graders are participating

in the Missionary

Discipleship Institute

(MDI), a pilot program of

the Archdiocese of Chicago

designed to inspire

launched last year, aims

to narrow that gap even

further by inspiring young

women to consider careers

in finance, science, technology,

and healthcare.

“We have so many students

who have the talent

and skill for top jobs, but

a lot of them just haven’t

envisioned the way up into

the C-Suite,” said Head of

School Meg Steele.

This envisioning process

is the key.

As a part of the study,

Korn Ferry interviewed

dozens of current and

former femaleCEOs. According

to Jane Stevenson,

Global Leader of Korn

Ferry’s CEO Succession

Services, the majority

shared that they never

would have considered vying

for the big chair had a

sponsor not told them they

were well-suited.

“It’s critical that both

talented women and those

around them focus on creating

a clear path for advancement,”

she added.

The self-selecting out

of ambitious career paths

starts at an alarmingly

young age.

A study by Dr. Sarah-

Jane Leslie, Princeton

University and Dr. Andrei

Cimpian, New York University,

found that “girls

as young as six can be led

to believe men are inherently

smarter and more talented

than women, making

girls less motivated to

pursue novel activities or

ambitious careers.”

Single-gender learning

environments are known

to create spaces that negate


“Girls need to ‘see it, to

be it’ to make them more

aware of the possibilities

in their own lives and help

set them on their own brilliant

paths,” said Megan

Murphy, Executive Director

of the National Coalition

of Girls’ Schools.

That ‘see it, to be it’

mantra is precisely the

blueprint for the school’s

innovative new program,

which provides Woodlands

students and Chicagoland

school-aged girls

spiritual renewal among


Our fully staffed Student

Services Department

addresses the individual

needs of each student in

speech, math, and reading,

including those who

need enrichment as well

as those who require more


A highly engaged drama

troupe, band, choir, enrichment

program, homework

lab, and no-cut competitive

teams fill our students’

afterschool hours.

As a result of our focus

on innovative technology

in the classroom, Sacred

Heart School recently

received the Apple Distinguished

Award for the

seventh time!

the opportunity to engage

in dialogue with

leading professionals

and with one another.

Featured speakers include

CEOs and executives who

share their success stories

– as well as the failures

that helped shape their

professional development

– to inspire achievement,

build confidence and embolden

girls to forge

pathways to excellence.

“This series is about

using the lens of success

in specific industries to

highlight the individual

journeys leaders take. The

stories are specific, but in

hearing from leaders with

specific paths each student

is able to see a whole

Early childhood program

Our two Preschool classes

and three Junior Kindergarten

classes, including

one full-day program, are

led by certified educators.

The three and four

year olds attend music,

gym, library, and Spanish

classes with our dedicated

teachers, and benefit

from the resources of a full

elementary school.

Join us every other

Thursday from 9:00-10:00

am for our Parent Tot

group, offered for free to

children ages three months

through three years old.

Experience Sacred Heart


Come for a private tour

or attend an upcoming

diverse array of possibility

regardless of the industry

or career path she ultimately

decides to pursue,”

Steele said.

The school will host

it’s second public panel

discussion on March 12

featuring Mary Callahan

Erdoes, CEO J.P. Morgan

Asset & Wealth Management

and Wan Ling Martello,

former CFO Nestle.

The program is free and

open to the public; preregistration

is required.

Submitted by Woodlands

Academy, 760 E. Westleigh

Road, Lake Forest; (847)

234-4300; woodlandsacademy.org.


• Snowflake Festival:

snow-themed activities

for families with children

through 3rd grade; 9-11

a.m. Saturday, Jan. 25, free

• Spotlight on Sacred

Heart: see Sacred Heart

School and students in

action at our STEAM

Showcase & Academic

Fair from 5:30-7:30 p.m

Wednesday, Jan. 29.

Registration for Preschool-8th

grade is now

open online; early childhood

spots are filling


Educating children’s

hearts and minds in a

faith-filled, Catholic community

is our mission. We

are proud of our growing

school, successful students

and innovative faculty. Join

our family.

Submitted by Sacred Heart

School, 1095 Gage St.,

Winnetka; (847) 446-0005;


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22nd century media | January 23, 2020 | 3

Joy of learning begins at the School of Sts. Faith, Hope and Charity

As you peer into classrooms,

within pews in the

church or on the field, you

see children of all ages

smiling, raising their hands

with curiosity and folding

their hands together

knowingly in prayer.

Since 1939, the School

of Saints Faith, Hope and

Charity has done more

than teach — it has encouraged

students to thrive

— growing from the earliest

of ages in heart, mind

and soul.

In Heart

A parochial school

within the Archdiocese of

Chicago, FHC instills a

lifelong desire and commitment

to helping others

within our school, community

and in our world.

All of our students

participate in meaningful

community service

projects driven by local,

national and international

concerns. Service projects

take place at a schoolwide

level, grade-level and

within their Houses — several

multi-age groups comprised

of third- through

eighth-grade students

with a designated faculty

member as their leader.

During the past year,

FHC has worked with

several service organizations

such as Misericordia,

Friends of Conor (Lurie

Children’s Hospital), Feed

my Starving Children,

Children of Peace Catholic

School and Nuestros

Pequenos Hermanos.

In Mind

Awarded the National

Blue Ribbon of Academic

Excellence in 2014, FHC

remains committed to a

traditional Catholic education

with a challenging

and relevant curriculum.

Teaching, learning and

assessment are accomplished

through engaging

research-based methods.

In addition to offering

a popular Parent and Tots

program to children 1-3

years old, FHC has several

options for the youngest of


Early Education includes


options for children 3

years old, 3-4 years old

(half-day and full-day)

and 4 years old (half-day

and full-day). The Kindergarten

provides a similar

nurturing Catholic environment

for creative play,

socialization and independence;

however, with a

stronger full-day focus on

math, writing, reading, social

studies, science, wellness,

music, art, religion,

world language (French)

and technology.

Our elementary students

continue their love of

learning with researchbased

academic programs

such as the Lucy Calkins

Reading Program, the

Wilson Reading System,

ThinkCERCA writing program,

and 1:1 iPads and

Chromebooks. Academic

enrichment is provided

through Little DaVincis

Enrichment program

and our Advanced Math


As of 2018, middle

school students can receive

the designation of

Junior National Honor Society

member. Faith Hope

is the only school in Winnetka

with this prestigious

membership club.

Our learning lab has an

experienced staff of three

full-time team members

dedicated to serving our students

in a myriad of ways

to promote and provide assistance

in implementing a

distinct curriculum.

In Soul

Since its inception, the

School of Saints Faith,

Hope and Charity has been

recognized for its commitment

to the moral and

spiritual development of

our students. We place the

highest value on our faith

and the way it touches

every aspect of our lives.

The component of faith

is woven into each and

every day through prayer,

reflection and gratitude.

Children in grades

1-8 attend an all-school

Mass once per week.

Homerooms rotate the responsibility

for the preparation

of the weekly Mass

throughout the year.

Religious class retreats

offer students an opportunity

to focus on their faith

and to consider how they

can be better role models

Please see learning, 7


Leadership Lives Here




Rated the

Best Christian

High School

in Wisconsin

Rated a

Top Christian

Boarding School

in the US



Visit our campus or attend an Open House 800-752-2338 www.sjnma.org/visit

4 | January 23, 2020 | 22nd century media private school guide


Together we play, together we learn

Are you seeking a nurseryschool

experience for your

little ones that engenders learning

while championing the

importance of play?

Winnetka Community Nursery

School offers play-based

classes for young 2s, older 2s,

3s and junior kindergarten,

focusing on the whole child.

Social and emotional development,

along with language, literacy,

physical (both fine and

gross) and cognitive development,

are the foundation of the

programming offered.

By fostering play, WCNS

seeks to develop self-confidence,

an ability to cooperate with others

and a readiness to progress

into kindergarten and beyond.

We also emphasize the importance

of nature and outdoor play,

with each class spending some

portion of their day on the playground,

and we will be unveiling

a brand new state-of-the-art

outdoor play space this fall.

Additionally, WCNS has a rich

history in the Winnetka Community.

