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February 2020 Calendar of Events

Rabbi’s Message - Rabbi John Franken

Religious Practices Message - Melissa Immel & Mark Wolkow

Purim Gifting

Security Team News - Pat Wolkow

Kehillah MAGNET Message - Jill Young & Joel Yoffee

2020 Donor Letters

HJC Early Learning Center Message - Kristi Schwartz

Tree of Life Order Form

Superbowl Fun Grid Raffle

Sisterhood Chick Flick and Game Night - February 1 st

Mindfulness & Meditation - February 2 nd

Mahjong Night - February 18 th

Daven & Dine - February 28 th

Taking Hold of Torah with Rabbi Franken - February 29 th

Special Thanks to Our Monthly Donors

Mi Sheberakh List - We Pray For Healing

Recently Passed & Memorial Service Info

February2019 Yahrzeits Observed


Temple Adas Shalom’s February 2020 Calendar of Events

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

2 7 th of Shevat 5780

9:00-12:00 pm

Kehillah MAGNET

11:00-12:00 pm

Mindfulness & Meditation

3 8 th of Shevat 5780

7:00-8:00 pm

Al-Anon Mtg (Social Hall)

4 9 th of Shevat 5780 5 10 th of Shevat 5780

9 14 th of Shevat 5780

Erev Tu BiSh’Vat

9:00-12:00 pm

Kehillah MAGNET

10 15 h of Shevat 5780

Tu BiSh’Vat

7:00-8:00 pm

Al-Anon Mtg (Social Hall)

11 16 th of Shevat 5780 12 17 h of Shevat 5780

7:30 pm

Choir Rehearsal (Mike’s Home)

16 21 st of Shevat 5780

Kehillah MAGNET Closed

17 22 nd of Shevat 5780

President’s Day

Office & HJC-ELC Closed

7:00-8:00 pm

Al-Anon Mtg (Social Hall)

18 23 rd of Shevat 5780

HJC-ELC Closed

7:00-9:00 pm

MahJongg Night

19 24 th of Shevat 5780

23 28 th of Shevat 5780

24 29 th of Shevat 5780

25 30 th of Shevat 5780

26 1 st of Adar 5780

9:00-12:00 pm

Kehillah MAGNET

7:00-8:00 pm

Al-Anon Mtg (Social Hall)

7:00 pm

RPC Meeting

7:30 pm

Choir Rehearsal (Mike’s Home)

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Temple Adas Shalom’s February 2020 Calendar of Events

Thursday Friday Saturday

1 6 th of Shevat 5780

Parashat Bo

5:00-10:00 pm - Sisterhood Chick Flick &

Game Night

6 11 th of Shevat 5780

7:00 pm - Board Meeting

7 12 h of Shevat 5780

5:13 pm - Candle Lighting

5:30-8:00 pm - Kehillah MAGNET

7:00 pm - Shabbat Torah Service with the

Temple Adas Shalom Choir Singing

Rabbi John Franken

ONEG - B. Davis, L. Phillips

8 13 th of Shevat 5780

Parashat Beshlach

13 18 th of Shevat 5780

12:00 pm - Senior Birthday Lunch at

Maime’s Café in Aberdeen, MD

Honoring Marie Grove, Hindy Kempler,

Barbara Litofsky, and Marianne Fridberg

14 19 th of Shevat 5780

HJC-ELC Half Day A

5:21 pm - Candle Lighting

7:00 pm - Shabbat Torah Service

Melissa Immel & Linda Needel

ONEG - N. Natkin, I. Rosenfeld

15 20 th of Shevat 5780

Parashat Yitro

20 25 th of Shevat 5780 21 26 th of Shevat 5780

5:29 pm - Candle Lighting

5:30-8:00 pm - Kehillah MAGNET

7:00 pm - Scout Shabbat Service with the

Temple Adas Shalom Choir singing

Rabbi John Franken & Mike Mullis

ONEG - H. Hoffman, R. Spergel, L. Topol

22 27 th of Shevat 5780

Parashat Mishpatim

27 2 nd of Adar 5780

4:00-9:00 pm

Private Event in the Social Hall

28 3 rd of Adar 5780

5:37 pm - Candle Lighting

6:00 pm - Daven & Dine Shabbat Service

with the Temple Adas Shalom Choir Singing

Mark Wolkow


29 4 th of Adar 5780

Parashat Terumah

10:00-11:30 am - Taking Hold of the Torah

Rabbi John Franken

3 | P a g e

Rabbi’s Message

Rabbi John Franken

February 2020 - Shevat/Adar 5780

Dear Friends:

