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September 2015 Issue 10


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Front cover & page 3 photography show a different Spain to the more well known areas

of the Costa Blanca. These photographs were taken in the areas of Gernika (Guernica) and

Bermeo, Pais Vasco. Copyright: Iscah Photography (

and now it's time to

move on to the next

great project . . .




Dr Victoria Garbarino

Dr Eric Geerlings

English, Spanish and Dutch Spoken

Telephone: 965 959 714


Tickled Squirrel Magazine is published by

Tickled Squirrel Ltd. UK Reg. No. 9244499


Tickled Squirrel Ltd. accepts no responsibility for the services, goods or work provided by any

advertiser. Although we do our best to ensure the content is correct we accept no liability for

errors or omissions. No part of this magazine, in part or whole, may be reproduced without

obtaining prior written permission.

As many readers may know, this is the final issue of El Campello’s only professionally

published ex-pat magazine. It has always been a profitable and completely legal business, and

we have been asked by several people if we'd be interested in selling it. However, we've decided

that should anyone wish to take up the challenge and continue in our footsteps they should be

able to do so with complete freedom; and, because of the fantastic feedback we've had, we hope

someone will copy our style and start a new large format, full colour magazine with affordable

advertising, verifiable distribution numbers, and great content. Hopefully that person, or those

people are out there somewhere - you deserve to have a good, local publication!

Last September (2014) we learned that Mellow Magazine (which we began in 2006 and

ran profitably until 2012 when it was sold) had ended, and so we thought it would be great to come

back to El Campello with a brand new magazine, back to the place where we first met and where

we started the first successful English language ex-pat magazine!

Tickled Squirrel was a hit from day one, and although profits from such a venture are

never going to be very large, we made a comfortable living producing a magazine which many

have said is the only one they read. We avoided pointless jokes and stuck to the successful format

we had previously had with Mellow Magazine – interesting articles and puzzles, well designed

low cost advertisements but this time with cheaper adverts and also no extra charge for full

colour, or for premium advert position.

El Campello is not the same though, and many of our old friends have moved on.The town

itself has become dirtier (it's not just the summer rush), cut backs are obvious in many

places, and our observations have even been echoed by some local businesses . . . in

short, it’s no longer a place we wish to live. This was made even more apparent when

we travelled to the north of Spain in April and then to Andalucía in May. We found both

areas to be nicer, friendlier and cleaner than this part of the country. So we made the

choice to leave here but to go where? Should we go north, south west, or to the

other country we love, Scotland? Our final choice was for Scotland, a country

where the people are friendly, the scenery is breath-taking and the peace

and quiet is almost tangible. Hence we made the decision to make this, the

September issue, the final one.

We thank all our loyal advertisers who have stayed with us through to

this final edition. We thank you, our readers, for your kind words, and

for the fact that so many of you have kept every magazine we have

ever produced. A big thank you also to our contributors past and present

for their wonderful work producing articles that people asked for and

enjoyed every month.

Our very best wishes to you all and perhaps we'll see some of you

when we return on holiday!


September Ads

FOR SALE: BEHA 2000w Panel Heater. Fitted

with on/off switch and electronic thermostat.

Supplied with 1.5m of cable and wall bracket.

Height: 40cm. Length: 142cms. Weight: 9.6kg.

In excellent condition. €100 o.n.o. Telephone:

965 698 345 Busot area.

FOR SALE: 2 drawer beech effect filing

cabinet. Almost new. 15€. Collect before

September 10th. Tel 634 327 682

Local Translator / Interpreter

Personal and business meetings, phone

calls, visits, letters, documents . . .

Help with N.I.E. / Residency, Notaries,

Schools, Doctors & Hospitals, Property,

Police and Paperwork.

Rates from 15€ / hour 7 cents / word

Call Mark on 639 692 985

Asociación Emmanuel


A charity to

Feed The Hungry

We have a Charity Shop based in

San Juan Town whose proceeds are

used to help feed the local poor of all


We welcome donations of all

kinds: Clothing, Food,

Electrical, Furniture,

Financial Help,

& More


Live Music

Every Saturday

From 10pm

Free Salsa Lessons


from 7pm to 9pm

Open every day

from 11am till close

Tel: 965 63 77 04

Overlooking The Beach in El Campello

We are

currently supporting

over 30 familes with food.

Every purchase from our shop helps

us do more, so come along and see us


New Furniture Shop Now Open

Tel: 611338954

C/Pintor Baeza 12,

San Juan Pueblo Alicante




Now Open Sundays 10 - 2

965 63 44 45

Open Monday to Friday 9 - 4:30, Saturdays 9 - 3, Sunday 10 - 2

All Your Quality English Products In Stock

Wide range of Quality Bakeware Available

John Smith’s and Guinness

Warburton’s Bread

Agents for

TV Choice

Baz Traditional English Butcher

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 3

Quality meats including

roasting beef, steaks,

home cured gammon,

pork with crackling,

home made beef and lamb

burgers, and much more.

Hair & Beauty


Christmas & Festive Season

Diary OPEN for booking!

Already fi lling up quickly so don’t

be late & BOOK THAT DATE!

For all your Hair & Beauty Needs

call to book your appointment

Appointments 965 63 44 45

Easy to find on the N332 between La Font & El Campello

Please tell our advertisers you saw them in Tickled Squirrel Magazine



The World of Podcasting

Around the time OCI Radio was finishing I read

about podcasts. This was going to revolutionise

the way radio operates. I don’t think it has

panned out exactly as was predicted, but it has

altered people’s opportunities to work in radio. I

remember going to a technical expert who told

me I would be wasting my time as it would be

far too technical for me. I sat up the next night

burning the midnight oil and working out how to

make podcasts. It was really just using modern

technology to record programmes of whatever

length you choose to make them and then

loading them onto the internet and making them

available for other people to access.