The school was founded in

1943 during the World War II by

a group of Winnetka residents

who saw the need to provide

care for children whose mothers

wished to take part in the war


Over its 75 years connecting

families and brightening the

days of Winnetka’s youngest

residents, WCNS has also extended

the importance of play to

the greater community each year

with its deep-seated tradition of

the Winnetka Children’s Fair.

This beloved fundraiser involves

a lot of hard work and dedication

on the part of WCNS families,

faculty and staff, but endless

smiles, long naps, forged friendships

and lifetime memories are

more than worth the effort.

When your family joins

WCNS, you become a part of a

committed and caring community.

WCNS encourages family

involvement through a variety of

school and classroom opportunities.

Parents may serve on the

Board of Directors, volunteer as

a Room Parent or get involved

with school-wide fundraising

efforts that impact the entire


Furthermore, throughout the

school year, many activities are

planned to promote relationships

among WCNS families, including:

Corridor Coffees, Weekend

Popsicle Party, PJ Story Time,

Family Winter Gatherings,

Mom’s Night Out, a Portfolio

Celebration and the Parent Party

and Benefit. The ultimate goal

is to promote and strengthen

our connections both inside and

outside the classroom.

WCNS’ programs offer everything

you need to introduce

your little ones to the schooling

experience in a warm and

nurturing environment. To learn

more about Winnetka Community

Nursery School, schedule a

tour, or apply for school, please

visit winnetkacommunitynurseryschool.org.

Come play with us.

Submitted by Winnetka Community

Nursery School, 800 Pine St, Winnetka;

(847) 446-4432; winnetkacommunitynurseryschool.org


350 Lee Road, Northbrook, IL 60062

www.coveschool.org • 847.562.2100




At The Cove School, students with complex learning disabilities

receive direct support to make authentic peer relationships and find

the community meant for them. Our curriculum includes:

• Leading-edge instructional methodologies

• Classroom ability-grouping

• 25+ after-school activities

• Limited class sizes

• Monthly social events


Transformingthe LivesofBright

Childrenwith LearningDisabilities

Join us for an Open House at

The Cove School in January & March

For details or to schedule a Private Tour contact Mark at


Campuses in Chicago, Northfield, andLemont hydeparkday.org

22ndCenturyMedia.com private school guide

22nd century media | January 23, 2020 | 5

Countryside Day School: Beyond great students ... exceptional adults

Countryside Day School, a

renowned institution in Northbrook

for more than 50 years,

continues to fill a niche in the

educational market by providing

students 16 months through

eighth grade with an unique

learning experience that emphasizes

not only rigorous academic

studies but also the development

of critical character skills

essential for success not just in

school, but more importantly, in


Countryside is committed

to working in partnership with

parents to help young people become

more than great students

but also exceptional adults.

Faculty members at Countryside

understand education in a

broader and deeper context than

conventional schools. Teachers

see school as an internship to

adulthood in which students develop

a strong sense of agency

and empathy.

Countryside students feel a

deep responsibility to make a

contribution. This is accomplished

in classes that are “micro-societies”

designed to emulate

real life, with mixed ages,

the expectation to take initiative,

permission to follow interests,

which develops deep concentration,

and an intrinsic love

of learning and room to learn

that failing is necessary in order

to accomplish great things.

This great work is also accomplished

with uniquely strong

one-to-one student-teacher relationships

where teachers do

more than offer academic content

but also serve as mentors to

their students.

Teachers’ knowledge of each

individual student is one of the

most treasured aspects of the

Countryside experience by both

students and parents alike. It

is also what makes the role of

teaching so inspiring that Countryside

Day enjoys very little

teacher turnover.

The final piece of the Countryside

success strategy is a

close working relationship with

parents in which faculty share

observations of their students,

seek information from parents

about what they see at home

Why choose immersion education?

and make recommendations regarding

parenting based on the

expert, collective experience of

master teachers.

The CDS faculty is keenly



French Immersion Preschool/Kindergarten

• Optimal age for language aquisition is birth - 6 years old, a brief window

when it is easiest and most natural

Now accepting applications for the 2020/21 school year

Half and full day programs start at age 2

aware of the changes in culture

that are impacting children and

families and how these changes

are affecting the development of

young people.

The mission of Countryside

Day School is to provide an

education that assists students

in developing the qualities of

respect, responsibility and resourcefulness

so they become

great students and exceptional


Countryside’s website, countrysideday.org,

is a great place

to start your research, but families

say, without exception, that

it is a visit to the classrooms

themselves that reveals the unparalleled

and awe-inspiring

educational experience. Parents

are encouraged to schedule a

personalized tour anytime.

Submitted by Countryside Day

School, 1985 Pfingsten Road,

Northbrook; (847) 498-1105;



6 | January 23, 2020 | 22nd century media private school guide


Christian Heritage Academy integrates faith with academic excellence

For the third year in a row,

Christian Heritage Academy, a

PK-12 Christian school that integrates

faith with academic excellence,

has been named the No.

1 Best Christian High School

in Illinois and the top-ranked

Christian school among private

K-12 schools by school ranking

agency Niche.com.

Located on a 15-acre campus

at 315 Waukegan Road in

Northfield, for 36 years, CHA

has served thousands of families

from over 40 Chicago communities

and 100 churches with an exemplary

Christian education for

students from preschool to 12th


Academically at the forefront

With SAT/ACT and standardized

test scores among the best

in the area, students from recent

graduating classes have been accepted

into top-tier colleges and

universities, including Northwestern

University, University

of Chicago, Duke University,

University of Illinois (Urbana-

Champaign), Case-Western University

and Wheaton College.

Strong foundations in preschool

and kindergarten

From the two-year-old program

through kindergarten,

CHA’s early education programs

offer age-appropriate and

research-based learning experiences,

focused on nurturing a

child’s faith, curiosity and love

of learning.

With biblical integration and

hands-on STEAM programs,

our early childhood classes

develop a strong foundation for

long-term social and academic

success, while nurturing a heart

for Christ and his call to love and

serve others. Half-day and fullday

preschool options are available,

as well as “lunch bunch”

and extended care. STEAMbased

summer camps are also


Nurturing faith, character,


CHA takes a holistic approach

to educating the child’s

mind, body and heart through all

developmental stages.

“While academics are a major

focus, what sets CHA apart is the

Christ-centered environment and

the teachers who love God, pray

for the students and integrate the

Bible in all subjects,” Principal

Joan Okamoto said.

Living out the value of “loving

God and loving others,” students

of all ages serve both locally

and globally during the annual

Service Learning Week, held in

early January. Younger students

make gifts for pediatric patients

and visit the elderly, while Upper

School students serve cross culturally

in locations such as the

Dominican Republic and France.

Parents attribute the spiritual

formation and high academic

performance of students

to the quality of faculty and

staff, whom CHA calls “living

curriculum” teachers.

CHA parent Lisa S., of Glenview,

stated “the hours of 8:30-

3:30 matter. It matters who’s

influencing your children. The

teachers here are ‘living curriculum

teachers’ who follow Christ,

know Him and love Him.”

Joanna K., a parent of two

alumni, said “CHA has influenced

the course of my children’s

entire lives. From elementary

to high school, they received

Christ-like love and nurturing

from the teachers, as well as

academics and leadership opportunities

which led to admissions

to Northwestern University, and

more importantly, to their strong

faith in Christ on campus and in

the workplace.”

CHA President Hutz Hertzberg

added “Christian Heritage

Academy is unique among

schools in this region, combining

academic excellence with

a Christian worldview. CHA

partners with parents to develop

leaders who will take their faith

into the world and serve their

communities with excellence.”

Christian Heritage Academy

offers a Christ-centered

education that is both academically

excellent and life-transforming.

Interested families

may visit Christian Heritage

Academy on one of several upcoming

Tour Days or schedule

an individual tour.

Submitted by Christian Heritage

Academy, 315 Waukegan Road,

Northfield; (847) 446-5252;


22ndCenturyMedia.com private school guide

22nd century media | January 23, 2020 | 7

Hyde Park Day School

celebrates 20 years of educating

The challenge facing

children with learning disabilities

is real. Hyde Park

Day School is here to help

these children reach their

full potential, transforming

the lives of our students

and their families

with our student-centered


Hyde Park Day School

is the leading Chicagoarea,

full-day grade school

specializing in the needs

of children of average to

superior intelligence who

have learning disabilities

such as dyslexia and

language impairments.