Later this month I will be making a pilgrimage of sorts - not to Israel, as you might

expect, but to the Far East. There, next to the Philippine capital of Manila, is the largest

American military cemetery outside the United States and therein lies buried my

father’s brother Allan.

Uncle Allan died as a result of combat wounds on May 24, 1945, just two and a half

months before Japan’s surrender, and I received my middle name in his memory. While

growing up, I would often ask about him and always be impressed by his intelligence,

kindness, industriousness and loyalty. His death at age 20 always represented a void;

there was always a sense of unfulfilled promise and sadness in thinking about him - a

son, brother, and future husband/father/uncle whose life had been unjustly stolen away.

And while he received the Purple Heart and a military burial, it turns out his burial was

not a proper one. For, as it happens, a marker with a Latin Cross was mistakenly placed

over his remains and has resided there until now.

That is all about to change next month when I, along with the families representing

four other Jewish soldiers, attend a ceremony dedicating new Star-of-David shaped

monuments and thereby righting a longtime wrong. It comes as a result of a terrific

project called Operation Benjamin whose mission it is to help Jewish families seek the

redress of a proper monument for their loved ones. It is an act of hesed shel emet, an

uncommon kindness of the living to the dead, for which I’m extraordinarily grateful. I

am equally grateful to the good people of the American Battle Monuments Commission

who have acted with empathy, sensitivity and professionalism in helping to rectify this

historical error - and not just in the Far East, but in Europe as well.

I plan to speak about this experience at Shabbat services on February 21. I hope you will

join us.

With blessings of peace,

N.B. The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund serves one of five worthy purposes: (1) supporting Temple activities, programs

and operations; (2) assisting congregants in need; (3) repair of the world and social justice; (4) support for worthy

Jewish and Israeli causes; and (5) educational and organizational advancement of the congregation, staff and

clergy. Please consider honoring or remembering your loved ones through a contribution to it.

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Religious Practices Message

Melissa Immel & Mark Wolkow

Tell us what you think!

You may have noticed some changes lately in our Shabbat services, and we

would like to know what you think. If you have been to services in the past few

months, you may have noticed:

We begin services at the published time.

For the twice-monthly services that coincide with Kehillah MAGNET, services are one

hour in length.

Our 6:00-6:45 Daven ‘n Dine schedule has been modified to once every other month.

The choir has incorporated several new melodies suggested by Rabbi Franken.

Many of the sermons include congregational discussion/input.

For our shorter services, we have prioritized discussion about the Torah portion in

English rather than chanting the portion in Hebrew.

If you have thoughts about any of these changes, please send a note to Melissa

and/or Mark at rpc@templeadasshalom.com. Or better yet, come to a service,

experience it in person, and talk to us at the Oneg. One or both of us are there

at virtually every service.

Wanna learn more about our services and all the “behind the scenes” activities

that happen? We would love to have you join our merry RPC band.


Melissa Immel and Mark Wolkow

RPC Co-Chairs

Purim 5780/2020


2020 Purim Gifting!

Purim notices will be showing up this month. Start writing your list. Any

wishes for our community that you would like Sisterhood to support with

funds we raise?

Send your suggestions to: sisterhood@templeadasshalom.org

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Security Team News

Pat Wolkow

This month of February, we have meetings planned for creating a

comprehensive plan for emergencies at our Synagogue building.

We will also begin to re-apply for the FEMA Grant in order to tighten up areas

in our plan to make us secure and ready for emergencies.

Other notes:

For your information, many of our team members receive regular reports of

suspicious activity affecting places of worship across the town, state, nation ,

and world. We use this information to inform key persons so that we can be

proactive in make our members safe.