There is a small amount of technical ability

involved but if I can manage it then most can do

the same. With your own computer and a little

enterprise you can easily make podcasts. There

are even places on the internet where you can

make your programmes online. It is a great way

to get involved in broadcasting and it can open

up a world of opportunities.

Since those first days when I was told it would

be impossible for me, I have continued to find

ways to improve what I do and I now make daily

podcast which are heard in many countries. I

have regular weekly shows which are in place

in America, Bangladesh the UK and other

locations. Instead of having to spend time and

money on negotiating with others who have

different ideas on what is needed I can make my

own decisions and talk to anyone.

It all began when I was in the radio station and

we had absolutely no money to spend on our

part of the radio station. I thought I’d start trying

to contact the international hit-makers and my

first interview was with Gary Puckett who had

the big hit ‘Young Girl’. Gary was a perfect

gentleman and a real pleasure to interview. My


second target was the living legend Brenda Lee.

After several weeks of negotiating a convenient

time I eventually caught her as she was buying

ice creams for her grand-daughters in Nashville.

Again, she was a really lovely person to


I went from strength to strength with such great

names as Chubby Checker, Johnny Tillotson,

Tommy James, Len Barry, and Peter Sarstedt

to mention just a few. Each was proving to be

an absolute pleasure so I branched

out into the world of sport and

spoke with great legends - Sir

Henry Cooper, Sir Stirling

Moss and many giants of

various sports including

Geoff Capes, Terry

Venables and many other

international figures.

I looked at my own

favourites over the years

and arranged interviews

with Coronation Street

stars Johnny Briggs, who

played Mike Baldwin, and

Jean Alexander who was well

known as the character Hilda

Ogden. In various conversations I

got leads to such people as Chesney

Hawkes; and then I turned my attention to

motivational speakers and experts in other

fields of interest. My podcast site is an ongoing

concern and I have now built in a podcast

library. It is an unusual concept but once people

have popped in and clicked on something that

is of interest there can be hours of interesting

material ranging from language learning

opportunities to listening to the celebrities.

Please feel free to join me and all my guests at


Vince Tracy






14 NOVEMBER 2015 AT 6.30PM







(Avenida Almadraba El Campello)

Tickets €6 – call 661532260

Or email

Proceeds being donated to Tearfund

to help prevent child trafficking

Concert sponsored by El Campello Christian Community

Please tell our advertisers you saw them in Tickled Squirrel Magazine




10 am to 2.30 pm on Saturday 12 September 2015

Cake Stall, Tombola, Bric-a-Brac, Handmade cards, etc

TO BOOK A TABLE for €5 - Telephone Sue on 695 440 697


(please bring some flat smooth soled shoes with no heel)

Bowling is a reasonably priced sport

We welcome new members with or without experience

And offer 3 FREE LESSONS to beginners with qualified instructors

Bar Open and Food Available

For more information on Bonalba Bowls see:

Sat Nav Coords: 38° 26’ 47” N and 0° 26’ 16” W

Import / Export Specialists

Quality & Right Hand Drive Vehicles

Bought and Sold

Saloons - Cabriolets - MPV

4x4 - Commercials

Sports Performance

Wide range of genuine vehicles

Friendly service & Competitive prices

Part exchange welcome

UK and Spanish reg vehicles

Full warranties

Spanish registrations arranged

We are easily found near Alicante Airport at

Carretera Elche, El Altet km 10,160 Next to the Shell Garage

Supplying quality cars in Spain since 2004

Offi ce: 965 687 976 Mobile: 600 726 221



MJC Van Transport




* Regular trips from Spain to UK & back

* Buy in the UK. Delivered to your door by


* Removals - Part loads - Full loads Single


* Cars & Bikes Transported

Phone or Email Colin & Mary for a Quote

Charities & Churches

Charities included in the listings MUST supply

a valid registered charity number.

APAC Animal Protection Charity in El Campello.

Dogs of all ages awaiting rehoming. Sterilisation

scheme for feral cats. Charity shop at Av.

Germanies, 20, El Campello. For information

about dogs, call Joy 965699460, and for feral

cats call Janice 965638899, or Onny 965940763

(charity no. 3817)

Bruised But Not Broken Cancer Care Charity.

Our aim is to provide financial and emotional

support, including respite breaks, to families living

with cancer. Tel: Lorraine 608524896 (charity no.





Dr Victoria Garbarino

Dr Eric Geerlings

English, Spanish and Dutch Spoken

Telephone: 965 959 714

Man With A Van

Long Wheel Base High Top Van

and Driver Available

Ideal for

House removals

Office moves

Those extra large items

Call Ian on 648 835 377

or 627 703 521

Church of the Good Shepherd

San Juan. Services in English. Sundays11am.

Calle Juan Sebastian El Cano 19. Everyone

welcome. Please call Gordon on 965950231 or

Sarah on 600714573 for more information

El Campello Christian Community Meetings

will be held on the second and fourth Sunday

of the month in the Hall next to Meson Pueblo

Español (Pepe´s Bar) at 10.30am. All welcome.