Now celebrating its 20th

anniversary, the school

currently supports students

at three campuses: Chicago,

Northfield and Lemont.

Since its founding,

HPDS has enabled 484

students to successfully

transition back to schools

in their home community.

“Our goal is transition.”

said Dr. Casey Crnich,

executive director of the

Hyde Park Day School.

“We give our bright students

the tools and strategies

they need to recognize

and compensate for

their learning challenges.

Our 5:1 student-teacher ratio

ensures that each child

gets personalized attention

and a customized program

of academic support as

well as speech, social work

and occupational therapy.

Hyde Park Day School

transforms its students

from self-doubters to selfchampions;

they become

more self-confident and

develop a love of learning

which makes them successful

as they move into

more mainstream learning


A long-term outcomes

study released in 2015

found that 90.2 percent

of those alumni for

whom we have information

have enrolled in a

four-year college or university.

Monthly open

houses are held on each

campus for prospective

parents and professionals

looking to learn more

about the school’s highly

individualized program.

If you are looking for a

more effective educational

environment for your

bright child with learning

disabilities, consider attending

an Open House to

see if HPDS might be the

right fit for your child. Day

school and summer school

registration is now open.

HPDS is a 501(c)3, nonprofit

organization. For

more information about

Hyde Park Day School,

call (847) 446-7025 or

visit hydeparkday.org.

Submitted by Hyde Park Day

School, 1980 Old Willow Rd,

Northfield; (847) 446-7025;



From Page 3

of Christianity. Over the

course of the year, each

grade sets aside one full

day to reflect and pray.

Our seventh-grade students

participate in the

Missionary Discipleship

Institute service program

that provides them with a

curriculum that connects

service and faith.

Together as a class, second-grade

FHC students

prepare for their Holy Reconciliation

and First Holy

Communion and eighthgrade

students complete

their Confirmation.

Students participate in

Catholic traditions such

as praying the Rosary,

Stations of the Cross,

Adoration and May


The School of Saints

Faith, Hope and Charity

has developed progressively

throughout the years

while preserving its deeprooted

traditions of faith

and family.

Students thrive within

our robust parish/school

community while learning

under one roof and growing

as athletes, prayerful

and mindful students and

friends to their peers.

To experience what

makes FHC special,

please contact us for a private

tour. Registration for

pre-kindergarten through

eighth grade is currently

available for the 2020-

2021 school year with

limited spots remaining

in our Early Education

program. Please contact

our office at (847) 446-

0031 or faithhopeschool.

org to learn more.

Submitted by the School

of Saints Faith, Hope and

Charity, 180 Ridge Ave.,

Winnetka; (847) 446-0031;


8 | January 23, 2020 | 22nd century media private school guide


Take a closer look at



75% of our graduates achieve academic

honors in high school. Our alumni continue

to participate in service, social justice and

leadership activities beyond their time at St. A’s.


Sunday, January 26 th

After 9:30 mass

Kindergarten - Grade 8

Programming for 3’s and 4’s

Nurturing Community

Small Class Sizes

Extensive STEM Programming

Spanish, French, Art, Music and P.E.

Extensive Enrichment Classes

Redhawks Athletic Teams

Before- & After-School Child Care

Sibling Discount


2510 North Ashland

Evanston IL


Sts. Joseph and Francis Xavier

offers wealth of new opportunities

St. Joseph and St. Francis

Xavier parishes of Wilmette

became one united

Catholic community on

July 1. The two historic

Wilmette faith communities

celebrated this

merger with a Unity Mass

on June 30.

The newly united parish

is grateful to Father Wayne

Watts, the new pastor of

Saints Joseph and Francis

Xavier, for his leadership,

faith and shared talents.

Saints Joseph and Francis

Xavier Parish is home

to two beloved Wilmette

schools: St. Joseph School

at Lake Avenue and Ridge

Road, and St. Francis

Xavier School at 9th

Street and Linden Avenue.

Beginning this fall, the

schools have embarked on a

partnership that celebrates

their unique strengths

and allows students from

both campuses to learn

and grow through shared

resources and a highly

collaborative vision.

St. Joseph School, celebrating

a tradition of

vibrant Early Childhood

education, focuses programming

on preschool

and kindergarten offerings

and prioritizes joyfilled

learning in a bright,

stimulating and loving

classroom environment.

St. Francis Xavier School

features a preschool-8th

grade model that cultivates

curious learners through a

framework of academic

excellence, faith tradition,

collaboration and innovation

in which students are

known and honored for

their gifts in their many


St. Joseph and St. Francis

Xavier Schools are led

by Principal Colleen Barrett,

who has served as

principal at SFX for seven

years. Last year, Miss

Barrett was credited with

a second National Blue

Ribbon Schools Award,

was named AISLE’s Administrator

of the Year,

and completed a fellowship

with the University of

Notre Dame’s Center for

Transformational Educational


A dynamic leadership

team supports growth and

innovation across both

campuses, as overseen by

a director of early childhood

and a director of student

life on the SJ campus.

On the SFX campus, an

assistant principal, a director

of early childhood and

a director of middle school

work cohesively to support

happy and confident


Both schools are dedicated

to curriculum and

values rooted in the teachings

of Jesus Christ, and

in support of a culture of

faith, service and personal


SJ and SFX faculty

members collaborate often

and well. A dedicated instructional

coach fosters

connections through professional


in which deep reflection

and learning can happen,

where powerful conversations

are fostered,

and where growth is

recognized and celebrated.

A diverse and talented

support staff works tirelessly

to implement services

and supports to wrap

their arms around learners,

both closing gaps and

instilling challenge as


Continued investment

across campuses ensures

the schools of SSJFX are

equipped to explore a

deep and nuanced curriculum

that fuels excellence.

Supported by an engaged

parent community and a

parish that prizes Catholic

education, students

learn and grow knowing

they are called to make the

world a better place.

Submitted by Saints Joseph

and Francis Xavier, 524 9th

St., Wilmette; (847) 256-

4250; stjosephwilmette.org.

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22nd century media | January 23, 2020 | 9

Structure + Responsibility + Love =

Since 1889, parents around the world have looked to Missouri Military Academy

to give their boys structure, responsibility and love they need to grow, compete

and thrive and become young men in full command of their lives.

Residential boarding school and summer leadership, confidence and academic

programs are available.

Serving grades 7 through 12 PG • Mexico, Missouri

888-564-6662 • missourimilitaryacademy.org



Check out our

new summer camps

for 2020!


hearts and minds

To experience what makes Sacred Heart special, join us for:

SnowflakeFestival on January 25from 9-11:00am

SpotlightonSacred Heart on January 29from 5:30-7:30pm

Join OurFamily

Preschool (3years old),

Junior Kindergarten (4 years old),

Full-Day Junior Kindergarten

through 8th Grade

1095 gage street winnetka, il 60093 847-446-0005 www.shwschool.org

10 | January 23, 2020 | 22nd century media private school guide


For an education

that is anything

but textbook.

Nationally recognized for educational excellence,

we balance academic rigor with whole child

development, giving students the skills, stamina

and ethical framework to succeed in life.

PS-8th grade students thrive in our innovative,

experiential learning environment.

To schedule a personal tour or for more information,

please call 847-425-5800 or

email admissions@bakerdemschool.org.

201 Sheridan Road, Wilmette


Rose Hall focuses

on the whole child

Rose Hall Montessori

School has been educating

young children for more

than 30 years. Based on

the philosophy and educational

methods of Maria

Montessori, Rose Hall’s

mission is to educate the

whole child by providing

a stimulating and nurturing

environment that allows

children to grow

socially, emotionally and


The ultimate goal is to

help children reach their

highest potential and gain

a lifelong enthusiasm for

learning. This holistic

focus is still at the heart

of Rose Hall Montessori

School today.

At Rose Hall, the priority

is to help each child

become the person that he/

she is meant to become; to

develop a strong sense of

self and confidence. The

teachers and staff work

hard to provide a supportive,

caring, peaceful

environment in which

young children feel safe

to explore, grow, learn and

become independent.

Academically, the classroom

is separated into five

key curricular areas: Practical

Life, Sensorial, Math,

Language and Cultural.

The core Montessori principals

of order, coordination,

concentration and independence

are priorities

throughout the classroom.

