Baby&Kid Store February 2020


Baby&Kid Store February 2020

About Us

Tri Elektronik was established by Remzi Büyüknalçacı in 1972. It stepped into the printing sector with the manufacturing

of steel cliché first in 1991. We started exporting raw material of steel cliché in 1996. We started domestic distribution of

VISPROX pad printing and screenprinting inks in 2000. Right after this development we signed sales and service agreement

of pad printing machines with Comec Italia SRL in 2004. We continued to take our recognized place in the sector as Tri Elektronik

San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. in 2010. We started to make assembling of EAZY 90 in 2013 and EAZY 130 machines provided from

100% Comec Italia SRL in 2015.

We are proudly continuing to be a company improving its customer potential with the fame every day thanks to our adherence

to quality, customer satisfaction and brand

reliability from the very first day.

We have currently been operating in the printing industry

and manufacturing imports of main elements

such as machinery and inks and manufacturing of

consumables such as silicon pads and steel clichés. We

have also been providing the service and after sale

services of the materials that we sell.

Фирма «Три Электроник» (Tri Elektronik) была основана в 1972 году Ремзи Бююкнальчаджи. В 1991 году компания

сделала первый шаг в полиграфической промышленности, выпустив стальное клише. В 1996 году мы начали

экспортировать сырье стального клише. В 2000 году мы начали продажу красок для тампопечати и трафаретной

печати VISPROX. Сразу же после этого, в 2004

году, мы подписали соглашение с Comec Italia

SRL о продаже и обслуживании машин для

тампонной печати. В 2010 году фирма ООО «Три

Электроник Сан.Тидж.Лтд.Шти» (Tri Elektronik

San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.) продолжала занимать свое

место в этом секторе. В 2013 году мы начали

осуществлять монтаж машин EAZY 90, а в 2015

году -EAZY 130 на 100% продукты Comec Italia SRL.

Мы гордимся тем, что продолжаем быть

компанией, которая день ото дня увеличивает

потенциал наших клиентов благодаря нашей

приверженности качеству, удовлетворенности

клиентов и надежности бренда.

В настоящее время мы работаем в секторе

печати, импортируя основные компоненты,

такие как машины и чернила, производя

силиконовые тампоны, расходные материалы,

как стальные клише. Мы также предоставляем

сервис и постпродажную поддержку для всех

продуктов, которые мы продаем.

Tri Elektronik è stata fondata da Remzi Büyüknalçacı nel 1972. Nel 1991 è entrata nel settore della stampa con la produzione di

cliché in acciaio. Nel 1996 abbiamo iniziato ad esportare materiale grezzo di cliché in acciaio. Nel 2000 abbiamo iniziato la distribuzione

domestica degli inchiostri da stampa e serigrafia VISPROX. Subito dopo questo sviluppo, nel 2004, abbiamo firmato un accordo

di vendita e assistenza per le macchine tampografiche con Comec Italia SRL. Nel 2010 abbiamo continuato a tenere il nostro posto

riconosciuto nel settore con il denominazione Tri Elektronik San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.. Nel 2013 abbiamo iniziato a montare EAZY 90 e nel

2015 le macchine EAZY 130 fornite 100% da Comec Italia SRL.

Stiamo orgogliosamente continuando a essere un’azienda che migliora il potenziale dei suoi clienti preziosi ogni giorno grazie alla

nostra adesione alla qualità, alla soddisfazione del cliente e all’affidabilità del marchio sin dal primo giorno.

Attualmente operiamo nel settore della stampa e produciamo importazioni di elementi principali come macchinari e inchiostri e

facciamo la produzione di materiali di consumo come lastre di silicone e cliché in acciaio. Forniamo anche servizi e servizi post

vendita per i materiali che vendiamo.





Tri Elektronik Makes Your Brand

Permanent with Inkprint Method

In almost all industries, Tri Elektronik

offers a number of advantages to its

users by opening a new era in marking

with Inkprint printing method.

such as paint. After this process, if the brand, size or content

will not change, you can continue printing until the end of the

day. The printing has no waiting or drying process. Therefore,

depending on the professionalism of the operator, you can print

approximately 800 to 1200 products per hour. This means a high

production rate, such as 5,000-8,000 product prints, with breaks

and downtime within a day.

‘If you use the Inkprint Method, no one can tear

off your brand from your product!’

Inkprint is a tagless printing and washing instruction printing

method in textiles which can be applied just before shipment of

finished products such as seamless clothing, underwear, combed,

t-shirt, shirt, socks, sportswear, swimwear and hat. The need for

sewing labels in the textile sector has been eliminated with the

fact that inkprint printing machines can print directly and permanently

on the fabric. Inkprint Labelled Marking is resistant to

washing, flexing and rubbing and does not shine on the fabric.

The product can be printed in one color and two colors.

I would like to underline that; we pay great importance to the

health issue where the consumer becomes more aware and approaching

with great sensitivity. Special textile ink is our main

product in Inkprint Tagless Printing method. Our inks are manufactured

in compliance with RoHS directives and Toy standards,

and contain no heavy metals or harmful substances threatening

human health. There is no harm in contacting the user, it does

not harm and it does not contain any carcinogenic substances.

We also have all test reports and declarations. We provide these

documents to companies who want. After printing on the product,

it can pass OEKOTEX tests when sent to the test. Inks with ECO

PASSPORT certification are also available.

‘You can pay off the machine you bought in just

5-6 months!’

The price of our machine varies between 2,950 Euro and 3,880

Euro depending on accessories added. Considering the savings in

cost, time and labor, I can say that it is a machine that will make

profit for the user in the short term with a certain capital.

Consider like that the daily production of an average sized continuous

and serial workshop is around 5,000-5,500 pieces. And

they can meet their daily needs with a single inkprint machine.

In addition, sewing speeds are increased because they do not lose

time to sew labels, and an employee will be less. With a monthly

production of approximately 120 thousand units, you can pay off

the machine you bought in 5-6 months.

‘Low printing cost with fast printing method’

Inkprint Unlabeled Marking has many advantages to the user.

Let me briefly talk about these highlights. First of all, the use of

this machine saves time and labor. For example, consider a oneday

printing process. In the morning, before printing, there is

about ten minutes of preparation for the necessary equipment,




About Us

Elsima Türkiye’nin modern çocuk pijama ve eşofmanları üreten bir tekstil markasıdır. Elsima 1 ve 18 yas arası pijama ve eşofmanlar

üretmektedir. İlkbahar - Yaz ve Sonbahar - Kış olmak üzere 4 mevsim yeni koleksiyonlar tasarlamaktadır. Şirket 1995 yılında kurulmuştur.

Özgün tasarım, kaliteli ürünler, en iyi fiyat ve çocuk sağlığı firmanın temel vizyonudur. Günümüzde Elsima ürünlerini 63 ülkeye ihraç

etmektedir. Şirketin hedefi dünyanın en çok tanınan çocuk markalarından biri olmaktır.

Elsima is a textile brand which produces modern child’s pyjamas and sweatsuits in Turkey. Elsima produces pyjamas and

sweatsuits between 1 and 18 ages. The company creates new collections as Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter in 4 seasons.

The company was founded in 1995. Unique design, quality products, best price and health of children are vision of Elsima.

Today, Elsima exports its products 63 countries. The company aims to be one of the well-known kids brand in the World.

Elsima это турецкая текстильная компания, которая выпускает модную спортивную одежду и пижамы для детей.

Elsima производит спортивную одежду и пижамы для детей возрастом от 1 до 18 лет. Нами разрабатываются

новые коллекции для 4 сезонов, включая сезоны весна-лето и очень-зима. Фирма была создана в 1995 году.

Оригинальный дизайн, качественные товары, самые лучшие цены и здоровье детей лежат в основе нашего

видения. На сегодня компания Elsima экспортирует свою продукцию в 63 страны. Цель компании - стать одним

из самых узнаваемых детских брендов в мире.




About Us

Best Kids, which in its branding period positioned itself as “Turkey’s pioneering brand in child fashion”, follows world trends,

and its young and dynamic team prepares classic and unusual designs with the chic and comfortable suited for modern

life.Best Kids produces the modern style of classic and casual children’s wear by combining attention to detail with quality

fabrics and today presents its collections designed according to various customer demands to its clients through its selling

points abroad and all over Turkey. Our company, following technological innovations in our sector closely and regarding

investments in training as the most important investments, continues on its way by acting on this understanding with a

management policy that always maintains top quality standards.

Best Kids была основана в 1973 году. Best Kids, которая в процессе своего становления упрочилась

как «передовая марка детской моды в турции»,

Трендами вместе с молодой и динамичной командой создаёт классические и экстраординарные

дизайны с роскошью и удобством, соответствующими современной жизни. Best Kids,

иллюстрирующая современный стиль ежедневной детской одежды объединяя специфические

особенности сектора детской одежды с качественными тканями, на сегодняшний день

предлагает потребителям коллекции, созданные в соответствии с разными запросами клиентов,

посредством торговых точек,распространённых по всей территории турции и за рубежом.

Наша фирма вблизи прослеживает за технологическими новшествами в секторе и самым

важным капиталовложением считает инвестиции в образование человека. Действуя именно по

этому принципу, наша фирма старается придерживаться самых высоких стандартов качества.




CNR Expo Center

Visit us Hall 2 / C132


Merkez Mah. Fırın Sok.

No.67 34381 Bomonti-Şişli


T. : +90 444 5 944

F. : +90 212 221 65 16


Meşrutiyet Mah. Şair Nigar

Sok. No.31-33 34363 Nişantaşı


T. : +90 212 230 30 40

F. : +90 212 234 18 98

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Trends and friends!

Smart phones, tablets, computers and console

devices are the first things that come

to mind when they ask how the technology

in our children is transformed into

an indispensable addiction in every aspect

of our lives. There are always the main

trends of the time and era. For example,

nowadays we watch with amazement the

unstoppable rise of mobile games. So what

was or were the trend in the game understanding

of the 80s? When we look back to

the past, we see that technology replaces

games such as hide-and-seek, dodgeball,

blindmans buff, handkerchief-grabber

that provide peace and childhood. Let’s get

back to the main subject: Growing day by

day like the little ones themselves, the developments

in the textile sector. Every day

a new product collection is added to the

babies and children industry, just like their

lives is possible to see chirping designs. We

are here to add beauty to their beauties

and to revive their colorful world more.

Let’s remember Paulo Coelho’s remarkable

saying. “If you lose your way one day, look

into the eyes of a child; because a child can

teach an adult three things: to be happy

for no reason, to always be busy with something,

and to know how to demand with

all his might that which he desires.” And we

will always continue to do our best for the

happiness of Little People, Big World.

Sibel Yalçın


Publisher: H. Ferruh Işık

on behalf of İSTMAG Magazin Gazetecilik Yayıncılık İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Managing Editor (Responsible) Mehmet Söztutan


Mehtap Akyel


Sibel Yalçın

Design & Graphics Consultant


Foreign Relations

İsmail Çakır


Tayfun Aydın


İsmail Özçelik

Finance Manager


Head Office

İSTMAG Magazin Gazetecilik Yayıncılık İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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Fax: +90 212 454 22 93

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Merkez Mahallesi 29 Ekim Caddesi İhlas Plaza No:11 A/41

Yenibosna–Bahçelievler/ İSTANBUL

Tel: 0212 454 30 00


It’s a small world indeed!

We started the new year very fast as

we do every year. We were very busy

in major shows of our sector held

concurrently in Istanbul and Bursa.

Right after them we are scheduled

to rush to Florence, Moscow, Kielce-Poland

and even to America to

distribute magazines and to cover

the events in our magazine.

To accomplish all these we have

speared no efforts. We printed extra

copies and assigned teams to fulfill

the distribution and editorial operations.

We take pride of offering the best

and most contemporary promotion

of our sector and our companies. I

wish lucrative business for all companies

in their trade initiations.

Mehtap Akyel,


About Us

Ticaret hayatına 1979 yılında başlayan Cantoy, 1996 yılından itibaren bebek çocuk giyim alanında

faaliyet göstermeye devam etmektedir. Cantoy, Bursa’nın Vişne Caddesi’ndeki 2800 metrekarelik

alanda, 40 çalışanıyla ve Laleli’de 5 katlı binasında sekiz çalışanı ile 700 metrekarelik

alanda hizmet vermektedir. Her şeyden önce güveni ön planda tutan Cantoy, iş dünyasında

adil bir ticaret anlayışı ile hareket etmektedir. Cantoy’un en önemli çalışma prensibi, üreticileri,

müşterileri ve tedarikçileri ile iletişimde güvenilir, açık ve net olmaktır. Cantoy Tekstil, dünya

standartlarında ürün yelpazesi ve profesyonel hizmet anlayışını samimiyet ve ciddiyetle devamlı

hale getirme çabası içerisindedir. Bu zamana kadar değerlerinden asla ödün vermeyen

şirket, var olduğu sürece asla bu değerlerden vazgeçmeyecektir. Bu başarısını kendi ülkesinde

gerçekleştiren Cantoy Tekstil, bunu dünyada da adım adım yapmak için gayret sarf eden global

bir şirkettir.2010 yılında vişne caddesine ilk adım atan şirket olma özelliğine sahip CANTOY

katıldığı 50 ye yakın uluslararası fuar ile Babydola ismiyle yaptığı üretimi ile hali hazırda 80 ülkeye

ürün pazarlayabilmekterdir. Babydola markasının merkezini bir pergel ucu gibi Avrupa’ya

koyarak şirket genel merkezini Madrid/İspanya’da 2017 yılında açmıştır. Böylelikle tasarım vE

üretim standartlarını Avrupa dizayn vE kalitesine uydurarak tüm dünyaya hitap etmek hedefine

sağlam bir temel oluşturmuştur.

Hedefi daima geçmişinden aldığı tecrübe ve birikimi güncel teknik ve donanımla revize ederek

çok daha güzel bir gelecek hazırlamaktır.

Cantoy started its commerce life in 1979 and has been active in baby and kids wear since

1996. Cantoy offers its service in an area of 2800 square meters in Visne Street of Bursa

with its 40 employees and in an area of 700 square meters, 5 storey building in Laleli with

its 8 employees. Cantoy prioritizes trust before anything and acts in the business world

with a fair understanding of trade. The most important working principle of Cantoy is

to be reliable, straight and clear in communication with manufacturers, customers and

suppliers. Cantoy Textile is striving to make world class product range and professional

service sense with sincerity and seriousness. The company has never compromised its values

until this time and will never give up on these values as long as it exists. Creating this

success in its own country, Cantoy is a global company making efforts to realize this step

by step in the world. Cantoy, the first company taking the first step to the Vişne Street

in 2010, has been able to market its products to 80 countries with its production under

the name of Babydola with nearly 50 international exhibitions. Babydola has opened its

company headquarters in Madrid / Spain in 2017, putting its headquarters in Europe as a

compass point. In this way, it has established a solid foundation for the aim of addressing

the whole world by adapting the design and production standards to European design

and quality. The goal is always to revise the experience and knowledge gained from the

past with current techniques and to prepare a better future.

Cantoy, которая начала свою коммерческую деятельность в 1979 году, активно

занимается детской одеждой с 1996 года. Cantoy имеет площадь 2800 квадратных

метров с 40 сотрудниками на улице Вишне в Бурсе. И восемью сотрудниками в

5-этажном здании площадью 700 квадратных метров в Лалели Истанбул. Прежде

всего, Cantoy, который отдает приоритет доверию, действует в деловом мире с

спроведливым пониманием торговли. Самый важный принцип работы Cantoy

- это быть надежным, ясным и понятным в общении со своими производителями,

клиентами и поставщиками. Cantoy Textile стремится к тому, чтобы ассортимент

продукции мирового класса и профессиональное понимание сервиса продолжались

с искренностью и серьезностью. Компания, которая никогда не скомпрометировала

свои ценности до этого времени, никогда не откажется от этих ценностей, пока она

существует. Cantoy Textile, которая реализует этот успех в своей стране, является

глобальной компанией, которая делает шаг за шагом

в этом мире. CANTOY, являясь первой компанией,

вышедшей на Вишневую улицу в 2010 году, смогла продать

свою продукцию в 80 странах, производя продукцию

под названием Babydola, на почти 50 международных

выставках. Babydola открыла свою штаб-квартиру в

Европе в качестве компаса в 2017 году в Мадриде /

Испания. Таким образом, он заложил прочную основу

для решения проблемы всего мира путем адаптации

своих стандартов дизайна и производства к европейскому

дизайну и качеству. Цель всегда состоит в том, чтобы

пересмотреть опыт и знания, приобретенные в прошлом,

с использованием современных технических и аппаратных

средств и подготовить гораздо лучшее будущее.




Örme ve dokuma çocuk giyiminde entegre bir firma

olan Zeynep Giyim; 1970 yılında başladığı tekstil

sektöründe ki yolculuğunda bugün lider konumundadır.

Hazır giyimde yılda iki kere koleksiyon yapan

Zeynep Giyim, 0-12 yaş için “Zeyland” ve “Mininio”,

yenidoğan grubunda da “Mininio Baby” markası ile

faaliyet göstermektedir. Tesislerimizde; 0 – 12 yaş

çocuğunun sağlığı ön planda tutularak, kanserojen

madde içermeyen boya ve aksesuarlarla, Ekoteks

100 belgesi standartlarına uygun üretim yapılmaktadır.

Koleksiyonlarımız başta Avrupa, Rusya, Ukrayna,

Belarus ve diğerleri olmak üzere birçok ülkeye

ihraç edilmekte ve iç piyasada yaklaşık 300

çocuk butiğinde satılmaktadır

Zeynep Giyim which was found in 1970 is a leader

Turkish company in designing, manufacturing

and marketing of children’s apparel for domestic

and export markets. We have a large collection

for children clothes which we produce two times a

year (Spring&Summer and Autumn&Winter

Collection) for our own brands “Zeyland”, “Mininio”

for 0-12years and “Mininio Baby” for new borns.

Having the backgound in children’s ready-wear

market with the innovation concept and years

of experience, we develop and manufacture new

and high quality products approved

by ECOTEX 100 quality certificate. We are making

export to many of European countries, Russia,

Ukraine, Belarus, etc. and our clothes are soled

around 300 points in Turkish domestic market.


3-6 Month - 8 Years

Компания Zeynep Giyim A.Ş была основана в 1970-ом году

является производителем модной детской одежды от 0 до 12

лет.Широкий ассортимент,доступные цены,высокое

качество сделало нашу марку одной из первых и лидирующих

компаний в Турции. Гордостью компании являются бренды MI-

NINIO, MININIO BABY, ZEYLAND. Kак правило дважды в год

ведущими дизайнерами разрабатывается новая,сезонная

коллекция с учётом последних тенденций европейской

детской моды, это «весна-лето» и «осень-зима».Большой

модельный ряд гарантирует возможность выбрать стильную,

высококачественную одежду. В работе Zeynep Giyim A.Ş в

первую очередь заботится о здоровье детей используя

красители и аксессуары не содержащие канцерогенных

веществ,а только высококачественные материалы,прошедшие

гигиеническую экспертизу и соответствующие

международным стандартам качества.

Head Office: Koçman Cad. No: 44 Güneşli Bağcılar İstanbul TURKEY Phone : +90 212 656 37 77 Fax: +90 212 550 44 73

Factory : Akbayır Mevkii Velimeşe Çorlu TURKEY Phone : +90 282 674 41 82 - 83 E-mail :

About Us

Hamleteks Tekstil, 1996 yılında “Funny Baby” markası ile bebek ayakkabısı üretimine başlamıştır. Ardından Türkiye’nin ve dünyanın büyük markalarına

özel üretimler yaparak kurulduğu günden bu güne sektörün ileri gelen üreticisi olmuştur. Hamleteks Tekstil, sektöründe yenilikler yaratmakta,

ürün yelpazesini ve çeşitliliğini sürekli geliştirmektedir. Çalıştığı firmalarla ortak amacı; yüksek kalite standartlarında üretilen yenilikçi, özel isteklere

cevap verebilen ürünlerle, Türkiye’de ve dünyada yeni ufuklar açabilmektir.