For information email: or

telephone Sue Bishop on 965699991/693048200

MABS Cancer Support Group covering Costa

Blanca area. Interpreters, Transport, Equipment,

Support and nursing available for you and your

family in your time of need. Tel: Sue 664266991

(charity no. 7261)




The Brain Drain Puzzle Pages


2 6 3 5 4

7 6 1 5

4 9

6 3 7 9 4

6 8

9 4 2 3 6

2 3

3 8 5 9

4 7 5 3

2 1

6 8

7 2 6

4 1 2 8

8 7 9 3 6 4

3 7 4 9

9 5 3

5 1

4 7

1 3 2 4 9 6

6 5 2


3 1 4

2 5 3 1

6 5 9


9 1 2

2 5 9 8 3 4

On each day in September . . .

1st 1939 Germany invades which country?

2nd 1945 Ho Chi Minh declares the independence of

which country?

3rd 1943 Allied forces invade which country?

4th 2006 Which television star is killed by a stingray?

5th 1666 This city's "Great Fire" comes to end.

6th 1995 This baseball player plays in his 2,131st

consecutive game.

7th 1986 Desmond Tutu becomes Anglican

archbishop in which country?

8th 1974 Who is pardoned by Gerald Ford?

9th 1543 Who is crowned "Queen of Scots"?

10th 1967 The people of which territory vote to remain

a British dependency, rather than revert to



2001 Terrorists destroy the World Trade Centre in

this city.

12th 1953 Who marries Jacqueline Bouvier?

13th 1996 Which rapper is killed in Las Vegas?

14th 1982 This actress, the Princess of Monaco, dies

in a car accident.

15th 1950 U.S. forces land at Inchon, during this war.

16th 1620 Which Pilgrim ship begins her voyage to


17th 2011 What movement begins in New York's

Zucotti Park?

18th 1970 This guitarist dies in London, at age 27.

19th 1995 American newspapers print the "Manifesto"

of which terrorist?

20th 2011 This policy comes to an end. For the first

time, openly gay soldiers can serve in the

US military.

21st 1937 Which J.R.R. Tolkien book is published?

22nd 1994 What well known sitcom debuts on NBC?

23rd 1973 Juan Perón returns to power in which


24th 1957 Camp Nou, the largest stadium in Europe,

opens in What city?

25th 1981 Sandra Day O'Connor becomes the first

female member of which (American) body?

26th 1580 Which English sea captain finishes his

circumnavigation of the globe?

27th 1996 Which militant Islamist faction captures


28th 1928 Alexander Fleming discovers which miracle


29th 1938 At a conference held in which city do

European leaders agree to let Hitler annex

part of Czechoslovakia?

30th 1955 Which young movie star dies in a car crash?

Crossword Puzzle


1. Suffocate (7)

4. Transgression (7)

8. Amber-coloured sweetmeat


12. First man (4)

13. Created (4)

14. Drive back (5)

15. Native of India (6)

17. Stalks (5)

22. Sour (4)

23. Halts (5)

24. Petty criminal (4)

25. Absorbent cloth (5)

28. Barren place (6)

30. Dish of raw vegetables (5)

32. Ride a surfboard (4)

34. Spouse (4)

35. Planetary model (11)

38. Illicit drug (7)

39. British rock group (7)


1. Crouch (5)

2. Streetcar (4)

3. Snake-like fish (3)

5. Influenza (3)

6. Examination (4)

7. Entailing great expense (9)

8. Building for storing hay (4)

9. Level (4)

10. Storage shelter (4)

11. Speed contest (4)

14. Elevate (5)

16. Evade (5)

18. Flavour (5)

19. Bizarre (9)

20. Exclamation of surprise (3)

21. Inquired (5)

26. Twist (4)

27. Concern (4)

28. Individual facts (4)

29. Wander (4)

31. Sturdy twilled trousers (5)

33. Bloodsucking insect (4)

34. Mongrel dog (4)

36. Convent dweller (3)

37. Fish eggs (3)

More puzzles over the

page. All solutions are on

Pages 30 & 31.


A Little More Brain Drain




How many circles would it take to balance C?

/ + = 7

x + +

x / = 12

- / /

+ - = 1

= = =

5 3 1

Each of the nine empty boxes

contains a different digit from 1 to

9. Each calculation is to be treated

sequentially rather than according to

the ‘multiplication first’ rule. Can you fill

in the empty boxes? (/ means divide)

Curl Up & Dye

A saleslady and two other women

have reached that tedious stage of

hairdressing - the hour under the drier.

Teresa (who is sitting in the middle) is

older than the redhead but younger than

the programmer. Mavis is younger than

the blonde. Rachel is older than the

brunette. The programmer is sitting on

the right hand side of secretary’s older


Can you identify each lady and give her

hair colour and occupation?

The answers to these and the previous pages of puzzles can be found on pages 30 & 31.


September Notices

Tickled Squirrel

We wish all advertisers past & present every

success in the future. Thank you for placing your

advertising needs & your trust in Tickled Squirrel

& previously in the Mellow Magazine when it was

in our care from Dec 2006 - Oct 2012.

U3A Campello

Join the U3A in Campello. Only €10 pa. Trips,

wine appreciation, gardening, books,music,

petanque and sailing groups, and more.

For more information please call Karen on

603263973 or visit our website at www.

Rugby Beach Campaign has started.

EveryTuesday and Thursday from 6.30pm until

8,30pm at Villajoyosa Main beach, near the

Club Nautico. Everyone is welcome to play

touch beach rugby (not tackles) -open for

any age. If you are interested to join La Vila

contact Jason Craig on 659674768 or Ignacio

Davila 608068208 or send an email to oficina@


The Square


Pool Table

Live Music

Coveta Fuma

International Menu

Good Range Of Beers

Cocktails & Snacks

Live Sport

Open Every Day From 9:30 till Late

Tel 965 639 018

965 632 576

Friday Night Is Karaoke Night.