At Rose Hall, they believe

that the development of

these core executive functioning

skills will assist in

building lifelong learning


In addition to the five

core areas, the curriculum

is enhanced with a variety

of additional units including

botany, art, music, the

five senses and more. Each

unit is taught with a handson

approach — even down

to creating a large art studio

in the gym for Jackson

Pollack Day.

In addition to all of

these rich learning opportunities,

French is taught

weekly and yoga is offered

once a month. Every day

begins with student and

teachers greeting each other,

followed by work time

and typically ends with a

fun line time with songs,

dancing and peace curriculum.

Gross motor play

is an important component

of every day as well.

While the school takes

academic rigor seriously,

it recognizes that there are

other equally important

life skills that are formed

and cultivated in very

early childhood years such

as patience, humility, empathy

and compassion. A

strong emphasis is placed

on Maria Montessori’s

passion for peace and


The teachers invest a

lot of group class time,

called “Line Time” or

“Peace Circle,” in helping

the children address issues

of compassion, conflict,

respect and problem solving.

Rose Hall teachers believe

that fostering an environment

of peace in the

classroom not only aids

in the children’s academic

success but also enables

them to begin the long

work of becoming responsible,

respectful and loving

members of our larger


Rose Hall recognizes

that every child brings his/

her own unique personality

and talents, and therefore,

the teachers don’t try

to enact a one-size-fits-all

approach to their learning.

The teachers observe the

children intently so that

they understand how the

children react, what motivates

them, what areas

need to focus on.

Rose Hall’s classrooms

are a place where your

child can feel at home, feel

loved and feel the freedom

to explore and grow.

Submitted by Rose Hall

Montessori School, 1140

Wilmette Ave., Wilmette;

(847) 256-2002; rosehallmontessori.org.

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SNAP builds foundation for future success

Studio North Academy

of the Performing Arts is

a community like no other.

With both musicians and

dancers communing and

supporting each other, the

studio is a thriving center

for the arts.

Thousands of students

have passed through the

doors of SNAP. Owner

Pamela Sue Fox makes it a

priority to know each child

and family, establishing

a lasting relationship for

years to come.

The studio, established

in 2011, evolved from Ms.

Fox after teaching dance

and voice in Wilmette for

more than 11 years. Currently

in her 20th year of

instructing in the community,

SNAP pupils have

gone on to study the arts

in exceptional programs,

such as Eastman School of

Music, Berkelee College

of Music, Cornish College

of the Arts, Ohio State

University, Joffrey Ballet

SI, Interlochen and North

Caroline School for The

Arts, to name a few.

The dance and voice

programs at SNAP are

carefully graded, presenting

a strong progression of

building blocks for success

and an absence of injury.

From the tiniest dancers

at age 2, to the most advanced

teenaged students,

dancers study with careful

instruction and age-appropriate

progressions, music

and costuming. SNAP offers

an Academy Track for

more serious students, in

which ballet is required,

to help build technique,

strength and stamina.

There is a recreational

track for students who

wish to dance for fun,

yet the levels consist of

the same careful and focused

instruction. Adult

classes are plentiful and

recreational in nature, but

have dedicated students

who have studied for

years together.

Performance opportunities

abound at SNAP. Recreational

students can opt

to participate in the annual

Nutcracker production and

the opening number of the


Students can also choose

to audition for the three

dance companies – the

Snappies mini dance company,

the Apprentice dance

company, and the competitive

SNAP Company —

which perform all over the

region, including at festivals,

retirement homes,

dance competitions, theme

parks, and more. Summer

programs end with an instudio

performance each


SNAP faculty members

are hand-picked for their

teaching ability. Each of

SNAP’s instructors forms

a bond with their students,

encouraging them to be

their best and work to their

fullest potential. The staff

is dedicated to teaching

to the presented syllabus

and regular evaluations

are presented to Academy

students to help them grow

and improve.

The long-term benefits

of a serious arts education

are incomparable. Students

who study the performing

arts create habits of perseverance,

dedication, problem-solving,


regular practice, patience

and so much more. Call to

learn what SNAP can offer

your family, your child and

their future!

Submitted by Studio North

Academy of the Performing

Arts, 414 Linden Ave.,

Wilmette; (847) 251-7627;


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Codeverse turns

consumers into creators

At Codeverse, we believe kids can create

amazing things when given the right

tools. We just need to do more to give

kids the modern tools for creativity that

match their interests and what they want

to build.

Kids love video games and interactive

apps. Rather than turning away from technology

altogether, we can channel kids’

interest in technology to unleash amazing

creative energy.

Codeverse is a modern, high-tech studio

where kids learn to code, build apps and

video games, and interact with cuttingedge

technology including, professionalgrade

sound and light equipment, Craft-

Bot 3D printers, TVs, and strobe lights.

Codeverse Camp

During our interactive weeklong camps,

kids learn the fundamentals of technology

in a fun and collaborative environment.

Throughout their time at Codeverse, kids

build mobile games, create robot obstacle

courses, 3D print and more at our stateof-the-art

studios! All camps run from 9

a.m.-3 p.m.; lunch and snacks included!

Our early bird special is happening

right now. Sign up and receive $200 off!

Offer ends March 31.

Submitted by Codeverse, 517 Green Bay

Road, Wilmette; (844) 644-2633; codeverse.


Individualized learning helps

students flourish at Cove School

Cove School’s mission

is to provide highly individualized

and lasting education

and life strategies

for students with complex

learning disabilities.

For more than 70 years,

Cove has believed that every

child, given the appropriate

support, accommodations

and time, has the

potential to learn, grow

and flourish.

The Cove School has

changed lives and build

futures for countless students

and their families.

As a private K–12 day

school in Northbrook,

Cove is a national leader

in learning disability education,

a special education

center approved by

ISBE to serve students

with learning disabilities,

speech and language disabilities,

other health impaired

(OHI), emotional

disabilities and traumatic

brain injury (TBI).

Cove’s dual purpose is

to provide students with

customized learning strategies

to complete an academic

curriculum and to

facilitate the development

of their social, emotional

and self-advocacy skills.

This approach creates a

space for students to build

the self-confidence necessary

to make a successful

transition to their community

schools or to make

post-secondary choices.

While serving almost

170 students from over 50

school districts each year,

Cove limits class sizes to

no more than 10 students

per class.

Cove’s 118 staff members

range from unit-level

teachers to clinical-support-minded


such as speech and language

pathologists, social

workers, reading teachers,

occupational therapists

and more.

At all unit levels, Cove

provides individualized

“whole child” education,

implementing robust programs

in STEAM, art,

music, drama, PE, transition

services and more.

In the classroom, Cove

integrates leading-edge

research into every aspect

of its instructional

methods, including:

• A schoolwide executive-functioning

(EF) curriculum,

embracing the

development, growth and

Please see cove, 13

“Lake Forest Country Day School is filled with educators who are purposeful, lifelong learners

with an internal drive to continually develop and grow alongside our students. I see this energy

reflected in my students who actively seek to engage and learn throughout the School,

whether it is in the classroom, on the stage, in the Innovation Space, or on the playing field.

We make a promise to know and love each child for who they are, which gives them the

confidence to take risks and try new things in a supportive environment.”

–Paul Hedlund, Grade 4 Teacher, Girls & Boys Soccer Coach, Alumni Parent

Come See Inspired Teaching in Action!

145 South Green Bay Road, Lake Forest, IL 60045 • 847.234.2350 • lfcds.org

A co-educational independent school for students age 2 through Grade 8. Graduating students of strong character with a passion for learning since 1888.

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Students love, learn and lead

at St. Athanasius School

At St. Athanasius School,

we offer a rigorous learning

environment for our students

and we are committed to the

highest standards of academic


It is our priority to provide

our students with an outstanding

educational experience,

to prepare them for academic

challenges that lie ahead, and

to help instill a life-long love

of learning.

St. Athanasius students are

expected to work diligently

to achieve their potential. We

help our students become

self-directed, accountable and


We recognize and appreciate

individual learning styles

and abilities, and encourage

students to think critically

and creatively. We nurture a

climate of caring and mutual


St. Athanasius School offers

a wide range of extracurricular

activities to provide additional

opportunities to support the development

of the whole child.