Hamleteks Tekstil, satış ve satış sonrası hizmetlerinde “Müşteri Memnuniyetini” en üst düzeyde oluşturmak ve devamlılığını sağlamak için Kalite

Yönetim Sistemi’ni benimsemiştir. Bu amaçla da, teknolojiye olduğu kadar, insan kaynakları, kaynakların etkin ve bilinçli kullanılması, eğitim vb.

konulara da gerekli önemi göstermektedir.

İş ortakları, müşteri ve çalışanları ile olan ilişkilerinde dürüstlüğü ön planda tutmaktadır. Kurumsal sosyal sorumluluk ilkelerinin,

sürdürülebilir gelişmenin olmazsa olmazları arasında yer aldığına inanan Hamleteks Tekstil, içinde yaşadığı topluma değer sağlamayı

temel sorumluluk alanlarından biri olarak görür ve bu çerçevede tüm ticari ilişkilerini sosyal uyumluluk ilkeleri çerçevesinde yürütür.


Hamleteks Tekstil, üstün hizmet anlayışı, yüksek üretim kapasitesi, geniş ürün yelpazesi, model, çeşit ve kaliteden ödün vermeyen

ilkesi ile yükselen değer olmak için profesyonel ve modern yönetimi ile çalışmalarını devam ettirecektir.

Hamleteks Textile started baby shoe production with “Funny Baby” brand name in1996. Then it started

to make special productions for leading world brands and has become the leading manufacturer of the


Hemleteks Textile has been developing novelties in the sector and has been constantly developing its

product portfolio and variety. Its common goal with its trade partners is to respond the special needs

of the sector with innovative products produced at high quality standards thereby opening itself to new


Our Mission

Hamleteks Textile adopted to gain maximum level of “Customer Satisfaction” at sales and after sale services

and Quality Management System in order to maintain permanency. For this reason the company

attaches extra importance on human resources, effective and conscious usage of resources, training, etc.

as much as its attachment to technology utilization.

Our company places honesty forefront in its relations with business partners,

customers as well as its staff. With a belief that the institutional social

responsibility is inevitable among sustainable development, Hamleteks

Textile feels the responsibility of adding value to the society it lives and

controls its all commercial relations in this framework.

Our Vision

Hamleteks Textile will continue its works with professional and modern

management to be an uprising value with its superior service understanding,

high production capacity and wide product range without compromising

on quality, model and variety.

1996 began Hamleteks Tekstil in der Turkei Neugeborene schuhe produzieren. Für Marken welt weit.

Hamleteks Tekstil sucht immer neuigkeiten ouf eigene bereich und sorgt immer für bessere qualitat.

Unsere Mission

Wir bieten guten service und jederzeit erreichbar.

Wir arbeiten mit profesional mit arbeitern haben guten kontakt mit unsere partner. Geben uns mühe für top Qualitöt.

Wir produzeiren neue gebeborene schuhe unter internationalen Gesundheitliche Regeln sind hygienisch und aestetisch. Wir sind sehr stolz

über nachfrage in und auslöndischem kaufern wünsche zu ertüllen.

Unsere Vizion

Wir sind bereit alle wünsche zu erfüllen in baby schuhe bereich. Geben uns mühe die beste daraus zu macher. Wir bedanken uns Voraus.

Hamleteks Tekstil начиная с 1996 года начал выпускать детскую обувь под брендом “Funny Baby”. Стремительное развитие

и производство продукции для крупных мировых и местных брендов позволило стать компании стать ведущей в этой

отрасли. Hamleteks Tekstil постоянно работает над ассортиментом и создает новые линейки продукции. Высокие стандарты

производства, моментальное реагирование на новинки и технологии на рынке - вот что являются основой компании при

работе с партнерами.


Hamleteks Tekstil совершенствуется не только в качестве своей продукции и ассортимента, а также постоянно работает в

направлении улучшения качества предоставления своих услуг. Для этого была принята и внедрена система управления

качеством «Удовлетворенность клиентов на самом высоком уровне продаж и послепродажного обслуживания».

Честные и добросовестные отношения с деловыми партнерами и сотрудниками компании всегда стоят на первом месте.

Полагая, что принципы корпоративной социальной ответственности являются непременным условием устойчивого

развития, Hamleteks Tekstil рассматривает обеспечение ценности для общества, в котором оно живет, как одну из основных

сфер ответственности и осуществляет все свои коммерческие обязанности и отношения в рамках принципов социального



Hamleteks Textile это динамично развивающаяся компания, которая профессионально подходит ко всем вопросам

сотрудничества: превосходное обслуживание своих клиентов, высокая производительность, широкий ассортимент

продукции, высокое качество и постоянное внедрение новинок в ассортимент позволяют компании быть на высоком уровне.




About Us

NK Tekstil olarak Unsea markamızla 2002

yılından bugüne çocuk modasına yön veriyor,

çocuklarımızın sağlığı, mutluluğu ve rahatlığı için

en kaliteli ve doğru ürünleri üretmek için büyük

bir hassasiyet ile çalışıyoruz.

Unsea için çocuklar, kendi karalarını verebilen

birer birey olarak kavranmakta ve tasarımlarımızı

tüm çocukların beğenisine sunmaktayız.

Önceliğimiz bu doğrultuda daima ürünlerimizin

kalitesi ve rahatlığıdır. Koleksiyonumuza

ebeveynlerin de hassasiyetlerini göz önünde

bulundurarak %100 Pamuk kumaşlardan, toksin

maddeler içermeyen sağlıklı üretim teknikleri

kullanarak şekil veriyoruz.

İstanbul Merter ve Laleli’deki toptan satış

mağazalarımız, yurtiçi ve yurtdışındaki yüzlerce

satış noktalarımız ile her yıl yüzbinlerce çocuğu

mutlu ediyor, onların mutluluğundan büyük

keyif alıyoruz.

As NK Tekstil, Unsea brand has been setting

trends in kids wear fashion since 2002 and

we work with great sensitivity to produce the

best quality and right products for the health,

happiness and comfort of our children.

For Unsea, children are perceived as

individuals who can give their own blessings

and we present our designs to all children’s

liking. Our priority is always the quality and

comfort of our products in this direction.

Considering the sensitivities of our parents,

we use 100% Cotton fabrics using healthy

production techniques that do not contain


With our wholesale stores in Istanbul Merter

and Laleli, with hundreds of sales points

in Turkey and abroad, we make hundreds of

thousands of children happy each year, and

we are delighted with their happiness.

Компания NK Textile под брэндом Unsea

с 2002 года развивает направление

детской одежды. Мы работаем с особой

деликатностью, изготавливая лучшее

качество и подходящие товары для

здоровья, счастья и комфорта наших


Unsea воспринимает детей как

взрослых, которые могут сами выбирать

и принимать решения, поэтому мы

предлагаем наши модели для всех

детей. Нашим приоритетом всегда

является качество и комфорт нашей

продукции. Учитывая восприимчивость

наших родителей мы используем

только 100% хлопок, используя только

безопасные методы производства, без

токсинов. В наших оптовых магазинах

Мертер и Лалели в Стамбуле, а также

в сотне торговых точках в Турции и

за рубежом, мы ежегодно доставляем

счастье тысячам детей, получая от этого

огромное удовольствие.




About Us

2017 yılında kurulan ve çocuk tekstil

sektörüne adım atan SM Berra Kids,

Sultangazi’de bulunan imalathanesinde,

Güngören ve Zeytinburnu’nda bulunan

mağazalarında 1-12 yaş arasındaki kız ve

erkek çocuklarına yönelik pijama grubu,

abiye elbiseler, çocuk eşofman takımları,

düğünlerde, balolarda ve gösterilerde

rahatlıkla giyebilecekleri özel tasarım elbise

üretimini yapıyor. Ürünlerinde sağlık

ve kaliteyi öncelik olarak benimseyen

marka, zengin koleksiyonları ile farklı

çeşitlerdeki kumaşları özgün tasarımlarla

buluşturuyor. Müşteri memnuniyetine

odaklanarak sektördeki yolculuğuna

başlayan SM Berra Kids, güvenilirliğiyle

de sektörde öne çıkıyor.

SM Berra Kids, established in 2017 and

stepped into the children’s textile sector,

has a pajama group for girls and boys

aged between 1-12 years, evening dresses,

children’s tracksuits, bodysuits and making

special designed clothes children can wear

easily in the weddings, ball and shows in its

stores located in Sultangazi, Güngören and

Zeytinburnu. Adopting health and quality as

a priority in its products, the brand brings

together different types of fabrics and original

designs with its rich collections. SM

Berra Kids, which started its journey in the

sector by focusing on customer satisfaction,

stands out in the sector with its reliability.

SM Berra Kids,фирма на основе фабрики, производит одежду

для детей от 1 до 12 лет , Фирма вошедшая в сектор детской

текстильной продукции, которая имеет магазины в разных

районах Станбула.Производит спортивные для девочек

и мальчиков, вечерние платья, детские костюмы,двойки

,тройки, бальные костюмы,пижамы .Магазины находятся в

районах Султангази, Гюнгерен и Зейтинбурну. Производство

дизайнерской одежды, которую можно легко применять в

показах моды. В качестве приоритета в своих продуктах,

бренд объединяет различные виды тканей оригинальный

пошив и дизайн ,с его богатыми коллекциями. SM Berra

Kids, которая начала свой путь в этом секторе еще в 2017

году, сосредоточившись на удовлетворенности клиентов,

выделяется в этом секторе своей надежностью

ةقطنم يف عقي اهعنصم ، لافطألا سبالم ةعانص عاطق يف تلخدو ,2017 ماع يف تسسأت زديك ارب ةكرش ، Kids SM Berra

حوارتت نيذلا لافطألا سبالم ةعانص ىلع لمعت ‏,ونروب نيتيزو نارغنوغ نم لك يف عقت عيبلا تالحمو ‏,يزاغ ناطلس

عنصت ‏.تالدبلاو فافزلا تالفح نيتاسفو ، ةيضايرلا ةسبلألاو ، ةرهسلا نيتاسف و ، تاماجيبلا ةنس 1-12 نيب مهرامعأ

ةكرام ، اهتاجتنم يف ةيولوأك ةدوجلا دمتعت ‏.تابسانملا لك يف ةلوهسب اهؤادترا نكمي صاخ ميمصت تاذ سبالم ةكرشلا

لالخ نم عاطقلا اذه يف اهتلحر تأدب يتلا , ةيلصألا تاميمصتلاو ةشمقألا نم ةفلتخم ا ‏ًعاونأ عمجت SM Berra Kids

. اهب اهئالمع ةقث لالخ نم عاطقلا اذه يف ةكرشلا تزرب ، ءالمعلا اضر ىلع زيكرتلا




About Us

Established in the year 1995 in İstanbul, Lara Textile has been operating in the textile sector which is one of the building

blocks of the Turkish economy due to its wide experience and accumulations. As a company, coming forward

with our philosophy which holds the customer satisfaction forward, with our flexible production capability, superior

service understanding and the rapid service of ours, thanks to our experience and accumulations. As a result of

the use of the developed technologies, the R&D studies we have been implementing, the successful sales and marketing

strategies, we have been continuing to steadily grow with the secure and solid steps since the establishment.

We have been exporting our economical and high quality pyjamas and all type of underwear, under the brand name Donella

and Donella man to more than 85 countries.

Основанная в 1995 году в Стамбуле, Lara Tekstil с ее богатым опытом, ведёт свою деятельность в текстильной

отрасли, которая является одной из фундаментальных отраслей турецкой экономики. В качестве компании

мы всегда отличаемся нашей философией удовлетворенности клиентов, гибкими производственными

возможностями, превосходной концепцией сервиса и быстрого обслуживания. Со дня основания нашей

компании мы продолжаем стабильно расти благодаря уверенным и твердым шагам в результате использования

передовых технологий, исследований в области НИОКР, успешных стратегий продаж и маркетинга.

Мы предлагаем нашим клиентам доступные и качественные группы товаров пижамы и нижнего

белья брендов DONELLA и DONELLA MAN, которые экспортируем в более 85 стран мира.

لالخ نم عيمجلا انتكرش ردصتتو ‏،ةعساولا اهبراجتو اهتربخب كلذو،يكرتلا داصتقإلا

جاتنإلا ىلع انتردق لالخ نم ردصتن كلذكو ، ليمعلا اضربةمدقملا يف متهت يتلاواهتفسلف

تباث لكشبو ةنمٌا تاوطخب مدقتلا يف انتكرش رمتست ‏،.ةزيمتملا ةمدخلا جهنو ةنروملاو عيرسلا

ةمدقتملا ةيجولونكتلا انمادختسإل ةجيتن كلذو ‏،اذه انموي ىتح هيف تسسأت يذلا مويلا ذنم

قيوستلاو عيبلا تايجيتارتسا كلذكو ‏،اهقيبطتب انمق يتلا ‏’ريوطتلاو ثحبلاو‘‏ ةطشنأو

‏.ةحجانلاو ةركتبملا

بناجب ‘Donella,DonellaMan’ ةيراجتلا تامالعلا نم ةيلخادلا سبالملاو تاماجيبلا ضرعن اننأ امك›‏

ةلود 85 نم رثكأل جراخلل اهريدصت متي يتلا ةدوجلا تاذ تاجتنملاو ‏‹ةيداصتقالا انتاعومجم

‏.انئالمع باجعإ لاننل




Röportaj Fair

LINEXPO Fuar Komite Başkanı Eşref Geyik: “LINEXPO İstanbul, tekstilde öncü konumda olan ülkemizin dünya çapındaki

bilinirliğini ve ticaret hacmini arttırmak için Türkiye’nin saygın tekstil derneklerinden TİGSAD-Tüm İç Giyim

Sanayicileri Derneği tarafından organize ediliyor. Fuarımız, bu yıl da her yıl olduğu gibi yine Şubat ayında dünyaya

kapılarını açmaya hazırlanıyor.

LINEXPO 2020 fuarımızda, bu sene 13 bin metrekarelik fuar alanımızda ülkemizin en seçkin 150 firması stant açacak.

Fuar öncesinde tüm dünya ülkelerine yönelik olarak PR ve tanıtım faaliyetleri gerçekleştirdik. 103 ülkede kapsamlı

şekilde fuar tanıtım çalışmaları yaptık. Bu yıl özellikle Avrupa ve Kuzey Afrika ülkelerinden yoğun bir ziyaretci bekliyoruz

Hedefimiz 2020’de en az 20 bin ziyaretçi.”

Lokum; gül, sakız, sade, nane ve kahve gibi ceviz, fıstık ve fındık gibi dolgular dahil

olmak üzere 24’ten fazla çeşide sahiptir.

Türk lokumunu kesinlikle tadın!

Lokum has more than 24 different flavors, including rose, mastic, plain, mint

and coffee, as well as fillings such as walnuts, pistachio and hazelnut.

You definitely taste Turkish Delight!

Kapalı Çarşı satış dükkanlarının mallarını sesin zirvesiyle anlatıyorlar, herkesin sizi

cezbedecek kendi tekniği var, renkler, ışıklar ve sesler egzotik ve eşsiz bir atmosfer

oluşturuyor. Kaybolmaya hazırlanın ve bunu otantik deneyimin bir parçası olarak kabul edin.

Sellers of the shops of the Grand Bazaar (Kapalı Çarşı in Turkish) hawk their

wares at the top of the voice, everyone has their own technique to entice you in, the

colors, lights and sounds generate an exotic and unique atmosphere.

Prepare to get lost and embrace this as a part of the authentic experience.

Türk Kahvesi 17. yüzyılın ortalarında Osmanlı Divanlarının ayrıntılı törenlerinin

önemli bir parçası haline geldi. Geleneğin kendisi misafirperverliğin ve dostluğun

bir simgesi olarak kabul edilmiştir. Sizleri bir Türk kahvesi içmeye davet ediyoruz!

Turkish Coffee became an essential part of the Ottoman Court’s elaborate

ceremonies by the mid-17 th century. The tradition itself has also been

recognized as a symbol of hospitality and friendship.

We invite you to have a Turkish coffee!

Türk mutfağının dünya çapında en tanınmış tadı şüphesiz kebap. Çünkü ülkemiz en

fazla kebap çeşidine sahip. Türkiye’de hemen hemen her bölgenin kendine özgü

kebap çeşidi vardır.

Türk kebaplarının tadına bakmaya ne dersiniz?

The most globally recognized flavor of Turkish cuisine is no doubt kebab.

Because our country has the highest number of kebab varieties. In Turkey,

almost every region has its own type of kebab.

How about a taste of Turkish kebabs?








About Us

Güleçyüz Çorap ve Tekstil 30 yılı aşan üretim ve ihracatı boyunca öğrenmiş olduğu bilgi ve tecrübeyi, siz değerli müşterileri ile

paylaşmanın heyecanını yaşıyor. Kurulduğu günden itibaren çorap üretimi yapan uzman kadroya sahip şirketimiz bünyesindeki İstanbul

Bayrampaşa’da bulunan 2200 m 2’ de kurulu olan fabrikamızda %100 doğal elyaflardan üretim yapılıp desen, dokuma, kalite

kontrol ve ütü paket işlemleri yapılmaktadır.

2016 yılında firmamız bünyesinde kurulumunu gerçekleştirdiğimiz Defne Baby markamızla short çorap, patik, külotlu çorap ve iç

çamaşırı üretimi gerçekleştirip toptan satışını yapmaktayız.

Ürünlerimiz bebeğinizin sağlığı düşünülerek birinci sınıf hammaddelerden üretilmiştir. Bebeğiniz için zararlı kimyasallar içermez.

Azo-free boya ve nikel-free aksesuarları ile uluslararası üretim teknikleri ve güvenlik standartlarına sahiptir. Yüksek kalite standartları

Oeko-Tex belgesi ile tescillenmiştir.

Gulecyuz Socks is experiencing the excitement of sharing its knowledge and experience with our valued customers for more

than 30 years of production and export. Since its inception, our company, which has a specialized staff who produces socks,

is located in Bayrampaşa, İstanbul, we produce 100% natural fibers pattern, weaving, quality control and ironing package

operations in our factory which is built in 2200 m 2 .

In 2016, we produce and sell short socks, booties, pantyhose and underwear with our Defne Baby brand which we have

established in our company.

Our products are made of first-class raw materials, considering the health of your baby. They never contain harmful chemicals

for your baby. It has international manufacturing techniques and safety standards with Azo-free paint and nickel-free

accessories. High quality standards are certified with Oeko-Tex certificate.

Компания “Güleçyüz Çorap и Tekstil” испытывает волнение, делясь своими знаниями и опытом с вами, уважаемыми

клиентами, приобретенные в течение 30 лет производства и экспорта.С момента своего основания наша компания,

имеющая опытный персонал по производству носков, находится в Байрампаша, Стамбул, где на производственной

фабрике общей площадью 2200 м2, выполняется производство 100% натуральных волокон, выкройка, ткачество,

контроль качества и упаковочные работы.

В 2016 году мы начали производство коротких носков, пинеток, колготок и нижнего белье под нашим брендом Defne

Baby. Наша продукция изготавливается из первоклассного сырья с учетом здоровья вашего малыша. Не содержит

вредных химических веществ для вашего малыша. С аксессуарами покрашенными краской без содержания азота и

никеля товары имеют международные технологии производства и стандарты безопасности. Сертифицированы с

высокими стандартами качества Сертификата “Oeko-Tex”









Gulecyuz Socks crowning its 30-year history

with Defne Baby brand.

Gulecyuz Socks and Textile is experiencing the excitement of

sharing the knowledge and experience it has learned during the

production and export of more than 30 years with its customers.

The company, which has been producing socks since the day it

was founded, has 100% natural fibers production in 2200 m2 factory

located in Bayrampaşa, Istanbul. pattern, weaving, quality

control and ironing package operations are done.

Founded in 2016, Gulecyuz Socks and Textile produces short socks,

booties, pantyhose and underwear and provide wholesale

with its Defne Baby brand.

The products within the brand are produced from first class raw

materials considering the health of babies and do not contain

harmful chemicals in any way. The brand, which has international

production techniques and safety standards with azo-free

paint and nickel-free accessories, has registered high quality

standards with Oeko-Tex certificate.