Happy hour from 5 to 7pm Monday to

Friday, Buy Two drinks get one free.

Sports At


Multi Screen TVs means you can watch All Premiership Football Games

Plus Rugby - Tennis - Boxing - F1

If It‛s Sport, You Can See It Here

Sports At


Live Entertainment

At Bernie´s

** Live Outside Entertainment For September **

Sat 5 th September Richard‛s leaving party

with Ray Croft (Elvis) on the terrace!!

also appearing Comedian Micky Lewis

Sat 12 th September Live Band “Little Elvis and the Headbangers”

on the terrace

Live Entertainment

At Bernie´s

Open All Day Every Day From 10am


Some Strange Things That Have Been Banned in

the World

(although some laws may have changed and they might now be legal)

The film Anna & The King

Kinder Eggs

Chewing Gum

The actress Claire Danes

Red Bull

Flip Flops

Blue Jeans


Ovaltine and Marmite

Dying in Parliament


Changing a light bulb

Reincarnation without

Government Consent

Group Jogging


Online Video Games

after midnight

Some hairstyles

Advertising Alcohol

Time Travel Films


Banned in Thailand as it was said to insult the royal family

Banned in the USA as they are said to be a choking hazard

Banned in Singapore (looking at the streets of Campello I wish it

was banned here as well)

Banned in Manila because of remarks she made about it being

smelly, rat infested and weird, when filming there.

Banned in France for some years but was over-ruled by EU since

the ingredient that worried France had not been ‘proved’ to be


Banned in Capri, Italy – because of the noise they cause.

Banned in North Korea – other colours are ok

Banned in Monaco – but only applies to local residents

Banned in Denmark because of infused vitamins and minerals

Banned in the UK but anyone who does die there is entitled to a

state funeral

Banned in Somalia – said to be too Christian like

Banned in Victoria, Australia – unless you are a qualified


Banned in China

Banned in Burundi

Banned in the USA

Banned in South Korea

Banned in Iran

Banned in India

Banned in China

Market Days

Alicante Thursday & Saturday

El Campello






San Juan Saturday Villajoyosa Thursday

Local Area Telephone Numbers

El Campello

Casa de Cultura 965636194/6491

Hospital San Juan 965938700

Post Office (Correos) 965630318

Health Centre 965637106/965937480 /


Ad. Education Centre 965635808

Taxis 965101611/965101029/


Town hall 965637200

Railway Station 965262731/900720472

Tourist Information 965634606

Guardia Civil 965630418/062

Policía Local 965637099/ 965634444

Suma Office 965292015

San Juan

Town Hall 965653245/965653324

Local Police 965942222

Guardia Civil 965653232

Post Office 965653368

Health Centre 96 593 74 40

Suma Office 965292034


Health Centre 966908240

Casa de Cultura 965698072

Town Hall 965699092

Police 965698181/607385522


Town Hall 965956960

Health Centre 965952777

Guardia Civil 965653232

Local Police 965953500

Post Office 965953166


Casa de Cultura 965894250

Post Office 965891230

Library 965891698

Town Hall 966851001

Municipal Police 965890050

Guardia Civil 965891143

Hospital Marina Baixa 966859800

Tourist Info 966851371

Taxis 965893343/902075073


Town Hall 965610300

Guardia Civil 965610142

Health centre 965612400

Post Office 965612031


Alicante Airport 913211000

Renfe 902240202

Alicante Bus Station 965130700

Alsa (Coaches) 902422242

Other Numbers

Movistar (client attention) 1004

British Consulate 902109356

Iberdrola (Electricity) 902225235

Aguas de Alicante (Water) 965989900

To the best of our knowledge these telephone numbers

are correct but they have been supplied to us and

have not been verified. If you believe any number to

be incorrect or if you feel there are essential numbers

missing from the list I'm afraid there is nothing we can

do about it now ... you should have let us know before

the squirrel hibernated!


Mediterranean Gardens

By Roald Goorman

Fifty shades of Grey.

Kalanchoe beharensis (Felt plant)

With all the different tones of green in the

garden, some other colours could be a

refreshing change, literally so if these colours

are grey/blueish, as these colours are generally

perceived as cool. I will discuss grey leaved

plants that are worth considering if you are

looking for new additions to your garden.

Lavandula sp. (Lavender)

A strange looking shrub from Madagascar, most

plants from Madagascar actually look different!

These plants are easy to grow in pots or in

the garden in open soil, but they need good

drainage and full sun, otherwise they will rot.

They produce large hairy felt-like grey leaves

that are the attraction of the plant, the flowers

are nothing special to mention.

Artemisia (Wormwood)

This well-known versatile shrub looks good in

any setting, as solitary, in groups, interplanted

with roses or in rows lining a pathway. The

English lavender has the most clipped and neat

look, but eventually all Lavenders need a hard

pruning at the end of the summer to keep the

plants from becoming leggy.

Senecio mandraliscae (blue chalk sticks)

An easy shrub that looks good in any plant

border, combine with hot colours (red, orange)

for contrast. There are different species, some

are thirstier than others so experiment with

several and find out which grows best on you.

Tanacetum densum-(Partridge feather)

A great ground cover, the small white flowers

are rather insipid, but the refreshing blueish

grey leaves and stems makes this a great

addition to any succulent garden to fill the

space between larger cactus and other

succulent plants.