We believe that each child’s

sense of self worth is enhanced

through a personal relationship

with God. We provide a

Christ-centered environment

through which we pass on

Catholic scripture, tradition,

prayer, liturgy, sacraments and

commitment to service.

We challenge students to

live their faith by participating

in parish life and committing

to the ideals of peace, justice,

and respect for all of God’s creation.

We encourage each student

to “love, learn and lead.”

Our dedicated faculty and

staff employ time-tested

methods of learning, innovative

teaching techniques and

advanced technology to foster

each student’s success.

We communicate proactively

and comprehensively with

parents about their child’s

development. Our teachers

are involved in all aspects of

school life and serve as exceptional

role models for our


St. Athanasius parents, as

the primary educators, are actively

involved in their child’s

education. We encourage a

strong parent-teacher partnership,

based on trust and mutual

respect, for the benefit of

all of our students.

Submitted by St. Athanasius

School, 2510 Ashland Ave.,

Evanston; (847) 864-2650;



From Page 12

utilization of students’ EF skills.

• Orton-Gillingham, a proven

multi-sensory approach to reading,

incorporated into every

reading lesson.

• Neurobiological understandings

of core cognitive processes, matching

methodologies to each student’s

learning attributes.

Cove parents, teachers and specialists

work hand-in-hand to ensure

the best possible educational

plans for students.

When students arrive at Cove,

they immediately feel the difference

that comes from a nurturing,

supportive setting. They feel safe

yet challenged to reach their fullest

potential, and they often make

new friends, establishing the social

relationships that are so important

in life.

Furthermore, students at Cove

receive direct support to make

and maintain authentic peer relationships

and friendships. Cove’s

leading-edge instructional methodologies,

including classroom

ability-grouping, allow students

to feel at home within a learning


With more than 25 afterschool

activities, monthly social events

and limited class sizes, Cove gives

students the opportunity to find the

community meant for them.

If you know a child who could

benefit from an enhanced learning

atmosphere, we invite you to explore

our website, coveschool.org,

and visit our school for an in-depth

personal tour.

We look forward to sharing our

vision for a world where every

child finds the tools they need to

adapt, to learn and to grow.

Follow us on social media! Facebook:

@coveschoolnorthbrook, Instagram:

@cove_school,Twitter: @

CoveSchool, LinkedIn: The Cove

School (Northbrook, IL)

Submitted by the Cove School, 350 Lee

Road, Northbrook; (847) 562-2100;



Celebrating over 250 years of Catholic education together in Wilmette




Excellence in Early Childhood

January 26th, 4-6pm

March 12th, 9-11am




Cultivating Curiosity in PreK-8

January 26th, 10:30am-12:30pm

March 4th, 8:30-10:30am

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Baker Demonstration School: The value of progressive education

Baker Demonstration School

is a nationally recognized leader

in exemplary progressive education.

The School’s experiencebased

curriculum responds to the

unique needs and strengths of

each child.

Founded in 1918, Baker was

established to provide an innovative

education for children in preschool

through 8th grade. Today,

Baker attracts students from 25

different communities throughout


“We want for students who

graduate from Baker to have the

two most vital qualities for their

future success intact: their love of

learning and their self-confidence

in being able to think in creative

and critical ways,” said Head of

School Carly Andrews.

With an 8:1 student-to-faculty

ratio, Baker’s teachers facilitate

dynamic classroom environments

that nurture the intellectual, social

and emotional lives of young

children and early adolescents. In

addition to the core disciplines of

math, science, language arts and

social studies, Baker’s curriculum

includes art, drama, music,

library, technology, dance, physical

education — including swimming

in Baker’s pool — sports,

outdoor education, identity

exploration and service learning.

Baker’s play-based preschool

program offers a caring and stimulating

environment that fosters

curiosity and wonder. Self-initiated

play allows children to learn

about themselves and their world.

It develops intellectual, social

and emotional skills as well as

lays the groundwork to promote

leadership, collaboration and

problem solving.

Kindergarteners delve into

numerous project- and inquirybased

experiences. Literacy and

math concepts are explored every

day through meaningful and authentic

activities. An exploration

about the life cycle of a butterfly,

for example, lends itself to learning

about patterns, counting and

symmetry. Weekly outdoor nature

explorations provide context

to build confidence and develop a

sense of wonder about our world.

For students in 1st-3rd grade,

a thematic approach provides a

range of contexts to introduce,

explore and reinforce content

goals. Children’s curricular experiences

invite them to make

connections within their learning

and to apply acquired skills in

real-life situations.

Classroom activities like building

a Rube Goldberg machine or

studying the physics of light and

sound through the “Baker School

of Dragonology” are engaging,

fun and collaborative ways to

foster deeper and more expansive


Fourth- and fifth-grade students

are empowered to use their

voices and ingenuity to become

agents of change. Through their

studies, they learn about diverse

current and historical exemplars

of community leadership.

One curriculum highlight is the

Baker Business School, entrepreneurial

experience where students

pitch ideas and work through a

design-thinking process to ideate,

prototype and manufacture

products culminating in the BBS

Community Market where students

sell their products.

Our middle school is an intellectually

stimulating and supportive

environment where students

apply their critical thinking skills

and take greater responsibility

for their own intellectual growth.

Rich, thematic study continue in

the core disciplines of language

arts, social studies, science, mathematics

and world languages.

One hallmark of our middle

school program is the choicebased

Arts Core program where

students choose two electives per

semester, allowing them to explore

a broad array of arts-based



Baker students thrive both academically

and socially at competitive

private and public high

schools throughout the Chicagoland

area and go on to attend

highly-selective colleges and

universities. And, they grow into

the next generation of thinkers,

inventors, and leaders.

Underlying it all is their

strength of character and their

passion for lifelong learning,

which all began at Baker.

To learn more or to schedule a

tour, please call (847) 425-5800

or visit bakerdemschool.org.

Submitted by Baker Demonstration

School, 201 Sheridan Road, Wilmette;

(847) 425-5800; bakerdemschool.org.

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The Goddard School: best childhood preparation for success in North Shore

For over 30 years, The

Goddard School has been

a trusted name among parents

and families. Its classrooms

are safe, nurturing

environments for children

six weeks to six years, offering

age-appropriate opportunities

to explore and

discover. From infants to

toddlers, preschoolers to

pre-kindergarteners, highly

trained teachers lead

each child to reach developmental

milestones, preparing

the children for social

and academic success.

At The Goddard School

located in Skokie, the

on-site owners, Andrew

and Mary Fratini, work

to make sure every family

enjoys a warm, positive

experience. They

strive to provide the best

quality program for each

child year-round, offering

full-time and part-time

schedules with open enrollment.

The F.L.EX.

Learning Program ensures

that they meet high

standards specific to early

learning, development and


The F.L.EX. Learning

Program (Fun Learning

Experience) is grounded in

research on how children

learn best: Children experience

the deepest, most

genuine learning when

they are having fun.

It’s designed to help

build each child’s emotional,

academic, social,

creative and physical skills

— including 21st-century

skills such as communication,


creativity and critical

thinking — to provide a

well-rounded experience

and help each one become

school-ready, career-ready

and life-ready.

Twenty-first century

skills also tie in directly

with STEAM learning

(science, technology, engineering,

arts and mathematics).


these subjects early on

helps promote children’s

natural curiosity in them,

increasing the chance

that children will pursue

STEAM-related careers

later on in life.

“Supporting STEAM

learning at the preschool

level involves identifying

activities children naturally

do for opportunities to

further guide them,” Andrew

said. “When children

solve puzzles or play with

blocks, they create pathways

in their brains that

help with more advanced

STEAM skills later on.”

The preschool and prekindergarten


integrate this play-based

learning philosophy into

their lesson plans.

In the preschool classroom,

children use a variety

of interesting, handson

learning and reading

materials to make play

more complex and challenging.

Their play also

becomes more social

and cooperative as they

build their social skills,

make friends and learn to


Children continue their

journey of exploration

and discovery in the prekindergarten


Teachers help them apply

their developing literacy

and math skills through

fun, purposeful learning


Play-based learning is

so effective that the results

of a recent review by the

Children’s Progress Academic

Assessment (CPAA)

show that Goddard School

students score 45 percent

higher on mathematics

and literacy assessments

compared to non-Goddard

peers. CPAA is an early

childhood assessment system

that assists teachers in

making informed and individualized



Submitted by The Goddard

School, 9651 Gross Point

Road, Skokie; (847) 773-

0200; goddardschool.com.