Gulecyuz Socks, which continues this road that they started 24

years ago by providing employment to many people in their factories

in Bayrampaşa and even receiving outsourced production

support, says that their goal is not to work hard but to be in the

sector with the right moves at the right time. While continuing

to invest in Defne Baby, the company also manufactures wellknown

brands such as Mothercare, Zara, JohnLewis, Mango.

Children in Germany are wearing Defne Baby

Defne Baby exports mainly to Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Iraq,

Jordan. Mustafa Gulecyuz said that they believe that they will

present for all points they want over time.

Mustafa Gulecyuz said, “With Defne Baby brand we aim to reach

all sales points in Turkey and we will be able to take place as

soon as we have reached a good sales graph. Our team continues

to work on this subject in a controlled and systematic manner.

In addition, Defne Baby started to make its name in the overseas

market. In this direction, we export to countries such as

Germany and Serbia and we plan the necessary studies to increase

the number of regions and countries we have reached. In

addition, with our exporting company DevTeks, we deliver all

our products that are produced from our factory to every part

of Europe.’’

Socks is a starter for us

Defne Baby comes to mind when we talk about the first socks,

the brand in a short time also added children’s underwear. Mustafa

Güleçyüz, said they aim to offer all the products needed by

the baby under the umbrella of Defne Baby over time.

Investment for some, waiting for others

Gulecyuz stated that 2019 was a year in which the crisis turned

into an opportunity and said, “I don’t think you will have a problem

if you step the ground firmly. We decided to expand our market

network to take the opportunity. We will ensure that this will

be continued through advertising and promotional activities.”




About Us

Tulay Textile, founded in 1987, is primarily operating in women’s, men’s and children’s underwear and sleepwear

sectors. Tülay İç Giyim and Devino are leading export brands, which play an important part in overseas exports, and important

values for the Turkish Textile Industry.

Today, we-Larice Club Larice Kids, as a third generation, are pleased to present our new products. We are all dedicated to bringing

you the strong and assertive production infrastructure in the area of children’s pajamas, underwear and home wear-pajamas.

We are managed by dedicated professionals having rich industrial experience with a passion for innovation and excellence.

We are equipped with the young and dynamic staff to be a world-wide brand. While we are preparing Larice Club and Larice

Kids branded products, we always ask ourselves one question: How to make childrens happy? Our source of inspiration is the

smile on children’s face. We, as Larice Kids, believe that if children are happy, then the worlds is happy, too. And we also know that

the things we are designing today are the best investment value for our future children. Here we are... We are all childishly excited

to begin our work together.

Детский мир с Larice, становится цветнее.

В этом году внутреняя энергия детей, встречается c дизайном. Фирма Larice, впервые со своей коллекцией

Весна-Лето, ожидает выставку CBME “Мама”и”Малыш”. Коллекцию этого года, украшает незаменимая

для Larice веселая и живая тема. С проектом развлечения и поднятия настроения детям, отправляемся в

путь. В этом процессе, душевной и денамичной одеждой, хотим открыть мерцающий мир в глазах детей.

B коллекции приятный дизайн смешивается с живыми цветами. В этом, году внемание привлекают

мальчиковые и девочковые наборы, даполняющие друг друга. Оригинальные узоры одежды - самое

красивое отражение веселого детского мира. На одежде, для девочек элегантные штрихи совмещаются

с гармоничными цветами. Узоры цветов, в этом году занимают не последнее место. У мальчиков , Larice

настаивает на динамичные полосы и живые

цвета. Используемые в расцветке нейтральные

тона, придают особый вид. Дизайн, привлекает

внимание подборкой гармоничных цветов.

Иногда контрастами, а иногда переходящими

тонами. Larice, в новой коллекции предстанет

перед нами в новом виде. В сфере создания

узоров на уровне марки и на модельной

основе идет в тему. В этом году, мы увидим

и комбинированные модели используемые

в группе с отдельными изделиями. Во время

создания этих комбинаций,следовали

тематическим путем. И в следствии этого,

появились изделия имеющие целостность и

историю от узоров до полос и цветов. Будьте

готовы раскрасить лето с Larice!

Основанная в 1987 году под названием Tülay Tekstil, наша фирма начала набирать активные

обороты, опираясь в большинстве на производство мужского, женского и детского нижнего

белья, а также пижам для детей и взрослых. Заработав особое место на экспорте товара

заграницу, наши марки Tülay Tekstil и Devino с особой значимостью продолжают своё развитие

на текстильном рынке Турции.

На сегодняшний день мы с радостью представляем вашему вниманию новое, уже третье

поколение нашей организации под именами Larice Club-Larice Kids. Под маркой Larice

Kids, на основании сильного и конкурентоспособного производства, наша фирма дает

высококачественное обслуживание в области нижнего белья, пижам и домашней одежды для

детей. Имея за спиной многолетний опыт и не теряя в себе стремление к усовершенствованию,

вместе с молодым и энергичным коллективом мы ставим перед собой цель достижения успеха

мирового значения. В каждой разработке марок Larice Kids и Larice Club мы задаемся вопросом,

как благодаря нашей продукции мы можем подарить детям радость. Прекрасные улыбки на

лицах детей- это наш самый главный источник вдохновения для создания новых коллекций.

Для нас, сотрудников Л Larice Kids , счастье ребенка означает счастливое будущее для всего

мира, на что и направлены все наши усилия. Мы знаем, что то, что мы сегодня посеем , то и

будем пожинать в будущем для наших детей.







Since its inception, Larice Kids, who thrives in the hearts of mothers and enriches the children’s

imagination with its unique designs and colorful collections, is marked with its success in the sector.

We had a pleasant inyerview with the founder of the industry’s strongest brand, Larice Kids, Yasemin

Findikci, who is known for its reliability, honesty and robustness.

What are the product groups you offer?

We offer pajamas and home wear products for children and teenage

age groups. You can find daily and comfortable products

under the roof of Larice Kids. Our products can actually be described

as wild products. Because these products, color, fabric, texture

with every detail, such as spending time at home, whether

playing on the street, or sleeping can be used in a very wide area

that can be used in a variety of features.

As the Larice family, how would you describe the

point you have reached since your establishment?

What are your strengths in the sector and what

makes you stand out from the competition?

The history is based on a long history of 32 years of Tulay Textile.

As Tulay Textile, we started to produce adult home wear with

Devino Club brand. We started children’s home wear with Larice

Kids brand about 5 years ago. When we look at today, we

are among the indispensable brands of Middle East and many

countries. Even though Larice Kids stamped products are included

in the home wear group, they have designs that children can

use during their pleasant time in parks and gardens.

As Larice Kids, we are a company that does not compromise on

quality and any criteria that make up the quality from the point

of departure to the place we reach. Since the first day, we have

always maintained what we have with our current quality, and

we have always added innovations to the present day by day.

Because one of our biggest values, as an innovative company to

adapt to the innovations of the age and our customers always

new, appreciated, wanted to offer.

At all stages of the emergence of a product, we work with great

care and aim to demonstrate our quality as I have always emphasized.

In our collection preparation processes, at every stage

of our production, we act on the idea of ​how we can best make

this product. Because we are aware that these stages distinguish

between quality and quality. In fact, today’s industry and conditions

do not show this distinction very clearly. Nevertheless, we

do not approach the situation with price index and still maintain

our line with precision.

To mention our brand identity, I can say that our most distinctive,

solid and prominent feature is our brand reliability. As Larice

Kids, we have never sacrificed our relations with customers,

suppliers and our solidity, reliability, honesty and care that we

have shown to ethical rules. I can easily express this because we

have seen and experienced this understanding in line with the

feedback from our stakeholders.

What inspires you in the design process?

While preparing our collections, we always follow the trends,

colors and all the details of the season we prepare. Of course,

we are inspired by world trends, but we have often and still do

observe that we have inspired other brands with Larice Kids’ pajamas

and home wear products. We also see that the groups, pajamas

we produce are put into a usable form especially after us.

What criteria do you pay attention to during

production? What percentage of your products are

produced in Turkey? Can you give us information

about your export activities and goals? Which

countries do you ship to?

In fact, we have many different criteria in this field. But the most

important of these criteria is to produce healthy products. One of

the important factors here is the quality of the fabric. Use will be

made of organic cotton and fabric to be in Turkey. We produce

hygienic products by working with healthy, organic dyes.

Baby & kid textile sector in Turkey has evolved day

by day. How do you evaluate the point of this sector?

What changes / developments do you think will

happen in the sector in the coming period? What do

you plan to do to contribute to the development of

the sector?

There are so many by-products in baby and children textile sector

such as accessories and furniture. In this sense, I would say

that it is indeed an explosion in Turkey.

Maybe it will be dealing with a bit of the state strategy, but if

Turkey make enough invest in the textile industry, if it aims to

contribute to the development the brand value in the sector, then

we can really make serious progress and development as a sector.

However, ‘We disregarded textiles’, and such an explanation

was made; unfortunately at this point, the front of the branding

is a bit closed. Although we have quality

works, we are facing great difficulties in

becoming a world brand.

We will continue our way without sacrificing

our quality and line and we will

do our best to provide worldwide contributions

to our sector according to the

requirements of the day.




About Us

Üçdal Tekstil 1971 yılında faaliyetine

iç çamaşırı üretimiyle başlamış, ürün

grubu ve kapasitesini her geçen gün

arttırarak günümüze kadar ulaşmıştır.

Üretimde ön planda tuttuğu kalite

ve müşteri memnuniyetini sürekli

hale getirmeyi başaran Üçdal Tekstil

1980’li yılların sonlarında ortaya çıkardığı

‘Brix By Üçdal’ markasıyla da

yurtiçi ve yurtdışında da büyük ilgi

görmüştür. Erkek, bayan, çocuk iç

giyimi ve çocuk pijama üretimi yapan

firmamız Türkiye pazarının yanında

ABD, Rusya, Ukrayna, Afrika,

Balkanlar, İtalya ve birçok Ortadoğu

ülkesine ihracat yapmaktadır.

Üçdal Tekstil started its activities in 1971 with the production

of underwear and has reached to the present day by increasing

its product group and capacity.Üçdal Tekstil, which succeeded

in making guality and customer satisfaction continuously in

the forefront in production, attracted great attention both in

domestic market and foreign markets with ‘BRİX by Üçdal’

brand that is launched towards the end of 1980’s. Üçdal Tekstil

produce men,women and children underwear and pyjamas

which are sold in domestic market and export to U.S.A, Russia,

Ukraine, İsrael, Africa, North Africa, the Balkans, İtaly, Saudi

Arabia and other Middle East countries.

Компания Üçdal Tekstil начала свою деятельность в 1971 году с производства нижнего

белья и достигла сегодняшнего дня, ежедневно увеличивая свою группу и мощности.

Üçdal Tekstil, которому удалось сделать качество и удовлетворенность клиентов, которую он

держит на переднем крае производства, привлек большое внимание как внутри страны, так и

за рубежом своим брендом «Brix By Üçdal»,

который он создал в конце 1980-х годов.

Наша компания, которая производит мужское,

женское, детское нижнее белье и детскую

пижаму, экспортирует в США, Россию, Украину,

Африку, Балканы, Италию и многие страны

Ближнего Востока, помимо турецкого рынка.

بدأ إنتاج املالبس الداخلية يف أقمشة أوش دال سنة 1791

بإنتاج فعال و متزايد يزيد يوما بعد يوم من حيث النوعية و الكمية.‏

و مع اإلهتمام األقصى لتقدمي اجلودة العالية و السعي إلرضاء الزبائن و تقدمي أفضل اخلدمات أنتجت الشركة يف أواخر

الثمانينات ماركة « بركس باي أوش دال « التي القت ترحيبا الفتا ضمن القطر و يف كافة أنحاء العالم.‏

إن شركتنا املنتجة للمالبس الداخلية اخلاصة بالذكور و اإلناث و األوالد إضافة إلى إنتاج بيجامات األطفال تضخ

منتجاتها يف كافة األسواق التركية إضافة إلى تصديرها إلى العديد من الدول حول العالم مثل الواليات املتحدة

األمريكية ، روسيا،‏ أوكرانيا،‏ القارة األفريقية،‏ بالد البلقان ، إيطاليا ، و العديد من دول الشرق األوسط.‏







Providing wholesale outerwear for the newborn and 1-14 age group, Jojomama entered this

year with the slogan “new year new hope”.

What about the product groups that

you have?

We offer products for the 0-14 age group in our Bursa

store. Here we sell all kinds of baby clothes, underwear,

baby care tools and supplies suitable for newborn

groups. We do not have a newborn group in Laleli.

Here, we sell the outerwear products for boys and girls

aged 1-14 years.

What are the criteria you consider

when choosing the products you sell?

When selecting products, we are based primarily on

our customer portfolio. Afterwards, we consider which

customer region the season will be concentrated

on. For example, since we sell more to Arab countries

between the first and fourth months, we are trying to

buy products that meet their demands and interests.

In the seventh month, the winter season, we mostly

choose products by region of Russia. In this context, I

can say that we work seasonal.

What about your goals for 2020?

I would say that our primary goal is to maintain our

current situation. Afterwards, accepting the challenges

we had in 2019, we approach 2020 with a more

objective and colorful perspective with the slogan

“new year new hope”. As Jojomama, we may have an

overseas surprise about 2020. Our negotiations continue

and we have an international partner. We have

a target to open a wholesale store abroad under our

own name.




About Us

Fatihim Tekstil şirketi 1987 yılında faaliyete başlamıştır. Şirket, 0-16 yaş arası bebek ve çocuk giysileri

imalatı ve toptan satışı yapmaktadır. Bugün Fatihim Tekstil, ürünlerini dünya çapında 40’dan fazla

ülkeye ihraç etmektedir.

Üretimde tüm sağlık unsurlarına ve kalite standartlarına önem veren Fatihim Tekstil sadece yurt içinde

değil, yurt dışında da aktif bir profil çiziyor. Dünyadaki 40’dan fazla ülkeye ihracat yapan Fatihim Tekstil

hem ülke ekonomisine hem de sektöre katma değer sağlıyor.

Marka oluşturmanın süreklilik istediğini her fırsatta dile getiren Fatihim Tekstil A.Ş. Yönetim Kurulu

Başkan Yardımcısı İsmail Çolak, Vişne Bebe markasına fayda sağlayacak ve markalaşmayı

destekleyici her mecrada yer aldıklarını, markayı daha ileriye taşımak adına sürekli yeniliklerle

gündemde olacaklarını belirtiyor.

Fatihim Textile Company was established in 1987.

The company manufactures and sells baby and children’s

clothing for 0-16 age group. Today, Fatihim

Textile exports its products to more than 40 countries


Fatihim Tekstil gives importance to all health elements

and quality standards in production and draws

an active profile not only in Turkey but also abroad.

Exporting to more than 40 countries in the world, Fatihim

Textile provides added value to both the national

economy and the sector.

Fatihim Tekstil A.Ş., which has always expressed that

there was a need for continuity in the creation of a

brand at every opportunity, Vice Chairman of the Board

of Directors İsmail Çolak stated that they would

benefit from Vişne Bebe brand and they are in every

aspect to support branding and they would be on the

agenda with the aim of moving the brand forward.








Winimo, which marked a lot with its quality of Rekor Tekstil with its product range and

experienced team, targets new markets in 2020.

How does your product collections work? What

inspires you in the design process?

Our product range consists of a team of professional and experienced

teamwork. The first stage of production is the product

quality of the fabric. Our products are prepared using completely

healthy fabrics produced in accordance with standards. The

second stage constitutes a model study. Prepared model series

went into production in the next stage of our preparation adventure.

Finally, our products are carefully ironed and packaged

and delivered to our Bursa wholesales branch to be offered for

our esteemed customers.

What about your export activities and goals?

With our investments since 2017, our products have reached

many countries with Russia-Ukraine-Kyrgyzstan-Azerbaijan-Iraq-Libya.

Our search for a new market continues. We have new

investment plans for the year 2020 in line with the demands of

our new customers.

What are your goals and projects for 2020?

New targets and new investments for the year 2020, we want

to meet our customers in Istanbul as well as Bursa. We perform

with steady steps with goal of making WINIMO a popular brand

for children all over the world.




About Us

2006 yılında faaliyete başlayan

Bebekevi Tekstil, kuruluşundan

bu yana her geçen gün bünyesine

yeni ürünler ekleyerek

hızla büyümeye devam ediyor.

Bursa’da 2000 m2 kapalı alan

üretim faaliyetlerine devam

ediyor. Aynı zamanda Bursa’nın

bebe sektörünün merkezi olan

Vişne Caddesinde toptan mağazasında

faaliyet gösteriyor.

Ürün yelpazesi olarak 0-6 yaş

çocuk ve anne/bebek grubuna

hitap ediyor. Mama önlükleri,

bornoz setleri, havlu grupları,

bebe plastik ürünleri ve bebek

güvenlik ürünlerinin üretimini

yapıyor. Bebekevi Tekstil, bakanlığın

belirlediği standartlara

uygun olarak üretim yaparak

çocuk sağlığını önemsiyor.

Bakanlığın onay verdiği laboratuvar

da her ürünü için sağlığa

uygunluk testleri yaptırıyor.

Rusya, Ukrayna, Belarus, Irak,

İran, Libya, Sırbistan, Bosna Kosova

ve Cezayir’e yoğun olarak

ticaret yapıyor.

Established in 2006, Bebekevi Textile continues to grow rapidly by adding new

products to its structure every day since its establishment.2000 m2 closed area

production activities in Bursa continues at the same time. The product range

is addressed to 0-6 age Child and Mother / Baby Group.Food Aprons, Bathrobe

Sets, Towel Groups, Baby Plastic products, Baby Safety Products, Mother / Baby

Groups such as. Bebekevi Textile produces in accordance with the standards

set by the Ministry. Child cares about his health. In the laboratory approved by

the Ministry, we carry out health compliance tests for each of our products. We

trade extensively in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sibistan, Bosnia

Kosovo and Algeria.

ىلإ ةديدج تاجتنم ةفاضإ قيرط نع عيرسلا اهومن لصاوتو ، 2006 ماع يف Bebekevi Textile تسسأت

عبرم رتم 2000 اهتحاسم غلبت يتلا ةقلغملا قطانملا جاتنإ ةطشنأ رمتست ‏.اهئاشنإ ذنم موي لك اهلكيه

/ مألاو لفطلل تاونس 6 ىلإ 0 نم ةيرمعلا ةئفلا ىلإ تاجتنملا ةعومجم هيجوت متي ‏.ةصروب ةنيدم يف

تاجتنم ، ةيكيتسالبلا لافطألا تاجتنم ، فشانملا تاعومجم ، ريكشبلا تاعومجم ، ءاذغلا رزآم ‏.لفطلا

اهددحت يتلا ريياعملل اًقفو Bebekevi Textile ةكرش جتنت ‏.لثم لفطلا / مألا تاعومجم ، لفطلا ةمالس

لاثتمالا تارابتخا ءارجإب موقن ، ةرازولا نم دمتعملا ربتخملا يف ‏.هتحصب لفطلا متهي ‏.ةرازولا

ءاضيبلا ايسورو ايناركوأو ايسور يف عساو قاطن ىلع رجاتن نحن ‏.انتاجتنم نم لكل يحصلا

‏.رئازجلاو وفوسوكو ةنسوبلاو ناتسيبيسو ايبيلو ناريإو قارعلاو




About Us

Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı Tekstil Tic. Ltd. Şti 1994 yılında kurulmuştur.

0-3 yaş aralığındaki bebekler için; bebe tekstil ürünleri, bebe

kozmetik ürünleri, bebe bakım ürünleri, bebe araç ve gereçleri,

oyuncak vb. ürünleri üretir, ihraç eder ve ithalatını yapar.

Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı, bodyden emziğe, beşikten bebek arabasına

yaklaşık 10.000 çeşit ürün ve 120 markanın aynı çatı altında

toplandığı firmadır. Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı, yurt içinde 900’ü aşkın

bayi sayısına sahiptir. Yurt dışında ise 40’tan fazla Ortadoğu ve

Avrupa ülkesine ihracat yapmaktadır.

Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı, bebek ve çocuk alanında mağaza açmak

ve bu alanda firmasını geliştirmek isteyenlerin tercih edecek

olduğu, dünyanın göz bebeği İstanbul’da hizmet veren ve eşi

bulunmayan bir işletmedir.

Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı, kararlılığın, güvenin, kalitenin ve dünya çapında

bebe markalarının aynı çatı altında buluştuğu ve yılların

deneyiminin markasıdır. Bu marka, % 100 yerli sermayenin

ürünü Türkiye’nin tescilli markası “Sebi”dir.

Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı Tekstil Tic.Ltd.Şti was established in 1994. It is for babies

between 0-3 ages: It produces, exports and imports baby textile products,

baby cosmetic products, baby care products, baby equipments, toys...

Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı, it is the address of around 10 000 type of products and

120 brands from bodies to pacifiers, form cradles to prams. Bebe Çeyiz

Sarayı has more than 900 dealers in Turkey. It exports to more than 40

Middle East and European countries abroad.

Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı, it is a unique enterprise rendering services in the apple

of world’s eye Istanbul, and which will be preferred by those who wish

to open Baby and Children’s stores and to develop their firms in this area.

Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı, this is the trademark where stability, reliability, quality

and worldwide baby brands come together under one roof and has many

years of experience. This brand is the product of 100% domestic capital and

it is the registered trademark of Turkey “Sebi”.

Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı Tekstil Tic. Ltd. Şti ist 1994 gegründet. Produziert, importiert und exportiert

baby- textilien, baby- kosmetik, baby- pflege, spielzeuge, kinderartikel für babys 3 bis 3

jahren. Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı ist die adresse von 120 marken und ca. 10.000 produkten von body

über schnuller, wiege bis hin kinderwagen. Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı besitzt im Inland über 900

fachhändler. Das Unternehmen exportiert im Mittleren Osten und Europa in über 40 länder.

Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı ist ein unternehmen, das von denen, die beabsichtigen, laden im bereich

baby und kind zu eröffnen und ihren betrieb in diesem bereich weiterzuentwickeln, bevorzugt

wird. Das Unternehmen geht seinen Geschäften in der Weltstadt Istanbul nach.

Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı ist eine marke langjähriger erfahrung, in der sich entschiedenheit, zuverlässigkeit,

qualität sowie weitweite baby-marken unter einem dach zusammentreffen. Diese

marke ist ein produkt von % 100 inländischem kapital. Die eingetragene marke ist „Sebi“

“Бэбе Чейиз Сарайы Текстиль Тиджарет Лимитед Ширкети» : Учредено в 1994 году.

“Бэбе Чейиз Сарайы Текстиль Тиджарет Лимитед Ширкети» : Осуществляет производству, эксопрту и импорту

любые виды Текстильные Изделия для грудных ребёнок, Козметические Изделия для грудных ребёнок, Изделия для

заботы для грудных ребёнок 0 – 3 года.

“Бэбе Чейиз Сарайы Текстиль Тиджарет Лимитед Ширкети» : Является адрес более 10.000 (ресять тысячь) виды

изделий и 120 торговых марок ; с утки для движения – по соску, с люлки – по повозку . Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı имеет более

400 дилеров в стране, и кроме того экспортирует свою продукцию в более 40 стран

Ближнего Востока и Европы.

“Бэбе Чейиз Сарайы Текстиль Тиджарет Лимитед Ширкети» : Является одно

незаменимое предприятие и оказывающее услуги клиентам в городе Стамбуле

являющем зрачку Мира для предпринимателей хотящий открывать магазинов и

развивать своих фирм в областе изделий для Грудных Ребёнок и Детей.

“Бэбе Чейиз Сарайы Текстиль Тиджарет Лимитед Ширкети» : Является одна

крыша решительности и надеждности, где встречаются Мировых марок для

изделий грудного ребёнка и многолетных опытов в этой областе. Эта марка

является продукция 100 % инвестиционного капитала Турции и зарегистрирована

под названием «Себи».







24 With its 24 years of experience and expert experienced staff, Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı continues to

be a pioneer in the sector as the address of trust and quality.

Hızır Albayrak, one of the partners of Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı, said,

“Quality comes first for us. We always have to take into account

the health of infants and children in our productions. We do not

use any carcinogenic substances so that our products can be

used in a healthier way and we prepare products that people

can safely use. We have made progress on this path a goal with

the principle of “Health is the greatest wealth for us”.

First of all, can we get to know you briefly? Can

you briefly mention your position in the Bebe

Çeyiz Sarayı brand?

I am Hızır Albayrak, one of the company partners. I have been in

Sultanhamam since 1988. At that time I was both reading and


Pregnant mothers who came to Sultanhamam were buying products

such as overalls, body and hospital exit. We were supplying

the products in our structure and directing the ones that were

not available to the neighboring companies.

Neither in Turkey in 1991 after serving a combination of everything

related to the sought-after mother and baby in the world

to realize that we have a place. In April 1994, we established the

Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı brand, where everyone can easily supply what

they want.

Could you give information

about your product groups?

There are 295 brands and 85 thousand kinds of products in our

structure. In other words, we sell all the products from a mother’s

furniture, night and gown needs to a baby’s bottle, pacifier

and stroller needs. We have 4 different brands, Sebi, Tıkır, Safe

Line and Pocket&Mama. We have 3 textile ateliers and we make

products for different places under our own brand name.

What inspires you in the design process of

your product collection?

The designers in Bursa or Istanbul show us the products and

we choose from them. Since we have started this business from

scratch and have mastered every step of the business from the

beginning to the end, we can easily identify these deficiencies if

there is a deficiency in those products.

We make observations about what the mothers need for both

themselves and their babies. We convey these observations to

the manufacturers, present them with new ideas and carry out

studies on the realization of demand-oriented products. Therefore,

I can easily say that the greatest capital of our age is the


What criteria do you pay attention to during


The most important criterion for us in production is health. Therefore,

the use of carcinogenic dyes, such as the use of substances

that endanger children’s health, such as the production of substances

that are indispensable rules for us at every stage of production.

Our goal is not to grow by selling many products, but to

advance by making quality and healthy production…




About Us







Boinc is one of the most important names in the sector with its dynamic design team and

products that can arouse interest all over the world. In 2020, Boinc plans to continue its

strategic progress with its quality production approach.

We listened to Yusuf Zeynel Özkan, Sales and Marketing Specialist,

Boinc, which will make a name for itself this year with

special advertisement works and exhibitions for the countries to

which it exports.

What are the product groups you offer?

We have clothes, bodysuit, sweatshirts, skirts, shorts, tracksuits,

tights and t-shirts for children aged 1-12.

What sources of inspiration in clothing design

for you?

We have a highly dynamic design team that always follows the

fashion and trends in the world closely. We process our brand’s

style with our experience and knowledge and we regularly present

our collections of innovative models that can arouse interest

all over the world.

What criteria do you pay attention to during production? What

percentage of your products are produced in Turkey?

We realize the complete production of our products in Turkey.

The most important subject that we attach importance to production

is definitely quality. We pay great attention to the high

quality and compatibility of each material we use.

What about your export activities and goals?

Which countries do you ship to?

We currently export to Switzerland, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan,

Israel, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Saudi

Arabia, Iraq, Algeria, Lebanon, Qatar, Libya, Romania, Serbia

and Tunisia. We carry out special advertisement works for these

countries and reach our target audience by participating in

prestigious fairs.

Which channels do you prefer to reach the


Since many different countries make up our target audience at

the same time, regular internet advertising is very important for

us. In addition, by participating in fairs, we have the opportunity

to communicate face-to-face with our buyers and promote our

products closely.

How was 2019 for your brand? What are your

goals and projects for 2020?

As long as the economy of our country develops, we, as the sector,

would like to take the wind of this development behind us

and make strides. However, when we think about the process

we are in, the internal turmoil experienced by the countries and

the problems in the customs of the neighboring countries have

started to affect us seriously. Therefore, I can say that 2019 was

a difficult year when you took the textile sector as a base. Particularly

in the second half of the year, there were serious declines.

Our work for the new year is in full swing. Our goal is to maintain

our position in a solid way, to move ourselves one step further.




About Us

2014 yılında kurulan Monita Kids, çocuk abiye kıyafetleri

üretmektedir. Ortadoğu, Asya ve Rusya başta olmak

üzere Avrupa piyasasındaki trendleri takip eden işgücünden

hammadde üretimine, pazarlamasından üretimin

her aşamasına yerli sermayeli bir firmadır.

Monita Kids markası müşteri odaklı, inovatif, sürekli gelişen,

çağın gerekliliklerini sadece takip etmekle kalmayıp,

bu gereklilikleri belirlemede de rol oynamaya

adaydır. Çocukların memnuniyetini ve beğenilerini düşünen

üretimler yapan Monita Kids, çocukların hassasiyetlerine,

sağlık değerlerine, fiziksel rahatlıklarına önem


Monita: “Üretim sürecinin en başında tasarım aşamasındayken

kumaş ve aksesuar seçimlerimizi sağlık değerlerine

uygun yaparak başlamaktayız. Elbiselerimizin

fiziksel rahatlığı sağlayabilmesi, çocukların esnek hareketlerini

sağlayabilmeleri için manken provalarla kontrolden

geçirip fiziksel kalıplarına uygun formları kullanmaya

dikkat ediyoruz.

Küçükçekmece’deki fabrikamızda üretim gerçekleştiriyor,

Laleli ve Yeşildirek’teki mağazalarımız ile tüketiciyle


Founded in 2014, Monita Kids produces children’s evening


Following the trends in Middle East, Asia and Russia, especially

the European market from labor to production,

from raw materials to marketing, Monita Kids is a company

with domestic capital.

Monita Kids is customer-oriented, innovative, constantly

evolving, not only by following the requirements of the

era, but is also a candidate to play a role in setting these

requirements. Monita Kids, which makes production that

considers children’s satisfaction and likes, gives importance

to children’s sensitivities, health values ​and physical


Monita: “While we are at the beginning of the production

process, we are starting to make our fabric and accessory

choices in accordance with health values. We take care to

ensure the physical comfort of our clothes, to ensure the

flexible movement of children to check the manikin rehearsals

and physical forms to use the appropriate form.

We are producing in our factory in Kucukcekmece and we

are meeting the consumers with our stores in Laleli and

Yesildirek, Istanbul.”




About Us

Anne Dokunuşu Gibi…

Yıllardır farklı markalar adı altında Üretim, toptan ve perakende satış alanlarında faaliyet gösteren

firmamız şimdi yeni markasıyla pazarda yerini almak için yılların tecrübe ve birikimini yeni markası Luggi

Baby ile yansıtmaya çalışacaktır. Geçmiş dönemde tüketicinin güvenini kazanan marka aynı kararlılık

sorumluluk ve emin adımlarla sektörde söz sahibi olmayı hedeflemektedir.

Yeni markası ile eski tecrübelerini birleştirerek tüketicilere daha kaliteli ürünler sunmayı amaçlamaktadır.

“En değerliniz bizim için de değerlidir” sloganı ile yola çıkan Luggi Baby %100 pamuk olan sağlıklı

ürünleriyle bebeğinize rahatlık, huzur ve mutluluk katacaktır.

Luggi Baby daha çok kazanç yerine “sağlıklı kaliteli ürün ve müşteri memnuniyeti” anlayışını prensip

edinmiştir. Koşulsuz müşteri memnuniyetini ilke edinmiş olan Luggi Baby, üretim kalitesi uzman kadrosu

ve sosyal sorumluluk bilinci ile pazarlardaki payını her geçen gün müşterilerine sunduğu iyi hizmet ile

arttırmayı amaçlamaktadır. Ürün grubu yelpazesiyle ne kadar hassas bir noktada olduğunu bilen Luggi

Baby bütün üretim ve satış aşamalarında bu sorumluluk bilincini göz ardı etmeden hareket etmektedir.

Çalışanı, üreticisi ve tüketicisi ile el ele vererek geleceğin büyük insanlarının küçücük bedenlerini

sımsıcak saracak; kimyasal katkı maddesi olmayan sağlıklı, naturel ürünler üretmeye kararlılık ile devam


Birlikte üretip, birlikte kazanmak dileğiyle…

As a mother’s touch

Operating in the field of production, wholesale and retail under several brand names with many years of experience for years, our

company is now to take place in the market with a new brand, Luggi Baby. Winning the confidence of the consumer in the past, the

brand aims to be leader with the same responsibility, stability by taking firm steps forward in the sector.

Combining old experience with its new brand, the company aims to provide better quality products to

consumers. With the motto of ‘Your most valuable is valuable for us’, Luggi Baby offers 100% cotton

healthy products to provide your baby comfort, peace and happiness.

Luggi Baby adopts ‘healthy quality products and Customer Satisfaction’ instead of earning more.

Adopting unconditional customer satisfaction, Luggi Baby increases its market share with production

quality, expert staff, good service and social responsibility for its customers each passing day.

Being aware of in a sensitive point for range of product, Luggi Baby performs in all production and sales

processes without ignoring this responsibility.

Collaborating with its employees, manufacturers and consumers on offering natural, healthy and without

chemical additives products to embrace tiny body of the great people of the future, the company will

continue to manufacture with the same principle pertinaciously.

Hope to produce together, win together

Wie die Berührung einer Mutter

Wir produzieren seit Jahren für Einzel- und Großhandel unter verschiedene Marken. Jetzt möchte unsere Firma mit langjährigen

Erfahrungen und dem Wissen für unsere neue Marke Baby versuchen ihren Platz auf dem nehmen. In der Vergangenheit Kundenvertrauen

gewonnene Firma erzielt mit gleiche Beschlossenheit und Verantwortung von reden lassen.

Mit der Verbindung unsere Erfahrung mit unseren neuen Marken möchten wir unsere Kunden noch bessere Produkten anbieten. Luggi

Baby beginnt diese Reise mit dem Motto, “ Ihr Wertvollste ist für uns auch wertvoll”, und möchte Produkten

aus %100 Baumwolle Ihr Baby Bequemlichkeit, Gemütlichkeit und Glück anbieten.

Luggi Baby möchte nicht noch mehr Gewinn sondern mit hoch qualitativen Produkten zufriedene Kunden.

Unser Prinzip ist Kundenzufriedenheit ohne Vorbedingung. Wir erzielen mit unseren erfahrenen Mitarbeiter,

Produkqualität und soziale Verantwortung unseren Marktanteil erhöhen. Wir möchten unsere Kunden mit

unserem Service überzeugen.

Luggi Baby weiß dass ihre Produkten auf sehr sensiblen Bereich liegen. Mit dieser Bewusstsein bewegt sich

Luggi Baby in jeden Produktions- und Verkaufsstufen.

Hand in Hand mit Mitarbeiter, Produzent und Kunden werden wir gesunden und natürlichen Produkten,

die Körper von Erwachsenen von Morgen umgeben, ohne chemische Zutaten mit Beschlossenheit weiter



Наша фирма долгие годы работает как оптовым так и розничным производителем детской одежды. С годами набранным

опытом работы представляем вам нашу новую марку Luggi Baby. Профессиональный и ответственный коллектив Luggi Baby

представляет свой качественный товар на Российском рынке. Наша продукция для самых маленьких поэтому мы знаем как

нужно аккуратно и внимательно к нему относиться . С девизом ‘’САМОЕ ДОРОГОЕ ДЛЯ ВАС И ДЛЯ НАС ДОРОГО !!!!! ‘’ наша

новая марка Luggi Baby представляет % 100 хлопковая продукция для счастья удобства и спокойствия ваших малышей. Для

нас понятие ‘’Здоровый качественный товар и довольный покупатель ‘’ больше чем заработок.

НАШ товар не вредит здоровью и не содержит вредных химических веществ. Новая марка с набранным опытом работы

представляет еще лучшую качественную продукцию.





About Us

Sinderella Bebe Aksesuarları,

seksenli yıllarda bir annenin

hobi niteliğinde bir çalışmasıyla

ve kısıtlı üretim kapasitesi ile

üretimine başlamıştır.

1992 yılında kurulan ilk atölyesi

1994 yılında değiştirilerek daha

da büyümüş ve bugün teknolojik

imkanları ile artan üretim

kapasitesi ve kalitesiyle bebek

patiği üretimini Türkiye’de gerçekleştiren,

tamamıyla yerli,

sektöre yenilikçi anlayış getiren

öncü bir firma olmuştur.

Aile şirketi olan Sinderella Bebe

Aksesuarları, Bebek Ayakkabılarının

da modası olması gerektiği

bilinci ile katıldığı fuarlarda

yaz ve kış koleksiyonlarını sergileyerek

üretimine devam etmektedir.

Firmamız kuruluşundan


FREE BABY markalarıyla tanınmış,

2009 yılından itibaren de

FREESURE firmanın tescili markası


Freesure Bebek Ayakkabıları

bebeklerin de bir modası olduğunun

farkındalığını oluştururken,

rahatsızlığını dile getiremeyen

en kıymetli varlıkların

sağlığını düşünerek, zararlı hiçbir

materyali kullanmadan üretim

yapmayı vazgeçilemez bir

prensip olarak kabul etmiştir.

Bebek ayak anatomisine,

konforuna ve şıklığına uygun

üretilen modelleri yaz ve kış

koleksiyonlarıyla, yürüme öncesi,

0 - 12 ay arası bebeklerin

ayak ölçülerini dikkate alarak 4

farklı numara ile sunmaktadır.

Yürümeye başlama macerasının

sağlıklı ve gelecekte başarıya

koşan büyük adımların

şahidi olarak rahatsızlığını dile

getiremeyen bebeklerin ayağının

konforu olmak en temel

misyonudur. Mutlak müşteri

memnuniyeti ilkesi ile üretimine

modern teknolojiler ile devam

eden firma Türkiye’de üretim

yaparken dünyanın birçok ülkesindeki

bayileri ile minik ayaklara





About Us

Günümüzde bebek ve çocuk giyiminde lider

konumda yer alan Pembe Kelebek’s markasının

temelleri 1975 yılında atılmıştır. 2006

yılında kurumsallaşan ve üretim kapasitesini

arttıran Pembe Kelebek’s, sektörde 44

yıllık tecrübesiyle etkin rol oynamaktadır.

Özellikle Bebek ve Çocuk özel elbise koleksiyonları

ile öne çıkan Pembe Kelebek’s yurt

içinde kurduğu toptan satış ağı ile son kullanıcıya

ulaşmaktadır. Öte yandan 30 farklı

ülkeye ihracat yapan Pembe Kelebek’s Türkiye

ekonomisine katma değer sağlamakla

birlikte, tekstil sektörünün büyüyüp gelişmesi

adına faaliyetlerini sürdürmektedir.

Yenilikçi fikirlere sahip tasarım ekibi moda

ve trendleri yakından takip ederek koleksiyonları

bebek ve çocukların ihtiyaçlarına en

uygun şekilde oluşturmaktadır.Pembe Kelebek’s

markası, tasarımlarında minik prenseslerin

rüyalarını gerçeğe dönüştürecek şık

tasarımlar yapmayı kendine ilke edinmiştir.

The Pembe Kelebek’s brand has established in 1975, which is the leader in baby and children’s clothing manufacturer today.

In 2006 institutionalization perion started and production capacity has increased rapidly. Pembe Kelebek’s has an active

role with 44 years of experience in the sector.

Pembe Kelebek’s, which has been manufacturing special dress collections for babies and children, reaches the end user

through wholesale network in Turkey. On the other hand, Pembe Kelebek’s has exporting to 30 different countries continues

to operate on behalf of the growth and development of the textile sector, along with providing added value to the Turkish


The design team with innovative ideas follows the trends and fashion closely to create the brand new collections for best

suited to the needs of babies and children. The little princesses dreams coming true with Pembe Kelebeks desing.




Röportaj About Us

1978 yılında triko üretim ve toptan satış yapmak amacı ile

kurulan firma, tecrübesi ile triko-tekstil sektöründeki başarılı

vizyonunu günümüze kadar taşımayı başardı. Değişen sektör

ve piyasa şartlarına kurumsal kimliğini koruyarak adapte

olma başarısını gösteren şirket birçok konuda kendini yeniledi

ve standartlarını devamlı yükseltti.