Another easy


and also

fairly drought

tolerant. It

grows on

most soils,

but needs full


Metrosideros excelsa- (Christmas tree)

A relative of the

Eucalyptus, this

plant from New

Zealand flowers

with bright red

flowers on grey

leaves, which

makes a stunning

contrast! The

flowers appear


(which is

December on

the Southern

Hemisphere, hence its common name). If left

unchecked it will grow into a small tree, but it

can be pruned in almost any shape, pruning can

be done anytime of the year but stop pruning

from April onwards, when it starts making flower

buds, else you will miss the bloom.

Bismarckia nobilis- Bismarck palm

This is another plant from Madagascar. This

fan palm forms striking blue grey leaves and

eventually grows huge. The crown diameter can

be up to 7-8 meters, so give it space to grow!

Brahea armata-Mexican fan palm

Teucrium fruticans (Silver Germander)

This timid

shrub with its

small leaves

and small blue

flowers fits in

everywhere. It

can be shaped

of left to grow

wild, in more

formal gardens

they look great clipped neatly in balls, cubicles

or low hedges.



Pride of


If you don’t have enough space to grow the

Bismarck palm but still like the look of it, try the

more modest sized Mexican fan palm. They

are also extremely drought tolerant, do not

overwater it, as it will easily succumb to rot, so

keep on the dry side.

A fast growing

short living

shrub, it puts

on a huge

show in spring

with the bright blue flower spikes, the rest of the

year it is a nice grey green shrub that needs no

maintenance apart from raking the fallen leaves

underneath. It grows large in less than 2 years,

so give it some space to grow.



Special Chef’s Menu

Salad, BBQ Grilled Mixed Meats

with Potatoes, 2 Pints beer or

1 Bottle of Wine 19.80€ for 2 People

Telephone 633 469 488

Menu Of The Day - 11.50€

Salad, Starter, Main Course

Bread & Alioli, Dessert, Coffee.

Available Every Day

Wednesdays From 21:00

Relaxing Live Music With a wide range of styles for all tastes.

We speak English, French and Spanish

Open Every Day from 11:30am till late

(Kitchen open 13:30 - 16:00 and 19:30 - 23:00)

Avenida Almadraba 9, El Campello - On the left as you head towards Pueblo Español



96 685 28 46

MENU OF THE DAY From 10.00€

Served from 12:00 to 3:30 pm

EVENING MENU From 12.90€

We Are Open From 12pm to 3:30pm

and 6pm To late Every Day


A Mid Week Special Starting in October

Call in or phone for details


Avda Puerto, 7 Local 6 Bajo Villajoyosa

96 685 28 46

Where a Warm Welcome Awaits You On The Sea Front in Villajoyosa

Are we weighed down?

If we feel low, or depressed who do

we blame? Others?

We pay a great price for holding on

to the pain of resentments and heavy

negativity. Too often, we think of

forgiveness as a gift to other people. It

is clearly a gift to us!

We achieve and have freedom from

many bad feelings only when we

release others from the prison of our minds.

Carrying around resentments does not harm the people at whom we

direct the resentments. These people cannot read our minds. They cannot

pay the price we would like them to pay for things we think they have done

wrong in life. Only WE pay the price for harbouring resentments that are

logged into the past . . . yesterday has GONE! Resentments do not alter

yesterday’s situations; they only harm the person who holds the resentments

today. They steal the joy from this day - a day that we could fill with life and

energy and happiness simply by letting go.

So then, how can we unburden ourselves of heavy, negative resentments so that we can move

forward, traveling light? We can begin by looking at our thoughts and emotions and refusing to

identify with them. By realising that we are the only ones who can let go of these emotions and

start seeing things differently.

Imagine holding a rubber ball, and squeezing it tightly until your hand starts to burn. Like any

thought, the ball is not actually part of you, and it is certainly not YOU. However, the harder you

squeeze the ball, the more discomfort you feel, but if you open your hand, the ball will fall to the


You can also release your harmful, negative thoughts as quickly as an object held in the hand,

if you choose to do so. Take a deep breath and mentally open your hand. Without judgment or

resistance simply observe thoughts that hold no value for the future. Allow them to be, and allow

them to go. Doing so sets you free to travel light. It grants the freedom and renewed vitality to live

fully today.

In the words of Lewis Smedes (1921-2002), “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that

the prisoner was you.”

Does that all make sense to you? Does it explain how we can realise the control we have over our

own lives, just by changing the way we think? Someone wrote an excellent book called, “We are

what we think”, and I think that if we take that idea on board we may find that we can move on to

live happier, more balanced lives.

Is anyone on this planet really worth losing your quality of life over? Why allow anything to disturb

your life to an extent that you are not happy? Deal with things that are not the way you want

them to be. Even making mental adjustments if

circumstances cannot be changed your attitude

probably can be! Don’t allow yourself to be

weighed down!

Take care and thanks for reading.

Violet King

Violet King

Personal Confidential Counsellor

For information please ring 966928256 or


Alternatively send an email to:


A nurse walks into a bank totally exhausted

after working an 18 hour shift. She grabs a

deposit slip, pulls a rectal thermometer out of

her handbag and tries to write with it. When

she realises her mistake she looks up at the

flabbergasted cashier and, without missing a

beat, shrugs her shoulders and says, " Well,

that's just great ... some asshole's got my pen."




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Reservations 965 63 43 71

Overlooking the port in El Campello, La Cova

offers a delightful place for a relaxing meal.