All ages, all abilities.

www.studionorthacademy.com • 847-251-7627

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French School in Winnetka: Understanding immersion education

At the French School, we know that

parents want to make the best educational

choices for their child and options

are numerous at this first stage of formal


Students at the French School enjoy all

of the positive, nurturing and foundational

aspects of traditional preschool while naturally

acquiring a second language. Communication

in a second language is only one

of many benefits afforded to children who

begin French immersion education at an

early age.

Academic and cognitive benefits include

increased attention span, higher standardized

test scores and better ability to hypothesize

and problem solve. Learning French

from an early age promotes cultural awareness

and understanding, connecting more

than 270 million French speakers worldwide.

Learning another language improves

executive function in children and enhances

comprehension in all subjects, increasing

overall success from elementary school

through college.

Children have an extraordinary ability to

acquire and retain language. Their spongelike

brains are hardwired to learn several

languages at once. Based on research, the

critical period for acquiring language

naturally only lasts until about age 6.

Just as you learned to speak English, acquiring

a foreign language requires frequent

exposure and practice. Preschool immersion

programs work because they offer the

most effective way to learn a foreign language.

Unlike traditional second language

instruction in which students are taught the

language, immersion education uses the target

language as the vehicle for instruction

and communication.

From snack to story time, preschoolers

are continuously exposed to the language,

developing their skills effortlessly.

Whether painting, having lunch, playing

or baking a cake, preschoolers in immersion

programs are exposed to a variety of settings

accompanied by fun, age-appropriate activities.

These experiences internalize language

and create natural links to new vocabulary.

When taught by native speakers, children

attending immersion schools seamlessly

adopt native accents as they have a remarkable

ability to imitate sounds. Children

never tire of singing their favorite songs or

listening to beloved stories – repetition that

is critical for true language mastery.

Their native-like fluency opens doors

for future educational opportunities, potential

job prospects, higher earnings, and

an international lifestyle.

The French School is the only immersion

preschool located in the North Shore.

Small class sizes, combined with caring

and experienced teachers, provide the individualized

attention necessary for preschoolers

to take risks, explore and make

new discoveries.

The French School creates a warm and

nurturing environment for children as early

as age 2 and follows the renowned and

comprehensive French National Curriculum.

At the French School, we prepare

children to be tomorrow’s global citizens.

For more about immersion education,

visit www.FrenchSchoolWinnetka.com.

We invite you to come to the French

School in Winnetka and seen for yourself

how fun and rewarding it is for children to

speak French!

Submitted by the French Institute, 562 Green

Bay Road, Winnetka; (847) 501-5800;




Education can be more than academics.

We strive to develop the character skills

students need for success in the classroom

and beyond their school years. At

Countryside we have moved beyond the

goal of great students; we have our sight

set on exceptional adults.

Call or visit us online to schedule

a tour to learn how we bring learning

to life, and life to learning.

1985 Pfingsten Road, Northbrook, IL 60062

847-498-1105 I www.countrysideday.org

where learning meets life

Join us for an

Open House

on February 3

Please RSVP to


16 mos to

8th grade

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St. John’s Northwestern: Shaping tomorrow’s leaders today

For 136 years, parents across

the country and globe have

looked to St. John’s Northwestern

to provide their sons and

daughters with the structure,

guidance and nurturing they

need to become the leaders of


An independent, coeducational,

college preparatory boarding

school for grades 7 through

12, St. John’s Northwestern is

located on a beautiful 110-acre

wooded campus in the western

Milwaukee suburb of Delafield.

Accented by historic, early

20th century architecture, the

campus features a nine-hole golf

course; outdoor playing fields;

obstacle course; rappelling tower;

tennis courts; and an indoor

athletic complex with Olympicsize

swimming pool. Academic

buildings, residence halls, a student

rec center and a stunning

century-old chapel round out the


St. John’s Northwestern is

known for its elite coed military

academy, receiving a perfect

score on the 2019 JROTC Program

of Accreditation review,

and recently made exciting

news that it will open an additional

academy, offering a coed,

non-military, prefect leadership

option this fall.

The academic program at St.

John’s Northwestern features a

student-teacher ratio of 6:1 with

an average class size of 11 taught

by highly dedicated faculty. Students

learn outside the classroom

through field trips, excursions

and study abroad.

Diploma options include

STEM Honors, Humanities

Honors, as well as technical diplomas,

and paths to earn dual

college credit. Courses in leadership

or JROTC, music, art,

engineering, technology and

aviation provide unique learning


St. John’s Northwestern places

a high value on spiritual and

character development as a solid

foundation for emerging leaders.

All students attend weekly chapel

services and participate in

character development sessions

overseen by the staff chaplain

and faculty.

A commitment to athletics

and wellness is instilled through

varsity-level competition, intramural

sports and activities. St.

John’s Northwestern competes

in the WIAA Midwest Classic

Conference Division 3, with

its football and soccer teams

reaching the playoffs in 2019.

Enrollment is underway for

the 2020-2021 school year. Open

houses are held monthly to tour

the campus, meet academy leadership,

and learn about the various

scholarship and financial aid

options available.

SJNMA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

organization. To learn

more about St. John’s Northwestern

Academies, visit www.

sjnma.org or call (800) 752-


Submitted by St. John’s Northwestern

Academies, 1101 N. Genesee

St., Delafield, Wisconsin; (262)

646-7199; sjnma.org.


WCNS offers play-based classes for

young 2s, older 2s, 3s, and Junior

Kindergarten. In addition, we offer

a robust list of enrichment classes for

our 3s and JK as well as an option for

extended day JK.

To learn more about Winnetka

Community Nursery School, please visit


800 Pine Street

Winnetka, IL 60093


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Students with dyslexia excel at Gow School

The Gow School is a

college-prep boarding

school for students grades

6-12 with dyslexia and

similar language-based

learning disabilities.

Focusing on small class

sizes, wth three to seven

students per class, and a

low 4:1 student-to-faculty

ratio, The Gow School

offers a multisensory approach

to teaching that enables

dyslexic students to

thrive. The Gow community

has a sense of belonging,

of equality and of connection

born on common

trials and shared triumph.

Gow has a “start fast, finish

strong” mentality and

students typically start to see

progress soon after they step

foot in our classrooms. Progress

typically comes quickly,

soon after they invest themselves

in the program.

At the School’s core is

a structured program designed

to help students

navigate the academic

day and a daily schedule

designed to keep students

busy. Between a packed

class schedule, afterschool

sports, study hall and Saturday

classes, there is little

unprogrammed time.

The School is settled

on a 120-acre campus that

gives our students plenty

of room to learn and play.

Boarding school life does

not always allow lots of

free time, but it has plenty

of room for fun. Students

are so involved — playing

sports, going on trips and

hanging out with each other

— that they get the most

out of the rich residential


In July, the School’s coed

summer program is five

weeks of learning and fun

for ages 8-16. The Gow

School Summer Program

is for students who have

been experiencing academic

difficulties or have

been diagnosed with dyslexia

or specific learning

disabilities. The Summer

Program runs from the end

of June to early August

with morning academics,

afternoon fun and games

and weekend adventures.

The Gow School Summer

Program gives students

academic tools and

self-confidence they can

take with them wherever

they go, to the classroom

and beyond.

By combining a structured

program and environment

with flexibility,

individualization and room

for fun, Gow provides a

rich school experience that

is precisely what dyslexic

students need to learn and

to enjoy learning.

Submitted by The Gow

School, 2491 Emery Road,

South Wales, New York;

(716) 652-3450; gow.org.

Ronald Knox Montessori School: A 57-year tradition of excellence

Why choose a Montessori

School for your child?

Research has shown

the best predictor of future

success is confidence

along with a positive sense

of self.

Beginning your child’s

education at a Montessori

school during their most

formative, impressionable

years can set them firmly

on that path.

Fundamental to the

Montessori approach is

that children become independent

by developing

their sense of order, coordination,

and concentration.

As a result, they develop

positive character qualities,

self-discipline and the

ability to “think out of the


Why choose Ronald Knox

Montessori School?

