2019 Impact Report - Camp Chestnut Ridge


Impact Report 2019

2019 Impact Report

"Our mission is to make the love of Christ visible through the practices of hospitality,

responsible care for the earth, and meaningful fellowship that strengthens the community."

Celebrating 60 Years

For 60 years, Chestnut Ridge has been a place where people come to reconnect with God, and with one

another. In 1959, the original vision was for a Frontier Village style of camp, with small groups of campers

living in canvas topped teepees, hogans, and covered wagons. The campers and counselors shared the duties

of living together, including cooking many of their meals over the campfire, and cleaning the outhouses. Many

parents and grandparents of today's campers have fond memories of the covered wagons and hogans.

With no lake or pool, the first campers in '59 were loaded

into the back of a pick-up truck to ride into Hillsborough

to swim in a pool there. Campers also participated in

hiking, nature activities, campfire cooking, and outdoor

living skills.

As Director of Camp Chestnut Ridge, I am eternally

grateful for the visionary leaders of the NC Conference

of the UMC who laid the strong foundation for the three

camps of the NC United Methodist Camp and Retreat

Ministries, including Chestnut Ridge, and for the decades of

staff and volunteers that have built upon that original vision

to create the camp we love today.


Over 6 decades, much has changed about our world, and

about camp. New cabins have been built, a new dining hall

was constructed, and a pool was built (so no more rides in

the truck bed). New year-round ministries have begun like

the after school program, preschool, equestrian programs,

outdoor education field trips, and the community farm.

Yes, some things about camp have changed - campers no

longer use outhouses, and their cabins have A/C now. But

through it all, much has stayed the same - like friendship

bracelets, bug bites, bumpy hayrides, silly songs, gooey

s'mores, arts and crafts, small group devotions, making new

friends, telling stories around the campfire, and evening

vespers at the lake chapel. Thousands of people point to

Camp Chestnut Ridge as a touchstone in their faith journey,

because it is a place where we encounter the wonders of

God’s love in Creation, and in Community.

At its core, even after 60 years, the mission of camp has

never changed - to make the love of Christ visible in all that

we do. Thanks to supporters like you, Camp Chestnut Ridge

will continue to follow this mission and have a positive

impact in our community for the next 60 years.


Rev. Nick Jeffries


Beyond The Numbers...

What is not measurable are the lives that were changed by the camp experience.

Campers Grow


By trying new things,

and challenging

themselves to step out

of their comfort zone.

"Camp matters because it lets you share your heart

without being judged but to be helped with

all your problems and there is nothing better than

having a family behind you and supporting your

choices and then correcting you to the right path. I

just love camp. It helps me be a better me."

- 2019 camper

"This is a wonderful camp. I have sent my kids here

for four years and plan to send them again next

year. The staff is fantastic. The setting is beautiful.

The food is great. The councilors are enthusiastic.

If I had to say one word about it, the word would

be...love. They are true to there mission to provide

a happy fun space for children to enjoy the

wonder of nature and God in a safe and

entertaining environment." - Camper Parent

Campers Grow

In Community

By learning to get along

with people who may

not be like them and

spending time face to

face with others.

Campers Grow

In Faith

By learning about

God in exciting new

ways in an inclusive


"Camp fills me with love that you can't get

anywhere else and it opens opportunities to share

with each other about God and fellowship to friends

and family." - 2019 camper

2019 Impact Report

Expanding Ministry Through Traveling Day Camp

One of the newest ministry programs at Camp Chestnut Ridge is the Traveling Day Camp,

which allows camp to reach new people in new places with the love of Christ through the

camp experience. By partnering with local churches, we are able to provide a positive day

camp experience that breaks down the barriers of cost, transportation, and culture; and

helps campers grow individually, grow in community, and grow in their faith.

• The Traveling Day Camp began with 2 sites in 2018. Had 4 sites in 2019. Expanding to 8

sites in 2020.

• 2019 - Partner Churches - Bailey UMC/La Estrella, Duke Memorial UMC, Windborne UMC,

All Saints UMC

• 2019 - Partner Organizations - La Estrella, Lutheran Refugee Services, Families Moving

Forward, Methodist Home for Children, and North Raleigh Ministries.

• 55% of campers attending the Traveling Day Camp received campership support.

Mary's Story...

God calls us to serve in ways that we never thought we needed to, for me that was coming to

work at a faith based camp where the degree I had been pursuing the past three years would

have little use. Little did I know that decision would change my life for the better.

Working at Chestnut Ridge has given me some of my

best friends as well as some of the best co-workers

that I could have ever asked for. They will always

support you in all of your endeavors and are always

there to lend a listening ear and to have meaningful

fellowship over a meal.

The amount of skills that I have gained from this job

is unbelievable. I have learned how to work patiently

with such a wide variety of staff and campers. I have

also learned so many fun skills like how to drive a

tractor and how to put up a dropped rope forty feet

up between two trees on the dynamics course. The

skills that you learn in this kind of work are skills that

prepare you for any kind of workforce and make you an extremely well rounded person.

God led me to work here and in this type of ministry for a reason, God knew what my heart

needed and where I would find happiness. My happiness is here outside, working with these

kids and making a positive difference in their young lives. Even if that is as simple as teaching

them new lanyard tricks or as complicated as helping them conquer their fears to reach the

zipline platform. Even just one summer on staff here can have a lasting impact on how you

work with others and how you view God’s amazing creation. It changed my life for the better.

