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Our vision is to improve the quality of life, health and wellbeing of people living with Dementia or other care & support need through engagement with creative arts.

Local children are invited to visit residential care homes across Weston-super-Mare for intergenerational workshops including rock painting, singing for the brain, puppetry, music & movement, and other health beneficial creative activities with the aim of reducing loneliness & social isolation.

The health benefits for the people who engage with us, including residents, staff, and visitors are confirmed in many reports from authoritative bodies and our work is making a significant contribution to reducing the pressure on our health services.

Research shows that engaging in arts-based activities has a positive impact on the wellbeing of children and young people, including building confidence and strengthening their ability to form positive relationships. Loneliness and social isolation significantly increase the risk factors in our most challenging health and wellbeing problems including dementia, heart disease, mental health problems, substance abuse & addictions, and suicide.

It is also made clear in reports from the arts council that music reduces the need for medication in 67% of people with dementia and 77% of people engaging with arts report improved wellbeing and are more active. What's not to love eh!!!

Please see a copy of our digital booklet and let us know what you think. For more information feel free to contact us on the details provided on the back page.





That Creative Thingy Wotsit CIC

Who We Are: We are a Community Interest Company

based in Weston super Mare with many years experience

delivering person centered creative engagement to adults

living with Dementia or other care and support need. We

work in partnership with residential homes & community

based support groups to improve the quality of life and the

health & well-being of people living with a support need

through engagement with the creative arts.

Why we do what we do: Although what we do involves

every genre of the arts possible we are clear that what we

are doing is not art, not entertainment, it’s health care.

The success of our activities are measured by the health

beneficial outcomes they bring to residents, staff & visitors.

We particularly focus on reducing social isolation &

loneliness, increasing physical activity, reducing use of

anti-psychotic medications and on the long term

improvements to overall health & well-being.

Our grateful thanks and appreciation to our funders:

Meet the team!

A little bit about the directors of That Creative Thingy Wotsit

Stephen Watters - Director & Company Secretary

After a long, successful and demanding career in the automotive

industry, I was looking forward to a quiet and peaceful retirement...

If anyone comes across it please let me know!

April Lewis - Director of Community Connections

I am a Purple Angel Ambassador and have been trained by Dementia

Care Matters in the butterfly technique. I am a validation trainer with

Julia Pitkin and have over 20 years experience caring for people with

dementia. In 2019 I helped to put on the first World Rocks Against

Dementia event in WsM and will be doing so again in 2020.

Nicky Tweedle - Director of Holistic Therapies

I have been a campaigner for improving meaningful occupation

in care for over 15 years. Currently working in The Enhanced

Supervision Nursing Team at Weston General hospital. I am the

managing director of Activ8ties. My latest project is to establish

The Purple Hub community engagement space.

Bev Gustar - Director of Training & Artistic Development

I first started working with TCTW 2 years ago on their creative care

homes projects having never previously worked in a care environment,

or with people with dementia. I have learned so much in my time here

and am honored now to be the director responsible for giving other

artists and care providers the same opportunities I have had.

Tania Bodalia - Director of Intergenerational Activities

Since joining the team my understanding around the importance

of creative engagement in care settings has grown significantly.

I am looking forward to increasing the quantity and quality of

intergenerational activities for people living with additional support

needs in partnership with Weston Super Rocks.



R cks

You are cordially invited

to join us for



at Tilsley House

Please join us for an intergenerational

activity session including

Rock Painting with Weston Super Rocks,

Sweet Silent Discos with Mark Sweeting,

Arts & Crafts with EJK Art & Design,

Chair Aerobics with Ann-marie Hitchens,

And More...

Creative Care Homes

Our creative care homes project has been running now

for almost two years. In that time we have worked with

over 30 local artists and holistic therapists to deliver hundreds

of hours of creative engagement to 17 local residential

homes and 4 community based support groups for people

with additional care & support need.

Some of our super successful activities include Mad Hatter and

Halloween parties, all manner of creative arts and crafts, music

movement & dance as well as a range of holistic therapies

such as mindfulness, meditation and massage therapy.

One of our primary goals has always been to educate and train

care home staff on the significant health benefits that increased

creativity can bring to a care environment and to make them

aware of the improvements to happiness and well-being of

the residents that follow.

Our intention is always to leave staff members with a

lasting legacy of increased skills, ability and confidence

so that they can deliver similar workshops and activities

when TCTW are not present.

Little Red Riding Hood - Serenita ARBD Care

Annie Get Your Gun - Tilsley House

Annie Get Your Gun - Gardinia Court

Wonderland by Brave Bold Drama - Acer House

Aladdin - Eva Long Productions

Three Kings - Tilsley House

A Night At The Theatre

Following our previous successful

performances of “Annie get your gun”

at Gardinia and Jasmine Court as well

as our shadow puppet performance of

“Little red riding hood”

at Serenita ARBD Care we were very pleased this

year to have partnered with Brave Bold Drama to

bring the first dementia sensitive production of

“Wonderland” to local residential care homes. All

performances were delivered to intergenerational

audiences and a superb time was had by all.

Earlier in the year we worked with Theatre Orchard

and Traveling Light Theatre Company

to bring their production of “The Three Kings”

to intergenerational audiences at Acer house

and Tilsley who also hosted a performance of

“Aladdin” by Eva Long Productions.