Danışan Tekstil, triko pazarında, derin tecrübesi ile pazarın

trendini birleştirerek kendisini piyasada üst noktalara taşımayı

başardı. Ülkemiz ekonomisine yüksek miktarlarda katma

değer sağlayan firma, kurumsal kimliğini

tüm dünyaya kabul ettirmiş birçok firma ile

üretim-pazarlama konusunda başarıyla

işbirliği kurarak çalışmalarını sürdürüyor.

Söz konusu pazar içerisinde yine birçok

kurumsal firma ile dolaylı olarak üretim

yaparak ülkemize ve sektöre katkıda

bulunmaya devam ediyor.

Danışan Tekstil, dokuma ve örme

gruplarına ait ürünleri itina ile üretmekle

beraber, gününde teslimat konusunda

da bir hayli iddialı. Amacı kaliteli üretim

beraberinde, en iyi maliyet ve fiyatla

tecrübelerini birleştirerek en üst noktada

müşteri memnuniyetine ulaşmak, bunlara

ek olarak uluslararası tescilli kendi markası

olan Baby Mio ile koleksiyonlar hazırlayıp

iç piyasa satışı ve ihracat yapmak. Danışan

Tekstil derin tecrübesini günümüzün

gelişen teknolojileri ile bütünleştirerek

sektör içerisinde daha ileriye, değerli

müşterileriyle birlikte yürüyecek ve daha

da büyüyecek. Misyon: Kaliteli ve sağlıklı

triko giymenin herkesin hakkı olduğuna

inanıyoruz. Danışan Ailesi, tedarikçilerimiz

ve iş ortaklarımız hep birlikte bunun için

çalışıyoruz. Vizyon: Yenilikçi, akılcı, ilkeli ve

sorumlu yaklaşımımızla bölgemizde lider

ekonomik triko üreticisiyiz.

Founded in 1978 with the aim of producing knitwear and wholesale, the company succeeded to bring its successful vision of

the knitwear and textile sector up to daylight through its experience. Showing its success in adapting to the changing sector

and market conditions by protecting its corporate identity, the company renewed itself in many ways and continuously

improved its standards.

Combining the trend of the market with the deep experience in the knitwear market, Danışan Tekstil managed to be one of

leading companies in the market. Providing high added value to the economy of our country, the company continues to work

with many companies by getting their corporate identity popular all over the world by working successfully in productionmarketing.

It continues to contribute to the country and sector by producing indirectly with many corporate companies in

the market.

Producing weaving and knitting groups with the products with care, Danışan Tekstil is also very ambitious in timely delivery.

In order to achieve customer satisfaction at the highest point by combining the best quality production with the best cost and

price experience, in addition to making the collections with the international registered trademark Baby Mio, Danışan Tekstil

offers for domestic market and export. The company will integrate its deep experience with today‘s evolving technologies

and will continue with its valuable customers in the sector and grow even bigger. Mission: We believe that everybody is right

to wear quality and healthy knitwear. Danışan Tekstil Family, our suppliers and our business collaborates all work together

to provide it.

Vision: We are the leading economic tricot producer in our region with our innovative, rational, principled and responsible





About Us

Bektay Ayakkabı has been designing and

manufacturing footwear and socks for babies,

infants and toddlers in Istanbul,Turkey

since 1989. Bektay Ayakkabı Aleading

designer and Turkish manufactured brand,

provides a variety of excellent designs to

suit every taste, from traditional to modern

and quirky. Comprising products for babies,

toddlers to suit ages between 0-3,

Bektay Ayakkabi uses luxurious, soft and

safe, carcinogenic and azo dye-free materials

to provide total comfort and warmth

for little growing feet. Bektay ayakkabi

has its own showroom and factory

located in Sultangazi, Istanbul and has

been exporting to UK, France, Ukraine and

Russia. Bektay Ayakkabi Plans to expand

wolrdwide to be able to bring its excellent

quality and trendy products, to a wider

customer base.

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Unsere seit 1989 tätige Firma Bektay

Schuhe, steht für frisches und modernes

Design, verbunden mit Spitzenqualität.

Wir fertigen Baby – und Krabbelschuhe

und Strümpfe für 0-3 Jährige. Als eine

der führenden Unternehmen im Markt,

legen wir sehr großen Wert, auf die

Gesundheit von Babys und vermitteln

mit unseren Waren ein sehr besonderes

bequemes Laufgefühl. Wichtige

Unternehmenswerte sind: Qualität,

Nachhaltigkeit und es werden während

der Produktion von Rohmaterialien

und Zubehören auf keinen Fall

schadstoffgeprüfte Materialen benutzt.

Die Kollektion wird in Folge der weltweit

berühmten Trendy Modelle vorbereitet.

Wir produzieren ausschließlich in

unseren eigenen Schuhmanufaktur.

Unsere Fabrik und das Showroom ist

in Istanbul / Sultangazi. Es werden

hochwertig qualitative Rohwaren

benutzt. Gleichzeitig exportieren wir

Schuhe ins Ausland wie zum Beispiel:

England, Frankreich, Ukraine und

Russland. Als Unternehmen erzielen

wir; unseren Kunden im In und Ausland

immer das Beste und das Hochwertige in

Verfügung zu stellen. Dabei verzichten

wir aber auf keinen Fall darauf;

Neuigkeiten zu verfolgen und Qualität.

Lassen Sie sich von uns und unseren

Waren überzeugen.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen,







Bross Socks manufactures the product groups for children, men and women socks and clothes. It provides

all the products that consumers can request about socks by differentiating them in its own production

capacity. Bross manufactures and sells many products such as moccasin (leather sock), Slipper,

ABS Anti-Slide socks, digital printed socks, accessory socks, baby gloves in pantyhose range, combed

underwear, boxer, athlete, slip, underwear, undershirts and bodysuits in dress range. We interviewed

Yavuz Yavuzarslan, General Manager of Bross Socks, to listen the factors behind their success.

Can you brief us the preparation process of your

collections? What inspires you in the design


As Bross, we have a total of 3 collections per year and we sell these

collections within 4 periods. Our collections are designed as summer,

winter and all seasons by combining and utilizing the knowledge

and values acquired from digital platforms through seminars,

consultations, and the follow-up of trends and fashion as a result of

the meetings of the models and designs by the sales and marketing

unit of our R & D and design department. The most important point

of inspiration in the preparation of the collection through the

innovative and imaginative solutions which are the vision of the

company. To this end, our team spends a lot of time working to produce

the firsts and completes the collection by utilizing the finished

products with Bross’s own line.

What criteria do you pay attention to during production?

Production standards and procedures of Bross Socks are audited

and certified by international organizations such as ISO9001, SE-

DEX. We are progressing our processes towards our own values ​in

production stages.

Quality: In response to a very sensitive quality policy and applicability

of our company, we actively use systems aiming at 0 errors with

proactive measures and actions with Industry 4.0 systems.

Efficiency: In return for the investments made for Industry 4.0,

we ensure our sustainability through projects and actions that will

increase productivity every day as a result of the work of our engineering


Technology: Automation systems used in our company are completely

designed special for Bross and are not available from any ot-




her manufacturer, we provide systems for the production of socks

with zero-touch. By adding value to our production with our advanced

ERP system, it enables us to respond to the demands of the

final consumer in the fastest and most accurate way.

Sustainability: The activities of our company are increasing day

by day. Our investments and projects related to the use of renewable

energy sources, products made from recycled materials, efforts

to reduce water consumption, and to increase energy efficiency are

ongoing. As the reason consumers choose our products, we know

that our sustainability will have a major impact in the medium and

long term. We respect the environment, nature and people who

work in our ethical genes, and as a company, we care more and

more and reflect this on our products and services.

What about the machines you use in production?

With the latest technological nasal closure knitting machines, we

are able to meet all of our customers’ expectations regarding socks

with real mesh, real 3D socks, heavy gauge number 3 and 6, double

cylinder machines. We have fully automated unmanned 35% of our

total production with our automation machines used in post-knitting

processes. This ratio is around 5% throughout the sector. With

these special tailor-made machines, we increase our productivity

and make great efforts to convey products to our customers in a

shorter time, with higher quality and added value. We provide continuous

development and improvement with our domestic and international

consultancy in automation and machinery.

Which countries do you export to? Are there any new markets you

intend to enter?

We export to 56 countries. We ship our products to China, India and

Korea countries. As a target market, we continue to work on the

African region in the long term. In the medium term, we aim to continue

to develop and grow in the Middle East market.

What are your goals and projects related to export growth?

Our goal is to grow 120% by the end of 2022 in export with our

own brand. Our department continues its activities in European,

American and Middle East markets. We aim to reach consumers

abroad with our value-added products we produce. In addition, we

will have initiatives about the online overseas franchising system in

2020 and we aim to make sales with our partners online abroad.

What about your R & D studies?

R & D is an indispensable part of Bross. Our vision and mission to

realize our value-added work together with we aim “to do first

whatever is not done before”. In this context, the new machine investment

suggestions are offered by conducting consumer analysis

of R & D, the study of needed products by researching all over the

world in terms of materials, exploring different production techniques.

Our R & D consultancy service adds strength to the strength

of our team and provides support in the production of innovative

solutions and products. At the same time, our R & D department

creates collections of recycled materials as a result of sustainability

efforts and presents them to customers’ appreciation.

Today, e-commerce is a tremendous medium.

At which stage are your brand’s e-commerce

activities? How do you think online sales affect the


Our e-commerce investment and work started 2 years ago and today

we are progressing with an average annual growth of 100%.

We reach more consumers with our private and limited collections

and products for our infrastructure works and online. In the medium

term, we believe that most of the sales will be made through

online sales channels and for this we have established an online sales

and marketing unit in our company. Another target of our year

2020 will be to increase brand value and awareness by selling online


Also, in 2020 will have the opportunity to personalize products to

our consumers in our online sales and we will take it with that we

will be achieving the firsts both in Turkey and world.

What developments have contributed to the

production speed of technology, mechanization

and industrial industry from past to present?

What do you think about this issue?

Since the day we were established, we have continued to work with

innovative solutions and act with the vision of providing sustainable

services to our customers, so technology and innovation are the

most important issues for us. The contribution of technology to us is

to use production techniques that produce our products more efficiently,

respond more quickly to the demands of the consumer, and

establish an emotional connection with our brand. We started to

integrate Industry 4.0 into the infrastructure of our company about

2 years ago, increasing our efficiency and continuously increasing

our quality bar. By using industrial robots in production, we accelerated

our production value flow and managed to reduce our production

costs to lower levels. Most of the technologies used are used

in the car manufacturing industry today, but not seen in the textile

industry. Industry 4.0 process is still continuing in our company. In

addition, our IT team is working on developing and implementing

artificial intelligence in our ERP system. By the end of 2020, we will

increase our production added value by using artificial intelligence

algorithms and coding in our production.




About Us

Matilda, sektörde adını ilk defa 1992 yılında duyuran Canbey Tekstil’in,

2000 yılında kurulan markasıdır. Sektördeki yolculuğuna dış

giyim ile başlayan marka son 5 yıldır ağırlıklı olarak 0-16 yaş

aralığında pijama, iç giyim ve homewear giyim üzerine yoğunlaşmıştır.

Dört mevsim çamaşır ve iki sezon olarak da pijama

üretimi yapmaktadır.

Yurtdışında, özellikle Rusya ve Ukrayna’da okullar için üniforma,

eşofman, laboratuvar önlüğü gibi giysilerin de üretimini gerçekleştirmektedir.

Gelen talepler doğrultusunda farklı nitelikteki

kumaşları kullanarak üretimler yapabilmektedir. İlaveten, kendi

etiketi ile ürün satmak isteyen firmalara, zincir mağazalara özel

her türde ürünün üretim taleplerini de karşılamaktadır.

İhracatta başta Rusya, Ukrayna, Azerbaycan, Beyaz Rusya, Kazakistan,

Kırgızistan, Özbekistan olmak üzere Irak, İran, Ürdün, Fas,

Cezayir, Arabistan, Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri, Sudan gibi çok sayıda

ülke ile faaliyetlerini sürdürmektedir.

Matilda is the first brand of Canbey Textile, which was established

in 2000, which was first introduced in the sector in

1992. The brand, which started its journey in the sector with

outerwear, has concentrated on pajamas, underwear and homewear

apparel for the last 5 years. It produces apparel for

four seasons and pajamas for two seasons.

It carries out the production of clothes such as uniforms, tracksuits,

lab coats for schools abroad, especially in Russia and

Ukraine. In accordance with the demands of the production

of different qualities can be made using fabrics. In addition, it

meets the production demands of all types of products specific

to the chain stores, for companies that want to sell products

with their own label.

The company is mainly active in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan,

Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Iran,

Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Arabia, United Arab Emirates and


Торговая марка «Matilda» существует на рынке с

2000 года, являясь брендом фирмы “ CANBEY Tekstil

“ , основанной в 1992 году. Бред , который начал свой

путь в этом секторе с производства верхней одежды,

в последние 5 лет сосредоточился на производстве

пижамы, нижнего белья и домашней одежды для

девочек и мальчиков в возрасте от 0-16 лет. В настоящее

время фирма отшивает по сезонно 2 коллекции

пижам и 4 коллекции нижнего белья. А также бренд

выпускает коллекцию школьной формы, спортивных

костюмов и лабораторных халатов , для школ

находящихся за рубежом , в особенности в России и в

Украине. В соответсвии с требованиями потребителей

фирма производит продукцию с использованием

различных качественных тканей. Кроме того , фирма

удовлетворяет производственные потребности всех

видов товаров , характерных для сетевых магазинов

, для компаний , которые хотят продавать товары со

своей маркой. Фирма экспортирует свою продукцию

в Россию, Украину, Азербайджан, Беларусь, Казахстан,

Киргизию, Узбекистан, Туркмению , Грецию , а также

продолжает своё сотрудничество со многими странами

, такими как Ирак, Иран, Иордания, Марокко, Алжир,

Саудовская Аравия, Объединённые Арабские Эмираты,

Кувейт, Тунис, Судан.




About Us

2000’li yılların başında başlayan imalat hayatına

2010 yalından itibaren LITTLESTAR markası ile devam

eden firmamız 40 ülkeye yakın yaptığı satış ve ihracat

ile üretim hayatına devam etmektedir. 2-14 yaş

çocuklarına yönelik üretim yapan firmamız, Merter,

Laleli ve Zeytinburnu’nda bulunan toptan satış noktaları

ile milyonlarca çocuğa ulaşıp lüks giyimi günlük

hayatlarında kullanmalarını sağlamaktadır. Öncelikli

hedefi sağlık ve şık giyim olan firmamız her sene yeni

pazarlar ve yeni müşterileri ile birlikte sektörde öncü

olma yolunda ilerliyor.

Our company, which started its manufacturing life in the

beginning of 2000s and continued with the brand LITTLES-

TAR since 2010, continues its production life with its sales

and exports to 40 countries. Our company, which produces

clothes for 2-14 years old children, provides access to millions

of children and use luxury clothing in their daily lives

with wholesale points in Merter, Laleli and Zeytinburnu. Our

company, whose primary target is health and fashionable

clothing, is moving towards becoming a pioneer in the sector

with new markets and new customers every year.

Начиная с начало 2000-х годов производственная жизнь с маркой Little Star. Наша компания

продолжает свою жизнь с продажами и экспортом в 40 стран в Мертер Лалели и Зейтинбурну

оптовым точками в миллионах детей достигают роскоши повседневного ношения и позваляют

им пользоваться в своей повседневной жизни. Наша компания, приоритетом которой является

здоровая и модная одежда, заключается в том, чтобы ежегодно расти с новыми рынками и

новыми клиентами




About Us

2003 yılında kurulmuş olan Monart Ambalaj Oluklu mukavva

koli ve kutu sektöründe İstanbul Tuzla Organize Deri sanayi

bölgesinde siz değerli müşterilerimize hizmet vermeyi sürdürmektedir.

Oluklu mukavva, tripleks koli ve ofset kutu üretimimiz ile sektöre

çözüm sunan, 5000 m 2 kapalı üretim alanı ve 1000 m 2 ‘lik

açık alanında teknolojik baskı, kesim, dikiş ve yapıştırma konularında

yeni teknoloji makinaları ile entegre bir firma olan

Monart Ambalaj iç ve dış piyasaya hizmet vermektedir.

Üretimimizde kullanılan oluklu mukavvalarımızın tümü %100

geri dönüşümlü olup, baskıda kullandığımız boyalar su bazlı

olduğundan, çevre dostu ürün kullanımı ile kaynaklarımızı verimli

kullanıp hizmetlerimize devam etmekteyiz.

Çağdaş ve yenilikçi kurum kültürümüz ile 2013 yılında yapmış

olduğumuz yeni makine alımlarımızla Ar-Ge çalışmalarımıza

yaptığımız yatırımları arttırarak, müşteri memnuniyeti odaklı çalışma prensibimiz ile kısa sürede yüksek kaliteli ve uygun fiyatlı

hizmet sunmaktayız…

Sürekli gelişen ve büyüyen firmamız da toplam kalite anlayışımızı her zaman koruyarak siz değerli müşterilerimizi de aramızda

görmekten memnuniyet duyarız…

Founded in 2003, Monart Packaging continues

to serve our valued customers with flexo printed

box, angle and offset printed boxes as well as packaging

cartons, boxes and auto sunshade for the

promotional sector in Istanbul Tuzla Leather Organized

Industrial Zone.

Monart Packaging, which is an integrated company

with new technology machines in the field

of technological printing, cutting, sewing and

bonding in 5000 m2 closed production area and

1000 m2 open area, offering solution to the sector

with its products such as printed boxes, unprinted

boxes, boxes, cut boxes, box boxes, supply cases,

profile boxes, carrying boxes, archive boxes, serving

the domestic and international markets.

All corrugated cardboard used in our production

is 100% recyclable, water-based dye that we use

in printing we continue to use our resources efficiently

with the use of eco-friendly products and


We offer quality and competitive price service

adopting a contemporary and innovative corporate

culture with our new machine purchases we

have done in 2013 with R & D work and our working

principle of customer satisfaction.

We are pleased to see our valuable customers by

protecting our total quality understanding and

growing and enhancing our company...




About Us

Çınarlar Ambalaj ilke olarak üstün

kalitede ürünleri rekabetçi fiyatlarla

sunmayı benimsemiştir. Üretim altyapımız

değerli müşterilerimize en

kaliteli ürünleri üretmek için son teknoloji

üretim ekipmanları kullanılarak

oluşturulmuştur. Günümüzde kaliteli

ürünlerin yanı sıra hız ve servis kalitesinin

de çok önemli olduğunun

farkındayız, bu yüzden standart temin

sürelerimiz dahilinde teslimatları gerçekleştirmek

konusunda titizlik gösteririz.

Ürettiğimiz her ürün birbirinden

farklı olmasına rağmen, bizim tüm

ürünlerimize yaklaşımımız aynı temel

prensipler eksenindedir. Sizleri de bu

ayrıcalıklı hizmetten faydalanmaya


“Ürününüzü Kişiselleştirin”

Çok çeşitli model, renk ve aksesuar

seçenekleri ile ürününüzü kişiselleştirin. Plastik, nonnowen, ham

beze kadar birbirinden farklı malzeme seçenekleri, her bütçeye

uygun ürünü bulmanıza yardımcı olur. Geriye sadece size uygun

rengi, aksesuarı ve baskı yöntemini belirlemek kalır. Konusunda

tecrübeli personelimiz sizi en doğru seçime yönlendirecektir.

“Değişken Sipariş Miktarları”

Firmamız 1000 adetten 10.000 adede kadar değişen sipariş miktarları

için değişken fiyatlar uygular. Böylelikle yüksek adetli

siparişlerinizde düşük fiyat avantajı yaşarken düşük adetlerde

ihtiyacınızdan fazlasını almadan firmanıza özel ürünlere ulaşmış


Çınarlar Ambalaj offers superior quality products with competitive

prices. Our production infrastructure has been created

using state-of-the-art production equipment to produce

the highest quality products for our valued customers. We are

aware of the fact that quality and speed and quality of service

are very important nowadays, so we are very careful about timely

delivering within our standard term. Although each product

we produce is different from each other, our approach to

all our products is based on the same basic principles. We also

expect you to benefit from this privileged service.

“Personalize Your Product”

Personalize your product with a wide range of models, colors

and accessories. Different material options such as plastic,

nonnowen and raw clothing help you find the product for

every budget. All that remains is to determine the appropriate

color, accessory and printing method. Our experienced staff

will guide you to the right choice.

