How Do I Update My Account Info On Yahoo?


When you create a Yahoo mail account, then you can only sign up with your email account. After that, you can update your bio details. So you can read carefully and update information easily. If you can't this so you can call Yahoo mail help number 1877-503-0107

Yahoo! Mail Support

How Do I Update My Account Information

on Yahoo?

1877-503-0107 (Toll-Free)

Yahoo! Mail Support

Update Yahoo Mail Account Personal


Whether you want to change the name on your Yahoo

account, or simply update the recovery details, Yahoo has

you covered. You can easily update your personal

information like picture, name, birthday or gender, and also

change the account security settings.

Yahoo! Mail Support

How to Update Your Yahoo Account


Personalize your account by adding a photo from your

desktop computer or a mobile app. You can upload a

picture in .jpeg, .jpg and .png format so long as it is has a

maximum size of 5MB and a minimum of 192x192 pixels.

Yahoo! Mail Support

Update Photo Using a Yahoo App

1. Open the Yahoo app on your phone.

2. Select the Sidebar Icon

3. Go to Manage Accounts.

4. Choose Account info.

5. Tap on the camera image on top of

your name.

6. Pick a photo from your image library or

simply take a new one.

7. If needed, crop the chosen picture.

8. Tap on Choose to pick your account


Update Photo Using a Web Browser

1. Go to on your web

browser of choice.

2. Open the Yahoo Personal Info page.

3. Click on the camera image positioned

above your account name.

4. Select a suitable picture from your

image library.

5. Edit the picture by cropping or


6. Click on Crop and save to choose your

account picture.

Yahoo! Mail Support

How to Update Your First, Last and

Display Name

Depending on the Yahoo product, your account name/nickname appears

at the top of the page. It might be visible to other users on this platform.

E.g. your name appears next to any comment you post on Yahoo News.

1. Open the Yahoo Personal Info page.

2. On the top right corner, choose Edit.

3. Edit your account name/nickname.

4. On the top right side click on Done.

Yahoo! Mail Support

You can also change the sending name in new emails that is

displayed to the recipients of your mail.

1. Sign in to New Mail.

2. Go to Settings menu icon.

3. Select Mailboxes.

4. Choose the account you wish to edit.

5. Under Your Name, delete or edit the sending name.

6. Choose Save.

Yahoo! Mail Support

Contact Info:

Yahoo Customer Service

Phone Number: 1877-503-0107

Email Id:

Address: Shaker Heights, Ohio, 44120, USA

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