A La Carte or Menu del Dia, both offer superb

food at reasonable prices.

We are Open

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(Closed all day Monday)

La Cova for superb food, perfect service and beautiful views over the marina

Menu of the Day 17.50€


Pachyderms, pachyderms, pachyderms!

I hardly slept that night, waking early at around 5am I

recall. All I wanted was to pack my bags and head to the

pick-up venue but I had 3 hours to fill.

Breakfast consisted of coffee and croissant which were

hurriedly consumed before I ventured along the road to

the offices of the Elephant Nature Park (ENP). This is a

long standing conservation centre for the rehabilitation

of elephants that have been rescued from a life of abuse,

over-work and often as tourist attractions.

About one hour north of the beautiful city of Chiang Mai

is the secluded retreat where elephants can live out their

days as they were intended, free to roam, free from work

and able to socialise in their own herds. ENP is owned

by a diminutive lady called Lek, who along with her

husband founded this sanctuary over 17 years ago.

Through her hard work and fundraising the park is now

home to more than 50 elephants and is spread across

more than 450 acres of jungle and natural clearings. With banana trees a plenty, a fresh water

river running through the centre of the park and jungle encroaching on all sides with the rolling

mountains as backdrop it is pretty easy to say this place is ‘heaven’.

Elephants in Thailand, and most of South East Asia, have a bad record for treatment. Many are

captured young and tortured into submission to their new lord and master, normally through a

process called the ‘phajan’ which entails the elephant being chained in a cage day and night with

no food or water and very little ability to move or lay down. This continues while the master beats

and prods the elephant with hooks and sticks until it ‘learns to do’ what the master orders. Only

after this process can an elephant be made to work; be offered as a tourist attraction offering rides

to paying visitors. The phajan can last for over seven days before the elephant submits to the

torture and obeys.

Lek forbids any ill treatment of the rescued elephants on her park. The herds are free to roam, eat,

play in the river or sleep, although each elephant has a ‘mahout’, a carer to ensure they are looked

after and not put in danger. As a volunteer in the park I had paid to be able to help care for these

huge animals for several days and nights.

There is an instant sense of humility and awe when first standing alongside these beautiful

creatures. In the park there were some elephants rescued from illegal logging companies, from

being abused as tourist traps, and others who were rescued from owners who had blinded them, or

they had suffered injury from landmine explosions in Laos or Myanmar. Every one of the elephants

has a story, including those born on the park and free from having been put through the phajan.

Between 4am and 5am each morning, the sound of heavy footsteps outside my simple but cosy

accommodation is swiftly followed by the trumpeting call of the matriarchs as the herds head off to

the river. Bathing time was amazing as I waded waist deep into the river alongside the elephants of

all sizes and eagerly washed them of the parasites and mud which covered their skin.

My journey through South East Asia was full of amazing and life changing experiences. From

the Tigers and Elephants in Chiang Mai to crossing the famous Mekong River into Laos and an

excursion into the wild jungle of Bokeo Province to live in the treetop canopy 50 metres above


Living In Laos ~ The Life of an Ex-Pat

Please tell our advertisers you saw them in Tickled Squirrel Magazine

the ground and zip-lining 200m over the

rain-forest covered ravines in search of the

rare and near-extinct crested gibbons. It’s

true SE Asia changed my life, but maybe I

was looking for that something to convince

me change was the only thing I wanted.

The journey continued with a 2-day boat

trip down the Mekong to the world-heritage

city of Luang Prabang in Laos, a place

where time has literally stood still. Laos

opened my eyes to the wonders of culture

and civilisation outside of the western

capitalist system. In the sleepy capital city

of Vientiane I could sense the history of

covert CIA operatives sharing coffees with

sympathetic Laos’ natives. Laos will capture

your heart like it captured mine. In Cambodia I was woken up to the harshest forms of poverty

I will probably see, mixed among the delights and mysteries of the stunning Angkor Wat temple

complex, another world-heritage site, now preserved for all of mankind. This is a must see place to

go on everyone’s bucket-list but never forget the atrocities the Khmer people suffered under their

evil- masters of the Khmer Rouge in the mid to late 1970s. Extermination of anyone with intellect,

education or aspiration led to the deaths of over a third of their population in 4yrs, reducing these

kind hearted people from 6 million to under-4 million and effectively wiping out a generation.

It’s been two years now since I migrated to Asia and for over 19 months I have lived and made my

life in Laos. Do I miss the life of the UK? Not at all! I miss friends and family but never forget that

this is a small world, we can reach the other side in about 24hrs. At the end of the day, all we are

searching for is a place we can feel at home, a place we can truly call home. For me, an expat

abroad, living in Laos is this place. This is home. Thank you for following my journey over the past

few months.

Written by John Nelson


Film Review

PG 94 minutes

Who’d have thought that one animation could

provoke so much laughter, so many tears and

such a vast array of splendid imagination?

Inside Out is one of Pixar’s most creative inventions yet, engaging both the younger

and older audiences alike. It tells the story of a world where minds are controlled by

personified emotions; joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust, and follows the emotional

rollercoaster of a young, ordinary girl called Riley, whose life in the American Midwest is

turned upside down when her dad announces he has a new job in San Francisco.

These emotions decipher Riley’s own emotial state, with Joy doing everything in her

positive power to make every memory a happy one. However, as nothing ever goes to

plan, Sadness literally gets in the way of Joy, forcing the most significant and essential

feelings to get lost in the depth of Riley’s mind, leaving anger, fear and disgust alone in

the forefront.