“Variable Order Quantities”

Our company applies variable prices for order quantities ranging

from 1000 pieces to 10,000 pieces. Thus, while you have

a low price advantage in your high numbered orders, you will

have reached your special products without lowering your needs.




About Us

Ekin Expo 2007 yılından bu yana Fuar Stant Tasarım ve Uygulama konusunda kaliteli ve zamanında teslim hizmet anlayışını kendine

ilke edinmiş, sektörün lider firmalarında biri olma özelliğini taşıyor.

Türkiye’de, fuar sektörünün gelişme göstermesinin akabinde, fuar stant sektörü de bu duruma paralel olarak gelişiyor ve her gün

kendini yeniliyor. Avrupa’nın Asya’ya açılan penceresi konumuna gelen Türk fuarcılık sektörü hızlı büyüyor ve her geçen gün önemli

projelere imza atılıyor.

Özellikle yurt dışı katılımcıların yoğunlukta olduğu fuarlar günden güne artmış ve fuar stant sektörü de kendini yenileyerek özellikle

kalite anlamında Avrupa firmalarıyla rekabet edecek konuma gelmiştir. Firmaların katıldıkları fuarlarda kendilerini en iyi şekilde

temsil etmelerinin ve tanıtmalarının birinci unsuru da güzel ve kendilerini ifade eden bir stantla katılmalarıdır. İşte bu noktada devreye

giren Ekin Expo Fuar Stant Hizmetleri, katılımcı firmalara profesyonel mimar kadrosuyla hizmet vermekte ve firmaya uygun

tasarımı ve projeyi hazırlamak için firmayla ilgili en küçük detayları dahi inceleyerek, firmayı en iyi şekilde temsil edecek projeyi

tamamlamaktadır. Başarının küçük detaylarda gizli olduğu prensibiyle hareket eden Ekin Expo mimar ve uygulama kadrosu, en

küçük detayı atlamadan projenin bire bir aynısını fuar alanına uygulamaktadır.

Kurulum sürelerinin çok da uzun olmadığının bilincinde olan Ekin Expo, projeleri günler önceden atölyesinde hazırlamakta, fuar

alanında ise sadece montaj işlemi yapmaktadır. Firma müşterileri stantlarının hangi aşamada olduğunu, Ekin Expo atölyelerinde

takip etme imkânına sahiptir.

Fuar alanına yakın olmanın avantajını da kullanan Ekin Expo, herhangi bir aksaklıkta 15 dakikada duruma müdahale etme imkânına

da sahiptir. Firma, kendi bünyesinde “özel ahşap stant” , “özel modüler stant” ve “özel Maxima stant” projeleri hazırlamakta ve

uygulamaktadır. Ekin Expo atölyeleri, Beylikdüzü’nde 1500 metrekare kapalı alanda hizmet vermektedir. En uygun standı en hızlı

ve kaliteden ödün vermeyecek şekilde tasarlayıp uygulamayı hedef edinen firma, müşterilerine komple çözümler üretmektedir.

With good quality with fast delivery service for Exhibition Stand Design and Implementation, Ekin Expo has been one of the

leading companies in the sector since 2007.

In Turkey, the show followed the development of the exhibition industry, exhibition stands sector this situation is developing

in parallel renews itself every day. The Turkish sector, which has become the window of Europe to Asia, is growing rapidly

and important projects are being signed with each passing day.

In particular, the fairs that have been concentrated abroad have increased day by day and the exhibition stand sector has renewed

itself and became competitive with European companies. The first element of the companies to represent and promote

themselves at the fairs they participate in is the participation of a beautiful and stunning booth. Ekin Expo Fair Stand Services,

which come into play at this point, provide services to the participating companies with professional architects and

by completing the project which will best represent the company by examining even the smallest details about the company in

order to prepare the design and project suitable for the company. Acting with the principle that the success is hidden in small

details, Ekin Expo architect and application staff apply the same one-to-one of the project to the fair area without skipping

the smallest detail.

Ekin Expo is also aware that not very long setup time of the Expo, in the days prior to the workshop to prepare the project

is to make the installation process only in the exhibition area. Company customers have the chance to follow the stage of

the stands at the Ekin Expo workshops.

Using the advantage of being close to the exhibition area, Ekin Expo offers customers to have the opportunity to intervene

in case of a disruption in 15 minutes. The firm has its own “special wooden stand ”, “special modular stand” and “special

Maxima stand” and prepares and implements projects . Ekin Expo serves in a closed area of 1500 square meters located

in Beylikduzu, Istanbul. The firm, which aims to design and implement the most suitable stand with the highest quality

and without sacrificing quality, produces complete solutions to its customers.





Playtime Paris displays quality brands

in January 2020

Discover the Best of Playtime Paris January 2020. Introduce your collection to the world

alongside the most creative brands in Playtime Paris.

And because that will

make us want even more,

we added the Playtime

marketplace where any

of us can discover those

amazing brands, exchange

with them and order

from them all year round.

We strive for style and

uniqueness. We stand with brands that embrace the present and

share their own vision of childhood. We cater to buyers who value

consciousness and exclusivity. We inspire contemporary families

to follow their own path.

Welcome to Playtime!

28th of Playtime Paris offers style and uniqueness on 25-27 January

2020 in Parc Floral De Paris. Develop your business efficiently

all year long with the Playtime Marketplace, the world›s

largest B2B platform for kids fashion, lifestyle brands and maternity.

Playtime Paris says: “Joining the Playtime community means joining

a network of 100,000 individuals worldwide and having access

to a wide variety of today’s most creative designer brands.

Because with fashion and design collections there’s nothing like

seeing, touching, feeling or talking to real people, we built Playtime

Paris, New York and Shanghai for everyone to meet twice a year.

BRANDS you can

Introduce your collection to the world alongside the most creative

brands. Whether you prefer to meet buyers in real life at our

shows or search for new business opportunities online, without

moving from your office, we have what you need!

BUYERS you can

Focus on quality and exclusivity, source the world’s most creative

brands and build a premium offer for your business.

Discover emerging talents and order from must-have brands.

And because being unique should not be a matter of price, professional

buyers will always get free access to our shows and to

our marketplace!”








Kozabiat, one of the leading companies in meeting domestic demands, plans to add color to

the 2020 fairs and is preparing to conquer the heart of France with its four brands.

In 1996, we listened to the firm’s success story filled with determination from Hilmi

Ekmekçioğlu, General Manager of Kozabiat

How did the foundation adventure of Kozabiat

started? How do you assess your current

position today?

As Kozabiat brand, we announced our name for the first time in

1996. We started our journey in the sector as a company with

three partners. We are continuing our journey as a family company.

What are your brands and product groups?

The first of these brands is Dominant, which we produce on women’s

underwear. We are working on our Deep Sleep brand in

our men’s, women’s and children’s pajamas section. We are moving

on our Rock Hard brand in our boys and kids boxer section.

In our girl and boy collections, we stand out with our Domi Kids


What about the emergence of the Domi Kids


For Domi Kids, we can say that we are in our tenth year. We had

different brands before. Of course, since we appeal to certain

regions of the world, we offered different product ranges and

brands in each region. We have decided at Domi Kids for the last

10 years and we continue to work on this brand.

Within the Domi Kids brand, there are all products that come to

mind in the underwear category on girls and boys, from the age

of 0-2 to the age group 15-16.




When we give box-dealers, these companies

hang our logos and signs of our brands.

They only sell our products. We supply

not only Domi Kids but also all four brands.

But when we provide products outside

of the dealers, they have their own brands

on their own machines. Different companies

are also able to sell our products.

Poland, and in Russia in the same way. In addition, we trade with

Arabia, Macedonia, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Israel, Jordan,

France, Italy, Azerbaijan and many other countries. Turkey also

has franchises in certain areas of our colleagues we work style.

What inspires you in the design process?

We have our own design team, photography studio and graphic

department. In this sense, we can solve almost everything within

ourselves. My wife Nigar is a design teacher and we receive a

great deal of support from her. Of course, we have support in terms

of traveling around the world. When we look at the world as

of this year, we take the color designs, model designs and lines of

2020-2021 and share them with our team members here. Then

we create our own unique design products.

In which fairs will we see you next year?

We have three fairs in front of us. We are at Salon International

De La Lingerie Fair which will be held in France in January. In

February, we will attend Istanbul Linexpo Fair.

Another fair we will attend in January will be Junioshow. We will

attend this fair for the first time in Bursa. We analyzed Bursa

a little. Fully set up on outerwear and baby fair I think we will

be the first in this fair in terms of laundry and underwear and

I guess that we will add a festival there. Because we think that

every customer who will buy outerwear will definitely aspire to

underwear, but it is a matter of fortune.

What criteria do you pay attention to during

production? What percentage of your products

are produced in Turkey?

We have an 8,000 square meter factory in Çekmeköy, Istanbul.

In addition, we have a production area of ​10,000 square meters

in Niğde. In these two factories, we are going the same way with

about 500 friends.

We also have sales outlets. One is in İstanbul Yeşildirek and the

other is in Zeytinburnu, İstanbul. We address a wide range of

products both in the domestic market and abroad. Abroad, we

have a dealership in the Balkans. What I call the Balkans; This

is a dealership that we have worked for Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Croatia, Serbia and similar countries for 20 years. We have

a dealership in Macedonia. We have a business collaborator in




About Us

Nanica Kids olarak 2001 yılından

bu yana çocuk giyim

modasına rehberlik ediyoruz.

İlk günkü heyecanla 1 – 16 Yaş

çocuk kıyafetleri üretiyoruz.

Ürünlerimizi, Dünya’nın çeşitli

ülkelerinde düzenlenen fuarlar

ile, online olarak websitemizde

ve mağazalarımızda müşterlerimize

sunuyoruz. Kaban, mont,

gömlek, pantolon, klasik takımlar,

şort, t-shirt, okul kıyafetleri,

elbiseler, spor takımlar, sporcu

kıfayetleri gibi geniş ürün skalamız

ile son kullanıcılara ulaşıyoruz.

Daima farklı ve kaliteli

olmayı tercih ediyoruz.

Nanica Kids has been guiding

children’s clothing fashion

since 2001. We produce clothes

for children aged 1 - 16

with the excitement of the

first day. We offer these products

to our customers through

fairs organized in various

countries of the world, online

and in our stores. We reach

end users with our wide range

of products

such as coats,

coats, shirts,

trousers, classic

suits, shorts,

t-shirts, school

clothes, dresses,

sports suits and

sportswear. We

always prefer

to be different

and quality.

Nanica Kids руководит модой детской одежды с 2001 года. Мы производим одежду для детей в возрасте

от 1 до 16 лет с волнением первого дня. Мы предлагаем эти продукты нашим клиентам на ярмарках,

организованных в разных странах мира, онлайн и в наших магазинах. Мы достигаем конечных пользователей

с нашим широким ассортиментом продукции, такой как пальто, рубашки, брюки, классические костюмы,

шорты, футболки, школьная одежда, платья, спортивные костюмы и спортивная одежда. Мы всегда

предпочитаем быть разными и качественными.

نيذلا لافطألل سبالم جتنن نحن .2001 ماع ذنم لافطألا سبالم ءايزأ هيجوتب Nanica Kids موقت

ضراعملا لالخ نم انئالمعل تاجتنملا هذه مدقن نحن ‏.لوألا مويلا ةراثإ عم اًماع 16 و 1 نيب مهرامعأ حوارتت

نم نييئاهنلا نيمدختسملا ىلإ لصن ‏.انرجاتم يفو تنرتنإلا ربع ، ملاعلا لود فلتخم يف ةمظنملا

ةيكيسالكلا تالدبلاو ليوارسلاو ناصمقلاو فطاعملاو فطاعملا لثم تاجتنملا نم ةعساو ةعومجم لالخ

سبالملاو ةيضايرلا تالدبلاو نيتاسفلاو ةيسردملا سبالملاو ناصمقلاو ةريصقلا ليوارسلاو

‏.ةدوجلاو ةفلتخم نوكت نأ امئاد لضفن نحن ‏.ةيضايرلا





Baby Expo & Children’s Fashion Fair is

a must-visit for participants of retail

apparel industry

Presenting best new styles and trends in child’s vogue, the fair to be held on 24–27 March

2020, in Kiev, Ukraine Baby Expo & Children’s Fashion Fair will present best new styles and

trends in child’s vogue. Being a great foothold for your business, leading event in children’s

fashion industry, Ukraine Baby Expo & Children’s Fashion Fair Spring to be held on 24–27

March 2020, in Kiev, Ukraine.

Well-known trade fair of children’s wear and footwear, after

rebranding in spring. The fair has been held by ACCO International

for over 20 years. Today it is the largest and perhaps the only

one B2B children’s fashion event in Ukraine. The fair held twice

a year is a must-visit for participants of retail apparel industry,

both large chains and small stores.

Children’s Fashion Fair will present best new styles and trends

in child’s vogue. Children’s Fashion Fair is a professional event of

children’s wear and footwear segment.

The fair is held twice a year, seasonally: Children’s Fashion Fair

Spring: 24–27 March 2020 and Children’s Fashion Fair Autumn

in September 2020.

The notion “child’s vogue” appeared in domestic light industry

with the advent of Children’s Fashion Fair. Children’s Fashion

Fair became the first fair that offered not only clothes for children

but presented new styles and trends in child’s vogue.

Wear and footwear for children of all ages – from newborns to

teenagers, and for different purposes – leisure, school, festive

wear and carnival costumes – are showcased at the fair. The assortment

includes linens, tights and socks, knitted wear, accessories,

bijouterie and special cosmetics for children.

The fair is a leading B2B event

Visitors are distributors, retailers and buyers from all over Ukraine

and near abroad, as well as representatives of educational

institutions for children.

Traditionally, Тrademark Defile of children’s clothing is held at

Spring editions. Leading Ukrainian designers, foreign and domestic

manufacturers of wear and footwear for children from 3

to 15 years old take part in it.

Fashion shows of children’s wear, footwear and accessories are

one of the most popular events of Children’s Fashion Fair. Children’s

defiles always arouse a keen interest of visitors and media

representatives; the business audience gets a clear idea of ​the

style, quality, practicality and other advantages of the models.







Elena Kids is aiming to enter the new European markets in a short time with its production

power and quality.

What about your export activities and goals?

Which countries do you ship to?

There are many countries we export to now. Mainly, we work in

countries such as Nigeria, Dubai, Ireland, Iran and Iraq.

We provide communication with sector companies from many

countries of the world through online media through our social

media activities. In addition, we announce our name in fairs through

our advertisement works in Baby & Kid Store Magazine.

In the upcoming processes, we plan to participate in the prestigious

fairs of the sector, which are held both at home and abroad,

hosting exhibitors from many countries and hosting visitors

from different countries. In this way, I think we can increase the

number of countries we export to and we can bring our brand to

a better position in the sector.

As Elena Kids, what about your efforts towards

growth and branding?

As Elena Kids, we aim to be a brand that appeals to customers

in Turkey and abroad. We aim to find a place in the sector with

our products, which are produced by ourselves and labeled with

our own brand name. We plan to increase the number of our

employees, expand our working area capacity and expand our

customer portfolio further and take steps in the name of institutionalization.

In short, I can say that in 2020, we will proceed in

full with our new projects.

Çınar Tekstil, which started to operate in the sector with children›s

mevlut products, stands out with its Elena Kids brand. It

is exporting to many countries of the world with its colorful designs

without sacrificing quality. As we talked about the growth

targets of the brand with founder Saniye Demir, she emphasized

the necessity of loving his business, determination and willingness

in order to achieve success.

What about product groups?

We have chirping, glittering dresses for holidays, weddings, invitations

and special shows for girls. While preparing our collections,

we design new models and follow up on the agenda. After

crowning our products with fashionable fabrics and accessories

in the sector, we meet our customers.

Where do you see yourself in the sector? What

are your strengths in the sector and what

makes you stand out from the competition?

Thanks to my past experience, I am in a position to dominate all

stages of production activities today. Therefore, I always see myself

one step ahead of my competitors in the sector. While establishing

our company, we aim to move forward with enthusiasm

and enthusiasm, not ambition, and in line with this principle, we

continue to grow confidently.





Kids’ Time 2020 - upcoming expo

bound for another record

The kids’ industry one-stop-shop, 11th Kids’ Time is ready to boost the sector on 19-21

February 2020, in Targi Kielce

International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child, Kids’

Time ready to boost the sector with a record-breaking one again.

The International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child,

KIDS’ TIME is held in Kielce already for the eleventh time. KIDS’

TIME is one-stop-shop for the child products and services business

sector’s latest developments. The upcoming edition commences on

19 February and continues 21 February 2020.

Last year’s jubilee exhibition brought together 566 companies from

around the world - the Kielce exhibition and congress centre was

the meeting point. Over 20,000 meters and 9 exhibition halls, over

8,200 guests - this is KIDS ‘TIME 2019.

International expo of products for

mother and child

The upcoming expo promises to be equally magnificent. There will

be plenty of exhibitors who represent over 20 countries from all corners

of the world. The expo stands are the showcase for producers

and distributors offer - accessories for the mother and child. The

expo visitors are offered to become familiar with producers’ and

distributors’ portfolio. 20 countries will be represented at the expo,

and among them Belgium, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Russia, the United

States, Great Britain and Italy and other countries. Thus, KIDS

‘TIME has advanced to become one of the most international exhibitions

in the Targi Kielce’s portfolio. Foreign companies account

for 20% of all exhibitors. Following previous years’ example, the

expo was held in the b2B format.




B2B only

The 11 th International Fair of Toys

and Products for Mother and Child


Kielce, Poland

Strategic Partner:

Main Media Partner:


Targi Kielce SA, Kielce, Poland

e-mail:, tel. +4841 365 13 19


Turkish Exports Reach All-Time High

Of Over $180b İn 2019

Turkey’s exports reached an all-time high as it crossed $180.46 billion in 2019, up 2.04%

from last year, Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan announced.

The minister said despite all the hurdles in 2019, Turkey once again

broke export records in hitting a historical high.

“Last year, imports decreased by 8.99% to reach $210.4 billion,”

she noted, adding that the foreign trade deficit decreased by 44.9%

from $54.3 billion to $29.9 billion.

Foreign trade made a record contribution of 4.7 points to growth,

the largest contribution in 18 years in Turkey.

In 2019, the export/import coverage ratio was 85.8% in 2019, up

from 76.5% in 2018, she added.

The euro and U.S. dollar exchange rate had a negative impact worth

$4.5 billion on the Turkish exports, the minister noted. “Despite all

the negative developments, the increase in exports proves the ability

of our experts and trade policymakers,” she added.

In 2019, the sales volume of the world’s top 50 exporting countries

contracted by 2.7%. Turkey, however, ranked seventh in the list of

countries which saw the highest increase in exports, Pekcan said.

She noted that the government provided exporters with support

worth TL 3.2 billion last year. “This is the largest figure for supporting

export in the history of the country. In 2020, we will increase

this to TL 3.8 billion.”

Referring to global problems, she said uncertainties due to global

trade wars, Brexit and regional conflicts reduced the volume of global

trade and growth.

“Turkey was one of the best-performing countries in international

trade in 2019,” Pekcan said.

She went on to say that “the volume of our exports effected by the

protectionist measures increased to $7.2 billion in 2018 and $11 billion

in 2019. When we look at some possible measures, this is likely

to go up to as much as $14.4 billion.”

Speaking of Turkey’s goal to increase the share of high-tech products

in overall exports, Pekcan stressed that the ministry aims to raise

the share of such goods in specialized free zones to 14% – the average

in Organization for the Economic Cooperation and Development

(OECD) countries.

In 2019, Turkey’s exports of raw material – intermediate goods –

amounted to $85 billion, consumer goods were at $72.7 billion and

capital goods at $21.5 billion, according to a Trade Ministry press


Automobiles were the largest export item of the country with $26.88


Germany was the main destination for Turkish exports with $16.6

billion, down 4.15% year-on-year in 2019. It was followed by the

U.K. ($11.28 billion) and Iraq ($10.2 billion). Sales of goods to Near

and Middle Eastern countries also rose by 7.1% and totaled nearly

$35 billion, she said.