-Mary Lilliston 2019 Summer Staff

2019 Summer Staff

Summer 2020 Schedule

2019 Impact Report

campchestnutridge.org | (919)304-2178


Day Camp: M-F

Resident Camp: Sun-F

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Best of Camp

Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Rock & Raft (Off Site) Dusky Dusky Dusky Dusky Dusky

Advanced Horse Dusky Dusky Dusky Dusky

Dusky & Waterdog Majors

Horseback Riding



Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog & Dusky

Waterdog & Dusky

Waterdog & Dusky

Community Farm Waterdog Waterdog Waterdog Dusky Waterdog Dusky


Outdoor Wildlife


Waterdog &


Hands On Herpetology Waterdog Dusky

Waterdog &


Waterdog &



Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog Waterdog Dusky

Cooking Waterdog Dusky Waterdog Dusky

Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Waterdog &


Kid vs Wild Waterdog Waterdog Waterdog

Survivor Camp Dusky Dusky Dusky Dusky

Group Sports

Waterdog &


Dusky Dusky Waterdog & Dusky

Waterdog &



Target Sports


Waterdog &




Waterdog &


Waterdog &



Mountain Biking

Waterdog &




Waterdog &



Leaders in Training 2

Rising 11th grade

High School Camps

Leaders in Training 1

Ultimate Mountain


Rising 9th or

10th grade


Wrangler Highschool Highschool Highschool Highschool

High School Camp Highschool Highschool Highschool Highschool

High School Rock and



Research Experience




More Camp For More People:

$33,523 Campership dollars given by Camp Chestnut Ridge

$23,012 given directly by churches to help send kids in their

community to camp.

In total, over $56,500 in financial aid was awarded to help

campers have meaningful camp experiences in summer 2019,

thanks the the generosity of Chestnut Ridge donors and local


Celebrating 60 Years: 1959-2019

Our 60th Anniversary Celebration in November was a beautiful day filled with

activities, good food, reunions, camp tours, s’mores, a history presentation, Wardlaw

Cottage dedication, and sharing camp stories. Many decades of camp alumni were

on hand, some who had not been to the camp in decades. While the camp may

have looked different, the spirit remained the same.

Wardlaw Pastoral Retreat Cottage Dedication

2019 Impact Report

The new Wardlaw Pastoral Retreat Cottage at Camp Chestnut Ridge was dedicated on Nov 10th. Through the

grace of God and a generous gift from the

Wardlaw family, through the NC Conference

of the United Methodist Church, this cottage

has been built to be a place of retreat for

clergy, church staff and their families. In this

place, surrounded by the beauty of God’s

Creation, this cabin will provide a place of

respite and renewal. A place for Sabbath. A

place for prayer. A place of connection, as

guests disconnect from the normal rhythm

of their busy lives, in order to reconnect with

God and with each other.

The Dedication Service was led by Chestnut Ridge Director, Rev. Nick Jeffries, NC UM Camps Executive Director,

Dail Ballard, and Chestnut Ridge Assoc. Director,

Beverly Christian. The service was attended

by friends of the camp and NC UM Board of

Trustees members Earl Saint Julian Jones,

Annette Wright and Anna Workman.

During the dedication, a prayer was offered that

the Wardlaw Cottage may be a place where the

winds of the Holy Spirit blow strong, and where

the Lord's voice is amplified and made clear.

Participants at the service also wrote their own

prayers and blessings for the cottage and its

guests. These prayers will be placed in a book

for future guests to read during their stay.

Chestnut Ridge is now taking reservations for the Wardlaw Cottage in 2020. Cost for ministers is $35 per night.

For more info email info@campchestnutridge.org or visit - www.campchestnutridge.org/pastoral-retreats

Thank YOU!

Chestnut Ridge greatly appreciates your support as part of our ministry team. The items in this

2019 impact report would not have been possible without many volunteers, donors, and friends

of camp.

• Would you like to help a child in need come to camp?

• Support innovative new ministries like the Traveling Day Camp program?

• Build new facilities and renovate old ones?

• Make sure this vital life-changing camp experience is available for another 60 years?

Your gift goes directly towards making a positive impact in the lives of campers and guests at

Camp Chestnut Ridge.

Please consider making a donation today. Online - campchestnutridge.org/donate. or you can

mail a check to 4300 Camp Chestnut Ridge Rd. Efland, NC 27243.

10th Annual Trail Run

The 10th Annual Trail Run took place on Nov 23rd with trail runs of 4 miles and 10 miles. Many thanks

to the runners and to our 22 generous trail run sponsors. Thanks to them, we raised almost $11,000

for camperships, including $725 in donations from runners above and beyond their entry fee. Thanks to

you, campers will be able to attend camp this summer regardless of their financial situation.

2019 Impact Report

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*Dec 2018 - Nov 2019 Gifts


Dail Ballard - Executive Director

NC UM Camp and Retreat Ministries, Inc.

Rev. Nick Jeffries - Director

Beverly Christian - Associate Director

Chris Burtner - Equestrian Programs Director

Amanda Powell - After School &

Year-Round Camps Director

Erica Romkema - Community Farm Manager

Christine Peckman - Outdoor Education Director

Cyril Murphy - Food Services Director

Adam Ledbetter-Bock - Retreat Coordinator &

Summer Camp Registrar

Joel Roberts - Maintenance Director

Melissa Mauney - Housekeeping Director &

Program Staff

Becky Garus - Preschool Director

4300 Camp Chestnut Ridge Road, Efland NC

20 minutes from Durham, and Chapel Hill and 45 minutes from Raleigh and Greensboro

campchestnutridge.org | 919-304-2178 | info@campchestnutridge.org

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