Inside Out is definitely the animation to watch this year and can be ranked alongside

Pixar’s most loved films such as Toy Story, Finding

Nemo and Monsters, Inc.

By Megan Parker




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We meet on the second and fourth Sunday each month

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At 10.30 a.m. in the hall beside Meson/Pueblo Espanol

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Tech Tips

This is the last of my Tech Tips pages in Tickled Squirrel. As you will have

read in the editor’s page, this is the final issue. We are taking up new

challenges in the UK. I hope that my comments and notes about technology

as I find it have been of some interest and more importantly of some help to

you. I have added a blog to my website at where I

plan to add more comments as time goes by. I hope to see you there.

Windows 10 - First Impressions on the 29th July

It’s July the 29th and Windows 10 is finally here. My PC seemed as if

it had been busy in the background last night and also this morning.

Around 2pm (Spanish time) I clicked on the little Windows icon by the clock out of curiosity and

found the “business” had been the download of Windows 10. “Would I like to install it now?” was

the question. “It will take a little while to do.” I took the plunge and a little while turned into about

2 hours before the “Getting Started screen appeared. Another half an hour and all was up and


So far I haven’t been able to find anything that isn’t running exactly as it was apart from noticing

speed increases in various apps. Edge, the new browser from Microsoft works well and is

extremely fast. It imported the bookmarks from my Chrome installation (I had to ask it to do this)

and apart from rearranging all the links in the reverse order they still work as they do on Chrome.

It’s a remarkable improvement over IE (Internet Explorer).

I still don’t like the new mail app but have moved over to Mozilla Thunderbird anyway as I found it

better than any of the others I have tried. All its settings remained after the upgrade and nothing

has changed.

The task bar is still there but more useable than before, with active apps having a white underline

rather than a faint box outline. Clicking on the “Start” button brings up a screen with some tiles as

well as recently used apps, settings and a few other options. These can all be configured using the

Settings app.

There has been some discussion about security issues with the new Windows. Microsoft does

collect information about what you do – they say it’s to improve the service they give you, but I

think that’s the nature of the “connected world” that we live in now. There is plenty of information on

the web about security issues on Windows 10 if you wish to read them.

Windows 10 Regular Updates

Windows 10 has been made to frequently update itself and unlike previous versions you cannot

choose when or if this is done. Microsoft’s

reasoning is that users who do not keep their

software up to date risk attacks from malware and

so the option of whether to update or not has now

been taken away. One problem that has hit some

users because of this policy recently was caused

by a faulty update. After failing to install correctly,

Windows rolled itself back to the version before.

But then realised there was an update so tried

to update itself again and so on and so on. Only

some PCs were affected and hopefully such a

thing won’t happen again.


Latest 1.45 mtr HD systems from 375Eu.

All sizes of dishes supplied and installed

Dish Re-alignment

Cheap Sky Sports Packages

Second Hand systems also available

All with 2 year warranty

Call Bob On

689 291 753


Microsoft Edge

(The New Internet Explorer)

I was looking forward to trying this out and

so far I have not been disappointed by it. In fact I

have been quite impressed. Microsoft have borrowed

quite a lot of good ideas from the likes of Chrome and

Firefox, including the ability to “pull” a tab from the

bar so as to have two completely separate browser

windows. Most people are unaware that browsers have offered this for a while now but as far as

I know Internet Explorer did not. You can change the default search engine to Google instead of

Bing if you wish and that seems to work well.

Office 2016 Preview

I mentioned last month that I had been asked to ‘activate’ the product and that after so doing I was

told that it was licensed until October 2015 rather than the November it had originally said. I was

asked again to activate the program today (8 th August) and have now been told it is licensed until

December 2015. I do wonder when it will actually expire. I will let you know on my blog.

Microsoft Office Online

This is still an excellent (free) option for those who want to legally use MS Office without having to

pay for the software. I have discovered one omission in Excel though, which is the ability to freeze

rows and columns. It would appear that this is on their list of things to do, but for now the online

version will support cells that are frozen using a desktop version, but not allow you to change the

settings. Not a major omission considering the fact it is a genuine product offered for free.

Acer Aspire One Cloudbook

You may have seen in the IT press recently mention of some new laptops from Acer. These come

with Windows 10 but are aimed at the Chromebook market in that they have no hard drives

and are designed to work with apps online. Some of the press have been showing headlines

suggesting that they will be the end of Chromebooks, but I think these articles (and their writers)

might be missing the point. Why might someone buy a Chromebook? Cost is always going to

be a factor, but the fact that they switch on

and are useable in seconds, come with offline

versions of a very respectable word processor, a

spreadsheet etc. and can still run Microsoft Office

online means they are very capable PCs. They

also give you the option to avoid Microsoft which

in itself is enough for some people.

A Windows 10 laptop that has to do most of its

work online might give the user the Windows

experience, but is it worth it? At the moment it

would appear that Acer are only releasing them in

the USA but it will be interesting to see how well

they do when they are available in Europe.




Dr Victoria Garbarino

Dr Eric Geerlings

English, Spanish and Dutch Spoken

Telephone: 965 959 714


Damn Few And They're A' Deid!

The average Englishman, in the home he calls his castle, slips into his national

costume, a shabby raincoat, patented by chemist Charles Macintosh from

Glasgow, Scotland. En route to his office he strides along the English lane,

surfaced by John Macadam of Ayr, Scotland.