As in your everyday lives, if you something ....say something.

Anyone interested in joining the team, contact Pat Wolkow.

Kehillah MAGNET Message

Jill Young & Joel Yoffee

Hi there! We would like to take this opportunity to encourage attendance at

Kehillah MAGNET religious school. It is difficult to build community if kids

aren’t regularly attending. Regular attendance to the Kehillah Sunday program

as well as Friday program will help our children foster a strong sense of Jewish

community. Also, kids who attend Friday Kehillah are fed pizza!! One less

meal to worry about. If kids are not attending due to our programming, please

let us know! All changes are a result of feedback from you so it’s important to

make your voice heard.

Are you busy parents looking for a way to slow down and take care? If so,

Rabbi Franken has started a fantastic meditation group that is held during

Sunday Kehillah at 11:00AM. Meditation has many proven benefits especially in

today’s hyper-connected society. Come join us and spend an hour taking care

of yourself!


Jill and Joel

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2020 Donor Letters

Brian Schorr

Your 2019 donor letter was emailed to you on January 29th. Please check your

spam folders, just in case. The topic line is 2019 Tax donor-TAS

If you have any questions/concerns, please contact the accounts receivable

bookkeeper, Amy at bookkeeper@templeadasshalom.org.


HJC Early Learning Center Message

Kristi Schwartz

Hello from the HJC ELC

We’re excited to share all of the great things

happening at the ELC in February.

Snowflakes. Snowflakes. Snowflakes. Falling

down. Our students have been busy creating

lots of snow items to decorate the hallsmelted

snowman, snowman at night, and

snowflakes too! The children have been using

ice cubes to paint, explore items in snow, and

used their imagination to save Anna and Elsa from a blizzard.

Tired of snow? No problem. We’re thinking about hot summer fun too! The

ELC is currently taking orders for discounted Hersheypark tickets.

Information is located on the TAS storefront located at

http://tashjc.corecommerce.com/DiscountHersheyParkTickets.html or you can

email hjcelc@templeadasshalom.org for more information.

We have currently opened our registration for the 2020-2021 school year for

two, three, and four-year-olds. If you’re interested in more information or setup

a tour, please call Ms. Kristi at 410-939-4188. Don’t forget to refer your


We’ll finish February with our Noodle Night. Noodle Night has been a

tradition for over 10 years. It’s a fun night where our current students and

alumni join us for a pasta dinner involving sooooooo many noodles.