In dedicating ourselves

wholly to Maria Montessori’s

philosophy, we

adhere to the highest

standards of Montessori


Ronald Knox Montessori

School is fully accredited,

meeting or exceeding

standards set

forth by the American

Montessori Society.

We have more than

57 years of educating

and instilling the love of

learning in children on

the North Shore — many

of our “graduates” are now

sending their own children

to Ronald Knox.

Ronald Knox Montessori

School offers children

a warm, welcoming

environment, where they

are encouraged to explore

a world of activities in

mixed-age classrooms,

supervised by nurturing

teachers and their


Ronald Knox Montessori

School teachers

are highly qualified,

with credentials from

AMS-certified training


Our beautiful classroom

environments are

designed, built, and maintained

for the children,

following Montessori philosophy.

‘The child, making use

of all that he finds around

him, shapes himself for the


— Maria Montessori

The children in all of our

programs are guided by

their teachers as they make

discoveries and learn in a

natural, intuitive, hands-on

manner. Children develop

skills they will use both inside

and outside the classroom,

such as creative

problem solving, grace

and courtesy, and respect

for themselves, others, and

the world around them.

Ronald Knox children

are more than prepared to

enter elementary schools

upon “graduating.”

Our teachers respect all

children as unique individuals.

They understand that

children develop and learn

at their own pace. They

strive to instill a lifelong

love of learning in all of

the children, setting them

on a path to reach their

highest potential.

Our strong, involved

and supportive community

of parents, faculty

and administrators are

dedicated to ensuring that

Ronald Knox continues

to maintain its level of



• Parent/Child (6-23 months

of age)

• Toddler (2-3 yrs of age)

• Primary (3-6 years of

age): full & half-day

programs, including

full-day Kindergarten

Also offered are the options

of early arrival (Early

Bird), lunch, aftercare, a

selection of enrichment

programs and summer

programs. To learn more

about Ronald Knox Montessori

School, please visit

our website ronaldknox.

org, and/or contact Anita

McGing, director of admissions

and enrollment

management, at (847) 256-

2922, ext. 19, or anita_mcging@ronaldknox.org.

Submitted by Ronald Knox

Montessori School, 2031 Elmwood

Ave., Wilmette; (847)

256-2922; ronaldknox.org.

22ndCenturyMedia.com private school guide

22nd century media | January 23, 2020 | 19

Boys learn responsibility, accountability at Missouri Military Academy

Since 1889, thousands

of parents have looked to

Missouri Military Academy

to give their boys

the structure, responsibility

and love they need to

grow, compete and thrive

— and ultimately become

young men who are in full

command of their lives.

Students come from

across the United States

and around the world to

attend MMA. Focused on

the education of boys in

grades 7 through 12 and

post-grad year, the Academy

is a college-preparatory

boarding school with a

military tradition. MMA’s

comprehensive 360° Education

empowers boys and

young men to unlock their

full potential. Through

MMA, families give their

boys gifts of courage,

strength, heart and pride

— an edge to triumph in

college and in life.

“We have known what

potential he has and he

is now seeing for himself,”

said MMA parents

Bob and Jennifer Wever.

“MMA has been the best

decision we have ever

made for our son.”

MMA understands and

embraces how boys learn

and what inspires and

challenges them.

Through MMA’s tightknit

environment, supported

by peers, teachers

and mentors, boys

learn personal accountability,

perseverance and


“MMA has given my son

the ability to think about

his choices and to take

responsibility for them.

He has learned that he is

in charge of his freedom,

privileges, and future,”

said MMA mom Dr. Victoria

Thompson. “He said

to me, ‘I know I don’t tell

you enough, but I am very

grateful for the opportunity

you have given me to be

able to go to MMA.’”

Known for their sense

of character and strong

leadership traits, MMA

graduates consistently

achieve 100 percent college

acceptance and earn

an impressive number of

scholarships. Recent graduates

have been accepted

to Loyola Marymount

University, Case Western

Reserve, Savannah College

of Art and Design, the

Citadel, the U.S. Merchant

Marine Academy, University

of Washington and


MMA’s unique Triumph

Program gives students

an early start on college.

Qualifying students can

finish high school with one

year of college — or even

earn their associate degree.

Supported by MMA’s

structured environment,

students take classes with

William Woods University

faculty on MMA’s


Parents and students

benefit from a map to college

graduation, starting

as early as middle school,

to help understand their

college investment and

academic plan.

Located in central Missouri,

approximately six

hours from Chicago, Missouri

Military Academy’s

248-acre campus provides

a safe, supportive, and scenic

setting for learning and

growth. Visit missourimilitaryacademy.org

for more


Submitted by the Missouri

Military Academy, 204 N.

Grand St., Mexico, Missouri;

(888) 564-6662; missourimilitaryacademy.org.

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LFCDS puts students on path to ‘bright future’

Lake Forest Country

Day School will host an

Open House on Tuesday,

March 10, starting at

9 a.m.

Our Open House offers

an opportunity to tour the

campus, speak with teachers

and students, observe

classes in session, and

meet families from the

LFCDS community.

Located on more than 30

acres of property, LFCDS

delivers a diverse and rich

educational experience

grounded in rigorous academics,

arts, athletics and

social-emotional learning

to students ages 2 through

the eighth grade.

At LFCDS, students

from more than 36 communities

thrive in a

state-of-the-art, handson

learning environment

that prepares them to be

critical thinkers, innovative

problem solvers and

effective communicators.

Across all grade levels,

each student has access to

engaging learning spaces

that include expansive

Outdoor Classrooms, a

2800-square-foot Innovation

Center, a newly renovated

gymnasium and a redesigned

Performing Arts

Center, which opened last


An integral part of the

LFCDS Experience is the

strong public-speaking

strand embedded in the

School’s curriculum, beginning

with the youngest


Learning the skills required

to be a good audience

member in 1st

STEP builds to extensive

opportunities to present in

front of increasingly larger

groups and culminates

with the Robbie Bermingham

Speaking Competition

in which students

in grades 5-8 research,

write, revise and present

a five-minute speech on a

topic of their choice.

During the course of

their time at LFCDS, students

develop their ability

to express themselves,

take risks in a nurturing

environment and cultivate

the self-confidence to present

to large audiences.

Lake Forest Country

Day School fosters an environment

in which students

feel empowered to

dream, try new things, take

academic risks and achieve

at their highest level.

Highlighted by a 7:1

student-to-faculty ratio, an

LFCDS education sets the

stage for a bright future in

secondary school and beyond.

Need-based financial

assistance and meritbased

scholarships are

available to make LFCDS

an affordable choice for

families. In addition, the

School provides transportation

options to various

areas. For more information

or to register for an

Open House, please visit

lfcds.org or call the Admission

Office at (847)


Submitted by Lake Forest

Country Day School, 145

S. Green Bay Road, Lake

Forest; (847) 234-2350;


Did you know?


of girls’ school grads say they were offered greater

leadership opportunities than their co-ed school peers *

Since 1858




*Source: Goodman Research Group, The Girls’ School Experience: A Survey of Young Alumnae of Single-Sex Schools

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22nd century media | January 23, 2020 | 21

OLPH School celebrates 90 years of

Catholic education in Glenview

As the school celebrates

90 years of Catholic education,

we invite you to

discover the distinction

that makes OLPH School

an extraordinary place of


Our campus is a place

unlike any other — a vibrant

21st century Catholic

school in an idyllic

8-building campus filled

with students ages 3-14.

When you select

OLPH, you join a community

bound by a mission

of faith, with families

passionate about

education, students fully

engaged in their learning

and teachers committed

to their practice as caring


In every grade, OLPH

fosters the growth and development

of the whole

person. Religious education

and its formation of

responsible young adult

Catholics is the foundation

of the parish school

and has been since its


As an academic institution,

OLPH is dedicated

to designing an individualized

program of success

for each child. Careful

structuring of classes allows

for every child to be

known and loved, while

providing a broad range

of learning opportunities

in academics, visual and

performing arts, athletics,

service and leadership.

Additionally, at OLPH

School, parents are active

partners in their child’s

education. We do not simply

enroll a student; we

enroll a family. Recognizing

parents as the primary

educators of children,

OLPH supports, supplements

and enriches your

family life.

Explore our website.

