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why atb?

who we are?

atb is different, which you might not see on first sight,

but if you take a closer look, you will surely realize

the difference. Complicated inquiries are for us a spur

to give the best of ourselves day in day out. This is not

always comfortable, but it definitely guarantees

our success.

atb is supported by people who have always been and

always will be an essential part of this recipe for

success … truly.

Our employees are colleagues who help us reach our

business goals, and not an expense factor; in other words,

our employees are our company.

And we are really good being the way we are.

See for yourself!

a great team.

what we do?

Whatever we do, we do it with excellence up to the

smallest detail. We never leave anything to coincidence,

but do all it takes for perfect results. In order to do so,

we have highly qualified personnel and the most

modern machines.

A perfect printing result needs to be prepared in advance.

The processing of your print data and production of the

corresponding plates are undertaken by the atb-media

design department around the clock, in order to save you

time and money. Thus, all preparations are perfectly

adapted to the subsequent printing process.

When you place an order- we assume responsibility.

nothing is done half way.

what we can do?

We are the masters of our craft. Whether it concerns

digital, book, or flexographic printing with up to

12 colors, we have the optimal equipment for just

about everything.

What to expect of us? That we listen to you and find

the best solution adapted to your needs. Quality is our

first business goal. It is our only way to guarantee

your satisfaction.

We look forward to working with you again.

perfect printing.

where to find us?

You can find our products in just about every

supermarket, and not just there. But also in

beauty shops, drugstores, repair shops,

craft businesses and even in large logistics companies.

Multiplicity counts for us.

atb is the supplier of a very wide circle of customers,

ranging from start-up businesses to the largest

companies. We speak the language of globalization,

still without ever giving up our roots.

Mutual understanding is very important to us.

the place of brand names.

how we work?

Sauberer Strom

aus Wasserkraft

atb does not need legal initiatives in order to assume

its environmental responsibilities. Our perspective is

holistic, sustainable and eco-friendly. On this basis we

regularly evaluate our processes with regards to their

economic and environmental suitability.

Drawing all the energy we need solely of green

hydropower, certification in accordance with ISO 14001

and 50001, or even the possibility to have your labels

made in accordance with the FSC/PEFC standards are

just a few possibilities of an eco-friendly label production.

And if you wish, we can manufacture your labels without

producing a single milligram of Co 2.

In other words: completely climate-neutral.

For your environmental engagement you will, of course,

receive a certificate.


We would be glad to hear from you and shall be

available for you.


We foster a cooperative and demanding partnership

with our suppliers, while we grant first priority to

the continuous development of the product quality.



Siegwerk ist Druckfarbe. Druckfarbe mit Herz und Seele. Mit großer Leidenschaft

entwickeln unsere Mitarbeiter nachhaltige Lösungen für Verpackungen und Publikationen.

Und das in enger Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Kunden – seit mehr als

180 Jahren. Nachhaltigkeit ist für uns seit jeher eine Selbstverständlichkeit. Wir verstehen

darunter eine sinnvolle Balance zwischen ökologischen, ökonomischen und

sozialen Bedürfnissen.

Druckfarbe mit Herz und Seele – die Siegwerk-Formel für Ihren Erfolg.

Hochtransparente Verpackungsfolien

Effektiv verpackt. Schön sichtbar.

Polyolefin/PVC-Schrumpffolien, PP-Folien , Aufreißfäden, Deckelfolien, Sleeves


Pacplast GmbH • Am Eichholz • 42897 Remscheid • • T 02191 99850 • F 02191 998511 •

Garantiert durch 100% Inspektion von Erhardt+Leimer

Erhardt+Leimer GmbH

Albert-Leimer-Platz 1

86391 Stadtbergen, Deutschland

Telefon ++49 (0)821 24 35-616

Fax ++49 (0)821 24 35-628

Partner von ATB für

Buch- und Flexodruckplatten

Produktpalette und Infos unter: oder

VR-Maschinen AG als Ihr zuverlässiger

Partner für Etikettendruckmaschinen sowie




Maßgeschneiderte Entsorgungslösungen

• zertifizierter Entsorgungsfachbetrieb

• Entsorgungsdienstleistungen aller Art

• Altpapier, Kunststoffe, Aktenvernichtung, Sondermüll,

Bauschutt, Sperrmüll, Grünabfälle, Schrott, Holz, ... u. v. m.

• Gebäude- und Baustellenservice

• Kostenlose Info und Besichtigung

• Gewerbe und Privat

Drekopf Recyclingzentrum Essen GmbH

Franziusstr. 6

44147 Dortmund

Tel.: (0231) 98 68 08-0

Fax: (0231) 98 68 08-61

Der energievolle Partner von ATB Systemetiketten

VR-Maschinen AG | Dorfstrasse 60 | 9313 Muolen, Schweiz | Tel. 0041 71 414 00 80 | E-Mail

• Concept: JS Media Tools A/S • 33350 •

atb systemetiketten GmbH & Co. KG

Castroper Str. 66

44628 Herne

Tel.: +49 (0) 2323 / 147 88.0

Fax: +49 (0) 2323 / 147 88.11


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