The country made most of its imports from Russia ($23.1 billion),

Germany ($19.3 billion), China ($19.1 billion), the U.S. ($11.9 billion)

and Italy ($9.3 billion) last year.

Meanwhile, the country’s exports rose 4.87% to reach $15.4 billion

in December 2019, compared to the same month the previous year.

Imports dropped 20.05% to stand at $20.1 billion year-on-year in


While Germany was the main destination for Turkey’s exports with

$1.3 billion in December, Russia remained to be the largest import

source of Turkey with $2.3 billion. The export/import coverage ratio

was 76.5% in the month.

The number of countries to which Turkey sold goods in Turkish liras

rose to 179 in December while the number was 110 in the same

period last year. The total value of the foreign trade transactions in

Turkish lira was recorded at TL 11.4 billion, while exports accounted

for TL 4.6 billion of this amount.





CJF 2020 Spring & Mir Detstva 2020 to be

the best way to generate sales, find suppliers

24th International Exhibition for Child and Junior Fashion & Maternity Wear to be held on

February 24-27, 2020 by runing along with children’s industry Mir Detstva in Expocentre

Fairgrounds, Moscow

CJF 2019 Autumn ran along with the 25 th anniversary international exhibition

for the children’s industry – Mir Detstva. These two wonderful

trade shows resulted into new ideas and trends of the upcoming fashion

season, reliable business partners, creative approaches to business

doing, and creative exchange of views.

CJF – Child and Junior Fashion is a special event in the world of children’s

fashion. CJF targets buyers, manufactures, suppliers and designers

of clothes, footwear and accessories for children and pregnant women.

Participate in CJF – Child and Junior Fashion to

get the latest information about new products

generate sales leads/find suppliers

increase brand awareness

launch a new products or a new product line

find business solutions

make new business contacts

sign beneficial contracts for the coming year


Job title of visitors: CEO/company owner, purchasing director/buyer,

purchasing manager, marketing/advertising director, self-employed,

designer, student, mass media representative

The main goals of visitors at CJF: purchasing (81%) and sales leads

(76%); source: visitor survey at CJF – Child and Junior Fashion 2018

The majority of visitors expressed interest in coming back in 2019

(91%) and would recommend CJF to their business partners and colleagues

(91%); source: visitor survey at CJF – Child and Junior Fashion

2018 Expocentre would like to express special gratitude to the exhibition’s

General Media Partner – Argumenty i Fakty and General Internet

Partner – RDT-INFO.RU.

Astanda Chegia, a stylist, image-maker and image coach from Practical

Fashion Solution and Ksenia Leri, the founder and Director General

of Trendsquire Bureau arranged trend tours around the exhibition.

This autumn the tours’ topics were Trends and Tendencies in the World

of Children’s Clothes. Children’s Capsule Wardrobe. How to Sell it Effectively?

and Clothing and Footwear for Children, Spring-Summer 2020.


The first JUNIOKIDS B2B Meeting brought together representatives of

Turkish factories and the CJF visitors and exhibitors.

The 20 th Practical Business Forum of CJF – Child and Junior Fashion

2019. Autumn offered a comprehensive supporting program. It welcomed

many more buyers from many retail chains and online stores.

They agreed on supply contracts to retail chains for 2019–2020.

The 28 th Russian Trade Forum for Retail Suppliers brought together

key players of FMCG market of food / non-food categories. Suppliers

got acquainted with the latest trends in consumer behaviour, a ready

algorithm of entering retail chains with food / non-food goods and

successful suppliers’ case studies on shelf delivery and cooperation with

online retailers.







Pitti Immagine Bimbo, hosted in Florence from 16 to 18 January 2020,

is celebrating its 90th edition.

What’s the new? The Top Floor of the Central Pavilion is home

to THE KID’S LAB!: 3,000 sqm of innovative venues including

KidzFIZZ, Ecoethic, The Nest and Kid’s Evolution. Alongside

these, in the path going through the different pavilions

we find Pitti Bimbo, the core section of the whole trade show,

with its designer collections and ‘iconic’ brands of the kids’

world, the sartorial vocation of Apartment, the dynamism

of Sport Generation, the urban soul of Superstreet, the accessories

and furnishing elements of Fancy Room and the special

selection of on-trend items of the Editorials. In addition, there

are runway shows, events, presentations and talks.

Creative productions, special events, new brands and international

collaborations. Pitti Immagine Bimbo, hosted in

Florence from 16 to 18 January 2020, is celebrating its 90th

edition. For 45 years it has been the epicenter of a project for

kids that, starting with the wardrobe, has expanded to touch

on lifestyle and accessories in a world that has managed to

engage the entire family beginning with children. Three days

offering an extraordinary international overview ranging

from designer labels to small experimental brands. Here is

Pitti Bimbo’s multifaceted identity.

The catwalk shows calendar and the special


A calendar of runway shows, initiatives, presentations,

events and cocktail parties because Pitti Bimbo is

about browsing, discovering and staying up to date.

The special events at the Fortezza include the Pitti Immagine

special catwalk shows, presenting a selection

of sophisticated and exclusive collections showcased in

the APARTMENT section, the innovative, experimental

and unusual brands protagonists in the KidzFIZZ section.

And the Pitti Bimbo calendar will also feature the catwalk

show by the Children’s Fashion from Spain brands.

The Monnalisa Fashion Show

A not-to-be-missed event at Pitti Bimbo 90, the Italian brand

Monnalisa, a leader in premium childrenswear, will present

their new collection with a special catwalk show on Thursday

16 January at the Stazione Leopolda.




About Us

H’A Kids Club, ticari hayatına 2003 yılında

İstanbul’un Merter semtinde 30 metrekarelik

bir mağazada toptan alım & satım yaparak


Firma, 2016 yılında patentini aldığı H’A by

Hilal Akıncı ismi ile ve HA Kids Club unvanı

ile ticari hayatına devam etmektedir. Toptan

ağını genişleterek sezonunda ortalama 1500

ayrı modelle yurtiçinde 81 ile ve yurtdışında

52 ülkeye ihraç ettiği ürünlerini her yıl 1.5

milyondan fazla çocukla buluşturmaktadır.

H’A Kids Club, 2019 yılında faaliyete geçirdiği

3. mağazasıyla Merter Lalebahçe Sokak’ta

hizmet vermeye devam etmektedir.

H’A Kids Club started its commercial life in 2003 by buying and selling in a 30 square meter store in Merter, Istanbul.

The company continues its commercial life under H’A by Hilal Akıncı name patented in 2016 and under the title of HA Kids

Club. With an average of 1500 different models in the season by expanding its wholesale network, it offers products for more

than 1.5 million children from 81 cities in Turkey and 52 countries abroad each year.

H’A Kids Club continues to serve the sector with its 3rd store in Merter, Lalebahce Street which they started trade in 2019.

Как HBA KIDS CLUB, мы начали свою коммерческую жизнь в 2003 году с оптовых покупок и продаж в магазине

площадью 30 м2 в районе Мертер в Стамбуле. С момента своего основания наша компания была преобразована

в бренд My Kids & Baby в 2010 году и в настоящее время продолжает свою деятельность в сфере внутренних и

международных оптовых продаж в Стамбуле Мертер, 400 м2 торговых площадей, 1000 м2 закрытых площадей,

проектирование, планирование, производство и

логистику. My Kids & Baby расширяет свою оптовую

сеть в 2012 году, поставляя свою продукцию в 81 страну

и 52 стран за границу с более чем 1,5 миллионами

детей каждый год. В 2016 году H патентA Hilal Akıncı

продолжает свою коммерческую деятельность под

именем Hilal Akıncı.

Наша компания, как H daA Kids Club, работает в

основном в арабских странах, а также в Центральной

Азии, Европе и Америке. Основные страны, которые

мы экспортируем; Америка, Германия, Азербайджан,

Босния и Герцеговина, Болгария, Алжир, Эфиопия,

Марокко, Палестина, Франция, Южная Африка, Ирак,

Великобритания, Иран, Италия, Казахстан, Кыргызстан,

Ливия, Ливан, Македония, Египет, Молдова, Нигер,

Нигерия, Узбекистан, Россия, Сенегал, Сербия,

Саудовская Аравия, Тунис, Украина, Греция и др.

H’A Kids Club

م‎30‎ لحمب/‏‎2003‎‏/‏ ماع ذنم ميمصتلا لاجم يف لمعلا انأدب دقل

H.A kids انتكرش مسا حبصأ .2010 ماع يفو H.A .kids baby مساب ةلمجلا لاجم يف رترام.لوبنطسإ . ةيكرت يف

امب ةيكرت جراخ ةلود‎81‎ ‏..نم رثكأل ردصنو م‎1000‎ نم رثكأب انناكم حبصأ ثيحب يجنكأ لاله ةديسلا ةرادإب club

‏.رطق.‏ نامع ةنطلس نامع.‏ ندرالا ناريإ/‏ قارعلا ايبيل/‏ يبرعلا برغملا رئازجلا.سنوت/نانبل .. نيطسلف اهيف

.... ايرجين..ايرتيرإ..‏ نادوسلا ‏.ةيدوعسلا ةيبرعلا ةكلمملا . نميلا نيرحبلا

. اعبط ةيكرت لخاااادو

عبيييمجو..‏ ةيكرتلا صربق ناتسكاجات..ايجروج.اينيمرأ ‏..ناجيبرذأ ‏..ناتسخازاك ‏..ناتسكبزوأ .. لودلا يقابو

‏...هللدمحلاو..ةيبنجألا لودلا

‏.ةثيدحلاو ةعونتملا تاليدوملا نم ديدجلا عمو ‏.اهتريسم لاله ةديسلا عباتتو







H’A Kids Club presents all kinds of clothes for the 0-16 age group with new collections. The brand,

which is very ambitious especially in the special group collections called daily evening dresses,

diversifies its product range with its bags and hats.

As H’A Kids Club family,

how do you describe the

point you have come

since its foundation?

What is your company’s

potential in the sector

and what makes

you stand out in the


In 2003, we started first to operate

in a showroom with 30 square

meters in Merter district of Istanbul.

Then we again opened our second

store in 2016 in 400 square

meters in Merter too. We continue

to serve our esteemed customers

with our third showroom we opened

in May, 2019 in Lalebahce.

We produce high quality of my

products, carefully avoid any content

that will harm our children’s

health and carefully select all our

fabrics and utilize them on our


Our company manages to collect

on the original model and inspire

confidence in our customers’ interest

and attention to posture. Our

customers are in any situation,

any time know that we are behind

our product. I think that this sense

of trust makes us more connected

to us.

Which cities H’A Kids Club

products are offered in

Turkey and how many

stores you have? Do you

have a store abroad?

We offer our products in stores

of Turkey’s 81 provinces in the

country and Turkish Republic of

Northern Cyprus. We have three

stores in Merter, Istanbul.

We are exporting to 52 countries

with our customer network which

we have expanded day by day. If

we rate these values, we can say

that 70% of our products are offered

at home and 30% of our total

production is offered abroad.




About Us

Bebek giyim sektörüne 1999 yılında toptancı ve

üretici olarak adım atan İmaj Bebe kurulduğu

günden bugüne yaptığı başarılı yatırımlar ve işlerle

hızla büyümüştür. Günümüz itibariyle İmaj

Bebe’nin Bursa’da 1 fabrikası, Ankara ve Bursa’da

toplam 2 adet toptan satış mağazası bulunmaktadır.

Firmamızın Ortadoğu, Avrupa ve Rusya

başta olmak üzere bütün dünyaya ihracatı bulunmaktadır.

İmaj Bebe olarak bebeklerin sağlıklarını

en ön planda tutarak, bebek giyim modasına yön

veren bebek kıyafetleri üretmek ve bu kıyafetleri

perakendeci müşterilerimize en iyi fiyat ve en iyi

servis ile tedarik etmek temel misyonumuzdur.

Vizyonumuz ise Türkiye’de yakaladığımız başarıyı

uluslararası alana taşıyıp, dünyada bulunan bütün

bebek giyim perakendecilerinin tedarik konusunda

ilk tercihi olan bir kuruluş olmak.

İmaj Bebe Company was established in 1999 as baby clothes manufacturer and wholesaler. İmaj Bebe Company grew fastly

with succesfull business and investments after established year. İmaj Bebe Company has 1 factory in Bursa City, 1 Wholesale

Magazine in Ankara City and 1 Wholesale Magazine in Bursa City now. İmaj Bebe makes exportation all over the World

especially to Europe, Middle East and Russia. Our mission is produce and provide baby clothes which are pure and safe for

baby health and direct baby clothes fashion with our professional fashion designers who are located in Turkey and Europe.

We supply these healthy and fashion clothes to our customers with best price and best service. Our vision is to become first

preference for all of baby stores as best wholesale & supplier for baby clothes.

İmaj Bebe, который вошел в сектор детской одежды в 1999 году как оптовый торговец и производитель, быстро

рос благодаря успешным инвестициям и работе с момента его создания. На сегодняшний день İmaj Bebe имеет 1

фабрику в Бурсе и 2 оптовых магазина в Анкаре и Бурсе. Наша компания экспортирует в весь мир, особенно на

Ближний Восток, в Европу и Россию. Как и İmaj Bebe, наша основная миссия - производить детскую одежду,

которая будет направлять моду на детскую одежду, и поставлять эту одежду нашим розничным покупателям

по лучшей цене и с наилучшим обслуживанием, сохраняя здоровье детей на первом плане. Наше видение успеха

мы добились в Турции крылья на международной арене, как организация является первым выбором в поставке

всех детской одежды розничной торговли в мире.

لامعأ نم هتمدقام لالخ نم ةلمج ةراجتو جاتنإ ةكرشك 1999 ماع اهئاشنإ ذنم ةعرس لافطالا ةسبلأ عاطق يف imaj Bebe ةكرش تمن

انتكرش تارداص . ةصروبو ةرقنأ نم لك يف ةلمجلاب عيبلل نيرجتمو ةصروب يف اعنصم انتكرش كلمت مويلا ةحجان تارامثتساو

يف نوكت لافطأ سبالم جاتنإ يف ةيساسألا انتمهم لثمتت طسوألا قرشلا لودو ايسورو ابوروا اهسأر ىلعو ملاعلا لود لك ىلإ لصت

. لافطألا ةحص اننيعأ بصن نيعضاو تامدخ لضفأو رعس لضفأب ةئزجتلا راجت نم انئالمعل اهديوزتو ةضوملا ةداير




About Us

9. Cotton Knitwear, Textile and Technologies


Launched in 2012, PENTEX Fair- Cotton

Knitwear, Textile and Technologies

Fair- has experienced a steady progress

over the years, turning into one of

the most prominent exhibitions held in

Turkey and in the Middle-East area, an

ideal gateway to a fast-growing market

and a powerful tool for the promotion

of Turkish manufacturing excellence

and competitiveness. Supported by

many sectoral associations as well as

by the Gaziantep Chamber of Industry

and the Gaziantep Combed Garment

and Manufacturing Ready to Wear Association.

The latest edition took place

from January 23th to 26th, 2019, at the

Gaziantep Middle East Fair Center and

it featured a quality, multi-faceted array

of goods and services that encompassed

several product categories and

segment of the fashion supply chain

– textile collections for men, women

and children, textile machinery, components,

accessories and much more.

A fine display that aroused the interest

of buyers, industry professionals and

players, wholesalers, retailers, exporters,

designers and fashion stylists,

proceeding from throughout Turkey

and foreign countries, on the lookout

for the latest developments and stylish


Located in the Southeastern Anatolia,

Gaziantep is acknowledged, both on national

scale and internationally, as one

of Turkey’s leading business hubs, especially

in terms of exports volumes and

revenues. Furthermore, Gaziantep has

been included in the World Bank’s Competitive

Cities Knowledge Base (CCKB)

Project as of the world’s most competitive

cities. As a matter of fact, Gaziantep

provides integration between the

Middle East and Western traditions, a

true cultural bridge able to foster a process

of sustainable development from a

social, political, industrial, urban and

economic point of view, thus effectively

contributing to Turkey’s growth and


The next edition of the fair, PENTEX, is

scheduled to take place from February

05th to 08th, 2020.








Welcome to 2021! This next decade heralds an ‘Age of Systems’. From design thinking to

systems thinking both methods move from product-focused design to systemic design. In a

world that is becoming increasingly complex, addressing challenges such as sustainability

and inequality will be reframed as opportunities, where design and creativity can be used to

develop long-term solutions for people, the environment, and business.

sector and to guide the shaping of the future of the industry. Within

the framework of this cooperation, CBME Turkey commits to have

trends seminars during the exhibition both for it’s valuable visitors

and exhibitors.

The world’s trend authority WGSN will present Spring-Summer 21

Kidswear Trends at the 39th International İstanbul Children Baby

Maternity Expo-İstanbul Kids Fashion between 10-13 June, 2020.

During this special seminar, the audience will learn the macro trends

affecting Kidswear; color, pattern, fabric, apparel and accessories.

Changing relationships with the home inspire kidswear designs

that are durable, flexible, and above all, comfortable. The lines

between real and virtual, authentic and fake, truth and fantasy are

blurring. Expect classic, preppy and outdoors styles to be subverted

with a streetwear edge or a punk sensibility, and look out for heritage

materials and details that are recast alongside tech fabrics and

modern silhouettes.

WGSN was founded in 1998 in London, WGSN disrupted the market

with a pioneering online trend library. It was the first to combine

high—end technology with human ingenuity to meet the unique

needs of the global creative industry. Insights and inspiration from

around the globe could now be accessed at the click of a mouse with

the sector, as “WGSN Creates Tomorrow”!

With over 250 trend forecasters and data scientists globally, WGSN

helps 6,500 businesses stay relevant and find their next growth opportunities.

Together with their 74,000 active users, WGSN creates

tomorrow coupling qualitative research with quantitative insights

and custom advisory services.

Taking into consideration the global values, CBME Turkey have

signed a two-year partnership agreement with the world’s trend

authority WGSN in order to contribute to the sustainability of the

The trend seminar will be presented by Ms. Seden Ünlü, WGSN

Account Manager of Turkey. Seden works as account manager at

WGSN Turkey since 2016, managing strategic accounts from various

industries such as textile, interior, cosmetics and e-commerce.

Frequently organizing trend seminars and providing training & guidance

to design, sales, R&D and academy departments of her clients.

She is also a regular presenter at the events and conferences of the

top brands of Turkey. Seden is a graduate of Istanbul University, has

10 years of sales and account management experience within different


The exhibitor meeting event will ve presented by Ms. Güzide Karpuz

Kasman, WGSN Senior Business Development Managerof Turkey,

Middle East & Greece. Güzide joined global trend authority, WGSN

as Senior Business Development Manager in 2011 and be responsible

for defining and executing sales strategy plan for business development

within Turkey, Middle East and Greece. Güzide is a graduate

of Koç University and prior to joining WGSN she worked as Brand

Manager for L’Oreal and 3M and has almost 15 years of sales and

marketing experience.

Furthermore, the recently launched CBME Turkey mobil app will be

publishing regular kids trend blog posts throughout the year to keep

the pulse of the sector.

İstanbul Kids Fashion will bring together again more than 200 exhibiting

brands and 6,000 professional visitors from 80 target countries

at the heart of the sector; İstanbul. Holding at least 35% of new

visitors promise at each exhibition, İstanbul Kids Fashion expects it’s

meticulously organized “Hosted Buyer” group of 100 people from

target 15 countries to have B2B meetings with the national and international

exhibitors for 4 days to write a great quantity of orders.

İstanbul Kids Fashion, organized by the world’s #1 trade fair organizer;

Informa Markets, has a premier kids exhibitions portfolio includes;

CBME exhibitions; China, India, Indonesia and Magic, Children’s

Club which both organized in USA, will present furniture, home textiles,

furniture amd ready-to-wear and accessories exhibitor brands

who will launch their Autumn-Winter 20/21 textile collections.

İstanbul Kids Fashion 2020 is expected to open new doors to efficient

and long-standing collaboration opportunities in order to

move the kids fashion sector forward.