He drives an English car fitted with tyres invented by John Boyd Dunlop of

Dreghorn, Scotland, arrives at the station and boards a train, the forerunner of

which was a steam engine, invented by James Watt of Greenock, Scotland. He

then pours himself a cup of coffee from a thermos flask, the latter invented by

Dewar, a Scotsman from Kincardine-on-Forth.

At the office he receives the mail bearing adhesive stamps invented by James

Chalmers of Dundee, Scotland.

During the day he uses the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell, born

in Edinburgh, Scotland.

At home in the evening his daughter pedals her bicycle invented by Kirkpatrick

Macmillan, blacksmith of Dumfries, Scotland.

He watches the news on his television, an invention of John Logie Baird of

Helensburgh, Scotland, and hears an item about the U.S. Navy, founded by

John Paul Jones of Kirkbean, Scotland.

He has by now been reminded too much of Scotland and in desperation he picks

up the Bible only to find that the first man mentioned in the good book is a Scot,

King James VI, who authorised its translation.

Nowhere can an Englishman turn to escape the ingenuity of the Scots.

He could take to drink, but the Scots make the best in the world.

He could take a rifle and end it all but the breech-loading rifle was invented by

Captain Patrick of Pitfours, Scotland.

If he escapes death, he might then find himself on an operating table injected

with penicillin, which was discovered by Alexander Fleming of Darvel, Scotland,

and given an anaesthetic, which was discovered by Sir James Young Simpson

of Bathgate, Scotland.

Out of the anaesthetic, he would find no comfort in learning he was as safe as

the Bank of England founded by William Paterson of Dumfries, Scotland.

Perhaps his only remaining hope would be to get a transfusion of guid Scottish

blood which would entitle him to ask "Wha’s Like Us".




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10th 1967 Gibraltar

11th 2001 New York City

12th 1953 John F. Kennedy

13th 1996 Tupac Shakur

14th 1982 Grace Kelly

15th 1950 Korean War

16th 1620 The Mayflower

17th 2011 Occupy Wall Street

18th 1970 Jimi Hendrix

19th 1995 Ted Kaczynski

20th 2011 Don't Ask, Don't Tell

21st 1937 The Hobbit

22nd 1994 Friends

23rd 1973 Argentina

30 Tel: 630 477 295

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Puzzle Solutions

24th 1957 Barcelona

25th 1981 U.S. Supreme Court

26th 1580 Francis Drake

27th 1996 Taliban

28th 1928 Penicillin

29th 1938 Munich

30th 1955 James Dean

HAIRDRESSER PUZZLE (left to right)

Rachel, blonde, programmer

Teresa, brunette, saleslady

Mavis, redhead, secretary

2 1 6 3 5 9 4 7




42 31 Sudoku 96 23 85 79 64 17 58



24 5

13 7

69 4

32 6

58 1

97 9

46 3

71 2



48 2

35 3

97 7

24 9

86 5

71 1

69 8

13 4



86 4

52 1

73 6

47 3

69 8

15 2

91 9

38 7



65 7

24 8

31 1

76 4

93 2

58 3

12 5

89 6



59 6

47 2

18 5

61 1

34 3

82 8

23 4

95 9



97 8

76 5

82 9

15 2

41 4

23 7

38 6

54 1



73 9

68 4

25 8

59 7

12 6

34 5

87 2

46 3


31 89 54 98 27 46 75 62 13

1 9 4 8 7 6 5 2 3

4 3 5 2 6 1 8 7 9

46 32 59 27 64 18 85 71 93

46 1

32 8

59 7

27 3

64 9

18 5

85 4

71 2



61 5

28 9

97 4

73 1

49 2

85 6

54 7

12 3


8 2 / 1 + 5 = 7

15 8

89 7

74 2

31 9

92 5

56 3

47 1

23 6


4 x + +

58 3

97 6

42 1

19 8

25 7

63 4

71 9

36 5



6 x 8 / 4 = 12

83 9

76 5

21 8

98 6

57 1

34 2

19 3

65 4



- / /

39 7

65 4

18 6

86 5

71 3

42 9

93 2

54 8



7 + 3 - 9 = 1

97 2

54 1

86 3

65 4

13 8

29 7

32 6

48 9



= = =

72 41 63 54 38 97 26 89 15

5 3 1

2 3 4 8 7 6 5

Each of the nine empty boxes

5 1 7 3 2 4 8 9 6

contains a different digit from 1 to

9. Each calculation is to be treated

54 16 79 38 21 45 87 93 62

sequentially rather than according to

8 3 2 7 9 6 1 5 4

the ‘multiplication fi rst’ rule. Can you fi ll

45 61 97 83 12 54 78 39 26

in the empty boxes? (/ means divide)

83 9 8 2 7 1 4 6 5

4 36 29 78 91 65 17 53 42

37 2 5 6 4 9 3 1 8

8 93 82 27 79 16 41 65 54

1 4 6 5 3 8 2 7 9



73 29 58 62 47 91 34 16 85

16 7 3 4 5 2 9 8 1

7 42 65 56 34 89 23 71 98


69 8 4 1 6 7 5 2 3

1 74 36 45 53 28 92 87 19

How many circles would it take to balance C?

92 5 1 9 8 3 6 4 7

6 87 43 14 65 72 59 28 31

Balance solution = 24

1 star balances 6 circles

29 58 14 91 86 37 65 42 73

1 square balances 4 circles

2 5 1 9 8 3 6 4 7


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and many more

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*** P A E L L A ***

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restaurante PLAZA`s Kitchen is open from Sunday through Friday

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