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What is



And How Does ET Australia Secondary College (ETASC)

Provide Students With Tailored Learning Opportunities?

The Learning Enrichment (LE) team

at ETASC deliver additional learning

opportunities to students who might

fall through the cracks in large school

settings. Learning Enrichment’s

objective is to support all students to

develop independence and responsibility

for their own learning. To achieve this,

ETASC Learning Enrichment teachers

provide an encouraging and caring

learning environment, targeting specific

literacy and numeracy proficiencies and

teaching students the skills they need to


Learning Enrichment at ETASC is datadriven.

At the beginning of the school

Alyshia (right), helping students learn with the

Quicksmart Literacy program.

undertake a series of standardised

year or upon enrolment, students

tests. These standardised tests provide

diagnostic data which, along with

teacher observations and referrals, help

determine the learning needs of each

individual. Learning Enrichment teachers

use a collaborative approach so that

students themselves and their parents/

carers are involved in planning students’

short and long-term learning goals.

To ensure that all students receive the

assistance they need to thrive, ETASC

employs a Multi-Tiered System of

Support. This is a three-tier hierarchical

model that enables Learning

Enrichment teachers to systematically

meet the learning needs progress

frequently to determine if the

interventions in place are working for

that student.

“Tier 1 of this model is support within

the classroom; this typically suits

about 80% of students. In Tier 1, the

class is taught using strategies that

research has shown to be effective.

All students are assessed frequently to

determine who is and isn’t responding

to this approach. Here, students may

receive targeted teacher or teacher

assistant support and may be placed

into smaller groups. If Tier 1 is not

meeting the needs of a student, they

will receive additional support in Tier 2.

Approximately 15% to 20% of students

benefit from this level of intervention.

Tier 2 can involve small group learning

programs and or consolidation of

course content. Students who have

difficulties progressing in the previous

instructional tiers receive intensive,

individualised instruction in Tier 3”,

Alyshia said, one of the ETASC Learning

Enrichment teachers on staff.

ETASC’s five Learning Enrichment

teachers work with the students in a

number of ways; in the classroom team

teaching, in small groups, afterschool

tutoring and working with individuals.

Learning Enrichment offers strategies,

resources and evidence-based programs

to support all students to access the


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