WGSN Autumn-Winter 20/21 Top Kids Fashion Trend Colors has

already been announced during CBME Turkey, the export-oriented

international exhibition of baby and children sector and only exhibition

in the sector, rewarded by the support of the Ministry of Trade

of the Republic of Turkey between 9-11 January 2020 in İstanbul.




According to this seminar, the top trend colors of the season are as



«Purist Blue», defined by WGSN as the latest stage of the blue; brings

together themes of peace, serenity and imagination. Purist Blue,

which is predicted to be an effective color in the summer season of

2020, will continue to be effective with its soft, cheerful and contemporary

feel in the 20/21 autumn-winter season!


Neo Mint, defined as a fresh tone that harmonizes science and technology

with nature, creates a sense of optimism and calmness

with its cold tones. This color, which is among the trendy colors of

2020 spring-summer season, will maintain its effect until the autumn-winter

20/21 season.


Red, which is a popular color in every period, appears as ‘cyber red’

or ‘digital red’, as a result of the digitalized world in the 2020 season.

Bright, energetic and winter-oriented color has a character

that increases the falling energy and adrenaline in winter with its

daily use.


Furnace offers warm and natural appearance with its orange and

brown tones. Furnace also symbolizes human equality with its compatibility

with all age groups and skin tones. This color, which is

an update to the shades of brown, will be effective early in the autumn-winter

20/21 season.


Inspired by the use of concrete in architecture, Composite has often

been preferred in European urban fashion for several seasons. Composite

color which is a symbol of urban life and a harbinger of return

to formal and minimal styles, will also be effective in autumn-winter

20/21 children’s fashion!


Representing the combination of an artificial tone inspired by digital

culture with nature, Astro Green makes timeless tones and familiar

neutral tones rise more interestingly. Astro Green, which is

expected to be mostly preferred in sportswear, seems to add bright

and soft neon style to the autumn-winter 20/21 season.


Truffle, which gives a renewed brown atmosphere with a light purple

inside, will be effective in the autumn-winter 20/21 season with

its sophisticated and bold appearance.

For more information about kids fashion trends:





3-я выставка


11-13 МАРТА 2020 г.


Международная выставка Bishkek Fashion & Textile - одно из наиболее привлекательных, сильных и

успешных мероприятий в отрасли моды и текстиля в Центральной Азии. Выставка зарекомендовала себя как

единственное специализированное мероприятие как на оптовых, так и на розничных рынках Кыргызстана.

Выставка Bishkek Fashion & Textile Exhibition проводится на крупнейшем центральноазиатском оптоворозничном

рынке «Дордой» (г. Бишкек, Кыргызстан) при поддержке администрации.

На крупнейшем в Центральной Азии оптово-розничном рынке «Дордой» сосредоточено более 40000 торговых

точек, и порядка 75% импортированной одежды и текстиля отправляется в такие страны как: Россия,

Казахстан, Узбекистан, Восточный Туркестан и другие.


Женская одежда - Мужская одежда - Спортивная одежда - Джинсовая одежда - Вечерняя одежда

Детская одежда

Одежда для детей и подростков - Одежда и аксессуары для младенцев - Нижнее белье - Обувь

Нижнее белье

Женское нижнее белье - Мужское нижнее белье - Детское нижнее белье - Купальные костюмы и аксессуары

Кожа, мех и обувь

Одежда из кожи и меха - Кожаные аксессуары - Обувь - Головные уборы - Аксессуары


Ткани и трикотаж - Аксессуары - Фурнитура - Пряжа - Технический текстиль

Во время 3-й выставки BISHKEK FASHION & TEXTILE EXHIBITION, которая состоится 11-13 марта 2020г., байеры,

оптовики, производители, магазины, бутики, торговые сети, дизайнеры и все гости выставки смогут напрямую

встретиться и пообщаться непосредственно с профессионалами отрасли моды и текстиля.

Для получения дополнительной информации Вы можете перейти по ссылке или связаться с

нами по телефону или электронной почте, указанными ниже:


Yavuz Kuş

Lider Ekspo Fuar Organizasyonları Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Tel : +90 212 210 11 58 - E-Posta :







Taffy Baby, which includes montessori sleep set, crib sleep set, bed linen and decorative

pillows, determines the health of children as a priority principle and carries out its

production in accordance with quality. It follows the trends of the season every year and

adds different collections to its product portfolio.

What are the points that you pay attention when

making production?

Our first priority in production is to make zero defective products

and to use the right machinery to produce the right product

and to prepare the product in the shortest time with quality

materials. In addition, to give our customers a sense of trust and

produce the product we produce from consumers, production

and product without any problem caused by the issues we are

extremely sensitive.

What inspires you in the design process?

First the model is determined and then the fabrics are prepared.

At this stage, we do not cut fabrics by cloth spreading. Each piece

is cut and checked individually. Provided that there is no pattern

or weaving error on them, they are determined by means of special

molds and made ready for sewing. Therefore, we realize a

more boutique production instead of fabricated production. Our

biggest feature that makes us successful in the sector is quality,

careful and careful work. It doesn’t cut 100 pieces from a piece

and sew them all out. Instead of making overproduction and

offering poor quality products to our customers, we reduce our

production and increase our quality so that we prevent faulty or

negative returns from our customers.

Our biggest factor that inspires us is that we are constantly renewing

ourselves. We do not produce several models and continue

with the same products all year. We follow the new designs

of the season and make them ready for sale. Thus, by adding

new products to our product portfolio, we ensure that our brand

grows and leads the market.





Ral Tekstil:

“We are growing every year with

concept of customer and

quality-oriented service”

We talked about the sector and the targets of the company with Ramazan Atilgan,

Chairman of Ral Textile.

company of the Mediterranean Region with its customer and quality-oriented

service concept, he adds they will continue to provide

services by differentiating themselves from the competitors.

He recorded that, “We are quite assertive with all our brands. We

are a leading company that is followed in an absolute way in terms

of both quality and price. What makes us different from the

companies in the sector is quality, service, reliability, truth and


Quality and standard price policy important

Emphasizing the issues that they pay attention to in their products,

Atılgan said, “We are very sensitive about quality and standard

price. Besides our stability in our quality, our price policy

has remained the same since the day we were established. We

have a single price and we offer the same quality with the same

price to our customers and they always meet the guarantee with


Stating that the company was established in 1980 and becomes

dealer of about 100 distinguished brands in the region, Ramazan

Atılgan said that the company has become the biggest textile




About Us


1990 yılında kurulan

ve uzun yıllar Avrupa

ve Amerika’ya ihracat

yapan firmamız 2005

yılında Biyokids ve Biyoteks

ismi ile kendi

koleksiyonunu hazırladı.

İnsan sağlığına uygun,

kanserojen madde

içermeyen materyaller

ile her geçen gün daha

kaliteli ürünler üretip

Avrupa, Asya ve Rusya

coğrafyasına ihracat

yapıyor, yurt içi ve yurt

dışında bayilikler de vererek


devam ediyoruz...


Founded in 1990 and

exporting to Europe

and America for many

years, our company

has prepared its collection

in 2005 with the

name of Biyokids and

Biyoteks. We produce

quality products which

are suitable for human

health with materials

that do not contain carcinogens

and we export

to Europe, Asia and

Russia, we continue our

works by giving distributorship

in domestic

and abroad ...






Operating in the sector since 1990 and always putting human health at the center of its

production, Biyo Tekstil has expanded its export network from Europe to Asia and from

America to Russia with its product range and strengthened quality understanding.

What are the product groups in your


Currently, we produce men’s and women’s children’s underwear.

Our head office is located in Istanbul. In addition to our production

in Istanbul, we also have a factory in Bartin. Our brother Osman

Bey takes care of our manufacturing side and I manage the

sales and marketing branch. We aim to move our brand forward

with unity of power without compromising quality at any point.

What percentage of your products are produced

in Turkey?

We manufacture all our products in Turkey. On average, we

make ninety percent of our sales to overseas countries. Among

the countries we mainly export are Arab countries, Russia, Ukraine,

Greece, Germany, Africa and Balkan countries, namely Bulgaria,

Croatia and Serbia.

Which markets do you target in terms of

exports for the year 2020?

There are Arab countries where we are working now. We are researching

new markets we can enter. In addition, we are trying

to protect our existing markets.




/babykidstore /babykidstoredergisi /baby-kid-store



The biggest Toys & Baby Products Trade Magazine in Poland

The efficency of advertising depends on where you put it.




JUNIOSHOW Fair Opens Its Doors on

January 8, 2020

JUNIOSHOW Bursa International Baby, Children’s Clothing and Children’s Needs Fair, which was

prepared by Tuyap Bursa Fair Organization Inc. and Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry

with the support of KOSGEB and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with Baby

Children’s Garment Industry Industrialists and Businessmen Association (BEKSİAD) will be held

in Tuyap Bursa International Fair and Congress Center on January 8 - 11, 2020.

JUNİOSHOW FAIR held in Bursa which has a significant share

of the baby kid apparel sector having 80 percent of garment

manufacturing in apparel industry and being Turkey’s manufacturing

base of baby children textile, continues to bring together

domestic and foreign baby and child garment industry. The

important platform, which is the Bursa meeting of the sector,

combines quality-oriented production with design and presents

more than 10 thousand models of spring-summer children’s creations

between 0-12 years. The fair, which is prepared with close

to 200 participation companies consisting of important manufacturers

from Bursa, is taking place in a 20 thousand m 2 closed

area consisting of 4 separate halls and foyer areas where “one

type of special decor stands” are located.

Business People Coming to the Fair from More

than 60 Countries

Junioshow trade fair, where only for wholesales will be held within

the scope of the activities of Tuyap overseas offices and Ur-Ge

projects carried out by BTSO with the support of the Ministry of

Trade, will host more than 1000 business people from more than

60 countries including Algeria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain,

Bulgaria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Algeria,

Czech Republic, Ghana, Georgia, India, Iran, Netherlands, Morocco,

Netherlands, Palestine, Finland, Spain, United Kingdom,

Iran, Spain , Israel, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan,

Kosovo, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Kuwait, Libya,

Lithuania, Lebanon, Hungary, Macedonia, Egypt, Moldova, Uzbekistan,

Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia,

Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan,

Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Oman, Jordan, Yemen and Greece,

and they will come to Bursa for cooperation. Domestic representatives

from more than 40 cities, especially from Istanbul,

Gaziantep, Izmir, Ankara and Denizli, will hold important cooperation

meetings with companies at the fair. We aim to continue

to add power to the sector’s exporter identity through business

contacts that will occur during the fair. The fair also encourages

the participant companies to increase their R & D activities and

to improve their quality-oriented production approaches with

their investments in design and technology.





Ur-Ge Projects Strengthen the Fair

Under the coordination of T.C. Ministry of Commerce, the Development

of International Competitiveness (URGE) project

conducted by Junioshow, is prepared with the support of Bursa

Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Ur-Ge project aims to

increase the exports of its members and to have a say in international

competition. Within the scope of the Urge project, foreign

trade purchasing delegations from different regions of the

world, organized exclusively for the Junioshow Fair, increase the

export volume of baby and children ready-made clothing. The

project contributes significantly to both Bursa and the national

economy. Important buyers will be present at the fair and will

establish business contacts in the next fair.


Junioshow Fashion Show, which consists of new collections of exhibitors,

will take place on January 8 Wednesday, and January

9Thursday, between 13.00 - 14.00 in a colorful atmosphere at

the fairground. The fashion show, which is prepared to give visitors

a visual feast for two days, will be presented to the taste of

the sector with the dances of small models prepared specially for

the creations of their companies.

Young Designers Competition Award Ceremony

By Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) in cooperation

with BEKSIAD, with the support of the Ministry of Commerce

for the fourth time this year ‘Junioshow Baby and Children’s

Clothing Young Designers Competition’ 0-1 Baby Wear

‘and’ 1-10 Year Wear ‘categories was performed. Turkey participated

in the competition this year over the designers was held

with the theme of ‘I’m discovering the world, I’m growing with

the game’. The finalists will be presented their awards after the

opening ceremony of the Junioshow Fair.

The Second Meeting of the Year 2020 will be 10 -

13 June 2020 at the same address

The second meeting of 2020 will present the sun “Autumn - Winter

concept” between 10 and 13 June 2020 and more than 10

thousand models of uniform special decor stands. We will continue

to create a beautiful platform and entertain visits with our

participating companies who want to open up new markets and

increase their existing market shares.





“2020 Distribution Schedule of Exhibitions”

. Issue

January 2020

1. CBME Turkey-Children Baby Maternity Expo, Istanbul, Turkey

2. JunioShow Baby Kidswear & Kids Necessities Fair, Bursa, Turkey

4. PENTEX Combed Textile and Technologies Fair, Gaziantep, Turkey

5. Linexpo Lingerie – Hosiery Fair, Istanbul, Turkey

8 - 11 JANUARY 2020

8 - 11 JANUARY 2020

3. 90. FIMI / Baby Kid Spain, Valencia-Spain 24 - 26 JANUARY 2020

5 -8 FEBRUARY 2020

5 - 8 FEBRUARY 2020

1. Pitti Imagine Bimbo, Florence, Italy

16 - 18 JANUARY 2020

. Issue

February 2020

2. Playtime Paris, France

3. Kids’ Time, Kielce, Poland

4. CJF - Child and Junior Fashion, Moscow, Russia

25 - 27 JANUARY 2020

19 - 21 FEBRUARY 2020

24 -27 FEBRUARY 2020

5. I&P Trans distribution, Daghistan


6. 13. Kids Russia, Moscow-Russia

11 - 13 FEBRUARY 2020

. Issue

April 2020

1. Baby Expo, Kiev, Ukraine

2. Bishkek Fashion & Textile, Kyrgyzstan

24 - 27 MARCH 2020

11 - 13 MARCH 2020

3. BCCI - Baby Kid URGE Event, Warsaw, Poland

APRIL 2020



May 2020

Turkish Domestic Baby Market, Distribution of magazine to

domestic sectoral purchasing points (retail or chain stores,

multi-storey stores, wholesale purchase centers, importers,

exporters and manufacturers

1. Chain stores

2. Multi-storey stores

3. Independent market retailers

4. Wholesale centers

5. Internet stores

About Us

Dünden Bugüne Pamina

Pamina, 2011 yılında İstanbul’da bir aile şirketi olarak kuruldu. Kurulduğu ilk günden bu yana birincil hedefi tasarımlarıyla adından söz ettirmek

ve modanın belirleyicisi olmaktı.

Moda sektöründeki yerini tasarım odaklı bir marka olarak yükseltmeyi hedefleyen firma, adını Mozart’ın “Sihirli Flüt” operasındaki genç prenses

karakterinden almakta. Sadece kız çocukları için kıyafet tasarlayan Pamina, yaratıcı, hayalperest ve sürekli gelişen bir moda anlayışını

benimseyerek, tasarımlarına yön vermekte.

Türkiye ve dünyadaki çocuk giyim fuarlarında oldukça ilgi gören marka, çocuk modasının nabzını tutan büyük bir ar-ge ekibi ile her yıl

sonbahar-kış ve ilkbahar-yaz olmak üzere 2 geniş koleksiyon oluşturmakta.

Türkiye başta olmak üzere dünyanın birçok ülkesinde çocuk modasının önemli markaları arasında yer alan Pamina, 7 kıtaya ihracat yapmakta.

Pamina’nın Öncelikleri

Tasarımları ve çizgisiyle öne çıkan Pamina, koleksiyonlarını özel gün elbiseleri temasıyla üretmekte. Çocuk modasına yön vermeyi hedefleyen

büyük bir ar-ge ekibiyle hız kesmeden çalışmalarına devam etmekte. Çocuk sağlığı konusundaki hassasiyetinden dolayı insan

ve doğaya saygılı üretimler gerçekleştirmekte. Tercih edilen malzemenin kalitesi ve el işçiliğinin kusursuzluğu üretimin birinci şartı olarak

benimsenmekte. Müşteri memnuniyeti için, şık, rahat ve yüzleri güldüren tasarımların yanısıra müşterilerle kurulan sıkı ve kusursuz iletişimin

gücüne inanmakta.

Pamina’nın Hedefleri

Dünya çocuk modasına yön vermek

Kendini aşan tasarımlar yapmak

Hayal edilmemişi hayal etmek

Pamina from the Past Until Today

Pamina was incorporated as a family company in 2011 in Istanbul. Its primary target since the first day if its incorporation was to

become renowned for its designs and to become a determinant of fashion.

The company aimed at rising as a design-focused company in the fashion sector and it derives its name from the young princess character

in Mozart’s “Magical Flute” opera. Pamina only designs clothes for female children, it has adapted an innovative, imaginative

and continuously developing fashion concept and orientates its designs accordingly.

The brand attracts considerable attention during the children’s wear fairs both in Turkey and abroad. And with a large R&D team

that takes the pulse of children’s fashion, it creates 2 pcs broad collections at each autumn-winter and spring-summer.

Especially in Turkey, Pamina has ranked amongst important brands in children’s fashion and it currently exports to 7 continents.

Priorities of Pamina

Pamina, which comes to the forefront with its design and line, manufactures its collection with the “special days’ clothing” concept.

It ceaselessly continues its studies with a large R&D team that aims at orientating the children’s fashion.

Its productions are friendly towards the humanity and the nature owing to its sensitively for children’s health.

The primary condition for its productions is the quality of preferred materials and the perfectness of handwork.

In addition to chick, comfortable and blissing designs, it also believes in close & perfect relation with customers in order to ensure

customer satisfaction.

Targets of Pamina

To orientate the global children’s fashion.

To make designs that exceeds itself.

To image the unimagined.

«Pamina» с прошлого до сегодняшнего дня

«Pamina» была основана в 2011 году как семейная компания в Стамбуле. С момента своего создания, основной целью

компании стало стало сделать свое имя благодаря дизайну и определяющим фактором моды.

Название компании было взято из оперы Моцарта «Волшебная флейта», персонажа молодой принцессы. Стремление

компании подняться на более высокое место в секторе моды и стать брендом ориентированный на дизайн. Разрабатывая

одежду только для девочек, компания «Pamina» принимая во внимание креативность, мечтательность и постоянно

развивающуюся концепцию моды и дает направление своему дизайну .

Наш бренд пользуется большой популярностью на выставках детской одежды как в Турции, так и во всем мире. Наша большая

научно-исследовательская команда, держащая пульс детской моды, создает две коллекции широкого ассортимента, такие

как: осень-зима и весна-лето.

Компания «Pamina» выполняя экспорт на 7 континентов мира, является одним из важнейших брендов детской моды во

многих странах мира и в особенности в Турции.

Приоритеты «Pamina»:

«Pamina», которая выделяется своими дизайнами и линиями, выпускает свои коллекции на тему платьев для особых случаев.

Большая научно-исследовательская команда, которая ставит целью направлять детскую моду, продолжает работать без


Благодаря своей чувствительности к здоровью детей, компания производит продукцию, уважая человечество и природу.

Качество предпочтительного материала и совершенство ручного мастерства принимаются в качестве первого условия


Компания верит в силу тесного и идеального общения с клиентами, а также для удовлетворения клиентов в стильный,

удобный и заставляющий улыбаться дизайн.

Цели «Pamina»

Давать направление миру детской моды

Создавать превосходящие себя дизайны

Мечтать о невообразимом








The family company named “Pamuk Prenses“, which dates back to 1975, was revived in 2011

under the name “Pamina”. Offering its products all consumer across Turkey, Pamina Kids

has available wholesale representative offices in France, Moscow and Serbia abroad…

What are the products you offer?

Our main product group is the production of girls’ dresses for special occasions.

But my dream for many years was to see Pamina clothes on children and

my own daughter in their current lives. In line with this idea, we created our

first current collection and production carried out in the fall / winter season

of 2019/2020.

What about your export activities and goals?

Our journey in apparel began in Turkey and surpassed the boundaries of our

country in a short time. The countries we export to our products mainly are

France, Kuwait, Dubai, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Oman, Algeria, Russia and

Serbia. Our immediate goals include meeting sales points in the United States.

We hope to reach this goal with the fair we will attend in February in New York.

What are your goals and projects for 2020?

Our goal in 2020 is to take steps towards e-commerce. We aim to reach different

consumer channels in wider geographies by taking part in our own e-commerce

site, which we will establish, as well as important e-commerce channels

in the world.




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