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December 2019 – Donors


Elaine & Larry Cocco

Robert & Mickie Sachs

Wendy & Patrick Drabinski

Matthew Wachsman & Margaret Gillespie

Eric Griesinger

John & Jennifer Zader

Irna Jay


Kevin & Lisa Bress

Rayna & David Richardson

Wendy & Patrick Drabinski

Julie Sang

David & Mindy Fang

Jill & Brian Schorr

Andrew & Marianne Fridberg

William & Kristi Schwartz

Phillip & Barbara Gilden

Lee & Debra Tannenbaum

Arthur & Denise Gordon

Jonas & Paula Vogelhut

Richard Hoffman

Naomi Walton

Kathleen & Michael Lazarski

Robin & Mark Way

Barbara & Natalie Litofsky

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

Carol Mohr & David Brown

Selma Wolkow

Linda & Stuart Needel

Elise & Michael Woods

Ashiq & Ashira Quabili

Jill & Daniel Young


James Blum

Daniel Pressel

Frank & Randi Chancey

Eric & Anne Seeley

Natalie Dandekar

Robert & Linda Topol

Bradford & Barrie Davis

Matthew Wachsman & Margaret Gillespie

Ellen & Ken Farkas

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

Andrew & Marianne Fridberg

Senior Birthday Luncheon

Michael Gordon

Daniel Pressel

Bradford & Barrie Davis

In Honor of Andy Klein’s vision


Burt & Gerri Bronk

In memory of Leroy Edward Baer

Ellen & Ken Farkas

In memory of Shirley Friedman

Linda Samuels

In memory of David Samuels

Howard & Sandy Schapiro

In memory of Morton Schapiro

David & Alena Schwaber

In memory of Frantisek Jurcik

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

In memory of Leroy Edward Baer

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

In memory of Stephen Hoffman


Eric Griesinger

Barbara & Mark Schirloff

Irna Jay

John & Jennifer Zader

Carol Mohr & David Brown


Fred Kolchin

In honor of Pat Wolkow

Deborah Kravitz

In memory of Dr. Marvin Kravitz

David & Natasha Pollock

15 | P a g e

Adam Hyman

Amy Schoenberger

Arlene Zweibach

Barbara Chancey

Bessie Speyer

Carl Chancey

Carl Tannenbaum

Carol Buckman

David Richardson

Dvir Sabag

Eva Gonzalez

Fred Belkin

Gerry Murphy

Glen McCain

Harriet Colman

Mi Sheberakh * We Pray for Healing

Jacob Corfman

Jim Dandy

Jimmy Chancey

Karen Green

Kelcey Klass

Kimmie Rankin

Lee Tabackman

Len Cohen

Lori Vetstein

Luna Rose Feingold

Margaret Hass

Marie Grove

Marshall Rosin

Mary Jo Lodge

Michael Schneck

Recently Passed & Memorial Service

Pat Wolkow

Patrick Hauf

Pearl Lubash

Rabbi Fred Natkin

Randy Hoffman

Robert Sachs

Rosie Lidy

Sam Befarah

Sidney Birnbaum

Stewart Natkin

Stu Needel

Terry Washburn

Terry Weiner

Tom Merriken

Toni Bonney

Marcia Jaffe

Beloved mother of David Jaffe, mother in law of Brenda Jaffe, grandmother to Micah and Eli Jaffe and Neal and

Rachel Aultman

Join the Jaffe familyand their children on February 22, 2020 at 6:30 pm at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation for a

Celebration of Life Memorial service honoring Marcia Jaffe.

February 2020 - Yahrzeits Observed

Martha Sherman Feb. 02

Otto Freed Feb. 03

Coleman Hamburger Feb. 03

Millie Haas Sang Feb. 03

Chester S. Friedman Feb. 04

Ida Samuels Feb. 04

Bob Bornstein Feb. 05

Rose Colman Feb. 05

David Lipnick Feb. 05

Carl David Segal Feb. 05

Esther Bloom Feb. 06

David Samuels Feb. 06

Elsie Sachs Feb. 07

David Samuels Feb. 07

Dr. Joseph Shuman Feb. 08

Frederick Feulner Feb. 09

Abraham Hecht Feb. 09

Maurice Josephson Feb. 09

Eileen Moss Feb. 10

Matilda Starr Feb. 10

Albert Fischgrund Feb. 11

Carol Hamburger Feb. 11

Harold Hoffman Feb. 11

Florence Hurwitz Feb. 11

Cynthia Newman Feb. 11

Joan Karlin Feb. 13

Rita Pollack Feb. 13

Dr. William Pollin Feb. 13

Sheldon Baumgarten Feb. 14

Pepi Bernhard Feb. 15

Myra Duchin Feb. 15

Emanuel Hecht Feb. 15

Richard Alan Friedman Feb. 16

Estelle Pearlman Feb. 16

Hyman Reamer Feb. 17

Raynard Frank Ruskin Feb. 17

Claire Geller Feb. 19

Elaine Graff Feb. 19

Ralph Karlin Feb. 19

Richard Kolchin Feb. 19

E. Jonny Graff Feb. 20

Abe Sherman Feb. 20

Alan Longmuir Feb. 21

Sol R. Shipley Feb. 21

Joseph Michael Fine Feb. 23

Isaac Sapperstein Feb. 23

George Vogel Feb. 23

Mary Getz Feb. 24

Leonard Rosenberg Feb. 24

Max Friedman Feb. 26

Hannah Hirsch-Cohen Feb. 27

Rev. Joseph Gast Feb. 29

Andrew Klein Feb. 29

Louis Schneck Feb. 29

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Temple Adas Shalom

8 North Earlton Road, Extension

Havre de Grace, MD 21078



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