R cks

Weston Super Rocks - Arts in Care

This year Weston Super Rocks was kindly funded by North

Somerset Community Partnership to visit 12 residential care homes

in Weston-super-Mare to deliver intergenerational activities.

The aim of this project was to increase the amount of health

beneficial social engagement for the residents.

Each home received a rock painting workshop where we created

a total of 209 new kindness rocks. 5 local schools & 42 community

youth groups were then invited to visit the homes for

some fun intergenerational rock hunting parties!

Residents enjoyed Rock Painting, Singing (With Elvis),

Sedentary Dancing & Movement, Rock Hunting Visits,

Reminiscence Activities, Games, Puppetry and Poetry.


Multi Modal Activities - Hours

















Rock Painting



(With Elvis)

Sedentary Dancing & Movement

Rock Hunting


Activity Games













Children & Visitors

Staff Participating

Youth Groups




0 5 1 0 1 5 2 0 2 5 3 0

“The rock hunting game is going to be great. I love things like that and

wouldn’t be without children.” - Kate, Innisfree

“The music took me back to being a little girl. My mother would play this music

and sing the songs to me.” - Pearl, Granada House

“It was nice to see Bill interacting with an activity for a change.” - Carer at Granada House

Every 2nd & 4th Monday of the month

Creative Care Training

We are currently delivering workshops

in person-centered creative care which we intend to

make available FREE of charge to residential care home

staff and creative artists.

Our current workshop, Creative Activity - Principles &

Practice will include the following modules:

1. Understanding the role of creativity in care.

To include a review of current evidence and statistics.

2. Creative Care Planning for Groups.

3. Creative Care in Practice. Delivering a live session

in a residential care environment

4. Person-Centred Creative Care for individuals

and course review.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as an activities

and well-being co-ordinator, or are already working

in this role and would like to learn more

about our FREE training opportunities

please contact Stephen on: 07492 840238

or email:

Social Prescribing

Not since the creation of the National Health Service

in 1946 has any public health & well-being initiative

been undertaken which has more potential to radically

transform our society than that of Social Prescribing.

If implemented carefully, with attention to detail and

strong leadership, social prescribing will:

• Reduce Dementia instances in North Somerset by 30%

• Lower the use of anti-psychotic medications in

care homes by 40%

• Reduce future NSC residential care costs by 25% - 30%

• Reduce A&E admissions by 23%

• Reduce GP appointments by 21%

• Eliminate Social Isolation & Loneliness

• Reduce the 4000 bed days lost at Weston Hospital each

year due to DTC (delayed transfer of care)

• Improve the well-being & happiness of NS residents

• Create new opportunities for creative businesses to grow

• Make Social Care in North Somerset World Class

Social Prescribing will make North Somerset the

most Dementia Friendly community in the UK

Calendar Girls - Tilsley House

Halloween Party - Jasmine Court

Making Music - Freeways

Little Red Riding Hood - Serenita ARBD Care

NSCP Care Home Managers Conference 2019

Drama Day - The Reach Centre Axebridge

2020 vision

We have lots of interesting project planned for the future.

Watch this space!

Residential Care Arts Trail

A full programme of creative arts in celebration of arts in care.

Come and join local artists for exhibitions, workshops and performances

in residential care homes across north somerset.

Intergenerational Workshops

Our intention is to significantly increase the number of creatively engaging

workshops and intergenerational activities in residential homes.

We are inviting members of the public to join us and take part in this

key project to reduce social isolation and loneliness within our community.

Christmas Shows

Our Night At The Theatre project will see us working with a number of local

directors, performers and other professional theatre makers to put on Christmas

themed shows at 5 residential care homes in Weston-super-Mare. Each show will

be a collaboration involving residents, staff as well as professional artists.

Creative Care Homes

Our creative care homes projects will continue into 2020.

If you are an artist or holistic therapist and would like to gain experience,

and be supported to work in residential care homes, please contact us.

World Rocks Against Dementia

Following the very first successful World Rocks Against Dementia concert

in Weston-super-Mare in 2019 we are pleased to announce that we will be

supporting WRAD 2020. Music is one of the most effective tools used in care

environments and improves the quality of life for people living with dementia.

WRAD 2020 promises to be even more amazing! More details coming soon.

Thanks for all your help and support everyone!


& Design

Please become a dementia friend:

Did You Know?

There are 850k people

living with dementia

in the uk

76% of older

people say arts

are important

to making

them happy

Arts Council England

Report 2015

Music reduces the

need for medication

in 67% of people

with dementia

If the onset of dementia

could be delayed by 5 years,

savings of £100 Billion

could be achieved by 2035

30% of dementia cases

could be prevented

Norton; Lancet Neurology 2014

25% of

hospital beds

are occupied

by people with


77% people


with arts are

more active

40% of

carers report


little social


with people

and feeling



69% of older

people say arts

improve their

quality of life

Nearly 2/3

of carers

have health

problems or a






Our vision is to enhance the lives of people living and working in

residential care homes through engagement with the creative arts and

to support artists to achieve their artistic ambitions.

The case for using creativity in care has been made beyond question

and is evidenced by studies from across the UK reporting life changing

results across a full spectrum of care and supports needs.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our projects

and thank you for your support.

To get involved or for further information please contact

Stephen Watters on: 07492 840238

or email us:


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