Tour the school. Ask

questions. Begin your

story by becoming a part

of Our Lady of Perpetual

Help School - A Premier

Private Education in the

Finest Catholic Tradition.

Please join us to celebrate

90 years and Catholic

Schools Week. The

week begins on Sunday,

Jan. 26. Guests are invited

to attend the 9:30 a.m. or

11 a.m. Mass and Open

House following each

Mass. Additional information

on events during

CSW and throughout the

school year are available

on the school’s website.

Submitted by Our Lady of

Perpetual Help School, 1123

Church St., Glenview; (847)

724-6990; olph-il.org.

Begin your story

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School

A Premier Private Education in the Finest Catholic Tradition


Catholic Schools Week


Sunday, January 26

following the

9:30 & 11:00 am Masses


Celebrating 90 Years

of Catholic Education

1123 Church Street • Glenview, Illinois 60025 • 847.724.6990 • olph-il.org

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Is Looking For

Substitute Teachers

Get your foot in the door!

Avoca is asmall North Shore School with ahistory of hiring

substitutes into full time positions! Gain experience

alongside professional and progressive teachers.

Apply online today!


Preschool •Kindergarten •Elementary •Middle School

Small Class Sizes •Great Kids

Starting pay is $125 per day •$130 per day after 20 days

Jessica Hutchison, K-5 Principal




Matt Palcer, 6-8 Principal



Avoca School District 37 •2921 Illinois Road, Wilmette, IL 60091

847-251-3587 •www.avoca37.org

Quest Academy partners

with Microsoft to lead

the way in AI curriculum

As a leader in gifted

education for more than 35

years, Quest Academy has

remained true to its mission

of serving the gifted child

through a dynamic and innovative

approach to learning.

Quest students benefit

from an advanced curriculum

that is not limited by

the age of the child; instead

highly qualified teachers ensure

that academic foundations

are supported and the

work is appropriately challenging

for the individual


Quest Academy is excited

to announce an exclusive

partnership with Microsoft

to develop an exceptional,

forward-thinking Artificial

Intelligence curriculum for

our students in first through

eighth grades. It is an honor

to be the only elementary/

middle school in the nation

to have this opportunity to

work with Microsoft.

Artificial Intelligence, or

AI, is revolutionizing how

we interact with the world

around us, specifically as it

pertains to the technology

we encounter everyday. Inspired

by this ever-changing

landscape, Quest Academy

has embraced the philosophy

of “learning today,

leading tomorrow” to ensure

that tomorrow’s leaders

are indeed equipped to

be AI changemakers.

“Our knowledge of the

gifted child and gifted curricula,

coupled with Microsoft’s

research on Artificial

Intelligence, affords

us a perfect opportunity to

develop an AI curricula

for 21st-century learners,”

said Jacque Negus, Quest

Academy’s Head of School.

Quest Academy serves

children in preschool

through eighth grade on its

Palatine campus that includes

a large main school

building, additional preschool

and junior kindergarten

spaces and a beautiful

west campus featuring athletic

and outdoor education

facilities for extended learning

opportunities. Drawing

from over 50 different Chicago

area communities, parents

seek out Quest for their

gifted learner when other

educational settings are not

equipped to extend the curriculum

beyond grade level

or when the child exhibits

both a desire and ability to

work ahead of the typical

classwork. The curriculum

combines liberal arts content

with innovative and inspiring

instructional methods

facilitated by teachers

who collaborate to create

multi-disciplinary projects

that elicit original thinking

and creative problem


In addition to a unique

approach to academics,

Quest Academy is committed

to nurturing the whole

child through character

education, service learning

and social emotional


“We have been at Quest

for 11 years. The school

fulfills its mission — an

advanced curriculum with

nurturing teachers. My children

entered high school

so prepared. They are also

confident problem solvers, a

skill they learned very early

at Quest. Quest teaches students

lifelong educational

and social skills that will

help them in high school

and college.” (Quest Parent)

The Quest Academy

experience includes a 7:1

student-teacher ratio that

supports individual student

growth. After school

options such as competitive

sports, clubs, activities

in the arts and academic

competition teams provide

additional enrichment opportunities

and build community

throughout the

student body.

Quest Academy invites

families to learn more

about what sets the school

apart from the traditional

learning experience. To

arrange for a tour of the

campus, contact Amanda

Davey, Director of Enrollment

Management, by office

phone (847) 202-8035

or by email admission@

questacademy.org. Learn

more about the school, visit


Submitted by Quest Academy,

500 N. Benton St., Palatine;

(847) 202-8035; questacademy.org

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Kids build character, confidence

at Little Legends Soccer Academy

Little Legends Soccer

Academy was founded in

2009 by Tony Youhanna

and George Solomos.

Their goal was to introduce

coaching in a way that’s

never been seen before in

the North Shore area and a

curriculum younger players

(ages 2 to 8 years old)

can benefit from by developing

player confidence,

discipline, character,

skill and team play in an

exciting, fun environment.

The Academy has gone

from a single location in

Glenview to multiple locations

that offer youngsters

a chance to grow in

soccer with its innovative,

fun and proven youth

soccer drills and games.

Little Legends Soccer

Academy offers clinics

year-round on the North


Little Legends Soccer

Academy started with

just offering clinics, then

games, but after several

years, knew that it

had to offer more opportunities

for their players

to grow and enjoy playing


LLSA Premier (6v6)

League (spring/fall) was

the first offering, second

was the summer

Champions (3v3) League,

then winter Futsal (5v5)


Because growth is very

important, LLSA decided

to give players an opportunity

to work and improve

on their footwork, by offering

an Advanced Foot

Skills class for ages 5 to 12

years of age. Players (ages

5 to 18 years of age) can

also benefit from LLSA’s

“Private Soccer Training.”

Submitted by Little Legends

Soccer Academy, 74 Park

Dr., Glenview; (224) 500-

5729; llsoccer.com.



Christian school

in Illinois*

*#1Christian high school and top-ranked

among Christian K-12 schools in Illinois

Nurture the heart,

engage the mind,

transform the life

of your child.

RZJHS maintains ‘culture of academic excellence’

Why do families choose

Rochelle Zell Jewish High

School? They believe in

the school’s mission to

create a culture of academic

excellence that inspires

and prepares our students

to think critically, achieve

their full potential and live

Judaism as responsible and

involved citizens in the

modern world.

The school’s philosophy

is to nurture the whole

student — academically,

spiritually, physically and


Teachers at Rochelle Zell

come to know their students

as multi-dimensional

human beings. The close

and meaningful relationships

that form between

them contribute to students’

confidence in their ability

to advocate for themselves

and for others in

high school, in college and


RZJHS offers students

an exceptional college

preparatory curriculum

that includes honors and

AP classes in all subject

areas as well as an intensive,

integrated and comprehensive

Jewish studies

curriculum. The dual curriculum

is supplemented

by strong athletic and

fine arts programs and

numerous extracurricular,

social and leadership


Rochelle Zell Jewish

High School is committed

to an intellectual and

religious environment in

which questions, critical

thinking, experiences, and

relationships are nourished

and fostered throughout

Jewish and secular general


The fullness of Jewish

life and learning are

embraced, and Jews from

across the denominational

spectrum are welcomed.

Rochelle Zell alumni are

bright and articulate young

women and men who have

enrolled at the nation’s

leading colleges and universities.

They are wellrounded

and confident and

possess a strong sense of

values and a commitment

to making the world a

better place.

Visit us at www.rzjhs.

org, on Facebook and Instagram,

call (847) 470-

6700 or email tigers@


Submitted by Rochelle Zell

Jewish High School, 1095

Lake Cook Road, Deerfield;

(847) 470-6700; rzjhs.org.

Contact ustoreceive

our special new family discount.

TOUR DAYS —Grades PK-12

FEB 12 • APR 3&29 • MAY15 |8:30-11:30AM

MAR17 |7-8:30PM

Learn more and register:


or call 847-446-5252

Christ-centered. Academically excellent. Life-transforming.



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Tour your localGoddard School


whyit’sthe best

preparationfor social



program is AdvancED





The Goddard Schools are operated by independent franchisees under alicense agreement with Goddard Systems, Inc. Programs and ages may vary. Goddard Systems, Inc. program is AdvancED accredited. ©Goddard Systems, Inc. 2019

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